The Boy Inside Part 2

After the day when Seth shared the true him with will they didn't have time to talk much about what was shared. With exams on the way and state finals close at hand their time was spent apart. They would see each other passing in the hallway but their mind was always somewhere else.
When exams and state finals were over with though, things went on as if nothing happened. One day Will decided to bring the shocking statement back up to Seth.

“Seth, when did you know that you like guys?” Will asked sincerely.
“I guess I have always known……” Seth trailed off absently.
“No I mean actually knew. As in you had no doubt in your mind and nothing could change it.” Will pressed on.
“well….. It was a couple of years ago. I don’t know why I all of a sudden started to notice guys and their bodies. That’s why I stopped taking showers after gym class. I didn't want to be like that boy last year.” Seth explained.
“I guess my next question would be have you ever had a crush on a guy in school?” said Will.
Seth sat quietly for a while. He sat there contemplated whether to tell Will that he really liked him or not. After a long pause Seth decides that he’s been honest so far with Will and he didn't get mad.

“Will this might creep you out a little but I have to get this off of my chest. I have really liked you for quite some time now will and I know that nothing would ever happen….. But I need to be honest with you.” Seth proclaimed.
Will sat next to Seth, uneasy with the turn of events. Seth picked up on the uneasiness in the air and decided to try and change the subject to no avail.

“You caught me by surprise there by telling me that but it’s not unexpected I must say. I have caught you looking before but out of respect I didn't say anything.” Will said.
“What do you mean Will?” Seth exclaimed.
“well…… I am bisexual and I have caught you looking at me for some time and I just ignored it. I didn't care but you should me more discreet about it. Everyone on the football team has noticed once or twice how you lok at me.” Will said.
Caught by surprise not only by the fact that his best friend knew he was checking him out but also by the fact that he was telling him that he was bi and didn't mind.
“Seth the reason I am telling you this is because you were nice enough to tell me that you were. I like you as a friend and find you attractive but I don’t like you as a boyfriend.” Will told him.

Sitting in the same room as the first talk they sat there till Seth’s parents got home. Then they helped with dinner and after dinner, Will decided it was time for him to head home. They didn't see much of each other that summer because they’re families went out of town for a family vacation.

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