Going Native chapter 1

Magic exists!

Two boys borrow magic books from their mothers, who are witches.
Together with two friends they try to do magic with unexpected results.

Two lives will never be the same afterwards.
This is the start of a new story with multiple chapters.

Going Native
by Shrike.

Chapter 1. Something went wrong

“Hey Dean, are you there?” I whispered it quite loudly into the dark night. My best friend Phil and I were meeting up with Dean and Lenny at the shed where we held most of our get-togethers.

A voice that I recognized as Dean’s came back, “Yeah, that you T-man? Got Phil with you?”

I stepped forward with Phil in my wake, “Yeah we’re both here. Is Lenny there already?”

A nasal voice answered, “Yes I am. So did you get the book you said your Mom has?”

I stepped into the shed and the light with Phil right on my heels. Dean and Lenny already stood there waiting for us. Dean had a plastic bag with a book from his Mom with him, while I carried an old leather encased book that I had borrowed without permission from my Mom. A few days ago we had been talking amongst ourselves. Somehow it had slipped out that both Dean’s mom and my mom were witches who could do real magic. Phil and Lenny didn’t believe us and dared us to show them. They wanted a demonstration before believing that there is something like magic. So here all four of us were, with the books that hopefully would contain a spell that we could do and show them that Magic did really exist.

Lenny got impatient and said to Dean, “Quick let me see what is in there.”

Dean glared at him, “It’s my mom’s book, so I’ll read in it. I don’t want it damaged or anything. I’m in enough trouble as it is by borrowing it.”

Then he opened his mom’s book and started to read the various descriptions listed. I opened my Mom’s book and started doing the same while our two friends kept looking impatiently at us. I was reading something interesting when Dean closed his book rather loudly. “There isn’t anything interesting in this book.” He exclaimed. “Just some things about changing colors, repairing damage and other useless stuff. How about your book T?”

I looked up from my Mom’s magic book. “A bit more interesting I guess. There are some transformation spells in here.”

Phil perked up, “What kind of transformations?”

Slowly I answered him, “I read something about turning people into animals, ugly SOB’s, really good looking persons and maybe more interesting, changing boys into girls.”

Now Lenny was interested as well, “Did you say girls?”

I nodded, knowing why he was so interested all of a sudden. All four of us never had much luck with girls. But they really shunned Lenny. Dean snickered, “How about we turn you into a girl then, Lenny? You might understand why they are so mean to you all the time.”

Lenny snorted, “No way man, how about you being the girl for me? I would prefer that much better.”

I intervened to calm them down, like I usually did. “Stop it, you girls. You’re already fighting like them. Maybe we should turn the both of you into girls.”

Phil jumped in, “Why don’t we draw straws to see which two of us get turned into girls first.”

We all agreed with that, so moments later Phil had four straws in his hand giving each of us a chance to draw. First Lenny drew one. It turned out to be a long one. Then Dean drew a quite long straw. Phil looked at me, “Sorry man.” And he showed me that there were only two short straws left.

Silently I cursed inside myself. I wasn’t looking forward being turned into a girl, but we did have an agreement that first two of us would be transformed, and later the others. Dean and I examined the page with the spell carefully. There where several add-ons to the spell mentioned in the next pages and I said, “Guys, we need some input on how we are going to be looking as girls.”

Lenny started with a rude remark, “I want her to be really horny.”

Phil whacked him on the back of his head. “Dream on, fuck face, come up with something constructive or you get to take my place as a girl.”

Lenny scowled at Phil while rubbing the back of his head. Dean was already scribbling down something on a notepad though. He looked up to us, “Okay you guys, this is what we need to agree on. For the first girl, what should be her hair color, ethnicity, dimensions and such.”

Lenny couldn’t resist his usual rude comments, “I want her to be a blond Bimbo, with big titties”

Phil threatened to hit him again, “Stop it Lenny, and I mean it, or I’ll make you take my place for real.”

That shut him up real quick. Dean in the meantime was already writing something down again. I looked at the paper and he made a matrix of our names and possibilities. He just marked blond, Caucasian and voluptuous for Lenny. “Phil! What’re your preferences?” asked Dean.

Phil thought for a moment before saying, “I like blonds as well, but tone down on her breasts. I might be the one getting them. So I’d say a C-cup?”

Dean wrote it down and then asked me. I didn’t hesitate, “Brunette, with a bit of dark complexion. Italian or something, no wait, make that a Native American.”

After some arguing and compromising we agreed that one girl would be Caucasian and long blond hair. The other would be a Native American girl with long black hair. Both would have pert C-cup breasts and a figure that would make most girls envious. Dean had written the descriptions down on two pieces of paper and I translated it to a complete spell. I wrote that on the pieces of paper, so we could let fate decide who was going to be which.

We all hesitated at the point where Dean had put both pieces of paper in box. Phil always was the first to try something, so he reached in the box and pulled a piece of paper out. He read the spell out loud and then fell to his knees while grunting in pain.

He curled up into a fetal position, making it impossible for us to see what was happening to him. Well we did see that his hair lightened to honey blond and grew out a lot longer. He kept grunting though the sound began to sound daintier and higher. Then suddenly he, no make that she, stood up in her full stature. We all looked in wonder at the beautiful girl standing there in Phil’s ill fitting clothes. She looked back at us with a scowl, “What the hell are you looking at?,” Phil said in a high feminine sultry voice. We all looked at her with big eyes hearing her new voice. Even Phil put her dainty hand in front of her lovely face. “What the hell,” she started.

Dean found his voice first. “You sound as lovely as you look, Phil.”

Phil just stared at us with open mouth. Then she closed it but looked down her T-shirt into her cleavage. “Oh my god, I really am a girl now.” Her voice was really melodious now.

Lenny was getting impatient, “Now it’s your turn, T. Go and change as well for us.”

I hesitated, I didn’t want to turn into a girl, and though Native Americans were a favorite of mine I definitely didn’t look forward into becoming one myself as a girl. But we had made a pact, so I took the paper from the box and read the spell out loud.

Just as I said the last syllable, I felt a gut wrenching pain inside me. I fell to my knees in pain and curled up in a fetal position. My skin felt itchy and it felt like tiny feet crawled all over it. My insides were burning and I nearly passed out. Then suddenly I felt fine again. I got back to my feet and was shocked by the long black hair falling in front of my face. I stood up tall and looked at my friends gaping at me. “What are you gawking at?”

I nearly fell down in shock as I heard my new voice for the first time. I sounded like a really sexy girl. I looked down at myself and though I expected it, I still was shocked by the sight of breasts on my chest. They didn’t look like C-cups to me. They looked a whole lot bigger than that. Then again, I’d never thought I’d see breasts from this view. As I was inspecting myself, Dean and Lenny moved closer to us new girls. Dean asked, “So what does it feel like being a girl?”

I snapped out of the strange feelings I had, and indignantly told him, “Why don’t you try it out for yourself. Then you don’t have to ask me.”

He put his hands up defensively, “Hey, I was just a bit curious. And don’t worry, we agreed that we would take our turn.”

I realized that I reacted a bit harsh and hastily, “Okay, I do have to admit it feels a bit strange. How about you Phil?” I looked at my similarly transformed buddy.

She nodded and then snapped at Lenny, “Hey keep your hands away, buster.” I guessed that he was touching her.

Lenny responded defensively, “I didn’t do nothing. And why are you all ‘only look, no touching’ subject, I thought we were going to do something. Like, we all haven’t scored with a girl. This might be our chance. Once we have experience we won’t be so shy around other girls anymore. Right?”

I had my own thoughts about that, as did Phil, I reckoned. But Dean joined Lenny in his standpoint. “I think we should get some experience. I mean, if you do it for us, we’ll do it for you later. Ain’t that right Lenny?”

Lenny was thinking hard about that, as he didn’t want to lose his only chance at having sex with such a beautiful girl, I guessed. So he eagerly acknowledged it. I went closer to Phil and whispered, “What do you think Phil? Should we let them do it? I mean I would like to do them later, but if we don’t do it with them now, we might never get a chance, ever.”

Phil whispered back, “Well, I would rather not do it as a girl, but I’m also a bit curious as to what it would feel like as a girl.”

I looked at my best buddy, who now looked like a hot girl. Well, so did I for that matter. “Are you serious Phil?”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it yet. I know you’re just as curious as me,” Phil whispered back at me, sounding indignantly.

Well I had to admit, I was a bit curious how girls felt being excited and such. Still, having sex as one with one of my friends? I had my objections. They were quickly quenched though when we gave our okay to the boys. But we also warned them, “No weird stuff, No blowjobs or back doors and wear a rubber.”

We all stripped out of our clothes and soon we were all kissing and fondling. I was kissing Dean and he wasn’t bad at it. Though I was a bit hesitant kissing a boy, ‘I’m not a queer, why am I kissing a boy?’ But my body was definitely female at the moment and it won out over my objections. Dean stopped kissing me on the mouth and his face went southwards. He kissed my breasts alternately, making me gasp with rapture. I had never thought that a woman’s breast could be so sensitive. He really made me hot and wanted. As he fumbled with the condom I wished he would hurry up and put it on, so we he could enter me with his weapon. As I thought this I caught myself at it. ‘What the hell am I thinking? I’m not a nymphomaniac am I?’ But then I realized that I was a horny girl at the moment. I looked to right at my friend Phil. She was already further along rutting happily with Lenny and obviously enjoying it.

Then the time for reflections were over, as Dean had finished putting on the condom. He kissed my breasts again and at the same time started to put a finger into my snatch. It was already moist, and the administrations made me even wetter. He pushed me down onto the couch and started to get ready to insert his cock into me. He’d stopped kissing me, but nibbled at my neck instead, increasing my pleasure immensely. I never thought that it would be so erotic for a girl. I would have to remember that.

Then he thrust forward with his hips and I felt something tear inside me with a sharp pain. I gasped from the feeling, and Dean frowned. He halted his motion, but I pulled him closer. The feeling of him inside me was better then the pain I felt. And even that was subsiding, so I whispered into his ear, “Don’t stop now, or you’ll be very sorry.” Dean smiled and continued to piston slowly at first into me. He sped up his motions and at the same time biting an earlobe of mine. I gasped again, but this time from pleasure. ‘I definitely need to remember that sensitive spot.’ I thought.

It wasn’t long before a first wave of pleasure washed over me. But Dean wasn’t done yet, and soon another wave of intense pleasure followed the first one. I even had a third orgasm before Dean filled the condom with his seed, and pulled out. I was a little disappointed at that, I could’ve gone on for some time, but I guess he was spent. As I came down from my high, it just dawned on me what I had done. I had sex as a girl with Dean and I liked it. I liked it so much that I wanted more and more.

Now that I was coming more to my senses, I was appalled at what I had done. I grabbed some of my clothes to cover myself somewhat. As I did that I glanced over at Phil, she had done the same and looked at me with a bewildered look. I guess she had the same thoughts I did and was embarrassed at what she had done. I nodded at her and picked up the book I had ‘borrowed’ from my mom. I read the counter spell for us and read it out loud. I was expecting the gut wrenching feeling again, but to my surprise nothing happened.

I wrote everything down on a piece of paper, making sure I had the correct spell and double checked it. I then gave it to Phil, who spoke it out loud, and again nothing happened. Now I was getting worried. ‘What the hell is going on, why can’t we change back? Did I make a mistake? No I checked it several times.’ I called Dean over and he checked it with me. It should work, but we still stayed in our girl bodies.

Lenny said sounding scared, “Why don’t you turn back? No way that I want to try that spell if you can’t turn back.”

Phil exclaimed in her high melodious voice, “Shut up, you wimp.” And she slapped his face. Lenny was about to stand up to her, when Dean told him to calm down. We looked in both the books that we had for a while longer, but nothing else but the failing spell was mentioned. I feared the worst now, as did Phil I guessed by the looks on her pretty face. Dean closed the book from his mom loudly, “I think it would be best if I went home and get another book, maybe there is a spell there that will change you two back. Now stay put and I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

We didn’t have much of a choice, so I nodded. “But please hurry back, it’s getting late and I don’t want to be here all night.”

Phil supported me, “Please get back here soon. I don’t really want to stay like this. And I don’t want to walk home like this either. My parents wouldn’t even recognize me. They’d have me committed.”

Dean assured us that he would be back as fast as he could. Lenny told us the same, though he didn’t have a mom that did magic. I had a feeling he just wanted to go home and leave us here. I didn’t say anything about my suspicions though. They left, leaving us new girls naked in he shed. I felt a bit chilly, so I put on my clothes though they really didn’t fit me anymore. Phil watched me and then put on her clothes as well. We talked about a lot of things while waiting, but avoided talking about the sex or why we couldn’t change back.

Several hours later I was getting antsy, “They are sure taking their time, don’t you think so Phil?”

“Yes, I wish Dean would hurry up. He can even leave Lenny at home. I just want to get back to normal. I am regretting that we did this. I wish I had never heard that your mom can do magic. No offense T.”

“None taken Phil,” I said with trepidation creeping into my voice. I had noticed that my voice was now really good sounding. I wouldn’t mind dating a girl that looked and sounded like me. I just didn’t want to be a girl anymore. I also had enough of waiting. “Phil? I don’t want to wait here anymore. Maybe something happened to them. Let’s go out and look for them.”

Phil looked anxious, “But what if we miss them, and they come here while we are gone?”

“We’ll have to take that chance. What if they aren’t able to get back here? They might have been caught by their parents.”

Phil shivered, “Don’t talk to me about parents T. I have no idea what I’d do if we can’t turn back. I could never face them looking like this.”

“Well we can’t stay here for ever as well. Let’s go out and see if Dean is still at home or not. I don’t want to risk going home to my mother as well. She warned me not to do any magic.” I picked up Mom’s book and took Phil’s arm to pull her out of the shed. Together we started walking towards town.

Janice Eaton, Theo’s mom

Janice was getting worried, her son usually wasn’t this late getting home. Even if he forgot the time being with his friends, he always was home well before midnight. Now it was already past midnight and he still hadn’t shown up. Although it was very late, she decided to call the parents of his friends. First she called Mallory Lateson, a fellow witch, who was a single mom as well, with her son Dean. “Hi Mallory, this is Janice. I know it is late, but My son Theo isn’t home yet. I thought maybe he was with Dean?”

Mallory answered, “Dean is home already. He had been with Theo and friends. He wanted to go out again, but I grounded him for a month. I caught him with one of my special books.”

Janice knew that she meant a magic spell book, so didn’t ask any further. Instead she got an idea of what might have been the case. She called the Mendelson’s next and heard that Philip, their son hadn’t shown up at home too. Now she got really worried, she went down to her basement where she practiced most of her magic and looked in her bookcase. Immediately she noticed a book missing and feared the worst. From another book she picked out a locator spell and read it out loud.

She should get a sense of where Theo is located anywhere in the world, but got nothing. Mumbling in herself, “Now that is odd, this should have worked even when Theo is dead somewhere.” She knows that the spell can be blocked, but only with a powerful spell that would have been detected if it were in place.

Frantically she searched the book for something else she could use, and found a spell that allows the spell caster to send a message to the recipient. To direct it well, it comes with additions for a family member, distant or close, ascendants or descendants and more. She chose the direct all descendant family members part, since Theo was her only son. She cast the spell and spoke out loud a powerful and loud message.

T and Phil on the street

Walking with Phil on the back streets filled me a bit with fear as I was constantly reminded that I was a girl now. I never knew that girls are always fearful of getting mauled or raped or worse. We already had to fight off a drunk bastard, and weren’t looking forward to more encounters. Then as I looked around a corner to see if the path was clear, a loud voice, that I instantly recognized, sounded inside my head. “Theo, call me now if you’re able, or I will have to take more drastic measures!”

I grasped my head with both hands and even dropped the book from my mom. Phil asked worried, “T-man, what’s happening? Are you sick or something?”

I looked at Phil, “Or something. I have to make a phone call.”

“What? Now? Whom do you want to call, sounding like a sexy girl to boot.”

I hadn’t thought of that even. Still, I dreaded the drastic measures more. “I have to, my mom called me magically. If I don’t call her, she’ll take drastic measures and you don’t even want to think what that may be.”

Phil shuddered, I wondered what he was thinking about. I looked around and found a pay phone close by. Quickly I dialed home. It rang only once before it was answered, “Theo!”

I desperately tried to lower my voice and put in some coarseness into it. “Yeah, mom.”

“You come home this instant, or there will be dire consequences, young man. Why does your voice sound so strange? What have you been up to?”

“I’ll tell all when I get home, Mom.” I said with a quivering and in my ears too high sounding voice.

“See that you do. Is Philip with you? Bring him along as well. I’ll tell his parents that he is staying with us tonight.” Then the line went dead with a sharp dry click.

“We are going to my home. My mom will tell your parents that you’re staying with us.” I told Phil.

“Oh man, I’m so dead,” complained Phil in her sultry high voice.

Dryly I replied, “You might be. In fact, my mom may kill us both.”

It only drove Phil to even more agitation and fear. I thought Mom wouldn’t really kill us, but if she couldn’t find a way to change us back, then she might make us legally dead. I kept quiet however towards Phil.

It took us quite a while to reach my house, we had to travel through the backstreets and keep out of sight. We were both very afraid of getting mugged or hassled.

Finally we arrived at the back door and stepped into the kitchen. I tried to be as quiet as I could, because I was afraid of what Mom would say and do. We must have made some noise, because we barely got in as my Mom called from the living room, “Is that you Theo?”

I hesitantly stepped forward into the light of the living room and said with a wavering voice, “Hi Mom, something went wrong today.”

Mom looked at me, frozen at the sight, before the expression on her face turned to a sort of angry scowl, “So, you’ve been experimenting with magic.”

I looked down at the ground and started crying. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help it. Must be the female hormones I read about. I guess Mom felt sorry for me, because she came over and started comforting me. “Now, come on girl. It’s not the end of the world. You look beautiful.”

“But I’m a girl now, Mom! We tried to change back, but it didn’t work.” I looked up into Mom’s eyes through my tears.

Mom pushed me a bit backwards, “Did you say ‘WE’ tried to change back?”

Phil stepped from the shadows of the kitchen into the light and said with tears in her eyes, “Hello Mrs. Eaton. I didn’t believe magic really existed till today. Now, I’ve seen what it can do and I wish that it hadn’t happened. Or even that magic is real.”

Mom looked at Phil and then back at me. “Well, first you two are taking a shower, while I scrounge up some decent clothes for you both to wear. Now, don’t take too long and shower only, no experimenting in the shower. I know how it feels in there, so I’m warning you.”

We were too afraid of my Mom to argue and just did as she told. I was happy to wash the dried stuff from my body. I even wanted to wash the whole having sex away from my body, but I realized that no matter how hard I tried, it would only make me rub my skin raw. I did however find out what Mom meant about how it feels in the shower. I never thought that taking a shower was feeling so wonderful in a girl’s body. I mean my skin was a lot more sensitive and when I felt the water hit my breasts they started tingling. I whispered, “Oh, wow. I should do this more often.” Phil heard me and asked, “What did you say?”

I got out of the shower and told her, “You need to experience it for yourself. Just hurry up and then tell me what you think.”

I dried off, though it was different from my normal routine. Usually I would rub myself dry fast and quick. Now, I had to pat it dry, rubbing it was too rough on my sensitive skin. Just as I put my long hair into the towel, Mom stepped into the bathroom. “That’s quite good, but here, let me help you dry that long beautiful hair. I guess you didn’t use conditioner on it?” At my confirmation on that, she said, “Well, you need to use a lot more shampoo, and afterwards conditioner to keep that hair looking good.”

As we stood there, we heard Phil cooing in rapture. Mom sharply said, “Hurry up in there. I know it feels good, but we have other things to do.”

I heard Phil moan in disappointment, but she shut the shower off and stepped out to dry off. Mom helped me dry my hair with a blow dryer and then helped Phil with hers. I tried on the panties that Mom had given me and they fit perfectly. Well, Mom isn’t a witch for nothing, I knew she would have magically made these to fit my new form. I didn’t particularly liked the feel of the soft feel of women’s underwear, but I could get used to it. I just hoped it wouldn’t be necessary to get used to it. After donning the panties, I found the bra Mom put there. The color matched the panties, so I guess it was a matching set. After some tries I finally found a way to put it on, and of course, it fit perfectly as well. it was supportive and not too constrictive on my breasts. ‘Gee, my breasts. I hope I don’t have to say that again in the future.’ I really didn’t look forward being a girl for a long period, let alone forever.

After Phil was dressed in her unmentionables, we were taken to my bedroom. On the bed were some clothes, Mom had picked them out from her own wardrobe and had them resized to our physiques. I wasn’t that much different from Mom, who still has a great figure at her age. But our sizes weren’t the same. Phil staggered as she saw what was laid out on the bed. “I’m not wearing a skirt,” she said.

It hadn’t even occurred to me that Mom wanted us to wear a skirt. It wasn’t my choice of clothing either, so I sort of whined, “Mom, do I have to…”

Mom interrupted, “Yes you have to. I want you both to be dressed as proper girls and you’ll both wear the turtle neck and the skirt. Now, hurry up and get dressed, so I can see what happened and what I can do about it.”

That shut us up well enough. We both wanted to get back to our own selves. So, we just put up with it and hoped it wouldn’t be for much longer. I had seen Mom put on a skirt before, so it wasn’t too big a challenge for me to do it. Phil had a bit more trouble with it and asked me to help her. After she had her skirt on, she twirled around and said, “This looks really good on me. And that skirt looks really good on you.” Then she slapped her hand on her mouth. “What did I just say? Oh my god, I’m reacting like a girl now.”

“Yeah, I noticed. You know what is troubling me even more? I’m standing here in my bedroom with a beautiful girl and all I can think off is, ‘I would look great in that skirt as well and feeling a bit envious at your good looks. Shouldn’t we be horny as hell and thinking about getting that girl into bed? I think our thought patterns have switched to female ones. I don’t know how you think about that, but it is really upsetting me.”

Phil thought about it for a second, before agreeing with me. I decided not to dwell on it for now, but made a note to talk about it to my Mom later. We exited my bedroom and joined Mom in the kitchen where she was waiting for us with some sandwiches. We sat down hastily, which got us a scowl on Mom’s face. Before we could get a sandwich, she scolded us. “You don’t plop down like that on a chair. You need to straighten your skirt out before sitting down and don’t dump your ass like a bag of potatoes, but sit down like you’re going to sit on eggs.”

She made us get up again and do it like she said we should. I grumbled under my breath, “What’s the use, I hope not to be a girl for much longer. Why would I need to know how a girl sits down?”

Mom looked at me, like she had heard me mutter. She didn’t say anything though. Instead she pushed the plate with food towards us both. I was ravenous and I guess Phil was too, since we both tore into a sandwich. Mom didn’t say anything about our eating, but I took a quick peek at her and she was shaking her head in a disapproving manner. ‘What did we do wrong now? Why can’t she give us a break? We’re having enough problems as it is.’

We polished the sandwiches of fairly quickly and drank the juice Mom had put in front of us. Then she took us both into the basement, into the room that I wasn’t supposed to ever get in. Well, I already had broken that rule, since I had borrowed the book which was now being carried back into the basement room by Mom. I had expected to get much more grief from breaking the rule and borrowing the book without her permission. Maybe she was saving it up for later. I didn’t really now.

Mom told us where to stand and to stand there silently and without moving too much. She took out some piece of wood and a book I hadn’t seen before. After reading a spell, she muttered something and then waved the piece of wood in front of us. After waving the piece of wood, she looked something up in the book before asking us, “Did you have sex after the transformation?”

I felt my head burning in what I thought was fire engine red, and I saw Phil blushing furiously as well. I admitted hesitantly, “Uhm, yes? I mean we were a bit curious and they promised to do the same for us later, only we couldn’t change back and then they went home and never came back.”

Mom snorted, “Let me guess, Dean and Lenny. Well, Dean got caught by his mother. He’ll be punished for his part in this. Now, I have found why you can’t change back. The act of sexual intercourse sealed your transformation. You are now permanently females. There is not anything that I, nor any other witch can do to change you back to your previous male lives.”

I was stunned and totally speechless at my Mom’s words. ‘I’m a girl forever? I can never go back? Oh shit, what now? I’m so fucked.’ The irony of what I had thought even escaped me. I literally was fucked. Dean fucked me into this new fucked up life. I could cry, in fact I would have started if Phil hadn’t already started bawling. I went over to her and tried to get her to stop. It did go down to some sniffling after a few minutes and she sniffed, “What am I going to do now? My parent don’t believe in magic. I can’t go home like this. They’ll lock me in a nuthouse. What about my life and school and … and…”

Mom interrupted her sniffled ravings, “Hush now. We will find a way to get through this. In fact we have two options, Philip Mendelson has disappeared. Now, we can tell your parents what happened and they can accept you as a foster daughter or a cousin. Or you can be adopted into a new family, and your family will always wonder what happened to you and never have any peace with your fate.”

Phil looked at Mom with fear and being lost in her gaze. I asked Mom, “What did you mean with a foster daughter or a cousin?”

“I can't change birth records without serious difficulty. With the computers today it is very easy to overlook something. That is why Theo Eaton will be presumed dead or missing and a cousin, Teani EagleEye will be living with me soon.” Mom explained.

I felt upset at her words and complained, “What? Are you calling me Teani EagleEye now? What gives you the right? Don’t I have a say in this?”

Mom started in a low threatening voice, which was never a good sign, “I’m still your mother, I named you once before, I can do it again. Have you looked into a mirror lately? You’re a Native American now and you need a female first name. So I’m naming you Teani. Do you have any problems with that?”

I backed down, “Not really, whatever you say, Mom.”

Phil tried to switch us back her interested topic of conversation, “So, what do you recommend we do, Mrs. Eaton. I’d like to be with my family again if possible.”

Mom relaxed a bit, “Well, I don’t want to hurt your parents, so I’ll call them here and have a talk with them. Depending on how the conversation goes I’ll explain things to them or fuddle their minds that they won’t recall the conversation has ever taken place. If you can’t live with your parents anymore, we can see about other arrangements. If necessary, you could even live here with Teani and me.”

I was about to get all riled up again hearing my new name, but one look from Mom made me cringe and back down again. She called the Mendelson’s and asked them to come over. They arrived fairly soon and asked in wonder if there was something wrong with their son. Mom had called them earlier that Phil would spend the night at our house. Mom had them sit down while Phil and I hid in the kitchen.

Mom asked, “Do you want something to drink before I tell you what is on my mind?” Both Phil’s Mom and Dad declined. “Okay, well, Philip isn’t hurt or anything, but something did happen to him.”

Phil’s Mom Chelsea, asked, “What is wrong with him. Can it be cured? He is our only child, you know.”

Mom eased her worries. “Philip is fine, just a bit not himself.”

“Yeah, right.” I muttered quietly. “He just crossed over to the other side of the gender fence.”

“Ssshh, quiet.” Said Phil.

Mom continued meanwhile, “Do you believe in magic?”

Phil’s Dad Barney, said with a frown, “You mean a magician doing his tricks? Or …”

Mom finished his sentence, “Or real magic as in sorcery, like you see in movies and such. I mean the second kind, real magic.”

Both Phil’s parents shook their heads. Then Chelsey thought of something, “You mean someone put a curse on my son? What happened?”

“No one put a curse on Philip. But before I come to him, let me explain something. Magic is real. Not many people know about it, even less know how to do it. Those that do know how to perform real magic use it sparingly and with great caution. This is because the amount of magic or essence is not that abundant, and the other point is that like in science, each action has a reaction. It is difficult to control everything doing magic.”

Barney slowly nodded, “I understand, now what does that have to do with Philip?”

Mom smiled, “I’m getting to that. You see, Theo, Phil, Dean and Lenny got hold of some books with real magic spells in them. They tried to do magic and something went wrong. My son Theo and Philip will have to deal with the consequences of that. All of them will be punished severely, I think and hope.”

Chelsey asked with a broken up voice, “What are the consequences? Philip is all right isn’t he?”

Mom didn’t answer her directly, but said, “Philip? Could you come in here please?”

Phil looked at me, “I can’t show myself to my parents like this? Please help me out T. I don’t want to face Mom and Dad like this.”

I used a dirty trick I once saw on TV and managed to shove Phil into the living room. She took a few steps as not to fall and ended up near Mom sitting in the chair, facing her parents.

“Uhm, hi Mom, Dad. I guess I changed a bit in appearance,” Phil managed to get out of her mouth.

I looked at Phil’s parents and saw that they were stunned seeing the beautiful girl standing in front of them, telling them that she had been their son. Then her mom looked like she was about to faint, while her dad half got up from the sofa and was about ready to kill someone. I hope he wouldn’t go after me. After all I was to blame for half of it. Barney growled, “Who is responsible for this?”

“Everyone is responsible,” replied Mom. “Not only the boys, but also the witches that the boys borrowed the books from.”

Fortunately Phil’s parents didn’t ask who the witches were. Chelsey asked instead, “What should we do now? I mean we can’t very well just exchange our son Philip for a girl and pretend she is our daughter, can we?”

“No, of course not. You will have to tell people that Philip went to live with relatives or that he went missing, maybe, is even dead. Then about a week later a cousin or foster daughter can come live with you.”

Barney said, “Well, that could work. I’ll see what we decide on that. I guess that Philip isn’t coming home with us then.”

Phil shook her pretty head making her hair fly all around her. “I’m staying with Teani for a while, till it’s safe to come home. And Dad, I’m not Philip anymore. Can I be called Philippa now?”

Chelsey hugged her new daughter, “Of course you can, Philippa. I’m just happy that you’re all right.”

Barney however picked up on what she said. “Who is Teani? Is she one of the witches?”

I stepped out from the kitchen, “I’m Teani now. I used to be Theo. I’m now a girl as well as you can see.”

Both Phil’s parents looked at me, stunned. Then they understood. Barney had one last question for Mom, “What if we hadn’t been so understanding about magic and didn’t accept what happened to our boys, girls, whatever?”

Mom smiled a little, “I would have made sure that you wouldn’t recall much of our conversation and it would seem to you that both Philip and Theo had gone missing. Then Philippa would have been adopted by either me or another family.”

Maybe I was the only one realizing that Mom just admitted to them that she was one of the witches, but Phil’s parents didn’t seem to get it. They just thought it over and were glad that they could keep their only child in their midst. Soon after the Mendelson’s said goodbye to their new daughter and left.

Mom made us prepare the guest room for Phil, so we got busy doing that...Phillipa was a bit lost doing a chore like that. She never had to make her bed at home. Mom had drilled me to do it all the time, so I was already an expert in it. I told Phil, “Take notes, I’m sure your mom will expect you to make your own bed soon as well.”

She looked questioningly at me, “Why would Mom expect me to make my bed? She never bothered to teach me before.”

“Because you’re a girl now, dummy. Girls always make their own beds. Or do you expect to marry a rich guy and have maids doing it for you?” I emphasized her new role in life.

Phil looked stricken, “I hadn’t thought of that. I’m not even ready for being a girl, how can you think about boys or guys, let alone marriage. I don’t think I will do that, ever!”

I snorted, “If you had paid attention to your feelings, you’d notice that you are not getting worked up anymore around naked women. Like I said before in my bedroom, our thought patterns have changed or are changing to female. Which means that we would be looking at, dating and even sleeping with guys within a few years.”

Phil shuddered at that prospect, and though I knew it was inevitable, I didn’t like the prospect either. Mom interrupted our talk, “Finished making the bed? Come with me to the bathroom. I’ve got some more explaining and instructions for you both.”

In wonder we followed Mom to the bathroom. She showed us what it meant being females during certain times of the month. Phil and I were grossed out, but we paid attention. We both knew that it would be inevitable to need the lessons.

Brushing my teeth afterward was a new experience as well. Gone were my teeth as I knew it. I’d had one bad tooth that I always paid extra attention to, but now my teeth were perfect. Pearly white and straight everywhere. It was like looking at a commercial for toothpaste.

As I got ready for bed, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had a sort of tan color everywhere, and I looked stunningly beautiful. I would have liked to date such a girl, but would have been afraid of approaching such a killer beauty. Someone like that wouldn’t give the old me even a once over look. She would have guys fawning all over her all the time. But she was me, I was that girl. I could be a supermodel if I wanted to. ‘Do I want to be a supermodel? It isn’t a question anymore if I want to be a girl. That much is for certain now. I really need to learn how to be and act like a pretty girl. I wish I never took that book from Mom.’

Mom interrupted me, “I already put Philippa to sleep. Do you want to wear a nightgown or PJ’s?”

I thought about it, ‘Mom would have changed my PJ’s to my new body I guess. So I could wear them. However I might have to get used to gowns, maybe I should try it tonight.’ “Maybe I should try a nightgown?”

Mom smiled, “Excellent idea. Here is a nice sheer blue one. Go on and try it on.”

As I put on the flimsy material, Mom sat down on the chair in front of my computer. She motioned for me to sit on the bed and started, “We need to have a talk. I warned you several times not to go into my basement. Not only did you do that, but you also borrowed a book from me. These are severe transgressions on your part in our agreement. You’ll have to face the consequences of your actions. For starters, you’re grounded for at least a month, maybe longer.”

I whined, ‘Gee, I never whined before.’ “Mooom, I know I shouldn’t have done it. But I’m already paying the consequences. I’m a girl now, and I will be forever more. That should count for something? Shouldn’t it?”

Mom smiled evilly at me, “Not by a long shot. You may even be liking it, a lot!”

“Mooom, I really don’t think that I will. What about Dean and Lenny? Phil and I are already paying for it, we got our lives turned inside out. They just had their fun with us and split when it went south.”

“Good point, daughter,” Mom drove the point of my new gender home. “We’ll make a plan soon to punish those two as well. Now, get some sleep. It’s late and I need to think of where to send you two tomorrow.”

“Send us? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Both of you can’t stay here. In fact it’s better that you’re not even seen here, till you both are officially missing. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. Goodnight darling daughter.”

I really hated her saying that to me. But I couldn’t very well argue with her on it. Mom closed the door and I tried to sleep. I kept tossing and turning all the time though. The feelings from my altered body didn’t help. It was even making me feel weirder and out of sorts. My breasts were getting in the way lying down and as I lay in bed, the void between my legs drove the point of my view of life home. On top of everything else, my long shiny hair started to bother me in bed. It was in my face all the time and a lot of times it ended up under me, and it hurt to move my head till I lifted my body a bit to free the hair under me. It was so annoying that I got out of bed and went to my desk where I had left a pair of scissors. Standing in front of the mirror, which was illuminated enough by the moonlight that I could see myself well enough, I put the scissor to my hair well above my shoulder. For a moment I halted thinking, ‘If I cut it off, it will be a long time for it grows back to this length. The long hair does look nice on me. Shit, I shouldn’t be thinking like that. Off with it!’ With that I quickly cut the lengths of hair that hung almost down to my ass, from my head, till I had only a rough crew cut left. It didn’t look good, but I didn’t care that much. I would sort that out in the morning with Mom. I climbed back into bed and finally managed to fall asleep.

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