Skirting the issue 6 - What a bitch!

Melissa and Pete were still arguing vehemently as they got out of the FD after parking at the Smitty's restaurant. So much so they both failed to even notice that Nicholas and Mark had parked next to them and were both shaking their heads at the two of them.

"If it is a faulty weld that broke it's certainly not my fault you did all the welding yourself." Melissa stated.

"My welds do not break. Ever! It's probably the strut rod you bolted in place being loose from your maniac driving!"

The two continued in this vain as they walked side by side up to the doors of the restaurant itself. Mark and Nicholas, grinning at how alike the two were, followed closely behind the two.
Melissa and Pete stopped arguing as they entered the four entered the waiting area. Nicholas being the visibly oldest kindly asked for a table for four from the blonde attractive waitress in her black knee length pencil skirt and crispy white blouse.

None of the group noticed 2 boys talking animatedly into cell phones standing beside their slightly rusted Honda civic covered in stickers. The two of them were so animated as they gestured wildly at the the FD. Inside the restaurant Melissa followed docily behind the three men without a second thought to a corner booth well away from the windows.

The group of four were sitting and chatting about mild things such as weather, new movies, or in the case of Melissa and Pete the lack of newer cars being safe. This puzzled the two older men who made the mistake of asking what they meant. It was therefore no surprise when the two of them got animated about how unsafe the cars really were vs the older cars. The waitress actually had to ask twice if they were ready to order interrupting Melissa in mid argue.

Melissa wanted to have her usual Colossal burger and fries with gravy along with a large chocolate shake which is what Pete ordered. However when the waitress was asking for the orders Nicholas changed her order.

"And for you sir?" she asked Nicholas just after she had written down Mark's order.

"Well my granddaughter's order will go to me. She will have your chefs chicken salad with a tomato juice since she is on a diet."

"What!" Barked Melissa.

"Your grandpa's right hun. It would just go to your hips. You wouldn't want to ruin that lovely figure of yours at your age." The older woman said from across the aisle.

"But.." Melissa really wanted that burger.

"Sorry Melissa but Nicholas has got a point. At your age you want to keep your gorgeous figure for as long as possible so less greasy fat for you. Trust me years later you will thank us." Even Mark got into the act.

Melissa looked to Pete for help but saw in his eyes that even he agreed. Seeing that she was outnumbered and stuck to a girlie diet she folded her arms under her breasts and pouted. The small fact that on her the pout was quite pretty. Everyone quietly, or not so quietly in Mark's case, chucked at the apparent surrender of the younger girl. Chuckling the waitress walked away with their order.

"Oh come on sweetie it's not the end of the world. Just a few salads and some exercise and you can go back to eating the junk food."Nicholas switched to a lower voice so as to not be overheard." Look at me dear. I may be old but even I have to diet from time to time and trust me there is junk for fashions for larger women."

"I don't care! I wanted that burger they are so good here." Melissa continued to pout.

"Why Petey! Pleasant surprise seeing you here!" came a voice causing them all to look up. The town gossip Mrs. Anne Burelle was standing right there. Melissa's first instinct was to dive under the table but she knew she was already caught. Besides the vinyl seat was already glued to the back of her thigh and she couldn't slip down. She tried.

"Hi Anne. What brings you here?" Pete said it in such a way that it was clearly meant that she should leave. Of course she was oblivious to such things. Being the town gossip meant ignoring subtle signs and Mrs. Burelle had that down pat.

"Don't be rude Petey introduce me to your friends." Melissa suddenly realized this was a very bad idea and tried to unstuck her legs from the vinyl silently so she could hide under the table.

"I don't know about that..." Pete was trying to get out of doing just that. Melissa knew as well as he did if he made a scene about it that would spread around town just as fast.

"Nonsense Petey. My name is Nicholas and this is my friend Mark. We are here to visit Pete and his lovely daughter Melissa." This immediately brought Mrs. Burelle's attention down on her sitting there and she tried to shrink into the seat.

"Well you certainly are a pretty thing if a bit of a tomboy from the looks of you. I can see you taking after Petey here alright. Strange I never heard him tell me he had a daughter before. I always thought he was a little uhm different in that regard." She stopped talking to look at Pete who was now doing his best to imitate a tomato.

"I expect you and your daughter, properly dressed in a light suitable dress, for tea on the morrow or better yet maybe after church on Sunday. Yes let's make it Sunday as I have the feeling this young lady doesn't own a suitable dress and you will take her shopping for such."

Mrs. Burelle now turned her attention to Nicholas and Mark." And what is your relation to the Ashes?" She asked of the two men with her eyebrows raised. Melissa had the satisfaction of watching the two of them shrink a bit in their cushions.

"I'm uh well think of me as the honorary grandfather to Melissa." Nicholas got out. Mark just squeaked. Melissa got the impression that unlike his alter ego Nikki, Mark couldn't confront people if his life depended on it. When he didn't say anything further Mrs. Burelle just sniffed the air as if it was poisoned and left the group at the table.

Melissa for her part tried to control her rapid breathing down while Pete was sucking up his large glass of Pepsi through the straw. Nicholas had a smile on his face and Mark was just being Mark in the corner of the booth intent on the small cups of coffee creamer.

"I gather she is someone important?" Nicholas stated. It wasn't really a question but Melissa felt compelled to answer anyways.

"She is the wife of one of the towns more prominent citizen's. She has made it her job to annoy virtually everyone in town. Anything she sees, or hears about is soon known around town." Melissa was playing with the condensation on the side of her glass with the tomato juice.

"Ah a teller!"

"Excuse me?"said Pete looking up from his straw.

"Tell her anything and she tells everyone else. Town gossip. Better than the phone company or newspaper."

"Yeah something like that. My life just got more complicated." Pete was sulking.

"Oh come on Petey"Nicholas grinned at the nickname Mrs. Burelle gave him which Pete returned with a scowl."It's not like you could keep your little girl here forever under wraps. Melissa is far to pretty a girl for that. Just out of curiosity where is she from if she doesn't live with you but her mother?"

"Helen, my exwife, lives in the West end. We... talk from time to time." Pete almost never talked about his ex wife. They had married when he was young for about a year when it was not working out.

"Ah so your a cultured girl from the city then!" Nicholas stated as if it was the best possible thing."Where do you go to school if you don't mind my asking. Melissa was about to reply about a school her cousin went to when Pete spoke up.

"She goes to a private school." Melissa rolled her eyes at this. While the city did have private schools, just about all of them had uniforms.

"Oh! A schoolgirl uniform I bet you look just adorable in your uniform Melissa!" Melissa wishes fervently that Pete would shut the hell up as she now had to come up with something.

"The tie is a pain and the skirt is to short but thankfully I can wear the pants instead." There take that you old fart and shut up!' Melissa thought.

"For shame! I bet.."Nicholas started.

"Marg is showing."Pete simply said. The animation that was starting to light up Nicholas's face died down.

"Uhem quite right. I'm sure she looks nice. Moving on, so your just here to visit dear old dad then?"

"Something like that. Lets just change the subject. So hows the van doing? Done an oil change recently?"

Although Nicholas could have stopped it the three of them got into talking about the merits of changing oil and other maintenance while they waited for the food. Mark commented from time to time but mostly just listened. None of the group had noticed the group of teenaged girls sit down in a booth not far away even though one of them had a baby on her lap. A second table was dragged over by some boys to join the girls. The staff of the restaurant treated this as a normal occurrence and took their orders just the same.

Had Melissa known she would have paid more attention as she nosily got up from the bench with the excuse to visit the ladies room. Pete handed her her purse as she had forgotten it. As soon as it was apparent to the group at the table the girls en mass maneuvered to get up and out of the booth to follow her. They were not close enough to see her change directions and walk into the girls bathroom after first heading directly to the mens.

The womens washroom was much like the mens on the opposite side of the wall. Same counter if opposite of the mens the only real difference was that in place of the urinals she couldn't use because of the vagi gaff was two extra stalls. Hating public washrooms she stopped long enough to grab a paper towel and dampen it in the sink when she heard the bathroom door opening. She rushed into a stall, wiped down the seat, before pulling down her tight shorts to her knees and sat on the still damp seat to do her business.

Melissa was very nervous about peeing in the forbidden washroom and these women on the other side who were not talking wasn't making it any easier for her to pee. She waited for any of them to go do something and was relieved that they did not bust open the stall door demanding that a man such as herself should use the mens room or be reported to the police. When one of them finally went into an adjoining stall and started to tinkle she was able to relieve herself.

Peeing like a girl in the gaff was annoying as it dripped everywhere even if she couldn't feel certain parts it was still an annoyance. She much preferred being able to stand and let go than having to sit. She used the toilet paper to wipe herself. She was amazed that unlike most mens washrooms the womens toilet paper was not super harsh and came off the roll easy. She was far to used to fighting with the plastic boxes to get a few sheets as a man.

When she had wiped herself down as best she could she stood up to pull up her sisters panties and shorts back into place. Her hands felt dirty from wiping herself and she stepped out to wash them without thinking. She had to stop and step back as she opened the door to find the local race chick groupies standing not 4 feet from her. Melissa felt herself let loose a tiny bit of left over pee into her panties as the sight of this group.

There was Brandy with her 3 month old child, the eldest. Marcie and her sister Emily. Both of them doing the Goth rock chick with the super tight and short black skirts. Becca with the red hot pants and Brandies younger sister looking shy Melony. Melony held the baby bag for Brandy's kid. All of them were openly staring at her. She was sure they knew exactly who she was and were gonna tell everyone. She waited a heartbeat and then two or three before moving again towards the sink to wash her hands as if it was normal. Petra had said the biggest thing that told people off about a drag queen was fear.

"What are you trying to pull?" Brandy asked as she was washing her hands under the warm water. Melissa felt her heart pound in her ears as she knew that they knew she wasn't a girl.

"I'm not trying to pull anything." Melissa tried to explain. It wasn't her fault that Nicki had plastered the nails to her fingers forcing her to be a girl again today.

"The boys are all gaga over you. You know that right?"

"Excuse me?" Melissa wondered why she was being so polite.

"Oh come on. No girl learns to drive like you without a boy being behind it. Who are you after? John? Nick? Peter?"

'What the hell is she talking about?' Melissa reached for some paper towels to dry her hands without breaking eye contact with Brandy.

"Answer me you little bitch!" Brandy shouted as she stepped forward so that her face was mere inches from Melissa's. What surprised Melissa was that she stood her ground. She had never done that before it was always back off and try to diffuse the situation with comedy of some sort.

"Brandy maybe.." Melony began.

"What!" She shouted as she suddenly turned to face her sister. This did not sit well with the baby who started to cry as her pacifier was not enough comfort against the sudden yelling and motions.

"Oh now look what you made me do! There there it's alright mummy isn't mad at you." And just like that Brandy totally changed character to sooth her baby. Melissa took this as a good time to escape this foolishness and walked out while the girls were distracted with the baby.

"Stuck up... Oh sorry baby not you.." the door closed on Brandy's last words. Melissa was glad she survived the encounter but she had no clue as to why these people who she went to school with hadn't clued in to who she really was. As she passed the mirror with today's special marked in grease pencil she caught her reflection. She didn't look that different.

As she got back she saw their food had arrived. Nicholas was digging in to her burger with relish seemingly enjoying it. At her place was a very plain looking salad bowl made out of tortilla shell. With a sigh she sat down, knees together due to the look the 3 men gave her, and tucked into the salad trying to make it last by eating small bites. Even eating small bites she finished her salad far to quick for her poor empty stomach. She made a silent promise to it to feed it when she got home.

Pete took a bit longer to finish his steak and potato meal. Mostly due to it have a soup before hand. When the waitress came by she pointedly ignored Melissa as she took orders for deserts. When she did finally turn to Melissa she just smiled as she said she knew how hard diets could be. Melissa got disgusted as the three of them each got the huge freshly made cinnamon buns with icing glaze on them, her favorite.

"I need some air" She said as she got up from the sticky seat vowing to never again wear shorts if they were going to go to a restaurant. As she did so she shook head walking away. Melissa was going back under the bed and staying there. Jason only wore pants or long shorts that went to his knees. As she got to the glass door of the restaurant she paused and wondered why she referred to herself as a separate person in her head. It was almost like the more she wasn't a boy the less she saw herself as one.

She stepped out of the restaurant so deep in thought that she didn't notice the group of boys stood around her car till she bumped right into one.

"Oh sorry!"She said automatically. Then wondered why she was apologizing when this person was directly in the way of her car. Looking up she noticed that just about all of the guys from school and the local hangout for the tuners were there. Everyone of them was openly staring or looking over the car in detail. She was glad she had washed it the other day even if it was currently filthy.

"Uh excuse me but would someone care to explain what is so interesting about my car?" Not that she was really all that upset. Actually she was quite willing to preen about it. Still to be cool it was best to seem upset about it.

"Huh? Yeah right chickie this is not a girly car. Only a manly man would be able to handle a beast such as this." the jerk in question spoke with a Mexican style Latino accent. One of the newer guys in town. Rumor was there was a group of guys visiting from down south looking for drivers. She really had no interest at all in such things. Her goal was to eventually get into collage like her parents wanted. She was still debating on whether to go with engineering or cosmetology.

'Wait a minute' thought Melissa' where did the cosmetology bit come from? I want science major not bloody makeup! This being a girl is affecting my brain!' with a new silent vow to bury Melissa in the back yard under cement she shook her head and pulled out the keys to the FD.

"Wait a minute girlie. I said that this is not.." and the Latino stopped talking as she unlocked and opened the door to the FD. She turned to look at him with a smug smile that disappeared as she saw Brandy and the gang exit the restaurant at that moment. With a frown she made to get into the car but was stopped as one of the local guys, John, ran up to the car.

"Stop!" he was huffing as he reached her." Please don't go yet. I wanted to say your driving last night was like amazing!" He looked up to her face with such admiration and something else in his eyes it stopped her. She couldn't say what exactly stopped her but something about it did.

"Uhm thanks."She said as she used a finger to put a stray hair back behind her ears.

"Wait a minute. Yonny you say this gringo chickie is the driver from last night. You insane man! No chickie drive like that!"

"Sancha for the last time my name is John! Not Yonny not Johnny. John! And yes this beautiful creature is indeed the driver from last night. I caught her on video so I should know. She is even more beautiful in person!"

"Wait! What you caught me on video? But how the windows are tinted and it was like dark!"

"Yeah.. I kinda spent some time boosting the gamma and brightness of the video to make you out. I... didn't get much sleep last night. Uhm sorry." John said. It kinda freaked her out that this guy was so intent on her it almost felt like a stalker and it kinda worried her.

"What's yer name lil lady?" as the man with the thick Texan style accent.

"Bob her name is Melissa Ash. She is the daughter of that local machinist with the weird hobby." Brandy stated as she got closer. Murmurs arose at this announcement and whispered conversations took place all around Melissa. Melissa for her part stood there with a slightly shocked look on her face as all these whispers came about her. She knew that everyone would forever be under the impression she was Pete's daughter from now on.

"Well Ms. Ash. The names Bob Mackie and this here is my teammate Sanches Elta Dela ..uh.. Sorry Sancha but I forget the rest."

"Well Chicka just call me Sancha. My nan has this thing about ma heritage. Sancha is easier and less insulting." He winked at her.

"Uh yeah... anyways like I was saying I'm Bob. I was in the golf while Sancha was in the Supra."

"Oh! You were the two slowpokes last night! Sorry about that but you were going so slow my baby was getting all antzy. I didn't mean to butt in on your race."

The two new guys Bob and Sancha stood there with their mouths open. They had been giving it there all last night, far more than they had needed before at other races and this wisp of a girl who could be no more than 16 tops said they were slow! Bob was the first to recover as it seemed Sancha had taken a fatal blow to his inflated ego.

"Uh well we were kinda wondering if you could perhaps maybe try that again and show us what you have for an engine in this FD of yours."

"Oh sorry guys but she is hurt at the moment. Petey and I have to check her over as see what the problem is. Nothing major I think but my baby wont run the road unless she is in form."

This was not what they had wanted to hear. At least those who could understand what she meant. The girls just shook their heads while the guys, almost to a one, just nodded.

"Wait a minute! How do we even know she can drive at all? I mean look at her! While she may be a fine example of womanly flesh she doesn't look the type to be able to drive much less drift! I say she prove it!" This was from the town bully Jack Norman. Jack had long been a thorn in Jason's side. Jason being smaller than most of the boys his age made him a natural target for bullies like Jack. He had one small mixup once with the guy ending with him in a trash can but that was the most. Usually it was trips or slams into lockers. Jack did however have a group of sorts. Jack's groupies immediately agreed with him which got the others going before she could decline.

"I'm not here to race anyone and especially not with the FD!" Melissa said loudly enough to override the others. There was no way in hell she was gonna let them force her to hurt her baby!

"Chicka you can use my car!" Sancha said to her while he tossed her the keys which she caught out of reflex.

"Sancha! Are you out of your mind!" Bob almost yelled at him.

"Nah! I got the idea she can. This lot is big enough for a few good spins. What you say Melissa? Can you drive or you just covering for your boyfriend!"

That did it! Melissa locked the FD and closed the door. She looked around and spotted the Supra on the edge of the lot. The supra was obviously done up to be a clone car from the first fast and furious movie. As she approached she hit the key fob that popped open the door. The inside was all leather which meant her thighs would glue to the seat. She groaned openly about this but was still far to upset at these assholes to let it deter her. Sancha got into the passenger side as she was still adjusting the seat and mirrors to her satisfaction. Sancha was a bigger man that she was.

The supra had a 5 speed setup that was similar to what she had in the FD. She suspected that the car also had a Tremec in it. The shifter was a little sloppy from use while her FD was still fairly crispy. Changing gears would probably be a breeze. The clutch however was harder to press than the FD. Not a lot but still some. She pressed it in and out a few times to get a feel for it. She tested the brake pedal the same way.

The engine fired up quickly enough with a loud hum to it. She knew that the car had a tuned exhaust if a bit loud with the stupid coffee can muffler on the back making it sound like it had far more horse power than it probably did. She reved it up and down a few times to get a feel. It seemed off just a bit to her ears.

Melissa checked the guages seeing that the engine was already at operating temperature. With a deep breath she put the Supra into first and released the clutch.

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