Demon Slayer 01

I remember the old days; I was carefree and enjoying life. I used to go by the name of Jacob.

This might not be for thew faint of heart, there is no real horror in this story that is for a later time. But do keep in mind that there is a little in this chapter.


But that all changed when I found out I was adopted. I asked those whom I thought my birth parents about where I had come from and about my birth parents. They said I found on their door steps one night, they looked for my birth parents, but could not be found. They asked the state if they could adopt me, with it being the 80s and a "traditional couple" and good jobs to be able to support a child the state said it was OK.

So I took this knowledge in hand, and a college degree in history. I set off to find my birth parents. But the question stood, where would I start? My first thought is I am from outer space or my parents are some wired entities. My reason for thinking this was I never got sick, most kids will get sick every now and then, but I never did I was and have been perfect healthy. Which in its self is weird, good immune system? I have no clue.

Before I set off my adopted parents whom I will always consider my parents even if I find my birth parents. Since I have a wild imagination at times I asked my parents "How would you react if I found out my birth parents weren’t normal in the sense of human beings?" My thought process of this even being a far fetch option was for these vided dreams I been having for the past few years. I am me, but I am like a female version, and I have this other form were, it can only be described as demonic form, but I take no joy in killing humans, but the thrill of hunting demons. The crassest part is I would rip their thorax out and jab down the thorax and rip their black hearts out and eat it, I would be back to 100%. I’d wake up in a cold sweet after that dream every time. Would that not be a freaky dream for you?

My parent’s response to this question was they suspected something like this, but not sure in what degree. We sat at the table talking about the dream in all of its livid detail. My father by the name of Dean Warton, just sat and listen to me talking about this dream; my mother a very sweet, full of life, love a woman by the name of Lisa Warton was worried about this dream. I still remember asking them "What the hell is wrong with me, why am I dreaming this and feeling truth behind something so messed up!!!!????"

My mother said "Honey I don't know, but there is a reason behind it. I’m just not sure what I am sorry dear." I told her, "It’s OK mom don't beat yourself up over it, we will figure it out together." My father just simply nodded his head along with me. My father mentioned an object that was found with me, he brought it to the table. He said, "Son I don't know what it is or what it is, but it was with you when we found you on our steps, it looks old and Gothic." I took the object and inspected it. The object was a necklace with a fine chain and main focus was the Gothic cross hanging off of it with an Amethyst stone in the center. It tingled while holding it, with some reservation I put it on. And nothing happen I figured it was just a memento from my birth parents so I decided to keep it on. This in my honest opinion would help guide me to my birth parents.

Oh how so right I would be.

Author Note, this is a quick writing and kind of made up in about hour with not real simmering time, might be some mistakes still, but I hope I got all the very bad ones. Let me know if you like to see more. Thanks for taking the time to even read this.

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