Skirting the issue 4 No stopping!

Melissa started to hyperventilate. The thought that some guy was attracted to her was causing her to seriously panic. This was supposed to be a gag thing. Safe Petra said.

"I..I..I should go. I can't believe.. oh god what am I gonna do?" she said.

"Easy girlfriend breathe. God your like what 14 or something?"

"Almost 18 actually." Louise started giggling so bad at that remark that her lipstick smeared.

"Yeah right! I'm the tooth fairy." Mark pouted out.

"No seriously I drive and everything! See I got this car it's an FD and it's so cool Pet..ra and I fixed it up and.."

"Stop! You're Petra's daughter alright. Nobody else is that into cars. Gods you were probably so spaced out with cars the boys just lost interest in you for being so airbrained."

"Well I was .. Hey! That's not fair!"

"Let me guess your first time in a skirt?"

"What? No I've worn them before and a dress or two but.."

"She probably was the little girl kicking and screaming as mommie put her in one. Gods how I envied girls like you!" Louise put in.

"I was not!"

"I can so see you as the little girl with ribbons in her hair screaming like the dress was the devil itself."

The two girls descended into a fit of giggles at this image leaving Melissa to wonder just what drugs these two were on. She didn't notice as her skirt got lifted exposing her black panties and almost smooth front with the small bulge of two lips outlined.

"See GG!"

"Louise!" Exclaimed Mark hastily pulling down Melissa's skirt catching her attention.

"What it's the best way to tell!"

"Louise remind me some day to discuss the finer points with you. Your boy side is showing."


"Just go Louise." dejected Louise exited the bathroom. Melissa just stood there embarrassed to no end.

"You have to forgive her she gets a little excited sometimes and her boy side slips in doing really stupid things. Her heart is in the right place but the mind isn't following if you get my meaning."

"Ah...sure." Melissa said not at all understanding a thing Mark just said. Mark looked in the mirror and checked her mustache and then adjusted some padding around her middle. Satisfied she pulled on Melissa's hand before she held it up to get a better look.

"Nikki got a hold of you I see."

"Yeah I got steamrolled by her in the parking lot."

"Best person I know at doing a mani. She could make a killing if she could just do it in guy mode."

"Is that like common?" Melissa wondered if it could explain the driving.

"Yeah sort of. Most of the drag Queens all have something they are really good at but like they have to put on a dress and makeup to do it. Same thing for the kings come to think of it. I mean look at me as Marcie I hide in the background and I'm like painfully shy."

Melissa could not imagine this person in front of her as being painfully shy at all. She seemed so full of life and out going. She couldn't imagine what that was for Petra as she seemed to be good at whatever she did in either mode. The darkness of the club compared to the bathroom was blinding at first until her eyes adjusted. Back at the table Louise looked to be sniffling while Brian was doing his best to talk over the noise of the Queens table.

The Queens seemed to be arguing over something or another and were being quite loud about it. Melissa came down with a case of shyness and turned about face pulling away from Mark to go to the bar. At the bar she ordered a cola. Standing there in her heels she fumbled with her purse to find some money to pay for the drink. She was surprised the barman, who was over the top gay, told her it was paid for and to keep her money. She looked up at that and he motioned to the other end of the bar where a big fat guy with white hair on the fringe of his bald head held up his own drink and smiled at her. She smiled back a little before taking the drink and sucking on the tiny pink straw.

"Haven't seen you around here before."

"Uh Thanks for the drink."

"I know of a few ways a pretty little thing like you could thank me."the dirty old man said to a stunned Melissa.

"She's taken. Come along 'Jason' the Queens are almost done time for us Kings to get in on the action." Mark came out of nowhere to save her.

"Oh your with...them." First time she ever heard that word spoken with distaste. She smiled at the thought that finally someone had spotted her as a boy restoring a little of her shredded masculinity. Mark led her back to the table as a quick pace uttering 'can't leave you alone for a second.'

Mark spent a bit of time explaining the 'rules' of men to her. Some at this bar were bi while others were tranny chasers. There was also the regular gay men that came to drink and settle down. She was a little puzzled by Mark's 'Oh My God' when she said that she had been to sex education class and no her mother did not give her the birds and the bees talk. She failed to mention her father had done that.

Melissa had barely sat down again when Petra came by and pulled her up on the to dance floor / stage and started talking about how she did this and that. Marg came by giving Petra an evil look and started to tell Melissa how the kings did things differently. With both Petra describing what queens did and Marg insisting that she should know what the kings did things got confusing for Melissa as she stood there looking at lights and trying to pay attention to what hand signal was for what.

Mark and Brian leaned over the counter/stage edge watching all this with amusement evident on their faces. Melissa struggled to follow the two Queens as best she could however when the other queens and the two kings she hadn't even noticed before began to butt in and offer advice some things became far to complicated for her. Head swimming she left the area in search of her drink which Mark handed to her. She expressed her gratitude and the two found a small table to sit out the argument. Brian and Louise soon joined them and they all watched with growing amusement as the Queens and Kings started arguing with arms waving totally forgetting about Melissa.

Eventually each of the Queens and Kings descended upon the musicman announcing their music and whatnot before each took to the stage to do their numbers. Some were so amusing that Melissa snorted cola more than once. Others so moving that she felt close to tears in admiration for the performance. She was not the only one to applaud these performances and from what she could tell they even got tips.

Petra did a fine lipsync performance that was both funny and good. When she was done someone handed Melissa some fake rose flowers and laughing she went up to hand them to Petra. Word of mouth got around and many did the 'aww so sweet' comment as a blushing Melissa handed them over. When they were done Melissa was surprised that 3 hours had passed as it was now going past 11:00 pm. Petra made noises along the lines of 'getting the little one in bed' and they made their escape.

"Did you have a good time?" Petra asked as the car warmed up. Jason never left anywhere in the car without the engine already warmed. It was something that Pete had taught him thus Melissa did the same with Petra's approval.

"Actually I did. I still have no idea why everyone is so sure I'm a girl. I mean I'm not that passable or anything."Melissa said. Petra looked over at Melissa with her soaped eyebrows raised. She didn't say anything about it nor did she raise the subject again on the long ride back home.

They were on the road back to town when Melissa turned off at the graveled short drive to the old road. Petra roused herself from her almost slumber to ask why but stopped as she saw the flashing lights up ahead. At a guess the cops were spot checking for drunk drivers and she like Melissa did not really want to get stopped.

The short 1/4 mile through wood to the old road beginning was uneventful going at a slow speed. When they got onto the cracked pavement neither were really surprised to see a car or two parked along the side. Many came out to practices drifting on the road at this time of night. Usually the actual unofficial racing was done on Saturday's. This being a Tuesday night they did not expect to see anyone really going for it. I

It was a surprise to both of them as they drove up to the area where the races started to see more than a few cars on the verge. There was a green Toyota supra waiting on one side to race what looked to be a VW golf. The two were revving up and down to the cheers of the small crowd. Strangely Melissa saw that many of the girls there tonight were dressed no differently than herself. However Petra's outfit would stand out and she couldn't let that happen to her dear friend. Thus when she saw the bandana drop and the two cars shoot off she didn't stop but followed them right away.

The monster sensing it was time to play begged to be let go and have fun but its mistress was not letting it do so just yet. For now it was time to be patient. Soon, it would soon be time. The monster backed down a bit and waited. Even though the two racers were trying to go at it on the corners Melissa calmly pushed the tape cassette of prerecorded music into the player. There was silence as it did it's thing.

Petra was already hanging on losing another nail to the mysterious space in all cars where things permantly disappear too when she dared glace at Melissa. The girl, and she had no doubt of that at the moment was tapping her hand on the wheel. The gauges on the car were already at 40 mph at the rpm at 3500 but she looked...Bored.

"Common already get a move on." Melissa exclaimed. Petra looked over at her again then the road seeing curves that she had, in her younger days, had played on. This speed was about normal for doing these curves and Melissa seemed to act like it was far to slow.

The tape cassette started playing Motley Crue - Looks that kill. Melissa smiled. Petra went pale. The monster felt for freedom and...found it. Melissa let it go changing a gear and speeding past the golf that had dropped behind the supra in front of it. This would have been normal as the corner coming up didn't give a lot of room and most people would drift wide from the corner hence only one car usually went through.

Petra looked at Melissa again the girl with the pigtails bouncing in her seat to the time of the music was back. Petra felt her gaff start to get a little damp as the the car started to swerve even before the corner was in view.

The supra now noticed the FD being totally crazy and started to back down a bit before the driver tried to push the car not giving up the space to the nut job in the FD. Melissa nodded her head while changing gear only dropping the revs by about 100 rpm if that. It was enough for the fast change though at the back of the car lost traction as she pushed down on the throttle. The monster felt joy as it hit its 5k mark and purred loudly. The car barely moved from it's lane as it swerved around the inside of the corner missing the guardrail by millimeters.

Pete was amazed. He had never seen such driving while drifting not even at some of the shows of the Japanese boys that had come a few years back. The drivers of both the golf and the supra forgot about racing each other as they tried to figure out how this mysterious driver had just done the impossible. They needed to see more it was like a sudden addiction. They gave the FD some room but followed as best they could to see all the details.

As both cars followed they gulped as the car in front of them made perfect drifts on all the corners pulling further and further away as if it was not even trying. At each corner the bystanders, some of whom had cameras out to record the race, watched the total stranger rip apart the course with a level of skill that was like magic. Calls were made via cell phones as the air waves filled with sudden calls of the amazing event unfolding.

Pete in the passenger seat could only follow the road as each corner came at faster speeds and passed by just as fast. He could feel the G forces at work and actually feel the car's body twisting but not breaking as each corner was hit at max speed with flawless precision. The engine was not quite screaming yet. A quick dared glance over showed the speedo going nuts between 80 mph on straight parts, of which there wasn't many, and not slowing below 70 mph on the corners. The car even started to smell a bit of burnt rubber as the tires were being worked to their max.

The monster waited for its moment. It knew it was coming soon. The supra and golf, now far behind, pulled to the verge and got out of their cars to see what they could or more importantly hear it. The engines of the cars worked far more than they were used to tinkled their annoyance at the abuse. Indeed both drivers had given their absolute best to try to keep up and couldn't.

At one point on the old road was a much beaten up old stop sign. The sign was full of holes from bullets and was angled off towards the river beside it. The sign was there simply because the river took a wicked left turn. The road followed it just the same way as the granite boulder was far to large to move. The only way to safely make this turn was to slow to a crawl and turn left. The corner was the toughest corner on the road. It was also considered the slowest by all. Even trying to drift through it was slow as the cars didn't drift but more or less came to a stop on the side before turning their wheels sharply and completing the turn. The guardrail had long ago been replaced with a now crumbling concrete barrier. The barrier was full of paint and rubber bumper marks and gouges from those who had tried and failed over the years to make the turn.

Just before the sign corner was a semi long stretch of nice curve that would have been a amazing drift section if people did not have to slow down like crazy halfway through. Pete recognized the section and waited bracing himself for the slam braking. At the fail spot marked by a yellow paint splotch the car did not slow but speed up a little. Pete looked over the little girl bouncing in her harness to the rhythm of the music her leg bracing the steering wheel as the car was drifting along at 70mph. She actually reached over and turned up the volume while the car was in it's most dangerous spot like it was perfectly normal for her to do so.

Pete tried to speak but couldn't. Somewhere along the way he had screamed out his voice. He just stared in horror at the first glimpse of the fast approaching sign. This corner was also a popular corner for people to watch from as there was room for people to stand behind the barrier. They all watched in growing horror as the FD was coming straight at them not slowing down.

The monster felt it's moment coming. Melissa's grin faded as a look of concentration took over her face unnoticed by any. She bit her lower lip and made her move. The front of the car swung side to side for a fraction of a second. She pressed the pedal all the way to the floor. The monster screamed its released fury at its full out rev of 12000 rpms the tires in the rear billowed smoke as the car went into a full spin drift.

Pete watched it occur all in slow motion the car was out of control spinning first 180 degrees and then more still. Melissa let off the throttle dropping the monster's joy down to 6000 rpms the rear tires caught traction while the front continued to slide. She stepped into the pedal and downshifted. The car shot forward seemingly going straight for the boulder before miraculously missing it by inches. The front of the car now under more control slide a little but stuck to the edge of the road inches from the guard rail as the rear tires broke loose again. The stop sign now, behind the FD picked up speed the speedo guage showed a steady 70 mph still even with the rear tires spinning. The FD picked up its speed quickly completing the turn after the sign that broke right into a small perfectly straight section.

The spectators on the corner as one all had their mouths open as the smoke from the tires blew past them leaving a few with black spots on their faces from the burnt rubber dust hidden it the smoke. One man by the name of John had the presence of mind to have the record function of video on his phone going. He had been visiting this spot for over a decade now and not once had he ever witnessed anything remotely like what had just happened. It defied all logic to him as he believed it could not be done. But he had just seen it happen. The scream of the tires and the smoke could not be denied. Nor could he deny that he had heard the roar of an engine far past its limit scream with a deep roar of raw harnessed power.

More than a few people on that corner had pissed their pants, shorts, or in the case of two women their panties. None noticed that as they tried to process what they had witnessed. The impossible had been done. The corner had be drifted through without stopping. As for Pete in the car he passed out.

The rest of the course was done with the same precision as the first half. When the FD flew past the official stop line a man with a stop watch clicked the button. Although the race had started with the supra and golf. The red FD had passed them which he knew from a cell call. However he kept the watching going to see if the record could be broken. He looked down to see that 10 seconds had yet to go before the record would be met. He was still processing it before he opened his own cell and made the call.

Melissa had the monster under firm control as she once more pulled on the highway at a more sedate pace of 50mph. It was then she noticed that Petra had apparently fallen asleep in the passenger seat. She was disappointed. She had hoped her driving was good enough but apparently it wasn't. The rest of the trip back to Pete's place continued in silence as she had turned off the radio.

She pulled into the back entrance to the yard and pulled the car to gentle stop. The monster was happy and purred at idle. Melissa got out of the car and stretched before she stepped over the passenger and opened the door to shake awake Petra. Petra was groggy like she had been drinking heavily and staggered out of the car her legs like rubber. Melissa helped her to the steps of the porch asking her if she was fine. Petra nodded yes a few times before shooing away Melissa. Melissa shrugged and walked back to the car. Her back was to Petra as Petra regained her senses enough to look at the car. She did not see a single scratch anywhere on the car and she even pinched herself. She was alive but could not in the foggiest figure out why.

Melissa carefully parked the car in its spot in the old garage. Even if Petra had not liked her driving she still did and she smiled as she closed the garage door on the now sleeping car. She carefully made her way through the hedge not snagging her pantyhose and walked to the house. She checked to make sure nobody was home before she unlocked the back door. The alarm was still set just as she left it. No extra shoes but there was a message on the machine. Her parents had called from their hotel to check on her. She was sure to hear of it tomorrow.

With her heels in her hand she climbed the stairs to Megan's room. She removed the clothes and was going to put them back into the closet but decided against that. She would wash them tomorrow instead along with the underwear. First things first she wanted the nails off. She tried the thumb first. It' didn't pop off. She tried other nails none were moving. Starting panic she ran to her room and found the remover for nail glue. It had no effect on the nails Nikki had put onto her hands. She started to freak out. She couldn't keep them on her parents would surely notice. Along with everyone else. Tomorrow was a holiday but it would only delay the inevitable return to school.

Melissa removed her panties and bra and went to the bathroom. She used the cold cream on her face before washing it again with soap. When she looked up into the mirror after drying she still she was a girl. Even without makeup she was a pretty girl if a little plain with freckles. She swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to figure out what to do. Tomorrow she told herself. Pete would know what to do.

With a slight smile she thought what the heck and left the forms and vagi gaff in place. She always wondered what it would be like to sleep in one of her sister's nighties. Melissa chose a purple satin nightie with spaghetti straps before she pulled back the covers on her sister's bed. With a giggle at being so naughty she settled in for a good night's rest.

Far away in the garage the sleeping FD settled into it's parking space. One of the rear stabilizer bars whose custom built mount welded to the car snapped off. No one was around to see or hear the sharp ptink of a weld breaking.

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