ET 3: Mall Tigress

Mall Tigress
By Paul Calhoun

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The pony is apart now, but the tigress wants to go shopping!

Jess yawned and the tigress stretched, displaying a belly that shouldn't have been taut but was because of the corset underneath the fur. "I'm surprised you opted to stay in with me," she said. "It's a little tight on me so you can't be that comfortable."

"I got used to it," Kevin replied and the tigress rested a paw on her side.

"I'm really impressed you've taken to the heels as well as you have. It's sort of a pain that we don't have anything other than this that fits us," Jess continued and the tigress's other paw gestured up and down to indicate the nightgown she was wearing.

"All the more reason to stay in when we go to the mall. I don't deny I'd have fun being your model, but you've already got clothes that fit but we don't. Besides," the tigress sat down and leaned back as she put her arms around herself. "I'm really enjoying being this close to you. I'd have never thought this kind of long term constant intimacy would be so nice."

One paw brushed the side of her face while the other caressed the back of her head. "I wasn't sure when I bought this stuff, but I hoped." Jess wiggled her butt as best as she could with the garments holding them together and the tigress purred as she felt Kevin react to her. "No offence, but I also never thought you'd be able to keep going for as long as you have. You're really spoiling me." The tigress toyed with the almost invisible zipper on her front. "I might want to just break this off and stay with you like this forever."

Kevin laughed. "Imagine getting a job, though!"

Jess joined him. "It'd make one crazy resume."

Kevin barely had to think as Jess lifted them up slightly and the tigress cleared the bottom of her short nightgown from under her butt so she could pull it off over her head. It stuck on her muzzle and Jess asked, "How'd you get us into this in the first place?" She didn't actually have to work hard to slip it past their expanded face and the tigress sat naked again at Jess's vanity. She grabbed a brush and went to work on her long blonde hair. "A night dancing and sleeping in this hasn't done too much for our fur."

When she was done with her anthro hair, she moved on to the rest of her body. If perhaps she spent a little too long on her chest, she was attentive of her entire body. Jess thought she even heard Kevin purr slightly himself as the tigress ran the brush along her back and rear. Neither was sure which one gently guided her hand so that she skipped her crotch but both agreed it was a good idea. If she started massaging that area, she'd be indoors all day. They both thought this, but neither stopped the other when the tigress finished up with everything else and went to work between her legs. At first it was a gentle motion to smooth the fur, then she was lying on her back on the bed without realizing how she'd gotten there. Before she could start to tear her fur out, she'd thrown the brush away and was working on herself with her claws. A gret deal of heavy breathing issued from her motionless muzzle along with gasps, feminine sounds of appreciation and masculine ones alongside. The tigress rolled over and scrabbled in her discarded tights for the vibrator and both halves relaxed as it gave her the release she'd been unable to attain by playing with herself.

The tigress sat up. "We are a very naughty beast and it's time we were on our way."

The tigress was passing the door to the other bedroom when she turned and put her paw on the knob. "You know, we didn't see them at breakfast." Kevin said. "Maybe we'd better check to make sure they're all right."

Jess nodded the tigress's head and she turned the knob. She shied away when the door opened because there on the bed was her pony, bucking and rolling. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Jess said.

The tigress was about to close the door when the pony scrambled up onto all fours and heaved itself into the doorway. "Wait!" Both voices inside called.

"We're stuck." Melissa said.

"Even the hooves won't retract now." Charles added.

"And I really, severely have to pee." Melissa finished.

The pony stood up, trailing his useless forelegs while the tigress hooked the zipper on his front. Steam escaped from the opening a tiny bit faster than Melissa did, bolting out of the costume and closing the door to their attached bathroom with a bang. The tigress looked back at the soaking Charles, her posture showing her concern. "Are you OK?" Jess asked.

"Oh, sure," Charles replied. "I'll want to go as soon as she's done and I'm really hungry."

The tigress left the couple who'd been her companion for the previous evening to recover. Instead of turning for the door outside, however, she made for Jess and Kevin's room again. "They reminded me. We should both go too if we're going out for a long time."

They were in their own home, so they shed the entire costume, carefully laying it out on the bed so the fur wouldn't get mussed. The mask was hung on a hook on the back of the door. They were still almost completely stuck together by the restrictive garments beneath, their legs held together by reinforced spandex tights, their middles by the plain black corset and their arms and Kevin's chest to Jess's back by the shiny rubbery top. Jess's silicone stuffed bra was still in good order as was the gaff which was swiftly lowered along with Kevin's rear onto the toilet seat.

This time Jess let Kevin go first so that when she dried them off, she got him satisfyingly stiff before putting him back inside herself. The gaff went back on, smoothing out his bulge and keeping their sexes securely held together. Sometimes the stimulation of having him inside of her at all times and him grinding against her with every step faded into the background, but it was a source of constant enjoyment and both knew that it contributed very much to their ability to relax into one another to act as one tigress when the costume was put on.

At first, Jess thought they ought to clean the costume at least a little bit before putting it back on. Neither of them were any cleaner, however, and Jess thought it felt a little weird to be strapped to her boyfriend like this without the tigress covering them to make them into one person. She felt more vulnerable outside the costume, like without the fur and the mask they were just two people in a kinky outfit, but inside they were a sexy tigress. Even as the silken backed fur slid over them, she felt better, more relaxed.

Kevin felt much the same and was relieved when the fur slid over their shoulders and his girlfriend relaxed into him and him into her. When the mask went over her face and the hair over his head, the tigress checked herself in the mirror and bent over, resting her paws on her knees. "Looking good!" She said. She slung Jess's purse over her shoulder and got ready to leave.

The tigress passed the pony's room again and saw that the bedroom door was open and the bathroom closed. Neither of the pony's occupants were in the bedroom and the shower was going.

She left the house with far more confidence than she had the last time, even sliding into the car without crushing her tail to her body. Since it was broad daylight and she didn't want a ticket, Jess pushed the mask up and removed the paw gloves. Kevin's face remained hidden and he pulled his hands up into the sleeves until they were at their destination and it was time to replace the gloves. He was wise enough not to distract Jess while she was driving, though neither could really ignore their closeness or the occasional twitch of their organs as one or the other thought of something they could do.

It was close to Halloween, so no one bothered the tigress as she made her way into the mall. The guard at the door looked with appreciation at what appeared to be a well endowed girl in a tight costume and Jess knew that not only was the tigress being checked out as she continued inside but that the view from the rear could only be fantastic because of the corset beneath and the heels on her furry paw boots.

"Let's not get too excited," Kevin warned, whispering as quietly as he could. "We're still on a budget."
"True," Jess murmured, a little disappointed that her boyfriend has managed to keep his head so well. "We don't know how often we'll be wearing this."

The tigress drew further looks - most admiring her figure or the daring of a girl to be dressed like that in so public a place - on her way to Jess's favorite store. When they entered, she was disappointed yet again. "There's so little for us plus sizers," she muttered, pawing through a rack of tops.

"Can I help you, miss?" A shorter young woman with a brunette bob and a nametag asked the tigress.

"I'm having a little trouble finding something in my size," the tigress explained. "See, this costume's got some padding on it and nothing I own fits."

The saleswoman nodded. "I see. Let's have a look," she and the tigress checked through some more racks, chatting girl talk. A few times her muzzle seemed to want to point in a certain direction and when the saleswoman's back was turned she covertly smacked her bottom. "Are you really checking other girls out when we're like this?" She asked quietly, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous it was.

"Well," Kevin said in a smooth whisper. "The tigress is bi."

They didn't find anything Jess liked and the tigress waved a cheerful goodbye to the salesgirl who called after her, "Nice costume, by the way."

That put a spring in both wearers' steps and the tigress immediately sought out an assistant at the next place, a shop that sold clothes for larger women. "Sure, we have plenty of things that will fit your new figure," the woman said. "Though we don't have many dresses that would easily accommodate your tail, ma'am." This person was obviously less comfortable talking to a tall buxom tigress but her desire to get a commission outweighed any feelings of confusion at the appearance of her customer.

With her help, the tigress picked out an armful of items and went into the dressing room. Jess was again amused at her boyfriend's adolescent reaction to having his girlfriend sneaking him into a ladies only facility. Of course, that was a minor stimulation next to what happened when the tigress had to bounce and tug to get the first pair of jeans on. Kevin was overwhelmed with feelings he wanted to pay attention to, from the bounce of their shared boobs to the rubbing of his engorged penis against the inside of his girlfriend's vagina. Jess was no less affected and when the tigress tossed her hair back, she had to take a brief breather to collect herself. The low cut black top went on with less sexual effect but more difficulty but it wasn't long before the tigress was taking in her appearance. "I have never looked more like a teenager in my entire adult life," Jess said.

"Is that good or bad?" Kevin replied.

"You tell me," Jess answered, twisting and having Kevin follow so the tigress turned to see herself from all angles.

"It's a bit youthful." Kevin replied. "Plus it really doesn't show off our most important feature."

"Which is?"

"That we're a tigress." She turned and displayed her rear to the mirror. "See? It even restricts our tail."
Jess agreed and the tigress tried a short green pleated skirt and a sheer top that barely covered her white furry boobs. She didn't have to ask to know Kevin thought this one was a winner, but she wasn't crazy about the top. She replaced it with a tight, short-sleeved black sweater that bared her midriff. All these combinations were loose enough to let her tail swing free.

"It's a little warm," Kevin said.

"Hmm." The tigress tapped the side of her muzzle and one furred arm crossed below her chest. "True." She finally settled on something similar in cut to the sweater and that clung as tightly but of a lighter material and also in green, keeping the original skirt. There was an awkward moment as Kevin didn't know where Jess kept anything in her purse and the thickness of the paws meant that she had even more trouble fishing anything out. The tigress paid and signed the slip, wondering whether the sales lady would ask her to produce photo ID and remove her mask. She didn't.

Kevin was amazed at how long all this had taken. He'd been enjoying the show and the feel so much that for once shopping for clothes hadn't seemed boring. The tigress was on her way to the food court - wearing her new outfit - when she heard someone calling out behind her. "Hey Jess!"

The tigress turned around. "Lily! I thought you were out of town this week."

"I got back this morning," Jess's friend and occasional catsitter replied. "You know, I would never have recognized you if I hadn't heard you talking back there. Really nice costume."

"Thanks!" Jess said. She was about to continue when Kevin raised the tigress's arms and turned around. "Umm. You like the look?" It wasn't a great reply, but Kevin's sudden takeover of their shared body took her completely by surprise.

"Oh, definitely." Lily gushed. "Are the extra curves a surprise for Kevin?"

"Yes, I thought he'd appreciate them," the tigress said. Jess wasn't even phased when she thrust out a hip and put her paw on it.

"I wouldn't have pegged Kevin for liking 'em that big," Lily said.

"Oh, he definitely loves it," Jess said, biting back laughter as she regained control of one paw to squeeze her butt to remind Kevin to do the same. Even as she did this, her other paw was hefting a boob. "He loves mine already. I'll hardly be able to keep his paws off of them at this size. You don't think they're too big, do you?"

"No! They go with the rest of the outfit," Lily responded. "You know, maybe I should do something like that for Hildebrand. He's always looking at those scantily clad things out on Halloween night. It'd be nice to have him look at me like that for once."

"Listen, if you ever need help with that kind of thing, call me." The tigress said. "I'm getting a lot of experience with it."

They said their goodbyes and Jess threw an extra large sway into the tigress's gait for a few steps. "You terrible man!" She laughed as Lily turned a corner. "I'd spank you, but wearing this you'd probably just cum inside me even harder."

"The tigress is supposed to be one girl who's different from both of us," Kevin whispered innocently. "I was just helping you feel more liberated."

"You realize we can only have a drink in this?"

"Yeah, that's a shame." The tigress shifted uncomfortably as they waited in line for one of the fast food carts. "A way to eat and a zipper down below would both be nice."

"Now how would we do either?" Jess asked. "Your mouth is behind my head and as for peeing," the tigress scratched her groin with one claw, "there's a little something between the inside of the costume and us."

"I think I might have liberated you a bit too much," Kevin said. "You realize what you just did in public."

"Nuts to that," Jess said. The tigress ordered the largest cup they had and filled it with water from the drink machine.

Jess was very pleased when the tigress paused to sweep her skirt under her and she leaned back into her partner contentedly as they enjoyed their drink. She'd found that she could force the straw through the mouth and with some rearranging even Kevin got some. She and Kevin both giggled whenever the tigress received a shouted compliment or a wolf whistle. The tigress was relaxing and taking a breather when a petite black-haired girl no older than twenty approached them. "Excuse me," she stammered. "Could you tell me please where you got that?"

"What?" The tigress asked innocently, looking up at the girl. Kevin bit back a laugh.

"Your costume, of course!" The girl replied.

"Oh." Jess told the young lady and got up to take a picture with her. This turned out to be a mistake and the tigress spent almost half an hour with people who'd seen her do that but were too shy to ask first.

When she was free of her flash mob of admirers, the tigress sauntered along the top floor of the mall, taking it slow. "Where to now?" She asked herself. "We have one nice outfit but I'd love a dress for evening wear." She paused in front of a high-end shop that offered tailoring services. "Please." She pleaded with herself and almost sang with delight when she found herself going in.

The tigress again found herself chatting with a shop assistant, this time as she turned and displayed various portions of herself to be measured. "It's just so hard to get something that fits over a tail!" She said.

"I can quite understand, ma'am." The assistant said in a serious tone. "It is an oversight. Turn left, please."

"As you can see, I already have something in green, though it's not formal. What would you suggest?"

"Green is a good color for your - ehem - complexion, ma'am." The assistant said gravely. "Although a middle shade of blue could work as well."

"I can see that. I think I'll keep with green, though."

"Very good, ma'am. As to the cut, perhaps a loose surplice with an above the knee skirt?" The assistant measured the width of the tigress's tail and made a note under 'other' for a discreet opening.

"That sounds lovely!" The tigress replied. Paying was a little easier now that Kevin knew where Jess's wallet was. Neither mentioned that now that the tigress had a tailored dress, she'd definitely have to wear it and that meant them wearing the tigress at least two more times.

Jess did not fight at all as the tigress entered Victoria's Secret and she was rewarded by the immediate reaction down below. A bathroom was one thing, but being able to go into a lingerie store with his girlfriend providing the front for a disguise that made him appear female and hid his looking around from view drove Kevin wild from the first moment. Being able to look at skimpy underwear and seeming like an eccentric young woman rather than a pervert pushed him completely over the edge. Jess knew she'd have to take charge. Kevin didn't say a word as she picked out a bra and panty set - there was no way they were in there for regular clothes and a negligee would only hide her feline assets. She also wanted to get done in there as quickly as possible because unlike her experiences so far, the employees here didn't look very happy with a tigress in the store. She paid the clerk, who was trying not to look directly at her and left.

The biggest reason Jess had decided on these items was shown when she gently guided her boyfriend into the ladies room. Closing the stall door, the tigress clumsily removed the tags and pulled the panties on, having to pull her top off to put on the bra. The tigress's paws shook and she had to rub ber back gently to calm herself down before she could get the bra on. Naturally neither served any purpose except to drive her wearer's to even greater sexual heights. Jess thought she might have gone too far, as the tigress was never going to be able to walk anywhere with her rear bucking into her front and her own voice moaning beneath the mask. The whole day had gone as far as Kevin could stand and he needed to do more than be inside Jess. He needed to be able to embrace her without hugging himself and to kiss her without getting a mouthful of hair. It was time to go home.

The tigress did make it to the car and Kevin let up long enough for Jess to drive them home. She greeted her roommates without breaking stride and threw her purse down on the floor. The tigress, however, couldn't contain herself once she was in her room and the door closed. She leapt onto the bed and started to roll around. She only regained control briefly to hang the mask on a chair and was back at it, both parties desperate to grind against each other. All four paws came off at different times and with different degress of control excercised by Jess and Kevin. When her furry body was lying on the carpet, her tight boob top followed soon after, freeing up two pairs of hands to work on the other restraints.

The last thing to go was the gaff and for the first time they smelled the result of almost twenty-four hours stuffed into a furry costume together. It was only because Jess had a handhold on Kevin's penis that she was leading him and their celebration of newfound closeness continued with redoubled passion and hunger and a great deal more cleanliness in the shower. Jess had been afraid Kevin might go off intimacy for awhile after only an evening in the tigress suit, but apparently an entire day together had only made him more comfortable with being in constant contact with her body. In fact, they didn't stop touching each other and were pressed into each others' flesh when they weren't rubbing the other down with soap or shampoo. When they were dried off, they snuggled together in bed and Jess fell asleep wondering how Kevin would react to her and Melissa's next surprise. It would show for absolutely certain how comfortable they were with each others' bodies.

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