The gift

This Christmas I wished alone in the dark to see if I could get what I longed for in my heart.

I wished to be soft and sexy and shy for long hair and maybe meet others like I.

This being transgendered is such a hard thing, looking wrong feeling wrong if you know what I mean.

I waited in silence and hoped to see, St Nick who may come to help me.

Then a clatter upon my roof I did hear I knew that St Nick was now here.

The small chimney did groan as he came to see, my small home and I hope he not flee.

There he was like legends did say covered in soot and snow all the way.

We saw each other and said not a sound,as he placed gifts and turned with a bound.

"Well young child " his voice slowly rose, "I see you been good so I got you those"

Looking, I saw what was there, skirts and dresses were everywhere. Boots and coats all things fine and I knew that these were now all mine.

"I know you hurt my child " he did say "so I am here to make this your wonderful day."

"Go get ready be fast and swift, and then I will give you your last gift."

Off I went with speed and grace a whirl of motion in silk and lace.

I finally stopped and looked in my mirror , a cute woman was there I could see her quite clear.

I returned to St Nick and looked a bit shocked, He smiled and and said "man girl you rock!"

"This is your gift oh child so fair, a girl you will be and yes I do care"

"I hope you will like this gift I gave you and I hope in your heart that you stay true"

He then kissed my cheek that's was rosy and pink and turned and smiled and said with a wink.

"Merry Christmas dear child and do not fret you don't know you potential yet."

A wave and a smile he did leave I stood there watching and started to believe,

A girl I am and always will be as shown by the gifts around my small tree.

So you out there I hope you can see be yourself the girl / boy you were meant to be


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