A Christmas Story


Naughty or Nice

This is a tale about a girl who has, for the most part, lived a very relaxing and pampered life. But, from time to time, she has a rather “naughty” side that wanted to come out and play.

One year, Rebecca became especially worried about her actions throughout the year, wondering if she would make Santa’s Naughty or Nice list for Christmas.

This story was inspired by a sexy pink Santa stocking cap at a local convenience store that simply stated, “Naughty or Nice” on the white trim. It inspired a “photo shoot” and the story followed.
I hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas, and remember to temper your naughtiness throughout the year, even though being naughty is DEFINITELY more fun!

XO Rebecca

(This is the TEXT version of the story. Please download the PDF file to appreciate the story as it was composed.)

--SEPARATOR--Once upon a time…in a land not faraway, lived a beautiful girl by the name of Rebecca.
She lived a very happy life and was, for the most part, very nice and well mannered.
Most of the time she was very happy to present this image of the well behaved beauty.
Rebecca loved to dress in pretty things while lounging around the house in some of her most demure lingerie.

As the holiday season drew near, she began to worry if good ol’ St. Nick would come to visit her this year,
because from time to time, Rebecca would experience a bit of, shall we say, “naughtiness.”
Although these rebellious moments would only occur occasionally, when they did, she rather enjoyed them,
dressing in her 5” heel leather knee boots and lace teddy. As the boots caressed her calves, she would become entranced,
transforming into a seductress that no one could control!

Finally, Christmas came and
Santa Claus brought lots of presents
for Rebecca. With great eagerness,
she wildly tore into the endless
presents Santa placed under the tree.

After dreaming about all her glorious
gifts she received that year,
Rebecca awoke a very,
very happy girl.

The End !


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