Twice As Mice

Twice As Mice
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of mice have to infiltrate a cat party and find out that this week's glamour girl cat wasn't going. You can guess what happens given this season's theme.

High up on a hill, a pair of mice watch a mansion as cars pull up to it and disgorge their cargo of the rich and influential. Mice taking any interest in high society gatherings would be strange by itself, but the fact that these two mice are fully clothed and observing with binoculars goes some way towards mitigating the oddness of the fact that the wealthy people they are watching are in fact cats.

“Did you see Callo go in?" Frankie asked.

"Not just him but Carmen and Nyandra." Lou replied. "Put them with Jethro and Byrne and you've got enough trouble to keep us running for our holes for weeks. This is definitely not just a social event."

"Agreed. We have to find out what they're talking about in there. Even if we can't stop them, we need to know what their plans are so we can warn everyone else."

"Let's go see if Benji's found anything in their garbage. Maybe they've thrown out a clue of some kind."

Benji was in fact waiting for them just outside the junkyard where the cats put the things that were of value but not going to be very useful for awhile. The other two mice didn't expect him to find much, but maybe there would be a telling absence where the cats removed an item that they needed for whatever scheme was in the works tonight. He was bouncing from one foot to the other in tense anticipation. He'd actually found something. "Follow me!" He said urgently. "We haven't got much time."

They hurried deep into the junkyard and stopped in front of a raised platform. Clambering up, the two surveillance mice were startled almost to flight by the towering feline figures looming out of the shadows. "Don't worry, they're just models," Benji said. He rapped on the side of a well endowed shape, eliciting a clang. "Mechanical figures promoting one of their movies."

"She looks like a robot, but they don't!" Frankie said, pointing at a group of cats that were frighteningly real looking.

"She did too until I pulled off the fur covering," Benji said. "Right here." He opened a hidden door and jumped down, emerging dragging an orange and creamy pelt behind him. It was lumpy but the well defined head showed it was a cat like the others. "Here's the poster," Benji dove under the skin, only his twitching tail visible as he squirmed around under the cat pelt. He reappeared with a large paper in one paw.

Lou whistled. "She's a looker, even for a carnivore." He said. Frankie nodded. The cat in question was posed with the others behind her. She was wearing high heeled boots and a strapless red evening gown. She was holding an elbow length black glove in a paw already covered, showing that her arms and paws were white like her chest, but unlike her back which was a multilayered orange. Her very fluffy tail extended out of a hole in the back of her gown beginning in that orange hue but becoming white a short way down and wrapping around her middle in a sensuous way. Her face was softer than most cats, not quite as sharp and also white, with orange stripes around her pale blue eyes. Like many female cats, she wore a wig - a strawberry blonde one - that allowed her orange tufted ears to peek out and which fell down to the middle of that orange back.

"So, what's the idea? Why'd you take that off the frame?" Lou asked.

"You need to hear what they say, then you go on in as one of them." Benji said. "I have it on good authority that this actress was invited but couldn't make it. The two of you put this on and say you decided you could after all and - "

"We get it but we won't do it," Frankie said. "No way."

"Think of something better."

"Believe me, I'm trying."

Lou was picking up the bottom of the pelt and arranging it so that it looked a bit more like an empty cat. "How are we going to work this scam, anyway?"

Benji hauled some metal and plastic parts out of the compartment. "This was the best I could do on short notice. You stick these down the legs so you can stand on them and these in the arms so you can make her hands move. They work pretty well. I found a mouse to cat converter so you'll sound like her and a few more bits to be believable. It'll work."

The cat now looked like she was lying on her front, mostly empty but the padding in the hips, bust and buttocks were more obvious. "We don't have much choice if we want to know what's going on. I'll take the bottom if it makes you feel better."
Frankie's tail thrashed. "Fine. Let's just get this over with."

Benji held open the slit he'd cut in the mannequin cover's back as Lou settled himself in the softly padded rear of the improvised movie star cat costume. He reached around and threaded his thin and mostly hairless tail into hers, straining with all his strength to make the enormous fluffy tail sway convincingly. Benji reached in and strapped his feet down and then let the opening go as he moved up to help Frankie. As Lou practiced getting Caroline's rear appendage to move naturally, Frankie ducked into the head, finding that Benji had included a set of sharp teeth and some kind of sticky substance on the backs of the eyelids so they'd move with his. He even had to stick his tongue into Caroline's larger one, though he still felt the oddly pointed teeth through it as she moved it around. His rounder ears had to squeeze into her pointed ones and as Lou had experimented with the tail, he had to work out how to flick the ears properly. His nose just managed to fit into her muzzle, leaving a little bit of a gap below which Benji filled with some wool he found. Frankie was now in an uncomfortable position with his masked face pressed against the ground and his body balanced on the two squishy orbs on Caroline's chest. His rear just about reached Lou, so when they stood up the cat would look about right. Turning her face to the side, Frankie asked, "So how do you close this thing?"

Benji was already standing on her back with a tube of something in his hand. "Glue the opening shut."

"What?!" Caroline tried to lever herself up on her paws but the unfamiliar hand interface left her sprawled on the ground. "You're going to glue us in?"

Her tail thrashed and she kicked as Lou found that his portion was already stuck together. "You can't do this!"

"Listen," Benji said exasperatedly, "I managed all this with a few bits I found in a dump and less than an hour. I just couldn't work out a zipper that didn't show. Besides, this keeps you from chickening out." He was now standing on Caroline's shoulders, carefully sealing the uppermost part of the cat costume together. "All right, try to stand up."

Caroline carefully balanced herself on her paws and after a few seconds her feet got into gear and she rose. The weight in her rear kept her lower section grounded but the surprising heft of her boobs almost overbalanced her forward and then backwards as Frankie tried to compensate by shifting his seat. Benji reached up and put a paw on her back as she worked out how to stand properly, getting hit in the face by her tail more than once. When she seemed mostly stable, Benji left the two mice in the cat suit to get a stepladder. When he returned, a muffled voice emanated from her navel, "How am I supposed to see?"

Benji pulled a remote out of his pocket. "Sorry, here." He clicked it and Caroline staggered. "That's a digital feed to a couple of cameras I stuck in."

"Where am I seeing from?" Caroline looked a little uncomfortable at having part of her conversing without her mouth moving and she put her paws over her stomach.

"I'll give you three hints. It's binocular, your dress has a very sheer top portion and anyone facing your front will be looking at least one of you in the eye."

Cassandra cupped her breasts in her paws and hefted them. "I have cameras in my boobs?"

"Whoa!" Her middle shouted. "That was weird."

"Not only can you see, but I can record a lot of things you might not notice," Benji said. "Now let's get you dressed."

He stepped up with a black lacey object in one paw. He shoved it over Caroline's head and pulled it over her middle so that its cups were over her breasts and the bottom of it covered her hips. "What's this?" She asked, rubbing it with her paws.

"What does it look like?" Benji asked. He took a cord in each paw and jumped off the ladder. Both parts of Caroline let out a breath and she almost fell over as she bent double. "Urgh! I'm not a girly nerd like you, but I'd say it's a corset!"

"Right on target." Benji tied the laces and got back up on the ladder. "Now I can be sure that nothing will stick out and make you look weird and that even if the hole comes unglued it won't matter." He checked her out with an appraising look. "Much more shapely. Now you might fit in the dress."

Caroline's top half turned and she glared at him. "Let's save the wisecracks. The fact that I have to wear a dress is bad enough!"

"Did I mention how much fuller this makes your tail look?" Benji was starting to get a little turned on, giant predator or no. A curvaceous movie star clad only in a corset with two independent halves with friends of his working them. He realized he was daydreaming and got back to business. Putting the dress on was more difficult as it was supposed to go from the bottom up. By carefully getting Caroline to raise one back paw and then the other and with some arranging, he managed to get it in place so he could pull the scarlet dress up over her. "It's a little tight around the legs," her bottom said. "How am I going to walk?"

"You should see the shoes," Benji replied. "It's got a slit up the side, you should be fine."

"Not much of one," she said, wiggling her butt to help Benji move skirt over her rear. "I can see how Lou's going to struggle."

"Ditto the shoes," Benji replied. "You'll have to take small steps with them anyway. This isn't a grab and run mission. You'll be glad of the guidance the skirt gives you." He hauled on the bodice, having to pull, jiggle, get Caroline to wiggle and ease it up until it wrapped around her chest just above the nipples and only barely clearing the top of the corset. Despite all the constriction, the breasts still moved a great deal as they struggled with the gown and Benji was getting even more aroused than before. Frankie meanwhile was complaining of seasickness.

All that was left on the gown was the zipper, which started just above the tail hole. Getting the zipper up was the greatest challenge yet and eventually Benji had to pull the laces of the corset even tighter - eliciting moans and curses from inside the cat costume - before he could raise it with the help of Caroline's clumsy paws which still got a decent grip because of the claws at the end. These were unfortunately rendered useless by the next article, a pair of black elbow length gloves which were of a slick satiny fabric which precluded her from helping - or hindering - the rest of her dressing. There wasn't much left to do except put the four-inch spike heeled pumps on and deal with the inevitable swaying, falling backwards and helping back up when the two mice inside had to work together to balance on them. Frankie was glad for the rear padding not only shielding his butt but also his tail.

"I can't believe I'm wearing these things," Caroline said, indicating her gloves. "How am I supposed to hold anything?"

"Take a good look at yourself," Benji said, "you'll have plenty of guys holding stuff for you."

Caroline rubbed her sides and her tail thrashed. "Seducing men is not what I signed up for."

"Me neither," her middle complained. "This corset is really cutting off my air supply."

"You want in? This is how you get in," Benji replied. "No one will suspect and you can get as close as you want to any of them. I'm sure they'll want you closer than that!"

Both halves grumbled, but followed Benji's lead. With some coaching from Benji, Caroline was walking around with a rolling and swinging of hips which did indeed produce small steps that oozed sex appeal. Benji secured the blonde wig to her head - hiding the tiny crease that marred her back fur - and brushed it out into a wavy style. He also brushed her lashes out with mascara and gave her a handbag with a few feminine items inside and recording equipment hidden in the clasp and false bottom. Hidden in Caroline's false bottom was yet more equipment and Benji stretched her face out for a moment to hide a transceiver in her ear. It was then that he realized she didn't have any underwear on. "We can't have that," he said, slipping a pair of red laced panties on her. "Someone might notice you have nothing down there." The disguise was pronounced finished Caroline took her leave from Benji. This took some time given her rate of movement and Benji was treated to several minutes of watching her leave, her hips swinging, buttocks bulging and tail swaying behind her. He then realized that Frankie's eyes were green. Oh well, it wasn't like anyone was going to be looking at those. Not with everything else to stare at.

Caroline snuck around the mansion to the front, where she quietly joined a throng of cats entering fashionably late. Her red dress might have been the first thing to catch the partiers' eyes if it hadn't been for the unexpected step between the ballroom and the entry hall. With her legs' eyes in her bust, it was to be expected that they wouldn't see everything on the floor, especially when the lip was less than half an inch tall and only caught the very bottom of her heel. Just enough to send her flying forwards and make her white furred cleavage the most eye catching thing about her as she stumbled straight onto the feet of Callo himself!

"What a pleasant surprise!" The tall, muscular ginger tom grinned as he picked Caroline up off the floor. There was no way she could have done so herself with the slick gloves and waxed wood beneath her. "You almost managed to sneak right in here without me seeing you." For a moment the mice were afraid he'd seen through their disguise, but he only set her down gently on her high heels and kissed her gloved hand. "You little minx. Thought you could get in here without saying hello. For that I require a dance."

"Uh, sure." Caroline said. She remembered who she was and purred. "How could I resist you, dahling?" Frankie wasn't sure how movie stars talked, but he remembered something about upper class accents. She put her paw to his face and her tongue flicked out to tickle his nose. "Let's dance."

If his partner seemed less graceful than usual, Callo didn't comment. It was good enough that he'd stolen the first dance with the most famous - that week - up and coming cover girl. In fact, he thought, she was beautiful and classy enough to make a permanent household fixture. He made a mental note to call her agent the next day to see if she would be interested in working for him once the glitter of movies wore off. For her part, Caroline was catching quite a few interesting bits of conversation and hoped Benji was getting the full transcript while she was busy concentrating on seducing the most dangerous cat in the world. As a matter of fact, Benji was watching the feed intently but not for the information.
Caroline was twirled almost straight into the arms of Thyris and then Jethro before there was a break in the music. Frankie had almost forgotten that he had independent legs since they did most of the dancing while he had Cassandra whispering sexily into the ears of the cats she danced with and stealing kisses when the toms got bold. She was reminded of her lower half's autonomy when she quit the dance floor - making embarrassed and swift excuses about needing a short break - and went into a secluded corner. "What's up?" She asked her middle.

"Can we switch? My feet are getting tired."

Caroline tilted a boob up so she could look herself in the nipple. "We're kind of glued in."

"If I get unstrapped and you do the same, I think if we loosen the corset this thing can stretch enough that we can climb around."

Caroline looked around nervously but no one was watching. "All right. I really wouldn't mind a break from grabbing toms, seducing them and acting like I enjoy having their tongues down my throat. Can you handle it?"

"At this point I'd give one of them a hand job if I didn't have to stand to do it." Lou said.

With a lot of scrabbling at the laces, Caroline undid the knot on the corset and let it expand a little. The dress precluded a lot of that, so she pulled the zipper partway down. Pretending she was leaning on the wall to take a rest, Frankie took his hands out of the arm extensions and slid his legs behind Lou. Lou grabbed hold of the inside of Caroline's chest and pulled himself up. This sounded easier than it looked and the resulting wiggling, struggling and gyrations did not escape the notice of some of the party goers. Caroline's dress was also beginning to fall down and the sight of lacey black lingerie transfixed all of the male and a few females in the crowd. The dance that had just begun stopped as the musicians noticed and soon all eyes were on Caroline, who looked like she was doing a sexy dance and not like two mice inside were climbing around. When a particularly hard swing of her hips slid her dress down to her middle, one of the queens shielded her from view and sternly admonished, "All you peeping toms to get a life and go back to your dates. You ought to be ashamed."

She turned to Caroline. "Are you all right, sug?"

Caroline had just managed to get herself together and smiled shyly at the queen, "Oh yes ,hon. Just having some bother with our - my dress." Frankie groaned inwardly at the slip and the change in accent. His attempt at high society drawl had obviously been missed by his partner, who was trying to imitate the accent of their rescuer!

"I didn't realize you was from the south!" The queen exclaimed. "Jesse!" She put her paw out.

"Caroline," she did the same. Looking at Jesse through lowered lashes, Caroline said, "sorry about this."

"It's no bother!" Jesse had a slight squeak when she was excited. "Naw, I know how we girls have to work to look good. Here, let me get you set back up." With a haul on the laces that showed astonishing strength, Jesse squeezed Caroline back into the corset with at least a further inch showing on the laces when she was done. This time the zipper went up with only a little difficulty. "There you go, sug." She slapped Caroline on the back, almost sending her sprawling. "Now you go out there and knock 'em dead."

The mice's mutual lack of experience was offset by the tight confines of the corset keeping their movements on track. Lou's relief was indeed evident as Caroline pretended that the incident that had filled her dance card for the entire night with a fifty name waiting list was just a minor embarrassment. She looked suitably shy whenever a tom mentioned it and rewarded those that contented themselves with admiring her body and banter with torrid kisses as Lou sated his curiosity on how the mask's tongue worked by sticking it down the throat of every man Caroline took a liking to and that was most of them. No tom questioned Caroline's change in accent since they were too busy noticing her tongue in their mouths, her arms around them and her ample cleavage pressed against their chests. Frankie got into the game by figuring out how to wind Caroline's glorious tail around them so they couldn't easily escape. Not that any of them really wanted to. Frankie was only glad that the corset's iron grip also meant that he couldn't feel the inevitable erections pressed against Caroline's belly.

There was another break in the music and Caroline noticed that the next three dances were with Callo. He'd obviously used his connections and his physical presence to get a long time in with his favorite new toy. "I can't talk to him the way you do," Caroline whispered to her middle. "The others may be blind, but he's sharper than that."

"We'll have to switch back," Frankie said. Finding an even more out of the way spot on a balcony, Caroline pressed herself up against the doorframe so she wouldn't be visible from inside and again loosened her corset and dress. Both mice were getting tired and their sloppy movements made Caroline swing and shimmy even more than the last time and her legs were spread wide to keep their balance as she worked her bottom up and her top down. It was unfortunate then that the balcony was wrought iron and so the floor was see through. A pair of toms taking a smoking break downstairs looked up and beckoned to their friends. Soon a crowd of male cats were peering up Caroline's skirt as she appeared to dance wantonly in the light of the moon. Her wig was hanging over her face before she was done and she didn't see the toms or Jesse shooing them back inside and then vaulting up onto the balcony. She smoothed Caroline's hair back and grinned at her. "We really need to stop meeting like this. There are private rooms just down the hall, hon. Or do you like being watched by a bunch of horny blokes?"

"Oh no!" Caroline said horrified. "Thank you. Next time I'm in trouble, I'll take your advice." She suffered as now three inches of further extra lace were produced by Jesse's enthusiastic pulling on her corset strings. The dress's zipper went up smoothly and Caroline rubbed her sides in pain as both mice were pinched in different places. Jesse mistook the gesture. "Yeah, you look really hot. Once more into the fray, girlfriend?"

Caroline followed Jesse in and was immediately gathered up into Callo's arms. "You sure know how to make a party memorable," he purred into Caroline's ear.

"You don't know the half of it," she whispered back. Lou was not to be outdone and curled Caroline's tail around Callo's body. Frankie had gotten used to the feel of sharp teeth on his tongue and for several minutes he experienced two sets. Soon all pretence of dancing was dropped as Callo lifted Caroline off her high heels and carried her off to the side. She sat with her legs around him in his lap. Lou was quite aware of the stirring beneath his soft rear end and pushed things further by keeping Caroline's tail firmly fixed around Callo's body. He grinned a predatory grin and leaned back with Caroline lying on top of him. They moved together, Caroline making sure to produce adequately sexy sounds. She'd just stuck her silky gloved paw down his pants when another tom approached. "Meeting, sir."

"Well shit," Callo said. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" He softly pushed Caroline up and turned her around so she was sitting with his arms around her middle facing front. "Why don't you join me? This shouldn't take too long. Then we can pick up where we left off." He patted her paw.

"Aw." Caroline pouted. "If you need to."

"I do." He gently put her down next to him and she followed him down several corridors and into a board room. Quite a few cats were already seated around the table and he took his place at the head, pulling Caroline down to sit crosswise with her legs over one arm of the chair and her butt on his crotch. She wiggled and he smiled. "Later, darling," he promised. "All right, let's get this show on the road. We've got a new strategy to get rid of those mice once and for all. Each of you have a copy of the plans in front of you. We now know where their main fallback position is, so we'll first surround them. A strike force will hide just outside the entrance to their hidden base. When they make for it, we'll trail them but let them think they're going to make it until the hidden force pounces." He went into contingencies and force organization along with several other planned strikes to occur at the same time in different locations. Caroline maintained a sultry smile but inwardly was cursing. They needed to get this out of the mansion and to the others tonight! She bit her lip in what she hoped was a sexy pout and stirred on Callo's lap. "Can I have one?" She begged.

The other cats looked annoyed but Callo only smiled indulgently and handed her a copy of the plans. "There you go, honey. Now keep quiet while we talk."

Caroline fell silent and tried to discreetly stick the plans somewhere. Unfortunately her purse would be too obvious and everything else was too tight. She'd have to smuggle them out some other way. "I need to go to the little kitty room, big boy." She said. Callo had to help her down and Lou made sure to reward him by walking out as slowly and sexily as possible, trailing her tail over his nose. Her pace picked up as she hurried down to one of the rooms Jesse had mentioned and closed the door behind her. "Did you catch that?" She asked the air.

"I did and I'm coming for you." Benji had come for her a couple times that night already but he didn't need to mention that. Caroline was sitting on the bed resting her feet when he poked his nose through the window. "Give me that quick! I can't be here too long." Caroline got up and gave him the packet. "Great! Well, I'll see you."

"Wait! You have to get me out of this thing first."

"No time. They'll notice me here. I don't blend in as well as you do, hotcheeks." He jumped down before Caroline could get a glove off to claw him in the face. "Of all the nerve!" Lou agreed and Caroline stomped her foot. "Now how are we supposed to get out of here?"

"Let's see if we can get the costume off." Lou said. Caroline unzipped the dress and tried to get it off. She was having difficulty and her back and forth wriggling did not go unappreciated. She felt a hand on her back and the dress slid off.

"There you go, honey." Jesse said.

Caroline turned to see that Jesse had entered and closed the door behind her. Caroline smiled at Jesse. "I took your advice."

"I noticed." She put a paw on the corset. "Want me to get this off of you? I know how . restrictive it can be when things get hot. I don't want you to be out of breath over me that easy."

"Uhh." Caroline wasn't sure what was going on, but was clued in when her voluptuous friend and guardian angel pushed her onto the bed and pinned her by lying on top. The tawny queen tickled Caroline's nose with her slim tail. "Let me just," she loosened the corset but didn't take it off. Caroline was torn but then decided that after all that making out with males, having a lovely female companion - even a large carnivorous one - was much better. Her appreciation increased as Jesse put her paw on Caroline's gloved one and guided it up to the zipper on her velvet and silk gown. "If you don't mind." Caroline didn't mind at all and certainly didn't mind Jesse's gyrations on top of her as she slipped the dress off. Now both cats were in lingerie and Caroline's slinky gloves were on Jesse's buttocks.

"Let's not be too quick," Jesse said to Caroline's relief. They rolled, bounded and giggled, all as they kept their tails firmly wrapped around one another and their tongues in each others' mouths. What Caroline lacked in experience as a female cat she made up for by being two independent halves. As her top half bounced and made out with Jesse, her bottom was slowly insinuating her tail under Jesse's panties and using its greater fluff to tickle her privates with great effect. Jesse was the one breathing hard as Caroline wrapped her legs around her and redoubled her efforts. Jesse did her best to grope and stroke her partner, the titillation being provided purging any thought of disrobing her further out of her mind. This was good since that would have revealed that Caroline had neither realistic nipples nor actual genitalia. Both of the mice inside were still enjoying themselves immensely and were no longer worried about spending the night there before making good their escape.

All three of them failed to hear the door open quietly but they did notice the heavy breathing from the corner. Callo had found them and was sitting on a chair in the corner enjoying the view. Jesse looked indignant, but was mollified when Caroline winked at Callo over Jesse's shoulder and with a flick of her tail sent the other cat into a wave of ecstasy. It may have been heavy, but a mouse's tail is far better controlled than a cat's. She got up but kept her tail in Jesse's panties, flicking it occasionally to keep her bed mate enraptured. "Let's pick up where we left off," she said to Callo, flexing a gloved paw. Callo leaned back and let Caroline get to work. Soon she was providing orgasm to two cats simultaneously, unknowingly providing the real Caroline with a job for life if she ever retired from movies. Frankie wasn't too happy with his job and Lou didn't enjoy the view at all but both consoled themselves with the sound of Jesse behind them gasping with delight as Lou continued to curl and twitch Caroline's tail.

When Callo threw himself at her, Caroline new she had an opening. Actually, Frankie didn't realize what Lou was up to when Caroline sidestepped and deftly removed her tail from Jesse's panties. What happened was that Callo landed on Jesse and the two of them started to make love with frantic passion. Caroline knew that this was her chance to escape and gathered up her dress before making a hasty exit. The mice knew that a half-naked movie star queen wasn't going to get very far, but any progress towards the door was welcome. When a tom approached her in the corridor, she steeled herself for the inevitable. "Well hello!" She purred at the ginger who had stopped in front of her. "Admiring the view?" She added, seeing that the tom was already getting excited at the sight of her and was not hiding his attempt to memorize her every curve and hair as quickly as possible.

"Bluh." He drooled. This was not one of the high ranking cats who'd come for a meeting. Probably just someone's kid or a society fop. Caroline trailed her tail under his jaw and rubbed his chest. "Maybe you could help a girl out," she pouted. "My new friends are too busy to pay attention to me. Could you give me your attention?" She ended the sentence with a girlish breath on his ears. Lou figured the plan was to get close and then hit him as hard as possible. Caroline's foot raised to place a knee in a sensitive area but she forgot how tall the heels were and slipped. Still wearing the gloves there was no way to mitigate the fall and she took her new partner down with her. She might have still managed to keep things together if her corset had still been tied. It wasn't and the strain on the costume's seam broke it. The mice spilled out and didn't wait to see what the tom's reaction was. They bolted through the nearest bedroom door and jumped out the window.

Had the tom known anything of the meetings and plans being laid with the party as a cover, he might have brought the Caroline suit to the attention of higher ranking cats and the breach would have been averted. He wasn't. This tom was horny, young and alone in a corridor with the deflated skin of the sexiest and most sought after queen at the party. He ducked into an empty room and locked the door in preparation to do the only thing a slightly buzzed and sexually aroused tom would do under the circumstances. After sticking his arm into hers and using the dainty gloved hand to take care of the immediate arousal, of course. It wasn't long before the tom was hauling on the corset laces and slipping a trembling leg into the luxurious furred appendage of Caroline. She was admiring herself naked - except for the gloves and spike heels she'd put back on - when she realized that this was the tom's opportunity to get really close to the rich and powerful. The tom nearly orgasmed again at the sight of Caroline slipping her slim body slowly into her dress. She didn't bother to zip it up; it wouldn't stay on very long.

The mice were warned and the real Caroline's career skyrocketed, though she always denied having been at the party where her career took off. She also vehemently denied that was bisexual, had green eyes, a southern accent or a ginger and black stripe up her back. The ginger tom became a minor celebrity by making sure that Caroline mentioned him to every one of the many toms and queens she met that night. Given how it had made her an important woman, his girlfriend kept his secret when he showed her the costume and even put it on for him a couple of times. She went as far as to let him wear it too, though she drew the line at him inviting his friends over when he did so.

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