Becoming Danielle 1: Danielle in Wonderland

Becoming Danielle
Danielle in Wonderland
 ©2012 Becky Reus

--SEPARATOR--Danielle’s aunt said alarmed as they both walked into the room she was in, “AMANDA JOY GREER, you are so grounded till you go to school next Monday if you forced your cousin to wear that! That means no seeing Spirit and the rest of the Girl Scouts Saturday.”

"Thanks for watching Danny on such a short notice, Angela," Danny's Mom said. "You be good for your Aunt, sport."

"Yes, mother. Say hi to Grandma Brown at the Hospital please."

“I will sport.”

Danny was a normal five year old boy, five and half if you asked him. He was wearing what he normally wore: blue jeans and sweatshirt; it just happens to say 'A Yale Kid' today. His brown hair had recently been cut short.

"Amanda your cousin is here," Danny's Aunt Angela yelled up the stairs.

"Send him upstairs, please Mommie," Danny heard his cousin's reply.

"No, you come down and greet him. You need to be a polite hostess."

Danny turned towards the door to watch his mother leave, and suddenly found himself being hugged by his cousin. "How did you get down here so quickly?"

"Magic," Amanda giggled. "Come on let's go play in my room," she said while taking his hand and leading him to her room.

Danny took in his cousins outfit on the way to her room. He didn't see his cousin too often, with his dad a busy Yale professor, and his aunt, normally busy with coaching. He always enjoyed his cousins outfit. Today was no exception; she was wearing pink overalls with a white sweatshirt underneath, the bib of the overalls hiding what was on the front of the sweatshirt.

Walking into the room after his cousin, Danny stopped and stared at a dress hanging on the closet door. It was some sort of costume. The front part of the skirt was white with three hearts and gold detail on it, and on top of that was a red skirt. On top of all of that was black kind of poofy skirt, but only on the sides. The sleeves were black with gold detail at the shoulders. A big red heart was at the chest and front of the dress was black and white checkerboard like. He didn’t recognize the fabric. It wasn’t like anything he had worn or seen Amanda wear before.

His cousin, shaking him, woke him out of his trance with the dress. “I was asking if you wanted to play a game, but I notice you're interested in my Red Queen outfit.” Danny sheepishly nodded that he was caught staring at the outfit. “I am wearing that for Halloween, and my best friends are going to be the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat. What are you going to be for Halloween?” Amanda asked.

"Mommie got me a Buzz Lightyear costume, but I’d rather be a," Danny said and then mumbled what he wanted to be.

Amanda asked her cousin, "I didn't get what you wanted to be. Could you repeat that please, Danny?"

Danny sighed, and whispered, "A girl."

Amanda jumped up from where she was sitting on her bed. She hugged her cousin, "That’s not a bad thing, though a girl would stick out like a sore thumb on Halloween..."

Danny frowned at what his cousin said.

"... What you need is a girls costume. You would be a perfectly cute Alice with me and my friends," Amanda continued excitedly.

Danny smiled at that, and whispered, "I’d like that very much."

"Instead of playing a game, you want to play dress up?" Amanda asked her cousin.

"I guess," Danny answered.

“Great! As much as I’d like to dress you in my Halloween costume, it probably would swallow you... Oh I know just the thing,” Amanda said bubbly as she ran to her closet, and started looking for something. "I know it’s here somewhere. I hope Mommie didn't get rid of it since it no longer fits me," she said as she continued searching.

"What?" Danny asked.

"Ah here it is: my Halloween costume from when I was your age," Amanda answered.

Danny looked at the costume. It appeared to be a pink poodle dog costume. "You want me to wear that? Its a girls costume?"

"You said it, yourself, you want to be a girl for Halloween," Amanda answered. "Now is your chance to wear one, and besides you agreed."

Danny reluctantly agreed. "Great!" said Amanda excitedly. "I will turn around as you strip down - you can leave your socks on, and put this on," Amanda said as she unzipped the poodle costume and handed the costume to Danny.

"Strip?" Danny asked as he accepted the costume.

"The costume would look wrong on top of your jeans and baggy sweatshirt," Amanda said as she turned around, "Oh, Dani, the zipper goes in back, by the way."

After making sure his cousin had turned around, Danny took his sweatshirt and jeans off. He then took the pink costume and stepped in to it, pulling the front up to put his arms into the sleeves. He noticed that there was no hand openings. "Amanda?"

"Yes, can I turn around?" Amanda asked?

"My zipper is not done, and there’s no hand openings," Danny said.

"Oh you got your hands in the paws, if you pull your hand back, you will find the hand openings underneath, about where your wrists are. I’ll do your zipper, Danielle." Amanda responded as she walked to the backside of her cousin.

"Danielle?" Danny asked, as he felt his cousin start to zip him up.

"Danielle is the female version of your name. I felt it fit better. I hope you don't mind," Amanda said as she placed the hood in place.

"I kind of like Danielle," she said as she tried to find hand openings. After trying the openings out, she decided to put her hands back in the paws.

"Great!" her cousin said bubbly, "Now I’m going to finish zipping up the zipper. I will try and watch your hair so it don't get caught. You are kind of lucky to have short hair.”

“Why? I always wanted long hair,” Danielle answered.

“I was always afraid my Mommie was going to get my hair caught in the zipper.” her cousin answered. “She never did, but I was afraid anyways. Ok stand still while I put your collar around your neck.”

Danielle said, “My collar?” as she felt her cousin place something around her neck, and heard a snap in the back.

Her cousin answered, “A poodle dog has got to have a collar, right? Ok, lets go look in the mirror.” With that Amanda started leading her out of Amanda’s room and to the bathroom.

Looking the bathroom mirror, Danielle saw that she had pink fluffy ears, with darker pink bows on them, her fur looked like a normal poodle fur cut, with fur on top of her head, around her chest/back area, and a tuft of fur at her wrists. Looking down at her feet, she noticed that there was fur down there too. She was wearing a dark pink collar, that said Duchess on the attached tag.

She tried to look to see what was hanging against her leg, failing the ability to do that, she took one of her hands out of the paws, and felt it, it was a tail with a ball of fur on the end. She thought she felt another bow on the end of the tail too.

“Lets go show my Mommie, cous’,” Amanda said to a suddenly alarmed Danielle.

“No … No... me be in trouble for wearing this..” Danielle said very alarmed.

Amanda said in reassuring voice, “No you won’t! Let’s go, Duchess,” she insisted as she lead her cousin out of the bathroom, and towards the stairs.

Going down the stairs, Amanda said “Mommie, I’d like you to meet my cousin Danielle, wearing a pretty poodle costume.”

Danielle’s aunt said alarmed as they both walked into the room she was in, “AMANDA JOY GREER, you are so grounded till you go to school next Monday if you forced your cousin to wear that! That means no seeing Spirit and the rest of the Girl Scouts Saturday.”

Danielle started to get scared, and said with teary eyes, “Don’t punish my cousin, aunty, she didn’t force me to do anything. Me actually like this outfit, and the name Danielle. If she forced me to do anything it was to show you, and me was afraid you punish me for wearing it!” With that Danielle turned around and ran for the stairs.

Aunt Angela looked at Amanda with an ‘is that true?’ look, as Amanda nodded. “DANIELLE REBECCA COLLINS, get your poodle butt back here,” Aunt Angela yelled.

Shocked by being called that name, Danielle stopped and slowly walked back in the Kitchen, hearing aunty tell Amanda as she slowly walked in, still crying, “Here take this plastic bag, and gather up Danielle's clothes, and set them by her shoes at the front door.”

Bending down to Danielle, with a tissue in her hand, “Now now, no one is in trouble. I was only trying to protect you. Please stop crying,” Aunt Angela said as she dabbed Danielle’s eyes. “Where were you going?”

“To Amanda’s room to try and take the outfit off, and failing that, just to hide in the corner and cry my eyes out. I always wanted a girls costume, finally get to wear one and my cousin gets in trouble for it.”

“One second Danielle,” aunt Angela said, as she grabbed a stool and placed it by the kitchen table. “Come here Danielle...” she said as Amanda reentered the room.

Danielle slowly walked to her Aunty, no longer crying, but not sure what was going on.

“Arms up,” Aunty said, as Danielle raised her arms.

Danielle’s aunt said, “That’s a good girl,” as she placed her on the stool facing away from the table, towards the kitchen. “Now sit still while I grab some stuff,” she said as she walked out of the room.

“Cous’ are we in trouble still?” Danielle asked her cousin.

“I don’t think so. Mommie called you Danielle,” Amanda answered, a bit confused about what her Mommie was up to.

Aunt Angela walked back in the room, with a small container, and placed it behind Danielle. She started to get some stuff out, as Danielle tried to see what she was doing. “No, Danielle look straight ahead. You’ll find out eventually.”

Danielle sighed, and nodded.

“Mommie?” Amanda asked.

“Yes pumpkin,” her Mommie responded, as she was filling a bowl with water.

“DaniellesaidthatherMommiegotheraBuzzLightyearcostume...” Amanda said in a hurry as her Mommie started to unzip the hood part of Danielles costume and dropping it around her chest.

“Breathe, Pumpkin, breathe. I know you’re excited, but you’ve got to tell me slowly. Tell it to me as I tend to our poodle dog. Ok, Danielle close your eyes, and try to keep very still.”

Amanda repeated, “Danielle... said... that... her... Mommie... got... her... a... Buzz... Lightyear... costume,” as Danielle felt something being rubbed against her face.

“Not that slow, Pumpkin,” Angela tried not to giggle, “You can tell me normal speed.” as she continued on Danielle face.

“But she said she rather be a girl for Halloween, and I thought a girl would stick like a sore thumb,” Amanda continued.

“Yes it would, pumpkin. Ok Danielle, you can open your eyes but keep looking straight ahead.” Aunty said as she reached for something behind Danielle. “By the way is that true, Duchess?” she said almost in an after thought.

Danielle nodded.

“Amber, Denise, and I could really use an Alice in our costume group, and I thought Danielle would make a perfect Alice,” Amanda said as Danielle could see her Aunty painting her nose black.

“I will talk to your Aunt Nancy, but I can’t promise anything, Pumpkin. I’m not sure if she’s going to be too thrilled of driving down from New Haven on Halloween, let alone getting another costume,” she said as Danielle felt her painting her lips.

“What if you asked Aunt Jane to make the costume?” Amanda asked. Danielle thought real hard over that one, she knew there was no Aunt Jane on her side of the family.

“I’ll see about that. As I said I’ll talk to your Aunt Nancy about it,” she said as Danielle could see her do something with a funny little brush on her cheeks. “Amanda, Pumpkin, can you be a sweetheart, and run to my bedroom, and get my makeup mirror? Don’t break it on the way down please.”

“Yes, Mommie,” Amanda said, as she was leaving.

“Ok, Danielle I will show your face in a second when your cousin gets back,” Aunty Angela said as she placed the hood back in place.

Amanda came slowly back in the room with the mirror and handed it to her Mommie.

"Ok poodle girl, let's look in the mirror," Aunt Angela said.

Danielle looked in the mirror, and saw that she now had a pink face. The tip of her nose was painted black like a dog nose, a line was painted between her nose and her now black lips, and she had some black dots close to her cheeks. “I got a dog’s face!” Danielle said, as her aunt helped her down.

“Yes you do Duchess. Why don’t you two girls run off and play a game?” Aunty Angela said

“Okay,” the two girls said in unison almost like twins.

“I got a Disney Princess version of Chutes and Ladders which would be fun to play. You want to play that Danielle?”

“Sure,” Danielle said as the two girls ran up stairs like a herd of elephants.

After playing the game for a while, and giggling away like the two girls it would appear to be, Danielle heard the doorbell go off. “Oh no..” she said out loud. “Where’s my clothes, Cous’?” she asked her cousin scared.

“By the front door with your shoes, and besides even if you could change, your face’s still painted.” Amanda answered as she went to give her scared cousin an reassuring hug.

“Danielle, Amanda, please come on down, your Mother, and Aunt is here.” they heard Aunt Angela yell up the steps.

Amanda grabbed Danielle’s hand, and had to pull her to the top of the stairs, as Danielle tried to resist. “Come on Danielle. I’ll protect you. Big cousin will protect you.”

“Danielle?” they heard come from downstairs as the girls finally got to the top of the stairs.

“What taking you two so long?” Aunt Angela said up the stairs, and then seeing that Amanda was basically pulling Danielle downstairs said, “Come on down. No one is going to hurt you, Danielle.”

Sighing, Danielle started walking down the stairs on her own, but she stared at her stocking feet like she was going to the gallows.

“Nancy, I’d like you to meet your daughter, Danielle,” Aunt Angela said to Danielle’s Mommie when Danielle finally made it down..

“She is a darling. Did you get tricked into dressing this way, sport?”

“No Mommie,” Danielle said still staring at her feet. “I agreed to it all.”

Danielle’s Mommie took her hand and raised Danielle’s head up, “You are a cutie pie. You’re afraid of my reaction, right?”

The poodle nodded.

“Don’t be,” Danielle’s Mommie said as she gave her a hug. “Why don’t you and your cousin run back upstairs to continue playing, while I talk to your aunt? Where are your clothes, Princess?”

“Princess? Amanda put them by my shoes.” Danielle answered.

“It fits better than sport right now. Good, leave them there, while you two play.” Danielle’s Mommie said as she patted her on the butt.

Amanda ran up stairs, as Danielle followed slowly behind. Going back in Amanda’s room, Danielle tried to listen to what was being discussed downstairs, but all she could hear was muffled sounds.

After about an hour, “Danielle, it’s time to leave. Help Amanda put away any toys that you two got out, and come on downstairs. Amanda come down and give me a goodbye hug, please,” was yelled up the stairs.

Danielle helped Amanda put away the game, then grabbing hold of Amanda’s hand, she slowly went timidly downstairs. “Ok, Mommie the toys are put away, but I can’t put this costume away,” as she looked to where her now missing clothes were, “Where are my clothes,” Danielle asks scared.

“Danielle?” Amanda asked still holding on to Danielle’s hand

“Yes?” Danielle responded.

“The costume didn’t fit me anymore. You can have it.”

“Aww.. Thanks Cous’,” Danielle responded.

“Your clothes are in the car already, and since your Aunt and cousin already gave the outfit to you, you can wear that outfit home, Princess.”

Danielle started to get scared, squeezing Amanda’s hand harder. “What about Daddie?”

“Don’t worry about Daddie. It’ll all be ok, Princess. Amanda since your cousin refuses to let go of your hand, can you be a sweetheart and put her shoes on?”, Danielle’s Mommie said.

Danielle and Amanda went to where the shoes were, and after Danielle sat on the bottom step, Amanda looked at the shoes. She ran to her Mommie and whispers something in her ear.

“You have to ask your Aunt, but since they don’t fit you anymore, it’s ok with me.” Aunt Angela said, as an Danielle just looked confused.

Amanda ran to her aunt and whispered in her ear, and after getting a nod, she ran upstairs. Slowly she came back downstairs, hiding something behind her. She kept her back away from Danielle as she went around her, still sitting confused on the bottom step of the stairs.

Danielle confusedly looked at her Mommie, but all she got was a smile out of her Mommie. “Ok, Princess, give me your right foot,” her cousin said.

Danielle stuck out her left foot.

“No, Princess, that is your left foot,” Amanda giggled, “But it will do,” she said as she tickled the bottom of Danielle’s foot, but making sure she was holding on to the foot tightly. As Danielle was distracted giggling, she put a shoe quickly on the foot.

Danielle looked down at the shoe, and noticed it was white and pink with a pink heart on the side, with three princesses on the heart. You could tell that they were not brand new, they had some wear and tear, but that didn’t matter to her. Danielle was so engrossed in looking at the shoe, that she didn’t hear her cousin ask for the other foot. Amanda had to poke her to get her attention.

“You must like them. You can look at them later; right now I need your other foot.” Amanda said gigglingly.

Danielle sheepily switched feet, and watched Amanda put on her other new shoe. After doing that Amanda helped her cousin up, and gave her a hug. “Hope to see you later cous’. I like having a girl cousin.” And then she took Danielle’s messy boy’s shoes and handed them to her Aunt.

Danielle’s Mommie reached down and hugged her niece, “Thanks for being a hostess for your cousin, Amanda,” as Aunt Angela was hugging her niece.

Amanda smiled at that.

“Tell your cousin goodbye, and thank her, Princess, for entertaining you and the outfit,” Danielle’s Mommie said.

“Thank you very much, Amanda. I really enjoyed my time. Thank you for the outfit too. I’ll treasure it,” Danielle responded with all honesty, and a bit of excitement in her voice.

With that, Danielle’s Mommie took her hand, and led her to the car, and opening the back door, helped her into the booster seat. Danielle noticed as she was going to the car, that her shoes lit up as she walked, she smiled at that.

After Danielle’s Mommie got in the driver seat they started driving home, mostly in complete silence. Danielle couldn’t read if her Mommie was upset, or just thinking. She decided to stare out of the window at the passing cars, slowly nodding off to sleep.

“Wake up Princess. We’re home.”

Danielle awoke with a start. She really wanted to stay in the car afraid of what her Daddie would say. Danielle’s Mommie could see that, and said, “It’ll be ok Princess,” and offered her hand to her new daughter.

Danielle took her Mommie’s hand and went in the house with her. Her daddie meet them at the door, and looking at Danielle he had a shocked look on his face.

“Who is this?” Danielle’s Daddie asked surprised.

“Your daughter,” Danielle’s Mommie answered.

“How... What... When... Where...” Danielle’s father slumbered, “I mean, since when have I had a daughter?” he asked when he regained his senses.

“Since her cousin Amanda got her to admit some things,” Danielle’s Mommie said, as Danielle started to really examine her new shoes very carefully, still holding on tightly to her Mommie’s hand.

“Amanda, tricked him or her or whatever, in to wearing that?”

“No, she agreed to everything along the way. She was scared of my reaction. According to Angela, she was perfectly happy wearing this when I was gone. She was starting to warm up to me, till going home was mentioned. We will discuss this and much more later, but I need to get a certain puppy dog in the bath. She is up way past her bedtime,” Danielle’s Mommie said as she led her to the bathroom. “Be right back Princess,” she said as she left the room after turning on the water, and putting some bubble bath in the tub.

When she came back, Danielle could see she had a set of her Boys pajamas, and clean underwear in her hand.

“Ok, on the toilet, so I can get your shoes off, Princess.”

Danielle hopped on the toilet, and held her feet out, with which her Mommie took off both of her shoes. After accepting her mommie’s hands, she hopped off after she was done.

“Hmm, hmm, aaah, the zipper is in the back, and it appears the collar is separate,” Danielle’s Mommie said rhetorically, “Please turn around, Princess,” she said after turning off the water. After she unsnapped the collar, and unzipped the costume, Danielle was helped out of it, and helped out of her underwear and socks. “Ok, go play in the tub a bit sweetie. I’ll be back in a bit to help you wash up,” with that she walked out the door, with the costume and dirty clothes, and Danielle’s new shoes.

As Danielle played in the tub, she noticed that her parents were having a discussion, but it was being kept very hush hush. She couldn’t tell exactly what was being discussed, or if it was a good or bad discussion.

“Ok, Dani, playtime is over,” her Mommie said coming back in the room. “We need to wash this face paint off you. It’s not good to sleep with it on,” as she started to wash Danielle’s body.

After being helped into her PJs, she was led to her very boyish room, and tucked in bed.

“Night Night sweetie.”

As she drifted to sleep, Dani could hear that her parents were still talking, but again she couldn’t make out the tone of the discussion.


The next few days at the Collins home it was business as usual. Danny did the normal stuff he did after Kindergarten. Not a word was said about an Alice costume, or the name Danielle. He did notice that the Buzz Lightyear costume was not where his mother had placed it before, but then again the poodle costume, and princess shoes were missing too. The only difference that he noticed in those days, was that the sport nickname was replaced apparently with the nickname of sweetie.

He didn’t really have the guts to ask his Mommie where his poodle costume or shoes went to though. He was hoping that they were still in the house.


“Hi Sweetie, how was Kindergarten?” his Mommie asked him after school Friday morning.

“Fine. I have a worksheet to do this weekend Mommie,” Danny answered.

“Ok, we got to go grocery shopping right now so I can prepare dinner tonight. You can work on it while I cook dinner,” his Mother said as she helped him into the car.

After driving to Walmart, his mother led him into the store, but instead of turning directly to the grocery area like she normally did, she led him in the young girls department. “Mommie, what we doing here?” Danielle asked, as she tried to sneak looks at the girls outfits. Her question went unanswered. Her looking at the outfits was not very sneaky, either; it was more like staring.

She watched her Mommie pull a really cute dress from a rack, and fumble with the tag. “Who’s the dress for, Mommie?” she asked.

“I’m looking for an outfit for a very good five year old girl I know, sweetie. You wouldn’t know any five year old girls would you?” her Mommie answered back.

“I know a few, I am five,” Danielle answered back, hoping that the dress was for her.

“Yes you are,” Danielle’s Mommie answered as she put the dress back.

Danny’s hope sank, as he followed his Mother out of girls section. After seeing the Halloween costume area, he asked his Mommie if they could look over there.

“No, we are on a tight schedule, not today, Sweetie.” was the reply from his Mommie


The next day Danny felt his Mommie shaking him awake. “Time to get up, sweetie, your Aunt Angela is picking you up in an hour.”

Danny got up with a start, since this was very unusual, since he could never remember his Aunt picking him up.

"Luckily, you had a bath last night, so you don't need one this morning. Today you get to pick one of two outfits, Sweetie," Dani's mother said.

Dani thought that was a bit different, but nodded anyways.

"You can not mix or match what is in the outfits. You have to take them as they are," Dani's Mommie continued.

Dani nodded, confused by the change of pace.

Dani's Mommie pointed to the dresser, "There are the two outfits."

Sitting on the dresser were two stacks of clothes. Both appeared to have blue jeans, one with a white sweatshirt, one with grey sweatshirt. Most importantly, next to white sweatshirt pile was her pink light-up princess shoes, with her messy boys shoes next to the other.

"Me can choose?" Danielle asked excitedly.

"Yes you may sweetie," Danielle's Mommie said.

"The princess shoe pile of course Mommie," Danielle answered.

"Ok, let's get you dressed, Princess. We’re running out of time," Danielle's Mommie answered, as she took Danielle's pajamas off. "Step out of these underwear, Princess, you got different ones to go with your outfit."

Danielle did as she was told, and then stepped into the pink panties her Mommie was trying to put on her.

Her Mommie continued to dress her in the clothes. She noticed that the blue jeans were really an set of overalls with Belle on the front. The sweatshirt had Princess written on the front in pink, but you wouldn't know it, since the bib hid it. After her Mommie put on her shoes, she was told to sit on the bed a second.

"We need something to finish the picture, you still don't look like Danielle," her Mommie said as she grabbed a brown pile of hair, and placed it on top of Danielle's head, "... Now there is my Princess,” she said, as she finger combed the hair in place.

“Can I see Mommie?” Danielle asked.

“Maybe later, we need to get some food in you before your Aunty arrives,” was the answer.

“Ok,” Danielle said defeated, and headed to the kitchen to sit at the kitchen table.

Soon after Danielle got done eating, her Aunty was ringing the doorbell.

“Danielle, your Aunt Angela is here for you,” Danielle’s Mommie said as Danielle started skipping to the door.

Noticing the lack of her cousin, she asked, “Where is Amanda?”

“She’s spending today with her favorite sister, and the rest of the Girls Scouts,” Aunt Angela answered as she hugged Danielle. “Well, we’d better be going. We’re expected in twenty minutes,” she continued as she took Danielle’s hand.

“Amanda doesn’t have a sister does she? And who is expecting us?” Danielle asked, as her aunty led her to the car.

“She is more like an adopted sister,” Aunty said as she helped Danielle into Amanda’s booster seat, conveniently ignoring the second part of the question.

After a few minutes drive, they arrived at an upscale high rise. Aunt Angela helped Danielle out of the car, and taking her hand, they went over to the door. A buzz sounded, and then they went into the lobby. Aunt Angela greeted someone sitting at the piano, “Hello Moira. I see you made it back ok from Los Angeles.”

“Aye, home sweet home. So this is your little niece? What a darlin’ she is!” the person identified as Moira said.

“Yep she is, I’m heading up to Jane’s now. You going to play some more or join us?” Aunt Angela said.

“We just made some cupcakes. I think they’re perfect for the wee Angel,” Moira said following the pair to the elevator.

Danielle finally was able to take in her appearance in the mirrored elevator doors as they rode the elevator up. She thought she looked just like her little girl classmates, which she was very happy about.

Moira opened the penthouse door, which caused someone else to say down the hall, “Moira is that you?”

“It’s me, and our guests are here too, Jane,” Moira answered.

“Great. I’ll be right there. Why don't you get them some snacks while they wait?” answered Jane.

“Danielle, aye? Would you like a cupcake?” Moira asked her as she held down a plate of blue and pink cupcakes.

“Yes, please,” Danielle responded as she grabbed a pink cupcake.

“What a pretty doll, Angela,” Danielle heard Jane say as she was eating her cupcake.

“Thanks. Same deal as Amanda, for the price?” Aunt Angela said.

“She can help Amanda if she feels like it. They would both be great if possible. I plan on asking both of my daughters too,” Jane responded as she bent down to talk to Danielle, “Danielle can you follow me? I need to get some measurements off you,” and offering Danielle her hand.

Danielle timidly took the offered hand and followed Jane, after making sure that her Aunty was following too.

“Ok, sweetiepie, arms up,” Jane said.

Jane picked up Danielle after she raised her hands, setting Danielle nicely on a table, which appeared to be very high off the floor to Danielle. “Ok, sweetiepie, I need you to be still while I get the measurements. I don’t want you to fall down.”

Danielle tried to be very still, as she felt a tape measure being placed various places around her body. She tried to watch what this Jane lady was doing, without moving, but found that very hard to do at times. Danielle was asked to move various body parts at times, as Jane measured her. She wasn’t sure what she was being measured for, but she hoped it was for an Alice costume. Really it was all she thought about since her cousin mentioned it.

“Ok, I should have it done in less than a week, I will give you a call Angela,” Jane said as she helped Danielle down from the table.

“Thank you again, Jane,” Aunt Angela said, as she was taking Danielle’s hand, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a niece to spoil since I don’t see her very often.”

Danielle’s ears perked up at that last statement, and said to her Aunty, “Spoil?”

“You’ll see, Princess,” was all her Aunty would say, as they walked out of the apartment, and headed for the elevator, “It’s about lunch time. You hungry, Princess?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Danielle responded as they walked to the car.

“Ok, we’ll swing by McDonalds on the way to our next stop,” Aunt Angela said as they were driving away, “Hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, sweetie?”

“Cheeseburger, Aunty, please” Danielle responded looking out the window at the passing city.

As they were getting out of the car at McDonalds, Aunt Angela took Danielle’s hand, and walked towards the counter.

“Coach Greer, what a surprise, what can I get you?” the teenage girl with black hair behind the counter said.

Aunt Angela, surprised at being recognized by the girl, shuddered, “How you know me? My niece will have a girl’s cheeseburger happy meal with the apple slices and a milk, I will have your ceasar salad, with an unsweetened ice tea.”

“I’m a good friend of Robin and Jenn, and for that matter, Alli and Nikki too... I’m working here part time to afford my prom dress. Oh, that will be 6.99 ma’am.”

After paying and receiving their food, Aunty lead Danielle to a table near the play area, “Ok, Princess, after you eat your food, you may play in the play area.”

Danielle nodded as she looked at the Strawberry Shortcake toy, slowly munching on an apple slice.

After eating, Danielle was excused from the table to play in the play area. “Let me get these shoes off you, Danielle.” aunty told her, as she was removing the shoes.

Danielle didn’t seem to have a care in the word, as she ran and giggled with the other boys and girls in the play area.

“Danielle, we have to go to our next stop,” she heard her aunty say as she was about ready to slide down the slide again.

Skipping like the excited girl she appeared to be, she stopped moving just long enough so her aunty could get her shoes on. “Wow, Princess, once you break free of that shyness you hide behind, you’re a hyper ball of energy,” her Aunt Angela exclaimed, “Just like your cousin.”

Back in the car, Danielle wondered where the next stop was going to be. “Where we going Aunty?” Danielle asked?

“You will see...” her Aunt Angela answered as she drove.

Pulling into the parking lot of a building she couldn’t remember if she had been to before, Danielle tried to see what the sign outside the parking lot said, but curses, she couldn’t read yet.

After helping Danielle out of the car, Danielle’s Aunty led her into the building, “Welcome to the Connecticut Children's Museum,” a lady at the door said.

With that Danielle became very excited and tried to pull her Aunty towards where she could see other kids, “Wait, Princess, we’ve got to pay first.”

After paying, Danielle pulled her aunty towards the museum proper, stopping in the first room which was full of musical instruments. Aunt Angela watched Danielle as she played around with them, smiling to herself about her excited niece that she never knew she had till recently.

After Danielle had her fill in that room they continued on to other parts of the museum, stopping to see various rooms, like one totally with logic puzzles, one almost directly from the ‘Goodnight Moon’ story, she especially liked the room full of dress up outfits.

“The museum is closing in 15 minutes,” the loudspeaker said after they had been there a few hours.

“Wow, where did the time go,” Aunt Angela said, “Well I guess that’s our cue to leave, Princess.”

Heading out of the car, Danielle was asked if she had a fun day, “Yes, Aunty, thank you.”

On the short drive across town, Danielle drifted asleep. Pulling in to the Collins residence, Aunt Angela had to wake Danielle up.

“She wore herself out playing today, and she’s probably hungry. She hasn’t eaten since I got her a happy meal at lunch,” Aunt Angela told Danielle’s Daddie after he answered the door.

“Ok, dinner is just about ready. Thank you Angela,” Danielle’s Daddie responded, “Go clean your hands for dinner, Princess,” he said to Danielle as he patted her back.


Danielle was not mentioned in most of the following week. Nothing was said about an Alice Halloween costume either, and again the Collins household fell into the status quo. Dani did try to find her poodle costume when she was bored on Wednesday, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

Still bored on Thursday, after her daily worksheet from school was done, she asked her Mommie, “Mommie you didn’t get rid of my poodle costume that Amanda gave me did you.”

“No sweetie, it is put away, would you like to wear it? You can’t wear it all day though because your father is taking us out to eat at a nice restaurant tonight,” was the response she got.

“Yes please,” Danielle responded bubbly.

“Ok, let me help you in it,” Danielle’s Mommie said, as she and Danielle went to the guest room.

Blocking the view of the closet from Danielle, Danielle’s Mommie got out the costume, and dressed her daughter in it. Danielle thought it was odd that she had her change to panties, not that she was upset about that though. “Ok, run along and play, Princess,” she said patting Danielle on the head.

After playing for a few hours, Danielle heard, “Princess, it time to get ready to go eat with your father, please come to the guest room.”

Walking into the room, Danielle saw an box laying on the bed with something white, and a shoe box next to it.

Stripped of her costume, Danielle was asked to sit on the bed and point both of her feet.

“These are tights, Princess,” her Mommie said as she worked them up her legs, getting to about her knees, her mother went to the shoe box. After she opened the top of the box, Danielle could see that they were a shiny pair of black shoes, which promptly went on her feet. Next she was helped off the bed, so the tights could be worked the rest of the way up her.

“Ok, arms up, Princess,” Danielle was told, and she gladly responded.

Her Mommie, after Danielle put her arms up, pulled a long sleeved shirt over her head, “Ok, leave them up please, Princess,” she said as Danielle was going to drop her arms. Next Danielle’s Mommie dropped an orange dress over top of her head, and adjusted it. “One more thing, and my Princess can go play while I get ready,” she said as she put the wig on Danielle’s head again.

As she wandered off to where her toys were kept, Danielle looked at the front of her dress, seeing that there was a witch, riding a broom on it. She was so engrossed at playing that she didn’t hear her Daddie come in, let alone see him peek in the room.

“I see you decided to join us tonight Princess,” she suddenly heard her Daddie say to her, for which she nodded. “We need to go to the restaurant, Princess,” offering his hand to his daughter.


Halloween morning, Dani, having woken up excited before her mother got up, decided to play with her toys. She was hoping that today she would be Alice.

“Morning sweetie. I see you were too excited to sleep,” Dani’s Mommie said, as she carried in the dreaded Buzz Lightyear costume.

Danny, seeing that costume, started to frown and asked, “I have to wear that?”

“It’s this or blue jeans and sweatshirt to school Sweetie,” was the response.

“Ok, I will wear that,” Danny responded with not much pep in his voice.

After Danny’s Mother dressed him in the white and green Buzz Lightyear costume from Disney, Danny was sent downstairs to get some food in him. “Don’t dilly dally around, you will be late for school, Danny.”

“Yes, Mommie,” was the sad voice that responded.

After a short drive to school, Danny was told as he was walking into school, “I will be here promptly at 11:30, so no playing in the playground. We have a busy afternoon.”

Danny nodded, confused what could be so busy about the afternoon.


“How was Kindergarten, Dani,” Danny was asked after school.

“Ok, Miss Fox wanted me to give you this note,” Danny responded.

Danny’s Mother looked at the note, which said “Danny appears to be sad about something today, but he won’t say what is troubling him.” Danny’s Mommie put the note in her purse, knowing what Dani was sad about.

After helping Dani in the car, and getting in herself, she asked, “Do you have a worksheet today, Princess?”

“Yes, I got to do one on shapes,” was Dani’s reply, after looking down at her outfit, confused.

“Ok, you can do it later, Princess, we are a bit busy this afternoon.”

Walking in the house, Dani was handed her lunch. “Eat this while I get your bath ready, Princess.” Dani did as she was told, but she was still confused by being called Princess while she was in the Buzz Lightyear costume, “When you’re done join me in the bathroom.”

After Dani was done with her lunch, she wandered to the bathroom, “Ok, my lunch is done Mommie,” she said.

“Ok, lets get you a quick bath. No play time today though, Princess,” her Mommie said as she was taking the Buzz Lightyear costume off.

After Dani hopped in the tub, her mother proceeded to scrub her clean. “Mommie?” Dani asked.

“Yes, Princess?”

“What we doing this afternoon that makes it so busy?” she asked.

“You will see, Princess.”

After drying her off in a big pink fluffy towel, she was led to the spare bedroom, where she saw the bed was piled high with different bags and boxes. “Ok, Princess step into these panties,” she was told as she was offered a yellow pair of panties.

Taking the towel away, Danielle’s Mommie had her Daughter sit on the edge of the bed, and point her toes out again.

As her Mommie put her tights on again, Danielle tried to figure out what all was on the bed. There seemed to be a huge pile of white fluff sitting to the side, and something was in a dress bag in another part of the bed. Danielle felt her Mommie put on her black patent mary janes again. “Ok, Princess, please stand up.”

Danielle did as her Mommie asked, as her mommie pulled up her tights. “Ok, arms up, Princess.” As Danielle raised her arms, her Mommie dropped the pile of white fluff over her head.

“Mommie, what is this?” Danielle quizzed since she never saw it before.

“It is a petticoat. It will make your dress stand out nice and poofy.”

“Oh,” Danielle said.

Reaching to the dress bag, Danielle’s Mommie started to open it up, “WOW, your aunt really outdid herself with this outfit. This is all taffeta and what appears to be bridal satin.”

Danielle watched her Mommie pull out a blue dress that rustled as it moved. “We’re getting very short on time, Danielle,” her mommie said as she looked at her watch quickly, and continued to unbutton the dress.

“Ok, Arms up again, Princess,” Danielle was told.

As Danielle raised her arms, her mommie placed the dress on her. “Hmm, there is a makers tag on this outfit. I have to check it out later,” Danielle’s Mommie said rhetorically as she was buttoning her daughter in to the dress.

“Arms in front of you, Danielle,” was the next request.

As Danielle did that, her Mommie placed a white satin pinafore on her, and then promptly tied it behind Danielle. After that was done, a blonde wig, and white hair band were placed on her head.

Taking Danielle hand, she was led to the car, “Sorry we are running behind, Princess”

Danielle noticed that she rustled when she moved, but she was especially glad. She was going to be Alice. Though she was still confused what they were running behind about. As she sat in her booster seat in the car, she noticed that her dress stood out more than the orange dress stood out.

After a short drive, her Mommie told her, “Ok, we are at our next stop,” as she was led into the building. “Appointment for Danielle Collins,” her Mommie told the lady at the desk inside, as Danielle tried to hide behind her Mommie.

“Shawna is expecting you. What a beautiful Alice she makes,” was the reply back as they went towards the back.

“Hello Nancy. This must be the pretty Danielle you’ve been hiding from me? I am all ready for her,” came out of lady about Danielle’s Mommies age.

“Thanks for getting her in on such short notice,” Danielle’s Mommie said.

“Not a problem. You want a manicure, and makeup?” Shawna asked her Mommie.

“Yes please, but on the makeup front, please very light on the makeup. I would like her to look like the sweet five year old she is, please.”

“Not a problem. Arms up sweetiepie, that’s a good girl,” Shawna said as Danielle was helped into the already ready booster seat. “I am going to put this cape around your neck, to protect your pretty dress, Danielle.”

Danielle watched her place the pink cape around her neck.

Placing a bowl of warm water in front of Danielle, she had her place both of her hands in the water, while she worked on Danielle’s face. “Try to keep perfectly still for me, sweetiepie.”

Danielle tried to watch what Shawna was doing, but found it difficult. She felt Shawna place something on on her cheeks, and then it felt like most of it was being brushed away. “Ok, pucker up for me Danielle, like this,” Danielle was told.

Danielle felt that something was being placed on her lips. After that was done, Shawna sat across from her, and took one of Danielle’s hands out of the water. Danielle watched as Shawna trimmed the nails, and used something made out of wood to push where her nails, and skin meet. After that was done, a block that was used to rub back and forth on top of the nail, then the hand was placed back in the water.

Shawna repeated everything with the other hand, and then took some strange lotion, and started to rub all over Danielle’s hand, setting the hand on a towel, and doing the same to the other hand. She then grabbed a wet wipe, and wiped down both of Danielle’s hands.

“Nancy?” Shawna asked.

“Yes, Shawna.”

“What color would you like your little Alice’s nails?”

“A shade of blue to match the dress if possible.”

“Ok,” was the reply as Shawna grabbed a blue bottle, checking it against the dress.

“Danielle, sweetiepie, I need you to perfectly still with your fingers. This takes a while to dry, and if you touch them before they’re dry, you’ll ruin them, ok?” Shawna told her.

Danielle nodded as she watched Shawna paint her nails clear first, and then took the blue bottle, and painted the nails blue. After it was all done, her fingers were set underneath two little fans. “Sit perfectly still, Danielle as your Mommie and I deal with the cash.”

Back in the car, Danielle looked at her pretty blue fingernails that she was afraid to touch. “Mommie?”

“Yes, Princess”

“How long are these going to take to dry?” Danielle asked.

“By the time we get to your Grandma’s house they should be dry?”


“Yep, I thought I would show you off, Princess”

Danielle stared out the window, not sure if going to Grandma’s was a good thing or not. Everyone had accepted her as a girl, but she was afraid that someone was going to go nuts on her. She normally loved going to Grandma Brown’s in Alpine Springs, but she wasn’t so sure today. She was so busy staring at the countryside, that she was surprised to see her Mommie pulling in to the Grandma’s driveway.

Accepting her Mommie’s hand, Danielle tried to hide behind her Mommie, as the doorbell was rang.

“Well hello, Nancy, I was not expecting you for another half an hour or so,” Grandma said, and then looking down at Danielle, “Who is this?”

“We stopped just so you could meet your granddaughter Danielle, then her Aunt is expecting her.”

“Maybe I am getting senile in my old age, but I don’t seem to remember having a granddaughter, let alone one named Danielle,” was Grandma’s reply, “But she is a cutiepie. Come here so Grandma can see you better, Grandma don’t get around so good with this broken leg.”

Danielle timidly stepped towards her grandma, and said very very softly, “Hello, Grandma.”

“I’ll be right back, Danielle,” Grandma said as she hobbled back in the house, “Here, you go sweetie,” Grandma continued as she handed Danielle a cookie.

“Don’t be getting crumbs all over your outfit, Danielle. We’ve got to go soon. Your aunty is expecting you. See you in a about 20 to 30 minutes, Mother,” Danielle’s mother said, leading Danielle back to the car.

Pulling into the parking lot of a large school, her mother told her, “We are here Princess,” Danielle nodded even though she was confused.

Her Mommie helped her out of the car, and held her hand as they went to the trunk to get her overnight bag. Hand in hand they walked into the school and headed to the Gymnasium where a lot of noises were coming from. Walking in to it, her Aunt Angela saw them and said “Excuse me a minute girls,” to the high school girls she was with. “Hello Nancy, hello Danielle.”

“Hi Angela. Here is her overnight bag. I packed her some Pajamas and I also packed her a Nightie, so she can choose … oh and here is the makeup the salon used incase you have to touch up her makeup. She has a worksheet she has to do for school tomorrow. That’s also in her overnight bag.”

“Thank you,” Aunt Angela said.

“You never told me how much I owe you,” Danielles Mommie asked.

“Well that is the thing. I wasn’t charged for the costume. I can total up accessories later, she didn’t charge me for Amanda’s dress either.”

“Wait... this dress is expertly done, not a bit of cheap fabric in it. The taffeta it’s made with must have cost 15 to 20 dollars a yard. This dress is custom made; it don’t look like a standard pattern was used. She gave it to you for free?” Danielle’s Mommie answered shocked.

“The seamstress who made this wouldn’t be caught dead making it with a pattern. She would never hear the end of it. She didn’t exactly give it to me for free. Amanda is kind of paying for it, though Danielle can if she wants to help pay for it.”

“And how are Amanda and Danielle can afford to pay for both of these outfits?”

“The seamstress wants Amanda to model some flower girl outfits,” Aunt Angela answered, as a suddenly not bored Danielle started looking towards her Mommie and Aunt talking.

“To sell second hand on eBay?” Danielle’s Mommie asked.

Aunt Angela laughed as she shook her head, “This seamstress doesn’t do second hand, and she doesn’t need to stoop to selling on eBay.”

“Who exactly is this seamstress?” Danielle’s Mommie asked.

"Melissa Jane Evans ring a bell?" Aunt Angela asked and grinned.

"Yes, I was drooling over her dresses when I was planning my marriage to Adam. I even tried on a second hand one of her dresses one of the bridal shops had, knowing full well I could only dream of affording the couple grand it cost second hand. Why do you bring up her?"

"Because Danielle is wearing an Evans’ Alice costume."

"Your joking right?" Danielle’s Mommie said as Aunt Angela shook her head.

“Danielle, come over here please, Princess. Thank you, sweetie, please turn around.”

Danielle felt her mother unbutton the top button of her dress. “What you doing Mommie?” Danielle asked her mother in a scared tone.

“I just want to check the tag in your dress, Princess. You ARE NOT Joking!” her Mommie answered shocked, as she buttoned the dress back up. “... And this and Amanda’s costume was done free of charge?!?!? Why would she do this?”

"She kind of considers Amanda family, and Danielle reminds her of her step-daughter."

"Her step-daughter?"

“This is not the place and time to discuss this. Let’s set up a time to talk about this when you come to pick up Danielle, and I’ll have the total how much you owe me for the costume accessories available then.” as Danielle’s mother nodded. “Enjoy your time with your mother Nancy. I’m sure Danielle will not be a bother while I’m coaching the girls,” Aunt Angela said.

“You be good Princess. I will see you later.”

“Bye bye Mommie,” Danielle said as she hugged her mommie.

“Danielle, I laid a blanket down over there by the bleaches. There is also a coloring book and crayons on it. Why don’t you go keep yourself busy while I continue the practice for the girls,” aunt Angela suggested.

Walking over to the blanket, Danielle took the coloring book, and laid down carefully on her belly, unknowingly giving the world a show of her butt as the back of her dress poofed out because of her poofy dress and petticoat. Thumbing through the Alice in Wonderland coloring book, she selected a picture of Alice to color.

She was so engrossed in her coloring that she didn’t notice the girls and her aunt looking at her, half smiling and half hiding giggles. Her aunt just shook her head.

"Coach Greer, can I be excused to talk to your niece?" she heard come from one of the high school girls.

"Sure," Aunt Angela said hesitantly.

The girl walked over to Danielle, and sat down on the floor next to her. "Hi, I’m Robin. What’s your name?"

"Danielle," she answered in a very soft whispering voice.

"Why don't you sit on my lap? You're showing the world your butt, and that isn't very lady like is it?"

Danielle shook her head, and sat on Robin’s lap.

“I like your costume, Danielle.”

“Thanks,” she said in a soft, but not as quiet voice.

“Do you like your costume?”

Danielle nodded.

“What are you coloring?” Robin asked.

“A picture of my costume, Alice.”

"You know, I’ve heard so much about you from your cousin and your aunt," Robin said.

"My cousin talked to you, and my aunt?" Danielle said, a little surprised.

"Yes, your cousin can't stop talking about you. She’s very happy to finally have a girl cousin."

"Are you my cousin’s sister that I never knew she had?"

"Guilty as charged," Robin said, smiling.

"Why would my Aunty talk to you about me?"

"Let’s just say you remind me of me when I was your age, but the real reason is a bit over your head right now,” Robin said, “I need to get back to the practice, can you sit indian style?” as Danielle nodded her head. “Good, sit indian style right here, and lets put your coloring book on the first bleacher, that way you’re not showing everyone your panties.”

Danielle proceed to sit indian style in front of the bleachers, as Robin adjusted her dress so it sat nicely, and then proceeded to rejoin the other girls.

Danielle was so engrossed in her coloring, that she didn't hear the girls leaving. "You color good Princess, you stay in the lines," her Aunty woke her out of her trance. "It’s time to go home. Uncle Steve should have dinner ready soon," Aunty said helping Danielle up and heading out of the school towards her car.

After a short drive to her Aunt’s house Danielle was helped out of the car, and together they walked to the door. Amanda said giggly, “Off with her head,” as her cousin stepped in the door.

Danielle just giggled at her cousins actions. She took in her cousins costume, it was as pretty as she thought it was before, but the crown on top of her head made it even nicer.

“Amanda,” Aunt Angela said.

“Yes Mommie,” Amanda said to her Mommie.

“Is your homework done?”

“Yes Mommie.”

“Ok, you can watch your cousin as she does her school worksheet,” Aunt Angela said, as she handed Danielle her worksheet.


After Danielle and Amanda had finished dinner the doorbell rang, with two giggling voices yelling “Trick or Treat”

Amanda ran to the door, and hugged her best friends: Amber who was wearing a White Rabbit costume, and holding a large clock, and Denise dressed in a pink and purple cat costume with an oversized grin on her face. Amber exclaimed, looking at Danielle, “You got us an Alice, Amanda”

“Amber, and Denise, I’d like you to meet my cousin Danielle, who I conned into being Alice. Well really she went willingly. Cous’ meet my best friends Amber and Denise,” Amanda said.

Aunt Angela went to the front door, “I swear you were born in a barn Amanda, letting out all of the heat. Hello Glenn. Hope you have no problem taking the four girls trick or treating.”

“Not at all,” was the reply that came back.

“Ok, girls here are your treat bags, no eating the candy till you get back, I want to examine it first,” Aunt Angela said, patting both Amanda and Danielle on the back.


“Did you two have fun? Let me see your treat bags,” Aunt Angela said as Danielle and Amanda walked back in the house.

“Yes, Mommie,” … “Yes, Aunty” was the exciting response that came back, as they handed over the treat bags.

“Amanda turn around, I’m going to undo the back of your dress. I want you to go up to my bathroom, and take a shower. I already placed a nightie in there,” Amanda’s Mommie said as she undid the back of Amanda’s dress. “Scrub your face very good - you have makeup on, and hang up your costume too,” Amanda’s Mommie yelled to where her already departed daughter had gone.

“Danielle I’m going to help you take a bath. Your mother packed you both a girls princess nightie, or superman pjs,” Danielle was told by her Aunt as they went to the bathroom. Angela helped Danielle out of her costume and into the bathtub. “Be a good girl, and play in the tub for a bit, while I take care of your costume.”

After her Aunty came back, Danielle was washed up, paying special attention to her face. Danielle noticed that all the scrubbing didn’t touch her pretty blue nails.

“Ok, Danielle, which sleepwear do you want to wear?” her Aunty asked as she was helped out of the tub.

Danielle responded, “The princess nightie, Aunty.”

“Ok,” Aunt Angela said, helping Danielle in to her nightie.

“Where’s my long hair?” Danielle asked.

“Sorry you can’t sleep on it, but you’re still Danielle with the short hair,” Aunt Angela said to Danielle as she took Danielle’s hand, and went out of the bathroom.

“Took you two long enough,” said Amanda as she was sitting looking bored in the hall outside the bathroom.

Danielle noticed that Amanda’s nightie matched hers as Aunt Angela said, “Quiet you, silly goose. Ok to bed both of you so I can read you both a bedtime story.”

Walking in to Amanda’s room, Danielle noticed that alongside Amanda’s bed was another mattress. “Amanda get in your bed, and I will tuck you in, after I’m done tucking Danielle in to the trumble bed.”


“Yes Danielle,” Aunt Angela answered.

“When is my Mommie coming back?” a tired Danielle questioned.

“About 10 or 11pm tonight. You better be sleeping by then.”

After tucking both in, she started reading them a good night story:

More than anything else in the world, Angelina loved to dance. She danced all the time and she danced everywhere, and often so was so busy dancing that she forgot about the other things she was supposed to be doing.


~oO The End Oo~

I would like to thank Zoe Taylor and Darkkitten for proof editing.

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