The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 46

The Girl Most Likely To ... Part 46
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Renée talks to her sisters.

During the few hours that Renée was at the home, she had talked to the girls about the present she got Rachel and that she didn't want Rachel to know anything about it, until they got to the park. Everybody said it was cool that Renée had gotten the ice skates for Rachel.

"We are going to make sure that Rachel knows how to ice skate by the time we leave the park. I think she is going to be like the rest of us; she's going to want to skate as much as possible. This summer, we will get her a pair of roller skates. I think roller blades would not be a good idea for now.

"Also, sisters, Sharon told me that the coat she got from here will not really be warm enough for the winter. Let's all chip in and get her the warmest winter coat we can find."

"I think that is a good idea," Joy said. "I don't quite understand what she is going through, but I know that she needs support and I will donate ten dollars towards this coat."

"Thank you, Joy. When we get enough money, I want us all to go and select a coat for Rachel that she can wear for at least two or three winters, maybe more."

"Alright, leader of the pack," Sharon said, being facetious. "I think we all have the money right now. Where would you like to go to get this coat?"

"Burlington Coat Factory at the mall in Parker City. We could take the bus, with daddy driving."

"Daddy? Drive the bus? Uhm, okay." There were giggles at what Sheryl had said. Sheryl went to get Madelline. "Mom, Renée wants us to go to Parker city and get Rachel a really warm winter coat at Burlington Coat Factory, and, she wants us all to go and have daddy drive the bus."

"Daddy? Drive the bus? uhm, okay, I suppose it could be possible. Let me give him a quick call."

"Daddy has never driven the bus, before?"

"No, he hasn't. We have a driver that takes us where we need to go in the bus. His name is Dan, and he also makes sure they are washed and have plenty of gas and whatever else it takes to make it run."

"Sharon, if she can get daddy to drive the bus, do you think we can go tonight?"

"Yes, that way Rachel won't have to wait for her coat. She can get it right away."

"Well, I talked with our house father, and he says he does have his chauffeur's license to drive the bus. He said he will be here, shortly."

"Thanks, mom," Sharon said, smiling.

"Just be sure and get her the nicest coat you can find."

"Yes, mom," we all said in unison.

About twenty minutes later, Jack Olsen, daddy to the girls, came in the house.

"What is this I hear that someone wants me to drive the bus?"

"Yes, daddy," Sharon said. "Renée wants us all to go Burlington Coat Factory in Parker City and get Rachel a nice winter coat she can wear for two or three winters, maybe more."

So, you all just want to go the Burlington Coat Factory, get Rachel a nice winter coat, and come back. Did I get that right?"

"Yes, daddy. You know for a man, you catch on quickly."

"Yes, well, I have good teachers."

It was nice to be able have this kind of levity without anybody taking it seriously.

"All right, ladies, suit up, and let's get going. I have the bus right outside."

All the girls had their coats and boots ready, so they just got them on, and went out to the bus.

After they were all on the bus, Renée smiled when she said.

"Thank you, daddy, you're a gem."

"A diamond in the rough, that's me." The girls all giggled.

As they headed toward Parker City, in Monroe county, they were all talking. It seems that Santa Claus was getting forgetful these days. He left Rachel's coat at the mall. So they went to pick it up.

When they got to the mall, they all filed out of the bus, one at a time, like ladies. They went in the mall by the side doors, and had to walk the whole mall to get to the Burlington Coat Factory. As they walked in the store, a lady not much older than the girls, came over and asked if they needed any help.

"Well, we are looking for a nice, warm winter coat for our friend. All she has is a thin coat that won't do, when the temperatures drop to below zero."

"What size does she wear?"

"A misses size eight."

"I wish I could wear a size eight. I wear a ten as it is. I'm Alice, by the way."

"It is nice to meet you, Alice."

It was then that Jack Olsen came from around one of the racks.

"Daddy!" Alice exclaimed. "Do these belong to you?" She asked, making a sweeping motion toward the girls.

"They belong to no one, Alice. You should know that. It is we who belong to them. They keep saying we are teaching them, but it is the other way around. You girls have been teaching us, ever since the home opened. A finer bunch of girls cannot be found anywhere."

"You were at the home, Alice?" Connie asked. "Wait! Alice, Alice ... oh my gosh, you aren't Alice Spencer."


"Sisters, sisters, gather round. This is Alice Spencer, she was one of the original sisters at the home when it opened. It is because of her and her sisters that we have the rule that we have. What was it you said, again, Alice?"

"Tis not right to lock us up like criminals, when most of us have committed no crime. We have the right to be ladies and live like we should at our birth homes."

"Yes! Sisters, whenever we come here, we should let Alice wait on us, if she is working." Everybody agreed.

"I work Monday through Saturday, two to closing. Now, let us see if we can get our sister a decent coat."

They looked through the racks, and they didn't want a white coat, because it wasn't too visible in the snow. They didn't want her to have a hot pink one, because it was too bright. Black and blue were too common. Then, Joy saw the best one, yet. It was a light pink, three quarter length coat with a detachable parka. This one also had a set of gloves that came with it.

"Sisters, how about this one? It isn't too bright, or too common. It would be seen when Rachel walked to town, or to Renée's. It is microfiber filled with a cotton outer covering, and a nice nylon inner lining."

"Joy, you found the best one, yet. This one is only fifty six dollars. So, I..."

"I will pay for it, Sharon," daddy said, smiling.

"But, daddy, this is supposed to be from all of us."

"It will be, Connie. But you girls bought me this expensive watch, which I was ready not to accept, but I was talked in to accepting it. Let me repay this kindness."

"Sisters," Connie looked at the girls. "Do we let Santa Claus here get Rachel her ultimate gift?"

"There was chorus of; "yes!!" From all of the girls.

Alice gift wrapped the coat with the gloves inside. The gloves were thick and warm and matched the coat in color. They then took the coat, and started to leave, Jack Olsen looked back at Alice.

"Alice, you need to come and visit us every now and then. Bring us up to date on what's going on with you."

"I will, daddy, thank you."

They went back to the home and put the gift under the tree. They hadn't taken it down, yet. Sharon then had mom call Jim's Hardware Emporium to see if Rachel and Darla were there. She was told they had just left for home. Madelline called Naomi and told her what was going on, and that Rachel was needed at the home. She said to make sure Renée's mother, her BFF and her mother, and Rachel's mother were at the home for Rachel's surprise. The she called Shaiya and Melanie and told them what was going on.

Unknown to any of them, Naomi called Jim O'Donnell and told him what was going on. He said he would be there. Everybody got there ahead of Rachel, who was brought over by Tommy Barker. When they walked in the house, Joy ran up to Rachel.

"Rachel, Rachel, you just gotta see. Santa left another present for you." Joy took the present and handed it to Rachel. "Open it, sis, come on, we want to see what it is."

Rachel took the wrapping paper off of the box, and then opened the box. When she took out the light pink coat, she screamed.

"What have you brats done, now? This...this beautiful and even gloves. I...don't...I mean, all."

The girls and the adults gave Rachel hugs, Rachel was crying so hard by now, that her mother and everybody just wanted to hug her more and hold her. Before Rachel came to the home, she didn't know this type of kindness; in fact she didn't know kindness at all. When she found out what her father tried to do, then she knew that what he was telling her was wrong. It was then that her attitude started to change, and she just kept changing. If she were at home and cried, like she was doing now, her father would have beaten her until she couldn't sit. Now her father is sitting in jail for almost killing her mother.

When she came to the home with Naomi, she was uncertain of things. She just stood out in the cold, unsure of what to do, until Sharon Hardesty got her inside by the fireplace. That was when she found out these girls could be the best of friends or the worst of enemies. She decided they should be the best of friends. That was why she asked them to help her find herself and be the girl she always has been. They surprised her by saying yes, they would be delighted to help.

They gave Rachel their cast off clothes that they didn't want. They made sure that Rachel was accepted as not only a sister, but as a friend, as well. Now these girls have gone out of their way and gotten her a beautiful winter coat that will keep her warm. Then Joy started the house song.

"Cheer her up! Listen now!
The time has come for one and all
To give her all.

We are the sisters of the Pine Meadows Home for Adolescent Girls.
We come from cities near and far.
We're all for one, we're one for all

Each girl stands, her head so proudly high,
Her motto 'all for one and one for all.'
She's the one each girl looks up to.

Our house parents are not too soft,
They're like real parents,
We've have a super who really loves us,
We're all for one, we're one for all,
We are the sisters of the Pine Meadows Home for Adolescent Girls."

Rachel joined in for the last verse. She was smiling now, and then she looked around the room.

"I don't know which of you had this idea, but I like it. Thank you all, for this beautiful gift."

"Rachel, we haven't the foggiest idea of what you are talking about. Santa left that for you while nobody was looking."

"Right, and I'm the tooth fairy. I have never had kindness like this before I came here. This is truly a home, with love. Renée's house is just such a house, too."

"Ehmmm, whose house? Don't you mean, our house, sister Rachel?"

"Oh, uhm, yes, sister Renée." There were giggles and laughter.

"My house, indeed. You act like you don't live there. It is our house from now on, sister Rachel."

"Yes, mother." The girls all giggled.
This is a short chapter. Part 47 begins Renée in public school in town.

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