Skirting the issue 3 What a drag!

The evening is not yet dark enough for headlights as a red blur passes by. The grass on the verge of the road barely moves from its passing. The deer drinking its water in the ditch looked up after its passing looked around and went back to drinking.

The car seems to hug the road as if it is made for it. The monster of an engine under the hood purrs like a kitten in contentment. It is not the speed it would prefer to be doing but it is a far better speed than before. The tires make a steady staccato as the lines of the road beat a steady rhythm on the car. The hum of the exhaust is steady and vibrates throughout the car not from noise but power. Indeed it is a stock exhaust muffler, and not one but two resonators to reduce the engine noise to a silence. Neither of the two occupants of the car pay any real attention to these vibrations or noises.

"My name is Jason NOT Melissa!" says the redheaded girl in the black top and denim skirt.

"Oh please! I gave you a chance to pick your own name and you so blew it. Besides you look like a Melissa." states the platinum blond, and rather large chested, woman in the passenger seat. Her micro mini satin black skirt and white wool sweater showing off her curves.

"Dammit Pete.... err sorry Petra. My name is Melissa... I mean Jason!"

"See Melissa it's so you." laughs the blond.

"I put my heels in that one didn't I?"She sighs"Do I have too? Why can't I be a Carol or Jennifer instead?"

"One - I'm your Drag mother so I get to choose the final name, its tradition. Trust me I would have gone with anything other than Petra. You have no idea how many times I been asked if I'm Russian. Second - you are definitely not a Carol or Jennifer."

The sound of the road is the only sound for a few minutes.

"Why can't I use Jason? I mean it's my name why not use it? It's not like people won't know I'm a guy in drag."

"Melissa. There is a queenie who does use her male name. His name is Bob. It.. did not go over well at first and he got beat up a few times. She does a comedy act with it still but most know her now as Bobbi. Much to her annoyance" Petra giggled.

Thump thump thump..


"Yes Bob. She didn't have a drag mother so she slipped under the radar. I would look quite the fool if I allowed my drag daughter in public with a boy's name."

Thump thump thump..

"Yes but Bob?"

"Just drop it Melissa"

The lights of the city glared out of the darkness. The first street lamp placed far apart from its commrads was silent as the red fd glided past. Soon enough the many lights made driving without headlights a possibility, although illegal it could be done. The fd glided along without any troubles silent and uneventful. The monster begging for play time however Melissa kept it at bay and calm well almost. Everything was fine until a few stoplights in from the country on a still somewhat empty street.

Melissa was pulling up to the stop light as Petra was busy explaining a few minor details about where to go and how to get there.

When a rather noisy car full of obnoxious teens pulled up along side. One of the teens leaned out the window and pantomimed rolling down the window.

"No Melissa don't ... oh god." Petra did her best to hide in a very small car.

"Hey its a bunch of girls dude!"the teen called back to his buddies in the car.

"Can you drive that junk heap babe?"called the kid who couldn't be more than 16 tops. At this Melissa's foot revved up the engine just a bit. The monster sensing its possible freedom purred like a kitten awaiting its contentment. Melissa just looked over at Petra with the biggest grin on her face lighting it up like a sun. Her beauty shining through almost stunned Petra.

"No Melissa please don't ....oh god!" Petra gripped the armrests again popping yet another nail off.

"The sleeper must awaken!" Laughed a maniacal Melissa. She just calmly rolled back up the power window and sat there with one hand on the steering wheel while the other lovingly caressed the gear shifter. The monster revved up and down slightly sensing the moment was coming.

The stop light turned green and the kids in their "tuner" Honda civic with its flashing green paint and garish decals jumped forwards as if to take the old FD to school. When they looked to their side they saw that not only had the FD been not left behind it was rock steady beside them. A second gear in the Honda was changed and the car sped up again. Melissa laughing like a maniac didn't switch gear yet just added a touch more gas easily keeping pace with the e6 wannabe.

The monster not wanting to play anymore communicated its intention and for once its mistress let it go. With just a chirp of the tires the FD pulled away almost like the other car had slammed on its brakes. Gliding away from the E6 the FD pulled away with barely a discernable roar from the car heard to any pedestrians. One not familiar with this street would assume the FD was going far to fast for the sudden paved S curve in the road up ahead. The E6 dumped speed quickly so as to make the corner. Its occupants almost gleefully waiting for the FD to launch itself off the road.

The red FD already going to fast seemed to speed up instead of slowing down at the first curve the back of the car tilted sideways first one way and then the other without a brakelight once making its brightness known. The FD has easily made the turn and continued unhurried as it slowed back down to continue its drive at a much more reasonable, and legal, speed. The E6 and its now silent occupants pulled of the side of the road after the S curve.

"Dude she just blew by like we were not even here."

"I didn't know anyone could make that corner at that speed."

Pete stared at his friend with wide eyes. The engine in the car was a monster for sure but it was nothing compared to the girl, and there was no doubt it was surely a girl at that moment, giggling like mad in the drivers seat with the biggest silliest grin on her face almost jumping up and down in the seat in her excitement. He could almost see a little girl Melissa jumping up and down in her pink party dress pigtails flying saying "lets do that again". Petra shook her head to clear it of the vision with but one thought was on her mind. "What have I created?"

The rest of the drive to the restaurant where the girls were to meet up with some of Petra's friends was uneventful. The Fd glided into its parking spot, the monster giving a quiet sigh of contentment as its engine slowly stilled. Melissa suddenly changed from a confident beauty to a nervous wreck as the key was removed from the ignition.

"I ...I ... This is wrong! I'm a boy! I shouldn't be doing this! What was I thinking not bringing boys clothes! Can we go back please I'm not ready for this!" Melissa looked at Petra with pleading eyes. Petra just chuckled reached over and removed the ignition key which she then dropped into her purse.

"In a word NO!"so saying Petra gracefully exited the vehicle. She walked around the car and opened the drivers door. With a gentle hand she pulled a very frightened Melissa out of the car. Melissa was standing there holding her wallet ready to bolt into the nearest shadow. Petra uttered calming noises while saying "There there its alright" as she gently lead Melissa from the car.

"PETRA!" squealed a androgynous voice seemingly out of nowhere. Petra looked around to identify the voice when two guys obviously in drag walked up to her. Melissa had seemingly vanished.

"Oh my god Nikki! Margy! It has been like ages!" the three queenies all jumped up and down like schoolgirls and talked for a couple of secs with many hugs and air kisses. Nobody wanted to ruin the makeup of the others.

" I have to introduce you to my daughter Mel.... Okay she was here just a second ago. Its her first time please be gentle with her.. Melissa honey where are you?" Petra, Nikki, and Marg looked around the parking lot closest to them in search of the suddenly missing girl. Petra almost walked away after a quick look in the car when she saw a bit of denim poking out behind the drivers seat.

Opening the door and then pulling the seat forward they found a frightened Melissa crying in the back wedged into a very small space.

Really it is barely enough for a toddler to sit down on and yet Melissa had crouched in that small space in a really short time.

"Melissa honey we don't bite there is nothing to be afraid of." Nikki the long black haired with overdone makeup, tiny pink skirt and satin red blouse all but lifted the poor girl out of the car. While the parking lot had some light it was not very bright to make out how someone really looked unless it was way overboard. Melissa reluctantly stood up to her full height of 5' 6" or 5' 7" if you count the small heels. The two new girls looked a bit shocked at this young beauty. They had been expecting a young crossdresser or drag queen( they actually imagined a football kid in a summer dress with hairy legs and arms.)

"Nikki can you bring her to the van and fix her up a bit her mascara has run." Marg said this while looking directly into Petra's face with her arms folded. Nikki gently escorted the girl to their mid 80s GM van done up to sorta look like the original A Team van...if it had a yellow and black paintjob ...with pink pinstriping. Opening the side door revealed a rather unusual interior. There was barely room to move around between the garish outfits and the smorgasbord of makeup. Just about every makeup available on the market from theatrical to play makeup was in there ..somewhere. It was an overwhelming experience for Melissa who had, till this point, used makeup simular to what her sister wore or what Petra had show her tricks with. Nikki expertly sat Melissa down on the edge of the door and cleaned off her ruined mascara, redid it with a waterproof variety, and spritzed her face with hairspray. The hairspray she was told would prevent it from coming off during a performance.

"So your Petra's daughter, ack what have you done to your nails girl! They are awful! Don't fret Aunty Nikki can fix you up!" she asked while seemingly pulling a manicure kit, an extensive kit, from under the front passenger seat.

"Well kinda, sorta I guess I'm his, I mean her daughter." Melissa told Nikki. It was kinda true in a manner of speaking. Nikki was already filing and pushing on her nails. Usually she just wore glue on nails.

"I usually use glue on nails but I ran out of glue after gluing back together a plastic panel for the car last week. I forgot to pick up some more." she said sheepishly. Melissa decided having someone work on your nails was a pleasant experience.

"Yeah your her daughter alright. No other girl I know of would think of a vehicle first like that woman. I tell you don't get her started in one of our meetings or she will never shut up. Last time she was here she was going on and on about this Mazda something or another and how the engine was so yada yada. I tell you most of the group was ready to throw her outside into the rain for it. I mean we are supposed to be playing girls! Not some motormouth guy! And to think she got a girl like you into it. I would think you would have preferred to be out chasing boys or cheerleading like most girls your age." Nikki said mostly in one breath. Melissa just rolled her eyes and realized that Nikki was a talker who preferred the sound of her own voice. "To think bringing up a sweet cutie daughter like..." and off she went. Melissa just kinda zoned her out and waited for her to finish on her hands. Looking over she spotted Petra being shy for some reason.

"....and to think I trusted you! I mean really bringing a GG like that and trying to pass her off as a crossdresser!" Marg or Mother Margette was into her own drag daughter's shameful behavior.

"But Mother! She is really a gu..." Petra tried to get out.

"Don't you dare! I have seen many a transsexual over the years so I can spot a girl vs a GG a mile away and that my dear daughter is a GG. Now if you are trying to get her to be a drab king that would be one thing. But you told me over the phone I would get to meet my drag granddaughter. While I admit she is pretty enough and I will treat her as a granddaughter but it will be as a real granddaughter and not a drag granddaughter. Are we clear young lady?" Marg was a bit upset. One would not suspect that this punkish purple and pink haired lady was over 40 years old. Her tailored skirt suit with its exaggerated frilly blouse was a bit over the top. The large hands, however nice the nails were, kinda yelled guy though. She had managed to keep a presentable figure over the years.

Petra out of some reaction pointed her head down and mumbled " Yes mother". Petra was actually approaching her late 20s and wasn't really all that young but to her drag mother she may have well as been 5 years old.

The parking lot became a little bit more lighted as the moon peaked out from its cloud cover and the two queens walked over to the van just as Nikki was finishing..

"... purse should work well with that outfit. I can't believe you lost your purse. I mean shesh girl how do expect to find anything!"

Melissa now draped in some cheap gold plated necklace watch and bangles was fighting to prevent Nikki from piercing her ears with her now 'properly' polished and oval nails doing most of the blocking. The denim purse hooked over the one outstretched arm in defense as well. Seeing her savior Petra was close at hand, to hopefully stop this one man army of femininity, she tried to get up to run to her only to be sat back down with a firm hand from Nikki.

"Mother please tell her no earrings!" Melissa was pleading! Not in as much of a panic anymore as Nikki had totally distracted her.

"Nikki please no earrings on my drag..."Thwack from an annoyed Marg who also gave Petra a nasty look" err Daughter. Her mom would skin me alive if she went home with her ears pierced." Petra sighed.

Turning to Petra an ignant Nikki replied"Well I never! A 16yr old girl without peirced ears! What is this world coming too. Next your gonna tell me she wears pants all the time and no bra!" Melissa seeing her escape dove around Nikki to hide behind Petra.

"Save me please!" Whispered Melissa more in play than in fright.

"Actually... I think the meeting should start soon." Petra deflected. Maybe once Melissa was under some proper lighting they would see she is really a gir.. boy in drag. Marg and Nikki did their best imitation of being insulted while locking up the van again.

The group made their way to the entrance of the parking lot beside the club. The lot being older was surprisingly not heaved or cracked which made walking in their heels so much easier. The sidewalk from the lot to the club on the other hand had seen better days. Petra made the formal introductions while they walked. Melissa was a little surprised she was introduced as just a daughter and not a drag daughter. Her look of confusion to Petra was seemingly ignored. Petra paid for Melissa's cover charge as well as her own and got her a pink strap for her arm as opposed to the pink and black stripes the queens were given. Melissa just assumed it was because she was not really a drag queen as these three were.

The inside of the club was different from the bar she was used to back home. Instead of a single level floor this one had a slightly raised section with a separate bar and tables for people who preferred to sit, chat or eat as the case may be. The stage was an open polished section of the floor that also doubled as a dance area. The rest of the club floor was carpeted in a plush type of industrial carpeting. Plush industrial carpeting of course resembling a door mat for stiffness and durability. Around the dance floor / stage was an array of lighting equipment bolted to the ceiling. Although smoking indoors had been banned for a couple of years now the place still had that look of a bar with smoke stains in areas around the vents.

Still it felt.. peaceful as the noise level was not that high considering the place had more people than she would have expected. The Queens table, as she was informed, was currently full of 7 people and an assortment of stuff in boxes and bags on the table. The Princess table, where she was shown to, was on the lower level than the queen. From what she could tell this was the place where up and coming drag queens in training, real life kids, and crossdressers were allowed to sit. The one boy who was there actually dressed as a boy, was introduced to her as Manny's son Brian. Brian was dressed in an older style black tshirt with medium length white sleeves. His jeans were not new but worn in and comfy. At the moment Melissa envied him the jeans as her heels were starting to annoy her feet.

"Hi my name is Ja...uh Melissa pleased to meet you all." Melissa got out with a blush for her error of name.

"So is Jay your drab name?" a girl dressed as a boy with a fake mustache glued on.

"My what?" Blinked Melissa.

"New girl sit down and let uncle Mark give you the low down on how we do things. My name is Mark in drab but it is really Marcie. We prefer to use a persons drab or drag names while we sit here."

"What is drab?"

"Dressed as a boy" supplied Brian.

"Oh as a boy my name is Jason."

"Pleased to meet you Jason." Mark shook her hand as did Brian and the as yet unnamed two others. 'Why the big deal about a girl name if I was to be called by my real name?' wondered Melissa.

"Do you have a middle name Melissa?" asked Brian.

"Ah Andie...." Not sure where this was going Melissa responded.

"Short for Andrea I expect. Good for the boy name as well if you shorten it. I'm Patty and this shy one is Louise who is just starting her transition."

"Patty you promised..." mumbled Louise who was close to tears.

"Easy girlfriend. She is new to the whole scene." Patty gave the girl a hug from the side.

Small talk ensued at the table between everyone except for Brian who stared at Melissa constantly without saying anything. This worried Melissa as she assumed he had spotted her for being a boy dressed as a girl. This made Melissa nervous and she kept her hands in her lap along with her eyes for the most part because every time she looked up Brian was staring at her with a goofy smile on his face. This would make her blush and look down again.

Melissa was getting hungry as were the others at the table. When Petra had said it was dinner before the meeting she assumed it was at a restaurant before going to "the club". The table ordered a house pizza. The pizza was actually quite good with a homemade thin crust and a delicious sauce. The olives were not to her liking but the others didn't complain so she ate it. Brain still kept staring at her as she tried to eat her pizza making her blush alot so the pizza was gone before she had finished off her first slice. Brian being a gentlemen offered her the rest of his third slice. She was hungry so she ate it giggling while she did for some unknown reason.

Mark had stared at the two for some time and seemed a little put out.

"Gaaa I'm supposed to be a guy tonight! Okay enough! I need a nose powder. Care to join me Melissa?" Mark phrased it more as a statement than a question. Melissa was glad for the excuse to get away from the stare of Brian. Lousie also tagged along as she had a pretty good idea what the "Nose powder was about". Walking to the restrooms Melissa was surprised that there was not a sign saying mens or ladies. Though the two girls made a bee line for one washroom in particular so she followed them. Upon entering she realized she was in the wrong one. This washroom had no urinals just stalls and a well lighted counter where one t girl was doing her makeup, at least she hoped she was a t girl.

Melissa did not really have to use the bathroom but since the others did she did as well. Sitting down to pee was a new experience for her as her vagi gaff did not allow her to pee the normal way. She found it humiliating to have to use paper to wipe her mess down there. Once she was finished she left the stall to wash her hands and check her makeup. Mark just stared at her as she walked to the counter. She checked her makeup for any flaws that would explain why Brian was on to her and found none. This frustrated Melissa to no end. She turned to Mark for advise.

"Mark do I have something on my face that screams guy in a dress or something? That Brian won't stop looking at me like I was

making a fool out of myself trying to be a girl or something." It was an honest question to Mark but Louise suddenly started to giggle like crazy from where she was trying to put on lipstick. Mark just looked at Melissa with a wide open mouth.

"You can't be serious!" Mark stated which just got Louise giggling even more. Melissa wondered what she had just said that was so funny.

"What did I say? It's not funny! Stop that Louise! Do I look that bad?" Melissa wondering what sort of girl speak she was oblivious too.

"OH MY GOD! Have you like never dated a guy before?"Mark asked out loud. This got Melissa thinking. No not really even the few girls she had asked over the years all didn't seem that interested. "Your a nice guy but I can't go on a date with you" seemed to be the standard line he got.

"Uh no not really." Suddenly Melissa's eyes shot open wide." You don't think that he. That he thinks I'm. That OH MY GOD! This can't be happening! I should leave this .. I can't.. what if..."

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