MasterPC v5.9 - Tom's Story

Tom wouldn't notice anything for several weeks...

Master PC v5.9 - Tom's Story

by JC

My brother Tom has always been into computers, I suppose it was inevitable that the digital camera he had been given for his fourteenth birthday had been somehow used to take pictures of me, the pictures were extremely flattering, or a least would be if I liked people to see me naked. Our rooms were next to each other, I had caught him trying to get a look several times, either as I left the bathroom or on changing to go out, dad had even let me put a bolt on my door to stop him walking in by 'mistake'. I was unsure how the pictures had been taken but I knew that I had to get even.

It had all started that morning, I had been off the previous two days as I was attending a Youth Conference in London with mum, because of a problem with the trains we had only managed to get back on Wednesday morning and not Tuesday evening as intended, so I went straight into school, I missed registration, but didn't miss one or two funny looks and stares, particularly from boys. When I finally arrived at my English lesson, I sat down as usual next to my best friend Cat, Cat is the same age as me, 17, and I have known her since I started this school.

"Hi Sarah."

"Hi Cat." I replied, at that moment Dad, Mr. Day in school, came in. We all stood and waited until he had settled himself at the desk and gestured for us to sit down again.

"Meet me at break, we need to talk." Cat whispered urgently before attending to what my father was telling us.

After English I headed to the art block for my free period, Cat headed off to her French lesson. I didn't really think about meeting Cat at break, we normally did, I was more concerned about the giggling and stares, they were beginning to make me nervous, I even went into the toilet just to check I didn't have a humorous sign stuck to my back. Now that I am doing my A' levels I spend most of my free time in the art block, I am determined to get all A's in the five A' levels I was taking. History and Geography are a cinch, I have always liked them the course work is piss easy. General studies is impossible to fail. English, I feel confident with, but art, well its not as much about how you achieve the end and more with the end result, so I worked hard at it.

At 11 o'clock, I followed the third years, and their giggles, up to the main school for my meeting with Cat, Cat is a boarder and her room is on the top floor of Ingleborough, no its not the hill, all our houses are named after local features or old heads. Her room has what we think is the best view in school, it overlooks the quad and the entrance to the swimming pool. The quad is where the girls play five aside.

I knocked and walked in Cat had her back to me making her coffee, I always had a glass of water, due to my allergy to caffeine I didn't drink tea or coffee.

"Sarah, have you noticed anything odd today?"

"Um, yeah, everybody's been giving me funny looks and stuff. Why do you know what's going on?"

"Yeah I do, um, sit down," she turned round with her coffee in one hand and an envelope in the other, she sat down at her desk and passed me the envelope, "These have been floating around since Monday morning, I think pretty much all the boys will have seen them, um, probably most of the girls too." I fumbled open the envelope, for a moment I thought it was some sort of joke, my head stuck on a porn star's body, then reality snuck in, I could see my posters on the wall behind the girl in them, this wasn't a joke someone had been taking pictures of me while I was, changing, sleeping, on the phone, shaving my legs, there was even a picture of me touching myself. I felt Cat's arms go round me, "It's alright, I still love you. I think I got them all. People will forget soon."

"What am I going to do? I can't go out after everyone's seen these. Who did it? Who took these pictures? Who's been giving them out?"

"Sarah, hush. There is only one person who could have taken them."

"Tom that little bastard, I'll kill him, he's made me a laughing stock, I'll rip his brain off and make him eat it, the little shit head..." I ran on for some time ranting.

After a while I calmed down, the old adage was 'Don't get mad, get even' so that was what I was going to do, but how? Tom was a star rugby player, he had a girlfriend called Cindy. He was good at the written work side of school life with consistently high marks. I hoped the school would punish him for this attack on me, but I still hoped I could do something to him too...

The last period of my Wednesday was another free period, normally I would have gone back down to the art block but today I went home, I had probably two hours until Tom came home from school. Because both of my parents worked in the school, Dad English and Drama, Mum Maths and Sports. I knew I would be home alone for some time. I went straight to Tom's room, it was as usual a mess, went straight to his computer and switched it on.

Tom had been given dad's old PC, whereas mine was my own paid for with my savings, it wasn't thankfully state of the art and windows '98 asked me for a password I hit the escape key. I almost shrieked with rage, his desktop was a picture of me, naked in front of, my mirror and I was touching my self... I systematically went through his PC finding all his images, then went through them, there were 10 or 15 of me, luckily most had me dressed, only the ones I had seen already, had me naked or nearly so. Then I carefully destroyed them all, not by deleting, I was sure that Tom knew how to recover them if I did that, but instead I opened them in PSP and painted over them all with black, then saved them again.

I carefully shut his PC down again, the only image I had left him was the picture of me on his desktop, this I had carefully coloured in to hide the naughty bits leaving my face visible so if he complained to mum and dad, I could say look it's a picture of me, KILL. As I turned to leave I had a thought, I quickly went through his CDs and picked out all the ones he had burnt. Then exiting I went into my room.

I unpacked my school bag and extracted the pictures, all but one had been taken in this room, I looked carefully at each picture trying to work out where he had hidden the camera, I soon found the camera, it was hidden behind a picture of my first cat, Piggles, the little shit had even cut a hole in the picture so that the lens would be able to see me, from the camera a thin wire led back through the wall into his room. I carefully put a plant on the shelf in front of the camera, then on second thoughts I carefully unplugged the camera and put it in my desk drawer and locked it.

I spent the next couple of hours carefully going through the CDs most were copies of games, two had a whole load of porn on, one had picture of me on and the last, well the last was a single program called Master PC, it was a sort of game where you could change your self on screen, give your self better legs and stuff, you could change your clothes, or your look, or your sex, you could even give your self implants and not just for a bigger bosom, but things like knives in your knuckles. Each change you made was represented in the figure on screen, she started off looking like me and as I gradually changed her she became more and more sexy. After some time at this I noticed that there was a small apply button at the bottom of the screen, I clicked it...

When I woke I felt really strange, my chest felt much heavier, my whole body felt different, I rubbed my eyes and felt a cut appear on my face...

It took me a while to make any sense of it, and stop the bleeding, when I had clicked apply I had inadvertently changed myself to the person I had been constructing on the screen, I had turned from a pretty 17 year old girl into an old man, with large breasts, gorgeous legs, and knives under the knuckles. I went back to the computer and saw the message, 'If you are unsure about these changes please click Undo if you are happy with them please click OK. Please remember to save a baseline scheme from within the file menu.' I clicked undo...

I had also just realized that each time I made a change I would black out, this time I hadn't fallen out of the chair though. I began to go through the program with some determination, I had just found the option to 'Find Person...' when I heard Tom arrive home, evidently he was in trouble and mum was with him.

"Get up to your room, I have never heard of such a disgusting thing, how you could do this to her I don't know..."

"...mutter..." Tom evidently wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Well you had better think what you are going to be doing for the next two weeks, and while you're at it you had better think what you're going to tell Sarah."

"...mutter..." I heard Tom pass my bedroom door, "...Stupid bitch, who does she think she is..." SLAM.

"And before you do anything else tonight I want your computer outside your bedroom door, with your camera. And stop muttering at me or you'll feel the back of my hand." Mum was also on the landing, "I hope Sarah isn't too upset," now mum was muttering to herself too, "I dread to think what she'll do."

"BETH..." Dad was home too, "she's not with Cat, Cat says she missed her last free period and went home."

"Well the door was locked when we got in, so I wonder where she is, you don't suppose..."

"Was it locked or was the latch down?"

"Oh..." a firm knock on my door, "Sarah are you in?"

"Yes mum, hang on I'll unlock the door." I switched off my monitor and pulled the bolt back on the door, I pulled the door open and let mum, then dad in. Mum hugged me, hard.

"Oh honey," she could see I had been crying. "Who told you?"

"Cat," I could feel the tears coming back and angrily blinked them away. "She told me at first break, everyone was laughing at me, she had a whole load of them that she had taken away from people, mum how could he do it?" There was a knock at my door, Dad pulled the door open and I saw Tom, then red, I lunged at him, he obviously wasn't expecting it and the few moments he stood still gave me the chance to catch him my fist went into his stomach, my other hand was already going for his eyes when dad pulled me back.

"Hush love he'll be punished," I was struggling wildly to get back at him.

"I, I'LL KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE..." Mum slapped me, not hard but with enough force to stop my rant, I turned in dads arms and hugged him, tears streaming down my face.

"Hush love we'll sort him out. Tom into your room, don't come out until we say," I heard him get up and mutter something, "well what do you think, do you think she didn't have a good reason to hit you, now get."

After that I spent sometime being hugged by dad, then when he left to start tea, mum. She tried to talk to me several times, but all I could do was cry, eventually she helped me undress and climb into bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt really ill. But having felt like this before I knew what to expect, I had fallen asleep crying, so now my body was going to make me sick, I dashed to the bathroom, and puked. After several minutes the heaving stopped and I was able to return to my room, I knew better than to lie down again, so I switched my monitor on again, I noticed the spinning picture of me first, then remembering what I had managed to do to myself, only this afternoon. I began playing around with the various options, before finding the 'Find People...' option, I clicked on it and a small screen popped up, there were various options including family, the family list included Tom so I clicked Thomas Henry Archer. The picture of me faded out and was replaced with a picture of Tom. I felt a wave of anger wash over me...

I changed everything about him, he became a baby, then an old woman, then fat and ugly, I even managed to chop his legs off. There were options to change his health I gave him STDs and various incurable diseases. However I didn't press the apply button, I was fairly sure that I could reverse any changes but I didn't want him to, be punished this way, turning him into a cripple instantly would only make everyone love him more, he would be in the paper, he would be famous so even if he lost his girlfriend someone would love poor little Tom. No I needed something else, I briefly played with changing his sexuality, but the looking through another menu I realized something, I could apply a set of changes over a period of time, it didn't have to be instant...

I lay down feeling much better, Tom wouldn't notice anything for several weeks, first his strength would go, then his stamina, by then his body would have started to change, Tom was in for a bad life for a while, and then maybe if I thought he had learnt his lesson I would maybe change him back, but then maybe not. I carefully hid the CD away in the back of my Bible, then checked that the program would make the changes without needing to be run clicked apply...

The last two weeks had been a nightmare, finally people were loosing interest, some of the 3rd year boys still gave me funny looks, but nearly everyone else had given up, I had actually had more propositions from boys for the Easter dance, I think it would have been worse if Tom had been in school too, but with his suspension I didn't have to face him at school. At home things were strained, both my parents were still angry with him, I now had a proper lock on my door, with a key, he had lost his computer and camera, dad had wiped it clean and re-loaded the operating system on then given it back to him so he could keep up with his work, but he no longer had any games, the discs I had took all but three had gone into the bin, one was hidden and the other two I had given too a friend knowing she would appreciate the subject matter.

On the Sunday before Tom was due to return to school, we had a family meeting, these were not common the last time we had one I had been twelve, Tom, eight. That one was to decide if Mum was to take a job with the school too, if she was I would get free schooling there rather than with my friends in the local comprehensive. In the end she had and my life, and Tom's had changed forever.

"Right we all know why we are here, I don't want any mention of what happened after tonight. After tonight the subject is closed. Okay?"

"Yes dad." I said. Tom just nodded, he was looking pale and small, almost like he had shrunk, certainly not his usual self.

"Tom I believe you have something to say to your sister? Sarah, I want you to listen to your brother."

"Okay." I looked at him and waited, he opened and shut his mouth several times before.

"Sarah I'm sorry, mum says I should explain why I did it but I don't really know, I mean, I took pictures of you then I..." He stopped and tried again.

"I was showing off, I mean having a pretty sister, and, and, um well I had the pictures already so I just showed them to my friends, then well I swore them to secrecy and gave some away, but I swear that I didn't mean it to go this far..." Again he ran out of words. "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I'm sorry.

"Now Sarah I don't want to hear anything from you for a moment, I am going to tell you what Tom's punishment is," I nodded, "Tom is grounded until further notice, he has lost his TV and internet rights. No pocket money until the end of October, and you can give him two of your chores for his spare time." Tom looked stunned. He started to protest, but dad hadn't finished. "That also includes after school activities, unless your mother or myself are there you will be at home."

"Sarah your turn." Said Mum.

"Um, well what Tom did really hurt, I don't know if I will ever trust him again, I don't think the punishment is enough," both my parents and Tom looked worried at this, "but short of capital punishment I'm not sure what else to suggest.
"It will be a long time until I forgive him, and as I see it there is nothing he can do to make it up to me, um, chores, washing up, and my washing."


"Okay." I could see that he was still stunned by the severity of the punishment, he seemed to be fighting back tears. With that though the meeting ended, I went straight upstairs, Tom followed me.

"I mean it Sarah, I'm sorry."

"Yeah well it's too late isn't all your dirty little friends know what I look like don't they. Don't speak to me, I don't want to even know you now..." I turned and fled, I heard Tom follow and go into his room.

The next few days were strained, with Tom's return people once more remembered why he had been suspended and I suspect there was one or two copies of the pictures floating around the boys dormitories. However after the head master had made it clear that if any more pornographic pictures were found on anyone or in anyone's possession that person would be suspended. From then on I did receive one or two nasty comments but was able to shake them off, in the summer term mum taught Tennis and Rounders, with Tom's ban on extra curricular activities his cricket season was over before it had really begun, although he was able to play during games, he was unable to attend the matches so wasn't even selected for the team. He soon found that if he didn't go with mum to Tennis and Rounders he was expected to do things in the house and garden, as the extra curricular sports were open to all pupils he ended up going to those that mum took, the fact that no other boys went and that most of the girls understood what he had done to me made it I expect a fairly joyless experience.

However he had enough jobs with his own chores to keep him at home the rest of the time, with mum standing over him he did get his room tidy and clean, mum even made him wash the paintwork and dust the shelves. He was allowed to use his computer, I suspect he had managed to scrounge some games off friends, mainly as several teachers expected pupils to hand in all home work typed, no homework equalled detention on Saturday nights.

He did do my chores, the first time he put my washing by my door mum made him do it all again, it was so badly done, then rather to my own annoyance she made me show him how I wanted it done. My school uniform, is one of two outfits, if I am representing the school I have a Trouser Suit, rich velvet in a dark green. For normal school days the girls all have knee length bottle green skirts, white blouses and Blazers, as a sixth former my uniform was more variable, I was allowed to wear anything I wanted as long as it was clean and tidy, on the basis that if one of our teachers requested that we wear uniform we would, basically I went to lessons on Monday and Friday in proper uniform the rest of the time I wore jeans or a skirt, I had even been known to wear leggings and a crop top. Everybody did games on Monday and Friday afternoons so I also had two complete sports kits, plus what ever I wore to Saturday lessons, no uniform for anyone on Saturday, and Sunday was a free day, chapel in the morning in my suit, then I normally did homework or went for a run.

This means that on average I have three loads of washing to do every week, one of blouses, one of smalls and t-shirts and the last of sports kit. I spent two hours showing exactly what I expected of him, one good thing about the process by the end of it I didn't want to kill him or even punch him hard, he was struggling, he even looked slightly unwell.

Over the next three weeks Tom began to do quite well in my chores my clothing was looking increasingly neat and tidy, I still as wronged older sister treated him like a slave, I never asked him anymore I told him. I think mum noticed because she actually stopped me one day when I was telling him something. But apart from that my revenge was sweet. By half term Tom was struggling to beat the girls in his weekly humiliation, his normally excellent physical fitness was going, not to say that he wasn't still very fit, just now he just didn't seem to have his former strength. Mum took him to the doctor during half term, but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong.
On the Friday of half term we went shopping for school kit, I needed some summer dresses, and Tom seemed to need some new trousers. I found the day very satisfying, not only did I find two lovely new dresses, I also saw the start of Tom's humiliation, we were in a shoe shop together, mum wanted to get some new sandals, Tom had wandered off to look at the trainers and I had wandered off to look at the running shoes, an assistant came over to me and introduced herself, I smiled and shook my head, so she went on to Tom.

"Excuse me Miss, but do you need any help?" Tom didn't even turn round obviously not realizing she was talking to him. The assistant moved into his line of sight and he looked at her, she was maybe 16 or 17 and quite pretty, Tom obviously thought so as he was looking at her when she asked again, "Excuse me Miss but do you need any help?"

"Uh, um I was just looking at the trainers, um..." Tom said in confusion. The girl probably sensing a sale led him over to trainers more suitable for a girl and proceeded in helping him try several pairs on, I was watching intently, Tom looked to me like Tom, but to this girl he obviously looked enough like a girl for her to assume he was. At that moment another assistant came over to 'help' and we got chatting about running shoes, I told her all about the sort of running I enjoyed, cross country, and eventually bought a new pair of running shoes. When I got to the door, I found a very red Tom and Mum, "What's wrong with him?"

"He just bought some trainers, girl's trainers, well it's on his head I think his friends might laugh at him."

"She thought I was a girl mum, I didn't, I couldn't get through to her I was a boy."

"Well you obviously didn't try very hard, you don't look like a girl to me. Now hurry up or we will miss the bus."

When we got in I dug out the CD and loaded up Master PC, I immediately looked at Tom, his body was definitely acquiring a feminine outline, I added some ideas I had to the mix and applied them, I hoped this would speed the process up. At tea time mum regaled Dad with how Tom had bought girl's trainers, what was worse Tom's old trainers had had it. Luckily for him he wore cricket shoes for games this term so none of the boys would see his new foot ware, unluckily he would need to wear them in front of the girls for Tennis on Tuesday...

I don't normally play Tennis its not my favourite sport I prefer less competition, I tend to compete against myself. Today though I decided I couldn't miss it, I got there at half three.

"Hi honey, are you coming for a game or two?"

"Yeah, I thought I would, you want to have a bit of a warm up with me?"

"Well the other girls will be here in a while, but... Why not." We headed out onto the nearest tennis court and batted the ball back and forwards, I had played a lot as a kid, until the summer I broke my leg, then I had gone off it. After a little while we had an audience, so we stopped. Tennis after school was not really about learning to play, it was more so that people who enjoyed the sport could play others, Mum had played for the county before she started teaching, so the girls and boy who took these sessions after school had some good coaching, while they played. I looked around for Tom, and saw him hanging around near the pavilion, there were several girls near him some of whom were obviously laughing at his foot wear. In fact now I actually saw them he had managed to get good tennis shoes so it wasn't all bad, I did manage to say to one of the girls, he had got them to fit in better.

I sat out the first couple of matches, the fourth match was between my brother and a fourth year called Helen, Helen was the sister of one of my friends and I knew her quite well, she stopped by my bench. "I'll run him into the ground for you Sarah."

"Thanks, hey you like his new shoes?"

"Yeah especially the pink stripes." She laughed, I grinned, in the end my brother played with his back to me, he was wearing his PE kit, white nylon shorts and white T-shirt, the shorts were obviously to small for him, so every time he bent over you could see his less than masculine bottom. Helen beat him convincingly.

I had spent some days rigging up my own spy camera so that I could keep an eye on Tom in his room, when I arrived home I pulled up the output display on my PC and settled in to wait. Tom arrived sometime later, he went into his bedroom and started to get changed for his shower, I looked closely at his body, he was definitely getting hippy, his chest was also getting larger. I found it very hard to not feel slightly guilty when he stood in front of his mirror crying and feeling his body, I hadn't seen his penis since he was about five so I wasn't sure how big it had been, now it was tiny. However his manipulations had turned him on so he was now rubbing it with some urgency. I checked the Master PC program again, I changed some of the settings that I had only changed the day before, Tom would notice the changes first I was sure but how would he deal with them, when I looked at the screen again, Tom was lying on his bed crying...

"Mum, is Tom alright?"

"Well he is being teased at school, most of the girls and some of the boys won't talk to him anymore. Are you still riding him about his chores?"

"I stopped after you told me to."

"Well I don't know, why?"

"I thought I heard him crying, when he came in, and well even when you punished him when he was suspended he didn't really cry, or when his girl friend dumped him."

"Do you care?"

I thought about it, yes I did, I mean he really hurt me but he is my brother and I do still love him in a way. "Yes." I admitted.

"Before this would you have asked me or him?"

"Him, I just don't know mum, how can I ask him, maybe he hates me for being nasty to him, I mean it was his fault but I did go over the top with the chores and stuff."

"You did. I don't think he hates you, if anything I think he hates himself more, you were always there for him when he was little, I used to get jealous of you, when he hurt himself he would go to you and not me. Then with this thing, he knows he went beyond the pale with those pictures, now it seems like you don't love him, he can't tell you his fears and he won't talk to me or your father."

"I'll go and talk to him."

"Just be careful, he might think you're still trying to hurt him."

"Thanks mum." I headed back upstairs, I paused outside Tom's door, I could still hear muffled sobs, I knocked and heard him move, he appeared a moment later his eyes red from crying, he had put on a dressing gown.

"Mum... Oh, what do you want?"

"Tom I want a truce, and I want to know what's wrong."

"Really," I could see the look of disbelief that hit his face, "I dunno, I mean, really?"

"Yeah much as it pains me to say I do love you, after all this you are still my baby brother." Then completely unexpectedly he collapsed with uncontrolled sobbing into my arms. "Um, Tom what's the matter, I mean this isn't about me having a go today is it? This isn't um, over your chores, I mean I bet if I tell mum and dad they'll let you off I don't mind doing them, really." None of this was getting through to him, the guilt was starting to limp through my mind but I firmly put it to one side, I wouldn't change his punishment anymore but I wouldn't stop it either. I almost carried him over to his bed and sat him down, then I did what mum had done once to me, I slapped him, again it wasn't hard but it broke into his despair.
"Now calmly what's wrong?"

"I... I... I'm turning, I'm changing into a girl, I mean I've got tits, and well I look like a girl." This was going to be difficult, I of course knew this, I had designed the girl he was turning into, I had changed him so that when he went to the doctor his body would reject any chemical designed to stop the process, what was happening to him was to a point quite medical, it even had a name, after that point was reached then the magic of Master PC took over, by the end of the summer term Tom would be a 100% female. The only way back would be if I let him, even now with the guilt of what I was doing to him running through my mind I was unwilling to stop the process.

"No Tom you can't be, you're a boy, boys don't turn into girls, well not unless they want to..."

"I am though, all the girls were laughing at me today, they say I make a good girl and when I got in I looked in the mirror and I was I mean I've seen," he blushed and stopped, "you know, and I do I look like a girl, I mean not as well pretty as um."

"Okay then show me, then well if you're right I suppose you had better tell mum." He stood and walked across the room towards the door, as he turned to face me he shrugged out of his dressing gown and stood before me, all he was wearing were a pair of briefs and they were skimpy enough to reveal more than they hid, "Um I see what you mean," I could clearly see what I had seen through the camera earlier on his body was very effeminate his hips were wider than I had thought, and he had enormous nipples, "I'm calling mum."

"No please, don't."

"Tom I've got to, you shouldn't look like this there is something wrong with you if you look like this, mum has got to get you seen by the doctors..."

Over the next three weeks Tom steadily became more and more effeminate, he saw our GP who referred him onto a specialist, then he was seen by several, at the end of the second week Tom was given drugs that would stop his body producing female hormones, not only didn't they work Tom was found to be severely allergic to them, a few days later the doctors tried another chemical, with no better results.

"The doctors are giving up, they can't stop it and when they give me drugs to stop it, I just get ill."

"Oh Tom I'm sure they'll find a cure for you soon." I lied, we were sitting in my room, he was curled up on my sag bag, I was lying on my bed, these talks were becoming more frequent as Tom became more and more depressed.

"I don't know I heard Dr. Shepard talking to mum this afternoon, they don't even know what's wrong with me, when they first started trying to help, they said I had, um, well one thing, but now they say I can't have that as it wouldn't change me as far as this thing has. Dr. Shepard told mum that even my insides were becoming female, he told mum that was thought impossible until it happened to me." I of course knew all this, I had been watching the changes on my PC, Tom still was externally male in the fact that he had a penis, it was however only an inch long, when erect.

That night Tom cut his wrists, I found him in the bathroom unconscious, he was rushed to the local hospital, mum travelled with him, I stayed behind. I needed to stop the process of his punishment, I first of all called up his current program, then tried to undo the process, Master PC sent an error message saying it was unable to comply modifications were in progress, then gave me a time and date when I could revert Tom to his old self, a brother who took pervy pictures was bad but a brother who died was worse. I never meant it to go this far I thought.

I tried loads of different options, I could change the direction of the process only by small amounts, I could make his hair grow longer quickly, I could make his finger nails strong, I could even stop his wrists from bleeding but I couldn't change the overall progress until it had finished. After nearly an hour I stopped and admitted defeat, there was no way that I could stop the process, I could slow it right down, which I am sure Tom would like or accelerate it, but it couldn't be stopped. I decided that I would leave it, at its current rate Tom would be all girl in a month, then I would see what I could do to reverse the change.

As I was closing the program down I had a brain wave, there was an option to change his memory, I had looked at it before but it was complicated so I had left it alone, in amongst the options for memory I found a way of changing how he thought of himself, without too much thought I changed it, on a hunch I had a look through his recent memories, there were no short term memories thus I couldn't see what he had been thinking earlier on, but I could see his thoughts going right back to when he was a child, the further back the more gaps. Then the phone rang...

"That was your mother, he will be alright, they're keeping him in over night, but he luckily hadn't lost enough blood when you found him."

"Oh good, and he will be alright?"

"Yes, and we are very proud of you, you kept your head and it was probably your quick thinking that saved his life." I was shocked and feeling awful by this time, my quick thinking had maybe saved him, but my quick temper had nearly killed him. As I lay in bed I started to cry, I felt so stupid, my own petty revenge had nearly killed Tom.

Tom didn't return to school, he was sunk into a deep slough of depression, he wasn't even talking to me. Mum was getting depressed as she felt responsible, dad was having trouble sleeping and I was feeling guilty, I counted down the days... According to Master PC on Tuesday evening at 9pm Tom would be 100% female, at that point I was going to employ a program that I had constructed over the last few weeks, it would return him to masculinity, in rather less time than, the current program had removed it. What I had failed to realize was that the actual visible changes would have finished by the Monday evening.
I got in from school and went to get changed out of my sports kit, Tom's door was slightly open, so I stuck my head round it to say hi, the sight that caught my eyes was astounding, Tom was out of bed in front of the mirror, his eyes were closed and his hands were roaming over his body. I withdrew my head and knocked, I heard a rush and then the door opened.

"Hi," his voice was softer, "come in, I was just getting up."

"How are you feeling?"

"Oh fine... I'm just well, I'm all there again, I mean I'm not a boy anymore..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I slept most of the last week, when I woke up at lunch time I felt really well, so I got up, when I looked in the mirror, I realized that Tom was gone." I must have looked stunned. "When I took those pictures of you I... um, well I hated my self, now well I can start again, no-one knows Tabitha, I'm going to get mum to let me stay this way." I stared at him...

"Why did you slash your wrists then, if you're happy like this, that was a bit silly."

"I hated who I was, I hated who I thought I was becoming, it seemed to be the only way out. I just wish..."


"I wish that I had not taken those pictures, I am sure that this is my punishment, just, Sarah promise that you won't take any pictures of me."

"Definitely, I might end up as a boy..."

Of course that wasn't the end of it Tabitha as Tom insisted we call him, spent a long time adjusting to his new status, there were time when he burst in on me first thing in the morning, he was having his first period, so I helped him through that. Then when he returned to school in the autumn he had a lot of problems when he noticed boys looking at him. He eventually got over this with more of my help, in this I had some experience, I too was not keen on boys, I however had Cat. So after I let him in on that secret, we pushed Tabitha in the direction of a girl we were fairly certain was open to that sort of approach.

And me well I finished my A' levels, I passed all my exams and got five A grades, I was offered several places at different universities, in the end I decided to take a year out and concentrate on my sports, last month I took part in my third marathon, I was fifth in my age bracket, and twenty third overall. Tabitha is doing well in her sports too, she is due to play tennis at Wimbledon this year, and mum has high hopes of her career.

Lastly I suppose you want to know what happened to that CD, well I don't actually know, mum cleared out my room when I went away on holiday for the first time on my own, I spent three weeks in Ibiza, when I returned my room had been decorated nicely, mum had sorted out all the books I no longer read, those had been sent to the local charity shop. For a moment I worried, then decided that it would find its way into the hands of someone who needed it...

I thought that I had finished this account, but I was speaking to Tabitha not so long ago, it turns out she had wanted to be a girl for ages, so we both got what we wanted in the end...

Sarah Archer

As told to JC

I did some artwork for this story, if you want to see it please click here. Sadly some of the images have at some point become scrambled possibly due to one of the FTP programs I tried uploading them as ASCII, the zip file should work however.

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