The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 42

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 42
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - In Glenn's Eatery.

Nate Wilkins and Naomi sat in a booth in Glenn's Eatery located in Jim's Hardware Emporium. When the waitress came over, Naomi ordered a cup of coffee for her and for Nate Wilkins.

"Nate, that didn't go over too well. Mr. Withers was holding something back and I am going to find out just what it is. I don't want you going off on the edge of that precipice called anger. You leave this up to me. This is what I get paid for. Is that a deal?"

"I suppose. But, he did seem as though he was sort of irritated that I was even there."

"Well, we will get to the bottom of this. You said you have fifty two acres left to harvest. How much help do you need to get the crops in?"

"I need maybe five good men. I put my vegetables in bushel baskets, and they get heavy. Especially the ones with the potatoes and the corn."

"May I ask you a question? How can you harvest in the winter?"

"I have all of my vegetables plowed out of the fields. I have them in my heated barn. But I need to get them to the co-op before the end of the week. The fifty two acres I need to plow under, can wait until spring. I just need help loading my bushels on to my truck and that may take four or five trips. I need help with the lifting so I can get them out of my barn."

"All right, Nate. I will see if I can get you some help."

"Naomi, I also have a 'hot' house, too. I grow crops all year round. This way I get a jump on everybody else."

"I have heard of that being done. Do you need help in your hot house?"

"I could use a hand or eight." Naomi giggled.

"It seems to me, that you not only work hard, you work yourself in to a frazzle. I will see what I can do to get you some help."

"Thank you, Naomi." It was then that Melanie and her mother came in.

"Naomi, hi. I didn't think I'd see you here. I thought you were at work."

"I am, little sister. But, I was just leaving. I have class today of twelve rookies that need training. Mel, may I speak to you over here?" Naomi asked pointing to the counter. "Mel, that is the man I had to arrest last night at the truck stop. He needs help with his vegetables. Do you think the girls can help?"

"Today is New Year's Eve, Naomi, and Monday is the first day back to school. We wouldn't be able to help him, until the weekend."

"Then I will have to find some others who can help. He still has vegetables to get to the co-op. He says he also has a 'hot' house where he grows vegetables all year round, too."

"Oh, I know him. He's really a darling, Naomi. Whatever he did at the truck stop, he had a reason." They went over by Marilyn and Nate. "Hi, Mr. Wilkins. Naomi told me you need help on your farm. We would only be able to help on the weekends, because Monday is the first day back to school."

"Which one are you, again, Melanie?" Everybody giggled and smiled. "While I appreciate the offer of help, I have a lot of really heavy things that need to be lifted."

"Mr. Wilkins, if six girls and one man can lift a heavy tool chest on to a trailer hitched to a car, we can lift anything on your farm."

"Well, I see I have been torpedoed and sunk. All right, you little imp, you girls may help me on the weekends, and I will see that you get paid for it."

"Thank you, Mr. Wilkins."

"You are most welcome, young lady."

It became clear to Naomi, that Nate Wilkins wasn't a trouble maker, and that maybe she can make it so the judge lets him off with a stern warning, and dismisses the case. She will have to talk to the district attorney about it, later today.

"Mr. Wilkins, what did you do at the truck stop last night, and why?"

"Well, I was a little naughty, but that was because the bank wouldn't extend my loan on my house. It would really help me a lot,if the bank would just extend the loan. Then I can get my crop I have now to the co-op and I can start planting more in my 'hot' house."

"Is that all it would take is an extension on your loan?"

"Yes, Melanie."

"All right, we were going there anyway so mom can open an account. Would you mind if I tried talking to Mr. Withers?"

"No, Melanie, I would not mind at all."

"Mom, let's get going. Maybe we will be able to get Mr. Withers in a good mood where he will let Mr. Wilkins have an extension."

As they walked out of the restaurant they turned left to go to the bank.

"You know, Mel, I am still amazed by the way everybody here helps everybody else. I mean, I know it is neighborly, but this...this is something else."

"After all mom, it takes a village." There were loud cheers of "RIGHT ON!!! Everybody who had heard what Mealnie had said, agreed with her.

"My word, girl, this is definitely my kind of town. Are there any other surprises, that I would like to know about?"

"Mother, to know how this town really is, is to live here. Every summer we have a festival to honor the town's founding. The girls from the home have a bake sale, and that money is used for what the girls need for the home. The flat screen tv in the living room was bought with some of the money from the bake sale. There is a lot to the small town of Pine Meadows."

"I am really going to enjoy living here," Marilyn stated, matter of factly.

They walked in to the bank, and saw that one of the bankers was free. They went over to the desk.

"Excuse me, Miss, I would like to open an account."

"Please have a seat," said the woman with rich, thick light brown hair. "I'm Teri Heinz, executive bank assistant to the manager. You need to fill out this form, and then I need to see some identification. A driver's license will do, if you have one."

"Miss Heinz, is Mr. Withers available?"

"I don't know, Melanie. While she fills out the form, I will go and see."

As Marilyn filled out the form that wanted to know everything about the account holder, except next of kin, Teri Heinz went to get Mr. Withers. When they both came to the desk, Mr. Withers looked at Melanie.

"Hello, Melanie. What bring you in here?"

"My mother needs to open an account."

"Well, that's why we're here, to take your money." There were giggles, even from a few of the other patrons. "Is there something else you needed?"

"Yes, Mr. Withers. May we talk while my mom fills out this report and talks to Miss Heinz?"

"Yes, come to my office." They walked to Mr. Withers office, and he offered Malanie a chair. "Please, Melanie, have a seat. Now, what may I do for you."

"It's about Mr. Wilkins, sir. He really needs that extension so he can not only what crops he has to the co-op, but also can replant in his hot house. He really keeps this whole area in fresh vegetables all year round, Mr. Withers. Couldn't you please extend his loan for say, just another month?"

"Child, you girls at the home are very well respected here in town. I will tell you what. Since he only needs the loan extended for a month, I think we can come to terms. I will give him a call, and tell the good news." Mr. withers shook his head in disbelief. "Melanie, if I didn't know better I would say that you are an angel."

"Thank you, Mr. Withers. Mr Wilkins is going to be so happy." They went back by Teri's desk. "Miss Heinz, please get me an extend form. I have just had my arm twisted in allowing Mr. Wilkins loan to be extended."

Teri Heinz looked at Melanie and then at Mr. Withers.

"Now, I just wonder who twisted your arm." Mr. Withers laughed, while the girls giggled.

Marilyn handed the completed form to Teri, and her driver's license.

"Alright, let me see," Teri said quizzically. "I see here that you own your own internet greeting card business. How well do you do with that?"

"I am doing very well. I take pictures of birds, flowers, trees, anything in nature. Then I photo shop those on to greeting card stock, and put them on the net. Then when somebody orders one or more, I just print them out, and send them snail mail."

"Do you make posters, too?"

"Well, I can. I just need to know how big you would want it."

"This summer, we are having a founding festival for the whole town. The ladies are bringing the food, and we set it up buffet style. We have a carnival that comes in and there are rides and games for everyone. There are a few of the guys who also dress up and act as clowns. The whole county shows up, because during our festival, nobody works for that week, because everybody is busy at one thing or another with the festival. We would need a poster before the festival telling everybody about it. We post them at the truck stop, on traffic sign posts, in the businesses in town, and we even mail them out, too. This festival," Teri looked at Marilyn's completed form, "Mrs. Roberts, is a huge affair for Pine Meadows."

"Well, I can see what I can do. The poster I can get out without a problem. But, if you need help with the banner or any set up, just let me know. You have my cell number."

"Thank you, Mrs. Roberts. Your checks and credit card will come in the mail. Thank you for choosing our bank."

"It is nothing, and you may call me Marilyn." The two women shook hands, and Melanie and Marilyn left to go back to Glenn's for more coffee and a soda pop for Melanie.

When they got back to the truck stop, Rachel, Renée and Gloria Richards were there, having a light salad.

"Renée!" Melani exclaimed, happy to see her friend and sister. "What are you guys doing in town?"

"We came to get me another dress and maybe a another couple of skirts and tops."

"Renée, you could wear a wine barrel and still be pretty. I have some good news, though. Mr. Withers is extending Mr. Wilkins loan."

"That's great. He's really nice," Rachel said with a smile.

"Did I hear right," came a voice from behind them.

They all looked to see Naomi standing there, looking like she was going to take the whole bunch to jail.

"Did you say that Mr. Withers is extending Mr. Wilkins loan?"

"Yes, Naomi," Melanie replied. "I talked to Mr. Withers while mom was opening an account. I may have looked like a lost doe, but, He gave in, and said he would extend the loan."

"I don't know how you girls do what you do. I appreciate what you did, Mel. Thank you."

"Oh, it was nothing. After all, it takes a village. Doesn't it?"

"You are right about that, young lady," Glenn said, with a wide smile. "Is everything okay here?"

"Everything is fine, Glenn." Glenn did this, now and again. He made the rounds of the patrons to see if they were satisfied with the food and the service.

Melanie and her mother sat down, and when the waitress took their order for coffee and a soda pop, Glenn just had to put his whatever cents worth in.

"Well, ladies, it seems you are just more than satisfied. You keep coming back for more."

Glenn's Eatery wasn't the only restaurant in town. There was Anna's Italian/American restaurant, and Bill's Burgers And Fries. Even though these three were competitors, they were also friends. They were on the same bowling league, and their boys played in the area's little league games.

"You know that tonight is the fireworks by Lake Delton. Why don't we all go together?"

"That sounds like a plan, Renée. I think I will enjoy fireworks in a town that knows how to help thy neighbor."

"Mom, as you get to know the people of the town and the county, you will see some aren't so nice, but all in all, though, we have a very decent town. We have our idiots like everywhere else, but they are really few and far between here."

"Mel," Marilyn said, not sure what to really say. "I...uhm, I...I have never lived in a place like this. It is almost like I died and went to Heaven."

"Well, that is what a lot of people say when they move here. People move here to live, mom, because they need what Pine Meadows has to offer."

"And, just what is it that Pine Meadows has the people need?"

"Peace, quiet, gang free, no gun shots, neighbors that are really neighbors. Pine Meadows prides itself on its slogan, 'it takes a village'. People here are happy, and they do do a lot to keep busy."

"Thank you, dear. Now I can see why you suggested we live here."

"Mom, after we get everything settled at the house, may I have a sleep over?"

"Yes, Mel, you can. I do really love you."

"Marilyn, I talked to the district attorney in Wayne County, and he said that he would have no objection to having the judge restore your parental rights."

"," Marilyn said, as the tears just came. ""

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