Evanescence 24.

Evanescence 24.

Chapter 24

I get out of the trailer and head for the truck and Shaun pipes up. “Here, I rigged these up for something else.” He’s tossing sunglasses around to everyone. It’s not the expensive ones but those cheap all black plastic ones but there’s microchip on the inside of the cross-piece and a symbol?

“What’s this?”

“I charmed them with voltage detection chips, you can see the current running through things including people when you concentrate on seeing it. Vamps won’t have any being animated by blood magic.”

I put them on and nothing until I concentrate my stare. It’s sort of like squinting without squinting? Oh…I seen the lines of blue in my arm and my hand…coolness. I mean there’s lots of really cool stuff with this magic stuff happening in my life but Shaun made these and it’s so just cool. I see the lines of current in others when I look at them except Alecia’s a dead zone literally.

And then Shaun.

These things show like the major currents in us but the electrical power in Shaun is so bright because of his magic he looks like an alien being. All his nerves are lit up, even the tiny ones.

He’s beautiful.

Like nothing that I’ve ever seen before.

“Goddess Shaun these are so cool.”

He smiles and shrugs. “Applied majik, really I made the first pair to help see current running through walls and stuff when I was at Grandpa’s.”

I have to unfocus while looking at him. He’s way too distracting to me like this. I’m so wearing these though the next time we have sex.

“Okay, everyone got using these down?”

Mom shakes her head until Alecia whispers in her ears then she lets out this little “Oh…” the looks at Shaun as she’s looking at our trailer. “Shaun…I’m keeping these.” She then gets into her truck and gives us a thumbs up. Jill nods. “Good work little bro, pro-stuff.”

We head into town and we all have the lists to look through and we stop at Eastlands elementary school to meet up with Jill’s people. Oh, not a bad idea…most people never look at cars and trucks at a school especially a school for young children.

Okay, all the stuff with Jill aside I get to see her run her show. There’s a whole world of difference seeing her running the situation and there’s a lot of stuff that just tickles my geek nerves. City maps and even interior maps on computers, stuff downloaded onto smartphone apps and lots, and lots of wonderful gear that has me and Shaun staring. Jill’s cherry picking through crates and then we’re headed to the first place called Forca?

Sloan is there waiting for us dressed differently than the scrubs I’ve only seen her in. wet look wavy dark hair, flawless pale skin with gothic make up. I’m not sure who does that look better vampires or dark fae.

She’s got this sleeveless leather shirt on that hugs everything just…and jeans that…Heaven is really unhappy especially seeing the way that Jill’s looking at her.

We head down inside this is like a lot of these goth clubs around here set un in a basement space with dark paint and glow in the dark paint with tattoo like images and just stuff I vaguely get?

I remember vaguely some of this life…The music and the dancing and the posers. We get stopped by the bouncers and says something…yeah pass words…get’s you in without paying the cover.

I look at Jill.

She looks at me.

“Hey, you’ve got the expense account.” I grin at her, she pays but pulls each ten out of her wallet steal thing me the finger each time.

We danced a bit, but nothing…no fangers in Forca. I’m not impressed with the whole very bad Western take on Hispano-Goth. Mixed feelings here, Heaven’s all over the place inside of me and most of the others don’t care for the whole club like.

Kara and Maeve…fascinated though and I did have a good time dancing with Shaun. He’s a bad dancer, but he doesn’t care. He made every time I saw Jill and Sloan bearable.

I can’t help it but to be quiet and hurting somewhat as I get into the truck when we head out. Hurting…there’s this scary, scary shadow ache of….of wanting a fix. God I hate this.

Driving I’m looking and seeing the “others” in my reflection of the glass in the window. Jill and Sloan are in the back and while we’re trying to be all business doing this they’re sharing looks…those glances.

I close my eyes and breathe, try and center It’s so schizophrenic really. I’ll be glad when I balance this out…I hope I balance this out. Maybe this is really what killed the past versions of myself…not the other lives but the other evanescence’s.

I think sometimes the others inside of me are still alive. I sort of feel them moving and reacting inside of me actually like they’re working to chill Heaven/Molly out and I try to focus inward… ~Jill’s had to move on…she’s living her life, we have to let her…more than that…with everything going on…we have to fight for her to have the chance at the best life.~

I feel like crying deep inside though.

We drive for awhile before heading down to this maybe listed place called The Baldrik it’s a rebuild burned out brick warehouse down by the tracks in a bad area of town. The demon incident was down here too. I think they kept the burnt brick for the look of the place.

We’re one of the few vehicles parking down here. Most of the others are sort of guarded by what passes for gangs hereabouts. It’s a sad state of affairs when a nice mid-western town like this that never had slums before certainly have them now.

There’s a lot of me that knows this is on purpose. Poverty leads to vulnerability and desperation and this leaves people open to those things that go bump in the night. And there’s always those looking for something…anything. Things that lead them to places like here.

There’s a big guy at the doors and Sloan’s little password bit doesn’t work here….heh…heh…and Jill looks like she’s going to I.D. flash him. When Shaun gives him that wassup head nod and they guy shake hands and stuff…it’s odd, I never really ever got that sort of innate guyese thing that men seem to have towards each other.

There’s this whole thing of.

“How’s Kiik?”
“Good pie.”
“Daaaamn good pie.”
“We good?”
“Hell yeah.”
“Thank Tito.”

And at least I’m not alone with the whole two maybe three word line conversation they just had. Jill’s got this look and I hear her muttering as we head in. “I’ll never get it, never did never will…guys…” She shoots me a look.

“Hey don’t look at me, I was never a guy like that my maleness was camouflage…and it didn’t come equipped with gruntese.”

Shaun comes up behind me and hugs me. “Ugh…wooman…Shaun like wooman, have soft humpy bits.”

He sort of tickles me and Jill has this ick look on her face. Sloan is laughing and giggling. She points at Shaun. “I remember when all of you talked like that, you channeling racial memories there Shauney?”

We’re laughing actually a bit even me with Sloan’s joking and even Jill then we’re hit by the heavy metal blasting at us from the huge speakers as we go inside. I see Sloan’s lips pull into a smile of sharp Nixie teeth. She pulls Jill down the stairs to the floor and they’re grooving to *More Human than Human.* By White Zombie.

I focus on my shades and there’s a few shapes without the blue in the mixture. I tap Air magic…and vibrate the air beside Jill and Sloan’s ears like I’m talking in their ears.

“We’ve got some people with dead batteries here, keep your eyes peeled.”

I’ve no idea what the game plan is but I dance with Shaun or try to, this is not my thing and I’m not one for getting bumped all the time or getting felt up girl on girl. It’s hard to not pull away freaked out.

I move with things and Shaun gets my uncomfortableness and as bad a dancer as he is he tries to dance block some of the people that seem to be drifting to me. I can see Sloan and she’s reveling in her whole sexuality thing and the metal music and the wildness of the experience.

I catch the non-human in her though, she moves like a guy/lesbian’s wet dream but her eyes. I see the predator she is scoping things out.

It’s nothing for awhile then it seems to happen all so fast…

There’s this guy, dancing with me out of nowhere, he’s got no light lines of current running through him.

“You’re new here!” he shouts. ~Look at me.~

Oh…he’s trying to glamour me?

I pull down my glasses and look at him.

“Yeah, not really my scene!”

“Too bad it’s so you!” ~You like me, you trust me, feel the attraction…want me.~

“Thanks, you’re not from town are you?”

“No, I’m here looking for work!” ~Want me, trust me…yes, I’m the one you’ve been looking for.~

“You’re a good dancer!”

“Thanks, it’s just something natural for me!”

“Naw, that’s just the vampire reflexes right?”

He narrows his eyes and he grabs my wrist. “I knew you were too thick to my look. What are you…I can smell power in your blood.”

“I’m more than you can handle is what I am.”

“We’ll see about that.” He drags me through the crowd.

I use Air magic again to tell the others. “He’s taking me somewhere out of the way and just where we might want to be at crowd wise.”

His grip hurts a bit and I look through my shades, yeah they’re following him, he’s the leader…smelled my essence through all of the stuff here. And it’s a vampy gothic club, I’m sure there’s lots of blood scents in the air. I’m going to have to remember that.

It’s back room, the store room and he gives me this yank that’s supposed to hurl me up against the wall. I use Air again and slow myself by making a cushion and stop then turn and look at him. “That wasn’t nice.”

“I’m not nice, I don’t like being outed.”

“I’m not partial to being glammed.”

“You’re the meat, you don’t get an opinion.”

Others are filtering in, three, five, nine, then more close to twenty.

“Wow, you’re kind of a fang slut aren’t you?”

Some look nervous, new? The food’s not supposed to talk back.

“Funny, but that’ll change.”

“Doubt that.”

“You will when you’re one of us?”

“I’ll make you stronger on a full kill.”

“You’re worth more with us.”

“Aaah, the green eyes.”

Oh they get nervous now, shuffling. He’s glaring at me harder his eyes slowly going vamped feral.

“What do you know about it witch.”

“I’m looking for them.”

“Once your one of us you’ll find them.”

“So you know where Raphael is.”

“He ain’t been hard to find for us.”

“Good. Tell me and I’ll cut you a deal.”

“Deal? Honey, this isn’t Buffy, and you’re crew out there with my others ain’t the scoobies.”

“No, their not…definitely not.”

He stiffens…feeling it happening. He stalks at me and I wrap myself in Air magic and he thumps into it. Get’s pissed and starts trying to force his way through…it’s more or less his magic in him against mine in the shield.

I’m stronger.

“Get her!”

Okay…I might not be able to hold them all off.

A half dozen or so are coming at me trying to push through the shield. I grit my teeth and hold. This is still the first real time majik stuff I’m doing and on my own…I reach in at create light…that’s pushing out mana and gathering the motes/particles of light together…I shape them in front of each vamp, where their hands ad bodies are trying to push through my wall of stiffened air. I make blazing crosses. There’s screams and flames from them and they recoil.

There’s this quiet settling over everything and then there’s the sound of footsteps and Jill walks in two Japanese daggers in her hands loosely and she stops….

Ignores the vampires shifting to adjust to her being there and she takes out her deck of smokes and she flips a smoke out. Then light’s it.

The vamp leader stares at me then at her. “You’ve got a mage, so what Fed. We’ve got the numbers, we’re stronger than you both, it’s just academic.”

Jill exhales some smoke head down and there’s some smoke drifting up through her hair she just has her cigarette held in her lips and in the combat blacks she just looks…

“You should do a recount there Max.”

Two vamps on the edges get yanked off their feet into the shadows and ashes spill out of the spot followed by Sloan all nixied out dark shark like eyes, clawed black nails and those three black batman like spurs…and the elbow spikes…sharp teeth.

Jill cocks her head to the other side almost lazy like and another vamp dusts it with Shaun shoving his hand through it a blazing sphere of ball lightning in his hand… gloves that look like those sort of Nintendo power gloves…his eyes flare like Raiden from mortal combat, his blonde hair moving in some kind of static wind.


Max…the lead vamp looks pissed and scared and he goes full vamp shift. He pulls two very large knives curved ones of those kurkri types. Other vamps are pulling weapons, I’m….shit vamps using weapons? You don’t really see that in the movies.

Jill lets her arms down in some stance and those Japanese daggers start sliding out longer…oh those snap-baton blades from the demon fight.

It goes from nothing to full chaos in an instant.

Shaun’s doing some boxing stuff and somehow boosting his strength? I see him blast a vamp trying to blindside him with a mini-lightning bolt from the palm on his hand/glove and drive another one a dozen feet away with a ball lightning palm strike. He reaches out like a Jedi and pulls a fire axe from the wall and swings it into the heart of a vamp dusting it.

That’s just so…wow, Shaun…

Sloan’s duking it out with three vamps and just when they thing they got her she becomes water? Or she’s made a water replica and she’ll hit them from the sides and her claws and spurs are very sharp and she’s fast, really fast in an inhuman way but also nimble and flexible. It really shows that she looks human but she’s not. Humans, even the vamps who were sort of human in structural ways can’t move like Sloan.

Then there’s Jill…and she gets attacked by this mob of them at first and she goes all…Kill Bill, Sucker Punch, Shi… (Comic samurai.) and it’s like she just knows where they’ll move, where they’re going to be and she’ll evade almost like a dancer but instead of then getting empty air when they went for her, they find one of her sword slicing through them or impaling them.

She clashes with Max swords to knives. He drives her backward through the dust of the vamps she just killed. She braces and turns and almost throws him but makes him back off.

Then it’s one of those fights, blade on blade as fast as it gets and her somehow able to keep up with him and not get gutted by using the difference in her size and the reach of her blades and skill…I had no idea she was this…


Dammit I can’t sit still, I wade into the ones trying to get to me and I charge myself up…I have not just the mana but the essences of all of the lives that I’ve been…essence is different and as I charge up and layer myself I am as strong and fast as each all of us as one being.

The vamp girl screams in shock when I catch her wrist when she goes to claw me and I snap it off completely and I slap her down and tag her face with a light spell cross that continues to burn. It’s not the light it’s the cross and the fact I know it works…faith, belief and the mana invested.

I keep doing that, I rely on Kara’s life for my fighting instincts and I punch and kick and fight and throw them around and dole out crosses the entire time.

Then I’m back to back with Shaun and It’s…it’s like a dance…my strength, his my light his lightning, my fists and his axe.

Then it’s over…ashes and dust floating through the place and Sloan twitching and smoking…some of their weapons had enough iron it them she’s really hurting…poisoned and she’s smoking.

I look to Jill…

Holding Max in her arms like they’re dancing…he’s whispering in her ear but could have been biting her except from one of her blades coming out of his back and there’s this slowly expanding circle of ash forming.

I hear his choked whisper…it must be spreading to his lungs now.

“Kiss me Fed, let me have one more real kiss before it takes me.”

Jill kisses him deeply lesbian or not.

Then she twists the blade and he tilts his head back as he turns to ashes.

She blinks and then looks around.

“Club Vantu…Raine can you…?”

“Got it, Sloan?”

“Need to sit down…I…I really hate this plane.”

I help her over to a stack of beer boxes and start to reach in and feel the mana of the iron and latching onto it pulling it out. My head swirling with all these things…but mostly…

Four on thirty? And this happened?

Fuck we might have a chance.

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