Vampyre 6.

Vampyre 6.

Chapter 6

Honestly I’m glad that I’m not in the same truck with Jill. I’m my vamped out state I’m really on an edge right now and it might have led to more of a thing than it’s become already.

Dammit I knew that she recognized me.

Donna’s driving and I’m doing what we vampyre’s do almost on instinct it seems and that’s brood.

I hate being a stereotype.

Donna knows where we’re going since she’s part of the sheriffs office and dealing with clubs is one of the things that they do. Fire codes and checking capacity and stuff like that I suppose but I can imagine these places are a haven for drugs too.

I actually don’t know since I’ve never actually been to one of these places. I just never bought into the craze and by the time they really got popular I was captured and was being tortured by the Templars.

Honestly the whole faux-vamp-goth thing turns my stomach. I hate the way that these things have become popular. I’m sure that the Vampires are behind the money that brought the whole popularity of the genre into the light.

I’d seriously consider biting and feeding on all of these morons that are part of this thing of it wasn’t for the whole you are what you eat thing? You imagine Anne bloody Rice flowing through your essence.

No thank you I’d rather stake her.

That’d be ironic.

We pull into the Nos-Tre-Damus Club.

Just the name is making me twinge and I got in with Donna and I vamp-jedi mind trick the bouncer and he lets us in. The music is horrible. Marylyn Manson or some crap like that and I see them making drinks for the normals here with dark red died tomato juice and Nos, not short for Nosferatu but Nos is this new fangled… (Chuckle) energy drink that has a bottle that looks like the bottle of Nitrous Oxide gas used in street racing…and of course a shot of what smells like vodka.

It kind of looks like blood in the glass it just doesn’t have the right legs in the glass that real blood does.

We stop and we dance and we look around and Donna’s scoping the place out with her electric shades that Shaun had made. He’s a Artificer, a Faraday to be exact they’re like habitual good guy types with the Franklins being sell their trade to the highest bidder types and then there’s the Tesla’s.

The real Dr. Frankenstein was a Tesla mage and we all know how that worked out.

Yes he was real, and his monster wasn’t the only terrible creature that he created. He made some really diabolical creatures I’m told.

I smell blood, young female fresh blood and it’s not menstrual…the scent of panic in the air…

“Donna, follow me and be ready someone’s feeding in here.”

I head to the bathrooms, the ladies room just because that’s where I’d go to make a kill. I burst in and flare my eyes at the girls in there and the stare at me stupidly. Great fucking stoned.

Donna pulls her gun and her badge and points at the door. Hrump…I’m a two hundred year old terror of the night and the look at me like I’m some thing they expect to see everyday and my girlfriend flashed her badge and they take off like rats escaping a sinking ship.

I miss the fear of god terror that I would inspire, it was so useful. Now this they just stare at you like…


I feel her and I punch through the stall door and grab her by her hair and yank her through it snapping it into bits and I spin around with her and throw her into the full length mirror at the sinks.

She hisses at me and goes all rip your face off feral on me.

I beat her around; she’s young maybe thirty years. And she’s still vamp-young and stupid. She hasn’t learned a thing about how to live and learn other than whatever bullshit she’s been taught by her maker. You can’t do that, you have to learn how to fight or else you’ll end up fighting someone like me.

I bounce her off the walls a few times shattering the tiles and cracking drywall with a few well placed blocks and throws and then a burst of vamp strength and speed punches she lasts for about ten good hits before she crumples and I grab her and slam he into the wall.

Donna’s getting the hysterical gothling out of there…the smell of her blood is so think in the air I have to fight for control and that makes me angry.

“Raphael! Where is he?”


“The green vampires, where’s their nest!?”

She struggles again and I drag her face over the walls shattering tiles as they fetch up on her skull and break into bits until I get to the hand dryer machine and beat it clean off the wall with one really good hit.

“I asked you where!”

“Them…club Vantu, club Vantu! Please, please don’t kill me…I’ll fuck off, leave town I’ll get out tonight!” she’s screaming in pain and fear and if she could wet herself she would.

The bathroom door blows open kicked with full strength and three vampires come in two are like her and ones about half my age…her maker. “Oh bitch you’re fucked now!” The one I’m holding giggles with glee.

He smiles and I crack the giggler in the throat with my forearm crushing her windpipe and making her fall to the ground gagging. She heal from that in moments but the others come in at vamp speed and I dig into my pocket and throw shuriken into them, they scream falling to the ground partly from the recoil of me nailing the with them at full strength and from the burning of the silver.

He dodges his by pulling a Neo or Matrix but that retarded thing where they lean back under something to dodge it. Yes retarded, it leaves you wide open in reality. Fucking kids and their movies.

I use my speed and some essence boost to move there in a flash. I’m looking his shocked face in the eye as the grey spreads over him, through him as he righted himself into my dagger-stake.

Shock hit’s the three at the loss of their maker and I pull one up and bite down on her neck injecting her blood with my sunlight venom…Inject and drink….the sunlight burns her to ashes and I suck the raw power from her denying it to the beast…the other two are screaming as…

I’m Alecia…


I head out looking at Donna...


I kiss her as soon as I get close and I growl into her…killing and feeding like this…it’s the same but different and right now I’m so horny…that…that’s the same.

It takes a lot, a huge amount of will power to back off of being with her and…


“Call the other’s…Club Vantu…”

We’re walking outside and Donna’s on her shoulder mic and calling it to the others….I hear her say we’ll meet them there in twenty minutes…?

“Donna?’s not that far is it?”

“No, but it’ll give the others a chance to get there….besides I have an idea.”


I gasp as she shoves me against the truck and slips her hand down the front of my pants.


Death and Goddess!

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