The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 34

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 34
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Shaiya stays at the hospital.

"You are more than welcome, sweetie," Shaiya said, giving Janice a kiss on her forehead. It was a gesture of love that Shaiya hadn't shown Janice since she was eleven.

Janice had longed for and pined away the hours of each day, for almost three years, hoping and wishing her mother would come for her and love her like she used to. They say that all good things come to those who wait, and that is certainly true for Janice. Her mother didn't only come to see her, but to bring her home and love her like she used to.

Janice was still weak from her ordeal of the coma, but at least she still had her sense of humor.

"Mother, when we get home, can we get a puppy. We will name her Naomi." Shaiya and Naomi giggled.

"That sounds wonderful dear. But why Naomi?"

"Because Naomi has been there for us, even when I was very skeptical. Naomi said if she is anything, she is loyal, so I figured I'd name my first puppy, Naomi."

"I would be honored, Janice," Naomi said, with a wide grin. "Anyway, I had better scoot so I can get a few things done at the house before I have to go to bed. I have to be at work at seven in the morning. Are you coming with me, Shaiya?"

"No. I am staying with my baby until she comes home with me."

Janice stared crying. "Than...thank"

"Oh honey, you wait and see. Everything is going to be just fine. Your friends at the home can even come and visit and in the summer they can come and enjoy our cookouts, too. Sweetie, I know I said this before, but I am so sorry that I didn't listen to you. But that is going to change. We are going to have wonderful talks, about men and boys, about clothes, about shopping, about just going for a drive to see the sites. We will talk about getting a puppy that we can train ... and you don't have to wory about anything. When you are in school, or out with your friends, I can watch the puppy, because she will be both of ours."

"Mom, why was I placed in the home?"

"Because I listened to a social worker who doesn't know the first thing about social work. This lady is older than I am, and maybe retired by now ... I hope. But she was so insistent about you needing help with your problems, that she suggested I place you in Pine Meadows. Then a while later, she convinced me to sign away my parental rights.

"But, Naomi said she can help me get those rights back. I am so sorry, sweetie. None of this would have happened, if I had only listened to you, when you needed to talk. But, from now on, I am going to not only listen to you, but offer advice as well, like a mother should."

"Thank ... you ... moth ..." Before Janice could finish, she was sound asleep. Shaiya just sat back in the recliner by the bed, and watched her baby sleep. She looked so peaceful; like a little angel.

As Shaiya sat there, she thought back to the days before Janice was sent to the home.

Chapter 2 - Shaiya remembers.

Marcia Whittig of the state department of social services, child protective services, paid a visit to Shaiya's house. She told Shaiya that they had received a complaint, that a girl who lived in this house was allowed to run around town, in skimpy outfits, like a whore would. Marcia was in her forties, had blonde/grey hair, and wore the most ridiculous clothes. Shaiya was shocked to hear this, but Marcia had insisted on being let in and talking with Shaiya.

Shaiya had told Marcia that whoever called didn't know anything about what went on in her house. She said that her daughter was out with friends, and did things with her friends all the time. Sometimes she would give Janice money and she would go shopping with her friends.

Marcia noticed that the house was clean, well stocked with food, and that Janice had her own room, which Shaiya told Marcia, Janice kept clean.

"Are you telling me that your eleven year old daughter cleans her own room?"

"Yes, I am."

"I don't think so. There isn't an eleven year old child anywhwere that keeps his or her room clean."

"Well, Ms. Whittig, my Janice does."

"Yeah, this I have got to see. Well, apparently there is no cause to open a file on this matter; now. But if we receive another complaint, we will look in to it more thoroughly. Goodbye for now."

Shaiya thought that she didn't leave soon enough. This was the third Monday in June, and Janice was out of school for the summer. Shaiya wondered who could have made such a complaint.

The clothes Janice wore, were decent, and came to just about two inches above her knees. Her tops weren't revealing, even though they were V-necks. Janice wore two inch heels to church, and other places when she needed to dress up. But Janice didn't act like or dress like a whore. So, Shaiya was at a loss to understand why someone would say that, and to child protective services, no less.

As Shaiya was deep in thought, Janice came in and gave her mother a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, mom. Why the sad face? Did the sky fall, or something?"

"Honey, sit down. I need to tell you what just happened while you were out. A social worker came to the house and said they had received a complaint that you were allowed to run around town in skimpy clothes, like a whore would wear."

"Omg! Who could have said such a thing?"

"That was what I was trying to figure out. When I told her you keep your room clean, she said no eleven year does that. When I said you did, she said she would have to see that to believe it. This woman reminded of the wicked step mother in Snow White.

"Honey, I don't trust this woman any more than I can pick up this house. There is something very strange going on here."

"Mom, don't worry about it. It was probably some old fuddy duddy that doesn't like children."

"Yes, maybe. But, honey, we will have to be careful. Very careful."

"Mom, Jennie and Kathy want to go shopping this Saturday. May I go with them, please?"

"I don't see why not. It would do you good to go shopping and have fun with your friends. I like Jennie and Kathy. So, yes, you may go with them."

The rest of that day was uneventful, and Janice helped her mother with getting the dinner prepared. Janice was a helpful daughter, but there were storm clouds on the horizon. It was the coming storm that made Janice untrusting of authority.

Janice prepared the lettuce and cut one tomato. This was either for salad or for making burgers deluxe. They had the sesame seed buns, the all beef patties and the lettuce and tomato, as well as the pickles, but they didn't have the special sauce. When the burgers were done, they made their sandwiches and waited for the fries to get done. Then they curled up in front of the television set, to watch a nice movie.

To anyone passing by, they would see a mother and daughter bonding in an aura of love. The next morning, two police officers came to Shaiya's home.

"Hi, are you Shaiya Peyton?"


"Is your daughter, Janice at home?"

"Yes, she's upstairs, in her room. Why? What do you want with my daughter?"

"We just need to talk to her, ma'am."

"Wait right here, and I will get her."

Janice and Shaiya came down the stairs.

"This is my daughter, Janice."

"Janice, may we talk to you outside, please?"

Janice stepped outside and the police put her in the back of their squad car. They drove Janice to the detention home, where she was placed with other girls. The police didn't say why they were taking her there, they just took her.

The next morning, Janice went before the judge where Marcia Whittig was talking to the judge when Janice was brought in the courtroom.

"Young lady, this social worker says you have been prancing around town acting and dressing like a whore. I'm afraid that I am going to have to send you to a place where you can get the help you need in your best interest. You will be taken by the Wayne County Sheriff to the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls in Pine Meadows County, immediately. I hope you can over come your urges for prostitution."

Janice was numb. There were no words she could think of to say. Why was this happening? She never even said the word sex much less engaged in it. Who was doing this to her, and why?

Chapter 3 - The present.

Janice stirred in her bed, and Shaiya watched her closely. Janice was moaning, so Shaiya went to get the nurse. The nurse, seeing that Janice was in pain, gave her something in her IV to help the pain. Janice slept the rest of the night peaceably.

The next morning, while Janice ate with one arm, the nurse was busy taking her blood pressure on the other arm, and her temperature. The nurse said good, and good, and even listened to Janice' heart, lungs and belly. The nurse said there was no wheezing, and everything looked good.

"Maybe Dr. Nita will let you go home today. After you are done eating, would you like to get washed up?"

"Yes, I would. Thank you."

"Honey, while you are getting washed up, I will go down to the cafeteria and have a little something for myself. Then, I will be right back up."

"All right, mom. I hope Dr. Nita let's me go home today. This food should be declared unfit for human consumption." Shaiya giggled, and hugged Janice.

"Are you finished, dear?"

"Yes, mom. I want to take a nice shower."

"Press the nurses button, and tell her when she comes in. I'm sure she will want you to sponge bathe, though." Janice pressed the nurses button, and the nurse came in.

"Are you done, Janice?"

"Yes, I would like to take a shower."

"Honey, you will have to sponge bathe for today. Dr. Nita didn't leave any instructions for out of bed bathing. I will send the PCA in to help you, so you don't accidentally pull those wires and IV out.

"Oh, all right, I suppose," Janice said, sounding faux defeated.

As Janice was being washed up, she thought, "I can get used to this". When the PCA was done, she emptied the two basins in the restroom toilet, and then rinsed and dried them out.

"There you go, Janice. All nice and squeaky clean." Janice ran a finger over her arm.

"I don't hear any squeaks." They both giggled.
The only reason I stopped this chapter here, is because I couldn't think of anything else to write for this chapter. Barbara.

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