The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 27

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 27
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Janice is taken back to the hospital.

The bus parked right by the house, so the girls didn't have to walk from the parking area where there were three buses parked. As they all filed out of the bus, and started going in the house, Sharon noticed that Janice was with them. She went over and told Madelline that Janice somehow had left the hospital. Madelline followed the girls inside, and when the door was closed, she followed Janice to her room. Janice seemed to be moving in a strange manner, almost as if she was asleep.

Madelline got a real chill and decided to call Naomi. Madelline used her cell phone and talked low so as not to disturb Janice.

"Naomi, Janice is here at the house. She was on the bus with the girls, and now she is in her room. Can you come over, please?"

After Naomi assured Madelline that she would be right there, Madelline hung up. She kept an eye on Janice, until Naomi came up the stairs and down the hallway. Madelline pointed to Janice laying completely dressed on her bed.

"I think I know what happened. Help me get her down to my SUV."

The two women asked two of the girls to help, and Naomi positioned one on each side of Janice, while Madelline took her feet and Naomi lifted from Janice' underarms. They placed Janice on the back seat of the SUV and Naomi used the seat belts to make sure Janice would not fall on the way back to the hospital.

When the belts were fastened, Naomi thanked everybody, and said everything will all right. Naomi got in the SUV and turned on her emergency police lights, and used the siren when she got out on the road. It took less than five minutes for Naomi to get Janice back to the hospital. She went in the ER doors and got a wheelchair. After getting a nurse to help her, Janice was placed in the wheelchair, and Naomi took her straight to three west. She stopped at the nurses station.

"Hi ladies, are you missing a patient."

"OMG! That's Janice Peyton! But, how?"

"I think she was sleepwalking. I remember a number of years ago, a man got completely dressed, got in his car and went to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping. He brought all of the groceries home, put them away, and went back to bed. His wife had thanked him for doing the shopping and he claimed he didn't. She opened the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer and showed him all the food. All he could do was scratch his head.

"I think this is what Janice was doing. When she wakes up, she will not remember coming back to my place, or riding the bus back to the home. I don't think she will repeat this. She did give us a scare though."

"Well, we are going to have to have a nurse in her room now, until she leaves the hospital. We don't want this repeating itself."

"I will stay with her for now."

"Thank you. Uhm, you're Naomi, right?"

"Yes, I officially start work Monday as a deputy sergeant here in Pine Meadows county."

"Do you know that you are the talk of the town? You are, you know. You took that Buck character down at the truck stop, and all of the merchants in town are very thankful you did."

"Well, he won't be back anytime soon. He has two felonies here, and outstanding warrants in three other counties. The other counties didn't know what his name was, they just had his fingerprints he left at certain places he burglarized. We can try him here on a change of venue from each of the counties. When Jim O'Donnell put his fingerprints online, they knew they had their burglar."

"Well, we still need to put a nurse in here. You are welcome to stay as long as you like."

"Thank you."

They took Janice back to her room, and got her in bed. They hooked her up to an IV, a heart monitor, and a blood pressure cuff that was set to take Janice' blood pressure every fifteen minutes. The young nurse that helped the nurses supervisor and Naomi, stayed in the room. She looked like she was about twenty one or twenty two, had light auburn hair, and pearl white teeth.

"Hi Naomi, I'm Kaye. I will be staying with her during the nights, and there will be another nurse taking over on first shift, then another on second shift. Has this patient done anything like this before?"

"Not that I was told. Even the house mother was surprised to see her at the home."

"Well, I had to ask. We now have her on observation 24/7. That means there will be a nurse in here all the time. This way, too, we can help her when she wakes up."

"Well, I am going to stay with her tonight. I moved here from Alameda county so I could be near one of the girls I had to take to the home. Then, these girls made me an honorary sister, and I promised I would be there for each and every one of them."

"Why don't you just get a job at the home, then?"

"Because I am a deputy sheriff sergeant. I train rookie deputies in hand to hand self defense. I am a tai chi martial artist. I like my job, because I not only can make a difference for the girls at the home, but I can make a difference for the whole county."

"I heard about what you did at the truck stop. If you were to run for sheriff, Naomi, I am willing to bet you would win hands down."

"Well, being the elected sheriff is not what I would like. I'm not a politician, I am a law enforcement officer. This is what I do."

"Well, I was just saying. But, maybe you're right. Some people just don't want the burden of running for sheriff every two years."

"Well, besides that, I have a seniority level, even starting a new department. My rank and seniority transfer with me. I have been offered a raise in pay, and I start Monday...officially."

"I think you already have started."

"I think you're right."

"I'll just sit in the chair. I feel responsible for these girls, and I have only just met them."

"That is great, Naomi. With that kind of attitude, you will make a lot of friends here."

"I promised the neighbor I had in Forest City I would look up her sister. She gave me her name and address. Carol Rodgers, Route one, box 33, Pine Meadows."

"That would be east of town. It isn't far. The Rodgers live in a nice house, and we see them in town when they have to buy something. Anyway, they are actually from here. Carol and her sister were both at the home, as I was. Just before I graudated from Pine Meadows High, I had asked Ms. Wells if it was possible that the home could put me through nursing school. She said they don't normally do that for girls who turn eighteen, but she would ask. When I graduated from high school, I was told that the state will pay my tuition for nursing school, because that is an honorable profession. I helped at the home until I graduated from nursing school, and here I am."

"May I ask why you were at the home?"

"Well, since you are an honorary sister, I suppose it will be all right. When I was fourteen, the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls had just basically opened. It was intended to be a boarding school for troubled girls. I was always going out with my boyfriend when my parents said no. This would be about eight in the evening, and I wouldn't get back until midnight or one in the morning. My mother kept asking me why I stay our so late and I wouldn't answer her. So, they heard about this place from our pastor, and they thought fine. So, they put me in the home, and I was allowed weekend home visits. But, on one of those visits, my boyfriend wanted me to go out on a Saturday night, and my parents said no more visits until I could learn to obey them. Well, anyway, I learned a lot being at the home. The girls all rallied around each other, helping by listening to our troubles, and giving us advice. That was when the house parents started to be called daddy, mom and even Ms. Wells, we called grandma Wells."

"But the home opened in 1996. You can't be more than twenty one or twenty two."

"Thank you, Naomi. I turned thirty years old this year."

"OMG! You look so young."

"Yes, I suppose I get that from my mother. I visit them now and then, and they are proud of the way the home has helped me. My ex-boyfriend has asked me out several times, but I keep telling him that I am only here for a few hours then I have to get back home, because I have to be to work."

"You know, looking so young, you could get carded in a tavern."

"Funny you should mention that, because I do, regularly." The two women giggled. "I even had one bartender tell me my driver's license was a fake. I called the police, and when they came to the bar, I had them check my driver's license, and when they told the bartender that my license was real, he had a shocked expression on his face. Of course he turned about a thousand shades of red, too, because he was embarrassed for telling me my license was a fake.

"He served me my drink and apologized. He told me I looked like I was sixteen. I told him that was the best compliment I had gotten all day. He laughed a little while shaking his head. I bet he told his relief too, when he came in. But that is alright, though, because if people think I am younger than what I am, it helps me a lot to appreciate what I have."

Janice made a uhn noise, and both women were up in less than a nano-second. When the nurse said she was just probably dreaming, Naomi and Kaye sat back down. Kaye kept looking at the monitors that they hooked Janice up to, after Naomi had brougt her back. Her blood pressure was still very low, and her pulse, too. Naomi was thinking back to a few days ago, when Janice had questioned her about why she wanted to help the girls being a cop. She remembered Janice saying it was the first time she had seen a cop cry. Naomi looked at Janice with motherly concern.

"Well, I for one would like a cup of coffee. Naomi, would you go out by the desk and tell them to give you my cup, and go to the break room, and get me a cup of coffee?"

Naomi went out by the nurses desk and told them what Kaye wanted. One of the nurses said she would get it, bcause she knew how Kaye liked her coffee. She asked Naomi if she wanted anything, and Naomi opted for a juice of whatever kind they had. The nurse said she would be right back. Naomi went back in the room and told Kaye that one of the nurses was getting her coffee.

"What did she look like?"

"Her name tag said Eileen."

"Oh, yes, she is the nursing assistant supervisor. She is very good to work with."

Eileen Granger was the perfect nurse. She made sure all the patients visitors were comfortable, and that the patients she took care of were too. She had been working at Pine Meadows Memorial Hospital for twelve years, and she was getting a little grey, but she never let that get in her way to help others.

When Naomi said that Kaye would like a cup of coffee, and she would like a juice, Eileen wasted no time in getting the refreshments. When Eileen brought the juice and coffee in the room, she looked at the monitors.

"How is our patient doing, Kaye?"

"Well, she made a noise and turned on her side. But the monitors haven't really changed since Naomi brought her back. As you can see her blood pressure is 97/64 and her pulse is 60. I am hoping that she isn't depressed."

"Well, I will talk to the doctor. I will see if she wants Janice to see the psych before she is discharged."

"The doctor that admitted her is also a psychiatrist. I'm sure she will want to talk to Janice about a few things."

"That's good then. Is Dr. Poole still the doctor there?"

"No, he's in jail for several counts of child molestation as well as rape of a minor on several counts."

"It's about time that pervert got caught. Who caught him?"

"He mildly molested the new girl I brought to the home. She told Jan and Jan told daddy, and daddy called the state police. That was when the troopers found out about the other girls he abused, and before you know it, they were taking him away in handcuffs. There are over twenty counts. The only girl he hadn't molested is a twelve year old that had just come to the home shortly before the girl I brought there."

"Well, I hope I get a jury summons. I want to help put that bastard away for good, after he has been neutered."

"Kaye, will you testify against him, too?"

"You bet I will. Mr. are you getting excited will go through hell in prison. Naomi, I think you should talk to Carol Rodgers, too. This perverted son of a ... oooooooo I want to hurt him so badly."

"Well, with the girls testifying against him, he won't see daylight for at least thirty years. Right now he is facing over four hundred years in prison, if the judge gives him the maximum sentence. The best thing the girls can be assured of, is there is no parole in this state."

"That is good. I will ask the district attorney if it is too late to have him charged with your being molested, as well as Carol and her sister Janet. They have five years to bring prosecution after the fact becomes known. So I will see. I want this perverted bastard to get as much time as possible, too."

"I need to use the restroom," Janice said in a sleepy voice.

"All right, dear. My name is Kaye and I am your nurse for tonight. Let's get you in the restroom." Kaye helped Janice to the restroom. "When you are finished, and you think you need help getting back, just pull that cord with the red tip." Kaye closed the door, and waited for Janice to finish. When she heard her cell go off, she knew Janice was done. "Come on, sweetie, let's get you back to bed."

After Janice had laid down and Kaye covered her up, she looked at the monitors, adjusted the IV, put the blood pressure cuff around her arm, and sat back down.

"I wonder if she will remember using the restroom?" Kaye had asked Naomi.

"Maybe, maybe not. We will just have to wait and see."

Her blood pressure cuff should be going off right about now." The blood pressure cuff began to inflate and a few moments later, deflated. It showed that Janice had a blood pressure 100/69 and her pulse was very erratic.

"She still hasn't calmed down, yet. I think this is going to take longer than just a few days."

"I hope you're wrong, Kaye. I really do."

Naomi's thoughts belied what she had just said. She was very worried about Janice now, and knew that Kaye may be right. This may just be more than a few days.

"Dr. Juanita Garcia is the doctor there now, and she will be there permanently after the new year. She wanted to see the girl I brought to the home early, so she could get her therapy schedule posted in the house."

"Yes, daddy makes sure we are on time for our appointments, and if we are in school, the social worker makes sure we leave in plenty of time. We have a lot of aunts and uncles at Pine Meadows, even in town.

"You know Kaye, living in Forest City, we don't see this kind of caring. Forest City is a big city, and there are all kinds of things that go on there. It is refreshing, to say the least, that there is that kind of caring here."

"It takes a village, Naomi. Sometimes the girls come in to town to talk with one of the shop keepers, or the librarian or even the guy that drives the street sweeper. They take time out of their busy schedule to help the girls. Sometimes they buy them a burger, fries and a soda pop, and just sit and talk. You would be surprised just how much this town has helped those in the home."

"Maybe not, Kaye. I cried when they made me an honorary sister. I guess I was just so used to institution inmates being disrespectful. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the girls all stuck together and had respect. Anyway, we are sisters by a vote of unanimous." Kay and Naomi giggled.

Just as Naomi got up to use the restroom in the hallway, the room restroom was for the patients, Kaye's day relief came in.

"I will be right back, I have to use the little girls room."

"Hurry back, Naomi. I will be here when you get back."

Ursula Klemp was from Germany, and was an exchange student. When she graduated as a nurse in Berlin, she came back to the U.S. and applied for citizenship. Between work and citizenship classes, Ursula had a full day. Becoming a citizen takes almost six years of classes.

When Naomi came back, Kaye introduced her to Ursula. After the usual amenities, Kaye said she had to leave, and Naomi said she would walk with her.

"It was nice meeting you, Ursula."

"The same to you, too, Naomi."

Naomi drove back to the home, in time for the girls to be sitting down to breakfast.

"Naomi!" Joy exclaimed. "How is Janice doing?"

"She is stable for now. Her blood pressure is still low and her pulse is still erratic. I will let you all know more as I hear it. You all may want to go and see her today, but let me caution you. She may not wake up, even if you talk to her."

"Naomi," Sharon asked in a shaky voice. "Is she in a coma?"

"I hope not, Sharon. We will know more later today. Dr. Nita will go and see her and make the decision of whether an air tube needs to be put in her esophagus." Several girls put their hands to their throats and made a 'I'm sick' face. "Anyway, girls, I am going home and do some things around the house. If you go and see Janice, let me know how she is doing when you were there." A chorus of we will resounded throughout the house. Jack Olsen just put his hands to his ears and smiled. Each of the girls got up and hugged Naomi and thanked her for being there for Janice, and letting them know how she was doing. Naomi started out of the door with tears in her eyes. Yes, Ma'am, nobody could ever accuse Naomi Petersen of being a hard nose.

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