Chapter 10

I definitely get a sense of pleasure from seeing Brandy this way. I am really liking the way that she kisses me over and over sweetly as she has me backed into the kitchen counter. The tears are stopping but her smile is really big.

“I will have to make you tea and soup and sandwiches more often if they make you this happy.”

“Please? I’d honestly love that.”


“Because…this, just you being here and me coming home to a home rather than just my empty house especially after dancing and a long night…it means so much to me Maddy.”


“Yeah beautiful, you’re the best.”

“Not likely the best, there’s really nothing to support that but…”

Brandy kisses me long and slowly and deeply cutting me off. I think I’m catching on to when I’m adding in facts or comments that aren’t really needed in our dialogs…it’s a very effective way of being taught.

I do really enjoy this, the feel of her pressed to me and our paired softness. Lipstick on lipstick and breasts touching, our scents intermingling and becoming something soothing, femme familiar but at the same time gently erotic.

No…yes…for me it’s far more an erotic thing that Brandy both wants me and she tries to understand me.

We kiss for awhile then I get the late, late supper ready and we eat.

Honestly some people overlook the sheer goodness that a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup can be. And I’m smiling actually delighted that we seem to eat it the same way. You crack the sandwich open with your fingers, just breaking off a piece then you pull letting the gooey cheese stretch and the mozzarella I’ve added just makes that even more fun. You dip about a third of it in the soup and just eat that bit and repeat only stopping to have a spoonful of soup so you’re being fair to the soup.

“This is really good Maddy.”

“Thank you, I like soups.”

“I noticed you had a lot of them when we brought back your things.”

“I’m on the computer a lot so soup and extras are a part of my diet. Oh were a part of my diet?”

“Hey, I like soup.”

“Oh good, I have several good recipes.”

“What’s your favorite soup?”

“This, tomato it’s just soothing.”

“What else other than this?”

“Chicken broth, then chicken noodle or chicken and stars. I like split pea soup too when I’m done with it the same for cream of broccoli and cream of chicken soup.”

“When you’re done with them?”

“Yes, they are good soups but need more things added to them to make them right.”

“You mean better.”

“Right is better.”

“Okay.” She’s looking at me and is smiling that smile of hers around a spoonful of soup that makes things better.

………………….okay…if thoughts are the electromagnetic activity in your brain and your thoughts make you smile and all energy transmissions have a certain amount of bleed does that actually mean that a good mood or vibe or a sweet smile can actually be transmitted? Is this the way that we feel the feelings of others? Does this bled off energy make a happy home literally a happy home?


“Huh…oh sorry I was thinking?”


“Energy signatures and whether or not we can feel them or if over time they can alter the quantum signature of an object or a place.”

“This for a paper?”

“No, it just came up when I was watching you smile.”

“Me smile?”



“Because when you smile I feel better, it makes me happy but it also feels like you effect the world around you. If you like; the whole light up the room is a good analogy.”


“Yes, you make things seem better like you radiate this positive force.”

“Like my happiness is contagious?”

“Yes but no…”

“So…does the fact that you keep making me happy factor into the equation?”

“Yes….” Oh…yes it does, that changes part of the equations narrative.

“And does that mean that each action that you do that makes me happy makes this more like an exponential change?”

Brandy gets up and sways over to me and slips onto my lap and settles against me her full breasts pressing into my starting ones and her arms wrap around my neck and she kisses me deeply and starts the whole gyrate grind of my own lap dance.

“Yes…M..Maybe…” Not so much me stuttering but me inhaling and getting aroused.

“And if there’s thing that I do that make you oh…so…happy while…you are making me so happy what does that make?”

“A Hadron particle?”

She pulls my sex free and strokes me to hardness but she laughs and kisses me and nuzzles my face. “That was funny…and sexy…and smart…”

It’s my turn to leak tears from being happy and it has nothing to do with the eroticness of what we are doing.

I was joking. The whole Hadron bit was a play on love and happiness and the fact of what we’re going to be doing….Hadron…god particle…sex…oh god…oh god…to me it was just…me being me and likely no one would get it.

No one ever gets it, or me…but Brandy got it, she got it and she laughed with me.

And I didn’t even get how much having someone who can just get me feels like.

Then we make love.

In the chair…like I’d never do…to the music…she’s so good at that…Brandy can do this kagel thing around me so long and so sustained as she’s sliding upwards off my sex that can follow some wonderful notes.

It’s the acceptance and the exoticness she brings into my once very ordinary life…non-life…that makes this so special…then walking to our bathroom where we make love again but also…

Have you ever faced your lover and sat face to face bathing each other between kisses? Knelt and touching each other, loving each other, using the gentlest care to remove each others make up and wash away the stress of the world.

I haven’t either…I love it but next time we’ll sit, it was very sweet but hard on our knees.

Sated and cleaned we lotion and powder each other and fall onto a sweet sleep and each others arms again.

I don’t travel or dream not the strange dreams but regular? Dreams…Math, codes, numbers but also Brandy and her car, us driving out of the city to the country…maybe renting a cottage out on the lakes….some of my old apartment, some of here. The lentils growing out at home. Yes we grow lentils here in Canada my father always grew them as part of our crop rotations.

I actually sleep in waking out of the lake part of the dream where Maddy was in a bathing suit with coffee in the morning sun looking so different out of the city for once.

“Maddy…Mad…dy…Morning baby, here’s some coffee.”

“Mmm…it smells good, I slept in.”

“Yeah, oh your offices called and they want you to go in and got over your submissions? And your therapist called too and she wants you to stop by.”

“Okay…” I kiss her. “Can you drive me to both?”

“Sure it beats you taking a cab, too damned expensive.”

I nod and get up and stop and sip my coffee staring at her computer and there’s this outline of numbers in the air around it like in the shape of a small person using it as a window?

The longer I stare the more numbers appear in the image until it resembles this image outline of a young girl? Seven to ten at least but I can only get an outline, and the eyes in like this negative way. I walk over and she freezes on me and I notice she’s struggling…caught up on my of anti-virus software. Not unlike Peter Pan and his shadow.

Her eyes get bigger as I walk over and I press a few keys to drop the program. She get’s this instant happy burst of numbers like she was shedding happiness for a second but no noise then she leaves getting sucked back into the data stream?

But she waved one hand as she was vanishing.

“Madds? You okay?”

“Uhm…yes…I just had to take down something I let running.”

I head into the bathroom drinking my coffee.

I think she was like me? Or maybe a real A.I.?

I need to think about this.

Amazing either way.

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