The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 25

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 25
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Dinner is ready.

There weren't enough places for everybody to sit, so Naomi told them to find any place to sit, and they would have an informal dinner.

"So, what should we have? We have bratwurst, hot dogs, sauerkraut, dill and sweet relish and pickles, we have hamburgers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes. So, the waitress is now taking orders. Who wants what?"

"How about we make meatloaf, mashed potatoes, whole kernel corn, and that nice cherry pie we brought over."

"Connie, you brought a pie over?"

"No, Naomi, we brought three cherry pies over. I had to sneak them in the fridge while you were all getting things settled. Before we did the decorating."

"Well, I only live here, so don't ask me where anything is." The girls all giggled.

"All right. Now, we will have a big dinner, but, we are going to have to be careful, because there aren't enough places for everybody to sit."

"Naomi, we can make believe we are at the park, and this is a picnic. We can sit anywhere we feel comfortable at."

"Thank you, Sheryl. I should have thought of that. All right, then, since you girls are guests for tonight, Gloria and Ruth will make the dinner. We are going to have to have twenty seven slices of meatloaf, a full pot of potatoes, four cans of whole kernel corn and we have enough pies for dessert. There will be bread and margarine, milk and coffee. Did I leave anything out?"

"Naomi, may I put on the radio so we can listen to Christmas music while we eat?"

"Yes, Caroline. We could use a little dinner music."

Caroline went over and turned the radio on, and found the station that had Christmas music. Rachel was lost in the music of Winter Wonderland and was dancing to it by herself. Some of the girls were watching her, to see if maybe she was withdrawn.

To anybody that has been withdrawn, like most of these girls were and do at times, they know the symptoms...i.e., the far away look in the eyes, non-responsive, and just totally out of it. Sharon told Naomi what was going on, and Naomi watched Rachel, too.

When the song had ended Rachel stopped dancing, but didn't notice the girls and Naomi watching her. Rachel sat down on one of the sofas, and just put her arms around herself like in a hug. Renée went over by Rachel and sat next to her. She hugged Rachel for what seemed like forever. After a while, Rachel looked at Renée.

"Sis, how can I...make everything...right?"

"Make what right, Rach?"

"Every...thing. I...I treated" Renée was still hugging Rachel.

"You, Rachel Eileen Watkins, have nothing to make right, except maybe your birth defect. That other person that tried to take over your body, is gone, and we never have to talk about him again. You, Rachel Eileen Watkins, have treated me like a BGFF and a sister. So you have nothing to make right, as far as I am concerned. We are sisters Rach, and we have been for longer than you know. We are both thirteen and our birthdays are a month apart. Look at me, Rach." Rachel looked at her sister, and Renée took her Rachel's right hand and placed on her heart. "You are always in here, so you never have to worry about how I feel about you. When you have your surgeries to make you complete, then you will be free from anything that has happened in the past when your body had that other person in there. Because once you are physically female, that other person will leave you alone, because he doesn't want to be female. Do you understand what I just said?"


"There is a psychiatrist I want you to talk to. She has told the court that I am more female than what my body says I am. Dr. Garcia may be a good doctor, but this doctor I see, is a specialist in transgender people. She knows quite a bit."

"Where would I see her?"

"You can see her here. This is as much your house as it is mine."

"But, what about being in the home?"

"You can live there, and visit here any time. Your room upstairs is not ready, yet, anyway."


"Yes, silly, your room. When you come here for a home visit, you will have your own room. But, this room needs redecorating. You told your mother that you couldn't live in the room you had at your old house, because you're a girl, not a beast. This room looks like it was used by a boy. So, it needs a woman's touch."

"Why is...everybody"

"Oh sis, I wish we could make you see just how beautiful that soul inside of you really is. Just because you are having a time accepting this kindness that you have never had before coming here, does not mean we are going to give up on you. That other person who bullied me, is no longer here. you don't have to be afraid to laugh and have fun. Nobody is going to yell at you, or lecture you, or threaten you, or..."

"Heaven help the poor soul that does try to hurt you," Naomi cut in. "Rach, you are actually feeling the pain of all of the verbal abuse your father gave you, before he was taken to jail. I'm going to tell you right now, young lady. You are my little sister, and I am going to make sure you are protected. Tell you what. Why don't you pick out one of your presents from under the tree, and open it? It won't count against your opening a present later."

"You got me...presents? But, I was bad this year. I don't deserve any...presents."

"Sister Rachel Eileen Watkins, you have not been bad at all," Janice Peyton interrupted. "Since coming to the home, you have been there for Sharon, for Joy, for all of us. Listen, girlfriend, I thought I was tough stuff before I was sent here. I even questioned Naomi about helping you and us. I thought all cops were the same. Then I met Naomi. Coming here and helping decorate this tree and house, made me see that not only was Naomi true to her word, but she got us all out of the house so we could have a little real fun.

"Sis, I know it is hard to accept the kindness everybody is showing you, but, it was hard for most of us too, when we first came here. It is all right to feel sadness and think you don't deserve anything. But, dear sister, we all thought the same way as you, when we first came here. You are our sister, and with us it is all for one and one for all."

"Janice is right," Sharon broke in. "When I was feeling down and sad, who brought me out of it, by telling me I needed retail therapy in town? You did, sister Rachel Eileen Watkins, you did. You showed us a tender heart the first night you got here. You asked for our help, and we said yes. Since that night, you have seen how much we really care about you; we saw how much you really care about us. We are sisters, Rach; now and forever. All for one and one for all."

"But, I...I'm not...even a..."

"Oh, but you are, dear sister," Joy cut in. "You are as much of a girl as any one of us that was born a girl. You have a very sweet and caring heart, you like doing things that is mostly considered feminine. You, dear sister, corrected me when I was going to do a little sewing on the machine. You even flirted with Tommy Barker, a little, when we were in town. And also, dear sister of mine, what is this I hear you have a date with Tom Bradley? He is a nice boy, and he treats girls with respect. Let me ask you this. Have you ever been kissed by a boy? I mean, a real kiss, not just a peck on the cheek."

"No...I haven't."

"Tom will kiss you and hug you, but that is as far as he will go with us. He knows if we had any sex with a boy, we would be in real trouble. Now I don't know how the boys are with other girls, but they all give us respect."

"But, what if I don't want him to kiss me?"

"Then you tell him no, and he won't."

"But, I was always told by my dad, that when a girl says no, they really mean yes."

"Well, by where your dad is now, I'd say that kind of thinking didn't go so well. Did it?"


"Girlfriend, you listen to what we tell you, because we won't tell you anything that will get you in trouble. Daddy, Jan, Mom, Hazel, Ms. Wells, and all of us, are here for you. If you have a question about being a girl, talk to us. We will help you with anything you want to learn."

"Joy, I know you are all trying to help, but, right now I am so mixed up. I always thought being tough meant I had to be a bully. I...really...I..."

"Well, I see a girl sitting in front of me, with a caring heart a helping hand and concern for those around her. You, sister Rachel Eileen Watkins, are not a bully and you never have been. The bully that tried to take over your body, is gone. You will never see him again. Now, come over here by the tree."

Rachel got up and followed Joy to the Christmas tree.

"Pick out one of your presents to open, and open it."

Rachel knelt down by the Christmas tree, and picked out the biggest present under the tree that had her name on it.

"Take it over by the sofa and open it."

Naomi, Ruth, Gloria, Mandy, Carl, Sandi and all the girls came in the living room to watch Rachel open her first present. When she had the wrapping paper off of the box, and the box open, she gasped.

"OMG! This I...don't...deserve...this."

Now it was Naomi's turn.

"You don't deserve what, Rach?"

"I don't...deserve"

"For you, Rachel, for you. Connie, Sharon, take her upstairs and let her try it on. We all want to see how pretty Rachel really is when she is dressed up really nice."

Rachel went with Sharon and Connie to one of the bedrooms. She took off her jeans and shirt, and tried the dress on. It fit perfectly. They all went back downstairs to show the others. The girls all gushed at how pretty Rachel looked in her new party dress. It was midnight blue, with a satin bodice and and full A-line skirt that twirled when she walked. The sleeves were voile with snap closure cuffs.

"Now, Rachel Eileen Watkins, no boy could ever look as pretty as you. Not ever. With stockings, the right shoes, proper hair style, a little makeup, you will look like a princess. Go and change back now, so we don't get this beautiful dress messed up."

Rachel went back upstairs to change, and Sharon went with her. There was a buzz of activity in the living room, with all the girls talking at once. They were talking about how pretty their new sister really was. They all made a pact then and there to watch Rachel, and make sure she did everything like a girl. Not that she didn't now, but they just wanted to be sure.

"Well, I said it before, Naomi, and I will say it again. I thought all cops were the same, until I met you."

"Janice, there are exceptions to every rule. I know a few city officers in Forest City that are very decent, too. Look at Jim O'Donnell; he is decent."

"So, uhm, when is the big day for you and Mr. O'Donnell?"

"Now Janice," Naomi giggled, "we haven't even gone on a date yet."

"Yes, yes, so what. My teacher used a word for that. She called it semantics."

"Yes, I guess you could say that, but Jim and I haven't had time off to even set a day or evening for a date. We have to wait until we have the same weekend off. We have a tentative day we want to go out, but it isn't actually a set date. Rachel, Jim is concerned about you, too. Even if we are on a date, you call me if you need me. I said I was going to be here, and I am. That goes for the rest of you girls, too. If you need me, just dial N for Naomi."

"I know, but, Naomi? Was everything I knew up until now, a lie?"

"Well, what your father wanted was that other person who tried taking over your body, to be aggressive. Apparently that other person wasn't too successful. Anyway, here's the deal. You be Rachel and we will make sure Rachel turns into a beautiful young lady."

"Thank you, Naomi. I don't know how I could ever...ever face my family...and friends, because of how bad I have been."

"Listen, young lady, do I have to be King Solomon here and slice you in half and throw away the bad half?

You, not that boy that was the bully, but you, Rachel Eileen Watkins, have done nothing wrong. You weren't the bully, it was that boy that tried making you do things you didn't want to do. When that boy hit Renée in the mall, it was you that got him caught. Wasn't it?"

"What...what do you mean?"

"Well, you said every time that boy picked on Renée, you had this thought that said, 'good girls don't do things like this'. So, you had had enough of him making your body do things you didn't want to do. Am I right?"

"Yes, Naomi, I guess so."

"All right, then. Now you are here with your sisters, your BGFF, your mother, Renée's mother, Mandy and Sandi, Carl, Zach and Cathie, and me. We are all here for you, Rach, because we want you to see just how good life can really be, if you only give it a chance.

"Besides, girls just love attention, especially from a nice boy; or the pampering we get at the salon."

"That's it, Naomi!!!" Sharon Hardesty exclaimed. "We can take her to a salon and have her get the full treatment. She will love the way she is pampered and fawned over."

"What do you say, Rach? Would like to go to a salon and have them pamper you?"

"I have never been to a salon."

"We go to salons to get our hair done, manicures and pedicures, our nails done, and there are even some salons that will do your makeup, and explain what they are doing. Then you buy the cosmetics they used on you so you have the right shades. You don't have any leg hair and I suspect you don't have any body hair either. That means a waxing is out."

"Doesn't waxing hurt?"

"No, Rach. It may sting a little bit, but that is all. After the waxing, they put lotion on your legs and other places they waxed, so your body doesn't feel the "razor burn" you'd get like if you shaved your legs. Has Sharon showed you how to moisturize your face and arms, before you go to bed?"

"Yes. I didn't know being a girl involved so much." There were titters and giggles.

"Well, being female is a full time job, especially when we get in our teens and older. We always want to look good for that special man..." Sharon silently mouthed 'Trooper Jim' and pointed toward Naomi. Rachel smiled and almost giggled.

"So, what say that after Christmas, we make an appointment for you at a salon for 'the works'?"

"I think I would like that, sis." Naomi gave Rachel a hug.

"Hey!" Zachary Richards interrupted. "Are we gonna sing or not?" Everybody smiled at the seriousness of the young boy.

"Yes, Zachary Richards, we are going to sing," Renée answered her little brother. Renée started singing the next carol, and she moved menacingly toward her brother pointing at him, as she sang.

"You know Dasher and Dancer
And Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid
And Donner and Blitzen.
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all?"

Then all the girls joined in.

"Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games.

"Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say,
Rudolph with your nose so bright,
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?
Then how of the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee;
"Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
You'll go down in history!"

"How was that, little brother?"

"I love that song. Thank you, sis."

Naomi and Madelline were watching as the girls and Renée bonded. Naomi thought that Renée would be very instrumental in their therapy without her knowing that is what she was doing. Naomi didn't like keeping secrets like this from the girls, but Renée could help a lot better if she just automatically did things on her own, without someone asking her to do it. Spontaneous bonding is more therapeutic than if it were forced by suggestion.

Ruth Watkins came from the kitchen and said that dinner was ready. She also said it would buffet style, and everybody could help themselves. Ruth and Gloria Richards brought the food out to the dining room and set it on the table. The the girls were told to wash their hands, and line up to get their dinner.

Janice Peyton was like a little girl, all over again.

"I haven't had this much fun since I was seven years old."

"How's that?"

"When I was seven, we had a picnic near Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. There is a nice park there. We played volleyball and we even played tag, pin the tail on the donkey, and we had...a...a..." Janice started drifting off in to her own world of memories. The tears started coming, and Sharon held her tightly.

"It is all right, sis, it is all right." Sharon lifted her chin and looked in Janice' eyes. "We will get her up here, I promise you that. Let's get your face cleaned up and get our dinner. We can talk while we eat."

The two girls went in the dining room, after getting washed up, and started getting their dinner. Janice looked like she needed help, and Sharon asked Naomi to help. Sharon explained that Janice was having a moment, and needed a friend.

"All right, Sharon, I will get her a plate. Take her and sit her down. I will bring her food out to her."

Sharon took Janice in to the living room, and they found a place on one of the sofa's. They sat down, and Sharon looked at Janice with motherly concern.

Sharon Hardesty was Eve Reinhardt's protégé, so to speak. That is to say, Eve was the one the girls went to when they needed advice on something. When Eve turned seventeen and had graduated from Pine Meadows Senior High School, Sharon had already been there eleven months, and was BGFF with Eve. Eve Reinhardt had told the girls to just call her Evie.

Then Rachel came to the home, and everything Sharon thought she had a bead on, was all of a sudden washed away; kind of. Sharon had looked at Rachel that first night, and saw that she was freezing. She had no coat, and the dress she had on was a summer dress. Sharon had asked that the "new boy" room with her, so she could really give him the "business". But, when she saw Rachel, her attitude changed.

Now, she was giving Janice, the "tough stuff girl" hugs and advice. Janice had not broken down like this since the the first day she was at the home. Janice always hated cops, and authority, but got used to being loved and part of something that meant something. Then Janice met Naomi, and figured, "oh what hell, she's only a cop pretending to want to help".

"Thank you, sis. I needed that. Naomi, I just figured this out. You're not a cop, not really. You're a sister and a friend who just happens to wear a badge."

"Thank you, Janice," Naomi smiled and thought Janice will make it, too. She just needs a little help. "Girls, now that everybody can hear me, I want you to know one thing that is very important. You all, everyone of you, may consider this your home, also. You have made me an honorary sister, and I said I would be there for you, and to help with whatever I could. You may come here any time you need to talk. If I am not here, there will always be someone you can talk to. Ruth, Gloria, Carl, Renée. During the weekends, if you are finished with your homework, you can even come and help Zach and Cathie. You may even raid the fridge if you have a mind to. I am your sister, and this is 'OUR' house. Now, why don't we sing, while we eat?"

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