The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 21

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 21
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - The girls find Naomi's house, interesting.

They all went to Naomi's house, except for Janet, because her girls were in their beds sleeping. Janet told them that when they take a small break, to just come over and have some more cocoa.

"That would be wonderful, Jan, thank you."

"No problem. When you told me about Rachel and how she had matured so much, I started thinking that maybe I would be better off in Pine Meadows. I know my girls would just love it there."

"If you do, Jan, let me know. You have my new number. Well, girls, I think it's time we got our houses packed."

They all went over to Naomi's house, and the minute they walked in, it didn't look like a cop's house. There were flowers hanging from the ceiling, on the tables, and there were painted murals in frames hanging from the walls. The house had hard wood floors though, because carpets attract too much dust. The dining room was very spacious and could actually have a formal dinner in there.

"OMG, Naomi, this house is beautiful," Sharon stated in surprise.

"It was left to me by my parents. I promised that if I moved, I would make sure it went to decent people. The realtor has to ask me if I approve of the new buyers, before they even pay for it. This house has a lot of sentimental value, but I don't want to rent it, because I can't keep coming down here to look after it. So, I am selling it outright.

"The realtor is a good friend, and my parents bought this house from her, when I was just four years old. Since I have had it, I replaced the floors, the roof, had the chimney fixed and the flue replaced. These pictures you see, are actual representations of murals that are painted almost everywhere throughout the world. It took me quite a while to collect them. Anybody can have a Rembrandt, but these murals are way better, I think."

"They're beautiful," Rachel said, almost mesmerized by how Naomi had her house decorated.

"All right, girls, we will start with the upstairs."

"Naomi, if there are rooms upstairs, how come your bedroom is down here?"

"Because if I am called in, I don't need to stumble on the stairs racing for my car. This way, I can get to my car quickly."

"Yes, but weren't afraid that someone might come in in the middle of the night while you were sleeping?
Like the man Janet saw?"

"Mel, anybody coming in my house while I am sleeping, and wakes me up, is in for a big surprise."

"I don't doubt that, after what you did at the restaurant," Eve said, and giggled.

"Pfft, that was nothing."

"Nothing, she says. OMG Naomi, you are so ..."

"Yessss, so...what?"

"Erm, never mind." Everybody giggled.

They went upstairs, and Naomi divided the rooms up among everybody, each one taking a room.

"Be careful, because there are certain breakable things that need to be packed very carefully. You will find newspaper in each room to wrap all the breakable things in."

With that, they all went to their assigned rooms and began packing. There were figurines, pictures, chimes, bed linens, clothes. Sharon couldn't help but wonder if Naomi even wore some of these clothes at all. It took everybody about two hours to pack their rooms, and they were all just a bit tired. A bit tired? Well, that may be an understatement, but they had one more house to go. Renée's father packed their house, and all Naomi and the girls needed to do, was get everything in the trailer, pick up Cathie and Daniel, and head back to Pine Meadows. Naomi had to stop at the city jail and make the complaint, and let them know she was available for trial.

After the upstairs had been packed and everything brought down to the first floor, Naomi looked at the girls, who were trying so hard not to look tired. But Naomi knew they were. No matter how strong they claim to be, this was working against them. Naomi took the murals off of the wall, and said she was leaving the plants, because the realtor would look after them. She then went to the kitchen and everybody helped to pack the pots, pans and dishes. Naomi looked out at the back yard and saw the bird feeder. She would leave this, too, for her winged friends. The realtor would also look after that. Then she looked at the bird bath fountain. She just loved wildlife, and took it upon herself to feed these birds, whom she counted as friends, and make sure they had water. No ma'am, nobody could ever accuse Naomi Petersen of being a hard nose.

"Are you all right, Naomi?" Rachel asked, looking worried.

"I was just thinking how my bird friends are going to be all right. I am leaving the feeder for them and I am keeping the water fountain on. The realtor will be by here and take care of things. Janet, will help, too."

"Are you sorry that you're leaving, Naomi?"

Naomi shook her head slightly as though being awakened from a daydream.

"Oh! Don't be silly, sis. If I didn't want to move, I wouldn't. But, I will miss my little friends, though."

Rachel hugged Naomi.

"Naomi, my mom is a decent person, but I wish I would have had you for my mom."

"Oh, sweetie. I may not be your mother, but I will be a wonderful sister and friend. That is why I am moving to Pine Meadows county. I made you a deal, and this way I can be close to you, to help you and the other girls."

They all had a group hug, and then Naomi told the girls to take a break, while she packed the living room. Thirty minutes later, the living room walls were bare, the plants given plant food and water.

"Girls, we have been at this longer than we needed to. I have to be back in Pine Meadows county for that guy's initial appearance. I will tell you what. I will make sure Janet keeps an eye on you while I am gone. I will be back this afternoon."

"Naomi, what can we make for lunch?"

"Sharon, you will be having lunch with Janet. This way you can meet her two daughters. They are so cute. Come on, I will take you over there, now. In the meantime, Evie is here, too. So behave while I'm gone." They each hugged one another, and Naomi was off. Her mission was actually two fold. She had to stop at the Forest City police department and talk with the officers that arrested the man trying to break in to her home, she had to be in Pine Meadows county for the idiot that wouldn't drop the knife, and she needed to rent a trailer.

Naomi left and the girls waved as she drove down the street, towards the downtown area. This is where the city jail was, and where the man who tried to break in to her home would be. The reason she wanted to be there for his initial appearance and the man in Pine Meadows county was to find out if they would say anything other than not guilty. Naomi had seen it dozens of times, where the guiltier the defendant, the more he or she would almost beg to be believed. Well, this guy here didn't stand a chance. He was caught by the police trying to climb through Naomi's bedroom window. The man in Pine Meadows county didn't stand a chance either. Naomi could have him charged with attempted murder of a police officer which is a life sentence if convicted.

Naomi pulled up outside of the police administration building, placed her placard in the driver's side windshield and went in to speak to the officers, if they were still there. She was in luck, because the officer that actually grabbed the man first, was still there, his partner having already left.

"Hey Nick."

"Naomi, did you hear there was a little excitement around you house last night. When I heard the address of a man trying to break in there, I thought he was in for a big surprise if you were home. When we got there, your neighbor, Janet, told us you were in Pine Meadows county, but would be back to pack up, because you are moving up there.

"Anyway, we asked the guy what he thought he was doing, and he said he was going to bed, but must have forgotten his door key, because he couldn't get in. He said then he came around the side of the house, and found an unlocked window and started climbing through. We charged him with misdemeanor breaking and entering. The judge will give him six months in the county jail, and he will do it all over again. We looked at his record, and he has had a few traffic violations and parking tickets, but nothing serious.

"When we arrested him, he couldn't stand without help. He was really plastered. When we asked him his address, he gave us a street on the other side of town. So, in his inebriated state, he may not have known where he was."

"Thank you, Nick. Since I am not a witness, I don't have to be here. I wasn't supposed to start at Pine Meadows county until Monday, but some jerk at the local truck stop there, gave me no choice but to start last night. A friend of mine and four girls are at my house, finishing the packing. Will you let the area squad know they have my permission to be there?"

"I sure will, Naomi. We're going to miss you around here." They gave each other hugs, and Naomi left the station.

Nick Phelps was Naomi's age, with blonde hair, stone chiseled face, and muscles most men would die for. Naomi and Nick had gone out on dates before, but every time Nick asked her to marry him, Naomi said she had to think about it. I guess she wasn't ready to settle down, yet. As she left for Pine Meadows county, she was thinking about the times she had had with Nick, and how pleasant they were. Nick was a gentleman and never abused the privilege of being with Naomi. He figured that she would come around when the time was right. Now she was moving away, and she felt like she was abandoning him. She stopped to get a hazel nut flavored cappuccino to go, at a convenience store, and fill up her gas tank. After getting what she needed, used the restroom, she was off. As she drove she was thinking that by the time she got back, everything would be ready to put in the trailer. This would be a test for not only Sharon and Melanie, but for Rachel as well. Janet and Evie would let her know how well they behaved.

Two hours later, Naomi pulled outside the Pine Meadows County Courthouse, and went immediately to branch two.

"Naomi, do you have business here today?"

"Yes, your honor. I'm a witness to a defendant being brought in that I arrested at the truck stop last night. I didn't get a chance to get his name. Trooper O'Donnell brought him in for me."

"Very well, I haven't seen the docket, yet, so we will meet this man together. Steve, do you know who she is talking about?"

"Yes, your honor. There is a new case that just came up this morning from the district attorney's office. It is an endangering safety case with an added obstructing an officer. It says here that the complaining officer is Pine Meadows County deputy sheriff, Naomi Petersen."

"That would be me. Does it say what the man's real name is?"

"No, ma'am, it just says his name is Buck. We couldn't find any fingerprints and the NCIC at Quantico, Virginia, doesn't have anything, either. I guess until last night, he had never been arrested."

"All right, as long as I am here, I will wait for his initial appearance."

Pine Meadows county assistant district attorney, Michael Farnsworth came in the courtroom. He looked at Naomi and asked if she was connected to any of the cases before the court. Naomi said she was a witness and the arresting officer for the man charged with endangering safety and obstructing an officer.

"I'm Mike Farnsworth, Pine Meadows county assistant district attorney. I will be handling that case and two others this morning. Can you give me some details about how this all started that you had to arrest him?"

Naomi told him what had happened at the truck stop and her warning after warning for him to put down the knife. She told Mike Farnsworth that she even identified herself as a deputy sheriff, but he still would not drop the knife. She said the man then turned on her and Naomi had no choice but to disarm him and arrest him. She said that state Trooper Jim O'Donnell was there and backed her up.

"All right, I think I have enough. He refuses to give us his name, so bail is going to be high."

"It is funny, though, because I wasn't supposed to start here until Monday, but this guy made me start last night. What was that they said about best laid plans?"

"I hear ya. It is good that you're here, Naomi, because when he sees you in court, he may just plead guilty. Endangering safety in this state is fifteen years, add to that an obstructing an officer charge, he could get sixteen years."

"Not enough as far as I am concerned. The waitress, Eve Reinhardt told me that this man who only calls himself Buck, always starts trouble when he is in the truck stop. Trooper O'Donnell called me to tell me that he has outstanding warrants in three other counties statewide. He found that out by his fingerprints. So, he may just end up in prison for more than sixteen years. The more years, the better."

"Yes, I know Eve. Is she available, right now?"

"No, she is at my house in Forest City with some of the girls from the home. They wanted to help me pack and I thought that maybe this would be a treat. So I asked the house mother if three of the girls could go. She said yes, and we stopped at the truck stop on the way to Forest City. Eve wanted to go along, so we were a group, all right."

"What did you do in Forest City?"

"I was sergeant trainer for rookie deputies, and doubled duty at the children's detention center. I have been a deputy sheriff for ten years."

"Then why are you moving here?"

"I was told to bring a young lady to the home, and on the way we had a very good talk. I told her that if she abided by the therapy programs they set up for her, I would come up at least three times a week and help her through her therapy. So, instead of making that long trip three or more times a week, I am moving here. I found a house just a half a mile from the home."

"Sounds like you have taken a real liking to this girl. You said a half a mile? A blue house with a badly needed new picket fence in the front yard?"


"That is the old Connors place. The house is till in good shape, but the property around it needs a lot of work."

"Well, I will have others living with me, and together we will get it ship shape."

"Steve is telling me we are ready to start."

"All rise, the circuit court in and for Pine Meadows county, branch two, is now in session, the honorable Steven H. Granger, presiding. Silence is commanded and gentlemen take off your hats. Your honor the first case is State vs. Buck, case file F-3256."

"Good morning, sir. Do you have an attorney?"

"I don't need a stupid attorney."

"Sir, this court appoints William Small to represent you. How do you plead?"

"Plead!?! Plead to what? I didn't do anything. This bitch comes up to me and interferes in my personal business. I just told her to go to hell."

"Deputy, will you be sworn?"

"Yes, your honor."

"Then step forward and be sworn, and give the court your testimony."

Mike Farnsworth asked her to state in her own words what happened at the Pine Meadows Truck Stop on December 19. Naomi gave the facts as they were, and the guy named Buck said she was a damn liar. She then said that state trooper Jim O'Donnell had been there and backed her up.

"Is Trooper O'Donnell available?"

"Yes, your honor, I'm right here," Jim O'Donnell said, as he entered the courtroom.

"Do you have anything else to add, deputy?"

"No sir."

"Then you may step down. Trooper James O'Donnell, please come forward and be sworn. Please tell this court what you saw, if anything, did, if anything, on December 19 at the Pine Meadows Truck Stop."

Jim O'Donnell testified essentially similar to Naomi's testimony, but with variations. He said he was watching a group of young girls that Naomi had with her, when a ruckus broke out, and the defendant was wielding a steak knife. He said there are other witnesses to the incident. After repeated attempts at telling the defendant to drop the knife from deputy sheriff, Naomi Petersen, the defendant then turned on the deputy and she disarmed the defendant, placing him under arrest.

"What have you got to say to that, sir?"

"These fuckers are lying. I never threatened anybody with anything."

"Sir, do you know these officers?"

"I know that trooper. He's a head smasher."

"So, what you are saying is, that Trooper James O'Donnell made all this up?"


"What about the deputy. Do you know her?"

"No, I have never seen her before."

"Why would a complete stranger make up a story like this about you?"

"Because she's crazy? I don't know."

"Sir, this court imposes a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar cash bail. I suggest you let your attorney represent you. Next case, Steven."

Naomi and Jim left the courtroom, after giving the clerk her new address where the subpoena could be served.

"Well Jim, I have to get back to the girls. They're with Eve at my house in Forest City. I have to rent a trailer before I leave here."

"You drive carefully, Naomi."

"I will, thank you, Jim." They hugged, and Jim had to get back on patrol and Naomi had to head back to Forest City.

On the way, Naomi stopped at Jim's U-Haul Truck and Trailer rentals. She got a big trailer, and told the man it was a round trip, and where she had to go to get the things. He said she had a full day, and if she needed the trailer longer she would be charged a full day after that. He hooked the trailer to her SUV, and commented on the fact that had the active sheriff's sticker in her window. He said he knew his trailer would be safe with her.

With the trailer hooked up, she started for Forest City. She drove just slightly past the speed limit, and she was thinking that this was a good way to trust the girls. Of course, Eve and Janet would give her a report when she got back. She was careful not to pass too many semi trucks with the trailer. It takes usually two and half to three hours to get to Alameda county from Pine Meadows, but Naomi made it in two hours.

As she pulled in to her drive way, she noticed another car there. When she went in she found Renée's dad sitting there talking with the girls.

"Hi Carl, what brings you over here."

"My car." Everybody giggled. "I was just asking if Renée wanted to stay and help me pack up our house, while you take this back to Pine Meadows."

"We still have to pack Rachel's house, yet, and then we can get going. We can divide the work force, though. Renée and Rachel can go with you to help, and I will keep Sharon and Melanie here with me. Evie where do you want to help?"

"I'll go with Renée and Rachel. But, I have an idea. While we are all here, why don't we get all of this in the trailer and head over to Rachel's old house."

"Rachel, is there anything you want to take from your bedroom?"

"No, Naomi, except maybe my bed."

"You won't need your bed for quite a while. But, when you will need it, you will be surprised, because I will have a whole new room for you. So, you and Renée go with her dad, and the rest of us will take care of your house. Do you want the clothes that are in your old room?"

"I'm a girl, what would I need with boy clothes?"

"Fair enough."

Everybody moved all of the boxes out to the trailer, and placed them so they wouldn't jar when the SUV was moving. They went to Rachel's old house, and Carl took Renée, Rachel and Evie with him. This way all three houses would be packed, and they could all drive to the new house together.

Even though Carl said he wanted to wait until he found a job in Pine Meadows or around the area, he decided to move today and have it done. The work force divided, now they were out to conquer. They started on in Rachel's mom's room, and everything that had belonged to Rachel's dad, they put in a pile for the Goodwill. Where Rachel's father was going, he won't need his clothes for quite a few years. They had the upstairs packed in no time, because they were leaving Rachel's old room the way it is. They went downstairs and started on the kitchen, marking the boxes as they packed them. Suddenly, Naomi's cell phone rang with her "Bad Boys" themed ringtone.

"Oh, all right, Janet. Tell them I will be right there. Ladies, I have to go by my house for a bit, because the moving van just showed up. I will leave the SUV here and take a cab. There isn't much more that needs to be packed here, and when they are finished at my house, I will have them come here. I will be back as soon as I can." Naomi went out to the main cross street and hailed a cab.

Sharon and Melanie were left to their own devices, but they knew they were being trusted. So, they packed everything that was to be put in boxes, and took the boxes out to the trailer. When they got the last box in the trailer, both girls sat down for a bit on the porch steps.

"Mel, I haven't had this much fun in a long, long time."

"Me neither, sis."

"You know, I really appreciate that Naomi is trusting us like this."

"She is really a nice person. I wonder what really made her become a deputy sheriff."

"Well, I'm sure she will tell us, when she wants to."

"Here she is." Naomi got out of the cab, paid the driver, and joined the girls on the steps."

"The movers will be here as soon as they have moved everything out of my house. So, is there anything left to put in the trailer?"

"No, Naomi."

"Well then girls, let's take a last walk through and see if there is anything we over looked."

They went through Rachel's old house, and finding nothing, they decided to go by Renée's. Naomi had left a key with the movers so they could get in the house. They were told to leave everything in the first bedroom on the right alone. Naomi, Sharon and Melanie got in the SUV and they headed for Renée's. After today, these three houses would be vacant and up for sale.

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