My Super Secret Life...Diamond-3.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-3.

Chapter 3

My Mom looks at me and sighs. “Honestly honey I don’t know. I suppose we play it by ear with these folks and see what their doctors can tell us.”

“Okay, I guess there not a lot of choice in the matter is there huh.”

“It really doesn’t look like it.”

I stare at my new self in the mirror and cup my breasts again. God that feels so weird, I mean like really. I’m sort of looking in the mirror and touch checking myself out. Not getting sexual but it really didn’t take much before this tightening feeling sort of happened and my nipples got hard. Literally…it sort of felt like getting wood and there’s that stiffy feeling going on.

“Y’know Mom some things really do translate over from boy to girl.”

She looks confused. “Like what honey?”

“My boobs…they’re kind of a translation to my former equipment. I mean guys get a stiffy pretty easy and often at the wrong times and from what I know about girls and stuff this nipple thing does too.”

She’s nodding but I think this is the first time she’s getting the guys side of stuff. It’s the 27th century and the genders still mystify and confuse each other.

“And the way it feels it sort of the same.”

“So you’re horny?”

“Mom! no…a guy getting a stiffy doesn’t always mean that he’s ready or even wanting to go off and hump the furniture. Sure it’s really easy to get into the sex thoughts and stuff like that but it’s kinda the same. And then there’s the balls thing.”

“Balls thing?”

“Uh-huh, scratching, and adjusting and stuff. Well girl do it with their boobs and their bra’s all the time. The one thing that it’s got over the guy thing is it’s sort of more acceptable to adjust your bra.”

“Oh…well I guess you learn stuff everyday.”

I nod and heft my breasts again, they actually don’t move as much as I thought they would. “I thought they’d be softer?”

“I asked Dr. Burke that because uhm…lying down you down really flatten like natural boobs do you sit still high and firm like implants do and she said that it’s due to your increased density.”

“Right…because I don’t look like I weight five hundred pounds.”

I look at them again. “Jeeze what size am I?”

“I’m not sure honey we haven’t had a chance to measure you or anything but I have a few things that might help hang on.”

I’m still being ms. body inspector while she’s gone and I think the nicest thing is the way that my skin feels soft and smooth to the touch and I realize that there’s no body hair there at all. My butt seems really decent but the shape…I’m so not used to that and the best thing out of all of this is my face. My eyes are different and my hair’s that funky burnished steel color and really, really long but my acne’s completely gone and the scars from it too. I have a completely perfect complexion on a pretty but not beautiful face and that’s actually enough to make me kinda sorta happy.

I lost my guyhood for this and my whole life’s been thrust into one of those VG comix but my old life wasn’t all that great.

Mom comes back with these shopping bags and it’s strange that I can here her moving so well. I can even hear dad in the kitchenette thing? I think I have super hearing or something.

She takes out what’s a grey plain sports bra that’s big but it doesn’t look like its fit and matching panties. The panties are easy and it feels really odd the way the fit so snug to my…sex…I’m just going to go with that for now. But it’s how high they ride up on my hips that feels weird. I’ll try them for now but I’ll go for those cotton girls boxer briefs if it’s too weird. The bra actually got us laughing together. Two reasonable big girls trying to get this stretchy bra over my huge breasts was a challenge and after some liberal adjusting we get it right.

Apparently my mother has never owned a sports bra and with my big shoulders and boobs just pulling it over didn’t work that well and I had to go one arm in first then the other and forget that trying to step into it thing. But it was the first time I’d had a mother/daughter giggle with her.

Yeah I giggled, it was one of those girly things but it was…it’s just like everything else the way I laugh has changed still a lot freaky and yet it was kind of cool getting to do that and be conscious of the fact.

It does help that both my parents love me and I honestly love them, we actually get along as a family unlike way to many others.

But once we know the stuff fits I’m right back out of it and into the shower because I feel groudy after so long and It was awesome…okay it was really weird feeling the way the water washed over my body and went this way and that way and I made sure I cleaned my uhm…yeah but it just really felt good…it’s like my body couldn’t get enough of that hot water and there was still a mixed blessing doing this too. I cupped my boobs together with my arms just to see how much water I could trap in my cleavage and…it was such a boy thing to do but I couldn’t help but to find it hilarious and so did mom when I told her what was so funny in the shower.

The bad? My hair, holy crap. I knew but didn’t know that hair get’s longer when it’s wet and mine ended up touching the backs of my knees. And talk about a pain in the ass to wash.

My bitching about it gets mom to get a pair of scissors out and give me a trim. The first snip attempt and they break. It turns out my hair is really tough.

And I’m strong; I know that from the fight with Damian and the way I just swung stuff and people around. The cool thing about that it that I’m not a bit affected by the weight of my hair.

I mean just for a test in the bathroom I got Mom to rest her bum on my forearm and I picked her up and it wasn’t really that much weight to me…like a heavy wrist watch. I carried her out like that to the main part of the quarters.

“Hey Dad check this out?”

He looks and stares a bit then nods as he’s setting out food on a small table. “Good, great even just think of all the chores I can get you to help me with.”

I rolled my eyes.

He say’s. “You haven’t been a girl long enough to roll your eyes at me young lady.”

I look at him. Blink, blink, blink. “But…Daddy!”

He has this look on his face that is just priceless.

That sets me and mom off to giggling again. And he’s shaking his head in good humored defeat.

Breakfast has me a little freaked because I’m scared of putting on the weight and it’s different being a girl y’know. I mean I don’t know yet but like everybody knows that and…sigh…I can’t help it I come from a family of big eaters and we live and we work around food and stuff. I eat like they do…actually once I’m started I’m starving and Mom’s trying to school me in how to eat like a girl and at the same time it’s eating, not picking that she’s showing me it’s all in how you do things.

Those girls that just pick at their food just irritate the heck out of her.

After breakfast I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Burke at the labs and Mrs. Champion’s there as well and I’ll tell you something it’s more that weird to see the city’s premier superwoman dressed not in her trademark colors but a skirt and leggings and a long sweater with a belt with ballet flats.

First is the physical and that was a bit rough. It takes a heavy gauge needle to puncture my skin for blood tests and apparently it’s like trying to get through leather. And…it hurts. But my blood is blue and it’s not really co-operating either. It flows out and then it’ll stop and pull itself back into my body.

When they yank it out to keep a sample it very quickly turns itself into crystal. Like in about twelve seconds. So it takes some more tries and putting the stuff under a high tech microscope and recording what’s going on.

Then there’s the fact that I’m sensitive to vibrations and I’m allergic to the ultrasound stuff so much it makes me sick and it hurts and there’s a wave of that heat and I armor up.

They end up using a PET and a CAT scanner and a few other ones that use different kinds of energy/radiation that show what’s going on with me inside and out.

Okay…what we can tell as far as we can tell that there’s a new organ inside of me built in through my spine this has sheathed all of my nervous system in it’s own tendrils to invade the rest of my body and it’s all throughout every thing inside of me now using and changing my body changing it into the perfect host environment.

Its living crystal bio-nanites and they are in every part of my body from my bones to my blood to my brains. Parvati was there doing some mystical checks and it’s not a sentient life for this thing grown to my spine. It’s not from new haven and it was some kind of other organism at one point re-engineered by this Alchemist guy to be a new organ. It’s nothing mystical she’s sure of that and as far as she could tell it’s native to this plane of existence.

I should be more freaked but with my earlier trauma honestly I’m all out of freaked and being a geek and a comic book nerd I get off a bit on this who powers testing thing going on and it’s neat to work with Parvati.

She’s a sorceress supreme, like Dr. Strange but if he was a Hindu supermodel with a hint of a British accent. She also the teams trick cyclist? I had to look that up after she told me that. Apparently it means she’s a shrink and Mom loves her because she’s apparently been to earth and lived in England and mom so wants to know about all of that stuff.

I think Mom would love to be able to do a proper “Tea” service at our bakery, the only people that do those are at the big hotels in the rich areas of town. I’m from a lower middle class area and that might go over well as something different if it’s not to expensive.

Me…? I think now that I’m like this I really should learn some of that female deportment. Y’know I honestly think that part of why Parvati’s so attractive is the way that she behaves. I’m a girl now and I kind of want the respect it’ll give me. I think I need it, I won’t get to coast on my looks like the ravishing girls….Sunny Harper I’m not.

Powers testing came next and I’m a brick, that’s a heavy combat type of super. Most of this is done in this great gym. I’ve never seen equipment like this. I mean I recognize all the types of things they are but like the treadmill they get me on it’s a metal woven track and plates and the entire things the size of a full sized truck.

“Is this to keep me from crashing through it?” I’m joking but I’m not.

Dr. Burke just smiles as she’s tapping away at her data pad. “No everything’s like this, take Titan or Champion when they run hard their legs are hitting the ground with all that enhanced strength. It all has to be durable enough to take it.”

I’m so not going to break any land speed records anytime soon. Mrs. Champion actually takes me aside and teaches me how to run.

How to run? Yep. With the changes it’s something I didn’t have a clue. Like that arms tight to your sides and bent thing you see women sometime do it’s to work with the bounce and sway. And I should move my shoulders with it in time with the sway of my hips to get these down to a smooth flow. Still the best I can get is about twelve Kmph but I moved easier once I’m shown what to do.

My endurance is iffy for a superhuman. Then again really I’m more than out of shape. Nope no massive super easy this is no problem doing stuff for me. After an hour and eleven minutes I’m sweat soaked and gasping for air.

My hand eyes is faster though, a lot faster and they figure the stuff in me has boosted my nerve conduction. I can juggle four balls without losing them and that’s something I couldn’t do before. I’m also not anywhere near as clumsy as I was before, that’s nice.

Weights, wow I’m definitely a brick. My bench weight is twelve hundred and fifty three pounds. Why such a number? All the universal machines use electromagnetics to do all the resistance work I guess with the real heavies you’d need this instead of free weights. They rated me right up there with a full body conversion combat cyborg. I can punch with enough force to break bricks which to me is hella cool.

I’m right about my hearing, the crystals are in through all those tiny little bones in my ears and I can hear right up there with the best audio optic in but upper and lower ranges as well. My eyesight’s also better about twenty percent over human standard and I can see in the dark. The stuff’s in my eyes too and absorbs more light than normal.

The cool thing is my vibrational senses. I can sort of feel motion around be in a rough way on my skin, it’s not precise but I can feel where someone is around me when blindfolded up to like a dozen feet if they’re moving. A tennis ball…not so much.

Armored up is another thing.

First is learning how to armor up which means since I’m not angry then using the damned ultrasound stuff on me to provoke the reaction. Parvati ends up putting me into a memory trance to focus me on the feelings that come with the armoring up.

That was so weird…

It comes out of my pores and where my body hair follicles were and are like these spikes or needles that then break apart like an unraveling fiber optic cable then they interweave all together and harden in literally just over a second.

There was a ancient snuff cult classic mutant movie called the X-men and the shape changer from that Mystique…it looks like that, this spiky ripple all over me that smoothes and coats me in crystal. Super dense protein enhance carbon fiber armor…it’s actually tougher than industrial diamonds. I get to see my changes in slow motion while tranced out.

I look better like this in a way, like me out of molded glass but I’m pulled in, tightened up like in a form fitting tight body suit. Nothing bounces and everything’s enhanced…the armors mesh moves from what we can tell like the fibers imitating muscles and it’s not restricted to flesh limits. It’s literally like I grow an exo-suit.

I’m fast like this about three times my ground speed and I’m twenty times stronger, twenty times…I can bench nearly flat out twenty five thousand pounds…and Parvati takes Mom off for a cuppa while I get put through the dangerous testing…

That’s a good idea since I’m not sure how mom would take me getting shot at. Normal rounds I barely feel, tasers do nothing to me at all and shotguns are net to useless and only armor piercing stuff will even get to damage the surface of the armor. A full clip of AP rounds from a submachine gun spider webs my armor for a few minutes.

It turns out my armor heals itself too. Big military rounds are effective and so are vibrosonic blades and weapons they cut my armor really decently. Sonics though…it really messes with my armor shattering it if a condensed beam or weakening it a lot if a full body exposure.

Other energy attacks I’m resistant to like a super heavy armor, except I’m extra laser resistant because I’m refractive and electrical attacks I’m insulated and I apparently pull in some of the energy too. I’m really resistant to fire and cold, good for a water depth pressure of seven kilometers! And I’m space worthy…!

I even take a couple of hits from Mrs. Champion and I’m not pancaked, she shatters armor where she hits but she’s halfway invulnerable too and five times my strength….my armored strength. Yeah like I’ve said she’s superwoman.

I’m drinking what must be a gallon of water and looking at Mrs. Champion. “I’m too dangerous to be left unchecked aren’t I?”

“Yes, but I’m glad that you’re the one to recognize it Terry.”

“I’m also not sure how stable I am up here.” and tap my head. “I mean I’m good now but…I know, I need help.”

“We all need help Terry, everything about this life having powers is so far outside the normal. I was a mild mannered average teen before I was changed.”


“I had a blood transfusion by Steven before he knew about his powers and the stuff that was changing him started changing me.”

“Oh how…if I can ask?”

“Steven was exposed to an off world virus that nearly killed him when he was working in a shuttle port. It was just something brought in unlabeled trying to get past bio-quarantine and they gave him and the other a last ditch synthetic blood transfusion trying to boost his immune system and it saved him…just him. The anti-bodies didn’t break down and they created a kind of third blood cell that gives us our powers.”


“I was infected by the anti-bodies.”

“Oh, so he’s blood contagious?”

“’s dangerous to be infected by his blood because not everyone reacts in the same way to it.”

“But you too look so much alike. The eyes and the hair. They’re both silver.”

“A side effect for all the affected.”


“So, there’s been a lot that’s happened and I’d like to keep you and your family here while you train and decide what you want to do.”


“Join up maybe.”

“Join? Me?”

“As a Junior Member, the thing is you and Titan are from the city, it’s a great thing that you two know the city so well. It means a lot to a team like ours that we have home grown heroes.”

“Is there a lot of us junior members?”

“A few but not enough for the growing numbers of malcontents…it’s like every super that develops there’s so many that see it as a way to earn a cheap buck, get revenge, get power and…really there’s not enough of us Terry and ….” she pinches at the bridge of her nose.

“We lose too many because we won’t cross some of those line. Others we lose because it’s draining Terry. Honestly Terry what you did, with those plasmite grenades…it says so much about the kind of woman…the kind of person you are.”

I’m not used to that. Getting praise from someone whose’s not family. And this personal heart to heart with a woman the little girls all over this city want to grown up to be. I kill the rest of my water.

“I’m in but I’m going to need help…there’s so much I need to know, want to know….uhm…”

“Elizabeth but I go by Liz.” She extends her hand and we shake. “We owe you for a lot Terry with everything that’s happened, We’ll help you any way we can.”

I head off to the showers because I really need one and was peeling out of things as I rounded the corner and there’s this guy there. Oh shit wrong door…I use the one marked with a skirt now dummy.


You know those martial artist guys you see when they take off their shirts and everything is all like super defined muscle. This was what I was seeing. He’s six foot even and one hundred and seventy pounds of just living sculpture he radiates male, powerful and danger.

And he’s naked and he’s pulling on this mask.

It’s Shroud.

Oh fuck.

“Oh fuck…sorry…”

He spins as fast as anything and stares at me with these green eyes like I’ve never seen the shade of before. Dark emerald green mixed with silver notes that makes them very unique.

“I got the wrong door…sorry…”

I turn and start to get out of there as fast as I can. I’m almost to the door when he’s got me by the wrist and I get spun around. I armor up. He’s staring at me.

“I did you wrong Terry, everyone’s said it, and….and I’ve been trying to think how to make it up to you…but…but…I suck with people, I…”

He backs away and stares at me for a minute then he pulls the mask off. The mask he wears ever here in The Tower. He’s really good looking, blonde, short hair but with some wavy curls in it. He extends his hand. “Nickolas…Nickolas Trask…” we shake hands very briefly then he pulls the mask back on and he leaves quickly almost angry.

Not angry, but scared.

I know his secret identity.

That’s…It’s huge.

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