Off to Seek a Wizard

Off to Seek a Wizard...

by Erin Halfelven


My name is supposed to be Dale Steffani. Yeah, yeah, no relation. They had a contest back in my home town, a little place you may have heard of? Los Angeles, California?

Anyway, I entered the contest at a convention I went to for young amateur magicians. Yeah, I'm an amateur magician, emphasis on the amateur but it's fun. Anyway, the guy at the desk filled out the application for me, and he got my name wrong. He wrote it down as Stephanie Dale. And to add insult to idiocy, he marked the box for sex with an F.

Nothing would have happened of course, except that I won. Or, Stephanie Dale won. And it turns out that there were actually two contests, one for boys and one for girls. And I won the girl's contest. No refunds, no exchanges. If I fess up, I lose the prize. To collect I have to be sixteen or younger and a girl.

But the prize is really neat! Airplane tickets and two weeks training with The Wizard, the greatest magician of his generation! His tricks were so amazing that some of them no one has ever figured out. It was like he did real magic!

Okay, so he's a bit old fashioned but all the current top names studied with him. And here's my chance!

So I'm sitting in the airport lounge in LAX waiting for my flight to Kansas and I'm wearing a disguise. I've got on a blonde wig, and a short green dress with tall white stockings and maryjane pumps. Mom helped me do some makeup and pick some jewelry so I really look like a girl. Mom's a genius with costumes; I've even got cleavage! I look like a blonde Daphne searching for that silly dog. And Dad, who's also a magician, forged some identity papers for me that show that I really am Stephanie Dale, sixteen-year-old amateur magician.

But I'm nervous. So many worries. And there are guys here in the Airport Lounge who keep looking at me the way a horned toad looks at a juicy bug.

What if someone finds out? What if The Wizard finds out and kicks me out of his training program and the contest people sue me to get the cost of the prize back? What if I just can't convince anyone that I'm really Stephanie Dale?

The weather reports are kind of iffy, too, and the plane has been delayed. We may take off in another hour and we may have to wait if they put up another tornado warning. This is really making me scared I may never get to Kansas City.

And now I've got something new to worry about. I just saw myself in a full-length mirror in the women's bathroom. Well, I couldn't go into the men's room dressed like this! I look okay from the front I guess, I think I fooled all the ladies in the bathroom, no one said anything.

But after looking in the long mirror on the way out, I can't help wondering if this dress doesn't make by butt look fat.

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