Jilly Goes Shopping... Part 2

...Manchester Road is the main red light area round here, and there was sure to be someone who would like a girl like him.

Jilly Goes Shopping
Part 2

by JC

For a while Tim refused to do as he was told, in the end we found the best way, I explained that if he caused too much trouble we would dump him in Manchester Road, Manchester Road is the main red light area round here, and there was sure to be someone who would like a girl like him. After that and the occasional slap we got him to do as he was told, he wasn’t going to become good at makeup in one session but we made sure that he spent time getting it all right. After we had put him into a frilly nightie and handcuffed him to his bed we curled up together in my bed and after a few hours slipped off to sleep, Shell and I have been sleeping together on and off for some years, it never goes further than kissing and petting, but she makes me feel nice and I reciprocate.
The following morning a very subdued Jilly was led to the bathroom and washed, we helped her dress in a pretty sundress, (mine) and put into a pair of Sarah’s high heels, then we watched her learn to walk in them, the day was not that warm and I thought Jilly would be cold, so along side her handbag (Shell’s) I loaned her one of my jackets. We led her to the front door but she baulked.
"Please no..."
"Come on, you are coming with us even if we have to drag you," I picked up the dog lead and collar that Jen had brought over, Tim went very white and looked very scared, "Well it’s your choice you come with us or we go walkies." Tim took several steps back and tripped over the door step into the garden, I locked the door and we got him into the car, in the first attempt he got in like you would expect a man to, so we pulled him back out and showed him how to do it properly, I will say he was quick he only took two tries before getting it right. We set off, I drove. Shell is 19 and has been driving long enough to be able to help me practice; I still have problems with the clutch.
When we got to the Naked Man, Tim had another panic attack and refused to get out, I went to see if the others had arrived, when I got back outside Tim was standing shakily by the car with Shell. "They’re not here yet, um shall we wait inside?"
"Yeah lets its way too cold to hang around out here." We went inside, the Naked Man is a pub, it’s our local, and Tim’s. We sat down in a corner and Shell went to get drinks, Jilly was looking white as a sheet, she shakily asked for a JD & Coke. "How old do you think you're supposed to be?" I asked her.
"N... n... nineteen?"
"Knock three years off and you would be looking about right, if anyone asks you, you are 16 and my cousin. Okay?"
"Please I’ll do anything, just let me go..."
"Okay, did you hurt Dilly?"
"What? NO! I wouldn’t you know that, don’t you?"
"Face facts Jilly, you’ve hit me before, and mum. You said you had your drink spiked and went to Dan’s. But Dan is in the nick..." Shell returned at this point so I stopped talking and sipped my coke, I was driving and the landlord knew I was only 17. Jilly nervously sipped her coke and looked startled when she left a lipstick mark on the glass. I was facing the window and saw the rest of the gang arriving. Sarah had a look of panic on her face and was talking on her phone, when she got into the bar she ushered me to one side.
"That was mum," she said as she put her phone away, "Derek’s been arrested… Dilly made a statement this morning."
"Oh shit, you mean..."
"Yeah he’s confessed everything, he spiked Tim’s drink, I don’t know where Tim went but it was Derek who attacked Dilly, he thought he had a chance when she and Tim argued."
"Oh shit, what do we do?" I said pointing at the pretty girl sitting where my brother was. "Hang on let me think."

"Okay," I said we were back at my place, Jilly was in her room, "We have two choices, we can let him go…"
"Two? how do you figure that? The way I see it we have to let him go, we can’t punish him if he didn’t do it."
"Okay clever clogs," I said to Jen, "do you want to tell him that we all made a mistake and hey, off you go, we’re sorry?"
"No but..."
"Right the other choice is to keep him as Jilly until Tuesday and then let him go, I reckon we could have some fun with him until then, and maybe it would stop him hitting me and mum." There was a moments silence, maybe I had gone too far.
"He’s hit your mum too?"
"Um, yeah, I thought you knew." I had showed them the bruises last time he had hit me, three big ones on the back and another on the front under my breasts, I’d been in agony for days.
"No we knew he hit you, does he hit your mum a lot?"
"Often enough…"
"Well that’s good enough for us, your mum’s a sweetie, no one should be allowed to hit her, we’ll still punish him, but for hitting instead." Jen looked round at us and nodded, only Fiona looked anxious.

I took the verdict up to Tim, okay so all I did was go up and tell him to come downstairs we were going shopping.

I suppose most of you want to know about our shopping trip, well as I had pointed out to Sarah, Tim, sorry Jilly did look fine as a girl, he wasn’t a stunner but he would catch the casual eye of passing men. Our first stop was his bank where we made him draw out his daily limit,  £300. Next we decided to make it go further his money was for Jilly and food, if we saw anything we liked we would buy it, both Sarah and Jen were not so keen on this rule, but the rest of us insisted, first stop was a beauty salon.
I am not a big fan of beauty salons but as it was run by a friend of Shell’s she insisted, Jilly was to have her legs and arms waxed, and anywhere else that needed it the rest of us would stick with facials and make up, well except me, I would leave out the makeup. Jilly shot out of the room where he and Sandy had gone, he cornered me and said.
"I can’t she’ll find out, she wants me to strip."
"Jilly she knows, that’s why she’s doing it. Now get back in there and don’t make too much noise." I pushed him back in and winked at Sandy.

In the end Jilly also had a facial and her eyebrows done, not really thin but you could tell, her makeup worked really well I almost felt jealous, by the time we left she was almost silent. Next stop was Centercross Shopping Plaza. This was our weekly destination, it was fairly full, and Jilly spent a lot of time avoiding people she knew. We shopped and shopped. Jilly was soon laden down with bags, she already had a small but limited wardrobe, when we bumped into Simon. Simon was one of Tim’s mates, and knew me quite well, we didn’t see a lot of him as he was normally away in London at college.
"Oh hi Emma, how're you?"
"Hi Simon, thought you were still down in London."
"No mum told me about Dilly, so I came up for the weekend, to see how she was." Dilly if I remembered rightly was Simon’s cousin.
"She’s alright though?"
"Yeah, well I’m trying to find Tim, I left him a nasty message on his phone, now he’s not answering at all any ideas?"
"None," I said trying not to look at Jilly who was nervously hiding, or trying to, behind Jen. "I’ll tell him you want to speak to him, um, what shall I say?"
"Oh I just want to..." He stopped and moved to one side, "Why’s that girl trying to hide from me?" Both Jen and Sarah moved apart leaving Jilly standing alone, she went bright red and froze.
"Um, she’s just shy, um, Simon meet my cousin Jilly, Jilly Simon."

"Hello girls."
"Hello Mr Thomas." We chorused. Simon’s Dad had appeared drawing attention away from Jilly.
"Are you ready to go Simon, I promised your mother we would pick her up at four?"
"Yeah sure dad I just bumped into Emma and the girls, I’ll catch up with you I just need to ask Emma something." Mr Thomas strolled off.
"Emma," he said drawing me to one side, "your cousin, is she staying with you?"
"Um yeah, she’s going to be around for a day or two."
"Well I’m not due back in London until Monday morning so do you think I might be able to see her tonight or tomorrow."
"Simon Thomas, you’ve only just met her."
"I know but she looks so cute, and you know I’m a good boy." He said with a grin, Simon had been my first boyfriend, we had parted amicably two years ago and were now good friends, he was one of the best men I knew, he was sensible and charming, which was strange as he had a bad reputation. He had once explained it to me. When his first girlfriend had dumped him she had told all sorts of stories about him, few if any had been true but mud as they say sticks and now everyone thought the worst of him.
I looked at Jilly cowering behind Jen and then nodded, "I’ll bring a date and her okay?"
"Yeah, I’ll ring you. Bye." He left at a jog.
"Well that wasn’t so bad, was it?"
"Jilly stop behaving like that everyone is looking at you." Jilly stopped lurking behind Jen and nervously stood still. "So what did he want?"
"He was looking for Tim, he wants a long chat with him about Dilly," I lied smoothly, Jilly blanched and looked sick. "He also wants to go out tonight with Jilly." The girls whooped with laughter.
"NO... I AM NOT..."
"Well I could say no," he looked relieved and the girls muttered about me being a spoil sport. "But then I would have to tell him why, and where Tim was. Your Choice" The girls laughed harder.
"What... You can’t be serious, I mean he’s a man and I’m a..."
"Pretty girl, that’s the point isn’t it, he’s never asked you out as Tim?
"No? So unless you want to ring him and cancel we are both going out tonight, Shell you want to come?"
"Love to but only if we go to Macey’s."
"Don’t see why not it’s got good music."

The last two hours of shopping were fun we had to find Jilly a dress for clubbing in, we ended up in a shop called Beaver, it had a lot of PVC and Latex that sort of stuff, the dress we made her buy was almost indecent, it covered up only so much and let the rest hang out, Simon was going to love it.

To Be Continued...

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