The Yankee Belle - Part 2

Southern Belle

The Yankee Belle
Part 2
By Anon Allsop

Set in the backdrop of Tennessee during the American Civil War, a young, underage soldier is separated from his unit after a fierce battle. While trying to locate them, he inadvertently stumbles into mortal danger on a very dark and quiet evening. With nowhere to run, Jeremy must learn to accept the changes that have been wrought upon his body... changes that may prevent him from ever returning home again!

Chapter 5

The withered black woman stood over the lifeless body of the young female lying as if she were only sleeping, sadly shaking her head. "It's too bad you didn't call me sooner, I can do nothing for her now... her soul is almost gone."

It had only been a moment since she had taken her last breath, but that moment seemed a lifetime to her weeping family. Keeza moved over to comfort a grieving female who had thrown herself across the dead woman, and she gently raised the sobbing woman to her feet and rocked her tenderly in her ample bosom. "I'm sorry, Mrs. sorry."

The room fell silent as each person grieved in their own way, and only the sounds of quiet sobbing broke that silence. Suddenly, a shot rang out in the quiet evening, causing them to rush toward the closed window.

In the little bit of light that dappled across the yard from the large moon, they saw a youthful form slowly crumple toward the ground as others gathered around his form. Quickly the old wrinkled black woman threw open the window. "Hey, there... what has happened?"

"Caught him snooping around... he's a Yank soldier!" He stepped closer to the form and turned his face back toward the window, "He's a youngin at that!"

The old woman looked toward Keeza, "Take Mrs. Penny out of here, she don't need to see this on top of what has happened to her and her family!" Keeza nodded and took the crying woman out of the room, she apparently hadn't even noticed the commotion outside.

"Is he dead?" called the wrinkled woman to the figures below.

"Not yet... but soon will be." He crouched down next to the dying boy. "Got him in the lung!"

Keeza walked back into the room, "I laid Mrs. Penny down... she is just beside herself with grief." Nearing the window she looked at the old woman and pointed, "What's going on down there?"

The grizzled black slave woman smiled at Keeza, patting her flabby arm. "There may just be a ray of hope yet!" She turned back toward the figures below, "Bring the boy up here... and hurry!" Quickly she hurried out of the room.

It only took a moment for two black slaves to hurry up the stairs with the pale form of the bleeding boy. "He just closed his eyes...but he still be breathing...even though it's slow!" They placed him on a bureau that was used to write letters, and Keeza used one arm to quickly sweep its contents to the floor. The skinny slave spoke to the two woman, "Ain't gonna do no good, no how...he has a hole clean through his chest to the other side. He gonna die."

The rotund woman glared at the tall black causing him to quickly turn and scurry out of the room followed closely by his companion. After several tense minutes, from down the hallway limped the old woman, using a hand-hewn cane for support. Slowly she pulled a glass sphere from her pocket.

"What is that for, Miss Lilly?" Keeza asked.

"This glass globe was called the Choonta Kune long, long ago, here it is known as 'The Sphere of Life', I have a hunch that it may help us. Only time will tell, though." She bent down to the boy and placed the globe on his chest. Closing her eyes, she began to chant in a long forgotten language that sounded more like a song than anything. Keeza stood there watching the young man's breathing becoming even more shallow with each passing moment, until it finally stopped altogether.

"Looks like he dead, Miss Lilly." Keeza said sadly. She had already seen much more death this day than she wanted.

"Only in body, child... look." The old woman pointed toward the globe which had started glowing.

The two black women watched as the glass globe began to glow with bright colors, seemingly as if it had a life of its own. The colors became brighter as the young man's breath slowly left his body in one great sigh. "Now if this works..." She began to look around for something to pick the globe up with.

Keeza moved in to pick up the sphere but the old woman stopped her hand, "We must be careful not to touch the surface." Keeza didn't ask why, she knew not to question Miss Lilly on matters of the supernatural.

Lilly maneuvered the glass ball into a small, empty wooden drawer, using a long letter opener she had picked up from the floor. Once Miss Lilly had removed it from the young boy, she handed it to Keeza and slowly walked out of the room and down the hallway. "Where are we taking that little ball, Miss Lilly?" She had to practically run to keep up with the old woman who was hobbling along on her cane.

Keeza pulled up short as Miss Lilly entered the bedroom where they had just laid the dead body of their dear, sweet Sarah. She covered her gaping mouth with her hand as she watched Miss Lilly take the box from her chubby fingers. The old woman bent low over the prone form before her, then rolled the glass globe from the box and onto the chest of the beautiful female. Her pert, youthful breasts kept the sphere from rolling off. Lilly began to chant; as she did the colors began to fade from the glass sphere, until it appeared as it had first been... just a clear glass globe.

Lilly turned toward Keeza and motioned for her to come closer, "The sphere is an ancient tool passed from generation to generation within my family. Only the womenfolk have the ability to use it, but it will seep the life from a dying person and breath it fresh into the body of the newly dead. But, neither can be of the same body."

Keeza's eyes grew wider as she listened, "Sarah will extract the life force from the dead Yankee boy and she will live again. His soul will drift off toward its intended destination, whether it be heaven or hell." She smiled as she watched Keeza's expression, "Sarah should be back to her normal self in a few weeks... still able to carry the child that is growing inside of her."

"What happens if it's too late and Sarah is gone forever... and the boy's soul is stuck in her body?" Keeza spoke with insight surprising the old African.

"I hadn't thought of that... if it does happen, we will have a very confused young on our hands." The two stood and stared at the figure of the young woman.

Keeza wasn't sure what to think, for Miss Sarah was like a daughter to her. Her pregnancy and illness played so heavily on the small family since her father had been killed during a recent battle, and her young husband off fighting somewhere else. She knew that Ethan would be devastated if word got to him of Sarah's death.

On one hand, the soldier-boy died and had no need for his soul anymore. On the other hand, Sarah might possibly live, if his soul could be siphoned off and used as fuel to bring her soul to life. Keeza was confused by all that was happening and sighed heavily as the old woman began to pull on her arm in an effort to herd her to the door.

"What of her illness?" Keeza asked, pointing out her young charges' obvious reason for death.

The elderly black leaned against her cane and smiled, "The sphere will cleanse her body, her illness will be of no effect."

"Why then didn't we use it on her long ago?" Keeza wrung her hands with worry as she fretted over the young beauty.

"The sphere can only be used when the soul begins its journey. She wasn't yet dead, there was still a slim hope for her." She frowned sadly as she studied the prone, young woman.

Slowly the old woman drew the door closed, "Now we just wait... If we're lucky, you will have your dear Sarah by morning." She paused at the door of Mrs. Penny, pointing with her cane to indicate the older white woman who inhabited the room. "Hopefully, she will have her daughter back as well..."

Chapter 6

Fleeting sounds were muffled in my ear as I felt my soul begin to drift from my body, slowly I could feel myself rise toward the heavens. I felt nothing but an inner peace as I drew my last shallow breath. I began to see brilliant hues of blue and green swirl about me, each mixing and glowing with a soft inner light.

I could sense an expectation of what it would be like in heaven with the beautiful display before my eyes, I was sad to die, I did not want to die. At 16, I had thought that I had much more of my life ahead of, nothing. I really didn't feel pain from the wound, only sadness knowing that this slug was putting an end to all of my dreams and wishes. Dreams of a family, children, a quiet home that I could call my own, growing old with those I love. Gone. All gone. All of this taken by a lurking figure in the dark, my young life cut short by a sniper's bullet.

Slowly an unearthly feeling began to grip at my soul, I could go no further than the beautiful colors could go...was this me? Were these the colors of my soul? I could hear voices but was unable to make anything that was said...were they the voices of my past? Or were they voices of those dead, gone long before me?

Again I felt as if I were being pulled back toward earth, for a moment...and only a moment. I brushed against another lost soul brightly lit with color. This soul was at peace and not feeling the turmoil that I was experiencing. I could almost make out a face...a female face. She was beautiful and young like me. She was concerned, her angst enveloped me as a shroud. I could sense that she was leaving those she loved behind, but not confident in their happiness. The whole situation left me uneasy. I wasn't sure why, but I felt that I had something to do with her concern.

Suddenly the beautiful peace was disappearing, as a fog was slowly being lifted from my mind. I watched the colors fade before my eyes with each passing moment. Gone was the feeling of peacefulness and contentment that I had been feeling... worry and sentiment began to wash over me.

I felt myself breathe again, slowly drinking in the life-giving oxygen deep into my lungs. I felt soft covers gently laying against my body, and cool sheets below me as well. I listened to the birds chirping outside a window; somehow I had not died, I was alive, I had survived!

I moved a hand to my rib where the slug had exited, feeling for the pain of the wound. I could feel nothing... no wound, bandage... nothing! Maybe I was indeed dead and this was my heavenly body waking from its long earthly nap. I tried to force my eyes to open and was rewarded with bright sunlight bathing my sleepy eyes with its beauty. I never thought I would see the sun again... 'God, it was so beautiful!' I thought.

My eyes fluttered open a few times in an effort to make themselves used to the brilliant light streaming in on them. I slowly looked around the room, moving only my eyes. I could see a faint haze above my vision, and to a smaller effect below. It wasn't too distracting but, then again...troubling. It was almost like trying to focus on something very, very close to my eye. I rubbed my eyes using the back of my hand, it didn't seem to help. Whatever it was, wasn't clearing up.

The room screamed of wealth, with its rich polished woods and high ceilings. The bed I was lying on had four heavy posts with a gauzy material draped on each end fastened by a colorful lacy ribbon. Slowly I moved my head to the side and studied a portrait on a stand next to the bed. It was a handsome young man dressed in a Confederate Cavalry Uniform. He was sitting with his saber tip resting on the ground and his strong hand on the hilt. He didn't appear to be much older than I was, I guessed at maybe 18. He cut quite a dashing image, with his polished buttons and ornate needlework around each button-hole.

Movement caught my eye as a large black woman entered the room was in. I tried to say something but I couldn't form the words, my mouth felt as if it were full of cotton. She turned and jumped as she became aware that I was watching her. An almost inaudible gasp escaped her lips forcing her hand to quickly move to her mouth. She spun around and lifting her dress darted out of the room and down the hallway.

I could hear her shouting as she ran down the stairs and across the lawn at the top of her lungs, however, I couldn't make out a thing she had said in her excitement.

Closing my eyes I decided that I should rest some more... I had done nothing this day but I was extremely tired. I allowed my mind to drift off again and sleep.

Again I found myself on the battlefield, a glowing white cloud silently hovering over the dead and dying soldiers. I was drawn to a body that I knew as my own, lying face down on the ground. As I rolled him over I was shocked to see that it wasn't me... but a girl, a very beautiful girl. The cap fell from her head as she settled onto her back, and volumes of lush blonde ringlets fell about her face and against the ground she was laying on. I knelt closer, my vision locking upon her eyes now closed in death. Suddenly they opened with a start, my position changed and I found myself looking into the ghostly form of an angel as it hovered above me. My body jerked, and I found myself racing away from my dream with the speed of lightning!

Chapter 7

For what seemed like days I drifted in and out of sleep; each time I opened my eyes they would be rewarded by that slight haze silently distorting my vision. I also had visitors from time to time. At first it was the large black woman accompanied by a frail old black woman who was well-wrinkled and bent. At other times an older white woman would just hold me in a long embrace, and she would stroke my hair while applying a cool washcloth to my forehead. She was the figure who seemed to bring me so much comfort. She doted over me in a most motherly fashion that was pleasant and caring, and I found myself eagerly waiting her appearances.

Even though I could hear what they were saying to me, I was so out of sorts that I couldn't comprehend much of what was said. Only the woman would talk, even while she was feeding my soup from a spoon. All the while, her melodious tone would continue to massage my mind and caress my soul.

On one particular morning, I heard the white woman addressing the older black slave out in the hallway, "What ever can the matter be, Lilly? She doesn't even acknowledge me... her own mother. Could what happened have affected her mind so?" Her voice trembled with emotion almost as if she were about to cry.

The old woman spoke taping her cane against the wooden floor, "It will take time, Mrs. Penny. She had died, but now lives... we should be thankful for that."

"I am so grateful for all you have done, Lilly. By saving my dear Sarah, I will give you your freedom. Anything else you need... just ask."

The older woman grew silent and still for a moment, "Thank you, Mrs. Penny, I appreciate your kindness." Then they slowly moved away from my room, their voices carried softer by the distance.

I fell into an uneasy sleep. I could feel movement about the bed which caused me to open my eyes ever so slowly. A quick glance to the window told me that it was well past noon. "How long will she be bed-ridden?" The woman smiled in my direction seeing that I was awake.

The little woman called Lilly, hobbled over next to the bed. "It's up to her... she seems entirely healthy now and ready to face the world."

I just lay there, my eyes dancing from one face to the other. Who were they talking about? Who was Sarah? Why did they keep referring to me as "she"? I tried to raise myself up and both women rushed to my side. "Not so fast... you must not try to do too much, too soon." The white woman scolded.

Again, I lay back and closed my eyes. If they wouldn't let me up, I would just as soon sleep. Later into the afternoon, I woke and sat up in the bed. The large black woman was busying herself around the room noticed me and came over to prop some pillows under my back. She smiled at me and fussed with the blankets for a moment before walking out of the room. I looked around the majestic room and studied everything with new appreciation of this family's generosity and wealth.

It was then that I noticed the girl, sitting upright in her bed on the other side of the room. I had never seen such a lovely vision before in my life! She appeared to be about my age with beautiful long golden hair cascading down around her shoulders. She was wearing a sleeping corset that allowed a minimal amount of breast to pillow up for my viewing pleasure. Our eyes met and we both looked away, I wasn't sure who was more embarrassed. It only took a moment before my young lust drew my eyes back to her exquisite form. We smiled at each other.

I couldn't believe how warm she was making me; I studied her full sensuous lips almost beckoning me to cross the room and smother her with kisses.

When I finally settled down I noticed that her corset had become untied and one breast was dangerously close to falling out of its protection. I found myself hoping to catch a glimpse of her tender young breast... praying that it would fall free. I anticipated her excitement as I could see the succulent young buds expand in arousal as she was studying me in earnest as well.

So, this lovely little exquisite creature, must be the Sarah that I heard them talking about! I would have given anything to be able to bed this feminine creature! At 16, I felt that I was ready to take on a man's role... especially with a girl like her... she on the other hand had an innocent and maybe a naive look about her.

I too wasn't beyond feeling the same want that she was feeling, the little pulses of sexual energy began to flow into my crotch, I knew that unless something happened soon, my penis would spring to life and embarrass both of us. Although I wasn't sure if this wonderful female would have been too upset, it appeared she wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

To the chagrin of both of us, Keeza found it necessary to enter the room, and we both turned our heads to watch her enter. The matronly black gasped with surprise as she quickly moved toward my bed. Her hands almost flew to my shirt, "You must never...never let this happen, it just ain't proper!"

I looked down and couldn't really see what she was so upset about, nothing unusual about having your shirt open. That is, unless you have...have... "Breasts?" I shouted.

I screamed at the black trying to tie the corset and quickly rolled off of the bed, looking down my vision was filled with the striking cleavage created by two pert young breasts gathered into the confining space of the corset! I looked at Keeza and then back down at what seemed to have attached itself to my chest! "What did you do to me?"

"Oh...oh dear me! I must get Miss Lilly!" She shouted as she raced out of the room and down the hallway.

I stood there and faced the door listening to her shouting as she ran. Slowly I turned, using a post to catch myself from falling. I saw the lovely beauty doing the same. Her luxurious long golden hair flowed down her back and stopped about halfway between her delicate shoulders and rounded bottom that pushed out ever so delicately. It was then that I realized that I had been looking into a mirror, and I saw the reflection of MY nipples as they began to become engorged and swell, pushing out the soft material of the sleeping corset. I couldn't believe this! I had died and came back a woman! And this vision was so lovely, it was making me aroused. "My God... what has happened to me?" I whispered in a voice not my own.

I stood and stepped toward the mirror, her tiny feminine hands seeking out the smooth surface of the glass. My eyes met hers and drank up the beauty they reflected, her dark, long lush eyelashes curved up and framed two of the most beautiful sky-blue crystal eyes that I had ever seen! Her nose was small and wonderful, resting just above a pair of lips that would arouse any man with desire! I let my eyes lower and study the body being reflected back, she was so lovely from the top of her golden hair to the bottoms of those dainty feet and everywhere in between. Those generous young breasts, the tapered waist to the little bulge in her garment where her belly button should be.

She looked a bit out of proportion standing there as I let my hand rest on the tummy facing me, so I slowly stroked the material. Suddenly, I realized that the "bulge" wasn't in the material as I had first thought, but this beautiful creature that I had become was...was... oh my God! A cry caught in my throat. "That means...oh..." The room began to spin as my face suddenly began to perspire, I felt myself sliding down the mirror as butter would slide on a hot pan. The room spun slowly, darkness enveloped me and I fell softly to the floor.

Chapter 8

I opened my eyes at the feeling of someone sitting next to me on the bed. Mrs. Penny slowly came into focus as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. "Hello, honey, are you feeling better?"

"Um... I feel fine now, I guess," I softly replied.

"You gave us quite a start yesterday... do you feel well enough to eat?" She smiled and patted my soft hand. "You really need to eat something other than the broth that we've been feeding you." She spoke as she began to assist me into a sitting position.

I looked across the room and saw the young lady looking back at me; slowly her hand touched her cheek. "What has happened to me?"

"Oh my young child, you had become gravely ill and we thought you died! If it weren't for Miss Lilly, you would have been lost to us forever." I sat and stared at her. "Eat, need to keep your strength up."

At that moment, the large black woman and the old woman stepped into the room. It was Keeza who spoke up, "Mrs. Penny, I have your lunch ready down in the great room. Please come down to eat now, Sarah will be okay now that Miss Lilly is here."

My eyes followed the old woman as she seated herself on the other side of this gigantic bed. She watched as the two other women had left and we were alone, "Tell me, child, what can you remember?"

My soft trembling voice replied, "I recall seeing a girl in my reflection before I passed out!"

She placed her hand on mine and looked directly into my eyes commanding my attention, "I mean before... long before."

I let my eyes wander as I spoke, slowly being drawn back toward the beauty in the mirror. From her perfect lips, came the words my mind formed. "I remember being a soldier in the Union army, I was in the infantry... we were fighting near here when I was captured. I hooked up with a company but was later separated during battle. I remember being shot by someone hiding in the dark." I looked at the old woman, suddenly tears began to roll down my cheeks. I could feel my lip trembling with a new-found fear, "I...I think I died!" I cried.

She smiled weakly, rubbing the back of my hand. "No, child, you didn't die in the sense you're thinking. It's true that the young soldier you once were had died, but his soul lives on. We lost Sarah due to illness and used a bit of ancient Nigerian magic to pull your soul and give it to Sarah... she was supposed to use your life-force and replenish hers. But, we were too late... her soul must have drifted into heaven before we could help her." She sadly looked down at the patterns in the quilt.

"My God... you trapped my soul into this body! Put me back! I don't want to be a woman... I want my old body back right now!" I began to cry like the young female I had become.

She squeezed my hand forcing me to pull away in anger. "It's not that easy to explain," she spoke softly. "Your old body was dead. You had a hole in your chest about the size of this." She used her thumb as an example. "That was about two weeks ago... your old body is hopelessly lost by now, buried under six feet of earth."

My beautiful lip trembled as I threw myself forward on the bed and cried. Her hand reached out and tried to comfort me with the soft stroking of my golden hair. Between sobs I pleaded, "There's no way that I can ever go back to what I was before? I'm going to stay as a girl ...forever?"

"Yes, that's so, once the sphere is used on you, it can never be used on you again. You will remain like this until the day you die." She tightened her lip in a futile effort to hide her emotions of what she had caused.

I leaned back against the mountain of pillows and looked at her. My mind was in a turmoil of emotions, I had died... at least the old me had died. My soul was moved into this body... this beautiful female body! I was now a woman! I stared wide-eyed at her, "This isn't possible! If I have been inside of this girl for 2 weeks as you say, how would you account for my bodily human needs? Surely, I would have had to... go?"

The little black woman smiled and nodded into the corner, "You were very weak; Keeza and I supported you over the chamber pot so you could relieve yourself." I felt my jaw drop, "Oh don't be so prudish, little one, you ain't got anything that we haven't seen already."

Turning my eyes from her, I looked down at myself and felt a fluttery movement within my belly. Was it nerves? I closed my eyes as I felt it again... no, this was not nerves! My look toward the old woman must have telegraphed the question in my mind.

"Yes, child... young Sarah was expecting her firstborn. She had passed only moments before you would have, we thought we had enough time, but we were wrong. The child was able to maintain survival long enough for your soul to occupy her form... the child lives now because of your sacrifice."

I found myself slowly rubbing my tummy without thinking, once I saw what I had been doing I stopped. The old woman smiled at my realization, I didn't see the humor in it. I swung my legs to the side of the bed and let them drop over the edge, one way or another I was determined to leave. My movement however, was decidedly feminine, and she noticed my surprise as I quickly let them dangle beside each other.

"Why did I just do that?" I said pointing to my legs as I flipped my golden tresses out of my way. I was sure my face reddened as I again did a very feminine thing. "Why do I keep doing things like... like a girl would do them... if I'm a man inside!"

"You are hardly a man inside anymore." Pointing to the tiny swell of my belly. "As much as I can suspect, you have acquired some of the lasting effects of Sarah. She used to move somewhat in the way you are now. She would flip her hair just like you did as well. You and she occupy the same being... you are the living Sarah, but her actions and movements have been mapped into her young body. I would guess that the longer you are her... you will discover more and more of her in you. How much of her remains?" She smiled slowly and shrugged, " will be for you to discover."

I looked down as she spoke, "How could this possibly happen to me?" I cried, "Oh Christ..."

I saw where her sleeping silk had opened up to reveal much more leg than I wanted... smooth and silky legs that were now mine, thin and dainty, crossed at the knee... so sexy... so feminine! How unreal to be seeing a beautiful creature like Sarah seemed to be... from this angle! Flipping the garment back to cover my creamy flesh again, I asked Miss Lilly a question, "I just don't know what to do... I can't stay like this... this female!" I waved my hands toward myself. "I don't know if I can wear dresses and all the trappings of a girl!" I suddenly realized that my voice projection had changed slightly from the Northern Indiana accent that I had!

My hand flew toward my throat, "Did... did you just hear me? Am I speaking with a Southern accent? Oh God, this can't be happening to me!" I looked into the mirror at the beautiful creature sitting on the bed that was me, "I don't understand how this can happen... I've been changed into a pregnant girl, all the while I should be laying in eternal rest in the ground out there!" I shuddered and at the same time felt the tears well in my eyes, and she noticed it too.

"If you want, there is something that I can do which will erase your memory and allow you to think of yourself as always being Sarah." She placed her hand on my arm suddenly covered in goosebumps, sending little tremors racing down my spine. I looked at her hand and slowly pushed it away, and tried to rationalize what was happening to me.

"Who is the father... of this?" I gently rubbed the swell in my stomach. "How did it happen?"

She chuckled, and pointed toward the tin photo of the dashing young officer. "That's the who and why you are pregnant, as for the reason... all women need a station in life, you had everything except for the man. Now that you have the man... the child was sure to follow." She brushed a stray golden hair from my eyes "Sarah, the girl who once was you ...loved him very much." She lifted the tintype from the stand and handed it to me.

I looked toward the mirror at the young female pouting in the bed. I looked at the wrinkled old woman and pushed a tear back, "I can't live this way... you shouldn't have done this to me!"

She stood up and began to head out of the room, "As the boy... you were destined to die. At least, as Sarah... you can live another day." I buried my face and cried into my trembling hands as she began to stroke the back of my head. "Lay still child, I'll bring you something to eat."

Eventually, I settled back into my pillow mountain and looked toward the picture on the stand. The officer did cut quite a dashing figure, a strong jaw and reasonable build. He appeared tall, young... and... and virile. I found myself beginning to cry softly, "Why couldn't she have just left me die?" A slight movement, like a butterfly within my stomach caused me to look downward.

Slowly I pulled the sheets aside, flattening the silk so it conformed to the shape of my waist, which gave me a good look at the rise of my stomach. I focused on one area, and my eyes widened as what could be only the movement of a small child roll within! I looked up as the old woman walked back in followed closely by Keeza.

"That child of yours is active," the old withered woman said. "And will be more as each day passes."

"It's not mine!" I shot back. "I didn't ask for it!" I folded my arms and pulled the blanket back over my swollen stomach.

"Tsk...tsk...tsk." Keeza clucked her opinion. "That child is a gift from God! You better be treating it as such!" The large woman folded her arms and glared at me.

"Keeza... you have something to be doing... so do it!" The old woman spoke without ever looking away from me, "She will come to love the little one... it will just be a matter of time." I glared at them and looked away, only my darting eyes would have betrayed the distrust for them that was in my heart.

I folded my arms defiantly across my breasts, "I'll carry the thing if I have to... but you can't force me to keep it!" The old woman only smiled at my comment and winked at Keeza.

She slowly walked around the foot of the bed, her cane clicking against the floor. I watched her intently as she sat herself in a big chair placed in the corner. "Tell me, child, what was your name before..."
I frowned, "My name... well, my name is Sarah." I shrugged my small shoulders.

Keeza laughed from where she was standing and handed me a small sandwich on a plate. I looked from one woman to the next and asked, "What? What's so funny?"

The old woman smiled and drew a finger on her chin, "Sarah, where were you born?"

I thought that this had to be the dumbest line of questioning that I had ever heard, I inhaled with frustration and answered her truthfully, "I was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Why are you asking all of these odd questions?"

She leaned forward in the chair and pointed to the large woman, "Who is that?"

I looked at the matronly female, and shrugged my shoulders. "Her name is Keeza... she's my slave." I thought about what I had just said, "Wait a minute... I don't have slaves... do I?"

"Who am I, Sarah?" The old woman interrupted as she struggled to her feet.

"You are Miss Lilly..." I looked away slowly and whispered in shock, "Now how did I know that?"

"You see, child, the Sphere has placed the soul of your old self into Sarah... your soul has been absorbed into her body. You have become one... since her body is holding your soul... you have her memories." I watched her pass a mirror in front of me, my eyes fixated on the beautiful girl in the mirror. "Your old self will soon be pushed to the background... you are becoming Sarah."

"This can't be happening!" I cried, the young girl in the mirror buried her beautiful face in her slender hands. "Please God, wake me from this nightmare!" I rolled and buried my face into the pillow, tears absorbed into the material as I cried. Then in fury I turned on the bed, my breasts heaving with breathless anger. "A bullet didn't kill me... you did! I died when you chose to interfere with your own selfish needs, trapping me in this body of a dead, pregnant girl!" I tried to strike at my stomach and fought against the two blacks as they wrestled me back into my pillows, holding me there until I fell asleep.

To be continued in Part 3

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