The Registry- part 5

The Registry ...part 5 by Allexcited69
This is a work of fiction that deals with a simple future. In it, most people, if they were numbers, were now simple people with simple ideas and very simple needs. Harsh language is used and this story includes descriptions of sexual behaviour that may be considered disturbing to some. All names have been changed and all venues are made up.

So there there I was suddenly awakened. I was attached to a bed. The lights were smooth like in a hospital room or dental clinic. There was a TV. I heard the intercom ‘’ Dr. Cheng requested in the REA Unit’’.
Finally, some good looking nurses entered. They all looked asian and they all giggled very shyly. She was given some more injections and was suddenly knocked out. This happened several times.

The last time, she awoke, I was standing up but strapped to a big wheel. What is your name the female nurse asked? I don’t know. ..I said. She would speakers on my head and she put her hand on my breasts and sucked them for a moment. Here’s your new passport and your new name is A.S.B. Wong. A is for Amanda and B stands for Bimbette. AS also stands for Apprentice Sissy.

‘’This is your nickname to be used by your sexual Clients. You will get trained as a sex trade worker to work in one of the world-class casinos of Macau as a ‘’hostess’’ for the high rollers. You will report to us continuously via your New Mistress and debrief and obtain orders. Your name is quite apt as you now have ‘’a Wong’’ Mrs Sarah.

As Sarah, you are now officially dead. The Trans-Canadian Federation is now your new Employer and you will have to pledge your eternal allegiance to his Royal Majesty. Your new assets will help you accomplish Industrial Secrets and Counter-Espionage missions all over Asia’.

‘’You will try to please men and women alike. You’ve been re-assigned. You are now transgender and you’ve been programmed to become increasingly loyal, subservient and obedient.''

''And it is normal if you long to suck some cocks and get taken like a woman but from behind. Your vagina has been removed and sold to one of the Elite Brides who needed a young vagina for child-rearing.’’

‘’Some of your excess brain fluid and capacity has also been drained out and sold.'' Try not to to think too much and try to answer this question. What is the difference between an intercontinental missile and a Dick? Don’t hold back your answer. Tell me what comes spontaneously to your mind.’’

I tried to think about an intelligent answer ‘’Intercontinental...what...ehh...I am trying to head hurts when I try to think’’.’’.A missile is like a dick I said...Same shape...I think ’’.

'' Ok good ...You are responding as programmed. Don’t try to think too much because it will just give you headaches. Just obey and give in to your natural longings. If you long for a cock...just go at it, get on your fours and suck it with all the enthusiasm in the world. But first, always ask for permission with a shy giggle. Don’t forget to giggle a lot in different stupid ways. It should come naturally since we rewired your brain to bring it in line with an IQ of just 100. You’re just smart enough to follow orders. You now have the maturity and hormonal mix of a fifteen year old girl. Asian men adore shy giggles from their wives or hookers. ''
''Therefore, we also transplanted an Japanese Shyness gene in your Makeover; it will keep you more subordinate and more polite. I guess it’s cultural... She brought a mirror to my head. Look at your face...what comes to your mind?’’.

I looked at my image in the mirror. I bit my lower lip shyly. I said. ''’I have such huge pouting lips and they are so red. They glisten and look so juicy. I feel like they were meant to suck a cock or a pussy‘’

‘’Well good, you’re responding as programmed...’’. Said the technician in the lab coat as he ticked off his Quality Assurance Questionnaire.
‘’and my eyes with big lashes ..they’re almond shaped like an Asian person’s..’’

‘’Yeah those ‘’ fuck me now ‘’ lips and eyes ...they’re a new technology developed by Dr Bernstein in at the Massachusetts Institute of Liberal Fornication (MILF) ... It’s the’’Slutty Lips and Eyes TM ’’ kit.

''..The pigment for the lips and lashes is shiny and it’s permanently applied. No going back .This ensures that you will fit in amongst all the hookers and other sluts. No lost time in make-up. You’ll always look impeccably sexy even after a full night sucking cock.You must always shyly introduce your partner into the BDSM lifestyle and have them treating you like the slave you deserve to be without scaring them away...''

''..This is the trick. Your Clients will become addicted to the power they have over you and you will also become addicted to their cocks or their Pussies. You will please both sexes with equal attention. That’s one of the reasons why you had Sex reassignment Surgery, here at the Center of Creative Arts. The people who crafted you are true Artists and they have a reputation to create personages and figures always unique in their kinks and their looks...''
I was quite shocked being such a whore but it certainly was a step up from being a milk-producing cow. I got an erection looking at my own sexy reflection in the mirror. The lab technician played with my erect dick as to verify its consistency.

‘’It looks nice and firm. It’s just missing a few Piercings for your Chastity. We can’t have you fucking Clients. You must always be on the receiving end. That’s what you’ve been designed for. The hard dick is just to keep you frustrated and focused at all times. How does it feel?’’

‘’It feels kind of sexy...can I get to suck it?
‘’Well occasionally yes. ..but we need to install you in the proper sucking position..’’
‘’I so long to suck it now’’
‘’Well I know. Tell you what...said the lab technician I shouldn’t really be doing this but I feel kind of sorry for he opened the lab coat and zipper and he undid my laces....Here , suck it to your hearths delight ‘’...he said as he chuckled.
I can’t believe how voracious I had become about cock-sucking. I was clearly out of control.
‘’ You suck beautifully for an Apprentice Sissy..''.he said as he ooed and Ahhhed and then said .....''Yesss...'' as he came all over my face. ''Remind me to install your tongue piercing before I send you away to Mistress ‘’Thank you Master ...for letting me suck you off Master .’’.I said without thinking’’..
Oh I forgot to tell you ‘’It’s part of your MILF conditioning kit to always have you say Master or Mistress like this. It’s automatic once you get on your knees, had sexual contact or heard the key word or had Copulins downloaded into your dick‘’.
''You will collect the Dna of your targets this way. You will always avoid swallowing the male semen unless ordered to ingest it but will crave to suck cock and eat pussy all the time 24/7. ''

''Your new identity is now half male and half female but with zero Ego. We removed Ego because it leads to uncontrollable behaviour. As a rule, it’s eliminated in all Apprentice Slaves...''

''Now'' he brought in various containers and removed a spider from one of them with a tweezer and showed it to me with a grin. .

I suddenly started hyperventilating and suddenly lost all control over my behaviour. I was overtaken by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviours that I felt compelled to perform. I needed to go home right away. ‘’It’s your obsessive-compulsive module’’ he said..’’You probably recognize that your obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours are irrational — but even so, you feel unable to resist them and break free.’’

''Like a needle getting stuck on an old record, my sudden unexplainable disorder caused my brain to get stuck on the particular thought of checking for a run on my nylon stockings and get a sudden urge to go home but at the same time I also felt very horny and turned on. ‘’For example, you may check the runs on your stockings and focus on your dick to make sure it’s really hard. You’ll have similar reactions to snakes and various other insects. You will feel utterly humiliated and this sexually arouses you’’.

‘’This module will ensure that you will always prefer clean hotel rooms without insects, serpents and spiders. You’ll have a phobia against them. You will clean your house continually also. However, if a Mistress locks you in her dungeon full of spiders, you will feel totally degraded, debased and humiliated and the link to this image arouses you immensely.’’
The lab technician took some obvious pleasure in checking the consistency of my dick that was now uncontrollably hard. He then introduced a Metal Sound into my dick and it started vibrating intensely while some fluid was being pumped into it. We’re just downloading some copulines of your New Mistress.
‘’What does this mean to you? Let me explain.’’...he said.
Most couples who have been together long enough know that the female has the ability to "control" the male's behaviour. Often a male's behaviour becomes significantly submissive to the female; at other times the male is quite dominant.''

''What does the female do to cause the male to become submissive? There was no scientific explanation for it until the discovery of copulins...''

''When copulins are transmitted from female to male, a dramatic change occurs: the male's brain is completely open to the female's input. Anything a woman says to her mate becomes his own thoughts. Call it marital mind-control, brainwashing, or whatever, but copulins have proven to improve relationships dramatically.''

Copulins are Mother Nature's way of creating a chemical bond between the male and female, and to even the odds between the female and the physically stronger male’.

If you are tired of not knowing how or what you should be doing to please them! As a submissive you will get the absolute most out of each valuable session with your Mistress. The female copulins have the same effect on your mind as if she had fucked you yet this will never happen because you have a modern type of AIDS. It’s medically controlled so you it won’t affect you but you can kill somebody with that dick of yours or yourself...unless you ingest pills daily..It’s your control Module. Just so you don’t forget it, your dick is being locked into a Chastity Belt’’


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