The Registry - part 4

The Registry ...part 4 by Allexcited69

This is a work of fiction that deals with a simple future. In it, most people, if they were numbers, were now simple people with simple ideas and very simple needs. Harsh language is used and this story includes descriptions of sexual behaviour that may be considered disturbing to some.

It was now 10 am and the Sarah and her group were in the woods, not far from the road when they suddenly heard dogs. They started running away but the dogs ran faster and quickly caught up with them.

After about 10 minutes of running, they came to a clearing in the forest. However in the clearing sat an abandoned helicopter and Zion wanted to escape with it. He thought that he could fly this thing. However, Sarah had a feeling that their brief escapade had come to an end. Surely enough, groups of robot-soldiers were appearing from the other side of the forest. They moved forward in a sure-footed and precise work and had focused in on them. Those robots had all the latest technological gadgetry and had infra-red scanners that tracked their target’s every movement.

The robots shot lassoes at them and then winched the ropes quickly back to them. Sarah nearly lost her balance. She, as were the others, were being precisely pulled in like a fish on a hook. She screamed and tried to free herself but it wasn’t possible. A few minutes later, the robots had put them on board the helicopter and then somehow, everything went blank for Sarah.

When Sarah awoke, she was naked and she felt the pull of something on her breasts. She was tied down in a kneeling position and felt the cold leather halter press against her tummy. From her crotch and behind emanated all kinds of tubings and she certainly now felt ''well connected''.

Juice was being pumped into her through the mouth and rear-end. And wild suction could be felt on her wet pussy and her tits that suddenly felt considerably bigger.

There was music playing ‘’Sex bomb, sex Bomb’’ by Tom Jones and suddenly she felt very horny yet she was very anxious at the same time. What was this place? Where had they taken her friends?

She could no longer really focus as all she could really think about is about her sudden urge to come. She felt extremely sexy and Tom Jones’ voice was making this even more unbearable. About 4 or 5 hours of clitoral and anal stimulation, she must have come about 10 times and she felt exhausted and suddenly fainted.

The next day, her sleep was suddenly interrupted by a slap on her buttocks with some bushy cane. An old woman was prodding her on and shouted. ‘’It‘s time to graze outside and get some sunshine. ‘Sarah was now walking on all fours walking on her padded elbows and knees. Her arms and legs had been bound in such a fashion as to limit unfolding them. Her breasts were dragging near the floor and her breasts quickly fell into a constant state of arousal that once more made her very horny.

Out in the field, they were being encouraged to move and graze. The grass they were being encouraged to eat tasted like grass but somehow it had hallucinogenic effects on Sarah. Suddenly, she felt her head turn and felt unstable, yet horny and peaceful. She now felt more like a cow than like a woman . She was prouf of her milk production. She won two weeks in a row as ''Best producer'' which earned her more orgasms. There were a few real cows amongst them but most of the others looked like women-cows but with their heads completely shaven. Sarah felt really horny horny. She wondered what she could do to get herself off again.

Maybe she could rub her pussy on the grass or on a stump standing out from the ground. The others seemed to have the same idea and she went off to her side in search for a stump she could rub against. Little else mattered. Surprisingly, she didn’t even feel bothered by the cold even though it was Fall and she was stark naked other than a leather corset that supported her Jumbo pair of tits, now the size of Cantelope Melons. At the end of the field, there was an open shelter with hay and she was attracted by the sugary smell of burning Sugar Cane.

The old woman approached Sarah and asked. ‘’Ma belle... don’t we feel horny? Sarah simply nodded as her head mask seriously limited her from opening her mouth fully. She looked around and saw the other cow-women humping some smartly-designed shafts of sugar cane hammered into the ground, while holding their upper bodies vertically by holding onto a handle with their hands. They were being encouraged to be vocal and to moo to express their gratitude and exalted states.

All that mooing around her got her completely turned on and excstatic and she fell into a sexual transe state.

The old women returned and she motioned as she talked to Sarah. ‘’Viens ici ma belle, hold on for a moment, I must glue these silver ports to your nice large breasts. They will protect them and also stimulate them into higher milk production... I want my bonus this month LOL.. .ma belle! Just give me all you've got. Don’t hold back! Just let go and feel horny. Make more milk to feed your baby belle. ’’

It suddenly dawned on Sarah that this was one of the world-famous milk production facilities, famous for the women’s milk which was used to make cheese. This cheese was now the glamorous new Delicacy of the Elites in Japanese and Chinese Weddings ever since the shark fin and caviar consumption had been declared uncivilised and cruel and therefore was discouraged and no longer considered politically correct.

From the looks of it, this seemed like the St-Hyacinthe facility in veterinary medicine and milk production. The problem they had was mostly precocious aging of the ‘’Producers’’, nasty teat and vaginal infections which were caused by a reaction to the bovine milk enhancement hormones and opportunistic and parasitic bacteria that preyed on their hosts’ weak immune systems.

Too much humping by the cows in the field, although favourable for increased milk production, also could create nasty micro traumas of the vaginal tissues and that’s why the plastic capping of the vagina and silver caps of the tits ultimately became inevitable. Some big bells held by a collar around the neck also ensured that the women-turned-cows were reminded of their new stations in life. Happy cows gave more milk and studies had shown that the music enhanced their milk production.

Sarah tried to mobilize feelings of outrage, anxiety or anger but somehow she couldn’t muster up those feelings anymore. She felt horny again and she read the big banners that read ‘’Vivre simplement’’ (translation: Live simply). It was the governing party’s political motto. All modern luxuries had been removed in houses because they wanted Simplicity.

Modern toilets had been removed because production units spent too much time on them which decreased productivity and those pesky toilets were hell to maintain. Also, all toilets had to go as they were held responsible for hemoroids.

A simple drain hole in the floor was considered optimal and more in line with simple living.

Sarah felt ecstatic most of the time and her thoughts now either revolved around food or sex. Her needs were now so basic. Here, she felt loved and cared for. It was certainly better than being cold and hungry in the woods. She now remembered that she had been pregnant. As she chewed on the Sugar cane before her, she wondered what had happened to her baby.

All of a sudden there was thunder and lightning in the sky. The cow-women and cows were now prodded to go back indoors.

After a few months, Sarah’s milk production was sharply on the decline. The old woman had said: ‘’ Another one bites the dust. They all do that sooner or later.But don't worry ma belle...they'll retrain you. We had to cut back on the hormones ye know.’’. Sarah suddenly worried about her fate. A new cohort of cows had been brought in recently . They seemed to be a hardy bunch of what seemed like Dutch women and she suddenly felt inadequate in comparison.

Her breasts now felt smaller and her crotch seems dry. Her libido was now much less but artificially maintained. Despite this, she still got off about every 2 hours through well-timed mechanical stimulations of her clitoris, ass and vagina but she no longer felt the urge to hump as much as before. She also felt colder especially at night. She felt that she was losing it.

The next morning, a group of tourist-like VIP's appeared at the farm. They seemed wealthy, all dressed up in fancy designer fashions. The men sported elegant suits and all wore dark sunglasses. They took pictures and measurements. They came up to Sarah’s stall. The agent said. ‘’This one here seems shabby but it has good bones and you’re buying potential.’’

One man confidently approached Sarah and with his gloved hand, he inserted his middle finger in her anus quickly as he was looking for something. He then pulled it out and brought it to Sarah’s mouth and shouted ‘’Dawai, belle ’’. Sarah quickly licked the gloved finger clean as the man said. ‘’Ok, I’ll take this one...she has good attitude and good tonus ’’. The agent paced around and put a ‘’Sold’’ tag around Sarah's neck as he said to his Russian Client ‘’Back in 2010, I used to sell pre-owned cars like this every Wednesday and made tons of money. This is similar. We’re moving a lot of product here today’’.

Sarah now wondered what was in store for her, but not for long. After her evening milking, she was given an injection and she blacked out instantaneously.


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