Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch by Julie O

Jake thought that he was the lucky one after Dave and Roger had to bail out of their long-planned trip to Vegas.

Bait and Switch
Julie O

Edited by Amelia R.

Chapter 1

Alyssa casually pulled her skirt up to better show off her shapely legs as she sat at the bar. She had been sitting at the bar of the hotel for nearly an hour, observing every man who walked in.

Glancing at her watch, she saw that it was still quite early, only nine-thirty; there was plenty of time.

As she stretched out her hand to pick up her martini, she admired her new manicure. The bright red color had more flash than she normally would wear, but it was perfect for the evening's task.

She looked at her reflection in the large mirror behind the bar. The wig she was wearing was very naturally looking, and she doubted that anyone would suspect that she wasn't really a curly haired blonde. Her own hair was very short, jet black with red tips, which was usually styled with lots of mousse to give it a spiky look.

To make herself look more available, she unbuttoned another button of her white silk blouse to expose her cleavage.

She looked into the mirror again and smiled; all she had to do wait.

It wasn't long before she saw what she had been looking for.

He was a few inches shorter than her, and she estimated he was around five-eight. He was thin and looked to be in his early twenties.

His hair was a little short for her needs, but she could work with that. At least it covered his ears, and the light brown color would be easy to change. The important thing was that he had a cute face and very nice blue eyes. It also appeared that he had little facial hair.

He sat down a few seats away from her and ordered a draft. She smiled when the bartender carded him.

Alyssa had seen him earlier that day in the casino and had hoped that he would wander close to her web, as he was perfect for what she had in mind.

Jake Timmons sipped his beer and scanned the bar. There were so many beautiful women in here, he thought. He immediately noticed the stunning blonde three seats away, but suspected that she was out of his league, but maybe he ought to give it a shot and talk to her, as so far his luck had been running good.

He was enjoying his first trip to Vegas, and in two days he had won over two grand. The trip almost hadn't happened as his two friends had dropped out at the last minute. Jake had almost stayed home, but decided what did he have to lose?

They had planned the trip for months. Dave had to drop out due to an unexpected business trip to Tokyo, and Roger had blown out his knee playing pickup basketball.

The three friends had reserved a suite and it was paid for in advance in order to save money, because of this, they couldn't get a refund either. So, Jake considered their bad luck his good fortune. So far, the trip had exceeded his wildest dreams.

He cast a glance at the blonde and smiled, and to his shock, she smiled back.

Noticing her drink was almost empty, he decided to take a chance, and he got up and sat at the stool next to her.

"Hi, um, can I buy you a refill?" he asked, cringing at how stupid that sounded.

"I'd like that," she replied as she batted her eyes.

He motioned for the bartender and then turned back to the woman. "I'm Jake," he said.

"I'm Tina," replied Alyssa. She never used her own name; it was all part of the game.

"Cool, pleased to meet you, Tina," he replied.

Alyssa smiled back and noticed how nervous the young man was. This was almost too easy, she thought.

The drink arrived and Jake paid for it.

"Thank you, Jake," she said. She took a sip. "So, where are you from?"

"Irvine, in Orange County," he replied. "I work in an investment firm."

She nodded and smiled to herself. Not any more you don't, she thought. "I'm from New York," she lied. She actually lived in Vegas.

"Wow," replied Jake. "I've always wanted to go there."

Alyssa sipped her drink and thought that he would get his wish, although not the way he would have thought of.

He had taken the bait, all she had to do now was set the hook, and she would have him.

Chapter 2

They talked for an hour, and Alyssa got the information she needed. The guy was alone and wasn't due to be back in So-Cal for two more days. That meant that no one would be looking for him for several days. By the time the search started, it would be too late.

"Jake, I have to call someone regarding a job, and I accidentally left my cell phone in my room," said Alyssa. "Why don't you come up with me, and we can continue our conversation up there? I also have a good bottle of champagne there."

Jake couldn't believe his luck. "Sure, I'd like that."

"Good, let's go," she said.

She slipped her arm around his waist and led him to the front of the casino.

"I'm staying next door," she said. "I just happen to like this bar better."

Jake nodded. He was too blinded by his lust to suspect a trap.

They headed out in the cool evening air. Alyssa led him to her car.

"I know it's silly, but I drove here," she said. "It's not the distance, but the shoes. I love wearing heels, but you can't walk very far in them."

"I wouldn't know," said Jake with a smile.

Alyssa smiled back. Oh, you'll find out soon enough, my sweet, she thought.

Alyssa leaned over and kissed Jake. He was caught off-guard by her action, but he didn't fight it.

He didn't notice that she was reaching into her purse.

When she pulled away, Jake was about to say something when she sprayed him in the face. Before he could protest, he drifted into darkness.

"That was easy enough," she said as she put the car in gear and headed to her home. She pulled out her cell phone and pressed one of the buttons.

"I'm on my way home right now. I was very successful," she said.

Chapter 3

Jake slowly regained consciousness. The cobwebs in his mind gradually cleared as he tried to figure out what had happened. He realized that he was sitting in a chair, although he had no idea where he was.

When his eyes focused, he could see a sexy woman sitting directly in front of him. Actually, a better description would be a sexy young girl. Jake estimated that she was in her late teens... maybe.

She had heavy sexy makeup on her face. Her eyes had thick eyeliner that made her look exotic. Her lips were pouty and glistened from what looked like several layers of lip gloss.

She had a full head of red curly hair that seemed to surround her face.

He could see that she had several studs in each ear, which served to make her more erotic looking.

The girl was dressed in a crimson colored corset that pushed her extremely large breasts up, which served to further exaggerate her cleavage.

Her legs were encased in fishnet stocking, and on her feet were black high heels. Jake wondered how she could walk in heels like those; the heels looked to be five or six inches.

On the end of each fingertip was a long, shaped nail, coated in bright cherry red polish.

In fact, everything about her was exaggerated and extremely sexy. She seemed to ooze eroticism.

She didn't say a thing and just stared back at Jake, as if she was mimicking his every move. She seemed to parrot his moves; when her turned his head, so did she. It was slightly unnerving.

Jake then noticed that her wrists were tied down to the arms of the chair, and her legs were likewise tied down to the legs of the chair.

He tried to get up to help her, but found that he was likewise tied up... and then it hit him...he was looking at his own reflection.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed. He stopped when he heard his voice. It was now very soft and feminine. "Tina, what's going on?"

"I see she's awake," said a man. His voice was a deep baritone.

"Yes, what do you think? Will she do?" asked Alyssa anxiously.

"Please untie me, Tina," begged Jake as he struggled to free himself.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Also my name isn't Tina, it's Alyssa," she replied.

Jake could now see Alyssa standing next to a man in the reflection of the mirror. The first thing he noticed about the man was his eyes. They appeared to be totally black.

The man stepped forward and ran his hand through Jake's hair.

He was a large powerful man, standing over six feet tall, and dressed elegantly in an expensive all black outfit. His slightly curly hair was shoulder length and as black as coal.

Jake estimated that the man was in his forties, but he wasn't sure; there was something ageless about him.

"Yes, my dear, you chose well," he replied. "She will do quite nicely."

Jake noticed the man had a slight accent, but he couldn't place it. It wasn't exactly foreign, he thought; no, it sounded old, as if the man was from another age.

"What's going on?" asked Jake; he was fighting off a growing sense of panic.

The man laughed. "Yes, this must be very confusing to you, Jasmine."

"Jasmine?" asked Jake.

"Yes, that is your name now; it is much more fitting than Jake," said the man.

"You can't do this to me," replied Jake shaking his head back and forth.

The man laughed again. "I can't? You have no idea of what I can do to you!"

With that he placed his right hand over Jake's breasts, and they appeared to grow slightly. How could pads grow like that? thought Jake, as he knew they weren't real.

Jake still struggled to get free, but the bonds were too strong.

"You will call me Leo," said the man, as he easily turned the chair around.

"You go to hell!" replied Jake.

Leo laughed again and then looked up towards the ceiling. "I love how they resist at first."

What was Leo talking about? thought Jake. He then watched as Leo sat down on the edge of the bed. Without a word, Alyssa slipped down to her knees and eased Leo's cock out of his pants.

Jake watched in a combination of horror and fascination as Alyssa began to kiss and lick Leo's enormous cock. It was the largest one that Jake had ever seen, at least fourteen inches. What was even more amazing was that Alyssa seemed to have no trouble taking it all into her mouth.

Leo looked over at Jake and smiled. "Watch carefully, Jasmine, as this will soon be one of your jobs."

Jake shook his head in horror. He considered himself to be completely heterosexual, and now some psycho was threatening to use him. It was bad enough that they'd drugged him and dressed him up as a chick, but there was no way they would rape him. Jake wanted to scream and tried to turn his head away, but found that he couldn't.

He found that he couldn't pull away. His eyes were locked on Alyssa as she sucked Leo's cock. Without thinking, Jake licked his lips. A new sensation began to preoccupy his thoughts; he felt envious of Alyssa, and he wanted to take Leo's cock into his mouth.

He tried to shake these foreign ideas, but they were too strong, and with each passing moment, they burrowed their way deeper into his mind.

Leo smiled. "Yes, Jasmine, your turn will come. Don't fight the feelings that are awakening in you. You are my newest toy. I know you want my cock in your body; you crave it, and you cannot fight it."

Jake slowly nodded. This couldn't be happening to him, he thought. He could feel his own cock hardening with each word from Leo's mouth. He also felt his nipples hardening, straining at the material of the corset.

How was this possible? He couldn't have real breasts since he was a guy. He glanced down to look at the breast pads. They were almost bursting from the top of the corset. So round, so full - perfect large breasts. They actually looked real, he thought.

As if he could read Jake's mind, Leo reached over and gently pulled Jake's breasts out of the top of the corset.

They weren't just huge; they were real! He had real tits! His also hand huge nipples. How was that possible? Jake could feel Leo's exciting touch and their weight as they bounced slightly on his chest.

"Yes, they're real, Jasmine," said Leo. He then ran his fingers across Jake's erect nipples.

Jake moaned in pleasure that swept through his now feminized body.

Leo laughed at Jake's reaction.

Jake's eyes were soon drawn back to Alyssa and Leo's cock.

It was like some strange nightmare, he thought.

Leo tensed up and let out a moan as he came. Alyssa kept sucking him off, apparently swallowing his seed.

She then stopped and, without a word, stood up and then leaned down towards Jake. She began to kiss him, forcing Leo's cum into Jake's mouth. Jake had no choice but to swallow every drop.

Instead of gagging, he swallowed what Alyssa was feeding him.

A strange feeling swept through his body as he swallowed Leo's semen. His resistance began to melt away. He tried to fight it, but the urge to serve was soon dominating his thoughts. He wanted, make that he needed to serve Leo.

"What's your name, my dear?" asked Leo, who smiled as if he already knew how Jake would answer.

"It's Jasmine," she replied softly. What little resistance was left screamed in horror at her answer.

"Very good," replied Leo. "Alyssa, my dear, would you please untie your sister?"

"Yes, my lord," she replied.

Chapter 4

"Now, don't move, Jasmine," ordered Leo. "Alyssa will untie you, but I want you to stay in the chair."

"I won't," replied Jasmine weakly. The urge to resist was there, but not the strength.

"Did I surrender so quickly?" asked Alyssa as she untied Jasmine.

Leo shook his head. "No, but she hasn't given in completely yet. This is just the first phase."

"She's very pretty in a very exotic way," said Alyssa.

"Yes, yes, she is. I like each of my toys to be different. Jasmine will be a very kinky young woman," replied Leo. "We should get started; Alyssa, be a dear and would you get my bag, please?"

Alyssa nodded and stood up. A moment later she handed Leo a black leather bag.

He reached into the bag and pulled out a set of golden rings. He then pulled out a small blue bottle and opened it. He carefully put a drop of the liquid on each ring.

Jasmine watched with fascination, not knowing what was coming next.

He then pulled the chair closer to the edge of the bed. Next, he applied a drop of the liquid on each of Jasmine's large erect nipples.

"Now, this won't hurt a bit my dear," he said as he placed one of the rings against her right nipple.

Jasmine watch as it appeared to be absorbed partly into her nipple. Leo rotated it and nodded approvingly.

"This is so much more civilized than piercing," he said as he repeated the act with her left nipple. "These rings serve as more than just decoration; they will enhance and focus your sexual pleasure, Jasmine."

Next, he reached down and pulled Jasmine's cock out of her panties.

Jasmine looked down and gasped when she saw how small it was. While it was erect, it was barely two inches long.

"How nice, so petite and pretty," said Leo as he rubbed oil on the head of Jasmine's cock.

He then added the ring, which magically inserted into Jasmine's body.

"One more small thing to do before we have a conversation," he said. He took out a small stud and rubbed in some of the oil. "Stick out your tongue, please."

Jasmine did as she was told, and in a moment the stud was through her tongue.

"It truly increases the pleasure of oral," he said. "Now, I suppose you have many questions about what has happened to you. Since you are under my power now, I don't see any reason why I can't tell you everything. However, in your newly submissive state I know you are incapable of asking me anything, so I am easing my mental bonds. However, you are reminded to stay in your chair, or I will be forced to punish you; do you understand, Jasmine?"

Jasmine nodded and felt her mind immediately refreshed. She debated what to ask him first, and after a moment's thought, she asked the obvious.

"Why?" she asked

"Good, right to the point. I need a sexual partner. You will serve in that role for five years. Should you please me, I will release you," he replied.

"Who...or what are you?" she asked, as she tried to absorb what was happening.

"I come from an ancient race...not of this world. We came here as colonists thousands of years ago...unfortunately, our ship crashed, and all the females of our race died. We knew that no help was coming, so we made the best of a bad situation. With our powers, we were treated as gods by the primitive natives. Some of us abused our powers and were called demons. A few of us were even killed. Still, we have lived among you mortals for eons."

Jasmine stared back. "So what happened then?"

Leo motioned to Alyssa, who nodded and departed the room. A few moments later she returned, carrying a silver tray with three glasses of red wine, along with a decanter. She held the tray in front of Leo who took two glasses and handed one to Jasmine.

"We went underground," he said as he sipped his wine.

"If you have so much power, why did you pick me? I mean, couldn't you just get a real woman?" asked Jasmine.

"Who says I like real women?" he replied. "Alyssa, show your sister your little secret, please."

Alyssa set down her glass and lifted her skirt to expose a tiny, pierced penis.

"Yes, I have a taste for feminized males," he said. "Just like you humans, we have a variety of tastes. One of my brothers only likes extremely fat women; another prefers strong muscular men, so who is to say that my tastes are strange?"

Jasmine didn't answer; she just tried to absorb what was happening to her.

"When your service is over, you will have the choice of staying as you are or becoming a total female," continued Leo.

"What about turning me back into a male?" asked Jasmine.

He shook his head and laughed. "You won't want that in five years...right, Alyssa?"

"Yes, Leo," she replied. "I want to become a complete woman."

"And so you shall," he said. "You have served me well these five years and have found me a delicious new, I grant your wish."

He motioned with his hand and Alyssa gasped.

She picked up her skirt and squealed with joy. "Thank you, Leo!"

The ring remained inserted into one of her labia, a small souvenir of her last five years.

"You are welcome, my dear," he replied. He turned to Jasmine. "She'll have a complete new identity, as will you if you serve me well."

"People will be looking for me," said Jasmine. She hoped this threat would save her.

He waved his hand as if he was brushing away a fly. "Let them look. Your car will be found on a road off the interstate. This is Vegas, and people disappear all the time. Your old life won't matter to you either. Over time, you will forget about your past life, and it will become a vague dream."

"You can't do that! That's like murder! You're killing my identity!" screamed Jasmine.

"You mortals put too much value in your 'identities.' I've had hundreds. The past is unimportant...look to the future and you will enjoy your limited lifespan more," he stated, there was a tone of annoyance in his voice.

"This can't be happening," said Jasmine.

"Oh, it is happening. I will break your resistance, and soon you will be revelling in the sexual bliss I will provide you. You will not be a slave, but a valued jewel," he said. He then turned to Alyssa. "This place is now yours. Help your sister get dressed, and we will leave you."

Alyssa nodded gleefully. She then leaned over and kissed him. "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, my dear," he replied.

Chapter 5

"You're going to love this," said Alyssa as she helped Jasmine into a short, form-fitted black leather tube dress.

Jasmine looked at herself in the mirror. The dress looked like it had been painted on her body.

"So, you were lured in too?" asked Jasmine.

Alyssa nodded. "Five years ago, just like he said. It was in New York City; that's where you'll be going."

"And you don't mind what happened to you?"

Alyssa shook her head. "I can barely recall what my old life was like. I have only hazy memories of being a man; I can't even recall what my old name was. Don't worry about Leo, he will treat you like a princess, and the sex....oh my... I will miss that....he's so good in bed. Don't worry about the size of his cock, you'll find that you can easily take it all...and trust'll want it all!" She then giggled as she handed Jasmine a handbag.

"What are you going to do now?" asked Jasmine as she automatically reached into the bag and pulled out her lipstick. Without thinking, she applied a fresh coat to her lips.

Alyssa laughed. "See how easy it is?"

Jasmine stopped and slowly nodded.

"Oh, you asked me what I plan on doing... to be honest, I have no idea...but Leo has left me with a home and money, so I have time to come up with something," Alyssa replied.

Jasmine stared back.

"Look, Jasmine, I do remember that I was angry and bitter when I was first transformed, but I got over it. I mean, you can't fight him, and he's telling the truth about treating you nicely," continued Alyssa. "Anyway, there's nothing you can do about it now."

"I don't think I can do this," said Jasmine.

"Sure you can. Why, right now I bet you're thinking about what it will be like to have his cock in your mouth and your ass-pussy," said Alyssa, as she nodded in approval at Jasmine's makeup. "It will seem very normal and natural; I mean, look how quickly you're adapting to being female."

It was true, thought Jasmine. She suddenly knew how to apply makeup, as if she had been doing it for years.

"I can't believe he's just letting you go," said Jasmine.

"He did it with the woman who lured me in," said Alyssa. "Now, you'd better go meet him. Good luck!"

Jasmine nodded and headed downstairs to meet her fate.

Chapter 6

Upon arriving at the airport, Leo led Jasmine onto a private jet.

"You will entertain me on the flight home. Don't worry, we won't be disturbed," he whispered in her ear.

"Will Alyssa be okay?" she asked.

He nodded. "In fact, she has already forgotten about us. That is the way that I protect my secret, and it will be easier for her. Oh, she will have some memories, but they will seem more like dreams or erotic fantasies."

Once the jet took off, Leo motioned for Jasmine to undress.

"Do it slowly, my treat," he purred.

Jasmine did as she was told. She stood in front of Leo and leisurely unzipped her dress. It slid down her body and fell to the ground.

Leo nodded in approval as he sipped champagne.

She then reached behind to undo the laces that held the corset together. It was strange, as she knew exactly how to undo the corset.

"I think I will keep you in corsets all the time," he said.

Jasmine nodded, and before removing it completely, she undid the clasps holding her stockings up. She undid them one at time and then rolled her stocking down each leg.

Her heels came off, followed by the stocking, and then she removed her corset, exposing her naked body to Leo.

She was surprised by how thin her waist was. It looked so tiny compared to her large breasts and hips.

Reading her thoughts, Leo ran his hand down her body. "Yes, it is a little exaggerated, but I like that in my women. Your measurements are 40-18-36, and your cup size is DD, although I'll probably make them bigger over time."

She also noticed that she was completely hairless from the neck down. She then thought her body felt different, but she had been in a daze when Alyssa dressed her.

Before Jasmine could reply, he pulled her onto his lap. He ran his hands over her body and began to kiss her.

What shocked Jasmine the most was the fact that not only didn't she resist, but she eagerly submitted to him.

With his left hand, he began to stroke her tiny penis. It grew hard, but was barely two inches in length and very thin. He also rubbed the ring, which only increased her sense of arousal.

"I love the feel of a clitty like this in my fingers," he moaned as he rubbed it.

Jasmine felt waves of pleasure running through her body. It was impossible to resist. Soon, the only thing on her mind was to pleasure Leo.

"You want my cock?"

"Yes, Leo," she replied.

"And you accept that you are my woman now?" he asked.

"Yes, Leo," she replied, her breathing getting heavier.

"Do you want me to change you back?" he asked toying with her.

"No, my lord. I...want ...I want to be yours!" she moaned.

"Outstanding, then show me your love for me and get on your knees, my pet."

Without hesitation, Jasmine obeyed. Her state of arousal was so great that sexual pleasure was the only thing on her mind.

His cock was so big, but Jasmine was determined to take it all into her mouth the first time. It filled her mouth and pushed down her throat as it slid in. There was no gagging or pain, only pleasure as Jasmine went to work.

As she sucked him, one of her hands began to stroke her petite clitty, and her other hand alternated between her nipples. Her whole body was alive with sexual energy, and she had never felt so alive. The multiple piercings added to her arousal.

Soon her head was bobbing up and down on his cock, taking it all the way in and back out again. It felt so good sliding down her throat, she thought. It would feel even better in her ass-pussy.

Leo smiled at how fast Jasmine was submitting. He could easily read her thoughts and found that they were delightfully filthy. If she was this good at giving oral, she would be wonderful to fuck, he thought. Mortals were such wonderful toys.


Jasmine Timmons sat down on the barstool and looked around the bar. It was slowly filling up, and soon she would have her pick. It was hard to believe that five years had passed so quickly.

In those years she had traveled the world with Leo. Just as Alyssa had promised, he had treated her like a treasure. The sex was also incredible, and she would miss it, although the prospect of becoming a complete woman was very exciting.

She hadn't been to Vegas since that night five years ago; there had been no reason to return, as her world had revolved around Leo. They had traveled the world together, but now her tour of duty was about to end. Now she was back to complete the cycle started by Alyssa.

She found it ironic that she picked the same bar where she had started her journey. It was funny that she could remember the bar, but not what her old male name was.

The only distraction she had allowed herself had been watching one of the shows at the casino. She was pleased to see that Alyssa now had a successful career, and she wondered if her own life would be like.

However, she hoped that it would be more exciting than working in a casino. Leo had awakened her strong sexual nature, and she had no desire to give that up. He'd promised her that she would be able to take large cocks in all of her body orifices after she became a complete woman.

Just as Leo and Alyssa had told her, she had no desire to be turned back into a male. While she enjoyed her petite cock, the idea of having a real vagina was exciting. Leo promised that her labia would be pierced. This pleased her as she liked the way the rings looked in her body.

She often wore a gold chain between her nipples, which ran down to her penis ring. It ran through the ring that Leo had added to her bellybutton. It created a striking look when she was naked.

Little did she know that Leo had already arranged her new life. He could have easily toned down her extremely kinky nature, but why deny fellow mortals the pleasures of her incredible sexual abilities? In six months, she would be an up and coming star of the porn industry. In a year, she would be the top female star. Her insatiable sexual drive and her newly added bisexuality would make her a star in high demand.

He had also given her one last gift; she would maintain her beauty as she aged. He figured it was the least he could do for one who had served so well. He had debated keeping her in his service for more than five years, but in the end he decided to let her go. Besides, he could always bring her back into his service if he wished.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled; she knew that she would have little trouble finding her replacement. Like a lure in a lake of hungry fish, all she had to do was wait, and soon she would attract her prey.

She was dressed in a skintight strapless black leather dress and knee-high spiked heel leather boots. The dress doubled as a corset; it also showed off her luscious breasts. After five years of conditioning and training by Leo, she was totally addicted to leather and corsets. The combination of Leo's magic and the corsets had also given her a permanent hourglass figure, which she adored.

Jasmine cherished her exotic appearance and the stares she got from men who passed by. It was exciting to be a tease, and she took great pleasure in being their fantasy of a walk on the wild side that they would only know in their deepest more perverse fantasies. She giggled at this thought and took another sip of her martini.

Looking in the mirror, she ran her fingers through her hair. Leo had decided three years ago that she would look better as a redhead, and now she had long curly dark red hair. It seemed to flow around her face as if it had a life of its own.

The latest touch was a small diamond stud in her left nostril.

Jasmine ordered a martini and watched with the eyes of a predator on the hunt. She ignored several men who made approaches to her, as she knew what Leo wanted. Then she saw him walk into the bar. He was young, short, slender, and cute, with freckles and red hair -- and he was alone... and soon he would be Leo's latest toy.

The End?

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