The Registry - part 3

The Registry -part 3 by Allexcited69

This is a work of fiction that deals with a simple future. In it, most people, if they were numbers, were now simple people with simple ideas and very simple needs. Harsh language is used and this story includes descriptions of sexual behaviour that may be considered disturbing to some.

It was now getting colder by the day. Olaf was busy preparing a rabbit for cooking in an old army helmet that he had found along the road. The drunken soldiers would sometimes party and throw their helmets overboard. The army really controlled all comings and goings.

However, Olaf had a friend called Sylvain in the Army that would leave money in a stone wall along the road. Olaf had run into him one night near the old fort of Chambly. He was there with two young musician friends playing the fiddle and smoking marijuana. They got to talking about the state of the Nation.

The soldier said that many people in the City had died but that the state had kept a hush on it not wanting to great mass panic. Apparently, initially everybody thought it was due to hypothermia and lack of heating, or malnutrition but word got out that there was some type of virus that mutated very quickly. It was spreading. Apparently, this was a man-made virus that somehow got out of control. The soldier wanted natural pot, untainted by and not spiked with cocaine. It was tough to get in the City. Olaf mentioned the Quebec Gold that grows in the Cornfields of his valley, untainted and unspoiled.

As agreed with Sylvain, he could leave him some in the old stone wall by the side of the order. This way, he limited direct contact and limited the risk of getting killed.

Over the last 2 years, the soldier had passed regularly and bought huge quantities for himself and his numerous friends. Usually, Sylvain also left him some update of the daily notes issued by the Government. Quarantines and a massive vaccination program were being undertaken. The Government was exhorting all to get vaccinated and was offering a free meal to all Volunteers.
Olaf reflected for a moment. He would not get vaccinated. Was it another attempt by the government to control the population’s comings and goings?

He had been told that some GPS Nano-chips encapsulated in the Vaccines and lodged in the target’s body through its Intravenous Injection of the vaccines could identify each person or animal and monitor his movements. He no longer trusted the government’s true intentions and would therefore not take any chances with this.

For now, he felt lucky to be in the Midst of Nature along the majestic Richelieu River. Had the currents not been so strong, he might have to swim in it or even paddle up river to Lake Champlain where a lot of trafficking, of mostly people, weapons, medicines, drugs or cigarettes , occurred between the US and Kwibec. The land had changed, he thought but those old customs of trafficking had endured.

It got him thinking about going to town dressed as a suit. Suits were numbers that had a government issued badge that allowed them access and minimal interferences commuting into town. One of his friends ran a HR agency and the government had often used him to recruit ‘’unofficial human resources ‘’and had issued him 100 security badges for this purpose. All such badges were strictly accounted for but Olaf would step in when some suit was sick and discretely take his place. He would earn a few Couronnes, some Meal tickets and maybe he’d go catch a Brainteaser movie.

The movies reminded him of his Sundays a long time ago. On such days, he would take his young daughter Sarah go see the latest Hollywood Flicks. Most movies were now in Spanish, but had different audible versions depending on who was watching the movie.

The numbers got to see some movies but the version and morale they watched was very basic and designed for an IQ Level of 60. They would watch the movie and see two guys making out; usually they smoked then drank a beer and bought lottery tickets for fun. Those were really brainwashing infomercials that Olav sometimes got hooked on. The more complicated story-plot was only available to the Elites. 3D Glasses were required for that.

About six months ago, he came close to joining the Sanitation Unit, after falling for its commander, Mistress So Clean with her gleaming SS uniform and spiffy boots who had cast a hypnotic spell on him. After smoking a few joints, he had pulled his mind away from this mind-fuck and forgot about Mistress So Clean for a time. But watching movies could be dangerous to your health in other ways. Movie Houses would scan the room to identify everybody present.

The scans would seek out the radioactive emissions of the Numbers’ inserts. His suit badge came with a radio-active card and safety jacket that sent false signals to the scan machines. Olaf still had hard-ons to this day whenever he dreamt of Mistress SoClean, so radiant, optimistic and seductive with her shiny boots, aspects he still found so delightfully attractive especially when he looked around and saw so much everyday uncertainty, ugliness and so many walls and access badges that isolated everybody.

The government had limited mass gatherings of people ever since the ‘’Occupy Wall street’’ movement had got out of hand. Therefore, it now encouraged most solitary endeavours, limited interaction between people and information was disclosed on a Need—to-know basis. The Government wanted everybody to work out so even the Gyms had devices that generated electricity for pumps and lights while people exercised on them.

Olav sometimes wondered if Mistress SoClean was still unmarried and looking for ‘’good’’ men as she hinted ‘’come and see me sometime in a Mae West tone of voice. Mistress So Clean had made Cleanliness look so sexy.

But enough day-dreaming for now, he thought. He had sometimes wondered what had happened to his daughter Sarah. She was a wild spirit at hearth and Olav was not really worried about her. She was like him. She could gauge somebody quickly and often would make friends wherever she went.

During this time, Sarah continued her journey but at a slower pace as she had sprained her ankle and needed to rest up and get back her forces. For now, Zion was wooing her and trying to cut open her chastity. The titanium alloy was tough to cut but he was making headway. The two others had killed a Virginia deer and so they had feasted on it and still had food for a few days. Tomorrow, she would make some smoked ham that they could take along on their journey through the forests.

Those trails were over 500 years old and along it, one found all kinds of food, thieves and sometimes soldiers. Sarah had also baked some bread with Corn she had found near an abandoned house. Her dad’s passion for Iroquois bread recipes, sprinkled with some wild berries and using the oil from the sunflowers and the grease from the Virginia deer, had been a big success with the boys.
She loved to be resourceful. It made her feel in control and invulnerable for a moment. She had become the natural leader of the Group.

She had the men around her little finger literally. Zion had built two small shelters with branches and she had fun being around them all although the words spoken between them were few and far between. But the body language of the men had made her feel that they were now there for each other and had become an improvised family of misfits of sorts.

She often felt horny but any thoughts dealing with sex were quickly put away. She was glad in a way that they all had chastity belts. Their main focus would be survival for now. Things were so simple in this way. Just camaraderie but no real sex. It was just perfect.

In the day, the forest was often flown over by Army helicopters coming and going, or maybe they were looking for lost souls. The government did not like ‘’shrinkage or migration of its human resources’’. It jeopardized the established order and made them look incompetent. The state felt that total control of all movements was therefore necessary ever since Sept. 11th.

Olav was sitting by the river enjoying the sunset. He was now happy with very little. In his former life, he had manors, expensive cars and expensive habits but he didn’t miss any of it. He no longer had any big expectations from anybody. He expected betrayal sooner or later, especially from the drug addicts so he stayed away from all human contact as much as possible.

He had worked not to become overly cynical, depressed or angry as this was not Zen and he considered it as ‘’excess baggage’’. He needed to stay focused on his survival, keep his emotions in check, travel light and move swiftly if need be.
The latest note left by Sylvain this morning had mentioned Quarantines and Evacuations in some areas of the Republic. The Government had called this latest plan ‘’La solution Finale’’. It didn’t sound good but how much of what he read was really true. He could no longer make out the truth amongst all this state propaganda, always designed with a purpose in mind.

All of a sudden Olav had a big urge to go clean his cabin. He also got an instant hard-on. He felt like relieving himself right then and there but he knew that he had not deserved this release until his Cabin was spic and span. Was this the remnant effect of Mistress So Clean?

Probably it was. It made him realize that the state Brainwashing was sometimes useful and this Subliminally-delivered Program had made him long to clean up. He felt frustrated that nobody could see this Clean Cabin which he had built from birch trees with an axe. For the roof he had used moss covered by branches of spruce trees and fir.

He had removed the seat from an old Chevy truck, abandoned in a field, and made comfortable benches with them that he used to sleep on.
He sometimes missed the Pornography that was available before the Black-out. All those great photographs of Dominatrix’s, of transgender Femmes fatales and all the great stories he used to read.

He would
'Fall into temptation'
'And a trap'
'Many foolish and harmful desires'
'Plunge men into ruin and destruction'
'Wandered from the faith'
'Pierced themselves with many griefs'.

Yet, it was all so pleasant.

He would have to fabricate new sexual material, new tools and new devices one day to appease his many dark fantasies.
For now though, his main focus was on fishing and hunting. He had once attempted to fuck a fish but it was not so great. Other than that, he had definitely ruled out bestiality because animals to him were his neighbours and his only means for survival.

Nature in some way had made him more spiritual. Still he would take advantage of his stint in the City to try to get some type of pornography or sex toys in the black market in the downtown Souk. It was Friday, the prayer rituals were about to begin and it was now mandatory to prey.


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