3 Days Henceforth

This is my first attempt at writing TG Fiction. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


I sat at my computer bored, not having much to do. My job is the Internet Sales Manager at a small new car dealership in rural Georgia and lately the Internet traffic had slowed to the point I didn’t even have any leads to track down. I had already been to every lead provider site we subscribe to and checked the web traffic to see if our cars were getting any hits. While the numbers looked good, no one bothered to contact us.
I thumbed thru the recent lot traffic and sent out a few emails and called back some shoppers that had showed some interest, but no one seemed to be in a hurry to buy. I sighed deeply after having talked with the last customer on my list and wondered how I was going to make a check this week. Working a commission-based job has its rewards, but when it’s slow, you had better have something to fall back on.
As I stared at the notes on my desk, a tone sounded from the computer and I looked up. A pop-up had appeared in the middle of the screen. I was a little annoyed partly because I hate pop-ups and because I thought my pop-up blocker should have stopped it. I moved my mouse and positioned my pointer to close out the pop-up when a funny little man in the middle of the pop-up started waving frantically at me.
“Please, don’t! I need your help!”
Was he talking to me?
“I’m trapped in here and I need you to get me out!”
I looked around the corner into the showroom to see if anyone was close to my office. Not seeing anyone, I got up and looked to see where everyone was. I eyeballed them outside in the “huddle”, smoking and shooting the bull. My manager always said that he could take out the entire sales staff with a single grenade when they were huddled like that. Satisfied that I wouldn’t be immediately interrupted, I returned to my computer and looked at the man on my screen.
“Can you hear me?” I asked quietly.
“Of course I can hear you! I need you to help me!”
I leaned in towards the screen slightly.
“How can I help you? You’re just a computer program.”
“No, I’m not!” The little man became indignant. “I got trapped in here writing a new program and I need your help to get out!”
Suspicious, I pressed him for answers.
“What kind of program were you writing?”
“That’s none of your business!”
“Oh? Well it needs to be if you want my help.” I said knowing that if this was as it appeared to be I would get some answers.
The little man growled and darted his eyes as if trying to look around my office for someone else to help him.
“Well?” I asked.
“Why should I tell you?” He asked.
“Because if you don’t, all I have to do is hit the little “x” and you go away.”
“NO, NO, NO, NO!” He shouted. “Okay, I’ll tell you. It took me three weeks to finally find a way out.” He gathered his thoughts before continuing. “I’m what you call a ‘hacker’. I was writing a program to try to infiltrate Space Research Unlimited’s website. I thought I had everything perfect and logged onto what I thought was there site. I downloaded my program onto an email attachment and sent it to them. I waited about an hour, which was the amount of time my program would have needed to sneak past all of the security in place, log passwords, and send the data back to me. Unfortunately, when I opened my program back up, there was a strange email waiting for me. I opened it up and an old wizard dude came on my screen. He said, ‘Mike, I’m tired of your mischievous ways. Since you like computers so much, I’m going to make you a guest of one for a while.’ Just then a light shot out of my screen and the next the I know, I found myself inside a computer program.”
I sat stunned at what I had just heard. This guy, “Mike”, was zapped into his own computer? It sounded far-fetched, but I decided to let him finish.
“Anyway, I looked for a way out, but couldn’t find one. After about two weeks, I found that I needed to apply computer logic to the problem and not earthly logic. It was then that I found that I was in a file that an anti-virus program had quarantined. I re-wrote the files code so that it would appear as a pop-up and not a virus. When the virus program overlooked me on its last scan, I attached the file to the next outgoing email and then showed up on your screen.”
I thought about what Mike had just told me. I thought it fitting that a hacker got caught up in his own computer and punished for trying to hack someone else’s site. Still, I had some pity on the poor guy. I’m sure that whoever put him there didn’t intend for him to stay there forever.
“If I help you, what promise do I have that you won’t go back to hacking someone else’s site?” I asked Mike.
“After three weeks in here, I don’t plan to play games like this again. It’s a nightmare in here. It never gets dark, you’re at risk of getting deleted at anytime, and you have to let the computer ‘feed’ you.”
“Feed you?” I asked.
“It shoots electricity thru my whanker, if you must know!” Mike stated. “So, are you going to help me or not?”
I paused for a moment before answering.
“What do I need to do?”
“I need you to attach this pop-up to an email and send it to your inbox. I have written a program to re-animate me once you open the email.”
I had several different email addresses that I could access from my terminal at work. I used some for work, but others for surfing the web when I wanted to remain anonymous. I figured since I didn’t want to lose my job, I would use one of my other non job-related email addresses to send him to. That way, I could cover my tracks and not have to worry about the GM finding the email in the company box.
I minimized Mike and opened a new Internet window. I logged into one of my accounts and opened the email and then restored Mike to his previous state.
“Okay.” I said.
“Type your email address into the address box.”
I did as he instructed.
“Now right click and drag this pop-up into the message area of the email.”
“I thought you needed it to be an attachment?” I asked. I had a little computer background and just dropping and pasting wasn’t going to attach the file.
“Once you get me there, I’ll quickly re-write the file and it will then attach itself. When I give you the go-ahead, send the email.”
I clicked and dragged the pop-up and placed it in the open email folder. I waited and watched as the screen flashed and jumped as Mike re-worked the file. It was less than 30 seconds before the email showed an attachment linked to it and a short message appeared in the body of the otherwise empty email. It said “Send it now!” I hit the send button and watched as my computer tracked the progress of the email. After just another moment, it let me know that it was successfully sent.
I closed every open window on my computer and then signed back onto the account I had sent Mike to. I looked thru my email and found the file that I send. I opened the email and saw the attached file. Before I chanced opening it, I got up again to check on the status of my co-workers. From where I was standing, I couldn’t tell which was producing the bigger stink, the smoke from their cigarettes or the B.S. that was being dished out.
I sat once again and prepared myself for what might happen next.
My computer whirled, my screen flashed. I instinctively backed away and held my breath. A flash of light shot out of my screen and a figure began to materialize just to my right. As I watched, Mike took shape and filled in as the energy surge continued to flow. It seemed like forever, but in reality, it was just a few seconds before Mike was standing next to me.
He was a good-looking young man somewhere in his mid-20’s. He didn’t fit the typical hacker stereotype and was even a little on the athletic side. As I sat stunned looking at Mike, I became aware of the electric smell in the air. I curled my nose slightly in response.
“Thank you!” Mike said. “I am so glad to be out!”
“Uh, you’re welcome.” I responded still in shock.
Mike reached out his hand to shake mine.
“I don’t think you’ve told me your name.” Mike said.
“It’s Rick.” I said shaking his hand.
“Thanks so much Rick, I really appreciate your help.”
I sat in my chair not knowing what really to do next. Mike was busying checking himself over to make sure everything was still in it’s proper place after his recent experience.
“Can I get you anything?” I asked.
“Can I use the phone? I’ve got to call someone to give me a ride home.” Mike answered.
“You live around here?”
“Yeah, about 30 miles down the road.”
“I can let you use one of the phones in the showroom. I have to keep this phone open for business.” I said.
I stood and walked into the showroom as Mike followed. I showed him one of the courtesy phones and he began to call someone. I thought about what I had just witnessed and was still confused about the entire incident. Mike hung up the phone and told me his ride would be there in about an hour. We decided to chitchat while waiting on his ride and I found out that he had been paid by a competing rival to Space Research Unlimited to hack their system and steal whatever secrets he could. He was to be paid on what he retrieved, but this venture was a total waste. After a few more questions and answers, his ride arrived, he thanked me once again and left.
I returned to my office and sat again at my computer. The stench of electricity still hung in the air, but I had to man the system. I checked the incoming emails and a few leads had arrived while talking with Mike. I spent the rest of the day trying to sell a vehicle.
I got home about 7:30 PM and my wife and kids were sitting watching T.V. and doing homework. My eldest daughter was on the computer, instant messaging every friend on her list. It never ceases to amaze me how that girl could keep 10 conversations straight at the same time.
I kissed my wife and then plowed into the kitchen to look for something to eat. I settled on some mac and cheese. As I was waiting for the water to boil, I poured myself a tall Coke on ice and leaned against the counter.

My life had regressed into one of pure doldrums. I got up every morning and made lunch for my youngest, 9, and rushed her out the door by 7:30 AM. I then pressed my two teenage daughters to hurry their primping so they could be ready to catch their ride to school. Once the morning madness was over, I would shower and be ready to leave by about 8:15 AM. My wife of 18 years worked nights, so most mornings I would be leaving just as she was getting home. At night, she would be resting on the couch trying to catch a few z’s before leaving for work at 9:30 PM while the girls relaxed before bed. She had two nights off every week and it was then that we re-consummated our marriage.
It was always missionary style as my wife had ruptured a disc in her back several years before and sex any other way was too painful on her back. I missed the variety and it even became a chore at times. I loved my wife more than anyone I had ever known, but what I needed was a change. What happened over the next three days gave me exactly that.

Per usual, I got the kids off for school. It was a Tuesday morning, which meant my wife would work tonight, but have the next two nights off. I showered and met my wife at the door as I was leaving. We exchanged kisses and I drove off to work.
I got to work about 8:45 AM, clocked in and got a cup of coffee mixed with Hot Chocolate. I logged the computer on and began to look over the morning emails and leads.
“Spam, spam, more spam.” I said to myself. “Ah, a lead!”
I opened the email and looked it over. Just someone wanting parts for their vehicle. I wrote them a quick thank you email and forwarded the whole thing to our parts dept.
“What’s this?” I said looking at an unfamiliar email. The subject said “3 Days Henceforth”. I thought about deleting it or sending it to my spam folder, but something told me to open it.
I began to read the email. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I read it out loud just to make sure.
“Rick; you don’t know me, but I have watched you for some time. You have a kind heart and a gentle spirit. Your kindness to Mike yesterday should not go un-rewarded. Your devotion to your family is a rare gift in today’s world. I therefore will grant you one wish that you may use anyway, without restriction, except for the death or pain of another. When you have finished reading this, make your wish and I will grant it for you.”
I thought about what I might want to wish for, for several moments. I had seen these stupid emails a hundred times before and thought nothing of them. But this one was personally addressed to me and knew about what happened yesterday, so I decided to give it a try. My mind was eventually drawn back to how I felt my life had become. I knew instantly what I would wish for.
“I wish that I had more business and that I could really enjoy sex once again.”
Immediately a new message appeared on the email.
“3 Days Henceforth, your wish shall be fulfilled.”
Almost instantaneously, a tingling sensation, like when your hand or foot falls asleep, surrounded my whole body. I was frozen in place, unable to move or even breathe for several seconds. I became panicked and wanted to scream. What had I done?
About a minute passed before the sensation began to wane. My heart was pounding and I could feel sweat running down the back of my neck. I focused on moving my hand and to my relief it obeyed my command. As I regained more and more control, I stood and as quickly as I could, I made my way to the bathroom. I thought I was going to fall several times and someone even asked if I was ok.
I stumbled into the men’s room and closed the door. I turned on the water and quickly splashed my face to disperse the sweat beading there. I grabbed some paper towels and began to dry myself and stared into the mirror to see how I looked. I was pale and drawn. I looked as if I had seen a ghost. As I looked closer, there seemed to be other small changes about my face, but I just gave it over to the experience I just had.
As I continued to recover, I thought more about the email I received. I had to get another look at it and who sent it to me. I threw the paper towel into the trash and left the bathroom for my office. On the way back, one of my co-workers asked me if the bathroom was “safe” to use, meaning someone hadn’t fumed in there. I told him yes and went to my office.
I sat back down and moved the mouse to turn off the screen saver. The computer was still on email, but the email that I had read wasn’t displayed. I went to my inbox, but it wasn’t there. I looked at the already been read file, it wasn’t there either. I then checked the deleted emails. It wasn’t there. I got up and checked to see who had been at my computer.
“Hey, have any of you been at my computer in the past few minutes?”
“Hell no!” One of the sales guys said. “The last time one of us touched that computer, you went off and blistered us!”
He was right. I considered that computer mine even though it was owned by the dealership and I protected as such. I even spent my own money on the best anti-virus/anti-hacker/anti-spam programs that were out there. Even though the dealership has its own firewall to protect every computer in the building, I was going to make sure I had the best possible protection. No one played games or visited sites on my computer without asking first. The last guy I caught on the computer without my permission almost got fired.
I turned and sat back down and scrolled thru the emails once again, hoping that I had just overlooked it, but it was gone. I noticed two new emails that arrived shortly after I went to the bathroom. I opened each one and found them to be good leads and I turned my focus to them.

It was about lunchtime before I was really able to take a break from work. I had closed one deal from the two leads and I was busy looking for a truck for the other. I stood and stretched and as I leaned my head backwards, I could feel my hair fall by my ears and rest on my shoulders.
“I guess it’s about time for a haircut.” I said to myself.
I walked into the showroom and several of the guys were gathered together by the front door. It was raining outside and the only real shelter was inside. We usually went to lunch in shifts and several of us went together just for company.
“Hey, Rick. Looks like you’ve lost a little weight.”
“Yeah, you’re looking a little thin in the skin.”
“I’m just hungry, that’s all. Where’s everyone going today?” I asked.
“We were headed up to Bryan’s Buffet. You going?”
“Yeah, let me get my coat.”
I walked back to my office and grabbed my coat. As I put it on, I noticed that it seemed a little loose on me. Maybe I had lost a little weight after all.

As hungry as I seemed, the only thing I could manage to eat was a salad and some fruit. The guys gave me a hard time, but strangely enough, I felt full. I could usually make a plate or two of chicken, potatoes, and rolls disappear, but none of that looked appetizing today. I guess the strangest part of the lunch is when our waiter handed us our checks and when he handed mine to me, he winked. No one else saw it, so I didn’t make anything of it.

The day progressed steadily thru the afternoon. I had located a truck for my earlier customer and set an appointment to close the deal tomorrow. I had received three more emails and two phone calls from customers who saw our vehicles on the web. I was glad to have something to do and took the leads in order and set to work on them.
At about 3 PM, the urge to urinate became unbearable and I got up to go relieve myself. As I walked, I felt lighter and bouncier than I had earlier in the day. Several of the guys standing at the door watched me, but said nothing. I rounded the corner and stepped into the bathroom.
I stood in front of the toilet, lifted the lid, undid my pants and proceeded to pee. As I watched my aim, I couldn’t help but notice that my hand didn’t have the large veins on the back of it that I had for years. When I was in college, I worked out regularly with the weights for toning and the added strength in my hands formed large veins on top. Now these veins were missing.
I shook myself dry and tucked everything back into place. After flushing, I washed my hands and took a close look at them. Both of them appeared smaller, more delicate than I had ever seen them. As I continued to examine them, I noticed that even the width of my nails was smaller. I tried to dismiss this as something that I had just not paid close attention to, but when I looked up into the mirror, I had to take measure of the things I had noticed.
My hair had grown noticeably from this morning. I had to keep my hair close cut, as the company did not allow sales consultants to wear long hair. It had to be above the ear and collar or you would be fined $50.00 a day until it was cut. My hair was now easily collar length in the back and just below the ear lobes on the side. I groomed my hair with my hand and I was stymied with another discovery. Nestled neatly into each ear lobe was a diamond-studded earring. I grabbed both ear lobes and pulled.
“Oh my gosh!” I said under my breath. My ears were pierced! I pulled at the back of the earrings, much the way I had seen my wife do a million times before, but they would not come lose.
“I’m gonna lose my job!”
A pounding on the bathroom door shook me back to the present.
“You going to take all day in there?”
I was panicking. What was I going to do? There was no way I was going to hide this from everyone.
“Come ‘on! I’ve gotta go!” The voice on the other side barked.
Distraught, I turned and unlocked the door and proceeded to open it. I looked at the man outside the door. It was the G.M. I froze.
“Well, are you going to leave or just stand there a watch me go?” He said. I didn’t really know what to do.
“I’m leaving, sorry about taking so long.” I said.
“Get back to work and go close another deal for me today.” He pushed me outside and slammed the door behind him. I could here him unzip his fly and the sound of water splashing as I made my way down the hallway.
I walked back into the showroom and the same sales guys were still standing by the door. They glanced back at me and even gave me a smile as I walked by. I entered my office and yet another salesperson was waiting on me.
“Rick. I need to see if you can pull this customers payoff from the computer.”
“Yeah, sure.” I said taking the information from him.
I sat down at my computer and began to type the information needed to retrieve the payoff. As the computer was downloading the file, I turned and asked my co-worker a question.
“I’ve got a question for you. Do I look any different to you?”
“Different? Like how?”
“Oh, I dunno. Just different.”
He looked me over and shook his head.
“Nope. You look like you do everyday.”
“I’ve always looked like this?” I asked a little confused.
“Sure. How else are you supposed to look? I mean, you’re no Leonardo DiCaprio or Brittany Spears, but you’re not a dog either.”
The printer spit out the payoff. I in turn handed it to him.
“Here you go.”
He thanked me and then walked out. I scratched my chest and pondered what was going on. As before, the call of work broke my train of thought and I pressed forward with my job.
The last hour of the day is usually the busiest or the slowest. Today, it was the slowest. I had managed to sell two vehicles, set three appointments and I was working on finding buyers for two of our wholesale sleds we traded for. I was becoming increasing annoyed at the itching on my chest, as it seemed to worsen over the past three hours. In frustration, I scratched it really hard hoping to get to the root of the problem. Instead, I felt a warm rush flood over my chest and shoulders and then a slight constriction around my upper body. I glanced down and my eyes almost burst from my head.
I stood and rushed to the bathroom. I felt a little awkward running as if my center of gravity was off somehow. Closing the door, I ripped my shirt of and stared at my reflection. In disbelief, I looked down to confirm what the mirror already told me. I was sporting a bra. Comfortably resting inside were two small, but firm breasts. I reached up and poked one of the breasts with my finger. It jostled within its confinement but left no doubt it was real.
I looked back into the mirror and could tell my hair had grown yet another half-an-inch. My facial features also appear to have soften from the middle-aged man I knew this morning to that of a man maybe half my age. It was then that I realized that I was beginning to look more and more like a woman.
Panic set in again as I realized that I still had to go home and confront the wife and kids. I had never strayed or even considered straying from her, but now I would come home and look like I had decided to have a major lifestyle change. I’d heard of a mid-life crisis before, but this would be too much. I glanced down at my watch and noticed it was getting close to quitting time. I threw my shirt over my head and left the bathroom.
“Get your stuff Rick. We’re ready to leave.” The floor manager shouted.
“I’m ready when you are.” I replied.
The lights went out and the group of us made our way to the door. As we were leaving, one of the office ladies who works the cash register, came up to me.
“I love what you’ve done with your hair.”
“Thanks. It’s a new style for me.” I wasn’t lying.

The trip home was a blur and before I knew it I was pulling into my driveway. I had more than a little apprehension about what to expect when I walked in the door. I did feel it strange that no one at work said anything about the changes that were taking place. In fact, it was as if I seemed perfectly normal to them. I swallowed hard and exited my car.
I could hear the T.V. blaring Disney or Nick at Night thru the door. I turned the handle and slowly walk in. All eyes trained themselves on me. I waited for their response.
“Hi, Dad.” My youngest peered up briefly from the T.V. “Did you sell one today?”
“I sold two!” I answered. She returned to watching to tube.
My wife stirred from her nap on the couch. She stretched and looked over at me. Mid-way thru her stretch she managed a “hi” and collapsed back into the cushions. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss. I turned around and found my eldest daughter again furiously typing instant messages on the computer and my middle daughter was on the phone. I walked into the kitchen and unloaded my pockets onto the table. As I threw my wallet down, it opened and my driver’s license became exposed. I continued to remove my change and pocketknife, but slowed as I realized the picture in the photo didn’t look like mine. I emptied my hands and grabbed my wallet and turned it to get good light on it. Once again, I was dumbstruck. While the photo did have a vague resemblance of me, it was the more feminine me I had seen in the mirror at work earlier. You could clearly see two diamonds earrings and my hair was slightly different, but still longer than I ever had it. I looked over the vital stats and found that although my name, address, birthday, and sex were still the same, my weight now said 160 lbs. This said that I had lost 25 lbs from this morning.
“I like what you’ve done with your hair.” My eldest daughter said to me. I turned and looked at her.
“You do?”
“Yeah, it brings out your face better.” She quickly answered and returned to her typing.
I needed to get a close and uninterrupted view of what was happening to me. I put down my wallet and walked into my bathroom. I shut the door and turned on the fan to hide any noise. My image hadn’t changed much since I last saw it.
I pulled back my hair to view my earrings and the sparkle told me these were real diamonds. I tucked my hair behind my ear as I had seen my wife do many times before and turned my head to get a closer look at why the earrings wouldn’t come loose. Flipping up my ear lobe, I could see the clasp. It was like any other my wife had. I pulled on it again, but it held fast.
Giving up, I fluffed my hair back into place and removed my shirt. The bra that had magically appeared still clung to my chest. I reached around and to my relief; I was able to unhook its clasp. I pulled the garment forward and off of me, exposing my new breasts. For the first time, I could feel the weight of them pulling on me and I could see the nipples were getting hard. I reached and cupped the right breast and watched in the mirror as it giggled in my hand. I then tweaked the nipple and a glorious sensation ran thru my body. It was incredibly erotic. I could now see why my wife loved for me to massage her breasts during foreplay.
Gaining hold of my senses, I looked further at my body. Most of the hair on my chest was now gone and as I looked over my arms and hands, they too were loosing their manly look. I no longer had the pouch that stuck out over my belt and the muscles of my belly looked toned. I undid my belt and let my pants fall to the ground. I was still wearing my briefs and all looked well below, but I had to take a peek just to make sure. “Gladiator”, as my wife called him, was still intact. She called him that because he loved to divide and conquer and took no prisoners.
I removed the rest of my clothing a brought out the scale to weigh myself. I normally tip the scale at about 185 lbs, but my license said I was now 160 lbs. I stood on the scale and waited for the dial to settle.
“159 lbs.” I said matter of factly.
I re-dressed myself and took stock of the way I now looked. I again primped my hair and adjusted my seams. I exited the bathroom, jumped on the bed and grabbed the remote to see what was on the tube.
I channel surfed until my wife got up to get ready for work. I hustled the youngest to bed and informed the other two that bedtimes would be strictly enforced tonight. I got the usual “Yeah, we know Dad!” and they went their merry way. By 9:30 PM, my wife was ready to leave. She walked back into our room and I stood to kiss her goodnight. As we kissed and hugged, her embrace seemed stronger than I remember it. We released and I got a chance to really look at her for the first time tonight. Her hair, which usually hangs about halfway down her back, was now just over shoulder length. Her body, which had many extra pound from giving birth, was somehow trimmer and leaner. In all, while she still looked unquestionably female, her body looked like it had beefed up.
“You’re off tomorrow night, right?” I asked.
“I wish it were tonight.” She answered and leaned in towards me. “I’m so horny I could take you right now if I didn’t think the kids would hear us.” She reached up and tweaked one of my nipples. I tweaked one of hers. She then grabbed my ass and walked away, leaving for work.

I lay in bed until well past midnight thinking about how my body was changing. Occasionally, I would play with my nipples and massage my new breasts just because it felt so good. I wondered what I did to make this happen to me, as I still had not put 2 and 2 together. Eventually, sleep found me and I rested.

I awoke the next morning and threw my robe around me. Since I slept in the nude, the feel of the terry cloth robe against my new breasts reminded me immediately of the changes that started the day before. I went to the bathroom and did my business and started the process of getting the kids off to school.
Once the kids were gone, I climbed into the shower and let the water run over my hair and down my back. I reached for my shampoo, but became curious if my wife’s shampoo would help keep my hair from drying out. I washed with her shampoo and then for good measure I used conditioner to make sure I didn’t have any rats when I got out.
I grabbed my razor to shave my face as I did every morning. I shaved in the shower as I found it reduced the number of cuts and ingrown hairs. I inspected my face and noticed that my stubble had not grown any since yesterday. It looked like I had already shaved. I decided to shave my upper lip and chin anyway just so it wouldn’t look like I had a 5 o’clock shadow.
I finished shaving and grabbed the soap. As I began to lather, I couldn’t help but notice how soft and hair-free my skin now felt. Besides all of the hair on my torso vanishing, the amount and coarseness of the hair on my legs was greatly reduced. I also noticed for the first time how my hips appeared to have grown slightly wider than I remember them. “Gladiator” was becoming excited by my constant attention to my physical changes, but I decided that I had better not mind him too much because I wanted to wait until tonight with my wife. By the time I was done with my shower, he was a 9-inch angry purple monster.
I dried myself and then stood in front of the mirror. I used my towel to wipe clear the fog blocking my view. I looked at the reflection in the mirror and could hardly recognize the man I was but 24 hours earlier. My breasts were somewhat bigger than last night, but I didn’t think I had gained any cup size. My waist was noticeable slimmer and my face, especially my nose, had thinned and my cheekbones were more pronounced.
I looked at the clock next to me and I saw that I had about 20 minutes before I had to leave. I looked back into the mirror and saw that my longer hair was still fairly damp and probably would not dry before I left. I then grabbed my wife’s hair dryer and brush and proceeded to dry my hair.
It seemed that I knew exactly how to dry it without causing a major disaster. I flipped my head to one side and brushed my hair as I dried it and then moved to the other half. When it was just about dry, I put down the dryer and brush and reached for the mousse. I jettisoned some into my hand and worked it into my hair. I teased my hair for a moment or two longer and I was pleased at the results.
I stepped naked into my bedroom to get dressed. Since I was the only one home, I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing me. I felt the slight jostle of my breasts as I walked to the dresser and felt a jiggle or two out of my butt cheeks as well. I opened my underwear drawer to get a t-shirt and briefs. While I found my briefs, all of my t-shirts were missing. Instead, all I found were different colored bras. How did this happen?
Seeing no option, I picked out a plain white one and put it on. It comforted my new breasts and I walked into my closet to see what else my have changed. I found my usual collection of shirts, ties, and slacks. I decided on a polo shirt and slacks, picked out a matching belt and laid them on the bed. I got a dark pair of socks and pulled out my black shoes and got dressed.
I finished fastening my belt and looked in the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall. I instinctively tossed my head to move my hair around and then adjusted my seams. I turned to get a view from the side and noticed my butt had a little more padding than I had before, but it fit me well. I turned back face forward and declared myself dressed to kill. I looked at the clock and saw that I had to leave soon. My wife was still not home, but it wouldn’t be the first time she was late. I grabbed my keys, coat, and what my daughters called my “man bag”, an insulated bag I used for my lunch, spare CD’s from work, and extra pens, and left for work.
I arrived a couple of minutes early and grabbed my usual coffee and hot chocolate mix, then went to my office to start the day. I opened my email and had several new leads waiting on me. Business looked as if was finally beginning to turn around. Since time kills deals in this business, I set into work.
The morning was a blur of phone calls and computer work. I had to recruit the services of another salesperson to help with the leads so no one was forgotten. It was just before noon when I was able to get a quick break and got up to get a bottle of water. I readjusted my blouse and pulled my hair off of my shoulders and flung it across my back.
“Ricki!” someone yelled to me.
“I’m right here.” I said. ‘Ricki’? I thought to myself. I turned to see who called to me. It was Darla, the Office Manager.
“The girls and I are getting together an Avon order. Did you want to order something for you and your wife?”
“Uh, no.” I stammered. “I let her do all of the makeup shopping. She does a better job of color matching than I do.”
“Well take a catalog home with you tonight. We plan to place the order tomorrow.” Darla handed me a catalog and looked closer at my ears. “Where did you get those earrings? They’re beautiful!”
I reached up and felt embarrassed that someone had noticed the earrings. I was surprised when I felt a chandelier earring hanging from my ear whereas earlier I just had a stud in each ear. I pulled on the hook and the earring slipped easily out of my ear. I held it in front of me and stared at it. I was indeed beautiful. Sterling silver strands dangled effortlessly from the main body of the ornament. Several small diamonds peppered the top portion, while a small stone rested at the bottom of each silver strand. I handed it to Darla.
“Where did you get this?” She asked.
“My wife bought this for our last anniversary. I didn’t have much of an opportunity to wear them until today.” Now where did that come from?
“They must have cost a fortune!” She handed the earring back to me. I slipped it back into my ear like a pro.
“I don’t know. She won’t tell me!”

I ran down to the Subway for lunch and ordered a 6-inch ham and cheese on wheat and took it back to the office. Since I was on my lunch break, I decided to surf the web for a few minutes. I clicked on the search bar and opened a search for “Space Research Unlimited” and waited for the results. The closest match to my search was for a company call “Spatial Research Unlimited”, so I clicked on it.
I read in fascination about this company. They were involved in research to unlock the mysteries of inter-dimensional travel and to find ways for humans to travel great distances in a very short period of time. There were also doing researching into what they called, “the many different levels of reality”. They claimed to have had limited success in altering someone’s physical state simply by altering the level of consciousness in which the subject existed. Now, just what the frack does that mean?
I decided to bookmark the site for later reference and took a bite of my sandwich. I looked over at the clock and saw that I still had about 20 minutes of lunch left. I decided to play some Spider Solitaire until I had to good back to work.

I’ve always noticed that when you are busy, time seems to fly. I had kept my nose to the grindstone for most of the afternoon and by the time I looked at the clock, it was already 4:30 PM. I knew that I had set an appointment for 4:45 PM, so I grabbed my purse and headed towards the bathroom to freshen my hair and makeup. As I began walking thru the showroom, I noticed the “click-click” of my heels on the hard floor. I looked down at the open-toed sandals on my feet and the petite toes with their freshly painted nails. I loved the way I walked in them; the dainty steps I had to take just to keep from falling in them. It was then that I noticed that I flailed my arm out a little more than I used to and a pronounced sway in my walk. I didn’t notice them as I passed by, but as I entered the bathroom, I heard one of my co-workers talk to one of his buddies.
“That is one fine ass, especially when it moves like that!” I was proud and blushed all at the same time.
I closed the door and opened my purse. Since it had gotten quite warm, I decided to pull my hair back from the sides and clip it in back. I pulled out a bow that matched my blouse and expertly arranged my hair. I next surveyed my makeup and grabbed my powder to take the shine off of my nose. I then re-applied my lipstick and applied a little blush. When I was satisfied, I decided to pee so I didn’t have to worry about it when my customer showed up. I undid my belt, unzipped and removed “Gladiator” from his confinement and took aim. As I was about to begin, it didn’t seem right to stand, so I lowered my trousers and briefs all the way to the floor and sat down. When I finished, I shook him dry, but grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed him on his head just to make sure I didn’t leave any drops. Once done there, I pulled my clothes up, re-adjusted, washed and grabbed my purse. I was about to leave when it suddenly dawned on me that I had never owned a purse before. I looked closely at it. I recognized it as mine, but when did I buy it? I glanced down at my watch and noticed it was time for my appointment. I would have to think about this later.

I rolled into the driveway just before 8 PM. I was exhausted but happy with the work I put in today. I parked my car and then threw my keys into my purse. My bra strap was cutting into my shoulder a little as the weight of my breasts strained the bra’s ability to hold them. I readjusted and looked down and noticed the new cleavage proudly on display. My blouse was low cut, but not too provocative and these beauties were invitingly luscious. I pulled my shoulders back to force them a little further out. “I might get a boob job one day; just a little bigger would be nice!” I thought to myself.
I walked into the house and found my daughters at their usual stations, but my wife was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I hadn’t seen her yet, but the smell of food told me she was there. I rounded the corner and stopped. She turned and looked at me and noticed my surprised look.
“What’s wrong?” She asked. I said nothing. “What? You don’t like spaghetti?”
That wasn’t it at all. My wife of 18 years had changed. When I last saw her she still had long hair and looked mostly like a well-toned woman. As I looked her up and down, I saw someone more resembling an effeminate man. Her hair was now only shoulder length at best and her breasts were noticeably smaller. She had grown several inches and now stood about two inches above my 5 foot 7 inch frame. Her face had lost its feminine features and I could almost swear I saw a 5 o’clock shadow. Her hands were now larger than mine and she could probably beat me at arm wrestling. Her shoulders were broader than I remember, but strangely, she seemed rather attractive to me.
“It’s just been a long day.” I said and stood on my toes and kissed her. As she returned the kiss, I became hot inside. It’s like I wanted to make love to her right there! What’s happening! She must have sensed the same thing.
“Save it for later! I promise we’ll make up for lost time.” She reached down and squeezed my plentiful bottom.

Dinner was ready about 20 minutes later and we gathered as a family to enjoy the meal. After our usual prayer, my youngest asked for a piece of bread with butter. My wife and I reached for the bread at the same time and by accident, she brushed up against my right breast. Instantly, my nipple went hard and that horny feeling returned. I relented and let her get the bread for my daughter. I crossed my legs to hide my budding excitement and tried to focus on eating my dinner. I shoved a forkful of noodles into my mouth. As I chewed, I waved my hand to fan my face. My wife looked at me funny.
“Is it that hot?” She asked.
“Oh, yeah!” I replied as I continued to fan myself. Slowly the flushed feeling I had began to fade. Still, I had to cross my legs to keep myself in check.
By the time 10 o’clock had rolled around, I was almost uncontrollable in my desire to make love to my wife. She had run the kids to bed while I watched T.V. in our room. Almost everything I watched seemed to have some sort of sexual connotation. I had to get up and make myself ready. I walked into the bathroom just as she was coming back into the bedroom. I grabbed my toothbrush, loaded it with paste and started brushing. As I turned to leave, my wife was standing in the doorway watching me. Her hungry eyes told me that I wasn’t going to be disappointed tonight. The pheromones rolling of my body must have put her into hyper drive as I could see her nipples at full attention already and her breathing had become heavier. I needed it now.
“I godda bruff ma teeff!” I said with a mouthful of lather.
I turned and spit into the sink.
“I gotta brush my teeth!”
“You don’t mind if I watch?” She asked. I shrugged and returned to my brushing.
As I got closer to finishing, I turned on the water to rinse and leaned over the basin to spit. My wife stepped in behind me and began to massage my rear. As horny as I was, she was pushing my even further. Her firm hands slowly worked themselves around my hips towards the front and she pulled me closer to her. I felt her begin to grind slowly against my rear as I finished rinsing.
I stood straight again and looked at her reflection as she peered over my shoulder. Her hands now began to work themselves towards my breasts. Once she found them, she expertly began to massage them, enhancing my excitement. She then kissed my neck and I leaned my head slightly to the right to expose more of my soft flesh. Her breath was intoxicating and I turned and locked lips with her.
Our passion exploded there in the bathroom. I embraced her tightly and moved my hands to explore her body and she did the same to me. A garment at a time we undressed each other until we stood totally naked face to face. Even though I was lost in the heat of passion, I could tell that the changes that were happening to me were having the exact opposite change to her. We were going to change roles in this marriage. I knew it, but I didn’t care.
She led me by my hand to the bed and had me lay down. She then turned off the T.V. and shut and locked the door while I waited, then she made her way towards me. “Gladiator” was fully erect and throbbed in anticipation. She looked at him and let her left hand stroke the full length of his underbelly. With her right hand, she caressed my left breast.
“I’m going to make love to you, my darling.” She whispered to me. She then leaned forward and began kissing my nipples. I began to massage her small breasts and as she rolled next to me, I let my left hand comb the hair of her crotch. She moaned with pleasure and as I found the sweet spot, her lust multiplied.
We caressed each other for a few more minutes until she felt I was ready. She then straddled me and with a quick thrust of her hips, impaled herself on my shaft. I lay under her as she began to grind her sex on mine. I opened my legs wide even though she was on top. My balls slapped against my behind as she increased her effort. I was surprised at my ability to hold serve for so long. Usually when “Gladiator” is this excited, he bursts quickly and I have to work hard to keep his attention. But now, he was still in the game and she was working him for all it was worth.
After about ten minutes of intense action by both of us, my wife began to show signs she was about to come. I dug my nails into her back and nibbled on her ear. With several final massive thrusts, she buried me deep inside her and erupted. This sent me over as well. I came with such ferocity, that I felt as I would send my wife flying from the impact of the explosion going on inside her. She wriggled a little and I came again, this time passing out.
I awoke several minutes later with my wife staring into my eyes. She was caressing one of my nipples and the smell of sweat and sex was overpowering.
“You OK?”
“Yeah…” I kissed her softly. She returned the kiss and we held each other until sleep found us both.

My wife let me sleep in a little and she got the kids up and ready for school. I jumped in the shower about 7 AM to give myself plenty of time to get ready. I washed my hair and face and I was beginning to wash my body when I looked down at my legs.
“They could use a good shaving.” I said to myself, so I grabbed my razor, lathered up and shaved.
When I was done, I ran my hands up and down them to rinse off the remaining lather and felt how soft and smooth they now were. Satisfied with the job I did, I grabbed my body wash and finished cleaning up.
I shut the water off and reached for the towel for my hair. I pulled the towel around and squeezed the extra water out before encasing my hair within. I flipped it onto of my head, tucked in the end and grabbed my other towel for my body. I dried my torso first, padding down my soft skin instead of roughly pulling the towel across my body as I had done before. I put one foot on the edge of the tub and dried my toes. I loved the color my toenails where painted. My eldest daughter painted them for me while I painted hers. It was a bright red with metallic flakes in them that sparkled when the light hit it just so.
I stepped out of the tub and dried my other foot and them wrapped the towel around me. I undid the towel on my head and slowly combed out any rats until my hair was manageable. I looked at the clock. It was about 7:25 AM, about time for my youngest to leave. I called her name, gave her a kiss and wished her a good day at school.
I sat at my vanity table, flicked on the light and proceeded to start my makeup. I plucked a few eyebrows just to tidy them up and then looked over my face for any flaws. Even though I was almost 42 years old, most everyone said I looked no older than 30. I still didn’t have any wrinkles and my skin tone was quite radiant.
Halfway through my makeup, my older two daughters stepped in to say goodbye on their way to school. I kissed them and sent them on their way as well. My wife stepped in and turned on the T.V., occasionally watching me get ready. Once I was satisfied with my makeup, I got up to get dressed.
I walked into the closet with my towel still around me and looked over my clothes. I chose a simple black dress with short sleeves and the hem that fell to just above my knees. I grabbed my strappy black sandals and went back into my room. I laid them on the bed and got my bra and bikini cut panties. My daughter has told my to try the thongs, but I’m married and I find those a bit too revealing. I next got my black pantyhose and proceeded to get dresses as my wife watched.
After I had put on my dress, I got some of my dangling pearl earrings and a pearl necklace and put them on. I then went into the bathroom and did my hair. When I had finished, I stopped and looked at myself. I was awestruck; I looked like a vixen. My wife stepped in from the bedroom and put her arm around me and peered over my shoulder.
“You know, you’re beautiful.” She said. I turned and kissed her.
I left the bathroom with my wife right behind my and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a bagel for breakfast while she had a bowl of Cheerios. As 8:15 AM rolled around, I needed to leave for work. I grabbed my purse and walked over to my wife to kiss her goodbye. We embraced and I felt her push her sex against me. I didn’t mind, especially after last night. We held each other for about a minute before I insisted I have to leave. She leaned down and kissed the top of each of my breasts and talked to each one of them as if they were alive.
“Do your job, girls. But remember, you belong to me.”
I faked punched her and left for work.

I arrived at work and stepped into my office in the BDC, which means Business Development Center. This is where all of the incoming sales calls and Internet leads are processed and passed out to the sales staff. Within the BDC is the CRC, or Customer Retention Center. This is where all sold and unsold customers are contacted after leaving our dealership. I was in charge of the BDC and every morning I have a meeting with my CRC director and staff.
Promptly and 9 AM, I started our meeting and touched on each lead as to when we would contact them next, new leads, unsold and be-back opportunities etc. The meeting usually took about 30 minutes and after we had finished, I would assign the leads to the sales person who would be responsible for making the sale. I had my assistant call the new leads to set the appointments and logged them for the day.
I always loved to go to the showroom after our meeting to see the looks on the sales staff’s face as they waited to see if they get one of the new leads. Only the best of them got these leads. If they failed to close a set appointment, we would sit down to discuss what happened and what we can do to get them back.
During the morning, I helped close three of our leads and made one wife jealous. Her husband couldn’t help but stare at my breasts. I deliberately stuck them out just a little so he could get a full view, but didn’t lead him on beyond that. As I left them, I could here her give him an earful.
“I saw you looking at her!”
“You were all up into undressing her with your eyes!”
I gave the deal to the desk Manager and stepped into my office and fished my ID out of my purse. I looked at the picture and it was similar to how I looked this morning. I looked over the vital stats, but unlike last time, the sex had changed from ‘M’ to ‘F’. I looked at the name written on the front.
“Rikki Lynn Towers”
Towers was my wife’s maiden name. Had things now completely changed? I went to the bathroom to look.
I entered the women’s bathroom and lifted my dress. I lowered my pantyhose and then my panties to see if “Gladiator” was still there. As the panties freed him from his confinement, I could see that he had shrunken considerably since last night. I pulled him forward and was astonished to find that my balls no longer hung beneath him. I reached further and discovered a divot between the base of my penis and my anus. I knew what was happening and although I should have been scared, I wasn’t. Instead, I couldn’t wait until it was complete so I could enjoy sex as a woman with my ‘husband’.
I redid myself and washed before heading back to work. The sound of my shoes on the floor echoed into the BCD and all my staff knew that I was returning. I could feel my ass sway with each step and knew that most of the time I was on the floor, men were watching me. I loved to tease them when I walked, but that was as far as I would ever take it. I was devoted to my family and would not stray.

As the afternoon plowed forward, I could tell that my breasts had gotten bigger as I had to readjust my view as I typed emails. I was easily a “C” cup now and they were all natural. My most shocking point of my whole change came about 4 PM when I felt and heard a small ‘pop’ from between my legs. My staff looked at me funny and one of the girls asked if I was ok. I said it was just my hip popping, but that wasn’t true. I waited several more minutes before I decided to see exactly what happened.
I made my way back into the bathroom and again pulled up my dress and my pantyhose and panties down. This time, there was no “Gladiator” to greet me. Instead, a smooth, trimmed carpet gently covered my new mound. I was curious so I slipped my hand towards my crotch. I felt the coarseness of the hair and pushed further downward until I felt the unmistakable feeling of female sex. I pushed thru the outer lips and touched my new clitoris. I felt my body react with pleasure and I massaged it for another moment. Searching even deeper, I found the cause of the noise I heard minutes earlier.
I probed my vagina with first one finger, then two, and used my thumb to massage my new clitoris. I became wet in moments and I brought myself to near climax. I snapped out of my sexual bliss and refocused on where I was. It took several minutes to bring myself down, but I composed myself and returned to work.

I raced the car home after work to see what my new husband looked like. I knew that if I were now a real woman, my former wife would be a real man. I still couldn’t believe that no one else had noticed the changes except for me. I guess it made it easier on my family, friends, and co-workers, but why hadn’t anyone else noticed?
I was already wet when I walked in to door. My husband had already fixed the kids dinner earlier and he had a salad waiting on the table for me. He always had something prepared when I walked in. I dropped my purse by the door and searched for him. He was in our bedroom laying something on the bed.
“Hi hon! Did you have a good day?” He asked.
I walked up to his 6-foot frame and kissed him passionately. My breasts crushed themselves against him and I purposely pushed my sex against him. I could feel his manliness harden and we kissed and rubbed it thru his pants.
“Whoa!” He said as he broke off the kiss. “The kids are still up and you haven’t eaten.”
I stared up at him from my 5” 6’ height and gave him my best bedroom eyes.
“You’re they only thing I need to eat tonight!” I purred.
He reached over and handed me the item he had just placed on the bed.
“Here, put this on. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
It was lingerie, a teddy to be more precise. It had maroon cups with ruffles and 4 small bow ties holding the front closed. It also had snaps on the crotch for easy access and the rear area was lined with several rows of ruffles as well. I grabbed the garment and as I walked by, I slid my finger under his chin and looked hungrily at him.
I closed the bathroom door and underdressed. My panties were wet and I grew hornier by the moment. I slipped the teddy on and stood in front of the mirror. I looked like a Goddess. I grabbed a cloth tape measure from a drawer and checked my measurements. 38C-26-38. I stepped on the scale and it stopped at 128 lbs. My hazel eyes were all that reminded me of who I was just three days ago. My hair flowed down my back loosely and my breasts heaved with excitement. I grabbed my perfume and sprayed a couple of shots on me. I left the bathroom and lay in bed waiting for my husband to rejoin me.

It was another hour before the girls would settle and go to bed. I had been fidgety and moaned out load a couple of time begging for someone to service me. I heard my bedroom door close and lock as he then rounded the corner.
“I need you now.” I cooed.
He slowly undressed, first his shirt, then his trousers. He was buff and manly. He had the chin of a supermodel and the body of a bodybuilder. He stripped down to his boxers and I could see he was sporting a very large hard-on. He approached me and I moaned again.
He lay on the bed besides my, cupping my breast as he settled. I reached for his rod and worked my hand thru the opening in the front of his boxers and grabbed hold. I now know where “Gladiator” went. I stroked him a few times and felt the moistness at the end of his penis. I smeared it over the head with my thumb.
He had worked his other hand down towards my heated mound. I felt the snaps undo and his hand cupped my sex. Slowly and expertly, he separated my lips and inserted his fingers between them. When he found my clit, he began to massage it. My hips began rhythmic movements to the strokes he was giving me. Already hot, it didn’t take him too long to bring me to the edge of ecstasy. A rush of pure joy flowed over me as I came. He continued to stroke me and I continued to come.
I rested for just a moment as I realized he had not yet come and I wasn’t finished. I helped him remove his boxers and teasingly I twirled them before tossing them aside. My hand was still stroking his hardness when I pushed him on his back and straddled him.
“I’m going to make love to you.” I whispered to him.
I leaned back and lifted myself slightly to allow him to enter me. He guided himself towards my entrance and found the sweet spot. I lowered myself down onto him and groaned with pleasure as he filled my void. My muscle contracted around his member, still spasming from my climax. He grabbed my hips and gave a quick thrust just to make sure he was all inside. I then began to ride him, slowly at first, building speed and momentum to aid in his climax.
We went like that for about 10 minutes when he began to stiffen and I knew he was about to come. He grabbed me tighter around my hips and thrusted violently into me. He moaned out loud and I felt the first streams of his love fill me. The pulsating rod massaged my insides and I worked my muscles to milk him. When I was sure he was finished, I collapsed onto his chest.
We lay there for a few minutes, every once in a while I squeezed him with my vaginal muscles. To my surprise, I felt him begin to get hard once again. He kissed me on top of the head and rolled me onto my back. I looked into his eyes and they told me he was ready to return the favor.
We kissed as he continued to stiffen inside of me. His hands glided over my nipples and gently squeezed my ample breasts. We had made love many times before, but this felt like the first time. When his manhood as regained its hardness, he began to slowly slide it in and out.
The feeling of his penis inside me was wonderful. It filled me with warmth and comfort, knowing that this man cared for me even after so many years. I wrapped my legs around him, showing him that I loved him exactly where he was. As my own juices began to build once more, I began to raise my hips to meet his thrusts. I could feel his massive balls slapping against my bottom on each push. This only excited me more. As our intensity built, we were beginning to make the headboard pound the wall. I grabbed a pillow and quickly shoved it in between the wall the headboard while he continued.
Silencing the noise, I focused again on our lovemaking. His thrusts were becoming more powerful and I thrust my hip towards his with equal intensity. I exploded with a cry of joy and a wave of pleasure that froze all my muscles in place. He hit my clit with two more thrusts and then poured forth another thick coating of his seed into me.
We made love several more times that night. I let him do me doggy-style and even tried my first anal intercourse. I love sex with my husband. He is by far the best lover I ever could have hoped or wished for.

The door chime rang and a young man walked into the shop.
“Hey Mike!” The man inside said.
“Hi Terrell. I came by today to see the results of our little experiment.”
“Well come over here and see for yourself.”
Mike walked behind the counter and looked. Terrell had pulled up an Internet picture of Rikki on her dealership’s website.
“Man, she’s a babe!” Mike said.
“Yes, but she’s happily married, and she’s gonna stay that way!” Terrell seemed to be warning Mike.
“How’s the other half of her wish?”
“Well, let’s see. Their dealership was just named one of the top ten E-Commerce dealerships in the nation and one of the top 3 in the Southeast. They’re currently selling over 75 cars a month just in Internet traffic. And since she’s paid a commission on each one of those deals, she’s making quite the check.” Terrell finished.
“Boy, but I sure would like to bone her.” Mike added.
“Don’t worry. There will be other’s, I’m certain.”
Mike looked over at Terrell.
“What made you start this business anyway? ‘Spatial Research Unlimited’.”
“I had an opportunity to work with my uncle as an intern many moons ago. He got quite the kick out of turning men into women. But he used old world magic and spells and as the world grew up, people stopped believing that. So when I got my wizards hat, I decided to use a little of the new and mix it with a little of the old. Besides, why should my uncle have all of the fun?”
“So, who’s next?” Mike asked.
“Well, I was looking at this fellow in Grand Rapids.”

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