Meeting of Minds - Act II - Road Trip -16- Five for the Road

Sue and the gang hit the road. It should be a fun trip - an Immortal pretending to be a Senior Watcher Researcher, an ex-Watcher pretending not to be an Immortal, who has been essentially possessed by the spirit of her Immortal subject, an active Watcher, and the only true Mortal of the bunch, who must not learn the truth about other two, as well as two known Immortals, one a three thousand plus year old witch, ant the other the newest Immortal, who is followed by a homicidal curse. All together in a single vehicle. Let's party!

Act II
Road Trip

Chapter Sixteen
Five For The Road
by Dana Short

Cassandra stalked the dealership, a bloody blade in each hand, and her heart, soul, and mind in total turmoil.

Death was here. Again, after all this time, she had to once more face her tormenter and original killer.

And he dared to call her his Student? What had he ever taught her other than pain, suffering, and terror? For almost a century after he first killed her he had held her as his personal slave. He had raped her repeatedly. He had deliberately punished her, and on occasion even killed her. From the time of her First Death to that night almost a hundred years later when she killed Kronos and fled almost naked into the darkness, he was the bane of her existence. Throughout that time she would have eagerly welcomed losing her head, if only to end it.

But worse, through the millennia since, he had not let her alone. Every night, she had faced him in her dreams it seemed. Again she would find herself being raped, or tortured, or simply forced to serve him. An endless torture spawned by the demons of her own soul she had never been able to put to rest.

She was painfully aware that he had saved her head not once, but twice in recent times. She had tried to kill Kronos in Seacouver, and failed. She had expected to die, instead she had awoken in the river, thanks to Methos. Then, when she had been captured by the reformed Horsemen, he had talked to her of Stockholm syndrome, and killed Silas, his own brother, to save her.

At the end of that nightmare, when she stood over his form, with an axe in her hands, ready at last to take his head and set her demons to rest, she had instead spared him at Duncan's request. She had managed to avoid the bastard for thousands of years, and had decided that the world was large enough that she would be able to avoid him for thousands more if need be. Now, however she had to face him again in person. She was so frustrated she wanted to scream. As if to give vent to her frustrations, a huge fireball suddenly erupted from behind her, making her pause in her aimless wandering, and focusing her mind back on the present, away from her tortured past.

She turned towards the parking lot, and her car, realizing that if nothing else, she needed to put away the swords somewhere.

As she approached the cars, she spotted Sue, still with her coat and purse, standing next to the Geo.

"Sue, can I have my coat back, please?" she asked, offering the Gladius in exchange.

"Sure," Sue said, handing over the coat and taking the short heavy roman blade instead.

"What should I do with this?" she asked.

"Put it in your trunk for now." Cassandra said, "You can give it to the Youngling later. He needs some sort of blade, and that will do for now."

Sue hefted the short blade experimentally. "It's all wrong for him, the balance is even off on this one. But you are right in that any sword is better than no sword at all, if you need one."

She turned to her trunk, and had just deposited the sword when Jack came running up. "Here you are," he said, looking at Cassandra and Sue. "Did Douglas get Patrick?" he asked, noticing his absence.

"No, Patrick's ok, more or less," Sue answered, gesturing to the form in the back seat of the Geo, "He's just a little dead at the moment - a pole fell on him."

"Yes," Adam piped up from where he was standing over by Sally, "One could call it a crushing blow to his ego."

"Very Funny, Adam."

Adam looked Jack up and down, then nodded, and walked over, a hand extended. "Adam Pierson, Researcher. Joe said to check in with you, that you were the Senior Watcher on station here in Memphis."

Jack glanced over at Cassandra, who was glaring at Adam, before accepting the hand and offering a firm handshake. "Do you think such introductions are appropriate, considering our present company?"

Adam looked around, and shrugged. "I see two Watchers, one ex-Watcher who has known me for a few years, one Immortal who from what I understand has known about Watchers for at least several generations, and a dead Immortal, who probably knows about Watchers, if not from his 'Teacher'," he said with a nod at Sue, "then from Cassandra here. And if he doesn't know yet, he will likely find out, because I don't see how he can share a motor home with us for any time at all without finding out what is going on."

"So, if Cassandra is ok, and Patrick was killed by a pole, I suppose that explosion back there was my assignment?"

Sally spoke up for the first time, "Sally MacGreggor, Cassandra's apparently inept shadow," she said, offering her own hand.

"Inept?" he asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"My 'Assignment' who wasn't supposed ta ken mae existence, had mae cell number. It dinna get nae worse than that." She replied, her accent thickening as she turned red in the face.

"How could she have your cell number" Jack asked.

"Most likely she looked it up in a directory at some point," Adam offered,

"I soppose." Sally answered, "As for wha passed in yon yard, I caught but the tail end o' the show, but mae n'mortal hacked thae head off thae other one. Then the lights came, an ya can figure the rest."

"Then I suppose that makes me without an assignment for the moment. Not that I mind, I hated the bastard."

"Don't say things like that too loud. Hunters may try to recruit you." Sue cautioned from where she stood beside the rear door to the Geo, watching as Patrick suddenly gasped and bolted upright, hitting his head with a loud 'Thwamp' on the roof of the car, and fell back down again.

"Is he dead again?" Cassandra asked, looking over.

"No, I think this time he's just in a coma. Either way, he'll get better." Sue said, stepping away from the car, and looking at Adam.

"Adam, why are you here, and did I hear what I thought I heard a moment ago, when you invited yourself aboard the Motor home?"

Cassandra's glare darkened, as Adam replied, "Well, I didn't fly from Savannah to Chicago and back out here to Memphis just to watch Cassandra take some scumbag's head, although that was a surprisingly welcome sight, considering the alternatives. I came out here for a couple of reasons, one to check on you, Joe, Mike, and I have been worried ever since the Hunters killed Eadgils. Also, I was hoping to interview Cassandra here for some information on Methos."

Cassandra snorted at that point, then suddenly her expression broke up into almost hysterical laughter. Over and over she started muttering "Interview me about Methos?"

Everyone just stood around looking at Cassandra, until she regained her composure. "Let me get this straight, YOU want to interview ME about Methos? YOU want ME to tell YOU about how he rode as Death, with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? ME?" She broke up laughing again.

"Apparently she has had a very stressful day. I'll have to plan on putting off any interviews for at least a while." Adam explained, looking at Jack and Sally.

Sue was now glaring at Adam, and simply told him, "Adam, we are going to have a LONG talk in the very near future."

Adam looked at her and smiled his most disarming smile as he said, "Of course we will. I'm sure you have more questions about Methos than you ever have before. And I promise to answer them all as honestly as possible."

Suddenly Patrick woke up again, this time sitting up without hitting his head, and he looked around. When he spotted Adam, he said "eep!", and wiggled across the car to exit on the Passenger's side, putting the vehicle between himself and everyone else.

Adam looked around, and came to a decision. "Jack, how far from being ready is the RV, did they manage to get one selected, purchased, or had they just arrived and been sandbagged by the idiot?"

Jack looked over at Adam, ignoring the laughing and cowering Immortals both, then answered, "They picked one out, argued about putting it in Sue's name, and paid for it. I was over with Phil and Marty playing musical parking spots with it, we had just gotten it out of the row, and were about to prep it ourselves when the Propane Tank decided to blow up. Probably both Phil and Marty are busy dealing with that for the moment, why?"

"We need to get this show literally on the road, and before more people come to join the party. Do you remember last night's Morgue incident?" Adam explained

"Yeah, why?"

"That was Sue and her so called 'Student', having a little fun." Adam said.

"The Necrophilic Terrorists?"

"More a case of a breakout than terrorism or necrophilia, I hope but yes." Adam clarified, turning to walk back towards both the office, and the fire still burning behind it. "We need to get that Motor Home and get out of here ASAP. You think that's possible?"

"I've got the keys on me, and as I said, it's out of the row, we were putting the other units back in place when the fire broke out." Jack responded, turning to follow Adam. "I've got a question though, what the heck is a Watcher, even an ex-Watcher doing with an Immortal calling her Teacher anyhow?" Jack asked, claiming Sally's attention away from the still cowering Patrick, and drawing her along in their wake, leaving the other three behind.

"I think it is a combination of over-correction on her part, from having had her subject taken out by Hunters on her watch, and baby bird syndrome on Patrick's part. The funny thing though is that of all the Watchers he could have chosen Sue may be one of the best suited for the task, other than me, perhaps."

"What do ye mean?" Sally asked, joining the conversation, and hurrying to catch up to the other two men.

"I mean, she was raised in a Watcher family, much like yourself, Sally. Add to that the fact that she was at or near the top of her class last year in all her subjects, INCLUDING Fencing. Plus I tutored her in non-fencing sword techniques, and fighting dirty if need be, so she would have at least a chance of killing an Immortal and running away, without accidentally taking his head. Trust me, she's good, possibly as good if not better than some Immortals."

"So, you don't see it as a conflict for her to teach an Immortal?" Jack asked.

"A conflict, not if she is not watching. And she's not. She basically resigned when Eadgils lost his head. A wise choice, no. She will likely have to answer to a Tribunal, and that won't be pretty, but some Immortals in the past actually had Watchers as instructors. Granted, they didn't know what the Watcher was, or at least I don't think they did, but there have been Immortals schooled by ACTIVE Watchers in the Chronicles. They were rather concerned about their ability to remain impartial and non-judgmental, and a lot of our current taboos have grown out of those incidents, but it is not entirely unprecedented. The only problem is the last precedent was close to a thousand years ago, as far as I have been able to determine from a search of the Database. I started looking into this when I heard about Sue's actions last night. I was actually the first one to realize that having just lost an Immortal, and feeling guilty despite the fact that she nearly got killed trying to stop the Hunters, she apparently decided to make amends by helping another one directly. I understand her motivation, even Joe and Mike were able to understand it once I explained it to them, but none of us are happy about it."

"So, ye don't think it is wrong for her to teach one of them about Immortals?" Sally asked.

"I'm not saying it is RIGHT, or that I agree with her, I'm saying I understand why she's doing it, and I'm saying it is not unprecedented. That's all."

As Adam, Sally, and Jack walked away, Sue looked over at Cassandra. "Cassandra, you Ok?" she asked.

"Yes, Child. I haven't had a good laugh like that in centuries. Methos is the Watcher researching Methos, and he wants to interview ME about himself!" She started laughing again.

Sue looked over at Patrick, who was finally getting a hold of himself. Finally he spoke. "Sue, I'm sorry."

Sue was confused. "Sorry about what, Patrick?"

"That I brought Death here." He said. "I honestly didn't know."

Sue looked back and forth between both Cassandra and Patrick. Finally she spoke. "Patrick, his name is 'Adam' now. Please try and use it, especially around anyone else. Cassandra, I'll take your word that Adam is really Methos, and that Methos was Death. But, I have to tell you, the Adam I know isn't anything like the monster you described."

Cassandra looked thoughtful for a moment, and finally spoke, "Child, you are the second person who has told me that. The first one convinced me to spare his life, despite the debt I thought I still owed for my Teacher's death. But that Scissors move you tried on me, he taught it to you, didn't he?"

"Yes. Why?" Sue asked.

"Because, after he killed me, he kept me as a slave for close to a hundred years. I saw him use that very move several times, usually with success."

"Well, when I first met him in Paris, he sort of took me under his wing. He said he had known my Father, which at the time I thought was odd, since he was so young, and my Father had died two years before. But I found out he had been a researcher with the Watchers for almost ten years, and that would have given him plenty of time to meet my Dad. He taught me more about Fencing and sword fighting than I knew I could learn. I didn't really understand at the time why he was so insistent, I guess he knew, even then, huh?"

"Yes. And the Methos I knew would have killed you right away, then if he had no use for you, taken your head as soon as you revived. Your existence, more than any argument Duncan ever made tells me he has changed more than I would have thought. But Duncan is a good judge of people, and he called 'Adam' friend. That alone was enough for me to let him live 'till he gave me a new reason to take his head."

"But, is he going to join us?" Patrick asked.

"Cassandra, this is more your call. To me he has been only a friend and a mentor. To you he was a monster. Can you handle his presence? If you can't I'll tell him to leave. He should go away if I insist. I think." Sue said, turning to the elder Immortal.

"It's ok Child. Perhaps it will help me to finally put some demons which have troubled my soul for millennia to rest."

"Then, I guess he'll be joining us. With Sally that makes us five. The RV was a good call, Cassandra."

"It was a feeling I had, I must admit. Perhaps there was more to my choice than I had realized at the time though." Cassandra said.

"So, what are we doing about the extra cars?" Patrick asked.

"That's a good question. Cassandra, where did you get yours from?"

"Mine is from Hertz. I can return it here for only a small extra fee at the airport. Likely Sally can do so as well. That should be our first stop, once we get the RV, and load your car on the trailer. I hope 'Adam' is not too long getting back here with it." Cassandra said, even as the sound grew of an engine, and something clanking like a bell.

The Motor Home came up the isle from the office, an empty front-wheel car trailer banging along behind it. As it pulled up to the parking lot, the window slid open, and Adam called out, "Sue, how fast do you think you can drive your car onto the trailer? If you think it'll take more than a minute, I'd recommend we head down the road a bit before anyone shows up. I'm frankly surprised no one has arrived yet to block us in."

Sue looked at the trailer, as the door on the opposite side of the RV banged, and Sally and Jack came around the front.

Sue came to a decision. "Go. We'll follow. Look for a good place we can all stop to transfer luggage, then while we figure out how to hook up my car, Sally and Cassandra can return their rentals."

Sally, speaking to Cassandra directly for the first time said, "I thin' I can leave mine at the airport. What about you?"

Cassandra laughed lightly and said, "I was just telling Sue the exact thing." Raising her voice, she called, "Ok, everyone who's heading to L.A., follow the Motor Home!"

Sue climbed back in the front seat of her car, firing up the engine even as Patrick climbed in and closed his door. Pulling out onto the street she followed the slowly moving Motor Home as two other cars, presumably Sally's along with Cassandra's, fell in line behind her. The motor home slowly sped up, then slowed down and pulled over to the side as a fire engine howled past on the other side of the street. Moving once again, they continued several miles, before pulling into a grocery store parking lot.

Sue pulled up behind the RV, stopping about five feet away, while Sally drove on past, to stop right beside the front, with Cassandra parking behind her.

Sue climbed out, and walked up to look at the trailer. It was a small affair, meant for the front wheels of a car to drive on, then it would hitch to the back of the Motor home, holding the front wheels off the ground, and towing the car on it's rear wheels alone, the front supported by the trailer's wheels, and steered by the hitch it's self.

Adam had climbed out, and Sue noticed Sally had the trunk of her car open, and was handing things to both Patrick and Adam. Cassandra had also gotten out of her car, and opened up her own trunk. She was in the process of lifting some bags out, when Sue ambled over to offer her assistance.

"Is there anything I can carry, Cassandra?"

"Yes, Child. Take this bag." Cassandra replied, handing her the same bag Cassandra had used to change that afternoon after their fight.

Cassandra herself took the larger, and heavier looking suitcase, setting it down and pulling out its handles, to tow it behind her as she made her way to the RV's door.

Patrick was just disappearing inside, a gym bag in his hands, and Adam was waiting with a suitcase about half the size of Cassandra's sitting on the asphalt next to him.

Cassandra followed Patrick inside, lifting her suitcase after her by the tow handle, and Sue headed in next, dumping the bag on top of the table.

Patrick, Cassandra, and Adam were all three crowded into the bedroom in the back, apparently trying to figure out how to stuff everything in there. Sue moved to the front, as Sally came in through the door, a large cloth shopping bag in her hand, along with her purse. "This is the last of my stuff. Just put it anywhere, we can sort it all out later. I'm off to the airport. Where do you want me to meet you?"

Sue thought about that for a moment, but she had never been to the Memphis airport, and had no idea if something as large as a Motor Home could even fit in it.

"You know, that is a good question. I don't think we can pick you up there, at least not in this," she said, "Adam! We can't hook up my car just yet!"

"What's that?" came Adam's muffled voice from in back.

"I think I should run to the airport with Cassandra and Sally." Sue explained.

"Why?" Adam asked, coming out of the bedroom, leaving Cassandra and Patrick to try and fit the bags into the small closet. "I assumed we'd just pick them up in the motor home here."

"I don't know we could get the RV through the airport, height wise, let alone towing a car. I think it makes more sense for me to follow them out there, and bring them back, then we can hook up my car to the trailer and get moving."

"Ok. I suppose that makes sense. Patrick can stay here with me to help get everything packed, and lay in some provisions from the store. I may also drop the trailer here with Patrick, and go fill the tanks up now, while you make the airport run. I think that's a good idea." Adam said, looking towards the back.

Sally nodded, and said, "Ok. Sue, I'll look for your car at the Passenger Pickup closest to where I return the rental car. Does that sound reasonable?"

"Sure." Sue answered, as Sally headed out the door, and climbed into her car.

Cassandra and Patrick finally emerged from the bedroom. "Cassandra, was that everything from your car?" Sue asked her.

"Everything but my coat, and my purse, Child. Why?"

"Sally's on her way to the airport already. I'm going to follow in my car, pick the two of you up, and bring you back here."

"What about me?" Patrick asked.

"You'll stay here with Adam. I think he is planning on dropping the trailer and leaving you to guard it while he goes to fill this beast up with gas." Sue answered.

"I'm supposed to stay, with Adam?" Patrick asked nervously.

"You'll be fine. Don't worry about it." Sue answered.

"What, what if some other Immortal comes by while I'm all alone? I don't even have a sword, and if I did, I'd be more likely to kill myself than anything else." Patrick asked.

"No one will come by. You'll be fine." Sue said, but Cassandra suddenly spoke up.

"Sue, normally you'd probably be right. But you are forgetting the Youngling's Curse. One way it could discharge its task is to bring another Immortal by to take Patrick's head, no matter how unlikely the odds against it are."

Patrick uttered another "eep" at that, and went white.

Adam asked, "What curse?"

"Someone put a hefty curse on Patrick," Cassandra explained, "I believe it has killed him no less than four times in the past twenty four hours already."

Adam looked at Patrick with a new level of respect, measured with no small amount of pity. "Perhaps you should ride along with Sue after all, Patrick."

Sue nodded, and said. "Fine. Let's get going then. Adam, are you still going to get gas while we are gone?"

"I think so. I'll hit the store first and load up on groceries, then ask directions to the nearest gas station. I should be filled up and back here before you are. If I'm not, please wait for me. I shouldn't be too long."

"Ok Adam." Sue said, heading to her car.

"Cassandra, I'll be looking for Sally at the Passenger Pickup, same for you?"

"Ok, Child. I'll look for you there."

Cassandra drove away, and Sue and Patrick climbed in the Geo and followed her.


Two hours later, Sue was back, with Patrick and Sally crammed into the back, and Cassandra in the front passenger seat.

When she mentally added their luggage to her own and Patrick's in the trunk, she realized that Cassandra had been right, even without including Adam, her car was just too small for four people to go cross country in.

The motor home was in the same place, although it was now facing the other way. Adam was standing outside it; a soda can in his hand, leaning on the rear bumper, with one foot propped against the car trailer, which had been disconnected from the RV.

"About time you got back. You realize it is almost eight?" he called out as Sue and the rest climbed out of the car.

"Sorry. We went as fast as possible, but traffic was bad." Sue explained. "Did you get everything taken care of?"

"Yes. I filled both gas tanks, topped off the propane, and stocked us up on food, sodas, and beer."

"Adam, if I find a single bottle cap," Sue began, thinking back to the kitchen in Adam's apartment in Paris.

"Cans. All cans, more's the pity." Adam interrupted. "I was more afraid of breakage than concerned with the taste of aluminum tarnishing my palette."

"Fine. Let's get my car hooked up then, and get this show on the road."

"I couldn't agree more. If nothing else, we have to get out of Memphis tonight. Worst case, we can stop at Little Rock tonight, and get an early start in the morning. If we all rotate shifts driving for about two hours each, we should make it to Amarillo Texas by this time tomorrow. If we can keep up that rate, we'll be in Los Angeles by Thursday evening."

Adam and Patrick took up positions to both sides of the car, as Sue climbed back in and fired up the engine, Cassandra and Sally closing the rear doors and backing away, to 'supervise', one on each side of the car.

Following Adam and Patrick's enigmatic and occasionally contradictory hand signals, Sue was able to drive her front wheels up onto the trailer hitch, and hold the car still while Adam secured the wheels to the trailer with some chains. She then got out and watched as Adam and Patrick secured the trailer to the tow hitch on the RV while Patrick held it in place.

Sue closed her door, locking the car, and followed everyone on inside the Motor Home.

Adam took up the Drivers seat, with Patrick parking himself on the couch, while Cassandra and Sally had disappeared into the back, presumably to check on their luggage. Sue closed the door behind her, and went on forward, and sat down in the still rear-facing passenger seat, as Adam fired up the engine. "Everybody set?" he called out.

At the muffled acknowledgements from the back, he put the beast in gear and headed out onto the road, turning towards West Memphis and Highway 40.

As he hit the on-ramp to Highway 40 west, Sally came forwards and plopped down on the couch beside Patrick, Cassandra joining them a few moments later, and claiming one entire side of the table, sitting on the bench lengthwise, with her back against the wall, and her feet sticking out in the isle between the couch and the table.

Sally looked across the isle at the Immortal. "Cassandra, how long have you known about Watchers?"

Cassandra got a far off look, then refocused her green eyes across the isle on her Watcher. "I think I ran into my first Watcher sometime in eight or nine hundred A.D. I wasn't really paying attention to the Roman Catholic calendar at that time. I was still living on the continent, in France. I realized one day that some girl was following me around. The next day she was there again. I left town that day, thinking she may have been a scout for some other Immortal, and not really wanting to fight. It wasn't a big deal, as I was living at the time in a Gypsy Wagon. The next town I stopped at, I again noticed the girl was following me. Now the big thing back then was almost no one traveled, other than the wealthy, and those like myself who could make a living on the road.

"This girl did not have the look of wealth about her, and she was not making a living by providing some transient service, she was spending her time following me. I still feared another Immortal, but I was also angered at the thought of one of us involving Mortals in their hunt. That evening, I confronted the girl, and when she tried to run, I stopped her with The Voice. I compelled her to tell me of the Immortal who had sent her. The poor girl just cried. I then released her compulsion, and instructed her to tell me instead of whoever had set her on my trail. She told me a story of the 'La sociáˆtሠd'Observateurs', a group of MORTALS, who knew of our kind, and watched us to create a record of our lives, our fights, and our deaths."

Adam spoke up from the front of the RV, "Cassandra, did she happen to recite her oath for you, and if so, do you recall it?"

Cassandra looked forward at the back of Adam's head, then back at Sally, and nodded. "Yes. I remember it, but it was an ancient form of French at the time. Her words were 'Je suis un observateur. J'engagepour voir les interactions entre Immortel sans le jugement et sans prend d'acte ou sans organise de n'importe quelle information sur remarquer et enregistrer que l'est venu de leur combat pourrait endommager. A ceci, j'engage que ma droite pour habiter.' or something pretty close to that."

"What does that mean in English?" Sally asked Cassandra.

Cassandra answered, "I'm not a linguist, so I may mangle this, but something along the lines of, 'I am an observer. I pledge to see and record the interactions between Immortals without judgment and without taking actions or without giving any information that could alter the fights for them or could cause them damage. To this, I pledge my right to life.'"

Adam spoke up again, "I would change a word or two, but not bad for someone who claims not to be a linguist."

Sally said to Cassandra, "There isn't anything in there about not interacting with Immortals, is there, as long as those interactions don't affect the outcomes of their fights, at least."

"No, there isn't. I don't know where that notion came from, however by the time they found me again in Glenfinnan, in fifteen eighty or so. The first full time Watcher I know that they assigned to me there was a local boy named Neil who they recruited, and who started keeping records on me from about fifteen eighty five. I decided to return the favor in about fifteen eighty six."

"What do ya mean return the favor?" Patrick asked from his seat next to Sally, who also looked confused.

"Now I know why I brought it!" Cassandra said, her face suddenly brightening into a smile, and her green eyes gleaming mischievously as she got up and hurried to the back or the RV.

Sue, who had been watching the whole thing from the rear facing passenger seat, asked, "Do you have any idea what she is talking about, Sally?"

Sally shrugged and said, "No. I'm just a Watcher. I think Cassandra is supposed to be the mind reader."

Cassandra was returning from the back again, an ancient looking brown leather book in her hands.

"Sally, may I present you with the first volume of the MacGreggor Family Chronicle"

"The What?" Sally squeeked, looking at the ancient book with its yellow pages.

"This is the book I started on the folks who spent their time recording the events of my life. I decided one cold winter night in fifteen eighty six that if Neil could record the events, both major and minor of my life, that I could do no less than the same for him, and later his nephew Brian. I continued to chronicle the events of Neil and Kathleen's life, and the rest of their family, from then on."

Looking at the back of Adam's head, she added, "The rest of the Watchers may be interested in this book as well. While it only continues through sixteen thirty, it does cover some interesting events regarding other Immortals as well."

"Like what?" Sue asked.

"Like how Neil's sister in law Mary, and her husband Ian MacLeod adopted young Duncan in late fifteen ninety two. How in sixteen oh three, they also adopted Ian's nephew Robert, after Ian's brother, Alastair died. And how Ian at the same time became Clan Chief, and his eldest son, Duncan became heir apparent to that position.

"How, in sixteen eighteen, Duncan killed his foster brother Robert, in a quarrel over a girl, Debra Campbell, who was Duncan's first love, but was Robert's betrothed, and also how Debra died that day, falling from a cliff.

"How Duncan died his first death in sixteen twenty two, came back, and was driven out of the community labeled by his own father as a demon.

"How Duncan's father, Ian was killed by an Immortal, Kanwulf the Viking two years later, and how young Duncan, knowing nothing of Immortals killed Kanwulf to avenge his father and left his body behind, head still firmly attached.

"How my first Glenfinnan Watcher, Neil succeeded Duncan's father as Clan Chief. Things like that." Cassandra explained with a smile.

"Wow!" Sally said, looking carefully at the volume in her hands. "But a lot of that had nothing to do with MacGreggors, why did you record it?"

"Sally, the world back then was large and empty, people few and far between. A community was basically all one family, whether in name, or in spirit. While I call these books the MacGreggor Family Chronicle, the truth is they cover many events in Glenfinnan, granted mostly the ones which impacted directly on my Watchers and their families, but no story is complete without the inclusion of the parts which help to shape it from outside. I included those parts which I could see. If someone were to take the records your family has kept of me, and lay it beside the records I have kept on them, the two together will create a whole which provides a greater picture of Glenfinnan than anyone would have been able to make themselves."

Adam from the front chuckled, "So, Cassandra, finally an answer for one of the questions I heard at the Academy long ago, 'Who Watches The Watchers?' The Witch Watches the Watchers."

"As if you don't have your own journals, Adam." Cassandra retorted.

Sue in alarm quickly tried to change the subject before Sally heard something she shouldn't, and asked Cassandra, "You said this book only runs through sixteen thirty, but you said the others as well. How many books are there?"

Counting the volume on Sally and her sisters, there are twenty seven of them." Cassandra answered.

"You, you have a book on ME?" Sally asked.

"Yes dear. You, your sisters Jenny and Patricia, and your father, your mother, and many others. I will not let you see any chronicle which contains records on any mortal still living. The rest of the collection, I will loan to you, or if they are interested, the Society through Adam." Cassandra said.

"May I read this one now?" Sally asked, lifting the ancient book held carefully in her hands.

"Certainly. That is why I got it out for you." Cassandra said.

"Sally, you might want to take it back into the bedroom and close the door to read it in there with the light on." Adam recommended.

Sally nodded, and carefully got up and made her way back to the bedroom in the rear of the RV, closing the door behind her.

The rest just sat quietly in the dark, while Adam drove on into the night.

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Dana Short

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