This is a very short story told to the author by a man who liked women --
liked them whether they were real women or transgendered.

Laura by Janet Baker

Jason met Laura that fall evening at a bar noted for its acceptance of unconventional lifestyles. The bar was filled with celebrants, the Twins having finally won a game. Jason scanned the crowd trying to determine whether the colorfully dressed habitués were real women or cross dressers or transsexuals.
For his sexual preferences he would accept either. His fetish was a female or someone dressed as a female on her knees providing oral sex.

There also many blacks in that bar, located near a section of Minneapolis called ‘Little Mogadishu’. Jason had no interest in an assignation with a black person, he was somewhat racist. However, he confided one night that he would accept Halle or Dorothy as kneeling servers. Fat chance!

Jason had long since learned that were he also cross dressed he would have a better chance of finding rapport with similar people. Appropriately dressed he could circulate freely among the cross dressers and the transgendered.

Laura had been at the bar drinking for more than an hour and was starting to feel little pain. In fact her libido was in overdrive, she was hot and her eyes roamed as did Jason’s. Presently her eyes locked with Jason’s, she sidled over to him, stood close to him and asked, “Do I know you? That dress is awfully familiar. I’m Laura.”

Jason, dressed in his favorite black cocktail dress, blond wig, stiletto D’Orsay pumps and accented with appropriate jewelry, replied “I don’t believe that we’ve met — much to my regret. I’m Jennifer.”

He reached out to Laura, grasped her waist and drew her to him. Laura put her arms around Jason and gently and subtly rotated her hips. Both she and Jason became tumescent and increased their mutual pressure ultimately breathing heavily and approaching orgasm.

“Well!” said Jason, “That was very pleasant. I assume ‘Laura’ is your moniker. As I said Jennifer is mine. I’m basically a cross dresser. I love women’s clothes, I love to dress and hit the bars — if they are friendly. And I love women. And you?”

“I’m transgendered” she replied, still breathing heavily while grinding against Jason. “I’ve known since childhood that I should have been a female but God put me in the wrong body. For years through my childhood my father beat the hell out of me trying to ‘cure’ me. Finally as an adult, I can live my own life.”

Jason turned Laura around, held her by her arms, pulling her back and rubbing against her derriere. She responded by vigorously thrusting backwards increasing sexual desire.

Jason pulled her upper body back sharply and whispered, “Would you like to have an affair? An affair d’amour ma petite?”

Laura tilted her head back and whispered, “I’ll fuck anyone who speaks French. Name it! Where and when!”

“Your place or mine?” Jason — Jennifer — asked.

“Not mine, there are neighborhood complications.”

“Really? How so?”

“When I start to scream it annoys the neighbors.”

“What exactly makes you scream.”

“A caning.”

“Do you scream when your lover enters your anus?”

“No I just sigh with a pleasurable pain. My anus is well used, well educated and right now it’s twitching with desire. Can you address that crushing need?”

“I’d love to Laura but there are a few problems. We can’t do it here. We can’t do it at your place. That leaves my place. I don’t know you. Will I be safe with you?”

“Good point. I don’t know you either. Well?”

“Laura, there are three friends here who might vouch for me. I’ll point them out, you may go ask them.”

Presently Laura returned, satisfied that Jennifer could be trusted. She said, “OK Jen, your friends tell me that you are OK and that I have nothing to fear from you.”

“It’s your turn Laura. References?”

“Well uh I really don’t have any from this group. My references may be found at a bar where they hold BDSM nights. I assure you; I am a submissive and will satisfy you.”

“Hm, let’s dance a little, Laura while I mull over the situation. I am anxious to come to a solution since we are both of a similar mind. That is, we both want sex.”

“Jen, could we meet on neutral turf such as a hotel?”

“Could be Laura except that we’d have to truck in a lot of equipment. I presume that you have set your house up nicely for your games. Also there is cost involved.”

“Keep rubbing me Jen I’m so damn hot.”

“Keep your panties on Hon, I have an idea. I have created a scenario — a scene — in my mind. Yes. It’s complete. Well, almost complete. Since you trust me and I do not yet know you well enough you will do as I say without deviation, without hesitation and I think we’ll have a good time. Do you have a blindfold, gag, chains and locks? And most importantly do you have a pair of handcuffs? Not toys but police quality cuffs?”

“I have neither chains nor cuffs but I do have the other items and some you have not mentioned.”

“Buy them. Buy a light weight chain at least twelve feet long and some locks that will fit in the chain links. You’ll need at least five locks.”

“My God Jen, what the hell have you in mind?”

“I’ll explain when you’ve acquired the items named. Call me and we’ll meet here and I’ll outline your procedure. What I have in mind is likely much of what you might find at the BDSM bar. The scene is erotic with mild bondage until we reach my home. Yes! The play will commence at my home. I have a playroom in a lower level with some amount of soundproofing. While I’m waiting for you to call, I’ll make some improvements.”

“Oh my!” she said, gasping “Have I gotten into something too deep?”

“You don’t have to, you know. And if you wish we can employ a safe word.”

One week later they met at the same bar. After a mutual hug and rub Laura
offered to buy drinks. They danced around the question in both their minds.
Finally Jen asked, “well?”

Laura hemmed and hawed but confessed that she had only been able to buy the locks and chain.

“What about the cuffs?”

“They are on order. I expect them this week. Sorry.”

Jen grinned evilly saying, “I’m leaving. Call me when you have them?”

“Please Jen, don’t go, I’m sorry. Let’s dance a bit. I want to imagine making love with you.”

“Hm, let’s. Have you ever been handcuffed Laura?”

“Oh yes.”

“Hands behind you or in front? Did you enjoy being cuffed?”

“Both. And yes I loved it. I loved the feeling of helplessness, of submissiveness. You could cuff me anytime Jen. I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it.”

“Perhaps I will. Then what did your partner do to you?”

“Wellll, it was guy and he raped me.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Mostly but he was big and it hurt but the eroticism was satisfying.”

“So if I chained you, caned you and then fucked you in the ass you’d be happy.”

“Oh God yes! I think I’m about to have an orgasm.”

“Don’t you dare, I want you to keep rubbing against me, holding me.”

“Please Jen don’t leave me like this, I need you, I want you.”

“Control yourself Laura and listen to me. Call me when you have the cuffs.
Good night and don’t you dare have sex with anyone tonight.”

A week later the call came through from Laura.

“Jen darling, I have the handcuffs. I’m ready.”

“We’ll meet at the bar tomorrow night. We’ll walk out to the parking lot and I will give you your instructions.”

“Yes dear, my dear sweet Jennifer. Whatever you say.”

“You might not be so sanguine after I’ve instructed you, and…. You have no idea
How hard I may hit you. Your screams may be quite authentic.”
Laura shuddered and dreamt of holding Jennifer even tighter.

The following week at the bar, Jennifer took Laura outside and laid out her requirements for their assignation.

“Listen to me carefully Laura. Every element of these requirements must be met.
If they’re not, the deal — the date — is off. Understand? I’ll accept your nodding as an affirmative response.
A few hours prior to our meeting you must purge yourself completely. A thorough enema will leave you clean.
Dress in your velvet cocktail dress, black pantyhose, black sandals and Chanel number 19.
Put your sex toys into a carryall of some sort.
Get into your car. Loop the chain around your neck and lock it. Drop the chain between your breasts to your waist; loop it around your waist, locking it in front of yourself. Then bring the chain to your knees, loop it loosely around your thighs at your knees and lock it. Finally drop the remainder of the chain down to your ankles, locking it but leaving about a foot of slack for walking.
Finally you will lock the handcuffs to the chain at your waist in front of you.
Put all the keys on a string around your neck.

Confirm that you have enough mobility to drive. If so, drive yourself to the shopping center, parking well away from other vehicles. Now put on your gag and secure it with its buckle. Do the same with the blindfold.

Once you have arrived, call my number. I’ll be waiting and will drive there immediately. Do not leave your car. Place your wrists in the cuffs and snap them shut securely. I’ll approach, look into your car and verify that you are secured.
If you have followed my instructions I’ll help you out of your vehicle and into mine. We will drive to my home, parking in the garage. I’ll assist you from the car and into the family room in the lower level. There I’ll help you to your knees, take your gag off. I’ll undress down to my stockings, heels, and bra and present my cock to your mouth. You will suck! You will use all your expertise in oral sex to bring me to an orgasm. You will remain on your knees until I have filled your mouth with ejaculate.

I’ll help you to your feet, walk you to a support pole and chain you to it. I’ll pull your skirt, pantyhose and panties down exposing your derriere. You will then stand still while I thrash you with your cane. When you can stand it no more ask me to stop. I’ll stop, unchain you from the pole and walk you to a stuffed chair. You’ll bend over the chair back presenting your ass for service. I’ll present my cock to your mouth again. When you have made it satisfactorily rigid I’ll return behind you, put on a condom, lube it and thrust home. I’ll hold your arms and thrust harder and harder until I orgasm again. Sated, I’ll withdraw leaving in place an expandable butt plug which when expanded cannot be expelled. With your wrists cuffed in front of you, you’ll be unable to remove the plug.

You’ll now kneel waiting for my next pleasure.

Do you understand these instructions Laura?”

“Oh God yes, I understand, I can’t wait. Jen I need you now!”

“I need you too Laura, but not here in the parking lot. Call me when ready. This may be the start of a beautiful and fulfilling relationship.”


 © 2011 Janet Baker

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