Dooms Day Part 2

Dooms Day Part 2

By: Emily Rudgers

In the war hardened lands of future Earth, humanity has been brought to its knees and tested.
The only possible saviors of the world being skilled soldiers whose abilities are put to the test.
This is the story of the remnants of unit 412.

Authors Note: Again I want to reiterate the warning I issued previously. If language, battle scenes, or mild gore descriptions bother you then please discontinue reading. Otherwise, enjoy the story that follows. This chapter is much longer than I anticipated. I don't want to give false hope that all of the chapters will be this long, but it is just how the story broke down. Besides, spoiling your readers can never hurt. As always comments are greatly appreciated. I may not respond to all but I promise that I read them, loving the positive feed back as well as criticisms.
--SEPARATOR--June 28, 2032

I awoke to the sound of gun fire today, the usual sound that you hear in the morning. Yesterdays silence was odd.

The weird thing about the gunfire today was that it sounded close. Really close. I yelled into the headset, “Wake up y’all. We have a party that requires our presence.”

Not a second later I hear on the line, “This is Determinate Unit 122; we need immediate assistance on Herington Street. Bring whatever food you have, we got our selves a barbeque.”

Everyone else woke up and we went running out of the building to help the fellow Determiners. “Jonas you stay here and hold the building, we will be running back here with wounded and injured.”

As we run down the street we find where the firing is taking place. There are two Determiners left alive and the others looked like they have been cut into pieces.

We move up to lay down cover fire and they run over to us trying to jump from cover to cover for any semblance of protect. I move up to a blown out building corner see if I can get close enough to see if we can take the foe. When I peer around the corner, There is a platoon of at least 30 strong Beag warriors fully armed barreling down upon the retreating unit. The good news, they didn’t have a Facpor with them.

They weren’t even bothering to use cover at this point; they were running down the street just firing. They must think their armor is strong enough to take the damage.

I see about 9 of them ahead of the group, I pull a grenade and go to pull the pin, but there isn’t one. I look down to see the alien grenade. Awesome, I can finally see it in action. I spin the dial and throw it. I don’t even have enough time to get my back to the wall before the grenade goes off. The ground shakes like an earthquake.

All goes silent for a brief moment. As the dust starts to settle, I turn to see the status of my comrades. They are all on the ground but alive. I peer around the corner and see a crater about 20 feet deep and the 9 that were advancing completely annihilated. The other 20 or so had stopped and are standing back up. Some grenade that was, I wish I had another. I could make short work of this combat.

Donc's only remark being, “What the hell caused that?”

“Don’t worry just a grenade.”

“Next time, give us more warning, that thing could have killed us all.”

With the new crater between ourselves and the warriors, we retreat to the building we had left with Jonas for a good defensive hold. I had to help carry one of the wounded, who had blood running from his neck with a hole from a grazing bullet. He also had a blown out knee making me carry his entire weight every other step.

We hobbled back towards the building and when we called for Jonas on the radio, there was no response. That helped us pick up the pace; he had probably come under attack during our brawl. When we arrived at the position we found bodies of warriors that had been ripped to pieces by bullets. We yelled to the window for Jonas but the answer was not one we where expecting. We saw his body hanging half out the window, and a Warrior Commander was holding him by the back of his armor. He lets go and Jonas falls to the ground with a crack as it sounds like every bone in his body broke.

With the new rage I have I run into the building and take out my mini shotgun. This guy is going down and there is nothing that will stop me. I don’t care if anyone else will help me. I ran up the stairs and am met by 4 other warriors and the Commander in the back. Only one of the Warriors had his weapon drawn when I appeared. The others went to reach for them. Rule number 1, always be prepared . If you fail to follow Rule 1, you are as good as dead. Time for me to educate them. I blast off two shots and shred the closest two; I rolled and grabbed both of their fallen guns in each hand. When I came out of the roll the other had their guns fully drawn, I throw one of the guns at the next closest hitting him in the head and sinking the small blade on the gun into the skull of the creature. Before he had time to fall to his knees I shot the knees of the other right out from under him. He also fell dropping his gun, and I sliced with the blade of my gun right threw his body. And then it was just me and my goal.

This guy wasn’t going to run like most others would have at this point. Instead he drew out 2 rounded sword-like blades. He wasn’t one of the gunners which meant he wouldn’t fall from a simple gun shot or from a slice through the mid section. I really needed my shot gun to take this guy out but this gun would have to do.

He waited for my movement. Then I did a quick dart into the room next door, and he swung to try and get me in the back. He missed. I stood and he ran at me to try to punch me with the blades. I ducked under so he tried to bring them down on me, his first mistake. I planted my hands and kicked back at him in the face causing him to stumble back a second.

With the new time I ran out of the room and grabbed my shot gun. I turned to see him coming up right behind me. I turned instantly to my knees to get a point blank shot gun shot into his lower stomach. It knocked him back and left a fresh blooding spot on the floor and on myself. But he wasn’t done, in fact it seemed to add rage to him, as though before he was just playing with his food. He then started swinging fiercely, making me bend backwards and sideways to dodge as many of the attacks as I could. Only one of his swings connected, and it ran right into the metal armor on my shoulder. Even with the metal the blade seemed to pierce right through it lightly nicking my shoulder. It was my turn to stop playing around. I took the shot gun and swung upwards connecting with his jaw, fracturing it. With the barrel now straight up I fire off a single shot. It blasted right through his skull, and the brain sprayed out the back; the green color painting the hallway.

Revenge was mine and he was a fool for trying. I ransack his supplies, while my slower companions finally arrive. I take the blades of his; they were very light weight and attached them to my sides. And their ammo I collected into a tin to share with my team. We all reconvened just inside the bottom floor.

I walk down the last step and found my companions tending to the wounded. When I step out of the doorway they all turned to look at me. Some half drew a gun to make sure I wasn’t a Beag. I walk to the guy I was carrying to help him wrap his knee up.

In a heavily sarcastic tone he announces, “Thanks for dropping me!”


“At least tell me that you got the bastards good.”

“I got ‘em real good. I also picked up some new toys.”

“We need to move out ASAP, there are more where they came from.”

Donc gave the orders for me to take point with Kilp and everyone else would help carry the wounded. We took Jonas’ body out of the street and put it in the building. We took all the ammo he had, which was a fair bit that he had secretly stocked up, which most of us had done to each other. You never know when you will get stranded alone and you’ll need the shots.

Since we managed to leave in a hurry we didn’t run into any warriors. When it drew close to nightfall we decided to keep going, until we got to the border of the Gremlins.

When we met up with their makeshift walls of cars we knew we were at the right place. The skulls that they had mounted on them also showed they were gremlins since there were both human and Beag.

We stopped two buildings away from the wall, keeping a respectful distance from them and us. I didn’t want to deal with them today. But tomorrow we would have to and getting a good sleep before we had a civil war would be nice.

I got first watch again, luckily, and during it everything seemed different. On the other side of the wall of cars there were campfires and people shooting off random shots. The moon would occasionally poke through the dark clouds of smoke streaming out from the other side of the wall. The faint whiff of burning oil could be smelled. Oil became a very precious resource when the war started. Most stocks o fit were quickly spent meaning that what they were burning had to be stolen from one of our armor units.

A person walks through the car wall and checks the building next to us. He then started to walk to the building we were in; this would be trouble; so much for anyone getting a good sleep.

He made it to the door and stopped a foot or two outside of the door. He looked up and paused contemplating entering. Then he took a step in the door, and saw the others sleeping. He was about to turn and run when I stepped from behind the door and sunk the commander blade into the back of his neck. He collapsed without a sound. We had about 20 minutes until he would be noticed missing and we would have a fire fight on our hands.

I woke everyone up and we started to move out. Before we had a chance to leave, we saw something unexpected. There were several Gremlins that were sitting outside the car line and were talking to several Beag commanders. We had been betrayed by our own kind. They weren’t really our kind anymore but at least they were human.

Whatever they were talking about it made this a prime opportunity to assassinate several of the leaders of each race. “Red, pull out your sniper, let’s get ‘em.”

Donc whispers into his microphone, “hold up, Kilp and I will sneak up behind them in the building and kill the Gremlins, you two take out the commanders. We will move in on your sniper shot.”

The two of them ran across the street and into the next building and worked their way up somehow, and then Donc said they were in position so Red and I lined up our shots on two commanders and squeezed. We fire at the very same second, which made the shot echo. The two commanders fell with their heads destroyed beyond recognition. Then we saw Donc and Kilp run and blast off shots at the Gremlins, they got all of them and the last Commander was starting to make a run for it, and I did a quick line up and fired. The shot ruptured though his upper chest but he managed to keep running. He ducked behind a building the second that Red got a lined up shot and the shot hit the wall.

We carried the wounded up to Doncs position, and took some ammo. We then started to walk through the car line. It would be better to deal with stranded Humans than with a trained Beag battle force.

June 29, 2032

With a new day would bring new adventures. As we walked through the car line, I noticed there wasn’t much different on the other side immediately.

As we walked further into the car fort we saw the fire that had illuminated through the cars. No threat was seen, but we knew they were out there. They rely on guerrilla warfare tactics, meaning they would hide until they would think we would be surprised. Rule 1 said otherwise.

There were several Gremlins that had grabbed arms and were awaiting our arrival. They had ducked behind a junked car. The moment we stepped around the last car in the wall they open fired.

I sat my wounded next to the last car and ran into the bullet storm. I ducked behind a piece of a building. The bullets erupted on my small piece of wall breaking it into a smaller piece with every second. I blind fired at their position, so they ducked behind the cover.

I ran up to the car they were behind and waited for them to pop over the car to shoot at the wall I had been on. They paused for a moment before they started shooting and what was left of the wall was decimated. They all went to reload; I pulled my shot gun and ran around the car. Firing several point blank shots into them and killing one for each. The others turned to run. “Where are you going? I’m not done with you yet!”

I laid down my shot gun and pulled my sniper. A perfect shot. The bullet passed through the two retreating Gremlins. Kilp and Red stopped firing after eliminating another small group of Gremlins.

This group was just a light resistance, probably the guards for the meeting happening on the other side of the wall. If we didn’t move quick, they would get organize and then we wouldn’t stand a chance.

As we walked deeper into the enemy territory, No one talks for fear they might miss a sound signifying an impending attack from Gremlins. We pause every once in a while to ensure that some sound we heard was just the normal sounds of crumbling building or vultures stirring.

There was nothing else that happened for a while. I had expected more from them, but most of their ranks must have been else where fighting other Determinates or Beags.

Then we heard a fire fight that suddenly broke out near us. We heard on the communique another unit. They weren’t asking for help like the others. Rather they were bragging about how well they were fighting. Being the good soldiers that we are, we ran to help out or finish the fight.

When we showed up, there was something that we did not expect to see. It left most of us in shock when we witnessed the spectacle. In front of us there were piles of Beag Warriors, they had been made into a giant wall. Just on the other side there was the fighting and yelling. There was no way we were going to find a way over. “Find a way around this thing.”

I run over to the right hand side of the wall, there is a little cut through over there, but it would be a tight fit. “There’s some room over here sir. Who would have killed all of these Beags, and had the time to pile them all up? The bodies can’t be more than a day old.”

“My best guess is that whoever is on the other side of this wall will be the answer to our question. Whoever they are, I hope they’re friendly.”


We passed under the small section made by a car that had been torn to shreds. It was hard to pass through without tearing any armor or losing an arm on the metal bits. We got through to the other side and looked; there was still a wall ahead of us. But this wall had a cut out for people to walk through. The moment that we made it through the hole a big black man came around the corner. Crap, Gremlins. We all raised our weapons to fire and a sudden blast from behind the man made him fall in a flying motion onto his face.

Once he was on the ground we looked upon a fierce looking black male, clothed in Determiner armor. Behind him there were 2 body guards. “Identify yourselves soldiers.”

“We are Determiner Unit 412 with wounded from unit 122, sir” promptly responded Donc.

“What is your current mission?”

“To make way to the Research facility, to pick-up a new weapon.”

“Glad to see you guys made it here in one piece. We are here to cover you guys, we thought you would be going around the Gremlins so we built the wall to keep them from moving up on you. We got all the bodies from the local menaces running around.”

“How many are left in your unit sir?”

“How many are left?” The Captain seemed puzzled by the question. “Why all of them plus some, we have been finding scattered units all over the place. It seems our fighting here as alerted many units to come, enemy and friend alike. We now have my full unit, the 605, what’s left of the 214, 311, 009, 521and a few singles who aren’t in a numbered unit. With your team joining, we are now at pretty good strength.”

“We need to continue to the research facility ASAP, we lost some time with your wall.”

“You don’t want to travel around here by night, nor even in the afternoon. Beag warriors make rounds here daily in the afternoon, usually with 30 plus bodies. But after what we have done the past few days, I’m guessing that a few more will come this time. Maybe even a small battle force. We are going to need all the help we can get.”

“We will stay for the night and help you out, but in the morning we will need be leaving, and we will need to leave the wounded of the 122 so we can move fast enough to make up time sir.”

“We can deal with them, we won’t be leaving here anyway, and command says this is a good defense position for Units who need to travel on missions.”


As we all took up our positions to defend for nightfall, we could hear the distant rumble of feet. As time progressed the sound got louder and louder as they drew closer and closer. This would be a nice batch to add to their wall. Hopefully I would be able to take a massive chunk out of their forces, and maybe be honored a promotion by the captain. That would help get Donc to listen to me.

As the darkness fully consumed the day, we saw distant figures that could not be made out. They looked a little bigger than human which meant they were either Beags or Determiners. We were not so lucky to get more reinforcements.

As the mass of Beags became more visible everyone got in a ready position. Several people had been ordered to wait in the buildings to our left so that once the Beags got close enough there would be Determiners on all sides of them. Most of my unit, except Charlie set up in the back, we were to defend the wounded and if need be, give them a gun and allow them to start blasting away at the enemy.

This wasn’t going to make it easy for me to do well, I would have to rely on my snipping skills or else I wouldn’t get any kills or even do anything.

Getting kills is one of two ways to earn respect from fellow Determinants. The other way is to back up your team, saving their lives, which just earns you respect from your team. Most of the team respects each other. Donc never respects anyone being the hard-ass he is. Jonas was the kid of the group, but he did well and earned his respect, unfortunately costing his life.

As the long line marched ahead slowly, I pulled out my sniper. I knew that once they saw our shadows against the pile bodies illuminated by the moonlight they would react with a full out charge. I waited patiently, waiting for an order to begin firing. Everyone was silent, no one was speaking, and the only sound was the footsteps drawing closer and a faint whisper of breathing.

The Beag have always been a mass army, sheer numbers overwhelming any resistance. Before using their weaponry style, the mass numbers and inability to stop them by unloading a full clip or several 50cal shots made them seem invincible. Since modifying our weapons, they haven’t seemed to learn not to run in close groups or in a straight line.

The front warriors spotted us. The captain yelled open fire. The only people that had the accuracy to shoot that far and be accurate were snipers. I lined up a shot, and as my training took over I fired without thinking. The instinct had taken over my control. You always take a perfect shot, because they are only given to you once. The bullet flew; it was as if the world stood still long enough for me to put another shot in the chamber. My reload was in record time. I was able to get back into sights before the first shot had fallen. Not only did the first person fall. 4 behind him also fell, all with their heads blown through. There is no room for error in a battle, and that is exactly what they did, ran in a straight line for my one shot.

I looked for my next target, not fully appreciating my work, which would be an error. That would get you or a comrade killed. Then beside me, 5 other people fired sniper shots, and I fired an aimed shot demolishing the neck of another. I caught in my sights the pile that fell beside the one I had killed. At least 9 had fallen from the 5 people shooting beside me. I was in good company, but that meant I had to do better. It was almost like a competition.

I reloaded again and looked up in time to see their leader, he was flagging them to get down, and he pulled out one of their grenades and put it in the barrel of his gun. This was going to be bad. I lined up the shot and fired, I was to fast to shoot though and it went right into his shoulder, but it made him drop the gun. He quickly went to pick it up one handed and fire, but he was not fast enough. I yelled on the microphone, “Take cover,” and all Determiners hit the ground if they were in the open or ducked behind the nearest object. The grenade went off in the barrel of the gun. It was as if the ground ruptured from underneath of them. Bodies of the enemy went flying everywhere, but it wasn’t full bodies, it was the limbs that had not been incinerated on contact.

At least 20 had been taken out by the grenade, yet the blast was smaller than the one I threw only because it was in the barrel of the gun. When the smoke started to clear, there were many more Beags ready for the charge. We were outnumbered at least 5 to 1. This was going to be a hell-of-a-fight.


The other snipers started firing again, taking out one or two here or there, that wasn’t going to be enough for the sheer mass of bodies being thrown at us. They drew close enough that machine guns could be used. Everyone started shooting; The Beags dropped two of the snipers, knowing that they would slow the advance of their brethren. I quickly took cover, fast enough to look up and see several bullets travel straight over where I just was kneeling. I rolled over to the wounded snipers. One of them had caught a shot right between the eyes. The other had caught 2 shots in the same shoulder, making it impossible to hold the rifle or reload. I pulled him back to the other wounded, and gave his rifle to one of the wounded.

Just before I turned around to get back into the fight, I saw from between the windows of the car a unit of Beags approaching from the rear, the same way that we had. I knew now why they had not cared about losing so many people on the frontal assault; they were as heavily depending upon the sneak attack, as we were. That meant that they knew we had the guys hidden in the building. I yelled over to the remaining 3 snipers. “Pull out shotguns and go help the guys in the building.” They quickly ran off, not anxious to lose their safe cover in the back, but knew they were going to be needed. Donc ran over to me.

“What do you think you are doing giving orders, you aren’t the ranking official? Get back here you —.”

“Sir, the Beags know about the building because they are trying to sneak attack us as well. They are coming in the same way we did.”

“I’ll get some men and we will pull shot guns on them, they won’t expect us to know yet.”

He ran off and got 2 or three men that had shot guns. The frontal attack was slowly getting weaker and weaker, but sounded as though the fight in the building had just started. I sprinted to the building to help finish them off. If we needed a defense point the building would have to be it. The moment I arrived to the building there were only the snipers I had sent left and one other. The Beags had managed to catch them off guard. I pulled out my shot gun and headed in. There were only 7 Beags left alive. I ducked up against a wall and fired low and fast. Three of the Beags instantly dropped to what would have been their knees if they still had any, they were completely destroyed from the ground to the mid-thigh.

The other 4 Beags tried to come in the other door beside the one I was on, but the snipers I had sent in caught him off guard and they point blank snipped into one guy, and the three bullets passed through him into the other 2 behind him. That left only one alive that still could do anything. I rolled around the corner to find him with the remaining Determiner, a gun to his head. I didn’t even pause, I held up my hands as to surrender.

The other 3 sniper guys came in the other door and hit him square on the shoulder. On a human it would have broken bones and even killed them, but on a Beag all it did was make him lurch forward. That made him drop the gun and release his hold on him. The solider ran away from him and I ran up and punched the Beag straight in the jaw with my rifle butt. He flew back and landed on his back. The solider picked up the Beags rifle and blasted shots until the clip was completely empty. The three that were on the ground had just started to recover from the fall and getting over that they had lost their legs. I turned around to put another shot into them, finishing them all off.

“Defend this building with your life!”

Before they could even say yes sir I ran out the door. I had to get to the back and help the defense back there. I was starting to get tired and was running out of strength. The front attack was dwindling, but they kept sending warriors hoping the sneak attack would show up soon. I got to the back just as the first Beag came up through the undercut. He was met by machine guns; the Beags on the other side were completely oblivious to his death though, all they heard was shooting. This whole side of the wall was shooting though. Then the next one cam e through and he was mine. A well placed gun butt to the back of his head followed by a point blank shot. As the next one came through, Donc and the others got distracted, they were being called off to help push back the frontal attack.

That split second made me take the next attack. I let the gun slip in my hands when I went to hit the next and the gun flew at him and hit him in the jaw. I couldn’t use my sniper in this fight, and grenades were useless. I grabbed for where my pistol would usually be to keep the fight going.

I found the circle blades I had taken from the commander. This was going to make things a little more fun for me. I had pulled them off my belt when Donc turned around to see I had saved him by sacrificing my gun to kill the person he was to shoot. Donc remarked, “Thanks, but I don’t need you looking after me. But I’ll return the favor, you two get up on the wall and start shooting the guys advancing from the back.”

They quickly obeyed started climbing. Donc even started climbing. I turned back around to have another warrior coming through the passage. I did a spin and the blade cut easily through his mid-section spilling his body on the already crowded floor at my feet. Then on the other side of the wall I hear an explosion, I look up long enough to see Donc and the two soldiers throwing grenades. If they were willing to waist grenades on warriors then there must have been a bunch all over the place on the other side.

I ducked into the wall to meet one coming through; I punched him in the face with the blade which wanted to stick in his skull. Once I got through I was an equally large force in front of me as I had seen attacking from the front. Many had already been taken out by the unsuspected grenade lobs. Then with me and a wall standing in front of them, they charged.

What would they have to lose, I am only one man. But just as they got close, 7 or 8 Determiners pop over the wall and start shooting, the front attack must have been a victory. They seemed to falter when they saw how well we were defending our backs.

I charged in, only my circle blades as my weapon. I ran into the mass, swinging wildly. I was not carefully aiming, but when there are that many, you don’t need to waste time on perfect shots just the ability to defend yourself if needed. I dropped several on the initial impact with the blades. Then I push through the crowd working my way to take out those who were standing further back so they couldn’t shoot at the men standing on top of the wall.

They had not seen me through the mass of Beags comrades that had once stood in front of them. I took them out with no difficulty, slashing every second my momentum allowed, sometimes building upon it to slash faster.

There were only several left when I looked up from my latest kill. No more than 9. They were retreating so I picked up a dead Beag rifle and fired. I caught one before they ran around the corner retreating. I quickly pulled a body up to the wall so that the hole/door was no longer available. When I was through the door, I saw bodies everywhere, a handful of Determiners, but enough that we had taken a hard hit. We would be able to survive the night if we did this every time, but it would cost too much in ammo. As it was I could see people pulling into their secret stashes. The Beags were starting to get smart, rationing their ammo so we couldn’t loot as much from their corpses.

I look over to see that Donc is laying in the mass; he had been hit while on top of the wall. The wound clearly bad enough that his left arm would have to be set into place, effectively destroying any chance at holding a gun.

I glance around the place for the remnants of my unit and find everyone, except Charlie. Looking past the wounded to the dead pile, I see his mangled form. He was always a close quarters fighter, being one of the front fighters he was one of the first to be shot at. He was in what we affectionately call the no man zone, as in no man will be alive if they are in that zone for too long. Being slow against so many close enemies teaches you a lesson, permanently.

The captain moved over next to me. “Sorry to lose so many tonight. But you did a good job to prevent the loss of so many more.”

“I was just doing my job sir.”

“You did more than just your job; you did more than anyone else here. Even more than some added together. I would put you in for a metal but what is the point, they don’t get you anything anymore. I can put you in for a promotion.”

The captain touched his arm band, pressing buttons to get a hold of Atace. “This is Captain Joseph Walsh of the Defensive Determiners Unit.” He paused for a moment listening for a response.

“Yes sir we have survived the night, due to a hero. I would like to put him in for a promotion.”

“I don’t know his name… what’s your name son?”

“Mast, sir.”

“What’s your com number?”

“143245 sir.”

The microphone in my ear suddenly came on, “This is General Purges of the Atace, and I have heard you did some heroic deeds tonight son, congratulations. About how many would you say you took out?”

“I hadn’t been keeping track, around 20 maybe sir.”

“Christ, how did you manage to pull that off? For your deeds I am putting you in for a metal and you are now promoted to Captain. That will get you several more metals. Carry on Captain and kill as many of them as you can.”

“Thank you sir, Captain Mast out.”

Walsh looked up at me, “What did they promote you from?”

“I jumped to a Captain.”

“That’s a nice jump; if you do it again they may have to promote you to General.”

“If I keep doing this well everyday then they may just have to promote me to a Datré.”

There has never been a person promoted to a Datré, it has always been something to aspire to. It’s like a 5 star general but they work only in the field. They aren’t cowards who sit back in their boat and let everyone else do the fighting. The closest anyone has gotten to getting that status was killing around 3,200 Beags and then getting killed by a Facpor. It was a tragic end to a true hero. The Beags don’t recognize ranks like we do. But they do recognize strength and skill. That seems to be why all heroes that start to rack up on kills they send a Facpor after them and they are killed.

It is only rumored how many kills you will need to be promoted to that rank. Some say all you need to do is kill the Facpor that they send after you. But getting that may kills takes a long time and a lot of skill. Maybe by the time I get my metals I’ll have reached that rank. It would be an awkward honors ceremony to have the supreme commander of Atace calling me sir. One day it just may happen. But until that day, I have a lot of killing to do.

Everyone was slowly getting over laughing at my Datré joke. The adrenaline rush from the fight started to dissipate and everyone got quiet and tired. What was originally bragging and yelling became absolute silence. Not a breath could be heard. I wouldn’t have to take guard tonight since I was promoted, but I saw that everyone else needed the sleep more than I did so I let them get some sleep while I took guard.

Nothing happened the rest of the night, only the sounds of snoring broke the silence. The Beags wouldn’t dare try another attack. They had suffered a humiliating defeat that cost them many lives and allowed for us to make an even bigger wall.

Their foolishness had cost them greatly but our triumph cost us even more greatly. Whenever a unit had managed to make a defensive strong hold the Beags would bring in Facpors and try to clean them out. But these weren’t normal Facpors that were strong and could take thousands of shots. These were the Honor Facpor, used only for this reason. They are given armor, and even weapons. Their weapons may not shoot as often as ours, but when they hit its lights out permanently. Their main goal was to shred our armor units faster than shooting bullets blindly into a metal beast. Usually they only send a unit of 3 or so, but they really only need to send one to take out a defensive position.

We really needed this super weapon that they had developed. Otherwise this currently peaceful place would become a burial ground for many more Determiners.

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