Mediterranean Slave Dreams

If it be your will.. and other Mediterranean dreams

The story deals with offensive language and coarse subject matter , is purely fictional and is restricted for an Adult Audience. It deals with topics like Chastity, Mind Control, Longing, Femdom, Cuckolding , Penis Envy And Other Mind Games between a Mistress and her Slave.

''If you want a lover....I ‘ll do anything.. You' ll ask of me...,...I' ll wear a leather mask for you.. ..I' m your man.....the Leonard Cohen song was resonating in this splendid villa overlooking the Mediterranean.'' I' ll howl at your beauty.....I' ll tear at your sheet .. Please I ‘m your Man...If you want to walk the street alone.. I'll disappear for you.''

>>The Moon s too bright....the chain's too tight... I' ll crawl to you baby... I ‘ d say.. Please...I' m your Man. >>

The water was such a perfect blue and I was busy whitewashing the outside while you read the New York times and chatted on the phone. Your unfinished croissant and coffee made it clear in my mind that you were just a work in process...a beautiful one albeit. .

''I know you had to lie to me. I know you had to cheat...I m good at love ..I m good at hate.. ..You look really do. If you were there, I‘ kneel for you ..a thousands kisses deep. ''

''I loved you with my frozen love and my second hand physique...''

As I was working under the strong sunlight of this arid Greek Island, , I would think about the humility of such words. The humility of a Slave....of immense love that was unlimited, that was pure... that was beautiful.

The ferryboats were passing by in the Distance. I could smell the lemon trees from the distant shore of the Peloponnesus ...'' She fed me tea and oranges.. You want to travel with her.. You' ve touched her perfect body with your mind'' I was taking in the scene , that perfect harbor, children in the morning, that probably propelled Leonard Cohen to write such masterpieces.

My chastity belt certainly kept me humble. It was one of my devilish contraptions and it would pinch me whenever I started to get erect. My Mistress was now lying on the Chaise longue, in all her splendour..on a blue towel. Her skin was so perfect. The hairs around the mound of her pussy... and those perfect pussy lips were giving me the obsession to lick that perfect pussy in this perfect place.. while she fed me the crumbs of her croissant with those perfect fingers .

I had already brought her to 3 orgasms this morning and I felt proud that it gave her such pleasure.The lotion that covered her perfect body had a lemony taste and as I was kissing my way up her legs , under her knees, I started to go deep into a tender/ ..and so perfect.

My Mistress had decided to become a blond again.. .albeit a dirty blond. .Her night on the town had led her to roam the narrow alleys of the medina type village. She had shopped, she had giggled and she had feasted. The evening ended in a discotheque and she called me on my cel to say that she wanted to hear my voice before she fucked Costas, a young and strong fisherman she had met at the port the other day.

Mistress Said '' How do you feel in your cage?.. Does it feel good to know that I ‘ll get fucked , while the massive doses of Viagra I gave you, will maybe try to create a slight stir in your chastity device. Stay nice and soft for me and I' ll feel less guilty getting fucked by this young man with this perfect body and this perfect dick....hihi.. Is there anything you wish to say to me Slave? . '' Just enjoy yourself.. Mistress and take it up your ass for me..I look forward in cleaning out your various orifices in the morning and kneeling before your perfect body in the morning ..Mistress'' I said.

''That a good slave.''.Mistress said.

'' Don't forget to milk yourself before going to sleep. I want a full cup of your sperm in the morning. I ‘ll make you drink it. Would you like that?'' she said with a squirm. ''.Yes Mistress..very much so..''. I said.

''How do you feel now Slave.??.''she asked.with a cruel giggle and some hesitation'' .. Very submissive and very greatful that you are my Mistress. You have the most perfect Body Mistress.'' No I meant to ask ... .Do you feel like a woman yet ?..she asked

'' ..because you're not. You ll never be a woman. You' ll always just be a Sissy... an imperfect creature with all my wants and all my desires but lacking the equipment .. So imperfect. Her voice had a hypnotic ring to it '' You're just good enough top crawl at my feet with your limp dick in your chastity.. If you re hungry, just suck on the dick mounted on the cage wall, suck like your life depended on it..hihi''..

''SUCK IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT AND THINK OF ME..GETTING FUCKED THOROUGHLY..OKAY MY LOSER...DONT WAIT UP FOR ME HIHI.. JUST SIT THERE AND GRIND YOUR ASS INTO THE FLOOR- MOUNTED PENIS AND YOU' LL FEEL A BIT WHAT I LL FEEL TONIGHT...,FEEL THE FULLNESS OF A STIFF AND YOUNG COCK..OPENING YOU , PENETRATING YOU, so eager TO POSSESS...TO EXPLODE INSIDE OF YOU!...<, How does it feel to be so helpless, chained like an animal, obsessed by me and my body....How does it Slave.. <>hihi.... ''Now taste the juice from the penis in the cage.. my Slave..Do it now..'' Yes Mistress. ''

I did and it tasted like Musk crossed with my Mistresses pussy juices as well as a slight medicinal taste that made me lick the penis with passion and envy. '' Imagine << ..she said.. that you are licking COSTAS penis so that he can mount me.... Does that float your boat..hihi .'' . She said with her sarcastic mix of disdain and humor.

'' Do you feel jealous Slave? '' No Mistress'' as you said.. ''I have no right to be jealous anymore'' Please tell me the truth Slave .. Do you feel jealous deep down? ''..she queried.. << YES MISTRESS I do. But as you said, you' re no longer my wife. You' re just my Mistress and I am one of your slaves and have no proprietary rights over you. '' Good Slave. It 's finally sinking in.'' she said.

'' That' s so right.. she said.. You' re not even a Cuckold because cuckoldry is an outdated term reserved for fully functional men that get betrayed by their lecherous wives. This is not our case. You' re just my Foot-slave and your job is too be obsessed with me, so much so that you' ll do anything I' ll ask of you. When I ask, whenever I ask >.Slave.
>> Yes Mistress!''

'' Let us be clear..Slave ! You are the one that wanted to walk on this trail of Slavery and Female domination.., and now there is no turning back.. ... I was reluctant at first. But you were right....This way it ‘s clearly better for everybody . I feel free and horny and I get fucked when and with whom I like. I get to get off while you are there longing, frustrated and in denial. You no longer have to worry about Erectile Dysfunction. It just makes me so wet to know that a young dick will fuck me tonight while you are there sucking that penis in a dark cage . ..alone and with a shaft up your Sissy Ass..'' she said as she giggled.

'' Remember Slave. .. Tomorrow, is a big day for you! .. It' s the day of your Final Insanity hearing..and in the afternoon it's the cross-examination by your psychiatrist. ''

'' In Court, you will try to avoid all eye contact as you are nothing but a worm. Always look at my heels and imagine that you are licking them clean while COSTAS is shafting you thoroughly ..Are we all clear on that ..Slave?..'' '' Yes Mistress! ''I said without much enthousiasm. '' .. Your answers.. .should always sound unclear, hesitant and irrational ...and start rambling on about the garden.... Always act polite and subservient. Remember your secret garden is my pussy..when I let you have it. ! Only you and I know that. ..'' Hihi ... You ll do anything to suck that pusssy....right or any other pussy or penis I ask you to lick. Slave, won't you ? '' Yes Mistress'' I replied with excitement.

'' Good. Finally I hear some passion and maybe some signs of penis envy....''
'' Answer the questions in Court as we rehearsed them by saying ''I' m not sure....I don't know...I don' t remember or just stare and don't answer until prodded again. That vway you ll come across as really stupid that needs the protection of the state as well as my full protection as custodian.. Don't deny raping Angelina. The DNA proof is all there.''

''We all know that you've been Deemed a Sexual Predator and that s why the court-ordered chastity is there.. . If all else fails, don't hesitate to cry...As the song that s playing in your dungeon now '' You' re a woman now.'', '' Answer in a foreign language...if necessary Say stuff like ''My head hurts when I think....just put your thumb in your mouth and imagine it ‘ s Costa s dick or the heel of my boot.''

''Don't be so cock sure of anything except that you're now just cock and pussy envious Sissy Slut<< with little self - control. That s who you‘ve now become, the perfect Sissy- Slave. It s what you wanted initially and it s what I want for you now, Is that clear?'' '' Yes Mistress'' I said

She said '' I'll hypnotize you now and tomorrow again and you'll remember little else . . 1-2-3 ..Most of the time, I just want YOU LOOKING DREARY, RESTLESS and WORRIED with a blank stare in your face like nobody' s home. .. can you do that for me Slave.. Are you excited to be in Court.. I am and it gets me so wet knowing that you' ll be fully dependent on me . I want to hear you beg more often>. ''

'' I want you to channel any jealousy into yet greater submission towards me. I want you feeling truly humiliated and humbled by Costa s handiwork and the court proceedings, just imagine that you re kneeling in front of my perfect body .''

''...As the sperm runs out of your dick, you' ll feel even more powerless and so submissive, so wimpy , so sissy-like and sexually exhausted and drained .....As if you‘ve just been fucked by Costas '' Yes Mistress., I said.

''Does it excite you to wear these sheer stockings with this tight corset...remember to feel more like a Sissy...Act more like a Sissy!'' Yes Mistress ..I truly do!

'' You're such a pathetic loser, just an old and tired Cum-sissy-slut after a sleepless night of desperate longing for my perfect body .... and wishing for a more simple life....where there is no , eye contact, no decisions, just my heels to lick, my cum- drenched pussy to clean for breakfast....just lots of house cleaning, toilet fixing, painting, crawling . I'll let you have the cum-soaked crumbs of my Croissant and you'll eat out of my hands like a Dog with compulsion and excitement. Would you like that. '' '' YES- Mistress '' I said with eagerness!

<> .. '' Yes Mistress, I would feel privileged.. ''

>>Oh so sweet of you.. ..but just cut those 100$ words>. Those are not Slave words>>I think I' ll have to gag you more often..<< Privileged<< ..Who do you think you are...a judge on the Privy Counsel or maybe the Queen of England'' Just say..'' As you wish Mistress''. ''As you wish Mistress'' I meekly said.

''Let me hear you beg some more for my Perfect Body!'' ..and then the phone went dead. Hallelujah..I thought alone in this cage, yet happy and grateful to have a Beautiful Mistress that understood me so well. .


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