Soldier of Missfortune 3.

Soldier of Missfortune
Part 3
by Angharad

Copyright © 2011 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

I slept badly that night, tossing and turning with the agony of my decision to desert but I could see no alternative. Maybe, I should talk to the colonel and tell him that I can’t do this. I certainly couldn’t seduce a man anyway, no matter how voluptuous my body seemed to be getting, besides I didn’t have the requisite orifice–so that was that–it was all a waste of time.

I rolled over to my side and felt my breasts move and my nipples rubbed against the nightdress. I found myself touching them gently and it was quite pleasant, the sensation centring in the middle of my body behind my neutralised penis. I rolled back into a supine position and rubbed both nipples, imagining it was someone else doing it–at first I thought of some girl or other, then it became less important who it was or what they were–so long as it was someone. I felt my legs become tense and deep inside me something happened–just for a moment but it seemed to emanate outwards like a ripple of intensity–then it was gone. A short while later I had to go for a wee and discovered a little wet spot in my knickers and blushed.

My nipples felt slightly tender the next day and I rubbed some cream into them after I’d showered–I blushed again while I was doing it. I dressed and went to get some breakfast at the small dining room they had in the house.

I was taking my tray back to the dirty crocks area when a young man in civvies came up to me. “Are you Alexandra Montgomery?”

“Yes I am, who are you?”

“I’m Steve, mind if you wait while I grab a bite, I’m absolutely famished?”

“No, I’ll have another cuppa while I wait.”

We queued at the hatch and he ate a full cooked breakfast while I sipped my coffee.

“What d’you want with me?” I asked him as he finished wiping the plate with his bread.

“I’m here as an instructor.”

“Oh–to teach me what?”

“This is a bit public,” he said glancing around the place.

“Oh, okay.” Perhaps I was going to learn what this was exactly about in a short while.

We walked back towards the rooms where I’d been staying–I had a room with its own en suite and beyond it were the offices of this group and the other rooms they used for teaching me various things about impersonating the female and also where they’d checked my competency with various weapons systems on a computerised simulator. I assumed he was something to do with that.

“Alex, if I might call you that? You’re a rather attractive woman.”

“Eh?” I gasped, he was an alright guy, but I didn’t fancy him–at the same time I felt this itching in my nipples. What the hell was going on? Were the pills making me queer?

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yes, why?”

“You blushed and shuddered a little back there.”

“Yes–I’m fine–someone walked on my grave–you know?”

“No–sounds a bit weird to me.”

“It’s an expression that’s all, something makes you shiver–an’ you don’t know what–that’s all.”

“Oh, well it’s quite warm in here, otherwise I’d have said perhaps a draught blew up your legs–that is rather a short skirt–mind you, it does wonders for your bum.”

I stopped–“I’m not sure where this is leading, but I think you’d better stop it right now.”

“Oh, sorry–I just find you a very sexy and attractive woman–can’t help me ‘ormones now can I?”

“Are you taking the piss?” I asked as we walked into an empty room. The next moment he pushed me against the wall and forced his mouth over mine and his tongue pushed into my mouth, and his hand rubbed my breast.

I was overwhelmed by total confusion–part of me was saying this is wrong I’m a man–another part was saying, that feels so good, especially when his second hand went to my other breast and his fingers played with my nipples. That sensation deep inside me happened again only stronger and longer lasting–bloody hell, I’d had an orgasm. I pulled my face away from him and repulsed him–“No–stop it,” said firmly and pushed him away.

“Sorry, got a bit carried away,” the bulge in his trousers tended to agree with him.

“Just what are you here to instruct me in?” I checked my makeup in my compact mirror, I had to wipe off my lipstick and reapply it–no big deal–except in how it had got smudged. I handed him a tissue.

“What’s that for?”

“You have lipstick on your face.”

“Well I can’t see it, you’d better wipe it off.” I did and he gripped my wrist, squeezed it and let it go. I cleaned him up, my mind buzzing with what had just happened and the fact that I needed to go to wee again. I settled him down and excused myself. There was another little wet spot in my panties–oh shit–was going queer?

He stood as I re-entered the room–nice manners–men don’t do that much today–what am I thinking? This place is messing with my head.

“I’ve come to teach you how to use this,” he opened a small case and took out a thing about the size of an average mobile phone.

“A mobile?”

“No, it looks like one, but that it quite deliberate–it’s a tracking and seeking system.”

“How very James Bond,” I said sarcastically.

“Extremely, the Q lab they show in the films exists, it isn’t anything like the silliness they show in the films, much more sedate and boring.”

“So you don’t have a John Cleese character running it?” I joked–mind you Steve was far more interesting than John Cleese–at least to look at–What was I saying?

“No, just boring run of the mill inventive geniuses.”

“Like you?” I smiled at him, aware that playing with my hair was probably making his underpants feel tight. I‘d had no real social contact since I’d been there–it was all official. If anyone touched me, it was for a reason–checking my health, doing my hair or showing me how to. This person found me attractive–I couldn’t think why–except for two good reasons which were pointing at him right now–and he was giving them a lecture on mobile phones–crazy or what?

“Um–me–nah, I’m just a backroom boy–but they had to send someone to show you how to use this, you’re familiar with the Gemini one and two systems.”


“Point this thing towards them–so–and if there’s one there–this light’s up.”

“Ooh, that’s clever, what does it pick up on?” I touched his hand as I looked at the display–one you won’t see on a mobile.

“I–um–oh yeah, it’s programmed to detect the EMC–the Gemini have such a specific output.”

“EMC?” I acted such a clot so he could explain to me–dammit–I was doing the girly thing again.

“Are you sure you’re familiar with the systems–the Gemini ones, I mean?”

“Yes–I’m a technician for them and a few other things–like the Delta and Grapeshot systems.”

“You’re army, then?”

“Yeah–what else?”

“I’ll bet you look sexy in your uniform,” he almost purred–subtle he wasn’t.

“I beg your pardon?”

He blushed again, “Sorry, got a bit carried away there.” He cleared his throat. “I was told that you needed to detect Geminis not Delta or Grapeshot. But if you know their EMCs–electromagnetic cycles–you can adjust the detector accordingly, here.” He pressed a combination of buttons and the display changed.

“What sort of range does this have?” I tried to concentrate on the business in hand, only I wanted hands to touch my breasts again and I felt my own hand gently squeezing the pen I was holding–bloody hell–did someone put queer pills or Viagra in my coffee? I know they’re whacking hormones into me–is that what’s doing it?”

“Depending on environmentals–up to a hundred metres.”

“That’s pretty sensitive then?”

He was staring at my chest and I felt my nipples erecting–“Oh yeah, very sensitive.”

“And that little thing does all that? Shows that size isn’t important, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t get many complaints,” he said and blushed even more deeply.

The door opened and in walked the colonel–what did he want? “Ah, Mr Blomquist, I see you’re earlier than we expected–is that the Domino nine detector?”

“This is, Colonel Stone,” I added when Steve looked a bit perplexed.

“Oh yes, sorry, Colonel, I’m a bit brain boggled, drove down from Scotland overnight, we’re short staffed–cuts an’ all that.”

“I’ve ordered some coffee, perhaps you could run across and see where it is, Alex?”

“I thought, Mr Blomquist was here to see me, sir?”

“Coffee–there’s a good girl.” His breezy tone was belied by the angry expression he flashed at me–sexist old fart. Aware that Steve would be watching my derriere as I left I wiggled out of the room and went in search of the missing caffeine.

As I walked back I remembered that I was still on her majesty’s payroll, so I cut the insolence and poured the coffees when I got back with the tray.

“You pour a nice cup of coffee, Alex,” offered Steve while Colonel Stone cleared his throat in dissent. “Oh and my favourite biscuits,” he snaffled one of the fruit shortcakes–“How did you know?” as he said these, unsubtle pick up lines Stone nearly choked on his Kenyan mild roast.

I just felt my nipples perk–like some sex detector–or should that be distractor–because Steve had great trouble focusing on explaining the machine to the Colonel, especially when I touched his hand and took the machine to show I had been listening.

Steve went off to the loo, and Stone glared at me. “He doesn’t know anything about you except what he sees. However, seeing as seduction is part of your remit–only with your target–we’ll use his uncontrolled urges for your practice session. I want you to seduce him.”

“What?” I gasped although the idea wasn’t so far from my own mind and it was a minor distraction from my thoughts of desertion. It was beginning to feel like a Carry On film, and I got the Barbara Windsor role by the look of it–I suppose he was the Jim Dale character and Stone–he was just a pain in the arse.

“I think you heard what I said.”

“But how?”

“Seeing as you’ve been winding him up ever since I got here, I’ll let you work that out for yourself.”

“If you recall, sir, I’m kind of lacking an essential ingredient.”

“Tell him you’re on your period and improvise.”

“Tell him what?”

“You heard–that’s an order.”

Steve returned just as Stone gave me the equivalent of a cold shower. He sat down finished his coffee and ate another biscuit, then yawned. “Oh, pardon me.”

“Mr Blomquist, we’ve booked you into the local pub for tonight, I’m having a simulator brought over tonight and hidden on a training site, so Miss Montgomery can practice her stuff tomorrow, naturally, we’ll need you there in case she needs assistance.”

“I’ll have to clear it with my office but otherwise, that’s fine.”

“I’ve already instructed your office to approve it.”

“We’re very short staffed, Colonel.”

“If they hadn’t approved it, they’d be short of a head of department. Now let’s get some lunch–we’ll use the pub–then you can instruct Miss Montgomery on this machine until she can do it blindfold–and I mean blindfold. I trust you have a scarf or something that can be used, Alexandra?”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Good, we’ll take both cars–make sure you lock that thing away securely in your boot, won’t you, Mr Blomquist?” As Stone said this I glanced at Steve’s groin then realised the instruction was about his little electronic toy.

“If you’re not going to eat those potatoes, can I have them?” I nodded and Steve speared them with his fork and took them to his plate. Stone looked on disapprovingly.

The truth was I had no appetite, what with my dilemma of doing a bunk or sticking things out. Then there was the problem with my parents. They’d been told I’d been posted at short notice–normally you have some leave before that happens.

I presume Stone must have considered my eating only two mouthfuls of food was precipitated by his instruction to seduce Steve. That was another factor. But it wasn’t Steve I was thinking about–it was how I insisted that I see my parents before I did this job, if I didn’t jump ship beforehand.

Steve went up to see his room and sign the register at the pub. I took the opportunity to speak with Stone. “Tomorrow, sir, I presume I can wear my usual fatigues–they're in my kitbag–it was in your car?”

“They’ll have a uniform for you, don’t worry, Montgomery.”

“Thank you, sir. Oh, sir, I have a question.”

“I have one for you too, Montgomery.”

“Sir, as this job is potentially risky, I’d like to see my parents before I do it.”

“That could be arranged–yes, we could organise that.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No, that’s fair enough. Now tell me, who is Alison Bright, and why are you transferring money into her account?”

I felt sick–is there nothing sacred anymore? I felt my head swimming and sipped some water. “I set it up as a tax dodge, sir.”

“I don’t see how, because any money there will be taxed at the usual rate anyway. Is that the real reason–I mean you weren’t thinking of leaving us, were you?”

“Good lord, sir, that would be desertion–that’s an offence, sir.”

“It’s treated with great severity, in your case I’d make sure of that, and we’d get you sent to a male prison–mind you, do well with young Blomquist, and you might have a whale of a time there.”

I shuddered.

Steve came back down and the colonel said he had to go to a meeting, could Steve run me back afterwards? His eyes grew wide and he nodded he would.

We had to either go back to the base or use his room, he could hardly rerun his machine in a corner of the local pub. He suggested we could use his room, which suddenly I dreaded.

Stone had seen through my plans–were they that obvious? Or is it something they do regularly to their operatives–that’s what he’d called me earlier to Steve. He’d said that I wasn’t as much of a bimbo as I appeared–perhaps he was wrong.

We had a tray of tea sent up and retired to his room, which was very nice for a pub–I remember one I stayed in a couple of years ago that was as rough as a cat’s tongue–mind you it was cheap, but the price was all it had going for it, and a nice line in bedbugs. We had to get the council in, in the end, to fumigate the whole house.

We played with his Domino machine until I was seeing spots before my eyes. We had to improvise about the blindfold–I wrapped a towel round my head and still managed it.

“You’re an amazing girl, Alex, you did that better blindfold than I could have sighted. Those fingers of yours must be so sensitive.”

I said subtlety wasn’t his modus operandi, and he could do with a few lessons in pick up lines, but now had a job to do–improvise the man said.

Steve touched me hand and the hairs on my arm stood up–they were only fine things–but my spine was also having little shivers running up and down it–what did that mean?

He drew me too him and I let him kiss me, several times. “Steve, I can’t have sex with you.”

“Why not, we’re both over the age of consent?”

“Two reasons–I’m on, secondly, I’m not on the pill and my regular boyfriend would kill me if he found out.”

“Look, I don’t mind it messy–”

“I do,” I said indignantly.

“Oh bugger,” he sighed.

That was an option I was not offering. “Maybe we could just have a cuddle and a kiss.”

“Okay, it’s better than nothing, but you have an amazing body, Alex,” he said grasping at straws.

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