The Tales of Misrah - Tale 3: "A furry tail"

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Spells R us - The tales of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale III: "A furry tail"

by Misrah

"...and then guys, and I'm telling you the truth I swear to god, I bended her of that table and so fucked the shit out of her." The whole crowd of his friends was laughing their hearts out, as Ryan was mimikring the act he just described, while waving his bottle of beer like a lasso above his head.

They had come out here as they so often used to after one of their intense party-sessions Of course only those of them who haven't had luck with the ladies. 'Cause at nights, this parking lot of the mall, beeing a little out of the town, was a completely deserted area, where noone cared about that bunch of young, usually drunken dudes making a lot of noise and turning the stereos of their cars up to max level.

"Yeah!" Ryan definitely enjoyed the attention and applause he got from his freinds for the story he just had told. O.k., to be honest he had just been making in up, posing a little in front of the dudes. But one doesn't get the "leader of the gang" with beeing a quiet person. And, whatever: Noone's going to find out the truth anyway...

"Mike, my man! Be a sport and hand me another beer." - Mike, one of Ryan's best friends since childhood days did so, and the school's quarterback opened the bottle with his lighter. "YOU ROCK, DUDE!" Ryan took a stand right in front of his friend and yelled that words right into his face. "NO, Y O U ROCK, MAAAAN!" Mike repeated in the same overloud manner as it had become one of their habbits on occasions like this.

"Eh, look at that." Ed, another young man of the group, pointed out at something. Ryan turned arround and, in the flickering light of one of the street lamps, he could see a dog who troted towards the group. It was a wolflike creature with all black fur and yellow eyes. Usually a beast one would be afraid of, but this dotg judging of his hesitant movements, seemed more to be of of a peacefull nature. And the alcohol which all of the group had already in thier veins, had lowered their senses for danger anyway nearly down to like zero.

The dog held his snout up in the air sniffing as he slowly and carefull came nearer. Ryan followed the yellow eyes and understood that the black dog must have smelled the hot dogs and sandwiches, which lay on the hood of his Dodge. - "Now look who's visiting!" Nasty laughing along with his friends, he grabed one of the hot dogs and light-hearted went towards the dog. Then he knelt down right in front of it, waving the sandwich around in front of it's snout. The dog kept a distance of maybe a meter and was looking up to him, examining him.

Still kneeling in front of the animal and watched by his friends over at the cars, Ryan said: "Here, dogy dogy. - So, wha's up little fellow? If you want this..." he waved the hot dog around some more, "then you'll have to come a little closer. - The dog first seemed to be a little suspicious, then carefully and slowly came nearer, opened it's mouth to grab the meat the young man offered it and...

-WHAM!- Ryan was really proud of that punch. Not only that the young Quarterback had used his whole availbale strength in that punch of his, he had been also fast enough to give the dog no chance to jump away from it. A clear, rough hit on the head that had been."You better get your dirty ass away from our cars!" Ryan's friends laughed out and cheered over from the cars, celebrating this brutal action of their leader.

The dog meanwhile had gotten back on it's legs, immediately turned around and stormed of into the dark of the night, howling in pain. Ryan got back to his crew, getting a high five from his 'bro' Mike. "Clean hit, man!" This was, when suddenly something else seemed to attract the attention of the others.

Turning around and following their direction of view he caught sight of a stunning women, which out of the nights darkness had stepped into the light of one of the street lamps. - And well, and if he wouldn't have been a guy with good self-control, his jaw surely would have dropped right down to the floor.

She undoubted was a real beauty. Her slender figure, all the curves were they are meant to be. As she came nearer on her high black heels, here hips were shaking seductively. O.k, she might have had some let's say "unusual" style, but the black leather-dress she wore suited her well and accentuated her large breasts quite well. Her lips were as black as the night itself and her long, white hair floated in the warm summerwind like silk. Around her shoulder this 'goddess' wore slender chains of metall, with some Medaillons or something on them. One of those strange items she wore around her neck. Ryan was absolutely stunned.

"Why are you guys picking on that poor creature in such a beautiful night." The young woman asked while she was still walking over, directly addressing Mike. - "He, babe. Don't take it too serious. We were just kidding around a little." with a grin on his face, Ryan did an overdone bow before the whitehaired beauty and said. "O.k. ... I'm sorry, man."
She looked all over him, like she was prooving, analyzing him somehow... "You don't care to much about the sorrow of others, do you?" - Well, this had been totally out of the blue and even Ryan, who usually was definitely not a guy whom it did take long to make up a fresh reply, was simply speechless for the moment.

But he didn't have much time to think about it, 'cause suddenly the chick seemed to have changed her whole attitude, as she layed one hand on his shoulder, nestling herself against his body. - Ryan couldn't believe it as his eyes wandered down to her large cleavage and then back to her beautiful, feminine face. Her looks, her beauty, her smell. She must have been aware of the massive boner he had right now, but she didn't seemed to be irritated by that. In fact she was pressing herself against him, which even aroused him more.

"So what's your name?" the beauty cooed. " I... It's Ryan, mylady." He fought hard to keep as cool as possible in front of his friends, which in a situation like this (and you bet your ass on it) wasn't really an easy thing to do. "And what would yours be, babe?" "Call me Rah." She answered in a most seductive voice and licked his ear.

Ryan's friends meanwhile were totally stunned, seeing this godlike chick which had appeared of like nowhere, now obviously taking a hit on their leader and friend. - "The dude's just won the lottery...", Ed mumbled, while Mike speechless nodded along.

"Do you want to get laid tonight?" the beauty whispered in Ryan's ear, unaudible for the others around. "Well, wouldn't be a bad bad thing to have some quality time, eh?" He suggestively smiled, as he layed one arm around the slender hips of the young woman.

"Well, guys. It' s been one hell of an evening. But I'm gonna call it a day now." he addressed his friends. "Gotta have to discuss something with Miss Rah here." Ryan blinked with one eye. - When all of the guys said good bye to them they left taking a walk under the pale light of the full moon.

"I wanna give you a present, Ryan." 'Rah' took one of the Medaillon chains off her shoulder and handed it to the young man. "Will you wear it?" He found it sheer unbelievable how much her smooth voice and the seductive tone were turning him on. "For you? Anything, my precious." he whispered, while quickly fixing the chain around his neck, the beautifull young women close at his side.

"Would you like to do it dogy-style?" 'Rah' asked the young man now. "Whoah! Now here's some girl which knows what she wants, eh?" he thought as hies eyes widened in surprise. This definitely caught him by surprise, but he kinda liked the direct way of the chick. "Well, I'd love to do it that way, babe." He did the best he could to at least pretend still keeping his 'coolnes'.

Ryan leaned over to kiss her, but her mouth suddenly seemed to be to high for him to reach it with his lips. No it seemed to be in fact not only her, the whole world around him seemed to grow to like gigantic now. Sensing a strange feeling he grabed his face. "Just wait a second! I didn't have a beard before." he thought, with a gasp of total panic realizing that the golden-colored hair grew out also on his arm. Not only there, like everywhere on his body. He could feel the hair rubbing against the insides of his jeans, his whole clothing actually.

"What's going on?!" The young Quarterback stammered out in shock, while the young woman with the white hair besides him kept overtowering him more and more, and now maliciously was laughing down on him. - "What's happening to me?" Ryan all of the sudden lost his balance and got down on his all fours.

That was when he noticed two yellow glowing eyes, eagerly watching him throughout the dark woods...

(Author's notice: This story might still have some flaws, talking about grammar, choice of words a.s.o. - I'm still working on it, but anyway: The storyline itself is complete and I just felt like getting this one out know. - All of you are welcome to proofread. Just send me a PM.)

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