The Tales of Misrah - Tale 2: "F***in' weird"

Spells R Us - The Tales Of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale II: F***in' weird

By Misrah

Synopsis: When two enters the SRU Magic Shop, they meet the Wizard's new Apprentice who has a bit of fun at their expense.

Brian was still talking about one of his endless plans of attracting some chick he had a crush on at the moment at school. He was always planning and talking about how, and also how many chicks he "was about to lay".
"And then I'm gonna present her the necklace and as a reward, you bet your ass on it, I'll have myself some gooood sex."

He drove his hand through his short blonde hair while he described the details of one more of his 'plans'. I already had gotten used to this kind of talking.

I just nodded, we were walking down the corridors of the new town mall, which had opened it's gates some weeks ago. That was why we two seventeen year old friends had decided to check the place out as we didn't have anything better to do.


As I just said before, I kinda got used to that, despite the fact that I actually hadn't seen him EVER with one of these plans of his gotten through.

As we entered, we saw a huge banner hanging from the ceiling which said "The Forum - Mall of Houston, Texas WELCOMES YOU!"
According to what you hear he only had got one chick ever which went with him all the way, and that was after a private party and the girl, according to rumors, was drunk as hell and even regretted it afterwards.

Well, anyway: This must have been the point in his life when he got the wild idea that he was an unresistable 'lady killer', and was supposedly from that point on he focused on the mission of hitting on the chicks.

Well, he didn't look to bad at all, as far as I could judge as a man. I mean he was kind of average in size, wide shoulders, a little more than usual to be mentionable, and even had gained some moderate muscle mass through some exercising with weights.

He also had some kind of single-minded, sheer unbreakable self-confidence, which I sometimes envied. It had to make life easier, definitively when one, as he was, and no matter how often one fails, always nevertheless keeps thinking of himself as the undeniable 'king of the world'.

Dan is my name, short for Daniel. I am the classic sideshow, if you want. Quite intelligent, at least if you believe what my well-meaning teachers always told my parents, but my marks anyway were just about average. When it came to the ladies, I was quite unlucky. I never really had a girl cause I always get to shy around these angel-like creatures and if I ever got a word out in front of them, you could bet on that I was just about to totally embarrass myself.

So I envied my best pal Brian for his supposed one time 'score'. He was kind of my only real friend and we kinda constantly used to hang around together.

"So", I replied. "where did you buy this necklace for Bethany anyway? I figure these things are quite costly.

As usually, not easily to be irritated, he answered immediately, "I didn't already, man. But one just has to take his chances in life and have a feeling where to get what he needs for a reasonable price."

I sighed silently when he once again did this over-self-confidence-thing of his, which I by myself mostly considered to be just a load of 'hot air'.

"You see, man. That's what I'm talking about: Take your chances when they open up on ya."


He pointed to a store, which was kind of weird looking, "You see, man. In a store like this, I surely will find something for a reasonable prize which doesn't look to cheap but will be show able enough to convince the chick."

Who might have given the holders of that shop a license to open up in this top-modern mall. Even in the best concepts, faults always happen. I thought as I just followed Brian who was heading right towards the described location.

I got a chance to take a closer look at the shop: It's kinda like ancient facade entirely was made out of fine wood (oak perhaps), whose baroque florid ornamentation seemed well-crafted once by an advanced master of his art. It's shop windows were all dusty and dirty as no one had for decades cared to clean them. What was visible of the assortment from the outside was a summary of a variety clothes and strange costumes on some racks which were placed right in front of the store.

A bunch made of iron or something chains with tags on 'em and other cheap-fashioned ornaments hung in a cluster from an flickering, old lantern-like fashioned lamp which barely lit a sign which said "Spells R Us".

Well, there it was: Brian sharing his 'wisdom' once again. Sometimes it seemed quite amusing to me. But when it came to this store, he actually might have been right. They had loads and loads of stuff which more seemed like it had been collected and gathered over decades. Antique looking dolls, costumes, rusty rapiers, clothes, ancient style jewelry kinda items... Well, to sum it up: 'If it's weird and useless: You name it, they got it.' seemed to be a good slogan for the whole thing.

The shopkeeper's appearance didn't surprise me much after this. He kind of seemed to fit in where nothing else fit to each other. Actually I would have expected an older fellow to run a shop of this kind, so to say. But despite that his looks were as weird as the whole store itself.

He actually was a quite young dude, wearing a worn out old black leather-jacket and black jeans with several holes in 'em. The massive boots he rested on the counter had obviously once been army material I suppose. Around his left shoulder there were several iron chains attached with carved items on them, some made of the same material.

Brian meanwhile gave the strange dude barely a look while he searched for a necklace suitable for a girl in this whole mess. Well, he actually might have the luck of the dumb, as the shop also had several clusters of chains, jewelry and similar stuff hanging down from the ceiling.

Brian, after carefully examining one of the clusters picked out one item which well, looked like a necklace and victoriously held it up in front of my face, "See, that's what I'm talking about! This thing so rocks and will definitely do the job. Bethany will be stunned, man!"

Well, so far I agreed, as well as I heavily doubted that she would be in the way he intended, "Yeah, might be."

"I'm so gonna get me some sex tonight." my best friend triumphed.

I heavily doubted it, as long at the golden-colored thing had thorn-shaped spikes attached to it all around.

"If you are interested, I might be able to help you with that," 'Sales-Punk' all of the sudden spoke up from behind his counter. He obviously must have overheard our conversation.

"No thanks, man. We're neither gay and if you wanna offer us some hooker's: We are a little short on money at the moment so to say," Brian replied without hesitating.

The weird dude slowly stood up and came across the room, "I assure you that I have no intention to offer you anything like that."

'White hair is about twenty, but what twenty year-old guy dyes his hair plain white voluntarily'

"Then, if that is not the case: What would be your idea of helping us along to get laid."

"Getting laid, huh? Well, to use my Master's kind of talk: "I'm a wizard."

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England." Brian sarcastically replied.

I raised a brow as Leather-jacket seemed to be thinking about something for a few seconds.

"Nah...", 'Whitey' finally stated, "That might be not any fun whatsoever." He seemed to say that last thing more to himself than to Brian, but then returned talking to my friend. "Well, believe me or not. As a present, let me offer you this medallion. He took out a medallion with a metal chain on it and handed it to my pal.

Brian was no one to reject something given of free. So without further examining he just said "Well, we appreciate that, dude. But what I'd really like to buy is this here."

He showed Leather-jacket the necklace kind of thing, "O.K. the sign says it's fifteen dollars."

"There you go," He handed over the money.

Leather-jacket took it without a word,putting it in the pocket of his jeans. "Fine choice. Hope you come back soon, my young friends."

"Thanks, Man," I said.

As we were heading for the door, Leather-jacket said, "But one last word, lads."

We turned instinctively around and looked at him,"Yes?'

"If you don't have any luck with the ladies and still want some action, just place the medallion I gave you in a table in the middle of the room, wish for the sexual fantasy you desire to get and you will get it."

"Yes, er... Thx man. We will remember it," I replied

"And thanks anyway. Cya around, man." Brian once again took the word.


"Well, whatever this guy's smoking, it must be one hell of a drug," Brian simply laughed his heart out about the strange dude after we had left the store, and this one time I had to totally agree with him.

"He's a wizard, he said." I actually had tears in my eyes from all the laughter.

"Yeah, that's rich!" my best friend replied.

"Wonder why a guy like this is still running around free. But anyway, I got what I wanted and as an extra, we additionally got this piece of junk for free."

He pulled out the medallion, with some kind of a laughing demon face carved into it. Some fine work it seemed to be. But for sure as well ugly as hell, I judged.

Soon we separated, as Brian had to get ready for his so called date with Bethany, but, as I had expected, it seemed to have not worked out well for him as I found my old friend only two hours after we split up. He was tapping on the glass door which lead from my room in my parents house to the terrace.

Recognizing him out there in the dark I opened up and let him him, "Ey man."


I sat down in my leather armchair again, continuing to watching my movie.

"Well, she didn't seem to really like my present." Brian reported. "And the whole thing somehow didn't work out. Anyway: The chick just sucks."

Well, as I said, I had heard this plenty of times before. Of course it couldn't have been him behaving like a total jerk or about him presenting her this cheap piece of junk he got at Freako's shop. But, as there wouldn't have been any point in trying to explain it to him anyway, I decided to let it be and instead make the most out of the evening we could.

"Well, it's not like someone died: C' est la vies... That's live,"

With these words I handed over to him a bottle of beer. I had gotten one box of those out of my father's reserve in the cellar earlier.

So, at last we made kind of a fun buddy-evening out of it. Drinking some beer, watching movies and playing some video-games. But, as it was around midnight, I was busy killing off some alien-boss of the game 'Super Contra' while Brian took out the medallion of his pocket, curiously examining it.

As the alien-boss just broke down under my bullets into a puddle of his green blood, Brian stated, "You know dude, it's weird. It really looks like if it was ancient..."

I wasn't much impressed, "Well, as far as I know they got chemicals to fake effects like those nowadays."

"Call me mad, man. But I'd say: Let's just try this thing out..."

Now he had my attention. I put my game to pause, put the joy pad down and looked at him with an obviously sarcastic look, "You gotta be kidding me, dude..."

He lifted the weird medallion's chain up against the light of the room's ceiling light, causing some sparkling effects on it's simple metal.

"Well, I know it kinda sounds stupid, but what's the harm with at least giving it a chance."

I began to think that I might have overestimated my pal's IQ before. But just out of curiosity, I went on asking, "And what might be your idea of doing that?"

"Well, just as the dude said, you know." he continued.

"Well, guess we should get naked, place ourselves in a proper position, maybe me on the bed, you on the couch, then make our individual wishes and, if it works out, keep fucking some hot chicks the whole damn night long."

To my excuse at this point. It was friggin' late and I was all intoxicated thanks to the several beers we both have had over the evening, "You know, man: If I'm going for some pointless crap like that, you'll gonna owe me 50 bucks, you hear me."

"Eh, Dan be a sport. But whatever. You got yourself a deal, pal."

'I never will drink again' I swore this to myself when I found myself all naked kneeling down on the couch of my room, . (Well, once again that would be) Brian meanwhile took the same position on my bed. He had moved the little table in the very middle of my room before and, placed the strange medallion on it.

"O.K., now let's make our wishes. You go first."

Once again I sighed, but after all this was about to gonna get me 50 bucks and so I just went along with the whole farce. I didn't plan on getting naked for nothing, so I followed the command, "O.K., here goes: I hereby wish to fuck a busty blonde girl doggy style."

I sarcastically looked over to Brian as nothing happened. He seemed to take this whole thing definitely more serious as he said out loud, "I wish to have the best sex a human can get!"

An intense flashing light, all of the sudden and to our both surprise, emerged from the medallion and went through all of the room.



Suddenly, I was highly aroused and erected and had a most massive boner. My hands grabbed the round juicy thighs of the short haired blonde, busty women which now was on her all fours right in front of me. I could feel the muscles of her moist pussy massaging my thing, as I went in and out penetrating her.

She was moaning along with it and seemed to enjoy my effort, which more and more spurred me on and made me fuck her even harder and harder, faster and faster.

"Uh! Uh! - Oh, my god!" she yelled out. The sound of my pelvis hitting her juicy round ass made me even more horny.

I was sweating all over and put my whole energy in pleasing her, getting satisfaction out of each of her moans and stammered comments.

"Oh god, It's so big! It's... it's inside me! Oh lord!"

"Ey, pal?! My girl here's just a volcano, man! How 'bout yours?"

Grinning and still fucking the blonde beauty in front of me, I just for a second took a short look back to my bed, where Brian had been, but to my surprise there was no one in sight there whatsoever...

"Brian?!" I asked out loud into the room, wondering. The blonde goddess I still kept penetrating looked at me over her shoulder and with glassy eyes between two lusty moans of her's, while I filled her pussy up and up again, said to me: "I -UH- I am here, Dan..."


Misrah's laughter filled the small store, "Well, that has been definitely some fun!"

"Woof!" Said a large canine.

"Well, I kept my promise, didn't I Wolfy?" He gently pat the head of the black dog which had laid down besides his chair. The malicious laughter of the wizard's apprentice still echoed of the walls in the darkness of the nightly mall, as the strange store vanished from it as if it had never been there before...


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