The Tales of Misrah - Tale 0: "How it all began..."

Spells R us - The tales of Misrah, the apprentice
Tale Zero: "How it all began..."

by Misrah

My greetings! And welcome to this shop of ours, dear stranger. Or would you prever if I'd address you by name? Ah, never mind. You seem to be slightly irritated by my looks and the smile. I hear that a lot. But believe me when I tell you it only sais that I mean well for you, my friend. I assure you whatever you desire, my assortment is able to offer. - The short white hair? Well, I appreciate your curiosity, that's what our whole business kinda lives of. Well, let's just say I like it that way, even if one might not expext it from a guy in his early twenties. - No, no. I'm not actually the owner of this shop. But so to say I'm the apprentice here and my "supervisor" is on a "business-journey" out of town and left me in charge. So feel, free to take a look around and... Oh, I see you seem to have an eye for those medaillons there don't you. I'm honored you like them. As I'm the one who made them. - Not possible, you say? Well it is, trust me. The antique look just comes from a special ingredient in the metall they're made of. Actually it's just it gives them this special medieval kind of look that I like to consider my "business card". - But where are my manners. How rude of me not to introduce myself: Misrah is the name, pleased to meet you. - So let's see, which one of those might fit for you best. - You have my promise you'll be surprised how much it will suit you... - How someone like me with this worn out black biker leather-jacket and the black jeans fits into a store like this? - You really want me to tell you my story? - Well than, good. And just 'cause I kinda like your face, I'll do even better. I'm gonna SHOW it to you. Yes the chain and the medaillon seem heavy at first to most, but you will see soon. Yes, you will see... Tell me, what you see...


*WHAM* - The punch was hard and hit Alwin right into the face, sending him down right in the corner of the mall's toilet. "So, you think you're smart, Dickweed?!" - Darell, who had just yelled this, was really the kind of guy you don't wanna have any trouble with. A huge dude with an army-like kind of haircut, which had thanks to his constant practice as one of the stars of the school's football team, a renoticable muscular stature. "I... I didn't mean to..." Alwin tried to throw in, but his opponent didn't seem to show any interest in his words. Alwin was a 17 year old, more skinny type of a guy. Not to popular around school, as most are if they constantly wear a rocker-like outfit including a worn out leather jacket with a white painted pentagram on it, washed out black jeans and old army boots. His appearance adding up with the facts that he was more into metall music then sports meant that he didn't have much friends and was so to say it the opposite of a "man's man" and had made him an outsider and perfect target for the school's bullies over the last couple of years.

And the worst of those bullies had to be definitely Darell, the big blonde colossus that was attacking him at the very moment, surrounded as usual by his standard escort of four of his dumb-like-a-brick football-player friends, which were laughing their guts out over Alwin's desparate situation, as he lay there in the corner with blood running down his lower lip. Slowly Alwin got up trying to keep some dignity and accidently smearing the blood on his hands into his short brown hair while holding his head. "Ey, man. Believe me. I really didn't mean to offe..." He couldn't finish the sentence as Darell pushed him roughly against the wall off the bathroom. "Well, but you DID, you worthless scum!" The cause of Darell's anger was as Alwin knew, an answer he had given to Mrs. Wallace, the history teacher, instead of Darell who was originally asked the question. But it was only 'cause this dumb fucker had no idea about the answer whatsoever anyways and kept the class waiting for like three minutes just stammering around and still having no clue what to say. Right now, Alwin regreted this intervention he made like an hour ago, but now he just was thinking about how to get out of this situation. Darell was obviously mad (and undoubted dumb) enough to thoughtless of the consequences beat his face to a bloody pulp.

"So all on one card it is..." Alwin told himself, while Darell was blubbering something about looks he had given the quarterbacks girlfriend also. But, eh. This chick had one hell of a rack and so who could blame any man worth his salt risking one or two eyes on her from time to time. He didn't even inted to, but... "The little magot looks thirsty, doesn't he, dudes?!" This immediately brought Alwin abrupt back to reality, cause he knew those fucker's were about to stick his head once again into the toilet. Darell's arm stretched out to grab his neck, but this simply happened one time to often and the adrenaline rush shooting now through Alwin's body made him react abruptly and without any further rational thinking. - So he just rammed up his right shoulder against the attacker's chest throwing in his whole body weight, which made even the tall brute stumble back gasping. Also his friends turned out to be just stunned for a sec, and Alwin took the moment of surprise to storm through them and out of the toilet.

As Alwin had to realize, the effect didn't last long 'cause as soon as he was running for his life through the corridors of the shopping mall, he could already hear his hunter's following him, cursing and yelling their anger out. He wouldn't be able to keep up this kind of tempo for long he knew, and so he had to get a hideout as soon as possible. The advantage of his army-boots turned out to be that they had a pretty good grip on the plain floor of the mall whenn he, with only minimum sliding ran around the next corner and took his last chance for an escape with nearly throwing himself through the door of the next best shop there was, hiding under a rack with clothes. There he remained and to his surprise, the trick seemed to work as he could clearly hear how his follower's, still cursing at him, ran past the store without a halt.

"That was close, wasn't it" The voice emerging from the salescounter across the rack made Alwin look up. "Quick, my young friend, hide here. They will come back." The one who spoke was a kind of freaky old man with a long white Gandalf-like beard and some kind of blackish bathrobe on. But who was Alwin in this present situation of his to judge. So when the old geezer opened a dark purple curtain to a door which obviously led to the back of the store, he just instinctively followed the command. - This turned out to come of as a good choice for the time beeing, 'cause only moments after the old man had closed the curtain again, Darell and his 'henchman' came back and entered the shop.

"Ey there, gramps!" Darell spat out, heavily breathing "Have you seen some freaky looking Wannabe-rocker around here lately?" - Hiding around the corner behind the curtain, through a small split Alwin was able to take a glimpse at the situation outside in the shop. - "No, I hadn't had any customer's the last two hours. But if you are interrested in my assortment, feel free to take a look around." the old one calmly answered to the bully. But Darell wasn't about to retreat that easily. "You better not lie to me old fart, or I'm gonna get you fucked up." he growled. "Oh, you will?" If Alwin wouldn't have been in the backside view, he could have seen a blood freazing glow which appeared at that moment in the old man's eyes, while he put on an almost devilish grin. "We'll see, who's..." - "Oh christ, just fuck you, you old nutcase." Darell interrupted him, trying to seem self-confident but somehow the wierd impression on the old dude's face seemed to send a shiver upon his spine. "Dudes, he's not her!. We'll catch this fucker Alwin at school tomorrow anyway. 'ts get outa here!" - After this last statement Alwin and his 'henchmen' left the shop and soon where out of sight.

"You can come out now, Alwin. They won't come back for now, I assure." the old man giggled as if what he just said was merely a simple fact. "Y... you know my name?" Alwin asked irritated, while standing up and coming around back into the store. That was when he just realized what a freaky pandemonium the shop of his strange rescuer was: A sheer countless amount of items seemed to be a completely conceptless collection of freaky things, such as several dolls in one corner, some bizarre looking costumes in another. A bunch of indian dreamcatchers, necklaces and other similary stuff hanging in clusters from the ceiling. And that to just name a few of the weird shit around there. But, at all, it kind of went around with the all worn out, wodden, antique style equipment of the shop itself. It, with all the dut and everything, actually looked like it had been there for at least a hundred years but, coming to think of it, Alwin couldn't remember to ever have noticed it in the mall before. - "If I'd get a dime for everytime I hear that..." the old man sighed amused in answer. "But you seem to be a fine young man and, judging of the symbol you wear on your jacket, as well interested in the fine art of magic."

O.k. Al had once painted a white pentagram on the backside of his leather-jacket, but mostly 'cause of his individual spirit of 'youth-rebellion', absolutely not to make a statement for any magic-stuff or something. "Well, sir. I'm very thankfull that you helped me to escape my 'schoolmates'. But with all due respect. Do you really expect me to believe me in magic?" He definitely didn't intend to offend the man, as he had saved his ass just before. But his statements where just a little to ridiculous. "You don't have to believe, just observe." He started to wave around his hands in midst air in circles and shortly after that, several objects of his assortment startet to wiggle, finally lifting of inthe air and startet to float around in the room along with the movements of his hands. Alwin grabed one of the items out of the circle to make sure, but: No strings or anything attached whatsoever.

The old one, amused about the stunned look on his face, went on: "Well, know Alwin: I am a wizard. And yes, a real one. Not the kind of phony 'magician' Wannabes as this David Copperfield-guy that no one has heard of anymore in the last few years. - Take a wild guess why that is, my young friend. You seem to be a gifted you fellow." - Coming to think of it the young man actually started thinking about WHY we don't hear anything about Copperfield anymore, but the still floating around items where kind of enough proof to make him at least consider that the man was telling the truth and distract him from the thought before. "Would you like to become my apprentice?" he went on. "I wouldn't be to your disadvantage if you agreed, that I assure you." His grin was kind of creapy, but anyway it didn't seem to be a good move to mess around with this man. So Alwin just kept listening. "And if you are in, I will teach you anything to be capable of punishing these twits who bullied you... and much more..." - Now he had awoken Al's interest. And even if the guy still possibly just might've been only a nut: A try it seemed definitely worth it to him... What had he to loose anyway? - "Well, you have my attention, sir. Please, tell me more about the details..." - "I will, my young fellow. I will..." he replyed, leading Alwin to the back of the store again...

Alwin sat on the side of the road with a box of beer in front of him. It was a mild summer's evening and the dawn just came in. Drinking beer in public was not allowed officialy in the U.S., especially not to people like him under the age of 21. But, thanks to a lesson of his new 'teacher', he simply knew there was no police nearby n'or even coming around. So he just sat there, a beer in his hand and waiting for what both of 'em had planned and therefore was ment to be. - Alwin had to laugh a little in fascination as he could clearly sense them as they where just about to come around the corner, even if he till now had actually no sight of 'em. - "Excellent." he grinned. "Most excellent that is."

Darell and his friends had just finished their late afternoon training session. There was a important game set in a few days and their coach was eager to get them as ready as possible for it. But now they were willing to call it a day and up to party, as they usually did. "And then, when Kimberley came over I just..." Derill stopped his sentence inmidst as, coming around the corner, he sighted Al sitting aside of the street with his beer. "Well, look at that." he grinned malicously, "The fuckin' asshole at least got us some booze in excuse for his behaviour earlier." He fastly headed towardst his target, waited till his friends had gathered behind him and then growled out a "Well, if that isn't our old friend Alwin..." - "If you want so..." - He didn't mind the words, and kept going on with his teasing. "It's so generous and caring of you to get us some beer after we trained so hard for the progress of the school's team." He once again grinned meanly. "Be sure we appreciate your support." Alwin immediately held his beer closer to his body, but Darell ripped it outa his hands anyway and locked down on him, confident of his victory. "To our 'selfless' spender!" he gave out a sarcastic toast and took a deep, long mouthful of Al's bottle. His buddies just went along with the joke laughing and each one without any permition was serving themselves outa Alwin's beer box.

Darell took a swing to start a severe punch right in Alwin's face, but when he tried, his fist just hited the air. In sheer unbelieving, he looked at his hand. It had became much shorter, thinner. But not just that. His fingers also seemd to shorten. Hid hand more and more became looking more like a paw to him than anything else. The behated nerd Alwin seemed to grow, overtowering him more and more. "What the fuck's happening!" The continuing changes in his voice to a high pitch increased the level of panic Darell was feeling.
After a matter of seconds, Alwin seemed to have become a giant. But not just him, the whole world has seemed grewn to gigantic dimensions to him. He tried to spit out a "What the fuck did you do, you freak?!", but all that came out was a kind of a loud "Meow!" He awared he was on his all fours now, just mentaly unable to realize what had just happened to him.

"Kitty, kitty kitty..." The colossal Alwin looked down at him grinning madly, peting his head with his hand. Still unable to grab on the whole situation Darell watched as Alwin's hair seemed within seconds grrowing from it's dark brown to a pure white, the process best to compare with rust taking over iron in a short cut. - "Why don't you go play with your friends..." Darell followed Alwin's eyes backwardsd, where he could saw four tomcats. All four of 'em were desirably looking at him and meowed. - That was when he realized he himseld had become a cat. A look at his paws and between his legs confirmed his worst theories, and he ran of with the four tomcats following him with loud meowing all the way. "Bet you'll have many most lovely kittens!" Alwin's laughter went gruesomely along with Darell's hastely escape.

"So you did get your revenge, did ya?" - The old man seemed to have just appeared behind Alwin. "Yes I did, my master" - "Then you actually are willing in to be my apprentice?" - "Affirmative." "Then it might be time to think of a new name for you. No offence, my young friend, but 'Alwin' is not some fitting name for the business." - Alwin, still grinning and remembering an old tale replied "Misrah, my master. Call me Misrah." - "So, well. Misrah it is." - Both laughed and after a waving of the old man's hand disappeared in a cloud of grey smoke, as in the same moment the store in the mall of New Jersey did...


Come back to yourself. - 'You with me again? Experienced all of my story? - Good thing. Kinda' felt good about to be able to share with someone about all these restricted happenings. But I have to tell you, that the icon you wear is called my "Medaillon of oblivion". Anyway be thanked, for 'listening' to my story. 'Till there's still time, I'd like to shake your hand... - What all the handshaking is all about, you ask? - Well, let's say I'm just a friendly person, dear customer. Anyway, did you find anything you're interrested in?


(c) 2011 by Misrah
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