New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 5

New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 5
By Krista

“You search for Jen’s jacket.”


Sorry for the delay, I’ve had a posting and time blackout!

Well, this will probably work like Pickles, the other adventure by Melanie E. I'll give you some choices for you to vote on and voting closes exactly 24 hours after I have posted. The most popular choice will be written, followed by more choices. It is possible that it won't be exactly realistic, but I'll do my best.


New School

Page 5

Jen turns to you. “I’ll tell mom. Just go. I want to go to the beach.” You nod and turn towards the others.

“I lost my jacket, I need to get it now. I’ll be right back!” You enter school again and move to the first class and look through the seats, but find nothing so you move to next class.

As you move to next class a teacher looks up from his desk with a smile. “Hello Samantha! What can I do for you?”

“Uhh…” You say uncertainly. “I lost my jacket… searching for it!” You begin looking for it as the teacher approaches you.

“Why do you need a jacket? You look so lovely in your top.” You blush and decide to leave quickly from the creep.

“Umm… thanks!” You say as you exit. You quickly arrive in your next class, finding a few boys planning something for school, you guess. They turns to you.

“Sam, we’re planning a party for next month. You coming?” You nod to them.

“Maybe…” You say as you quickly search before you go to your last place to search. You are yet again finding yourself among another group in home-economics class. A group of girls this time.

“Sam, you joining our club?” You stop and look towards the girl.

“I don’t think so.” You say searching for Jen’s jacket.

“You’d look gorgeous as a model.” You finally find the jacket and make some excuse as you grab it and leave. You hurry to exit school and find Dani talking to your mom. You hand the jacket to Jen as the boy approaches you.

“Sam, would you like to go on a movie someday? I could show you around.” You want to get off of him so you quickly reply.

“Why not? But not now!” The boy smiles and leaves.

“I’m Bill. See you!” You nod and turn to sis.

“Thanks Sam!” Jen says. “Jess had to leave and wanted you to go with her tommorrow. We’re going to the beach.” She told you enthusiastically just as mom and Dani came over.

“Sam, your luggage was lost as the moving car got into an accident. We need to buy new clothes for you. Dani here has offered to go with you later this week to get you a modern and stylish teen wardrobe and clear up the error. It wasn’t that big error, so you can go later.” Your mom tell you.

“Oh, thanks!” You reply as you look uncertain at Dani.

“It’ll be fun, Sam. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She hugs you and runs away.

“She likes you!” Jen teases you as you sit down in the car. You are in love! You day dream about Dani all the way to the beach.

As you arrive on the beach, Jen hands you a bikini and you step out of the car. “Uhh… Jen? Isn’t this a you-know-what?”

“Of course it’s a bikini, little brother. Just wear the bottom.” You are not sure what to think as you enter the changing booth. You still remove your clothes and put on the bottom. You feel that it’s quite a skimpy bikini. You nervously exit and head for your sister.

Before you reach her, a guard steps in front of you and tell you in a stern voice. “A girl is not allowed to be without a top!”

So what do you want to do?

1. RUN!!!
2. Leave the beach.
3. Call Jen for help!
4. Explain you’re a boy and you don’t need a top.
5. Put on the bikini top.


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