New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 4

New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 4
By Krista

“You go with Mary’s group, she’s a shy girl!”


General: I must thank you all for all the friendly comments I’ve received and I’m very happily surprised. I expected much more negativity. heh
Part 1: Sam’s sobbing was to me a way to show his insecurity and his basically shy personality. The vanity and shower would have had some interesting situations as well. The 90 minutes before school was a miss on my part, it shouldn’t have been there for the sake of realism.
Part 2: I have tried several times to write this conventionally, but without feedback I have lost the drive. Sam thought that the jacket would hide the camisole and didn’t want to wear a sweater that looks like a dress. Sam is Caucasian! 
Part 3: The gym clothes will be revealed later. Patience!  He didn’t want his dad to become angry for not going to school and went with Jessica because Sam thought she was sexy and hoped to spend some time with her. I’m not American, I’m from Finland, Robin! ;P The real choices were:
1: Lingerie Shop.
2: Dress Shop.
3: Beauty Saloon.
4: Hairdresser.
5: Manicure & Pedicure.

Well, this will probably work like Pickles, the other adventure by Melanie E. I'll give you some choices for you to vote on and voting closes exactly 24 hours after I have posted. The most popular choice will be written, followed by more choices. It is possible that it won't be exactly realistic, but I'll do my best.


New School

Page 4

“I can go with Mary, I don’t care.” You say thinking that Mary is a safe bet. Jess’ a bit more forceful and likes to talk a lot.

“Come on then, girl.” You hear Jess call, then you take your bag and walk with the cheerleaders towards the mall, about five minutes later at the entrance you split up.
“Sam, this is Dani and Hannah,” Mary tells you as you greet them with a smile. Before you know it, you are walking around ailes of party dresses.

“We need to get you measurements.” Dani tells you.

“Uh, why?” You look stunned.

“For the clothes to the fundraising event, of course. We will be hostesses.” Dani explains.

“I’m not able to come.” You say quickly imaging yourself falling on heels and everybody pointing at the boy in the dress.

“You must attend as you’ve been accepted to become a cheerleader and excused for gym this semester. Your old school references and your high degree in gym has helped you a lot. We needed a replacement quickly, but next semester you need to attend the try-outs as everybody else.” Dani continued as she walked towards a shop clerk.

‘I’m dead!’ You think as the clerk approaches.

“What can I do for you, girls?” The clerk asks.

“Well,” Dani begins, “we need to measure Sam here for her cheerleading outfit as well as the dress for the fundraising event on Wednesday. Here’s the receipt for the dresses for the other hostesses. Can you deliver them to the school’s gym?”

“Of course. I’ll let Debbie handle the delivery while I’ll taking Sam to the changing rooms.” You nervously watch your clerk arranging things with the other clerk, named Debbie and the other girls walking over. Your clerk invite you into the women’s changing room to your shock.

As you enter the cubicle the clerk begin talking. “Please remove your jacket and shoes, so I can measure you easier.” You do as she tells you and soon she measures you in a way that no man has ever been measured before. She scribbles down some notes before turning to you.

“Your shoe size is a 7 and your dress size is a 6. Length is 5’3”. Hips 34, waist 28 and bosom is 32AA. You should ask your mom to buy you a bra. We have some lingerie on sale here.” She smiles to you.

“Uhh… Thanks,” you say, put on your jacket and shoes, before joining the other girls.

“Are you ready, Sam?”

“Yes, let’s go.” You say eager to leave. You walk towards school listening to the girls’ comparing boys. As you arrive, you meet up with the other girls.

“Hey girls! You got everything?” Jess asks.

“Yes, everything arrive tommorrow morning.” Mary informed her.

“I need to go to class,” you say and leave.

You had home-room in the home economics class, where you were presented as Samantha Jones, a girl from Seattle. As you returned to your seat by a girl named Sandra, you were asked to remove your jacket. The boys whistled as they saw your lacey camisole. The class followed by english, math and physics before first day ended. You let out a deep breath as you left the building and walked towards your mom’s car.

Jen, your sister soon caught up with you. “Sam, where’s my jacket?”

“Oh shit! I must have forgotten it somewhere.” You answer truthfully, but slightly ashamed.

“Go search for it!” She orders.

“Jen, Sam, want to go to the beach?” Your mom shouts.

“Hey Sam, we need to rehearse.” You hear Jess coming from behind you.

“Sam, can I talk to you?” A boy from your class approaches.

“Hey, the clerk from the mall called. She want us to go back.” Dani tells you as she approaches.

So where do you want to go?

1. To search for Jen’s jacket.
2. To the beach.
3. To rehearse with Jess.
4. To talk with the boy.
5. To the mall.


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