New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 2

New School: A TG Choose Your Own Adventure, Part 2
By Krista

“You break down, begin sobbing and let your mom decide. She decides that you ask your 15 year old sister for help…”


Well, this will probably work like Pickles, the other adventure by Melanie E. I'll give you some choices for you t3o vote on and voting closes exactly 24 hours after I have posted. The most popular choice will be written, followed by more choices. It is possible that it won't be exactly realistic, but I'll do my best.


New School

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Your mom looks sadly at you. “I’m sorry, Sam. There must have been a misunderstanding with the movers. I’ll call them.”

“But… I was…” You were so looking forward to new friends and now everything seems so impossible, now you embarrassed just lean over to her and feel the tears weil up. Your mom comforts you and awhile later look you into the eyes as you slightly calm down. “Listen Sam, it’s not as bad as it looks. Go ask your sister, if she can help. Tommorrow we’ll have everything sorted with the movers.”

You watch your mom leave as you dry your eyes and wonder if the day could get any worse. You draw the bedspread tighter around you and take a leap of faith. You walk extremely slowly towards your sister’s room, as you stop outside her room you take a deep breath and call her.

“Jen, I have a tiny problem. Can you help?” You call out loudly in your opinion, but in reality your sister barely heard you.

She opens the door and looks at you. “Sam, are you okay? You were looking forward to go to school today. You talked about it all the time in the car yesterday.”

“No, the movers lost all my clothes. I’m not okay. How could I?” You told her in frustration.

“Oh I’m sorry. You wanted my help?”

You look down embarrassed. “Well, umm… can I borrow some clothes?”

Jen or Jennifer as her real name was gives you a smile. “Sam, are your sure you want this?”

“No, but I don’t want dad to know I skipped school.” You told her.

“Well okay, Sam… I think we are these quite the same size, so in that sense there won’t be a problem. I’ll try to find some boyish ones. Wait a bit…”

You nod and take a few steps forward as your sister enters her walk-in closet. You become slightly bored as you wait almost 10 minutes for what dreadful things your sister will bring you. You want this day to end. You soon see her returns with a bundle of clothes and hands it to you.

“Go to my bathroom and try them on.” You nod and go in the bathroom.

You look quickly through the bundle and feel embarrassed, but try to ignore it. You get a funny feeling as you lift up the boy-cut shorts up your legs and snugly over your bum. You then struggle to get into the low-cut, light-blue skinny jeans and close the button unaware how flat your front looks. You put on the white ankle socks and then look at the short yellow camisole type top. You put it on thinking it won’t show under the white sweater that you put on next reaching half-way to your knees. You step out of the bathroom and turn towards your sister.

“Isn’t this a dress?”

Jen turns to you. “No, but I figured you didn’t like showing your tummy.”

“No, but this won’t…” You begin to complain as your mom enter.

“Sam and Jen, we need to go. My boss called, that I’m needed. I’ll drive you to school.” You begin complaining again.

“Now Sam!” You know when your mom is serious and think that you’ll figure it out before you arrive to school. Jen gives you a bag, a pair of shoes and a white jean jacket. You put on the shoes as you run downstairs and out the door.

You sit in the backseat with Jen as your mom drives. “Listen Sam,” Jen asks, “can I brush your hair? It looks like a real mess.”

“Wait a moment,” you say as you remove the sweater, put it on the seat and put on your jacket, thinking that nobody will mess with you now. “Okay, now you can do it!” Unaware to you Jen brushes your hair down your back until it shines. But before you know it, you arrive and have to climb out of the car.

Mom turns to you. “Take care, kids. I’ll get you at 3.” She shouts and drives off leaving you staring down at your white flats.

“See you later Sam.” Jen yells as she enters the school, obviously looking up her friends she had learned to know over the net before you arrived in California. You look around wondering where to go when a girl approach you.

“Hey, are you the new one on the cheerleading team? We need your help to put up the banner.” She drags you with her.

What do you do?

1. You go with her, curious of what is going on.
2. Protest and go to register yourself in the school office.
3. Follow your sister instead.
4. Pretend you see a friend and go talk to him.
5. Go to the locker room and try to find other clothes.


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