SRU: Big Boobs or Not?


Would you trust the wizard?

SRU: Big Boobs or Not?

by Wholeman


DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All wizards in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to a one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)


Bianca was a chat-room Icon. Everyone loved her and cared deeply about her. She would get hugs and well wishes from everyone who would visit, and could be, found online frequently, due to being bed ridden from cancer. Bianca was a warm and friendly T-Girl struggling with her illness, and receiving much support from the community.

Everyone was concerned for Bianca's health, and one day a strikingly pretty T-Girl, Jenny was walking through her local Mall, when lo and behold she spied the infamous Spells R Us store, where no store should be.

Jenny, being a big hearted and kind person, and thought to herself, 'I wonder if the wizard could help my friend.'

She walked through into the musty store, spying the well-known wolf snoozing in front of the counter in the back. She walked through viewing all of the strange potions, jewelry, costumes, and even spying an old looking, 'Secret' deodorant stick.

She firmed up her resolve. She was half afraid of what might befall her, but more concerned for her friend, she continued through the store toward the back.

When finally she reached the counter, she stood there quietly and patiently. After five minutes of standing there, the wolf opened his eyes and let out a half snarl, half bay, lay his head back down and promptly went back to sleep.

Jenny smiled to herself and softly said, "Thank you Mr. Wolf. Very kind of you."

The wolf half opened one eye and Jenny could swear that he smiled back at her.

"Be right there Jenny," came the voice from behind the curtain. Followed by a great deal of muffled muttering, "Mfgls, I just can't get it to work out..." then, "WMMmfl, if that's the best that can happen..."

The curtain swirled open and an old man came striding out wearing an old bathrobe covered in stars, moons, and strange symbols, "Sorry about that Jenny. I knew you were here but I had to try one more time to make it come out better... Never mind though. You are here to see if I can do something for Bianca, correct?"

"I see your reputation is well deserved good sir," Jenny answered, clutching her purse in front of her, as if to shield her self. She tried to relax a bit and forced her arms to set the purse on the counter in front of her. (Still gripping it mind you)

"No need to be nervous Jenny. You are one of the few customers I've had, who is not looking for something that would benefit only them. I must say I am genuinely impressed," he told her, his sharp eyes sparkling at her.

"Um, thank you. Can you help Bianca? I don't have much money or really anything of value, but you can have whatever is mine if you can cure Bianca," Jenny offered with a tear forming in her eye.

"Well Jenny, normally I make a quick deal right here on the spot. However for you, your friend Bianca, and the rest of your chat buddies, I'll propose a deal," he took a deep breath, and his eyes took on a saddened look. "I'm going to offer two deals, I want you to go back, and between all of you especially Bianca, you have to choose one of the deals, and then return to my store in one weeks time, with your decision, do you understand so far?"

Jenny's face brightened some, and she nodded her head.

The wizard went on, "Deal number one. I'll get rid of the cancer. Nothing more, and leave Bianca as she was before she became sick. This option will cost one thousand dollars, in cash, gold, or bearer bonds."

Jenny nodded her head to indicate she understood, but the wizard knew that it would be hard for her and her friends to scrape up even that amount.

"The second option is cheaper. You give me the ten dollars in your purse. Then Bianca will allow me to heal her, those are your options. The only other stipulation that I make is that either option you choose, you Jenny have to agree to do a little 'Scrooge' like time travel with me to see the results, both ways," he smiled at her a sad little smile, "Now off with you to share the good news with you friend."

Jenny didn't quite know how to take the proposals that the wizard had offered but she rushed right home to her computer to put out the word.

The chat went back and forth for hours, where the pros and cons went back and forth. Some would argue for the ten-dollar option.

However, it was swinging toward the other option...

'Bianca' I know that wizard from all of the stories written about him. If we take the ten-dollar option, I'll wind up an empty headed bimbo with huge tits, stripping and turning tricks.

'Jenny_Lou' How, can we afford to pay the thousand-dollar option?

'B_Linda' I can give one hundred and fifty dollars, if it will save Bianca.

'Marry_in' I think I can scrape together a hundred.

'Bianca' That is two fifty, I think I have the most wonderful friends in the world!

'Bobbi' I think I can sell one of my stories and donate seventy dollars.

'Jenny_Lou' Well if you all think that this is the way to go, I'll scrape together fifty.

'Shirley' I can donate two fifty to save my friend Bianca.

'Jenny_Lou' I think that the wizard wanted you to take the other option, that's why he made it so cheap. I think he knew that you would choose the expensive option and it made him sad. I'm still not sure this is the best option to take...

'Bianca' I don't trust that wizard. In all the stories about him, someone ends up with a huge set of breasts, among other things, which might be undesirable. Sometimes he sees to it that when people try to take the cheap way out, it winds up costing them more in other ways.

'Jenny_Lou' I suppose your right.

'Shirley_Eugest' I think you're right Bianca. I can send a hundred, to help Bianca.

'Betty_R' Jenny_Lou, I have two hundred and fifty for Bianca's cure.

'Diane' I'll send eight dollars too, Jenny_Lou.

'Bianca' That's the thousand, I have the bestest friends in the world!

'Jenny_Lou' This response is all so wonderful, Bianca you are going to be, cured!

'Bianca' CRBT (Crying Real Big Tears)

'B_Linda' I'm so happy for your Bianca!

The chat continued like that for some time, with everyone happy that her friend would be, cured.

Everyone sent their money to Jenny that week and she could hardly contain her excitement. She felt just as though she was a little girl before Christmas.

Finally, the day arrived and she went to the Mall and straight to the Spells-R-Us store and then straight to the back counter.

The wolf looked up at her approach and Jenny smiled at him and pet his head gently saying, "Hello again, Mr. Wolf, you are look well today."

Jenny could swear the wolf eyes bespoke of much more than a wolf behind them, as he gazed up at her, "My you are a sweetie aren't you?" She kept petting him and the wolf actually stood up and leaned into Jenny's leg happily.

"I knew you were special Jenny. My wolf doesn't take to just anybody," the wizard told her, smiling broadly at her from the other side of the counter.

"He's really a very nice wolf. I guess that most people are afraid of him and I'll bet he knows that, so he stays away from them. I'm not afraid of him anymore, so he knows it's okay," Jenny told him, completely unruffled by the sudden appearance of the wizard.

"Why didn't you jump at my sudden appearance Jenny?" the old man had a sly smile on his face, already knowing the answer to the question he asked.

Jenny straightened up to talk with the wizard, leaving the wolf beside her led wagging his tail, "I just... well I just 'felt' you were there. But then, you knew that."

"Yes of course. Now I'm sure you are anxious to finish our little transaction," the wizard prompted still grinning like a proud father.

Jenny set her purse on the counter and pulled out a large wad of money, "Here is your thousand dollars." She handed the money to the Wizard, who took it and handed it, to the wolf that trotted off with it and disappeared out of sight.

"I don't quite know what he does with it either, but it makes him happy so I indulge him," a smiling wizard told her.

"You know that came from many people who could ill afford to pay it..." Jenny began, "If you were just going to toss it out..." Jenny saw that the wizard's grin never slackened, never faltered as he stared into her green eyes.

"You really wanted us to take the ten dollar option, didn't you?" she stated as much as she questioned. "I thought as much. I tried to convince the others, but there were too many who mistrusted you, especially Bianca."

Jenny quickly read the expression on the wizards face, as he lost his grin, "Oh you poor dear." She leaned over the counter and hugged the old man.

"I knew you only wanted the best for us. I'm sorry we didn't trust you," Jenny kissed the side of his head "Do you want my ten dollars now?"

When she released him, she could see the old mans eyes gleaming.

"Yes Jenny, but the ten dollars isn't for Bianca's cure..." his words trailed away, "First, I want to take you on a journey, are you up for that?"

"Yes," she replied without hesitation.

"Alright turn around then," he instructed her.

As she turned, she felt herself enveloped in a bathrobe much like the wizards, although this one was white, with the same symbols as his, and a conical cap likened to the cape.

It felt as if it snuggled her all over as it accepted her into its folds. She had the feeling that it had a life of its own.

Unable to resist she let out a long low moan acknowledging the pleasure it gave her, "It... it feels... so alive!"

"I'm glad you like it, this is yours to keep. As it will also keep you," she heard over her shoulder, snapping her out of reveling in its sensations.

"That is the closest thing to an orgasm that I've ever felt! Thank you so much," she spun and kissed him, then hugged him again.

"Seldom to I get to experience such gratitude immediately after gifting someone. It is much appreciated Jenny," he stated. "Before we go, you should know that Bianca has been cured of her cancer since early this morning."

"Yes, I knew. What happens now, has to be as well," Jenny stated, not knowing quite why.

"Quite right. Let us be off then," the wizard took her hand and even though their feet did not move, Jenny felt herself shifting places. That is to say, they went somewhere, some when.

When her blurred surroundings solidified, she saw Bianca not more than a few feet from her, near three thousand miles from where they were standing moments before.

Looking about herself, she could see that the wizard and she were not nearly as solid as their surroundings, "She cannot see or hear us can she?"

"You've done this before?" he asked, snickering knowing full well she had not.

She watched intently as the scene before her unfolded.

Bianca was dressed and out of her bed, jumping up and down with Willard, "I feel wonderful! Jenny did it! She beat that old skunk of a wizard. I'm well and with no other ill side effect!" she hugged Willard tightly.

"I'm so happy for you Bianca. You look just as you did, before you became sick!" Willard kissed her and held her tight.

Jenny hugged the wizard, "Oh thank you, she looks so happy and healthy. I bet our friends will go nuts!"

"While I appreciate the hug, you might want to hold off until we finish our little journey," the wizard warned her, and she could see that there was bad news ahead.

The world around them blurred again. They leapt forward in time and watched Bianca chatting happily on line.

Leaping forward again, Bianca was becoming more and more active as time went on and the people on line heard from her less and less, and of course, everyone understood that she had her life back. It was obvious that she was as happy as any T-girl in her life, and having a rather average life until far in the future, when old age took her.

"That was so wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to see the outcome of our decision. She lived a beautiful life, if a bit solitary one," Jenny had a tear flowing down her cheek, which the wizard wiped away for her.

"Yes, this is the life she will lead. Now I will show you the life she could have had," the wizard waved his hand and the scene shifted.

Before Jenny's eyes, sat a lovely, if rather busty, young woman yet, Jenny could see the resemblance to the Bianca that she knew. "Oh my God, she's beautiful!" exclaimed Jenny.

The new Bianca was smaller and had tiny delicate features that bespoke of her life long existence as a woman, even though Jenny knew that this was not so. She watched as the lovely woman prepared herself for the day, going through her morning routine, and it was obvious to Jenny that Bianca was no longer a T-Girl, but now as completely a woman as if she had been born that way.

Jenny watched as Bianca married the man she loved and they moved in together, and she started down an exciting path of self-discovery. Her and Willard's love grew with each passing day.

She continued to be a devoted contributor to the TG storyboards, and a regular on the chat line. She was a big supporter of everyone through their trials and tribulations which every sufferer of gender dysphoria experiences.

Jenny also witnessed Bianca's conversion from cynic to believer in the SRU wizard, and a conduit to him of needy people, usually warning them in advanced that the price of their sex change would be large breasts as part of the deal, although they could all see how happy she was and would know it was the right decision immediately.

Jenny giggled when she saw her, remembering what Bianca had told her on the chat. All in all Bianca had become a veritable dynamo, active in the political theater, fighting for the rights of the Transgendered, and all the while a devoted wife and mother. She finished out her years with an almost legendary determination and verve for life.

Sex you ask? Throughout her life, and right up to the very end, Bianca maintained a sexual appetite that could only be described a voracious. (If the makers of Viagra had known how much of their product she was responsible for her man buying, they would have made her their poster child.)

Bianca and her mate were blessed with two lovely children, Jenny thrilled, and then giggled as Bianca's tummy expanded with her pregnancies, and she wept at both birthings as each baby was, brought into the world, and being placed into the arms of a tired and weeping Bianca.

She watched the children grow and leave home, to have children of their own and the grandchildren who visit their grandmother, as the years flew by.

When Bianca finally succumbed to old age her bed was, surrounded by weeping friends and family. Jenny herself was, openly blubbering, tears rolling freely down each cheek.

Moments later Jenny was back at the shop and drastically in need of a tissue.

"Remember your pledge Jenny you may never tell another sole what you have seen tonight," the wizard reminded her, as he handed her the tissues. "I tried so many different ways to assure that Bianca would accept my offer, but no matter what, this was the best outcome I could manage. Although there is one benefit you haven't heard yet."

Knowing full well that he expected her to ask, she acquiesced and said, "What might that be, your wisdom?"

The wizard smiled proudly, "You know the proper form of address for wizards. I am pleased. Your ten dollars has bought for you, my unselfish lady, your fondest wish. You may not feel much different, but now you no longer have an artificially created vagina. You are now genetically a woman, right down to the monthly curses. There is only one additional cost to this..." he trailed off.

"I know... go ahead, it will be worth what you've given me," she grinned, already loosening her brassiere.

"I'll only give you a FF cup, if that will not be too unreasonable?" he asked hopefully.

"You really do like big boobs!" she giggled, "Well, what are you waiting for?" She felt her brassiere fill but not tighten on her, it was still providing the increased support her new assets required. Additionally she could see her dress push away from her body, billowing outward to accommodate her new, enhanced bust line.

"You'll find your whole wardrobe has adjusted to accommodate your new measurements," he informed her.

Jenny threw her arms around the wizard and hugged him wholeheartedly, then gave him a little kiss, "You are such a lecher, and a lovely good hearted man!"

"Shh, don't let the wolf hear you say that," he cautioned, looking around to make certain that he was nowhere near to them.

"You even love that scruffy old wolf, and don't you try to deny it," she teased, "You're not finished yet either, so fess up, what else do you have up your sleeve?"

The wizard actually blushed, (the first time in decades) and looked into Jenny's eyes, "You are an unrealized wielder. You're a potential wizard even, but at the very least a powerful Witch. You will need a little tutoring in the arts, but I can see great potential."

The wizard paused and took a deep breath, "I do not make this offer often or lightly, would you like to apprentice to me? It is seldom that I find anyone, who cares so much for others, with such a good heart. I would never give anyone access to such great power, without being certain that they will use it only for the good of others."

"The first thing that you must learn is that a price must always be paid, by the object of the magic. I usually charge the subject fair value in... ahem, well... beautification. I have them help me make the world a bustier place," he was grinning ear to ear.

"You'll find that you can both punish and reward evil doers. Give them a better life than the one they will have should they continue traveling down the road they are, on. You can make them happier, as well as the many other people that they will service in their new lives," he smiled remembering some of the thieves, bullies, and murderers he had sent off to better, happier, and more productive lives over the centuries.

Jenny watched the wizard in his reverie, "I've read about many of your deeds." She suddenly had to ask, "Do you really know leprechauns, fairies, and witches?"

"As will you, if you wish to become the wizard that I know is within you," he held her hand gazing deeply into her eyes, awaiting her answer.

"Why me, I've never even had a magic kit. How do you know I could be a wizard?" she was denying what they both knew was true.

"Don't try to teach your grandfather how to chew, my dear. You know as well as I do. You can feel that it is the truth, don't you? You have always felt things... unlike most people," he stopped and took her hand, "I'll need to hear an answer from you. My telepathy does not work as well on those who have as much natural ability as you do Jenny," he waited expectantly.

"If it will allow me to help people, I'd like for you to teach me. I have to ask though, will I have to give big boobs to all of the people I help?" she asked warily.

"You will have to work out the price you must extract on your own, but boobs are what you will have to start with, until you are ready to solo," he smiled and winked.

"I guess as far as costs go, that's not so bad. You knew already that I would accept. That's why you gave me the robe and hat. You saw this on one of your trips didn't you?" she accused, the old wizard who smiled back at her slyly. "Now if you don't mind... come into the back, my store is about to be vandalized and I think you will enjoy helping to decide their fates."

Jenny saw immediately the large clear crystal with a large flat facet, on its topmost plane. The crystal was glowing with light seemingly emanating from its interior.

The wizard explained, "Crystal balls are okay for some, I prefer the crystal monitor, it has a better resolution," he smiled and beckoned her over to it.

As she approached it, she noticed the image of the outer part of the SRU store, where two scruffy looking delinquents approached it, armed with baseball bats. They looked around warily to ensure no one else was approaching the store and then dashed inside.

The Image shifted to the interior.

"'Kay dude let's start trashing the place and when the old geezer that runs this place comes out, we give him a light whack to get his attention. Don't get enthusiastic like last time, you crushed that old china man's skull, probably killed the bugger. Just enough to hurt 'im, we'll need him to open the register and any safe he has in this place."

The one with the heavy bat replied, "Yah, Yah, let's get started trashing!"

"Will you look at this stuff? This is one kinky old dude! Hey man check out this ballerina costume," the sandy blonde pointed to the pink costume with the net skirt around its waist.

"You dumb sleaze," the sorter, red haired one started.

Jenny saw the wizard whisper into the crystal, "That would look good on you!"

The red haired delinquent repeated the wizard word for word, "that would look good on you!"

"Fuck you," the retort came quickly.

Jenny felt inspired so just as the wizard had she whispered and the blonde repeated her.

"Why don't you just go away and play with the Barbie doll in front of you, you sissy!" he finished.

As each had told the other, so did the both of them, compulsively begin complying.

"Hey what's happening, I can't stop," the blonde guy yelped as he took down the costume and shucked his filthy clothes.

The red hair one picked up the Barbie, noticing that this particular doll had the biggest set of breasts he'd ever seen on a doll, "Phil look at this thing. Damn, I love girls with big hooters!"

Phil, now naked and slipping on his pink panties, "Help me Al, something is forcing me to put this thing on," he pleaded, but began pulling up the pantyhose up his legs, "You know these feel damn good, Phyllis!"

Across the room, Phil had his own problems. His chest was expanding like one of those self-inflating rubber rafts. He reached up to touch, what his mind refused to believe, but his eyes were telling him was happening and exclaimed, "Ohhhhhh! That feels soooooooo goooood!"

Al found the bra that went with the costume. Amazed at the incredible size he blurted, "30 LL cup, this costume must belong to some big tittied silicone nympho slut!" Right about then, he noticed Phil's predicament, "Damn Phyllis your boobs look big enough to for this bra!" However Al didn't offer the immense undergarment to the mammarily enhanced Phil, instead Al stretched the band way out and fastened it around his own chest.

"Keep your eyes to yourself, you lesbian whore!" Phil shot back, as he felt his underpants tighten up on his butt and creep into the ever-increasing crease in his crotch.

"'Lesbian?' You're the lesbian, Phyllis! You booby bimbo!" Al replied, finally starting to notice that his own chest was beginning to swell, as he stepped into the tutu.

Phil's hands were still clutching his immense tits, and didn't notice his pants become smokey colored nylons, just like the doll was wearing, and his Nikes change into stiletto heels, "Oh, my boobs feel so, uh!" His huge nipples were erect and sticking out like two C cell batteries.

"Ho... Eh, hem... How," Al tried to ask but his voice kept cracking, going higher and squeakier each time he spoke, "How do I look?"

Phil turned toward Al, now wearing a mini-skirt and a white silk blouse, pushed out disproportionately, his delicate little hands still squeezing his nipples, and his full ruby red lips slightly parted, a look of ecstasy on his pretty face.

"Oh Phyllis, you look good enough to eat!" the shrinking buxom blonde told her.

Phyllis bit her lip seductively, "Alice, I... I want you..."

Al stood up, but could only stand En-Pointe, but even so, he only came up to 5' 2" tall. His enormous breasts jiggling about, his heart shaped ass flaring femininely and his long Blonde hair in a ponytail that reached down to the bottom of his pink tutu encased ass.

Al was staring at Phyllis with unconcealed lust, "Phyllis, can I touch them baby?"

Jenny giggled and whispered to the wizard, "Can we make them, lesbian lovers and a Duet strip act?"

He smiled, and pointed to the crystal, "Go ahead tell them what they are becoming, anything you say, they will be..."

Jenny smiled mischievously, "You two love each other more intensely than life itself. Your favorite food is the vaginal fluids or your lover. You will never be jealous of each other, and love to share your bed with other lesbians. At least twice a year you will each have an uncontrollable yearning for the feeling of live cock meat sliding in and out of your vaginas, which grows stronger every hour until you can fuck the hell out of any man lucky enough to cross your path, at least one for each of you. Since you love each other so much, you will enjoy sharing your men, when you go into heat on Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. Additionally on Valentine's Day, you will have an uncontrollable desire to suck a man's cock, and then share your mouthful of semen with your lesbian lover, but only after you have a cunt full of sperm. After that you will need to clean each other's pussies out with your tongues, until you both experience multiple orgasms."

Jenny took a breather and continued on, "Phil, your name is Phyllis Flauntess. You are an exotic dancer who performs with her lesbian lover, Alice Likinboobie."

"Al, your name is now Alice Likinboobie, and likewise you perform as an exotic dancer with Phyllis Flauntess with whom you make love six times a day, rain or shine," she instructed. "Alice Likinboobie and Phyllis Flauntess are both submissive and timid girls who find it hard to believe that other girls don't have large breasts and lick-able lovers in their lives. You two love to seduce women with huge breasts into having lengthy lesbian love making sessions when ever you can manage."

Jenny turned to the wizard, smiled, and asked, "Do you think that is enough?"

He replied by whispering into the crystal, "Phyllis, every time Alice says out loud that she wished you had bigger breasts, your breasts grow a full cup size. Alice, whenever Phyllis says aloud that she wishes you had bigger boobs, your breasts will also grow one full cup size, until just before your breasts are too big for you to walk on your own. You both will be aware of this, after you consummate your love for each other."

The two hugely breasted women were stripping each other as fast as they possibly could.

"Oh god Phyllis, I love these beautiful breasts," Alice enthused as she removed Phyllis's brassiere and started caressing them.

"Dear lord Alice I love you so much, and if you keep at this I'm going to orgasm standing up. Uh ooh, um..." Phyllis stood with her eyes closed, her hands quivering uncontrollably at her side, and her knees weak from her intense ecstasy.

Phyllis gathered all her strength and forced her hands up to Alice's impressive rack, to caress her in return, but the feel of Alice's breasts was so overwhelming, she fell forward to place her face against the upper part of Alice's tutu.

Alice held Phyllis's head against her bosom with one hand while undoing the fasteners of her tutu, and begin to shuck it.

Phyllis was communing with the 'Goddess of Glandular Excess' as Alice stripped off the tutu and undid her brassiere, and damn near went insane when Alice pulled the lacy undergarment from underneath her face, leaving skin to skin contact, which revived Phyllis immensely.

Phyllis began licking Alice's pillowy soft bosom, eliciting a, "Ohhhhhh, uuummmmm," from Alice. She tucked her thumbs into Alice's pantyhose and started to slip them down, as she ran her tongue down Alice's cleavage, towards her nipples. Stopping there for and extended and mind numbing nipple suck. Alice swooned and dragged Phyllis down toward the floor with her as she went.

The wizard made complicated hand movements, and spoke a series of strange sounding words.

Phyllis, never reached the floor with Alice, instead they landed on a huge pink bed together, breasts bouncing around together as they hit the soft mattress.

"Alice baby, I need you," called Phyllis, her right hand between her thighs, working furiously away on her vulva.

Alice, somewhat recovered, crawled between Phyllis's thighs and applied her tongue to the hot moist and smooth pussy she found there.

Phyllis was so deeply in the grip of her ecstasy, she orgasmed torrentially after only a few minutes of Alice's tongue-lashing, "Oh god... oh god...OH GOD!"

Phyllis's back arched violently, her hands had a death grip on the sheets, and her vaginal fluids burst out to cover Alice's pretty face.

Alice stayed where she was and licked Phyllis's pussy clean. Once that was, done she crawled up to the lovely face of the transformed Phyllis and French kissed her until she started to rouse from her rapture.

Phyllis grasped Alice and held her tight as she rolled her over, with herself winding up on top, where she started ministering to Alice's immense mammaries. She slipped her fingers inside Alice's sopping wet cunt and started giving her an intense finger banging, quickly working her to a screaming orgasm.

Phyllis moved her face to Alice's bald slit and began tongue fucking her right back to another orgasmic precipice and then right over it, soaking the bed once again with her feminine bodily fluids.

The two fell asleep cuddled together blissfully, but not until after Alice set the alarm clock to wake them in time to get to work, at the strip joint where they are employed as a duet.


The wizard asked Jenny, "Well how did you like your first excursion into the realm of magic and wizardry?"

"I think it was a beautiful thing. The way we were able to take the lives of those two losers, give them love, and make them into assets to the community. What would have been their futures had you not intervened?" Jenny asked.

"Al and Phil would have robbed a convenience store down the street and killed the curator, but got away that time. In two weeks, they would have robbed a bank and killed ten hostages before the police sharpshooters killed both of them.

"Now how long will they live?" Jenny asked the wizard.

"About 75 years, it becomes harder to be precise that far into the future," he answered. "I am glad that you realize that without the ability to see the future ramifications to your meddling, no matter what your intentions, you can make things in this world worse and not better.

"You should go home now Jenny, and I'll see you tomorrow," he told her giving her a friendly hug.

Jenny hugged the wizard back and told him, "Thank you so much for all you have done."

"It was my pleasure. By the way, you need not remove the robe, simply think of the garment you wish it to appear to be and that is what it will become," the wizard coached.

"What time should I be here?" Jenny asked as her robe morphed into the same outfit she had arrived in.

"Time? Whenever you like, time has little meaning for us. By the way, the clothes you arrived in are at your home hanging in your closet," he said answering the very question on Jenny's mind.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Jenny called to the wizard as she left to return home.


That evening on line, Jenny imparted the news to her friends:

'Jenny_Lou' You guys are not going to believe what happened at the wizards shop today.

'Bianca' Jenny I know that you succeeded in giving me back, my life. Thank you so much dear one.

'B_Linda' She, did it? Wonderful!

'Jenny_Lou' I knew about Bianca already. The wizard showed me. That's not the news that wanted to tell everyone.

'Shirley' I am so happy for Bianca.

'Bobbi' Oh My God, Jenny. Do you have huge boobs now?

'Marry_in' Jenny has big boobs? You poor dear, that darned wizard!

'Bianca' Did that fiend give you huge breasts because of me?

'Jenny_Lou' Well I do have big boobs now, but it was not because of Bianca.

'Shirley_Eugest' I am so sorry Jenny, he shouldn't have done that.

'Betty_R' I knew that wizard couldn't be trusted!

'Jenny_Lou' Wait a minute. I asked him for the boobs, and he is not a fiend!

'Diane' You asked for big boobs?

'Bianca' Did he mess with your mind Jenny?

'Jenny_Lou' No Bianca, he made me his new apprentice! I am going to be a wizard too one day!

Long Pause

'Bianca' You are going to be a wizard? So what does that mean?

'Jenny_Lou' Well for one thing it means that I won't be in the chat near as much as I used to. It also means that one day I might visit each of you with a deal, and the price of becoming a GG, will be becoming a GG with big boobs.

'Jenny_Lou' I want each of you to consider the price long and hard. I didn't have to. I knew it was worth it to me.

'Jenny_Lou' You will know it is me by the white robe with symbols on it and the big set of boobs. I love you all and will be seeing each of you one day soon. Huggles!

The End


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