A Conan-Doyle reject ?

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An extract from an early Sherlock Holmes story, which was later revised by Conan-Doyle.


Holmes examined the body. “What d’you think, Watson, you’re the doctor?”

“He was asphyxiated, but these red marks around his chest and waist and over his shoulders–I don’t know what to make of them. But I don’t believe in this ancient family curse.”

“It’s elementary, Watson.” He walked to a tallboy and rootled about in a drawer, “Ah-ha, the murder weapon.”

“Weapon? Surely there is no weapon, Holmes?”

“You have no lingering, or should that be lingerie doubts?”

“What d’you mean, Holmes?”

He extracted a piece of clothing all satin and lace, “Behold, Watson, The Basque of the Hundervilles.”

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This story is 120 words long.