With Voyeuristic Intention

With Voyeristic Intention

By Paul Calhoun

Dear reader: This story is noticeably unfinished. That's because I decided to leave the decision on what happens in the next part to whoever could decently illustrate either this part of the story or the section they're asking for. Or you could just use money; I really don't care either way. You may notice images already there, but those are part of an art/lit trade with someone who I don't mind doing shorts for, but I'm not too enamored of his quality (as you might notice, he didn't quite follow the story's descriptions).

Oh, right, the preview. A guy sees something sexy and becomes it.

For a PDF with the pictures and correct formatting: http://www.deviantart.com/download/185094167/wvi_by_chiscrin...

Logan wasn't just any voyeur. He could only enjoy things that were unusual. That meant that for the most part, his naughty hobby was rarely engaged in, since it was hard enough to spy without being seen and all but impossible to find something he'd never observed that allowed for convenient viewing. This was why he was making sure to take his time and really enjoy the scene playing out in front of him.

He had been hanging around the establishment in question for over a month in hopes of seeing something, and his patience was paying off. It was one of those clubs like he'd seen on CSI, though he had to admit that the producers of the show that gave him so many great ideas had obviously not spent more than a fraction of what these two had. The wolf and the vixen that were making out on the other side of the wall he was hiding behind were to those actors' costumes what a dress from Wal-Mart was to one from Fifth Avenue. They looked good.

And they seemed to be having almost as good a time with each other as the peeping Logan was. As he watched, the gray wolf pushed the vixen up against a wall across from Logan's and began to rub against her with his body. Soon they were touching and groping with abandon, and Logan's control almost failed him when they tore off each others' masks and he got a look at the vixen. It was Gemma! The buxom blonde movie star who'd taken Hollywood by storm just a year ago. What was she doing in a fox costume making out with some guy Logan had never heard of?

Logan's curiosity took a far second to the ecstasy produced from seeing the two of them together. Gemma and the other guy were locked together, their mouths open and their hands moving constantly. The guy adjusted the crotch of the costume and Logan could see his member poking out of a hole in the suit. When he gently guided Gemma down and began their tryst in earnest, Logan couldn't control himself any more and leaned against the wall as he listened to the two costumed lovers on the other side.

By the time he could steady himself and return to his watch, the two had separated and the man was retrieving a coat he'd been wearing over his wolf costume before they'd began. He took some money out of it and handed it to Gemma, who snatched it out of his hand and shoved it in the purse she'd left lying next to them. "That's the last time I work for you," she said in a voice like Gemma's but a tone Logan had never heard in any of the interviews with her.

"I'll live, I think," the man said flatly.
Gemma pulled off the costume's gloves and kicked off the feet. Pulling down the zipper - and incidentally making Logan wish he could recover faster - she said, "I can deal with kinky, but this was too much."

The man shrugged. "I don't see the problem with you wearing that costume."

Gemma held up the vixen suit. "This I could have dealt with. But this-" she dug her fingers into her neck and pulled her face off, leaving a much plainer one behind. "Was one step too far." The faux Gemma fiddled with a previously hidden zipper on her back and finally kicked off the bodysuit she'd been wearing.

The woman left behind looked older, and had significantly less in the curves department than Gemma. She was, Logan thought, quite flat in fact. That is, he thought that after the explosive orgasm that her sudden change had triggered. Ready or not, that was something far too sexy to resist.

"So do you want these back?" She asked.

The man said, "Keep it."

The woman threw both the vixen suit and the Gemma costume into a trash can. "Not me." She pulled some underwear and a light dress out of her bag. "Shove off." The man left, and once she was dressed, so did she.

Logan waited a few minutes to see if either would return, but they didn't and Logan swiftly climbed the dividing wall and hurried to the trash can. The costumes the woman had thrown in smelled a little, but Logan figured a little cleaning would fix that. He was willing to get his car a little dirty if it meant being able to try out an idea or three that he'd had as soon as he realized that the hooker was actually going to leave these behind.

Logan looked at the two costumes on the bed in front of him, now cleaned and ready for action. The vixen was beautiful indeed, with wide green eyes, auburn hair and a muzzle that spoke of a playful innocence ready to be turned to sensuality. Even empty, her body was obviously well endowed in every way without being too obvious. Black feet and hands with small black claws, a white front that curved with the body that would be inside and a long and fluffy orange tail ending in black rimmed white. Only the body of a pinnacle of womanly shape would be able to fill it properly, and luckily Logan had just that body laid out next to it.

The Gemma suit and mask were a perfect replica of the original, down to the last detail. Those details were available to anyone with $9.95 and an internet connection, and Logan had checked. Fair hair and complexion, a button nose, inviting lips and those were just the qualities you could see for free. Gemma had a body just like the vixen's, though of course the vixen had been made in the woman's image rather than the reverse.

Logan had been worried at first that the costumes wouldn't fit, but a closer look had abolished that concern. What with the mannish body of the suit's intended wearer and Logan's frequent visits to the gym, he'd fit right into the costume and not have to worry about adding any new padding. The hooker had been missing all the same bits Logan was missing, leaving only the part Logan possessed that the hooker didn't to be dealt with. There was no way of knowing what to do without trying the suit out first, Logan thought, and so he began his transformation from male voyeur to the female he'd wanted to peep on for most of his life.

His legs and feet went in without any trouble, and he stood to pull the suit up around his hips. It had a plug in back which went in and allowed full access to the wearer's anus, and a slot that would have gone into the hooker's vagina. Logan reached in and tucked his own genitals back between his legs, then pulled hard upward on the suit. The butt plug went in with little trouble, but he saw stars for a few seconds when the genital slit pinned his penis. Still, it didn't seem to have done any damage, so he continued by pulling the arms and hands over his own. Those constricted quite a bit, trying to mold his larger arms into Gemma's slender ones and his bigger hands into a more feminine shape. When he was sure he had those set properly he reached back to pull the zipper up, having to pull in his gut to get it all the way up.

With the body of the suit on, he bent over - with some difficulty as the suit was now keeping his midsection trimmer than he usually could - to pick up the mask, noting how naturally the breasts moved as he did. He nosed his way into it, wishing immediately that he'd gone out and bought a shower cap or something. Still, it was a little too late for that, and he forced his way into the mask and pulled it around until everything was sitting where it was supposed to.

He'd been running his camera the entire time, connected to his computer so that it wouldn't run out of space at an awkward moment. This act of entering the body of a hot starlet was something he knew he'd want to watch from the outside later, along with everything else 'she' was going to do tonight. Pretending this was another one of Gemma's famous 'party' videos that surfaced periodically, he approached the camera with mock shyness and waved at it, also taking stock of his new appearance. He couldn't have dreamed of a more complete success. The suit fit him at least as well as it had the hooker, and there was no trace of the man underneath, or even that the face staring at him from his computer screen with a look of joyful wonder didn't belong to the Hollywood sex object she appeared to be.

Satisfied that the mask had worked perfectly, 'Gemma' stepped back and posed for the camera, taking the opportunity to check herself out. The body was just as good as the face, and Gemma laughed and winked at the camera as Logan first checked how real the breasts felt under Gemma's petite grip and then gave the camera a smoldering look as he had a feel of Gemma's nether regions. Gemma's round behind was fabulous and the plug let the long feminine fingers explore as deeply as they wished. Even the false vagina felt fine, and Gemma shuddered in the camera's unwavering view as a long nail reached the end of the false section and stroked the man within.

Satisfied that there was no flaw in Logan's windfall, Gemma smiled and winked again at the camera, turning and picking up the vixen's tail. It was time for a show that would earn Logan a pot of money and show the real Gemma how to make a video that people like Logan pay anything to get. Gemma first strapped the tail on around her hips, wiggling to make the tail sway behind her. She then turned and bent over more than necessary to display how it flattered her as she scooped up the hand paws. Putting those on, she massaged her breasts slowly, speeding up and bending towards the camera with a look of pure sex. She then slipped into the feet and sat on the bed. Logan didn't need to manufacture the look of ecstasy on Gemma's face as the delicate vixen claw entered Gemma's nethers, and for awhile he forgot he was even making a video, content to watch and enjoy just as he knew the audience would.

When Gemma finished with that, she got up and took off the costume pieces, though she left the tail on, picking up the bodysuit of the vixen. She pulled it on slowly, swaying and gyrating for the camera as she slipped into the vixen's fur.

The tail went through a hole in the back, and the feet were the next thing on. She gave the camera a last smile and wave before putting on the fox mask and then the hand paws. Fully dressed as a vixen, she did just about what she'd done before putting it on, having an even more spectacularly orgasmic experience.

Apart from the moans and grunts, Gemma hadn't made a sound yet. Logan could tell that the suit had a voice changer, but he didn't trust it to fully disguise his speech patterns. For the next part, he'd need a partner, and he knew just who it had to be. The vixen put a single digit up to the camera, signaling that she'd only be a moment, and then took off both the head and the mask. This part and the parts where he was putting the Gemma suit on would be cut out of the first release, added later if he thought he could get away with it, but otherwise for his enjoyment only. He picked up the phone and dialed his friend Herbert, a person with as many kinks as he did. He continued to play with himself and watch himself do it on screen as the phone rang and Herbert picked up, trying to keep his tone normal even as the thought of himself as a vixen with a bombshell figure from the neck down calling a friend and pretending to be Just Logan made him wild with passion.

"It's Logan," he said shortly, "come over here right now. I've got something I think you'll love." He put the phone down before Herbert could say anything beyond the confirmation he'd be there.

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