Men and Gods

Ira was just like you and me until the impossible occurred, twisting him and all he loved. Now there is only survival, but if he ever gets the chance ... Revenge!

Warning Mature Material
Preface: Yes, I know unusual for me, but that damn muse of mine had other ideas. You see, I came up with this idea last week while working on several other stories. Wanting to reduce the uncompleted backlog that despite my efforts that's getting larger and larger, I only jotted down a bare outline to preserve the idea. However, that was not meant to be. Totally inappropriate sex scenes began appearing in my work. After confronting said muse, she stubbornly refused to see reason. I did what legion of other writers have done, I surrendered. I knocked this out in three days at an average of 3K words a day which for me is a blistering pace compare to my usual speed of the snail writing. Because of the material I considered not posting it because it makes me uncomfortable. I even thought about using another name. However, right or wrong, I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet. This is not your usual Grover story. It is dark and profane, but hopefully now that this is out of my system I can get back to what I was doing!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. None of the characters, places, or anything else is meant to be represented by anything in reality. Duh! Fiction, get it? I the author reserve the rights, so please don't go posting this anyplace else without my permission. Very special thanks goes out to Cathy who went though this story line by line with me, immeasurably improving it. Any mistakes are all mine.

Of Men and Gods

Just how do you describe a life changing event? I’m not talking the small stuff, this was the deadly serious kind of thing. You know a flash of light as your existence ends? Maybe, the sounds of Angels singing as the Rapture begins?

It was really none of those things. Just another day out walking the dog, feeling more than a little discouraged over being out of work. Oh, yeah, I’m Ira Forest. The sun was shinning, and a few high clouds that took on shapes my imagination teased into Lions, Tiggers, and a fantastical cast of others.

We were almost back at our apartment when Sassy, our Pomeranian
mix, lost her little doggie mind. She went completely nuts barking, and lunging at her leash. From what I could tell, the entire apartment complex animal population did too.

My wife and I’d lived in worse, but this place was better than most. The majority of the tenants were like us, lower class middle and struggling. More than a few of those were college students complete with the young’s selfish disregard for others. Being on the older side, I really preferred the peace and quiet, and not the weekend long, late night parties.

In a frenzy, Sassy broke free and took off like a rocket. That was the last I ever saw of her. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to chase after her, but that I couldn’t. Like a robot I turned and walked to one of the apartment buildings.

I couldn’t fight this, and honestly didn’t want to. It was as if I had no will. Like I’d somehow started sleepwalking while wide awake. All about the apartment complex, others joined me. Some were dressed, while others obviously stopped whatever they were doing like showering to come with us.

Kinda half aware this wasn’t right, I observed we were stopping in front of this apartment where, this rather skuzzy looking guy lived. Having a dog to walk, I’d gotten to see and meet a lot of the people who lived here. Mr. Skuz moved in a few months ago, and I had him pegged as a student. He’d never responded to any of my friendly waves, but I frequently saw him lugging in armloads of books.

However, the guy standing out front didn’t look a thing like the skinny, premature balding student. No, this dude was at least six foot and built like a Greek god. His eyes, I swear, glowed they were so blue and his blond mane reminded me of Orlando Bloom’s Legolas from LOTR.

It was the set of his mouth that worried me though. It wasn’t a sneer, but it was something really, really more unpleasant. Glancing back up at his eyes, the coldness behind the glow made me swallow in fear. This was so not a good thing.

I saw Lynn, my wife, and whatever compulsions we were under didn’t keep me from drifting over to her. I was afraid I knew what kind of trouble we were in.

Unemployed, and fighting depression, I tried to keep myself busy doing something I loved, writing. One of the biggest reasons for my mental hang-ups was my gender identity problem. Thus, in trying to make sense of what I felt, I wrote and read Transgender fiction as a way of exploring all of this. One of the stories I’d come across was, Master Control Program, by JR Parz.

In the story, some computer geek with a chip on his shoulder, gets sent a computer program that let him change reality. It had a range limitation, but within its radius, the owner could shape people’s forms and personalities any damn way he pleased. The series was very popular with a lot of other authors borrowing the same universe and ideas.

Standing here, not of my own will I feared for Lynn and myself. It was one of those times I was really, really wishing I was wrong. I wasn’t.

His deep voice rumbled, “Well, hi there everyone. How nice of you all to come by and visit.”

Those icy blue eyes passed over us, making me shiver. Then they locked onto one of the girls who must’ve been showering before being summoned.

Nastily, he said, “Hey look! She’s not wearing anything. Let’s not make her feel bad. Since all of you are dressed, I can fix that.”

Then, abruptly, like some magic trick, all our clothes were gone!

I so dearly wanted to do many things right then, but could only stand helpless. To my dismay, I couldn’t even reach out to touch my wife’s hand, for I feared much worse was coming. Once again, I was right.

In mock drama he screwed up his face in disgust. “Ewww! Wow, have some of you gotten hit with the ugly stick! But hey, don’t worry I can fix that too!”

Only able to close my eyes, I sent a silent fearful prayer heavenward. “Oh Heavenly Father please deliver us from this evil.”

I’d few illusions left in my life over my appearance. It’d never pleased me, but now, in my mid forties I knew my naked body wasn’t much to look at. My poor wife was in much the same situation. Overweight, and cursed with poor genes, her beauty was in her heart and soul. My greatest triumph was that I’d the wisdom to truly see it, and the courage to ask her to marry me.

It was as if reality itself trembled as he spoke, “First, lets make all of you female and 20 years old. Second, because I have standards, you’ll all be 36-24-36 plus/minus 10% based on your genetics. It’d be creepy if all of you looked the same.

“Next, since you’re all here, let’s have a party! You’re now very sexy ladies who’re horny all the time. Dressing and acting sexy feels really, good, and you all like feeling good right?” He said, with that same nasty sneer.

“To make sure no one tries to duck out of the fun, none of you can stand being alone anymore. Being with all your new sisters, dancing, grinding and partying makes you feel safe, secure and happy. What feels good is all that’s important to you now. No need to think or worry about tomorrow, just what feels good right now. Having sex with whoever I want you to is great, but you’ll always come back to me and your sisters. Of course being with me is the best thing that’s ever happen to you. I‘m your Man, and all you bitches belong to me.”

Dead! We were all dead, from personality death if nothing else, when he rewrote us with this new programming. I’d wished be, a beautiful sexy woman, but just the old saying said, ‘Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.’ In desperation, I began the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.

Laughing evilly, he bellowed, “I know how to do this! So it is said, let it be done!”

Blinking though long lashes, I looked at the petite, brown hair girl next to me, while trying to think. Unexpectedly, a pair of hands grabbed my butt. Wiggling sexily, I pushed my rump back into their grasp. I found myself smiling as I began dancing with the petite girl in front of me. It all felt so good.

Our Man laughed lustily, causing me tingle all over. “Now that’s more like it! Let’s move this party indoors and get some music going!”

He herded us into his apartment.

Some part of me was aware that the inside of the building was no longer divided into six different apartments. Now the whole thing was like the inside of some playboy’s mansion.

The music began playing, and I lost all thought. I could only dance, lost in the overwhelming bliss of being surrounded by my ‘sisters.’ I was sorta conscious that things were still changing, but I could only really focus on the ‘now.’ Touching and being touched filled all my senses. I was foundering in this riotous sea.

Then another compulsion, hit me. My Man wanted me. Making my way out of the twisting and giggling mass of women, I found him. Like a king, he reclined on huge leather sofa while a blond enthusiastically went down on him. Two more girls were topless, curled up in his arms passionately making out.

My head buzzed, conflicted with all the feeling and sensations that assaulted me. That petite brunette stood next to me, and I’d somehow cleared my head enough to know she to had to be Lynn.

“Hello girls!” He snickered, “It’s time for a little fine tuning makeover.”

His eyes roved over both of us. “Damn girl, but don’t you have a fine ass!” He said to Lynn. “I remember you. I’ve seen you all dressed up on Sundays. You go to church every week don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” she said, sounding as out of it as I felt. Having your brains scrambled will do that, I guess.

“All prim and proper weren’t you?,” He leered evilly, “Well no more of that! Let’s give you platinum dyed hair with the barest suggestion of dark roots, and just look at those melons! They’re beautiful, but far too respectable. For someone like you they just have to look fake. This well-spoken shit has got to go too. From now on you’ll have a dirty, filthy mouth, baby. One last note, you have such a great ass, let’s put that thing to use. You just love taking in the rear door baby. Just like all my girls you love sex anyway you can get it, but in the ass is really special.”

Then he clapped his hands together, “We’ll call you Ass-lay, Done!”

She shimmered and changed.

Long full bodied, blonder than blond hair flowed nearly to her ass. Her natural full breasts rose up in the prefect hemispheres of large, too firm fakes. However, it was her attitude that shook me.

Rubbing her altered bosom with one hand, while stoking her butt with the other, she moaned, “What the fuck do I have to do to get my brains fucked out?”

Whatever part of me that still lived cried, as she was lead away, back to the mindless dancing on the floor. I should’ve been trembling in fear, because it was my turn to face Our Man, but instead I was numb. I had much worse secrets that someone so sadistic could take advantage of. Perhaps that what saved me.

“Well looky here! It’s Mr. Friendly, the dog walker. I think by the time I’m finished you’ll be real friendly.”

He paused, studying me. Maybe he was just trying scare me, but after what he’d done to my wife I felt nothing but icy cold. If I could’ve moved I’d tried to rip his head off, but there was no rage. I focused on remembering every second of this. Perhaps the Klingons had a point about revenge is best served cold. I couldn’t do anything now, but if I ever got the chance …

Finally he declared, “First, you are too tall. For what I have in mind I think about five feet even will work. On the other hand, I do like the red hair. You’ll have a long, thick, curly blazing red mane. Because of that, we’ll name you Blaze.

He rubbed his hands together. “Now for the good part. You used to be a guy, but there’s only one Man in da’ house, me. Just so you know it, Blaze you have a oral fixation. Fellatio is the fancy word for it, but another is cocksucker. Not only do you suck cock, you love it. We’ll give you some extra sensitive thick cocksucking lips just to make sure you enjoy it.

“Like all my girls you love sex, but having a nice big tool in your mouth is an extra-special turn-on. Oh yeah, to make sure you swallow, you’ll love the taste. Hell, you’re a cum connoisseur, but you’ll never find one you don’t like. Just ones that drive you more crazy with desire, like mine.”

He looked me in the eye, “Done.”

The world went away.


Slowly, I came awake. As I did, I became aware of a huge tidal wave of memories. A lot of time had passed. One endless, party-like orgy and an equally endless stream of men. Cocks. The very word made me squirm. Licking my thick lips, they tingled with desire to glide them over those pulsing shafts.

“What the Fuck!” That thought really woke me up.

Sitting up, my large, unrestrained tits swayed sexily. A ping of pleasure flowed though me at the very notion. At the same instant, a vague alarm warned, ‘this isn’t right!’ I started to tense up, but an unknown voice tried to comfort me. “Shhh, Blaze, it’s alright. Just give it a moment.”

I was in a rather upscale hotel room. The smell of cigars and stale alcohol clung to everything… and sex, it stank of sex. Looking down at myself, there was that gorgeous set of tits again. They seemed huge with well defined pink areolae and big prominent nipples. Trying to ignore the pleasure the very idea that all of this was giving me, I discovered I was wearing a shiny, wet looking, black tube top pulled down around my waist.

Staring in disbelief, a little, and I do mean little, was a mini skirt of the same material pulled up to my waist. Out there in plain sight was my pussy. Very obviously that stench of sex came from me. I could even see the dried leftovers, but for some reason that didn’t freak me out. Just looking at that clean shaven pussy caused another tremble of pleasure to touch me. It was sexy. I was sexy, and that was so very good.

Knowing that, despite how it felt, this just wasn’t right, there was another woman on the bed next to me still asleep. She had a wild mane of dyed platinum hair, and, like me looked, recently fucked. Her clothes had a leopard pattern motif going from her five inch stiletto heels to the choker she wore.

A memory surfaced of her getting banged in the ass, as she screamed her pleasure to fuck her hard. However, as she slept, even with the remains of the heavy sluttish makeup, there was a innocence I recognized. This was my wife.

Hanging my head in sorrow, I lightly touched her discovering my own outrageously long pink nails. Glancing down, I found I was wearing patent, leather, platform calf boots with ridiculous six inch stiletto platform heels. It was all too much making my head spin.

I began crying, because I’d gotten what I’d always wished for. It’d destroyed me, and the woman I loved more than life itself.

Again, I heard that voice saying, “It’s not that bad, hon.” Arms hugged me.

“How can you say that? Look at us!” I winced at the sound of my own voice. It had a breathy lisp that phone sex operators wished they had. I replied, turning to look at her.

Unlike us, she didn’t look like a whore. I guessed her age at her early thirties, and she was well dressed. From her brunette hair to her shoes, this woman projected style and class, instead of cheap sex.

“You could still be under his spell like her,” she said

With tears still falling I implored, “Can you help her? She’s my wife.”

Wiping tears and smeared makeup from my face she said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t. You’re unique, because your learning disabilities and Aspergers you process information differently most do. His commands were less effective on you because of that. Along with your gender identify issues, your brain didn’t shut down from being forced to act this way.

“That’s why I could reach you.” She explained. “Your wife is different. A part of her simply couldn’t deal with what was done to you two, so although, she walks, and talks, most of what makes her Lynn is in a coma-like state.”

She tried to reassure me. “That’s not necessarily bad all things considered. It’s a way of protecting herself from all of this.”

I looked at her. “So why did you wake me, and while I‘m at it, who the hell are you?”

“I’m not going to tell you my name.” She said with a sigh. “This is really not for your benefit, but something had to be done. The man who did this is Christopher Bern. I don’t know how he gained this power, but he has. For the last few months, I’ve been trying to tease at the edges of his boundaries looking for a weakness.”

“So Agent 99, how long has it been?” I asked afraid of the answer, but needing to know.

Holding me tight, she answered after a pause.

“Six months. I’m sorry but you’re the only flaw I’ve found so far. He’s new to this and has made mistakes. Rather than wiping out all your memories, he instead imposed restrictions on you for how to act and behave. More importantly his ability to change reality has a range limitation.

“However, he has found a way around that by using you ‘girls’ to extend his range. He can project his powers though you at a considerably greater distance.” She said, reaching for another handful of tissues.

“Do you know how far?” I asked, sniffling.

“I can only give you a rough estimate. Finding out for certain would mean putting myself in danger. It’s about a mile in radius. It’s somewhat less dangerous near you since he has to focus on you specifically. So far he can reach out to you from approximately five miles, but can only effect a few yards around you. It might be greater with two or more of you girls together.

“I do know he’s been expanding and exploring his power. He’s made minor changes in local government officials, as well as blackmailing others. We desperately need to know where his powers come from and how to turn them off.” She said, wiping my face again.

“So I’m to be a spy?” I asked, hanging my head.

“Yes and no,” She said shaking her head sadly. “You see Christopher’s biggest mistake is you girls. By using his powers though you, also gives you access to him. That should let you tap them too, but you’ll have to be careful because he might be able to feel you doing so. In truth, you’re a saboteur. I don’t dare try and contact you again. It’s simply too dangerous for me in case he discovers you.”

“You’re not doing me any favors are you?” I said, taking a deep breath, staring at my wife.

“Even if we somehow break him, we’re not ever going to be the same are we?” I asked sorrowfully touching my wife. In her sleep, she moaned gently in pleasure making my point for me.

My mysterious benefactor shook her head, “No,” she confirmed sadly, “His mental commands and the physical transformations which reinforced those, has burned their own neural pathways. The best that could be hoped for is therapy to dampen the worst of it. Of course, my organization has resources that can do much more than anything you’re familiar with.

“That’s if we can even stop him. If we have to go in guns blazing, I don’t think many of you are going to survive. It’s a certainty he’d use you as shields. If I’ve learned anything about Chris, he’s a craven coward. That’s why he sits right where he is, sending you girls out to do his dirty work.”

“And all the sex he makes us have? Is that necessary?” I asked, becoming aware of my own arousal.

“Strictly speaking no.” She shaking her head. “It does help him of course with the blackmailing, and most people are vulnerable on any number of levels while climaxing. However, with his power, he doesn’t need to. He likes to debase others.”

“So he’s an insecure little shit who gets off on the power of humiliating others?” I summarized, hurting inside.

“That sounds about right.” Agent 99 grimly agreed.

After a moment’s thought, I asked, “So there others out there, like you who have power above that of normal man, but not like Our Man. You telling me, there’s no one able to directly contest him or there’s reasons that would be inadvisable. You’re trying to find a way to take him down without calling in the Marines or worse a nuke.”

“You’ve got it.” Again she nodded.

“You do know I’m not going to be much of kamikaze, right? I’ll give my life for her, but otherwise I have too much to live for,” I said.

She took my other hand. “More than anything I want to get all of you out of this alive. It may not be possible, hell it probably isn‘t, but we have to try.”

Thinking about a mission that if you decide to accept, and being disavowed if you fail, I asked, “Any suggestions how best proceed?”

She stood gathering her purse. “For now, do nothing. Try to feel the power as he uses it. Watch and see if you can find the source. Depending on what and how he’s been empowered will decide how best to strip him of it. We’ll be watching and if we see a chance to help, we will.”

“So go in, keep low, find out what his secret is and play it by ear. Oh yeah, you might help and you might not.” I said.

“And don’t get killed or worse found out. That would be bad,” she said, walking across the room towards the door..

“I got that part.” I said sarcastically, nodding my understanding. Considering what’d he’d done to me so far, Our Man being mad at me was indeed a bad thing.

“Be ready, I’m letting her wake up,” Agent 99 said making a strange gesture with her hand as she left.

Did she just do what I think she did? Sighing, I put it out of my mind. I’d enough things to think about. Sitting on the bed, I felt as if the whole world rested on my shoulders.

“Damn, but that was a good fuck last night!” Ass-Lay exclaimed, arching her back under my hand. With an insistent grip she pulled my nipple down to her lips.

Pleasure sparked though me like a live wire. “Aww Shit, that’s good!” I exclaimed as my body reacted like the well lubricated fuck machine it was built to be.


The hotel staff looked down their noses at us as we left the elevator. Ass-Lay and I strutted arm in arm across the lobby, our asses swaying in well screwed satisfaction.

She was a little taller than me despite my six inch platform stilettos. Dressed in her shiny leopard tube top, even her belly button piercing also had a spotted design. Even her big hoop earrings and bangles had the leopard theme. Add in her too perfect tits, and she was the perfect picture of the stereotypical whore.

Not that I was much better. Neither one of us were wearing underwear. That meant my tits were jiggling and bouncing around like a pair of playful kittens under that wet looking top of mine. Yeah, my nipples were easy to see as they traced a crazy jig jag underneath the fabric.

My own jewelry was done in jade, even though the little I was dressed in was black. A pair of small studs were in my upper set of earring holes, while the other three piercings sported larger ones ending up with the big, green, open oval ones which danced from my lower ears. A jade half moon dangled from my belly ring.

While my own ass couldn’t match Ass-Lay’s sexy walking advertisement for sex, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the guys crotches. Trust me as we did our ‘thang’ plenty of them were tenting. My tongue kept darting out wetting my lips, just thinking about all those cocks all gift wrapped just for me.

My lips tingled like crazy, but thank goodness we had places to be.

Now you would think a ritzy place like this would call the cops and have us tossed out, never to return. I knew the answer to this because I’d been present when it had happened. The old manager tried to do just that, but Our Man was alerted by a phone call and used his Mojo to convince the new man in charge that he shouldn’t brother us working bitches.

Why new manager? That’s because the old manager was a 19 year old Hispanic maid with broken English who’d give blowjobs for 10 bucks. Needless to say, that was one hell of a convincer.

The new management made do by getting us in and out as fast as they dared. As usual, a cab was waiting on us, and we both threw ourselves inside. There was no need to tell Cecile where to go, she’d been there before. Our Man didn’t stand for any male near him. It’d been Cecile bad luck to get too close. On the other hand, considering some of the changes the rest of us suffered, she got off pretty light.

The cute strawberry blond lost some age and was able to function in the world without any weird compulsions. That was a win in my book. She wasn’t happy about it, but she was wise enough to see how bad it could’ve been.

For instance, when the two of us threw ourselves into each others arms, it was that damn ‘party’ thing all over again. We couldn’t stand being alone. With just the two of us it wasn’t as bad as being all alone, but it was bad enough. Imagine someone with a fear of heights standing on a third story up window ledge. What did help take the edge off was sex.

For me this was absolutely terrifying. I had six months of memories to somehow process, and still try and to pretend nothing had changed. I did recall reading something about introspection, and how it was about thinking about thinking. There was actually a part of the brain that was more developed for those who did a lot of it. What Our Man did was disconnect that, with his command to live only in the now.

Now I had all those experiences to deal with, and most of them weren’t pleasant. Sensual, mind-blowing pleasure, maybe, but not at all nice morally. Like for instance, as Ass-Lay’s hands groped my ass.

I knew she was really Lynn, but I couldn’t help referring to her as Ass-Lay. I couldn’t even try and to cheat and use Ashley. Another issue was our tits, asses, and pussies. I knew they were breasts, buttocks, and genitals, but I couldn’t call them that. It was like trying to call a Chevy a Ford. It just wasn’t.

One thing I knew for sure, it was seriously messing with my head. I never used to speak like that, but now, I can’t even say ‘making love.’ It’s fucking. That’s not even how shocking it is to have Ass-Lay belt out F-bombs like a B-52.

“Shit! Fucking kiss me!” she screamed, overwhelmed by the fear.

Maybe I couldn’t say it, but it didn’t stop me from feeling the love. Instead of the frenzied exchange of saliva that I think would’ve occurred, my lips touched hers with all the affection I had for her, in a long, slow, passionate, burning kiss.

She gasped, surprised, but responded in kind. Maybe I was breaking cover already, but I couldn’t do anything else. The woman I loved was in extreme distress, and I knew this was what she needed.

That’s not to say it didn’t ring the hell out of my bells too. My damn pouting lips burned with a fire that ran all the way past my ceaselessly damp pussy to my toes. I orgasmed as our tongues intertwined.

I knew that Our Man had made changes to me so I would love sucking cock, but I never expected this. Imagine the pleasure of tasting something really good, and then increase it ten fold. I moaned. Damn this was great too.

However, memory told me that this was nothing compared to cocksucking. It was what I’d been designed for after all. What made this kiss different was that I truly loved her.

Even Cecile, as jaded as she was now after seeing all of us girls lose it, was impressed, “Damn, Blaze! That’s hawt girl!”

Panting, Ass-Lay asked, “Are we there yet?”

My eyes were still rolled back in my head. Tingling madly, I licked my lips, capturing hers again. Under siege by all the sensations, a little voice whispered, ‘This mission is going to be a real bitch.’

One hell of a lip-lock or not, the very second the cap stopped, we both sashayed to Our Man’s house as quickly as our skyscraper heels would allow. The music, thrumming though the door, drew us like a bug zapper does a mosquito.

Tiny opened the door for us. Once upon a time she’d been a male pimp who decided that no one moved in on his turf. Now, she was a tiny waif who, along with others who pissed off, Our Man, worked as our maids. They all had adult minds and desires, but pre-pubertal bodies. Their only concerns were the compulsions to take care of the housecleaning and anything else Our Man thought was degrading, but none of that mattered us right then.

We both danced into the group of our sisters who gyrated to the beat of Beyonce. The feeling of belonging and safety, after the near overwhelming feelings of fear, was intoxicating. Kisses were exchanged as we were welcomed back. Being in the press of bodies felt good.

Strangely, I could think a little more clearly now. It made sense, I suppose considering the comfort and security this gave me. On the other hand, we were blatantly displaying our bodies for Our Man.

Speaking of Our Man, he wasn’t sitting on his throne. That was probably a good thing, because I really needed time to get my head straight. It seemed like Agent 99, and I had been right. Our Man was an idiot. The power to change reality itself, and he chose to become a pimp? Okay maybe not a complete moron since he was gathering influence and political power by using us bitches.

I didn’t see anything that could be the source of his power. No Book of Shadows or some strange artifact sitting in a protective case. Far as that goes I didn’t see anything else that seemed suspicious.

For that matter, I had no idea why he was still here where it’d all begun. Why wouldn’t he move somewhere with a really nice area to influence with his one mile radius of twisty fun? Did something happen to make him ‘fort-up,’ or was the effect tied to this location? Too many questions and answering them just might get me worse than dead.

Ass-Lay danced to me grinding her pelvis against mine. I bit back a sigh, because if I didn’t, then not only would the woman I loved stay trapped as she was, but when Agent 99 called in the big guns we could all be killed anyway. What a fucking choice!

I could only hope I’d would have some time before that happened. Our Man hadn’t been shy about his activities. Changing 30 to 40 of us, annexing an apartment building, as well as any number of others such as hotel managers, cabbies, and who knew who else was bound to be noticed sooner or later. Nope, a shitload of pain was coming, and somehow I had to get everyone out of the way.

This wasn’t going to be easy.


The next week was a hell of a thing. Sex, coming, going, all exists are open, holy shit!, and yet more sex. I can’t say I got used to it, but I think I began adapting some. The whole cocksucking thing, being the best thing ever invented, pardon the pun, sucked!

I might’ve had gender issues, but not so with my sexuality. It was women I desired. As far as I could tell, Our Man gave all of us ex-men this same obsession. While he made us all bi-sexual, this oral mania was a hell of a lot more intense. Of course the best experience of all was with him.

However, besides having more sex than a house full of frat boys, I learned a few things. One was that all of us girls were using at least a little magic, power, or whatever you wanted to call it. Not so the maids. They had to clean and take care of us the old fashioned way. No only those of us that he’d first changed.

Hey I also got a count finally. There’s 35 of us from different cultures and nationalities. More or less what you’ll expect from a complex that housed lower income couples and students.

It’s the magic that was important thing. Our Man commanded us to be ready to go fucking at any hour of the day or night. Unlike normal people, all of us bitches lived around that dance floor. We slept on the wide array of sofas and were fed by the maids. It really was a harem no matter what Our Man wanted to call it.

We had a communal bath, and dressing room. Ass-Lay was dressing and picking out her club wear for tonight. As usual, they had a leopard theme which made me think. In the beginning I thought this was only more of Our Man making her appear the cheap slut. However, I remembered that Lynn had a pair of heels that she adored that was in the same style. She called them her naughty shoes. Could my love be closer to the surface than I thought?

I had reason to think so. Although most of us ex-couples stayed close, perhaps unconsciously, she’d been spending even more of her time near me. Our Man didn’t seem to object. He seemed to get off at the fact that the ex-boyfriends and husbands were getting screwed in front of their girls.

She looked at me. “I know just the look for you, Honey.”

Reaching into the wardrobe she pulled an identical outfit for me, but with tiger stripes instead of leopard spots. While my dress had the left shoulder bare, hers had the right. But of course it needed accessories. Again exactly what we needed was at hand.

Standing in front of the mirror, I nearly blew my cover. Damn but didn’t we make a smoking hawt pair! I tried not to feel guilty, but looking so sexy was a serious turn on. That’s not including that programming from Our Man, that gave me an extra ‘charge’ for looking or doing anything at all sexy.

None of the other girls lived in anything but the moment. Besides checking for appearance, that was it. While ‘home,’ we were drawn to the ‘dance.’ However, I wanted so much to explore, to see, if the woman I loved was inside that tart shell.

I think that’s where the full import of our matching dresses hit me. An experiment was called for. Reaching out, I visualized a pair of cat’s eye rings. Opening my hand there they were! It was magic! I handed one to her. “Now, we’re perfect.”

With a sultry purr she slipped it on a finger, “Fuckin’ A!”

I worried that our matching dresses would bring unwelcome attention, but luck was with us. Cecile picked us up, but this time the fear wasn’t that bad because there was more of us. We were on the way to that aforementioned frat house. That was enough to make it bearable.

I’m not going describe that night. It was a frat house and the six of us were fuckin’ machines. You figure it out. However, I did pick up another clue what Our Man was up to. One of the boys was on the football team. I wasn’t even sure what I was feeling when I picked up on … call it a scent.

It was as if I could see it reaching from within us bitches like some kind of bizarre tentacle sex flick wrapping around him, sinking into his flesh. What made it even stranger, was that no one noticed although, I did see the other girls’ eyes flicker at the movement. They were too lost in the sex however to care. Hell, if I’d been giving head, I wouldn’t have noticed either.

I didn’t notice anything obvious changed about the boy. I was thinking Our Man was trying to fix the upcoming game by inflicting some kind of harm.

However, the next game he played I was proved wrong. That boy played as well as he fucked and that was damn fine. Thinking about it, I realized, what a hook. Our Man enhances the poor fool, and after he’s had a sweet taste of success, Our Man threatens to take it away.

I was still confused about the big picture concerning what Our Man’s goals, but he seemed to have something in mind. So far I’d seen fairly subtle things, like the blackmail and other little changes to those he was targeting. Everyone else was fair game for him to twist any way he pleased.

Was this because of some limitation of the power or was he a hell of a lot smarter than he appeared? I wished I knew. No matter, it was good that I was beginning to see the magic.

Getting back to Our Man’s house, I worked out some other things. Concentrating on that elusive ‘scent’ I began to see when Our Man was working his Mojo. Since my ‘looking’ was passive, I think I was pretty safe from discovery.

I’d also begun to sorta ‘look’ into people. Concentrating on my sisters I could sense what Our Man did to them. The ex-guys, like me, were easy to pick out, because we all had the cocksucking lips with the extra nerve endings.

Some of my other sisters had similar enhancements in their tits, while others had them in their ass like Ass-Lay. What surprised me was all of us were self-lubricating up the back door. The girls like Ass-Lay were just more so.

Hell, I began to wonder just how human we still were. You see, there were lots of other changes, and I’d no idea what most of them did. Virtually our entire bodies were transformed to some degree. Our Man’s preoccupation with sex helped decipher some of them. We were as flexible as any contortionist. Additionally, we had endurance to burn. Not surprisingly, given we spent so many hours on the dance floor entertaining Our Man. The Energizer Bunny had nothing on us Fuck Bunnies.

One of the most depressing things about all of this was, that we all looked to be sterile. Our Man didn’t want to be burdened with 35 women going though PMS all at once. However, one of the reasons I never pursued transitioning, was the painful truth, that even if I did, I could never bear my own child. At least as a male I could father one, but even that was a experience denied me now. Let me tell you that hurt.

As depressing as most this was, I found good along the way. One evening we were out ‘entertaining’ on the town, before heading someplace private for some serious fucking when, being a little bored, I ‘looked’ at the people around us. Not being a doctor, I didn’t know most of what I was looking at. However, one woman’s condition jumped out at me, even though she wasn’t showing yet. I could see her baby within her.

It was like catching the sunrise, or the full moon though the trees at just the right instant. It was a beautiful sight, that moved me to tears.

It stayed with me all that night, despite my being used and abused. I’d another reason for stopping Our Man. It was for the children. They deserved better than the perversions he would put them too. I sincerely hoped none had been caught in his web of changes.

Then, there was the boredom. My sisters were caught in the dance as completely as any fairy enchantment. Lost in living in the now, they were happy. I, however could think again. That meant even dancing and fucking in a harem of the sexiest women on the planet got old after a while.

Worse, I still hadn’t found any damn sign at all of how Our Man got his mojo. Bear in mind it was hard for me to snoop around given my primary activities. Still, I’d found nothing; not a single damn ancient looking idol, arcane jewelry, strange alien devices, or even a computer running some esoteric program, nothing, damn it.

It really sucked to know I had a deadline, and I wasn’t even able to see the fucking clock. However, I did find some odds and ends of papers that suggested Our Man was planning on moving. I’d also noticed he’d been targeting state government officials. So far no federal ones, like members of congress, but I figured it was just a matter of time. Most of what he did seemed random like with that football player. If there was a big picture, I couldn’t see it.

Unfortunately, that meant my time was running out. No way could Agent 99, and whoever she worked with could afford to let him get his fingers any deeper into politics. The southern ‘Good Ole Boy’ corruption was bad enough as it was, without tossing in an insecure, sex crazed, pimp with more power than anyone should have.

Too bad I forgot that other agencies had jurisdiction over little things like this. I was squatting, using my flexibility to sexily arch my ass, as I sucked off the stud in front of me. Then, with a very audible pop, I was pulled backwards.

Being interrupted like that had my head spinning, but as my arms were forced behind my back, fear hit me. Click, went the cuffs around my waists.

“Get your fucking hands off of me, you fucking asshole!” Ass-Lay shrieked, fighting like a pissed off wildcat.

I winced. Her voice could cut though a full blown hurricane. This was worse with all the women and guys screaming, and cussing all at once.

‘Oh shit!’ I thought. I’d run out of time.

The john they’d pulled me off of still had his eyes rolled back in his head, as the black suited SWAT guys pushed him against the wall. That’s when I spotted the local Sheriff’s department logo.

Oh no! This was so not good. I was fairly certain that, whoever Agent 99 worked for, it sure as hell wasn’t these County Mounties. The man in black pulled me roughly to my feet. Even in my scandalously high platform shoes, he towered over me only in combat boots.

Our Man reacted very badly to male authority figures like these, but what the hell could I do? To them I was just a whore, so like they were really going to listen to me? I’d learned a few very minor little tricks using the magic, but nothing that could defuse this.

As the first glimmers of that ‘scent,’ I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

The cop holding me began to shrink. Looking downward, the combat boots were morphing into a pair of sexy, looking high heel boots. Glancing at the other cops, the pair that was manhandling a spitting mad Ass-Lay were changing too. Their black assault gear turning shiny and tight transforming into corsets, highlighting their growing tits.

Her cussing turned to moans as they began making out with her, as their uniforms changed into costumes like strippers would wear. Fetish, wet looking, rubber police uniforms with badges proudly proclaiming, ‘Slut Police.’

The one holding me pushed me towards the ‘John’ who was now uncuffed, but looking a little confused. The cop, once trying to arrest him, was groping him instead. Her hair turned beached blond and grew longer.

It wasn’t a bust, but a porn show, as I was pushed towards his cock. Before my libido overtook me, I wondered about these guys’ families and cursed Our Man yet again. How many more lives would be destroyed? However, this made things worse. My deadline had gotten shorter.


The next few days were hectic. Even Our Man knew he’d crossed a line turning Gawd knows how many cops into strippers. I did take note that they weren’t added to our numbers. Once again that suggested that we who were changed first were special in some way. Not that it helped those new girls very much. A new strip club appeared on the outskirts of his power in a once abandoned building. I’d heard business was booming. The girls there would do things that would blow your mind. That’s because the cops never raided the place. I wonder why?

As for us on the dance floor, we were on edge too. I think it was like a young child or pet picking up on the anxiety of their caregivers. Living in the now like this didn’t leave much room for worry, only for what felt good.

Speaking of good, Our Man was definitely in the process of moving. There was a very ritzy community on the lake that had tons of millionaires and celebrities. I’d seen Google Earth pictures, laying around with circles drawn on them, highlighting the one mile radius of his power. At a guess, he was trying to get the most birds with his net that he could. That argued, that whatever the source of the power, it wasn’t very mobile.

Really feeling the pressure, I risked nosing around more, trying to literally sniff out that ’scent’ my brains identified as being linked with the power.


I did find his stash of books, but didn’t dare get close enough to even read the titles. One might’ve been in Latin, but I couldn’t get a good look. The only reason I found them was because one of the sexless maids was packing them up. The damn things were in a, I’m not kidding, secret compartment. Swung open, it was a bookcase, but closed, it looked just like a section of wall.

I don’t think those books were the key, but they might’ve been a clue. You see, Our Man wasn’t around during the packing. I’m sure if they were the source of his abilities, he would’ve been.

This was bad too, because whatever that damn secret was, it was well hidden. Sniffing about was one thing, but knocking on walls for secret doors with all the girls and maids stirred up was another. Have I said I really didn’t want to be caught?

That said, I was able to peek into a few of those boxes while others were being packed. One of those disturbed me, not because of squicky stuff inside, but actually the exact opposite. It was full of childhood mementos, such as a much used Rubik’s cube and a battered fourth grade math trophy.

Pulling out a framed picture, it portrayed a younger, cleaned up Mr. Skuzzy smiling with his parents. Stuffed in the corner of the frame was a small clipped newspaper obituary reporting the death of Mr. and Mrs. Bern. Their son Christopher was the only survivor of the tragic auto accident. It was dated a year ago.

Forcing myself to be careful, I replaced everything. The last thing I wanted to know was that he was even human, much less one with any redeeming qualities. I wasn’t allowed to hate Our man, but I could despise him. There were far too many trespasses that could never be forgiven.

That night, none of us were sent out. Our Man was in rare form as he worked his way though fucking all us bitches. Becoming paranoid, I wondered if this was some kind of trap, but when it got to be my turn, I got well and truly fucked. Luckily for me, there wasn’t anything else.

The next morning we were sprawled all over the place, sleeping while the maids tidied up. Half asleep, it was this light that finished waking me up. Our Man had shoved the heavy sofa-like throne out the way. There concealed, underneath it was this trapdoor with a rising platform. I guess the same one he had before gaining the powers of a god.

It was what sitting on top of it that was impossible to describe. Just looking at the thing made my head hurt. Trying to make sense of it, my eyes tried say it was a cube, but it wasn’t. Some parts folded into somewhere else where they shouldn’t, while others unfolded from apparently nothingness. A ‘tesseract’ maybe? I wondered, remembering an old sci-fi story. I am sure as hell wasn’t a rocket scientist. All I knew about such things was they simultaneously existed in several dimensions besides the three which we were familiar.

Considering the momentous headache it was giving me, I could well believe it was extra-dimensional. That weird light came from inside the thing. It looked to be fragile from the way Our Man was handling it so gingerly. This seemed like the real deal. I’d finally found it, the source of his magic!

The question was what to do about it? Run over there and smash it before he turned me into a piece of furniture? Make a break for the outside hoping Agent 99’s people were better prepared than those cops?

Realizing I didn’t have much time, I bit the bullet and ‘looked’ at it. The painful throbbing just from looking at it with normal sight was nothing compared to ‘looking’ at it. Trust me it was hard.

If I’d thought what I was seeing before didn’t make sense, it absolutely made none now. The other girls around me were beginning to stir letting me know time was running out.

Slowly I’d could see this was acting like some kind of prism, focusing these weird looking strands that connected us bitches to it and concentrating them into a single thick rope to Our Man. Mind you it was a lot more than that, but things twisted and folded within that damn thing so madly, it was impossible tell for sure.

After a second I began to see a pattern. Please recall I have at the very least a mild case of Aspergers. Think of Rain Man and his idiot savant math talent. While what I have isn’t that amazing, I’m a visual thinker, thinking in pictures, and I did see something.

What if I move that ‘thingie whangie’ like this, and this ‘whatacallit’ over here? Using my magic, I reached out.

Our Man screamed like a girl! “What the Fuck do you think you’re doing!”

The whole world trembled and shimmered.

In my ‘sight’ the 36 streams coming from the tesseract were all equal now. I felt like I’d just aced my math exam. That equation was solved!

Maybe I was pleased, but Our Man was pissed as he stalked towards me. “You fucking bitch! You know what you’ve done?”

I snarled, “Wake up everyone and remember!” Thirty-four heads shook themselves, as they went though what I went though all those weeks ago in that hotel room.

As they came awake, I replied, to Our Man, “I sure as hell do, Chris! You were using us to power that damn thing. Now everyone is getting an even share of power, even you. Guess what? There’s 35 of us and one of you.” I smirked nastily.

I watched his eyes as he computed the odds, and saw the panic as he broke for the door. Unfortunately for him, 34 very pissed off women beat him to it. Let’s say simply that it wasn’t pretty and leave it at that. His screams of, “I’m the Man” and, “You can’t do this to me,” faded out painfully.

I said 34 because the 35th, me I was walking towards the tesseract. This was decision time. Do I dare try and break it? Closing my eyes I visualized a tiger eye bracelet, and feeling it in my hand I ‘looked’ at it. I still had the power. We all still had the power. This was our best chance for getting back to normal, but absolute power corrupts, you know? Chris set such a great example of how that worked.

Sending a prayer heavenward, I did it.



Susan looked at me frankly. “You know, all of you scare the crap out of the directors, don’t you?”

Saucily, I swung a platform heel shoe. “I have gotten that feeling, yes. It’s not that I don’t feel the love, but I can tell someone doesn’t like us very much there, Agent 99.”

In the last couple weeks I’d learned that Susan was her real name, … well maybe. One never knew with these psychic spy types. I suspected that she’d been picked as our liaison because she’d researched the hell out of me, before risking waking me up.

Still, the heavy security was a sure sign that they were scared and didn’t trust us one damn bit. Thirty-five women who can twist reality around their little fingers, what so frightening about that? After all each of us could only affect an area about as far out as we could physically reach out and touch, say about a yard give or take.

Why thirty-five women and not thirty-six? That’s right, when Agent 99 and whatever deep black agency she belonged to knocked down the door, Our Man was nowhere to be found. Take my word for it he never would be. I’d made damn sure I was very specific about her changes. No repressed memories for that girl. I didn’t just clean her slate first, I ground that sucker up into mush and rebuilt it.

Sissy is as sweet a girl as you’ll ever meet. Perhaps a bit forward, and certainly passionate, but compared to the rest of us, she’s about as nice as they come. I ensured, she didn’t have any of the cruel compulsions we were cursed with. That was as far as I was prepared to go. Perhaps some might call me as bad as ‘He-who-does-not-exists-any-more,’ but I’m not taking any chances at all considering what happened. I most especially am not trusting the government with this thing that was simple enough for a college kid to build on his kitchen table.

Susan stared at me. I’m sure she knew I wasn’t telling the whole story.

“Are you sure you don’t know what happened to the device?,” She asked me for about the thousandth time or so. The tape recorder in front us made sure I knew just who she was passing on the request from. They’d been highly pissed to find a pile of broken glass and crystal.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m not sure. Maybe when I retuned it, something overloaded. I do remember him yelling, ‘Do you know what you’ve done.’ I’m took that as a bad sign. Besides, it was destroyed. I think you said, back when you woke me up, that no one could be trusted with that kind of power.” I answered playing with my tiger eye bracelet. When dealing with something in so many dimensions all at once, little things like volume and mass aren’t all that important. Of course I wasn’t going to tell her that.

She sighed. “So we have 35 psychologically damaged women with that power instead?”

I smiled correcting her, “She has no access to the power and never will. For another thing, our range is greatly reduced from what his was, and if any of us get out of control there’re plenty of others to take care of the problem. At any rate, we’re probably more of a danger to ourselves than to others.”

That was true. Most the girls were still in that walking comatose state. However, Agent 99’s people were helping. More and more, we were getting to the point where we could start to deal with what happened. I will say only one other ex-male had recovered at all, and he was gay. For that matter, he’d been the only one able to physically transform himself to any degree. No longer looking like a stripper, Stacy was androgynous looking, even if she still had breasts, but it was a step in the right direction.

With me and the few others, who were more or less functional, we made sure that’s all Agent 99’s people were doing was helping. We’d had enough brainwashing and mind control, thank you very much! There was one small incident. One of the doctors, either on his superiors order or on his own tried subverting one of my sisters by taking Chris’s place in her programming. I really didn’t care who ordered it, because after a week of crossdressing, he and everyone else got the message. He looked rather fletching in red, although he needed more practice with the heels. I guess everyone had to know where the limits were, and now they did.

Happily for me, Ashley was one of those who was sorta kinda functional. The extra attention, I paid to her somehow made the difference. Sure she still cussed like a sailor sometimes, but not all the time now. Like us all, she was healing.

That applied to me too. I could actually called her something else other than that profane name he’d given her. Thinking about it, she asked to go by Ashley, for the time being. That was fine by me, since I was still going by Blaze. It was going to take time.

Part of what I haven’t addressed is my own physical changes. A good chunk of it is all subconscious. Stacy proved that by her working her way back to a more masculine body. My problem was, I liked how I looked now, much better than I had as a guy. Yeah, with the Fellatio pouting lips and all, but at least the worst of the compulsions were muted. That still means I’m very oral fixated, but Ashley isn’t complaining. For that matter, unless I somehow undo those physical alterations in my mouth, I’m probably going to stay that way.

“Think of us instead, as a priceless treasure and resource,” I said, touching the Styrofoam cup on the table. It gleamed turning into gold. That little trick cost me some time, studying a science book describing the elements and a gold ring. Personally, I would’ve liked titanium, but I thought gold would have more impact.

“So what are we supposed to do with you all? Lock you up in Fort Knox? Even with you providing a never ending stream of gold, it takes money and resources to look after all of you.” She replied.

I could tell she was being prompted. An advantage of having a physic spy. Too bad I made damn sure she couldn’t read me reliably. It was a little tricky, but the freedom of my sisters and I depended on it.

“I’m sure your bosses would rather we were easy to sweep under the rug. However, I have a solution. We can provide our own facilities,” I added, explaining.

“Please don’t thank we’re not grateful to you, and to each and everyone who rescued us. However, we don’t want to be used again. Treat us with respect and a little dignity, and it’ll go a long ways.” I said, projecting the sincerity I felt.

Susan smiled. “So you’re not planning on flooding the market with precious metals? We have the economy to think about after all.”

Eyes sparkling, I grinned, “I don’t think that small.”


After explaining myself to my sisters, they were all thrilled. They wanted run out in the middle of the night and start right that very instant. That very instant wouldn’t have been too soon.

Used to sleeping together like a bunch of puppies or kittens, the individual rooms, they had us in, were driving all of us up the wall. Plus, there was nowhere to dance!

The next morning, Agent 99 and more than a few heavily armed watchers, escorted us out to the area that’d been approved for our experiment. Most of last night had been spent going over what we wanted. I’d gotten the ball rolling by making a miniature representation and soon, all the girls had gotten into the act adding or changing things.

It went faster than it should’ve, because we were accustomed to working and getting along. I’d half expected some Gawd awful thing that was designed by a committee, but you know? It didn’t. I know, we were all very pleased. It was as if all of our skills and visions came together to create this thing of beauty, and knowing the nature of our origins who’s to say it didn’t?

Like a priestess, Ashley placed the representation on the ground, then we formed a large circle holding hands.

Looking over my shoulder at Agent 99, who had a doubtful expression on her face, but there were still a cameraman next to her, to catch everything recorded.

Smiling, I turned back to my sisters. “Come on girls. Let’s show’em they ain’t seen nothing yet!”

The power rose up out of us, invisible to all except maybe Agent 99. With our wills focused on the model, the very air shimmered with power. Then like a gentle breath, it was done. I’d suspected that all of us working together could affect a much larger area than even Chris could at his height.

A road now connected to the once barren area. Buildings of a typical small, but artsy town lined both sides and it lead to the gates of a huge mansion. It was in a very artistic, Victorian style. There were even parks, gardens and fountains where only rocks and scrub grass had grown before.

As one, we laughed and giggled like a pack of teenage girls. We now had our own town!

I was only too aware that the government was trying to sweep many of the others who had their lives destroyed by Chris, under the rug. They wanted those poor souls to just go away, but now they had a place to live, work and even play. Arm in arm we ran inside our new home, which already rang with the beat of music.

Susan shook her head at us, but I didn’t care. This girl had some dancing to do!


So how does this story end? Well, if you’re ever out in the middle of nowhere, and run across a town not on any map, you might want to stop. If you’re invited up to the huge mansion that’s filled with the beat of dance music, you won‘t be disappointed if you accept. The girls are always friendly, and willing to help out a stranger. As long as you don’t do something foolish, like proclaim you’re the Man, you’ll be just fine!

The End

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