Bimbo Construction Kit -1-

(This Blog is fiction, on the model of Jay Seaver's "A Transplanted Life". It's also experimental and if it vanishes in the haze because I can't continue it for one reason or another, well, don't say I didn't warn you.)

Day One, morning, actually Day About 40 but I didn't start this at the beginning of the semester like I intended:

College isn't what I expected. The classes aren't so hard but the campus is huge and I have to really hurtle to make it from one class to the next. Now I'm glad I got the first two years out of the way back home in VCC.

One thing I had worried about turned out to be true--I've got a pig for a roommate. His name is Paul, he's over six foot tall and he's a slob. He leaves his clothes scattered on the floor, he steals my toothpaste if I leave it in the bathroom and he talks with his mouth full. And his mouth is full a lot of the time. I can't see why he isn't fat.

He watches football. This is not a sin but if I presume to make a comment on the game, he tells me why I'm wrong and an idiot for even thinking such a thing. Apparently, he used to be a jock before he screwed up his knee doing something stupid on a motorized skateboard. What a moron.

Classes are actually boring. Lots of overcrowded lecture halls filled with smelly people and a droning postgrad delivering a canned speech about Ethics in Modern Journalism or Communication Revolution: The Internet. Maybe I'll change my major.

I know I'm going to request a new roommate at the end of this semester, you can do that, I checked.

-- don

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