My Transition Poem

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I haven't posted anything for awhile and I decided to resurrect this oldie that I wrote when I started my transition, almost two years ago. I hope you enjoy it and I think it speaks to each of us attempting to travel the transition road, unsure of what will happen to us, but ever hopeful.


Of all of the times in my long lonesome life,
full of anger and sadness and worry and strife,

the now, this moment, holds, it seems,
my hopes, my prayers, my choices, my dreams.

I stand on the threshold of change and renewal,
and I must be bold, and follow new rules.

The past is the past and I bid it adieu,
I welcome the changes, I'll embrace the new.

Filled with fears and with dread, but regardless of strife,
filled with hope and with wonder, I'll begin my new life.

With the help of my friends, both far and so near,
Their love and their caring will assure that those fears,

will vanish like fog, no more strife, no more tears,
and my life, will be filled with their hugs, and their love,

I'll embrace the new me, no longer a hawk, now a dove.

From Cathy: Yes, I know that the last few lines sorta ruin the meter, but I was writing what I felt and, even though those last three lines ruin the meter, they say what I felt, and still feel.

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