A Perfect Life

I am not writing this myself. I have finally convinced someone to do it for me. She promised to post it on the Internet, but only as fiction. I suppose it is a bit unbelievable.

A Perfect Life

By Wholeman


DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to
stretch my creative muscles. All scientists and Wizards in this work are
fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is
purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence,
swearing, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my
head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and
especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming
offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or
send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it
and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not
greedy, but I did write it.)


The reasons

I am not writing this myself. I have finally convinced someone to
do it for me. She promised to post it on the Internet, but only as fiction.
I suppose it is a bit unbelievable.

It all started with the best of intentions.

I had married my love while we were still in college. She was
beautiful, brilliant, and fun to be with. We married and lived together
under very 'hand to mouth' conditions. There was never any disposable
income to buy anything but the barest necessities.

I would tell my lovely bride, "One day honey, I'll make enough
money that you won't have to work. You will only have to stay at home
and be beautiful. I will be able to hire maids and handmaidens who will
wait on you hand and foot. You won't even have to dress yourself. The
only thing you will have to be ready for is occasional sex with your horny
husband. I'll see to it that you have only the most beautiful clothes, the
sexiest underwear, and the body you always wanted." That last part was
really, the body I always wanted her to have, and not the body she
always wanted. I assumed that she would want to look so beautiful that
I couldn't keep my hands off her. What a jerk, eh?

Well we were both getting high honors in our respective fields. I
was getting an MBA in manufacturing. My lovely bride was getting her
Doctorate in genetic engineering.

We both graduated about the same time. I got work at a major
aerospace company. Kylynn started work for a startup company out of
the east side.

Oh, I didn't tell you my name yet! I am Vernon Spencer Solman.
At least I was.

The Night Before

Okay on with the story.

We were finally making some money although we were both
spending far too much time apart, but that is how it is with two career
minded people. I was putting in many extra hours to advance my career
so that I could provide for my lovely bride. I worked my butt off for that

Then it happened, peace broke out and I found myself laid off, no
job, and no future, just another manager sitting at home whilst his wife's
career is going great guns. She seemed to move up in her company's
organization on a daily basis. Kylynn was beginning to bring in enough
money that it was embarrassing the hell out of me since I was
temporarily without a job.

I tried my best to do those little things around the house to keep
the place neat and tidy, but Kylynn was making so much money that she
hired a maid to keep the place spotless. She said that she didn't want
me toiling away all day when she could afford to have maids do it for us.

Now I was desperate, I had nothing to do all day except watch this
sexy thing clean our house… that and drool a lot while I watched her.

To keep away from temptation I concentrated on writing and
submitting résumé after résumé, however there were no responses from
any of the companies. I know that times are hard right now, but all of
the rejections were shattering my self-esteem.

I became very depressed, so when Kylynn would finally drag
herself in from work, I wasn't able to do much but whine about my lack
of results. I know that I wasn't the best of company at this point and
Kylynn was nothing but sympathetic and comforting.

The lack of response from the many companies and not even being
able to generate an interview, I had begun thinking that somehow I had
been, blackballed.

Finally, Kylynn suggested that her company, Feminine Genetic
Research Inc. might just be in the market for a production manager.

"I wouldn't be working for you, would I?" I asked jokingly.

"Silly boy! I'm in research. The Production department is
completely different," Kylynn answered with a smile and a hug.

"I guess I haven't been doing too well on my ambition to make
enough money so that you could live in luxury with no troubles and just
your loving husband to concentrate on, have I?" I half asked, half stated.

"I know you'd like to be the macho caveman and bring home the
raw meat for your cavewoman to cook, but this is the twenty first century
honey. I love you whether you make a zillion dollars or even if I wind up
being the cavewoman/Amazon who brings home the fatted calf for my
househusband to handle. Would you object so much being a kept man?"
she smiled up at me.

"I think I probably would Kylynn. It's a great life for a woman, but
in our society, if a man doesn't work he is looked down on by almost
everyone. Women get a greater flexibility in their life roles than men do,"
I said hugging her, "I kind of envy that."

"You do, don't you?" she looked at me kind of funny and then
went on, "I think you just might be right honey. It would be socially
unacceptable for a male to be a stay-at-home spouse…" she seemed to be
deep in thought for a few minutes but finally brightened.

"Will it make you happy to get work at Feminine Genetic Research
Inc.?" she asked sweetly.

"Yes, Kylynn. Getting a real job, anywhere will be a big help for
me. I know that there will be those who'll whisper behind my back that
'she got him the job' but I can handle that," I answered, knowing the
kind of friends I have.

"Good! You should apply in the morning, that job won't stay open
forever. In addition, I'm just the messenger here. You will have to
impress the woman you'll be working for, you understand that don't
you?" she asked seriously.

"I would be reporting to a woman? Do you know her? Can you
give me any insights as to how I can come off looking the best in her
eyes?" I asked worriedly. You see I didn't have the best track record with
female managers. It had been my experience that most women who were
determined enough to be promoted in male controlled business were very
cutthroat and backstabbing.

"Not to worry honey, Feminine Genetic Research isn't the normal,
male run company that you are used to. The women there are all very
caring and work together in harmony. In fact, if they find out that some
female has been backstabbing or setting up the others, she is usually let
go in a hurry. Do you feel better about it now sweetheart?" Kylynn
seemed able to read my thoughts almost before they had fully formed.

"That does make me feel a little better. How did you know that I
was thinking of the woman who pulled that nasty trick on me?"

"You were grousing about her for a week hon.. How could I not
remember? I just want to see you happy again Vern," she said although
she wouldn't look me in the eye. She seemed deep in private thought.
She just snuggled up to me so I would know she meant it.

"I don't blame all women for her Kylynn. However, I did have a
moment of anxiety. I won't even give it another thought when I
interview," I assured my wife.

"It is settled then, I will expect you to have put in your application
by noon tomorrow. Can I tell the department head that her head-
hunting worries are over?"

"Yes dear, I will do as you asked. I won't stay home and watch
Oprah tomorrow morning. Instead, I'll go and put my résumé in at
Feminine Genetic Research bright and early," I assured her. She could
be quite the nag if I didn't follow through.

Day One

The next day I submitted my résumé as I told Kylynn I would. The
girl behind the desk took it and asked me to sit down and wait, which
had never happened during my recent job search. I had been sitting
there for only a few minutes when a rather tall brunette came towards
me. She was nearly six foot tall, slim, her long hair cascaded down her
back in layers, and she carried herself with the deportment of royalty. In
all, she looked like she should be featuring in an edition of Score
Magazine or something.

"Mr. Solman, how nice to meet you. Kylynn has told me a lot
about you. Your résumé was just a formality. We here at Feminine
Genetic Research, or FGR, like to think of ourselves as a family so when
we heard that you were available and that your talents fit our latest
opening, well we immediately asked Kylynn if she would ask you to join
us," she told me as she rigorously pumped my hand in a firm, though
feminine, handshake.

"I guess I hadn't expected such a warm welcome Ms.…?" I started
since she had not introduced herself yet.

"Oh, pardon me. I feel I know you already. My name is Amber,
Amber Reimann. I am so happy to make your acquaintance. Kylynn is
our top researcher and when she said you would be available… well we
just had to have you. Can you take your physical today or do you want
to think over the offer of a position?" she asked, nearly as excited as a
cheerleader at a pep rally.

I was a little taken aback to learn that Kylynn was held in such
high esteem, however I knew the kind of money and benefits that Kylynn
has been making, so I was certain whatever salary offered to me would
be sufficient, so I answered with, "Ah, sure. I really didn't have anything
else on my calendar for today."

"Wonderful! How soon do you think you will be able to start?" she
was becoming almost insistent on getting me on board, and on board
right now.

"Is tomorrow too soon to start?" I asked almost apprehensively.

"Perfect! That is of course if you pass the physical. But from what
Kylynn says you shouldn't have any difficulties there," she enthused,
with just the hint of a wink.

"Okay… where should I go for the physical?"

"Follow me. I'll give you a mini tour of our facility as we go," she
said, taking hold of my elbow and hustling me along the way.

She showed me the production facilities, where everyone on the
other side of the glass was wearing bunny suits. She showed me some of
the minor labs, but she told me that Kylynn's lab was off by itself and we
wouldn't be going by it.

"You have your own medical facilities here at the plant?" I was
astonished but it kind of made sense since it was a bioresearch facility.

"Oh, yes. We have a complete miniature hospital here on site, so
we can handle almost any medical emergency. We even care for most of
our employees' normal medical needs. It is like having your own doctor
on call. Since we need to have the physician available anyway, it pays us
to have her be the primary physician for all of our employees. The good
part of that for you is there is no Co-pay," she said, giving a lighthearted
melodic laugh.

"I can see where you would be able to save some money doing
things that way, very ingenious," I complimented, since she was so
enthusiastic that it sounded like it had been her idea.

"Why thank you. It was the idea of our vice president in charge of
research. We are all proud of the progressive things our company does."

I could see that this woman just might break into the company
song any minute, or pin a gold star on my chest. I was beginning to
think she was some kind of Stepford wife or something.

"We do still have some things to learn, but we are moving ahead
with all of the best suggestions that our ladies offer."

"I am very happy to see that the company has an active suggestion
program," I assumed, since that is the only thing, which I knew that
would explain what she had said.

"Yes, we all try to make this company the best that it can be. Our
employees are like our family, if they have a problem, then we do what
we can to help them. We strive to have happy productive employees
here, and I think that we have succeeded admirably," she was so
enthusiastic it was hard to maintain my cynicism.

"That explains why Kylynn has been such a wonderful wife," I

"I'll bet she is, if she's only a fraction of what she is here," she
agreed, "Ah, here we are." She opened the door for me, followed me into
the room, and introduced me to the receptionist.

"Dana McCollum, this is Vern Solman," she stated, while she
penned something into a logbook.

"Kylynn's Vern? This is a pleasure Mr. Solman," she pumped my
hand vigorously.

"I believe I am here for a physical?" I suggested.

"Oh, right away Mr. Solman. You just relax on the sofa out there
for a few minutes while Amber and I do some paperwork."

Now this is efficiency. I didn't have to fill out a boatload of forms
or documents. They were doing it for me, and it was only a few minutes
until they were ready for me, "Mr. Solman? We are ready to see you now.
Please follow me."

I followed the receptionist into the exam room where she asked,
"Please disrobe Mr. Solman, and put on this gown." She handed me a
hospital gown with little flowers all over it. I raised an eyebrow at that
but took it and donned it anyway after she left.

They left me alone in the examination room for a while so I started
digging through the magazines for something to read. The only
magazines were Vogue, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Marie
Claire, and Better Homes and Gardens.

I looked about the room and noticed that the ceiling had a
landscape poster on it. The things on the wall were about feminine
hygiene, and the female reproductive system. There were knick-knacks
here and there giving the room a definite feminine feel.

I was becoming a little apprehensive when the Doctor came in,
"Hello Mr. Solman. I'm Doctor Neumann. Please call me Theresa. I hear
you are getting a pre-employment physical today. The first thing I would
like from you is a urine sample and then the nurse will weigh and
measure you. When you are through with all of that, I'll meet you back
here and we can continue on from there."

The Nurse took me to a 'Unisex' toilet and showed me where the
cups were, but did make the comment, "Men are so lucky! All you have
to do is whip it out and fill the cup. Women have to do everything on
that list on the wall over there. Oh, when you are through put the cup in
the holder behind the stainless steel door and I'll meet you back by the

I politely thanked her trying not to grin over her comment.

I filled the cup, (And then some…) and then went out for my weigh

"185lb. Mr. Solman… and let's get your height… that is six foot
one and a quarter inches in your bare feet. If you will join Theresa back
in the examination room, she will start on the hard stuff."

I made my way back to the room and believe it or not, Dr.
Neumann, was there waiting for me, "Alright Mr. Solman, here comes the
embarrassing part… well, for you maybe. I have done so many physicals
that I'm used to it, so don't you be nervous."

"All right I need to inspect your genitals, so if you will stand and
remove your gown, please…" she asked while she sat on a short, wheeled
stool and as I took off the gown her latex-gloved hand grasped my penis
and testicles, moving them left and right to get a better look at them all

I on the other hand was trying my best to think of anything except
the fact that a pretty woman was handling my cock. Unfortunately, I
was not entirely successful.

"Well that is flattering Mr. Solman but we will not need it in that
state for a few more minutes. Please turn around and spread your
cheeks. I will be examining your prostate next," she told me as I felt her
well-lubed finger penetrate my anus. Now I had a rock hard cock, which
wouldn't and couldn't soften until she released me.

"Well there is nothing wrong with your prostate, as evidenced by
my exam and your erection. It seems like a good time for us to get the
next sample we need. I brought in a couple of magazines for you and I
will leave so that you may fill this test tube with semen for me," she said,
handing me a sample tube and then briskly exiting the room. I heard the
door lock. I guess she wanted to ensure no one walked in on me.

I looked through the magazines and discovered that somehow she
had guessed at my tastes. There was a Score magazine, (Boobcruise
edition) a copy of Busty Beauties, and a Shaved & Ready. 'Damn, I guess
it is more common than I figured to have those fetishes,' I thought, as I
got busy masturbating.

When I was through I put my gown back on and I knocked on the
door to let them know I had their sample. The nurse unlocked it saying,
"Thank you Mr. Solman. Um, can you hand me back our… ah,
stimulating magazines please?"

I blushed a little as I handed them to her.

"Will you follow me, please? The doctor wants some X-rays," she
led me to the X-ray room and took chest, head, and abdominals.

Back in the examination room, the nurse had me get dressed and
then Theresa popped right in and asked, "We will of course need blood
samples Mr. Solman. Please, take a seat and I'll get started."

She took an aerosol can of something and sprayed the crook of my
arm, "This is just a little Lidocaine to numb the area. Now we poke in
the Safety-Lok… and inject a little something to keep the vein open… and
we wait a few seconds for that to work. Ah, that should do it. Now to
attach the Vacutainer… and we have our first sample. One more and we
are finished. Now a cotton swab, remove the needle from your arm and
that should do it Mr. Solman. You may get dressed now and I will turn
you back over to Amber."

"Thank you Theresa, that was the most comfortable blood sample
anyone has ever taken from me," I hadn't felt a thing.

"Why thank you. We strive to make medicine as painless as
possible here, but it is still nice to hear someone take notice," she smiled
and proffered her hand, which I shook as I smiled right back at her.

Amber strode up to me and asked, "Well how did it go? Is he
going to be able to become one of our FGR family?"

"I believe that he is well on his way Amber," Doctor Neumann told
her with a queer sort of smile on her face.

"Perfect! Well come along Mr. Solman, we can continue your tour
of the facility, so you can get a feel for the place," Amber offered.

"Just as long as you quit calling me Mr. Solman and call me
Vern," I had been Mr. Solmaned to death by that point. It kept making
me feel like my father was with us.

"Vern it is then. This way and we can show you some of the
advanced marvels that FGR is about to move from R&D into production,"
she motioned with her arms, which way she wanted me to head.

"This is the biological sample repository, where we have genetic
material from a vast number of women stored. We categorized and
indexed all of the samples in our computer system. Down the hallway
here is our growth media for the recombined genetic material," she
walked to the end of the hall, and slipped to the left and down a stairway,
"Down this way is a place I am certain you will be happy to see."

Amber opened the door and I could see a desk where a woman
was working and lots of laboratory equipment of undetermined function
lay scattered all about. On closer inspection, I recognized the lab-coated
woman, "Kylynn! Hi honey, Amber has been showing me around."

She started for a moment and looked up at me, and then over to
Amber, "Has he had his physical yet?"

"Yes Ms. Kylynn. He was a good boy and did everything the doctor
requested," she smiled that queer smile that the doctor had on her face
when I left her.

"You know, it just dawned on me, out of all the people I have seen
working here, I seem to be the only man," I mused, "Am I the only male
in the whole company?"

"Yes, for now, you are Vern," Amber answered carefully.

"Ah, I see. I am the token affirmative action male then…" I joked,
"Just kidding, I am quite anxious to start work and make a contribution
to the firm."

Just then, a wave of dizziness washed over me and I grabbed a
desktop to steady myself.

"Is something wrong Vern?" Kylynn asked sounding concerned,
while she rushed over grabbing my arm to steady me.

"Just a brief dizzy spell I guess. I feel fine now," I smiled weakly
back at her.

"Still I want you to go back to the infirmary with Amber and let the
doctor have a look at you," Kylynn insisted, "and I don't want any macho
back talk either! Take care of him, please Amber?"

"Yes Ms. Kylynn, right away. Come along Vern, we will have you
feeling like a new person in no time," she told me, taking my hand, and
nearly dragging me back to the infirmary.

Just as we passed through the door, I became dizzy again and had
to support myself on the countertop at the reception desk.

"Mr. Solman is having dizzy spells. Please get Theresa for us.
Quickly," Amber seemed to be taking my slight dizziness almost too
seriously. "Vern, I am taking you back inside the infirmary so you can
lay down on one of the hospital beds until you feel better."

I made it to the bed and stretched out, feeling better now that I
was lying down.

Theresa and the nurse joined us in the room and she said, "Get
his shoes and clothes off. I am going to start an IV."

"I'm just a little dizzy Theresa… I don't think it is all this serious,"
I complained even though I was feeling another wave of dizziness wash
over me.

"I am the doctor here, so you just lay there and relax hon.," she

Along about that time I noticed that I was entirely naked, but I felt
so out of it, I didn't care. Theresa sprayed my arm again and stuck me
with the same kind of needle, as before, except this time she attached the
tube to a hanging bag on a tree, and then she added a blue machine on a
stand next to that.

"This is going to make you feel a lot better hon.," she said as she
flipped a switch on the blue machine and a warm soothing sheet of
drugged haziness drew across me.

"There that should make you feel a whole lot better. That is
enough Morphine to make two men your size feel a lot better," she
giggled and continued working.

"Now a little booster for that shot of genetic re-sequencing agent
and another mutagenic pliability compound just like you received
earlier," she poked a needle into the IV and pushed the plunger in.

I was floating at that point, and she could have poked me in the
eye and I wouldn't have cared.

The door came open and I heard, "How is she coming ladies?"

With a great effort, I managed to focus my eyes and saw my
beloved Kylynn standing there supposedly, asking about some woman?

Kylynn walked over to my bedside and saw me looking up at her,
"Oh, you are still with us Vera. How are you feeling?"

"Whoooossh Weeerahh?" I slurred.

"Why you are my dear, or at least in a few days you will be," she
smiled down at me.

"Dats nice Kahahlynnnn," I answered and closed my eyes savoring
the high I was, on.

"You will probably not remember me telling you this honey, but I
am going to anyway. Remember our discussion about the perfect life you
wanted to give me if you ever made it big, well Vera, I have made it big. I
make more than enough money to support us both and you need not
ever have to work again. However after our conversation last night I
realized you were right, that a man at home would be looked down upon
by society and that you wouldn't be comfortable being a kept man. Well I
figured out the answer to those problems. You are going to become a
kept woman. You can stay at home and be beautiful. I will be able to
hire maids and handmaidens who will wait on you hand and foot. You
won't even have to dress yourself. The only thing you will have to be
ready for is occasional sex with your horny wife. I'll see to it that you
have only the most beautiful clothes, the sexiest underwear, and the
body you always wanted me to have. Yes, I know of your fetish for huge
boobs and everything else, you are going to look so beautiful that I won't
be able to keep my hands off you."

"Be booful?" I mumbled.

"Maybe you did hear what I said after all. I never wanted to be a
sex kitten for you or anyone else. That was your fantasy. So now you
will get to live the perfect life, or what you said is a perfect life."

"I enjoy my work and my co-workers, but I couldn't stand to see
you staying at home and so unhappy. I hope you will still love me at the
end of this as much as I love you," she finished and then kissed my lips.

I passed out then and didn't come around until sometime much
later… days I think.


"Vera! I see you are awake for a little while. My name is Allyce
and I will be your nurse while you are being re-sequenced. (Pronounced
Aleese Ah) We want to change the bed sheets right now, it seems you
have had another little accident. So, please roll over to your right side
for a moment."

I complied but my chest kept going. "What the f…" I started to
say, but the squeaky voice it came out in, wasn't what I expected.

"Okay now roll onto your other side."

I complied but my chest flopped way over onto the new sheets
lagging the rest of my body, once again.

"There! All changed. Kind of weird having your chest go flopping
around on you, huh Vera?" she giggled.

I looked around the room and everything looked bigger than I
remembered it. Then I looked at my nurse who seemed normal sized but
that didn't quite add up, "How tall are you Allyce?"

"Five foot nothing. Why don't you like short nurses?" she teased.

"You don't look short to me…" I replied weakly.

"Well that is a relief. I like being short anyway. I hear you like
short women, is that true?" she asked up close to my face.

"Yes, I like girls that are little and dainty," I answered truthfully.

"I feel much better now," she hugged me and then went on, "I
don't think you are going to be awake much longer. The doctor is
injecting you with some additional genetic re-sequencing agent so we'll
have to turn up your morphine again. Sweet dreams," she said as she
faded from my view.

Waking Two

The next time I came around it was only briefly.

"Oh, sorry to wake you dear, it's just me, Allyce. You need your
diaper changed again."

"I'm wearing a diaper?" I asked blearily.

"Well dear we had to do something. Your body has been shedding
mass like there is no tomorrow and the only way out for it is your
bottom. Okay lift your butt up for me since you're awake, and I'll get rid
of this stinky mess."

I did as she asked but it felt like I had so much more bottom than

She walked back around and told me, "Now hon. this is going to
feel really weird to you, but I want you to relax and let me finish cleaning
you. Can you do that for me?"

"Uh huh," I answered with a voice even higher than the day before.

She started using diaper wipes on my bottom and everything felt
much as it should until she wiped between my legs…

"What…? Oh god! It's gone!" I wailed and started to cry after
feeling her finger spread my labia to wipe me clean down there.

Allyce came to the head of the bed and smothered me in a big hug,
"That's alright hon.. Let it out. You have a good cry."

I did as she said. I must have cried for fifteen minutes straight.

She finally released me when I was only sobbing and said, "I need
to get a diaper back on you. So don't worry I am not leaving."

I felt her wrap it up around my hips and secure the tapes, "There,
you are all safe again."

"I… I'm… I'm a girl… in a diaper," I wailed again.

"Yes, you are. But you are a very pretty girl in a diaper," she
added trying to make me feel better. It didn't.

I shuddered, which made my chest start jiggling like Jell-O.

"Allyce, I want you to give me a hand with these injections, you
take the right breast and I will take the left one," Theresa said from
somewhere outside my vision.

"She is awake Doctor," Allyce told her, "should I crank up the

"Yes, that's a good idea. She'd be better off not being awake
through the accelerated growth process," Dr. Neumann answered.

I felt the darkness wash over me again and out I went.

Waking Three

"Welcome back Vera. You are coming along nicely. We haven't
had to change your diaper for hours now. We did have to leave your
catheter in though. How are you feeling?" Allyce asked with her face
close to mine as I was, brought around.

I felt an irresistible compulsion to answer, why… I don't have a
clue, I said, "I don't hurt anywhere if that is what you mean. I feel a
giant heaviness in my chest though."

"I shouldn't doubt that. Let's see if there is the kind of sensation
to your skin that Kylynn wanted. Tell me what you feel," she moved her
hand and stroked one of my mountainous breasts.

"Oooh… that feels like a whisper in my crotch, and I think I wet
myself," I told her.

"Oh, good. Kylynn will be so pleased," Allyce told me.

"No time for sex Allyce, we have things to do yet," Theresa told her,
"These fingers and finger nails need attending to before Kylynn with be
happy with her. Turn out her lights and let's get busy."

Waking Four

I awoke to the feeling of getting a sponge bath.

"Ooh! Uh… ah!" it felt like everyplace she touched was an
erogenous zone.

"Oh, sorry I was just bathing you."

"It feels so… so… I don't know," I offered.

"Sensual?" she offered.

"Yes…" I admitted biting my lower lip to keep from moaning as she
continued to wipe me down.

"It's alright for you to enjoy this hon.. You have been given an
extremely sensitive and responsive body," she explained as she made her
way towards my left foot.

My leg started to quiver as she moved towards my toes and I let
out a whimper as she cleaned my foot, gently with the soft sponge.

"Ooh, little Vera likes that," she giggled and washed my other foot.

"Little? What do you mean Little Vera? I'll have you know that
I'm six one, Miss," I claimed as I panted.

"Now that you are all clean, I think we can start to dispute that
fact hon.," she claimed, "If you hadn't noticed, I was standing right here
when I washed your feet. Either I have mutant long arms, or you are not
as tall as you think."

"I'm going to put some shoes on your feet and then I want you to
stand up and try to walk a little for me, alright?" Allyce asked.

"Shoes? Couldn't I just walk barefoot?" I asked.

"No you can't hon.. You had a whole bunch of magazines with
women wearing very high heels didn't you?"

"Yes, I had a few," I admitted.

"Well Kylynn figured to see to it you could wear them without
hurting your feet."

"So I have to wear them?"

"Well feet that work in high heels don't work in regular flats.
Since your only job is going to be to look beautiful, the high heel feet
were the only choice," she reasoned as she finished strapping the shoes
to my feet. "Alright are you ready to give this a try?"

"I guess…" I answered, but I didn't feel like doing anything at all.
All I wanted to do was stay in bed and cry. It was as if I was, compelled
to do what she asked.

Allyce swung my feet around and pointed them towards the floor
and then she reached over to me and pulled me towards her. It was kind
of like a bear hug but she slowly let me slide down until my feet hit the

I was looking up at her. The other thing I noticed right a way was
if she hadn't been steadying me I would have wound up on my face in a
hurry. The twin basketballs I sported would have dragged me over in an

"Oh my god. These are immense. They are continents in their
own right," I exclaimed as I stared at my own breasts, hidden
underneath the hospital gown.

"Yes, but they are smaller than your favorite big bust star's. But
don't worry, Kylynn has said if she doesn't think they are big enough,
she will make them grow and stop just before you can't walk anymore."

"Oh, that is good news. She wants me to be able to walk under
my own power. Um, would you please tell me that you had a growth
spurt while I was unconscious?"

"Not at all hon.. Like I told you, you are little Vera now," she

"Are you wearing high heels too?" I asked.

"No, sorry I am in nurse's daywear flats. They are comfortable,
but the soles are less than one half inch thick," she assured me, "No, you
are a tiny woman now. You do like tiny women don't you?"

"Just how tiny am I?" I didn't want to know but I had to know.

"Well those are four inch heels, and in them you are about 4' 10".
Does that do it or do you want me to do that math for you too?" she
answered sarcastically.

"I'm now four foot six? I'm a dwarf," I started to cloud up with
that realization.

"I guess technically you are, however you do not suffer from any of
the normal maladies of dwarfism, so I would have a hard time
categorizing you as a dwarf. Do you need another hug?" she surprised
me with that last question.

"W… W… Would you?" I asked, my lower lip quivering

"Oh sure! Kylynn says that is part of my job," she hugged me
close, "You know, you are kind of fun to hug. I don't get to hug anyone
who is smaller than me very often."

"Glad I could make your day," I answered muffled in her shoulder,
but feeling better in the protection of her arms.

"Hey, I really like the new you Dearie," she told me grinning ear to
ear, "That is one of the reasons why I am your personal care nurse.
When I found out from Kylynn that you would be smaller than I am,
well… I asked for the job right away."

"Why? Do you hate being short that much?" I wondered.

"Not really, I got turned on by the fact that you like tiny women,"
she admitted, "But now you are tinier than me."

"Yah but now you are a big woman. I don't think there are any
girls smaller than me around anywhere," I whined feeling sorry for myself
but still not able to muster any sign of rebellion.

"Oh yes there is, but Mary is not on shift right now. She is a real
dwarf. She stands only 3' 11" so there smarty panties," she teased.

"Um… now that you mention panties…" I started, "I think I have
to pee."

"Great! I have been waiting for this. I want to see the look on
your face when you pee as a girl for the first time," she was nearly

"Do you have to watch?" I asked my lower lip trembling, and my
tiny voice quavering.

"Yes! I have to make sure you know how to use your new
equipment," she answered and seemed adamant about it.

"I can't even see my new equipment. How am I supposed to know
how to use it?" I broke into tears again.

"Did you ever pee in the toilet without looking at it? Same thing
here honey, you work by feel. You think women look at their pussies
when they pee?" she laughed at my naiveté.

"I would. I have always thought that pussies are really pretty. I
have wanted to watch a girl pee for a long time…" I admitted, "Now that I
have a pussy, I still won't be able to watch."

"You want to watch a girl pee? You have such simple desires to
accommodate," she patted my much larger and softer bottom, "If you
really want to watch a girl pee honey, I'll pee first, you can watch, and
then you pee and I'll watch. Is it a deal?"

I didn't know what was happening to me but it felt like I was
wetting my diaper. "Um… sure. You go first and after I watch you, you
can watch me," I acquiesced, but was quivering all over inside excitedly.

"Alright. Okay here I go," she slipped her greens down around her
ankles and then her panties, (They had paisley flowers on them.) and
that is when I saw that her pussy was shaved, she squatted onto the
toilet and spread her legs wide so that I would have a good view, "Are you

I nodded enthusiastically, which caused a minor tittie quake,
which I used my tiny hands to try to quell.

She let loose and I watched as a stream of urine squeezed into a
line sprayed from her butt, "Wow! I always wondered what it looked
like," I was very excited and extremely happy that someone would be so
nice as to unabashedly, accommodate my quirks.

She wiped and stood back up pulling her greens and panties up as
she stood, "Your turn."

"Um… can I hug you first?" I timidly asked in my little voice.

"Sure honey. Kylynn insisted on me giving you as many hugs as
you want," she announced and held me protectively.

"After what she has done to me? Why would she care if I get any
hugs at all?"

"Whether you believe it or not, Kylynn does love you and she has
only done this to make you happy," Allyce told me while she held me

"I have a vagina Allyce, how does giving me that say I love you?"

"Well it is hard to tell you yet, but you should relax and enjoy it
while you can," she announced with a certainty that made me feel a little

"You are telling me that I am supposed to enjoy having this butt,
which starts way up my back and finishes near my belly button?" I

"Oh, yes. All girls feel their butt like that. It is like your butt is all
the way, back to front," she admitted. "Little girls refer to their vulvas as
their butt. Didn't you know that?"

"No, I haven't any sisters," I admitted, "I didn't have any female
playmates when I was little either."

"I was an only child myself. I always wanted a little sister, and it
seems now I have one," she stated, with a silly grin on her face.

"What makes you think I will want to be your little sister? Look
what you did to me. You, that doctor, and my wife, you made me a girl,"
I accused with more than a little resentment oozing from my voice.

"You are going to need a whole lot of help now, even just to walk.
If you hadn't noticed I am the only thing standing between you and a
face full of floor Vera," she informed me as she stood back a little, but
still held me steady. "Remember you are just a frail little girl now. You
could be hurt seriously if you fell."

I clutched at her, suddenly afraid that she might let me fall.

"I see you do want me to be your friend. At least that is the way it
seems to me. Is that what you want Vera?"

"Y… y… yes please, will you be my friend?" I was trembling and
wobbling, still unable to stand on my own and deathly afraid she might
let me fall and be hurt.

"I'm glad we got that little distasteful matter out of the way. Now I
want you to take a step away from the bed. Don't worry, I won't let you

I put my foot out, set my heel as usual, and tried to transfer my
weight onto my other foot. As you might expect, my foot skittered out
from under me and I was making a quick trip toward the floor.

"Whoa there Vera," Allyce lifted me up again, "You can't walk like
a man anymore honey. You are going to have to walk like a lady, or you
won't be able to walk at all."

"What do you mean, walk like a lady?" I was very confused. I had
never really noticed that women walk differently than men, however I had
always enjoyed the effects it produced.

"Okay 'Walking like a Lady 101' is now in session. I am going to
lift you back up onto the bed and I want you to watch me walk," she
grunted a little as she hoisted me up to the bed where I sat. "But first I
will have to go and get some different shoes. Don't go anywhere, I'll be
right back." She walked off giggling to herself.

I tried to get a look at my feet past the basketballs I had stuffed
underneath my hospital gown and finally managed to look at my right
foot by holding it straight out in front of me. I saw ridiculously arched
feet in shiny fire engine red pumps.

I heard clacking coming toward the room and in walked Allyce
wearing black high heels, carrying her white nurse shoes, "Alright this
should make it easier for you to see what I am going to teach you."

I watched intently as she came over to the side of the bed, "Okay
you watched. What am I doing differently than you did?"

"You set your toe down first move your weight to it as you set your
heel," I answered, looking to her for confirmation.

"Very good. Now down with you and I want to see you try," she
told me, scooting me off the bed.

I took one step with her help and then another, but just the effort
of standing was leaving me winded.

"Just three more steps and you will be there, and don't worry, the
seat is down," she giggled at her own joke.

I made the three steps and it became breezy all of a sudden,

"You will need to have the gown off when you go Vera, especially if
I am going to watch," Allyce told me, holding my gown in her hands.

I blushed as I realized that for the first time, I would be seeing my
own breasts.

"That's right. You haven't met the girls yet," she giggled.

My eyes must have been the size of saucers. They were huge,
round, globes, of breast tissue, sitting right there, and part of ME.

"Too bad you can't see these nipples. You wouldn't mind if I touch
them, would you?"

I shook my head.

She reached out and gently ran her finger tip around my nipples
and then something happened that freaked me out. I got wet, right
between my legs, like women do.

"You better sit down Vera. You don't look very stable right now."

I sat as she suggested, but it felt like my butt was covering the
whole seat.

"Okay sister, spread them," Allyce ordered.

I looked up and spread my legs so she could watch.

"Alright go ahead pee," she urged.

"I… I don't know how…" I answered, it seemed I couldn't exactly
associate the right muscles to start the process.

"Hmm… try relaxing your pussy," she suggested.

I know that I paled significantly at that.

"Um… okay, try to unclench your butt."

The last suggestion seemed to work. I felt a stream of urine erupt
from my butt, splashing all over my bottom as it passed my lips. It was
so… so… feminine that I started to cry. The stream seemed to go at a
steady pace and then stopped. It was way different than before, there
was nothing left, I was just empty.

I just kept sitting there stunned.

"You need to wipe honey."

I couldn't manage to move my arms. I just sat there disassociated
with the world, not even crying anymore.

"Vera?" she asked, without response.

Allyce snapped her fingers in front of my face a couple of times,
without attaining even an eye blink.

"Damn!" she walked away leaving me staring into space.

She came back sometime later with two other women. They
picked me up, Allyce wiped my bottom, and they deposited me back on
the bed. They restarted my I.V., then a series of drugs were injected
right into the line, and they restarted the Morphine pump.

Coming Back

I don't know how long I lay there stoned and staring, but
eventually I drifted off to sleep.

When next I awakened, I found myself not alone in the bed.
Someone had put me in a much larger bed than normal and I had two
baby doll encased companions.

"Ah you are awake," Kylynn calmly stated. "Can you speak now or
are you still catatonic?"

I stated to cry, "I'm a g… g… girl!"

She wrapped her arms around me and held me. I felt another pair
of arms join in from the other side.

"I know sweetie… I know…" she rocked me and crooned.

"B… b… b… but I pee from my bottom now…" I wailed.

"I know… Allyce told me the whole thing," she soothed.

"It… it… was horrible!" I blubbered and trembled.

"I do it all of the time sweetheart, it's not that bad," she still held
and rocked me.

"B… b… but you're a girl."

"Yes, I'm a girl," she admitted, "Allyce is a girl too."

"S… s… she played with my nipples…" I blathered.

"Did you like it?" Kylynn questioned soothingly.

"Oh god! S… s… she made me get wet…" I wailed even louder.

"What is wrong with getting wet?"

"C… c… cause that's what you do."

"Allyce gets wet too," she admitted, "Don't you honey?"

"Especially when I get to play with big sensitive nipples," Allyce
sounded a little too enthusiastic.

"Calm down Allyce. Vera is in crisis here. Remember?"

"Sorry Kylynn. Sorry Vera," Allyce apologized with a squeeze.

"E… e… everybody's bigger than me…" I cried.

"I know honey…" Kylynn soothed, "But I like you so huggable."

"Huggable?" I was shocked.

"Remember, you didn't like to be hugged before. You would have
hated this," she affirmed.

"I… it doesn't feel the same as before…"

"I know honey. I know," she soothed.

"Why did you make me this?" I whined.

"I love you. You wanted to give me the perfect life, well I am finally
in a position where I can give you the perfect life," she hugged me tightly.

"That was the perfect life for a girl…" I replied.

"Yes, so now you are a girl and you can have the perfect life," she

"So are you going to grow a cock now?" I fearfully asked.

"No silly! I like being a girl," she petted my ridiculously blonde

"I don't wanna be a girl…" I wailed.

"Well you are one," she stated, "Don't worry, you will get to love it,
I promise."

"I can't even pee without becoming catatonic."

"Well you sound a lot better now," she smiled at me, "and I don't
just mean your lovely voice either."

"I never new you liked girls…" I whispered.

"Neither did I until I started work here. All of the ladies that work
here are very loving and caring people."

"No men…" I stated nodding my little head as I remembered.

"No, no males in this company, strictly women," Kylynn affirmed.

"No job for Vern…" I whispered.

"Vern doesn't need a job and neither does Vera," Kylynn whispered
back, "Vern wouldn't have been able to live without a job, but Vera can."

"What will I do?" I was coming around a little and the tears had

"Look pretty, have fun, and please me," she answered matter-of-

"That sounds fulfilling…" I tried to sound sarcastic but with my
little voice, it didn't come out quite that way.

"Oh I promise it will be," she kind of had a devious look on her
face, but I let it go.

"I'll help too," Allyce piped up.

"Are you going to be alright now Vera?" Kylynn asked looking
deeply into my eyes.

"I don't know, I haven't been a woman before," I couldn't answer
that, my brain was still ping ponging around in my skull.

"Well I would like to sleep the day away with you, but I have work
that needs doing and you have plenty of learning yourself. Allyce, take
her in hand and if there is any trouble don't hesitate to call."

Kylynn got up from the bed and my chest went bouncing every
which way. She tried to pretend she didn't notice, but her eyes grew a
bit rounder as she watched them bound around.

I looked down at my basketballs and that is when I noticed that I
was wearing a frilly pink baby doll nightie too, "How did I get in this?"

"I dressed you," Allyce admitted, "It was lots of fun too."

Kylynn stuck her head back in and said, "Oh and get her prepped
for that serum by noon."

"Serum? What serum?" I asked shocked and startled.

"Just a little fine tuning or your new home dear, nothing to worry
about," Kylynn answered and then disappeared out the door.

"I'll probably wind up with huge soft puffy nipples," I grumbled
under my breath.

"Interesting Idea… Oh well, it is time for you to take a bath Vera,"
Allyce told me and I could feel her bounce off the bed behind me.

I reached up and tried to quell my boobs' shaking, but I only
succeeded in making Allyce laugh at me.

I started to put my feet on the floor and heard, "Uh, uh, uh… you
need your shoes first hon.."

She slipped the shoes on and fastened the strap on both of them,
then assisted me to my feet, "We should stop off at the commode first
though. You aren't going to go away on me again are you?"

"I don't know. I hadn't planned on going away yesterday," I
answered as truthfully as I could.

"Well today you have a little help that you didn't have yesterday,"
Allyce replied.

"I have more help today?" I asked puzzled, "You and I are the only
ones here aren't we?"

She laughed aloud at that, "Vera that was very funny. No silly,
you are cruising on some Valium this morning. You should be fairly high
right now, but Theresa has given me permission to give you more if you
become agitated."

"Oh, that will probably help."

Allyce whipped off my baby doll and slid the soft panties down my
legs for me, "Okay hon. show time. You sit down and make a sissy and
wipe, or I can wipe for you if you would rather," she offered and spun
some facial tissue onto her hand.

I had an evil thought and figured, 'hey, why not?' "You can wipe
me. Maybe it won't be as bad if you do it."

I wasn't as devious as I thought, because she nodded and when I
was through peeing, she reached between my legs and wiped my pussy.
However, it seems she couldn't resist slipping her finger between my
nether lips for a little tickle.

"Don't look so surprised honey that isn't the first time I've played
with that pussy," she laughed, "I diddled the heck out of you in your
sleep for the doctor. She wanted to make sure everything was working
properly. I had you moaning like a bitch in heat."

"Really? Okay can I pull up my pants now?"

"No. First off, those are panties, and secondly you wouldn't want
to wear them in the bathtub would you?"


"Alright, do you want me to take your panties off for you?"

"Yes, please."

"I need to hear you say it…"

"Will you please take my panties off Allyce?"

"That's better. I just wanted to hear you admit that those were
your panties, hon.. The sooner you realize you are really a woman and
start acting womanly the easier it will be for you. There you go, all
naked. You sure are beautiful lady."

I blushed big time.

"Come on, let me help you into the tub Vera."

"I can't get in the tub with these shoes on," I protested starting to
bend over to remove them. That didn't work so well. I overbalanced and
headed for the floor.

"Whoa there girl," I felt a pair of hands grab my hips and stop my
decent. "Damn I love this. You have to be the only one around here I
can hold up. It makes me feel kind of strong. Tee he. Come on back up
here." She started by grabbing the hand I proffered to her and then
hoisting me back erect.

"You sit your bottom down on this vanity stool and let me take
your shoes off for you. You will have to learn that you just can't do some
things for yourself anymore," she busied herself with the red pumps and
once that had been handled I went to stand…

"Sit back down girl," Allyce commanded, "You cannot stand on
those feet."

I plopped my wide derriere back down in a hurry.

"Can't I tip toe?"

"No. Your little feet are just too delicate to take the weight that
way. You have to let me set you into the water," she said as she hoisted
me over to the water.

It was warm, soapy, and smelled of lilacs. Then I felt something
completely alien… warm water seeping up inside me.

"By the look on your face, you haven't had warm water inside of
you before," she assumed, and quite correctly, "Relaxing isn't it?"

"I hardly take up half of the tub," I noticed, shocked and amazed.

"Good! That means there is room for me too," Allyce exclaimed as
she doffed her greens and slipped in the water with me.


"What's the matter? You have never seen a girl naked before?"

"Won't Kylynn be mad?"

"I am your personal nurse. That means I get to be as personal as I
want. Kylynn insisted that I introduce you to sharing a bath, and to
show you how to let someone clean your genitals for you. You will love it,
I promise," she smiled a devilish smile.

Now I was frightened… well as frightened as you can be stoned on

"Are you going to need more Valium before I show you this?"

I didn't answer.

She jumped out and came back with a pill and some Cranberry-
Peach juice to take it with and I tossed the pill back. Then she placed
the glass on the Vanity and dove back in with me, adding more hot water
to warm us both. She grabbed more oils and pored two or three different
scents in with us.

I was overwhelmed with all of the fragrance. Smells had never
affected me like that before. I was being seduced by, fragrances!

"That's better. Don't you think?"

My only answer was that my hand found it's way to my chest and
then started fanning my face, "Whew! The water just became so warm."

"You are so much more sensitive to smells now honey, the water
that seeped into your pussy should be just about to boil girl," she giggled
her head off, while I panted.

"You are going to show me how to clean myself, aren't you?"

"No my dear. I am going to show you how to relax and allow
someone else clean you. You just sit there and pant and Allyce will do all
of the work."

I was stoned and relaxed and actually couldn't do much of

Allyce picked up a washcloth and lathered it up really good, and
then she stuck her hand underwater between my legs and started to
work at cleaning my vulva. She stuck her finger up inside my outer lips,
cleaned my labia minora, and worked her finger around my clitoris,
shoving back the hood just long enough to clean me. It was insanely
erotic to me. I just lay there allowing her to pleasure my vulva while she
insured my cleanliness.

She pulled out the washcloth and lathered it up again, only to use
it to cleanse my breasts. Damn! You wouldn't believe how good it feels
to have someone else wash your boobies.

I was slipping lower and lower into the tub, while she was washing

"You are going to drown if I don't scoot your butt up a little
Dearie," she exclaimed as she stuck her hand in my crotch and pushed
me into a more upright position.

God it is weird having some girl's hand slip inside between your
pussy lips. It feels weird and sooo good.

"Oh you liked that did you? What would you do if another girl
intentionally stuck her finger inside your pussy?" she asked as she did
just as she had said.

"Ah!" I shrieked.

"Weird huh? Well sweetie that is how, we girls enjoy sex. You are
supposed to like it. So why don't you let me play with your pussy for a
while? Can I?"

"Oh my! You want my permission? You want permission to… to…
finger fuck, me?"

"Yes, I want you to beg me to finger fuck you. Do you? Do you
want me to finger fuck your molten hot pussy Vera?"

I was biting my lip, since she was doing just as she had
threatened. She was finger fucking my brains out. "God it is weird
feeling your finger inside me like this. Ooh!"

"You are liking this aren't you? Say yes, or I will stop…"

"Y… Y… Yes… ooh! Yes!"

"Pull on your big nipples then and I'll keep doing this…"

I didn't want to touch those gross hanging orbs, but I really didn't
want her to stop. I tenuously tickled my nipples and it felt good… then I
twisted one a little and that seemed to tie directly to my pussy. I twisted
again and it made my cunt twitch and clench her finger as it worked
inside of me. So I twisted harder and felt her finger stop its motion
entirely, as my pussy held her finger tightly.

"Wow that is one great set of pussy muscles Kylynn gave you. You
had my finger in a grip of steel there for a minute," Allyce exclaimed
working her finger once again.

"Ah!" I screeched, "Woof!"

"Do you feel the pretty scented water squishing into you? Do you
feel my wiggly finger inside of you? There is a wiggly wormy finger inside
of you. It wants you to cum baby. It wants you to cum hard. Show the
wiggly wormy finger you want it to keep doing what it is doing, clench
your hot pussy around the worm to tell it you love it."

I was so stoned and so damn hot I would have done just about
anything to keep her finger banging my hot cunt, so I did my best to
clench down on her finger.

"Oh, good squeeze honey. You had my finger good and tight. Did
you like it when you grabbed my finger with your pussy?"

I couldn't really speak so I simply clenched her finger again.

"Ooh, you did like it. You know it is okay for you to orgasm, I
want you to, and Kylynn wants you to orgasm too. Go ahead, cum like
gangbusters honey. Let out all of the stops."

I couldn't believe this woman was finger fucking me, let alone
wanting me to orgasm like a girl. She seemed to want me to let loose
with all my jism just like when I was male. I knew that if a woman had
asked me to spunk her pussy to the max I would have done my
damnedest. The hardest I ever came was when a woman pleaded, "Let's
make a baby."

Her begging me to cum like that was producing the same results.
I was building to an unbelievable height, higher than ever before.

"Pussy twitching! Gonna… gonna… I'm going to… eeeeeeeeah!" I
screamed in almost an ultrasound range.

Allyce kept me from drowning as I thrashed about in the bathtub.

"Wow hon., did you survive?"

"I… I… Oooh, woof, ahh, so this is an afterglow."

"Nope. You are going to be in the afterglow in a few seconds.
Right now, you are still riding the high. If I start banging you again, you
will go even higher, or I can let you recover and blow your mind later.
Kylynn says to blow your mind later so you are in luck, you can come
back to earth now. Would you like anything right now?"

"Would… would you hold me? Please?"

"Perfect. Yes dear, I more than want to hold you, I expect to hold
you," she grabbed me and held on tight. Oddly enough, I didn't feel like
going to sleep as I had before after I came. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to
fuck a lot.

"You can stop working your hips now Vera…" Allyce informed me,
"That is the only orgasm you get in the bathtub today. By the way, can I
have my finger back now?"

I hadn't realized that I had her finger gripped so tightly by my
pussy muscles.

"I'm not sure my pussy will let go…"

"Relax your butt muscles Vera… that's the girl… okay, thank you,
I can get my finger out now."

There was an audible pop when her finger came loose, "I can see
we are going to have to stretch your love hole some doll. I think Kylynn
made your pussy too small."

"I have a small pussy?"

"You might be able to screw a twelve year boy, but even that isn't

"I don't want to screw any boys, twelve, twenty, or thirty, no boys,"
I started panting in a little panic attack.

"Calm down girl. There are no males here, none. I was just
stating sizes, not actual sexual companions," she remarked, "See if you
can swish a little water inside of you to clean yourself out really well.
Here like this…" she proceeded to show me how it was done. I was so
stoned and so grateful for the orgasm she gave me, I would do anything
she asked of me.

"Okay I am going to lift your bottom onto the side of the tub then
get out grab us a couple towels and once I have mine on, I will lift you
out and wrap you in a big fuzzy warm towel. Ready?" she asked as she
reached for me.

I steadied myself on the tub edge and looked at my silly feet, my
toes are still pointed. I tried to relax them, but to no avail.

Allyce ignored what I was doing, threw on a big fluffy towel, and
grabbed another one, which she wrapped around me and hoisted me
onto the Vanity stool again. I had my red pumps on before I knew it and
another towel around my head like a turban.

I looked at myself in the mirror and could only see a very pretty
girl who had just gotten out of the bathtub. Every time I moved my
head, she moved her head. I flipped her off on a whim and that bitch
flipped me off at the same time.

"Hmm that's an idea, fuck yourself eh?" Allyce laughed at my
wide-eyed shock. "With a pussy as small as yours your finger would feel
like you were being boned by a real stud. I'm getting wet just
thinking about it."

"I have to get something, so just sit there until I get back," she
ducked out for a minute.

I could hear that she was on the phone, but I couldn't make out
what she was saying.

When she returned she had a big spritz bottle with her. She
sprayed me head to toe with it, after removing the towel. My skin was all
tingly when she finished, "What was that?"

"Just a moisturizer. We want to keep your skin soft and silky,
now don't we? Okay, now you just stand there and I will do all of the
work," she began spraying me here and there with different concoctions,
but when she started rubbing another moisturizer into my boobs, I just
had to sit down.

"Sorry I should have had you sit for this anyway. I'll remember
next time," she promised, but didn't slow her ministrations one bit.

My hips started grinding into the stool and of course, she noticed,
"You like moisturizing your big soft boobies do you? Well you are in luck
because I have plenty of goop to rub into them."

"MMMMmmmm! Oh! Two more hands full of… ungh!"

"I like the way your thighs twitch when I do this. What does it feel
like to you?" Allyce asked with a mischievous grin.

"I… I… I don't know. It feels wonderful, but it is making me so
wet. I'm not sure we should be doing this. It sort of excites me, you
know… down there?"

"Well, all of the plumbing seems to be working then. Now, Vera, I
want you to look between your big boobies and down to your tummy, can
you do that?" she asked holding my breasts apart.

"Okay… Oh, my! It looks so… so… so much like my wife's

"Not quite, she has hair, you don't. She has a mature pussy,
yours is only as big as a ten year old girl's," she answered, as she rubbed
my Mons Veneris.

"Don't… don't do that. You're making my pussy twitch all funny

"Okay, why don't we get you into some clothes and then go and
see the Doctor?"

"I don't know how to put on girl's clothes…"

"You won't have to. Sit right there and I will be right back," she
told me as she scampered from the room.

She returned moments later with Amber, "Okay, I'll get to work on
the left side of the bra and you get the right side Amber."

"Fun! I have wanted to do this ever since we planned the
transformation. Okay, coming around the back with the strap… There
we made it up, now to settle these big girls into the cups. That has
gotten it. Straps over the shoulder and, viola, she is wearing her first
bra. Now, can we slip this thong up her butt and abracadabra. She is in
her lingerie," Amber gushed like my own personal cheerleader.

"Take her shoes off and we can slip these pantyhose up her legs.
Then the shoes go right back on. We mustn't make her incapacitated
longer than necessary. Now stand up Vera, we want to hike these
pantyhose up tight into your crotch," Allyce commanded as she started
to yank on the waistband.

I could feel the seam in the middle of the pantyhose pull in
between my nether lips as she pulled up on them, "There now you can
get the feel the rest of the women in this country have when their
pantyhose rides up on them."

"Now slide her into this silk full slip and I will go and get the rest
of her outfit," Allyce asked Amber as she scooted out of the door.

She came back with a very low cut, high seamed miniskirt, which
clung to my body like a second skin.

She yanked and pulled it into its proper place. The next was a
lovely silk blouse and then she pronounced to no one in particular, "She
is all ready to take a walk now."

I undulated my hips as she had taught me and made my way
slowly behind her to the waiting wheel chair and then down the hall a
few rooms to where the Doctor had her offices.

She had me lie down on the exam table with my feet in the
stirrups, (Yes still wearing my high heels and everything.) and asked me
some rather embarrassing questions. When was my last period? Was I
regular? Then she and her nurse broke up laughing and told me to put
my feet back down and to stand on the floor, while leaning over the exam

I complied of course, as stoned as I was I couldn't think of
anything else to do.

The Doctor pulled up my miniskirt and then down my pantyhose
to expose my big soft buttocks. She promptly jabbed three needles in
succession into my ass, told Allyce she could dress me again, and then
take me back to my hospital room.

I was quickly ushered back to the bed and Allyce told me, "Stand
there beside the bed so I can get you back into your nightie."

"I just got dressed. Why am I going to bed now?" I said, wobbling
beside the bed and clutching it for support.

"Well honey, you are supposed to be getting used to wearing
women's clothes and being dressed by someone else, so the more times I
can change your clothes for you the quicker that will happen. I get to
put you into a clean pink teddie. This should be a new sensation for you
to enjoy. I bet you will look stunning in it. The other reason is if I don't
get you horizontal soon you will probably fall down," she told me as she
pulled the skirt down and then my panty hose. "Those shots the doctor
just gave you will make you woozy and the doctor told me there may be
some pain involved, so I had better get you back on the I.V. and hook up
the Morphine pump again."

"I like the morphine pump," I said, still stoned by whatever
medications they had pumped into me.

"I bet you do. Now raise your hands up so I can get your blouse
and bra off."

Amber came in and helped out, since it is so hard to reach around
behind me from the front.

"Alright Vera, step into the legs, one at a time… good girl. Spread
your legs a little so we can pull this up into your crotch. Thank you. Up
past the mountains, slip your arms into the holes and you are wearing a
teddie," Allyce gave the play by play of my dressing. "Now I am going to
lift you into the bed. Oof! There, now I will hook up your I.V. again and
then start the morphine flowing again. There how does that feel now?"

"Really nice, but my chest is still jiggling," I complained dreamily.

"Don't worry it will stop soon after you quit moving around," she
assured me.

"My crotch itches, or um, it feels like I want to rub it on

"Shhh… you go ahead and rest for a while. You will be doing a
little more refinements to your new body for a while so just lie there and
relax. You will feel kind of strange all over while the changes happen,
but you won't have to be unconscious for them like when you
experienced the radical first changes you received. You might feel a little
creepy, so if it gets to be too much just push the call button," Allyce told
me and then slipped out of my room.

However, before leaving she tuned on the Television. It was
playing some kind of fashion show, or it was a video catalog maybe. It
showed beautiful lingerie, dresses, and accessories. There were makeup
tips and shows on how to pick your wardrobe. I never knew that those
shows were so interesting before. I became really fascinated by some of
the sexy ways to accent your garments, like never before. They should
put this stuff on the major networks. It is great stuff.


I have no idea how many of those programs ran while I lay there,
the only thing I do know is that my bed was soaking wet. I didn't
remember peeing it. It was just really wet and I was lying in a puddle.

At first, it was really warm and I didn't mind it, but then it started
to cool off and it wasn't so nice anymore, therefore I pressed the buzzer
to summon Allyce. Good thing I was so smashed or I would have been
too embarrassed to do it.

Allyce came in and rushed to the I.V. saying, "Oh my you sure
went trough that fast. What did you knock loose the connection?
Nope… it is still connected… let's see hmm, I guess you used it all up.
I'll get you another," she turned and left before I could sort out the words
to tell her my bed was all wet.

Lucky for me she came back right away and hooked up another
drip for me.

I tried real hard and managed to say, "Wee-wee in the bed."

"Maybe we should back off a little on the morphine and let you
think just a little bit hmm?" she posed, "Did you have a little accident?"

"I don't think I pee peed. The bed is all wet and clammy though," I
informed her slightly slurred.

Allyce dug under my covers, felt the bed sheets, and then brought
her fingers near her nose, "Oh, Oh my. Are you horny Vera?"

"Please shove something in me…!" I begged, "I'm horny. I want to
fuck something. Anything."

I felt a warmth swim up my arm and knew that darkness would
soon follow, but even so I was working my hand into my crotch as hard
as I could until the lights went out.


"Welcome back Vera. It seems we miscalculated a little when we
adjusted your libido. Don't worry we took it back down to a manageable
level, especially if we keep you slightly sedated. How do you feel hon.?"
she asked with her face over suspended over mine.

"Horny," I replied.

"Well you can at least keep your hand out of your cunt now," she
exclaimed, "I thought you were going to die from dehydration for a while
there. Fluids were running out of you faster than we could pump them
in at first. Kylynn worked her ass off adjusting you to a more normal
level though."

"So now I not only want to fuck all of the time, now I want to fuck
a herd of elephants all of the time," I whined.

"Fucking all of the time we can accommodate. Those elephants
are hard to come by."

"My bed is still all wet though," I complained, "Did I pee while I
was unconscious?"

"Nope honey, smell it? That is pussy juices. You have been randy
to be fucked for hours now," she told me with a smile, "Don't you worry
your pretty head though, we will take the edge off with a few drugs for
now, and then I can change your sheets, so you won't be laying in a
pheromone riddled puddle. There that should do it… you feeling warm

"Hmmm," I moaned, "Ahh," I sighed in blessed relief.

I could feel her cut the teddie off me and then she rolled me from
side to side taking the old sheets and laying down a new set, but not
before placing a mat underneath my ass to soak up any further sexual

"I think you will just have to live with sleeping in a crotchless baby
doll honey. Kylynn adjusted your libido, but just enough so that you
flow constantly. In fact, now you flow all of the time as much as I do
when I am aroused. You are going to be a very thirsty girl, but a great
sexual partner," Allyce was so overwhelmed she French kissed me.

This did nothing to calm my flow of juices as you can well imagine.

"I have just given you something to keep you smiling and happy
for hours. Well, let's just have a look at your new pussy and see if the
changes that your wife wanted have come about…" Allyce took a really
close look at my vulva opening my lips for a closer look, "That is much
better Vera. Your vagina is now big enough for a really huge dildo to
invade. I am so happy for you. Here see if you can feel my fingers
spread the new you open wide?" she asked as her fingers pulled my lower
lips apart.

"Ahh!" I yelled as my juices increased in their ever-increasing flow.

"This is much better. Now girl, you could take a really big dildo.
Fucking you will be so much more fun now," Allyce told me as she gazed
into the new depths of my femininity.

"Mmm I feel so… so, empty," I moaned.

"You are a girl you know. You are supposed to be empty, that is
unless there is a huge cock buried deep in your cunt."

"I don't want a cock in me. I'm a man," I complained.

"I don't think so. What do you think this is down here?" Allyce
asked as she played with my much bigger vaginal lips. "Kylynn thought
it would be so much better to see you boned by huge dildos than small
ones. Seeing your enjoyment at being impaled on huge plastic cocks
would be a real turn on."

"Why? Because I would be humiliated?"

"Fuck no sweetie. I would love to see a guy revel in the pleasures
of femininity. I want to see you love being a girl. To see you beg to
remain a woman would be the ultimate affirmation that what we did to
you was the best thing for you."

"You want me to be happy? You want me to be glad that you stole
my manhood and forced me to be a sissy girl?" I asked incredulously.

"I love being a girl. Kylynn loves being a girl. Everyone here loves
being a woman. We just want to share our love with you dear Vera. You
should be glad that you are loved so much that Kylynn wanted you to
share our joy."

"I'm wetting the bed with my vaginal lubrication, I am stoned out
of my mind, and I am the second shortest person in the whole building.
What do you women want from me?" I insisted.

"We want you to have the perfect life. You should feel loved and
be loved, as much as possible. You should be so beautiful that you make
everyone ache just to be with you. You should be such a desirable
woman that men faint as you walk by," she exclaimed panting in her

"So what, are you going to make me a supermodel or some kind of
playmate?" I asked sarcastically.

"Maybe, but you will have to ask Kylynn what you are to become.
I only work here," Allyce told me, "You will be introduced to your new
handmaidens today, so after this I will only be coming around to visit
socially," she informed me with a passionate kiss on my lips.

My split started weeping juices as if it had just sprung a leak.

"Ooh, that is so much better. You are working out just as we
planed Vera."

"Don't I have anything to say about this? Can't I be in control of
my own body? Do you think this is fair? You decide to make me a
woman who is controlled entirely by her sexual urges, where are my
human rights in that?" I asked.

"Honey you don't need human rights. Kylynn is giving you a
perfect life. You should be happy that from here on in, no worries, no
issues, no fears, and no troubles for you. You will have nothing but
beauty and pleasure in your life. You have another trip to the doctor's
today to be prepared for. I bought a special outfit for you to wear today
as a gift. I just wanted to see you in it before the professionals start to
work on what you wear."

"I am afraid to look."

"Ah it's not that bad. You don't get to see it until after your bath
anyway. I'm going to swing your feet over and slip your shoe-sees on,
and then we can take care or your morning pee, followed by an
invigorating lilac scented bubble bath, which I just happened to have
ready. There, your shoes are on. Come to momma," she told me as she
slid me towards her and off the bed.

My chest bobbed all over the place as I wiggled over to the water
closet and waited until Allyce dropped my panties for me. I did my
business and before I could reach, for the toilet paper Allyce had a hand
full and wiped my bottom for me.

I shrugged, thinking, 'If she wants to wipe my pussy, more power
to her.' I was still pretty stoned and it was probably safer if she did it.
I'm not sure that girls have to dig in between their lips and wiggle their
finger around down there, quite like she was doing, but what the hell it
felt great.

She helped me up and guided me to my vanity stool, removed my
shoes and plopped me in the bathtub.

I hadn't ever remembered the intense reaction I was having from
the beautiful fragrance of the water before. I was relaxed, but at the
same time so turned on. It makes me feel… I don't know… pretty I
guess. Yes, it makes me feel so pretty to smell like delicate Lilacs.

Allyce was taking her time washing me everywhere, "Now you just
lie there, and let Nurse Allyce do everything for you." She carefully and
so gently washed my skin with a super soft sponge. It's like being kissed
all over my body the way she does it.

Today after draining the tub, drying me off, moisturizing, and
perfuming me, she greased up my labia with Vaseline and then slipped a
thong panty up my legs. The bra she had for me I learned was called, a
shelf bra and basically held up my breasts, from underneath.

"You stay here while I go and get your first outfit for today…"
Allyce told me as she slipped out the door.

Still quite stoned and fuzzyheaded I was staring into my own
cleavage when she returned, "They are stunning aren't they?" she

Allyce came around behind me and slipped my arms into a red
plaid long-sleeve blouse, which she didn't button up, all the way down to
the bottom, just far enough to reach underneath my breasts. She tied
the shirttails together under my boobs, which left my tummy bare.

A pair of threadbare denim shorts followed the panties she had
put on earlier, well if you could call them shorts. They were barely big
enough to cover the thong.

Allyce pulled them up tightly so that they slipped between my
pussy lips in the crotch too, leaving my naked labia exposed for all to

"Okay, sit down at the vanity and I'll put your makeup on you and
then you will be ready for a little walk. Won't that be fun?"

I didn't know what to say in answer to that so I just stayed silent
as she painted my eyes, cheeks, and lips.

"Perfect. How do you like it?"

"I look like Daisy Mae."

"You sure do hon.. Although you are a bit bustier than she was,"
she giggled and poked one of my huge boobs, making them both jiggle

"Do your breasts jiggle like this all of the time too?" I asked, trying
to get used to the strange sensation of my chest blown up and no longer

"Well my little titties jiggle a lot too I guess… I don't really notice it
anymore unless I am trying to run or jump. C cup breasts are big
enough for me, but I like the pair you have. That is I like them to play
with," she was nearly drooling down my cleavage.

"I really can't wait to see you strut your stuff in this outfit. So let's
get going. You are going to go on another tour of the plant today.
Everyone is dying to meet the new you. First stop will be your wife's
office," she took my hand and helped me wobble to my feet, and then
lead me out the door and down the hallway.

"Is that, him?" I heard one of the ladies who were walking towards
us exclaim. "Oh, my God! He's perfect."

She walked up to me, looking down at me, and then said, "You
look so delicious. I can't wait until we can get to know each other better,
honey. These look so big and soft." She gently lifted my breasts from
underneath, giving them a squeeze.

I couldn't help it, I moaned and shivered all over.

"Oh, yes! She is a hottie. I love the outfit Allyce," she raved and
reached her hand between my legs, "I love the way his labia hang out.
Do you like girls to pet your sweet pussy Vera?"

She promptly did as she asked, eliciting another moan from me.

"Wow she is positively dripping already. I love her," she kissed me
on the lips, "Nice to meet you Vera. I'll be seeing more of you soon I

We made it another twenty feet or so when another woman, who
was incredibly happy to meet me as well, stopped us and pretty much
the same thing happened as before.

My knees were week and my legs were slimy and wet when we
entered my wife's office.

"I see you have been getting acquainted with the staff already
dear. They are anxious to see you in your new finery. Part of your new
'job' so to speak will be to model fashions around the facility for our lady
workers. I know you will enjoy the work too, judging by the way your
legs look right now," she giggled as she stood and gave me a hug
squishing my boobs all over her chest and even around the sides of her
ribs for a ways.

"I love you tiny like this. I can even reach down and grope that
exquisite ass you have," she groped and then kissed me, slipping a
tongue to me, almost urgently.

I was still out of it, but with all of this stimulation, I became lost in
the sexual sensations. My mind was almost a complete blank, but
between my legs, I was drenched. I felt so… so… empty.

"Mmmmm, these are so silky," she murmured as she stroked my
exposed pussy lips, "So slippery too."

I felt one of her fingers slip between my pussy lips and work its
self around a while. She then reached around behind me and groped my
big soft butt.

"Mmmmm, well that will have to keep me for a while. Turn
around and bend over for me please Vera?" Kylynn asked sweetly.

I don't know why but I was so agreeable that I did as she asked. It
must be the drugs that they had given me is the only thing I could
attribute it to.

"Wow, so nice and firm, not a trace of cellulite either. Don't worry
honey I won't hurt you. Right now, I am rubbing Lidocaine on the site so
you won't even feel the needle when it goes in, there, all done. Now go
with Allyce and finish meeting everyone, I have to get back to work for a
while. I am putting together a surprise for you dear. You are going to
love it too," Kylynn released me and patted my butt as I stood up again.

Allyce took my hand and escorted me out of the room towards the
lobby where I first waited to meet my new supervisor.

"Oh, Amber?" Allyce called as we slipped behind the counter
towards an office door, off to one side of the reception area.

"In here! Is that you Allyce?" she called back.

"Yes, it's I. I brought a surprise for you honey."

I heard a chair exited hurriedly, and then the sound of high heels
moving towards us rapidly, "You brought Vera? Eeeeeiiiii!" Amber
squealed excitedly as she rushed out the office door towards us.

"Oh dear lord. She is exquisite. Kylynn has performed a feat of
total artistry here. Oh my! Her thighs are soaked. Are you horny Vera?"
she hugged me against her tall body.

I came up to about her crotch, so it wasn't like the other hugs I
had been getting all day.

"My you are a tiny one dear," Amber picked me up off the floor and
hugged me to her breasts, which I enjoyed a whole lot more.

"Vera you are so snuggly now. I think I am going to love hugging
you a lot hon.."

"That's about all I'm good for anymore," I groused, which was
really going some, since I was still in a highly drugged state.

"Oh, there are more things you are good for, you just wait. For
now you should just enjoy the fact, that everyone is going to love the
heck out of you. This Daisy Mae outfit is just darling on you, and I love
how it spreads your pussy lips like this," she reached down to stroke my
silky pussy lips as she said it.

My legs started twitching and jumping up towards her hips, as if I
was trying to encircle her waist with them, but didn't quite know why.

"She is definitely going to be perfect Allyce. I hired her
handmaidens a few days ago and they should be ready to meet her any
minute now. I received a call a while ago telling me they were almost
dressed. By the time you walk Vera around the rest of the facility they
should be raring to meet her," Amber was still holding me in the air and
had worked her hands, down to my butt, one at a time, "Vera honey you
wouldn't believe how hard we worked to find just the perfect two ladies
for you. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you any more, I just wanted
you to know that Kylynn spared no expense to get you the very best. You
will just have to trust me for now though."

'Trust her?' I couldn't think of anything but how hard I was
panting and the feeling of liquid drooling down my legs.

"Okay, be honest now Vera, you wanted to snuggle with me when
we first met didn't you?" she asked, but unfairly was squeezing my butt
very close to my pussy.

I moaned loudly, "Ye… yessss…" which I would have done if she
asked me if the sea was purple, whatever she wanted to hear, just so she
wouldn't stop.

"Well I better not hoard you Vera, Allyce has to take you to the
secretarial pool to meet the ladies in there next," she informed me as she
lowered my tiny form to the floor.

"Damn, Amber, you're all wet now. Look at your pants honey,"
Allyce told her, pointing at the numerous spots of dampness caused by
my drooling slit.

"Not to worry Allyce, I had planed on this today, so I brought a
change of clothes with me. You don't mind if I tag along to the
secretarial pool do you? I want to watch that meet and greet," she

"Maybe you'd better. We wouldn't want any sexual harassment
going un-witnessed now would we?"

They escorted me down that hall past Amber's office and into a
large room full of terminals and ladies busily entering data, that is of
course until I was paraded into the room.

Amber cleared her throat and announced, "Ladies I want you all to
meet Kylynn's wife. Come on over and give her the warm welcome
everyone's been dying to give her for weeks."

There was a squealing as if a cheerleader jamboree was just
offered all the chocolate they could eat. A huge rushing sound of many
quick clip-clop-sounding ladies high-heel shoes as they rushed towards
me. I was immediately surrounded by women who were all taller than I,
which gave me the view of many undersides of breasts everywhere I
looked to see faces.

Allyce pulled over a chair, picked me up, and placed me on it
saying, "There, she will be easier to hug now. Just hugs for today ladies,
Vera is already nearly over stimulated as it is."

Amber piped in with, "However three of you can hug her at a time,
she'll love that."

Three pairs of enthusiastic boobs were squishing into me at a time
and one or two from each group couldn't help but stroke my exposed
pussy lips. One of the ladies was even bold enough to slip her finger up
inside of me. It was a good thing all of those hugs were tight enough to
keep me on my feet, especially when I orgasmed right there in front of

"Good thing you picked a vinyl chair Allyce, or the chair would be
ruined. Vera, you horny little babe you, you must really like our
secretaries to orgasm for them," Amber hugged me making sure I was
still steady on my high heels. "You know that you won't just calm down
now like when you were a male, you will just be riding that wave, crest
after crest if you keep being stimulated. The problem is that not all of
the ladies have gotten their hugs in yet. Ladies, go ahead, she's all

Now they weren't even trying to be subtle about it. Women were
hugging, stroking, and diddling me openly, it didn't take me long to
orgasm again, and again… I finally noticed that some of them were
circling back into line for another shot at me, however I couldn't
complain, all I could do was stand there and let the giggling secretaries
diddle me silly.

"Well girls, I think you have a big enough mess to clean up, we
have to let Vera go on with her meet and greet. I want a show of hands
now, who thinks that Vera is perfect for her new job?" Amber asked the
crowd and then scanned for votes, "Hmm, only one dissenting vote, that's
not bad. Remember, you will all have a chance to make suggestions so I
want everyone to go back to work, after a brief cleanup session in the
ladies room, then fill out your suggestion forms and hand them in to

"I think that is our cue Vera," Allyce told me,

Amber set me back down on the floor and said, "I might as well be
the one to set her down, since I'm already covered in Vera's juices."

"Thank you Amber," I panted with my knees wobbling and a slight
stager to my walk.

"My pleasure beautiful. God, I smell like a ladies locker room after
a lesbian love fest. I think before you leave Vera we should mist you with
a bit of perfume so that you are pretty smelling again," she reached into
her purse, drew out an atomizer, and then spritzed me all over with it.

"Wow Vera, now you smell positively delicious," Allyce enthused.
"We better get moving, you are starting to grow a puddle under you and if
it keeps up you are going to slip and fall!"

I followed her passively, but began to wonder what kind of drug
that they had given me that lasted this long? I was still quite 'floaty' and
submissive. I was just following her wherever she went and doing
whatever she told me to do.

We went a ways down the hall and slipped into the infirmary,
where they had given me my 'physical'.

"Hello? Vera is doing her first tour… Dana? Theresa?" Allyce
called, "Where are you girls?"

"Oh, there you are Allyce! We expected you a half an hour ago,"
Theresa admonished as she walked into the room, "Oh, my! Look at you
Vera. If you get any hornier, we are going to have to be careful that you
don't slip and fall. It will be dangerous to walk in the hallways after you
stroll through."

"Vera," Dana squealed, "Give us a hug sweetie." She held me
tightly and then commented, "My word Vera, your poor legs are just
dripping with juice. I bet those pumps are full too."

She was right. The toes of my shoes were completely full and
running over onto the floor, but she didn't appear to want to do anything
about it, except to maybe make it worse.

"Wow, you sure do have some pretty labia honey," she reached her
hand between my legs, and continued, "So smooth, so soft, and so
slippery." She was stroking my exposed lips and working her finger into
me ever so slowly.

I don't know why but I just stood there and let her do whatever
she wanted to do to me. After a while, I would have begged her not to
stop too. I had to cling to her so that I wouldn't fall to the floor.

"Oh my. That is so cute to see her clinging to you like that Dana.
I have to get a picture of that for the Intranet," I heard her click off
several pictures of me, but all I could do was hold on.

"Would you like me to make you cum little Vera?" Dana asked me
barely above a whisper.

"Mmm hmm," I replied softly.

"Then ask me out loud please and I will make you feel wonderful."

"P… pl… please make me cum Dana…" I begged.

"I love that sweet voice of yours Vera. I most certainly would
dearly love to make you cum like gang busters sweetie."

"That is so cute. Go ahead Dana make her go limp in your arms
girl. Make her revel in her womanliness," Theresa encouraged, while she
continued to take pictures.

I came all over my legs and let Dana hold my little body up while
she started to bring me back to another peak.

"Allyce? Why don't you go over and play with Vera's big boobs
while Dana does her." Theresa coached and still snapped off more shots.
"Hey, can you slip one of those monsters out of her shirt so I can get a
shot of it?"

"My pleasure Theresa," replied Allyce replied as she popped one of
the girls loose for the camera.

"This is great stuff. I can't wait until her handmaidens are with
her next time," Theresa enthused behind the camera, "They should be
waiting for her back in her room by now. When you finish your tour I
know that they will be most eager to see her."

"I'll bet they will," Allyce agreed, popping a nipple in her mouth.

That was all I needed to send me over the brink again. I
shuddered through another orgasm, feeling my thighs slick even worse.

"Great! I have all the shots I wanted, you can let Vera calm down
now Dana."

"I… I'm… I'm really thirsty Dana. Can I have a drink of water?" I
asked sweetly.

"No Vera, you may not have a drink of water," Theresa quickly
interrupted, "You are going to need much more than water to replenish
what you have lost in the last few hours." Theresa handed me a large
bottle of what appeared to be Gatorade, "This is a special mix that was
made just for you honey. We analyzed your pussy juice and reproduce it
chemically with added sugar and nutrients so that you could keep
Cumming and Cumming like the Energizer Cunny," she giggled wildly at
the joke she made.

I sucked down all that was in the bottle and felt better almost

Dana, while she still supported me said, "We have several
refrigerated cabinets of it all over the facility so that whenever you are in
need, all you have to do is ask and Vera's special 'Pussyade?' will be
there to refresh you and replenish your overactive pussy glands."

"Great…" I moaned, "So I will be able to leave a slippery trail
behind me wherever I go."

"Oh, by tomorrow that will be taken care of by your handmaidens.
Allyce hasn't seen them yet but they are just perfect. I know Vera will
love them immediately," Theresa replied enthusiastically. "Now give us a
kiss before Allyce drags you off for more introductions," she commanded,
and then slipped her tongue down my neck.

I followed Allyce off to the next area, which was the genetic sample
repository we had looked in on my first day.

"Ericha? Where are you, honey? Oh, there you are. Ericha
Lukaszewski, meet Vera Sissy Solman, our new employee morale officer,"
Allyce introduced us, "She loves hugs, lacy dresses, and looking sexy,
and so we encourage indulging her. Te He."

Ericha lifted me into the air and hugged me tightly, and she
groped my butt thoroughly, "Mmm, I think my morale is improving by
the moment."

She placed me back down and announced, "Ladies, the new
morale officer is here and needs hugs from everyone."

I blanched, "They're going to make me do it again aren't they?"

"What is that Vera? Make you do what?" Ericha asked with a
knowing smirk.

I could feel myself leaking already, "They are going to make me
orgasm again…"

Just then a redheaded woman walked up and said, "I love the
Daisy Mae look. She is just precious in that." Then she knelt down and
hugged me, reaching around grasping my butt and pulling my thighs
apart. "How does it feel to have a wet wanton slit between your wide
spread thighs instead of a big hard cock?" she whispered into my ear.

Before I could answer, five or six more women joined us and I they
passed me around like a Barbie Doll, from one woman to the next.
Ladies would reach between my thighs or grope the girls, whatever they
felt like doing and I just let them have their fun, while I occasionally
orgasmed. Quite a few of them had big wet patches down the front of
their pants or skirts.

I was finally passed back to the first woman who whispered into
my ear again, "My name is Arielle Gahlot, I will be eagerly waiting for
your answer the next time you come through, precious." Then she
strode back into the depths of the work area with the rest of the ladies
who were all chatting away amongst themselves happily.

Allyce dragged me along to the next area, where the whole
scenario repeated itself. We went through three or four more areas, and
to be quite truthful it all started to run together at that point.

Finally, after drinking bottle after bottle of Pussyade?, they told
me we were going back to my new rooms.

"What do you mean my new rooms?" I asked wearily.

"You have your own new area of the facility Vera. It was
completed and finally made ready for you today. Your new wardrobes
and bedchamber should be ready for you now," Allyce informed me while
she lead me down a newly built hallway.

She stopped in front of two pink doors with filigree all over them
and glass panes inset in the top of them, bracketed with pink curtains.

I had a feeling this was going to be weird.

Allyce pushed the button by the doors, which sounded a lilting
tinkling tune inside.

The front door swung open and two very busty women dressed in
pink skirts and blouses stood there. The one on my right, the one with
the Black hair, said, "Miss Vera. We have been waiting for you. Come
in. Let us show you around your new office. I'm Gaylene Hurteau,
please call me Gay and this," she indicated the Redhead to her right, "is
Bebe Hurteau. We are your handmaidens for the next two years."

Both women had at least 36 HH cup chests on them with
astounding hourglass figures. Either one would be a centerfold feature
in Score magazine all by herself. Together they looked like identical
twins only with different colored hair. That was when I realized that they
looked very familiar to me… I had seen those faces somewhere before?

Before I could figure it out both women in turn hugged their giant
boobs into my even larger ones, which I can tell you right now, you have
to feel it, to believe it.

The redhead had me up in her arms and started to carry me into
the new room.

"God, you don't know how hot the three of you look together. I am
so glad I brought this camera from Ericha's office. These are going to be
great pictures," Allyce was nearly beside herself with excitement.

I looked around the room as they carried me in. The walls were
Pink, the ceiling was pink, the fluffy carpet was pink, the chairs, tables,
desks, and other furnishings were pink as well. Everything was covered
with bows, flowers, lace, or other feminine enhancements. The air
smelled of flowers and spices. Everywhere I looked were big fluffy pink
bunnies or bears and there was even a big pink unicorn.

I heard the click of the button on the digital camera, "I love how
wide your eyes are Vera. Don't you love this room? It's so feminine and
it's all, just for you."

Bebe set me down on the carpet so I could explore under my own

"I love the way you walk Vera," Gay exclaimed from behind me.

"I'll have to take your word for it Gay, I can't even see my feet," I

"I know what you mean hon., since I took this job I haven't seen
my feet either," Gay giggled.

"You mean to tell me that you haven't always been so busty?" I
asked her incredulously.

"Oh, no," said Bebe with a smile, "Both of us had to sign two year
contracts and agree to having our bodies genetically engineered to be
your perfect handmaidens. Our libidos have been pumped up
substantially along with our breasts, we were given these bodies and our
lesbian tendencies were increased."

"So for two years honey, we will want nothing else but to make
you look beautiful and to screw your brains out. When we fulfill the
contract they will give us the option to stay on as handmaidens for
another two years, or we can have our old bodies back and receive our
payments at that time. We will even be offered other jobs with the
company if we want to stay on," Gay added.

"I couldn't pass up this job at this pay, even though they planned
to make us big breasted lesbian sluts," panted Bebe, "Of course, as I see
things right now, I love being a big breasted lesbian nymphomaniac."

"So, what did you do before you took this position?" I asked,
looking at the big fuzzy pink bear in front of me, which drew me to it
uncontrollably. I couldn't help but walk up to it and hug it to me.

"Wow! That is going to make the ladies all over the plant just melt
Vera," Allyce said, snapping off another picture of me.

"Well Vera, to answer your question, I was a fashion and beauty
consultant in Hollywood," Bebe answered, ignoring Allyce's enthusiastic

"I was a fashion designer in New York City, but I had put myself
through school by doing theatrical makeup for Broadway shows," Gay
added in answer to the same question.

"You two must know everything about being sexy women. Why
would you want to be handmaidens to me?" I asked hugging my pink

"I don't know about that, you seem to have figured out an awful
lot all by yourself. You have my pussy drooling just watching you with
that bear," Bebe remarked squirming around trying to relieve her lust
without groping herself.

"I don't know why but I like this big soft bear. It feels really nice
against my skin. It kind of tickles."

Allyce had to ask, it would be an incredible shot if she could get
me to go along with it, "Vera sweetheart? Would you do your favorite
nurse a big, huge favor?"

"Okay Allyce… what do you want, more sex?"

"Well the sex can come later. Would you pretend to kiss the bear
on the lips for me, so I can get a picture?"

I pursed my big soft lips and kissed my pink bear. Of course, I felt
silly after doing it so when I came away I was giggling my head off.

"Oh SHIT!" was the chorus from all three women.

"God! I wish I could have gotten that on video," Allyce moaned,
crossing her legs and squirming like a little girl who had to pee pee.

It wasn't the case with the Hurteau twins. They had their hands
in their crotches rubbing themselves vigorously.

"He, he, he, I'm glad that I am not the only horny bitch around
this place."

"Oh! Ooh! Kylynn didn't say we'd be this horny all of the time,"
Gay said biting her lower lip in deep concentration on the pleasures she
received from her diddling.

Allyce giggled, "You two are only one third as horny as Vera."

"Wow then she is one hell of a horny little vixen," Bebe exclaimed,
"I think she needs to be shown the rest of the office space." Bebe
snatched me up… well, me, and my big fuzzy pink bear, and carried me
to a back room where there was an enormous, pink, covered bed. It has
big soft fluffy pink pillows with pastel blue flowers all over them. There
were pink silk ribbon bows on the satin pillows. There must be ten or
fifteen of them strewn about on the bed. The sheets were pure silk and
the comforter was the softest down, inside a pink and pastel blue cover.

I could hardly hold onto the bear I had grabbed, after all it is
bigger than I am, but along the way Gay grabbed hold of it and helped
me carry it.

"You really are attached to this silly bear aren't you?" she asked

"Yes," I meekly replied, hanging my head in irrational shame.

Bebe had placed me onto the bed. When she saw the shame on
my face, "Vera! What is the matter? Are you ashamed of having
affection for your big pink bear?"

"Y… yes…" I answered, my lower lip quivering.

"Do… Don't do that… you are breaking my heart Vera," Bebe
teared up.

"It's all right to love a stuffed bear Vera. Really it is," Gay hugged
me closely.

"It's so… so…" I couldn't even say it.

"Vera, you are a sissy. It is okay for you to be soft and emotional.
You are one of us now. Women can cry and be as emotional as they
want to be, and nobody will think less of you," Bebe assured me, "There
are a lot of advantages to being a girl, and we want to share all of them
with you sweetheart."

"I'm a sissy?" I was shocked.

"I'm a sissy too," Bebe admitted.

"So am I," Gay declared.

"Don't leave me out. I have always been a sissy," Allyce claimed
from the doorway.

I stuck out my lower lip and said, "Next thing you will be telling
me is that I have girl's germs too."

"You do," Allyce exclaimed, "You even smell like a girl."

"Duh," I replied, "Like the silk thong jammed up my pussy
wouldn't give me a clue?"

"Don't worry Vera, I promise that Gay and I will help you to
become, and be, happy that you are a sissy girl now," Bebe declared
kissing my pouty mouth passionately.

"I think there is something more about the pink bear than you
have told us though Vera," Gay accused, "and if you don't tell me what
the problem is, I will diddle you until just before you climax and then
keep you there until you do tell me what the problem is."

"I think she'll do it Vera," Allyce warned me.

"Okay, okay I'll talk. I had the shit beat out of me when I was a
boy because I bought a pink bear for myself. My father swore he
wouldn't have any sissy boy for a son, so he took the bear and disposed
of it," I recalled, "It was only a little bear. Maybe eight inches tall, but I
wanted it. I just knew it would be my friend no matter what…"

All three of the ladies were wiping tears that were streaming down
their faces.

"Fucking bastard!" Bebe declared.

"If anybody tries to take this bear away from you Vera, I will
personally relieve them of all responsibility for breathing," Gay promised.

I heard Allyce click off a couple more pictures about then.

"Give me that," Bebe snatched the camera out of Allyce's hands
then yelled, "Get out! Don't come back until you are invited."

Allyce went as pale as sun bleached bone but left as she was,
ordered to do.

"That was kind of mean…" I remarked.

"No Vera, it wasn't. Gay and I are responsible for your happiness
and we will not brook having you made an object of ridicule."

"That's right! We don't even have to do what Kylynn says. They
hired us directly through personnel, who put us under your authority.
However we have been given permission to overrule you should we deem
it in your best interests."

"The loving and giggling of your teddy bear will be made available,
but your sadness and pain from your past is private and will be erased
before Allyce gets back this camera," Gay declared, nodding toward Bebe
who was busy erasing the last couple of pictures from the camera.

"I think that Vera deserves a nap and a ba ba, before she has to be
made pretty for her trip back to the mansion," Bebe stated over her

"I concur," Gay started taking off my soaked Daisy Mae costume
and tossed them into the corner with a wet plop.

Once they had deleted picture from the camera, Bebe started to
remove my high-heels, pouring out the fluids from the toes of each of
them and onto a towel beside the bed.

Gay finished removing my costume and then started to slip a silk
nightgown onto me.

Bebe returned with another bottle of Pussyade? for me and had
me suckle it down greedily.

The two of them started rubbing me all over with pretty smelling

I moaned but not with sexual pleasure, the two of them were
rapidly rocking me off into la-la land, and I was just so very relaxed.


First Full Day on the Job

When I awoke the next day, I discovered myself in a Bebe, Gay,
and Kylynn sandwich with me being the cream center.

Additionally, I found myself wearing a pretty, pink teddy, which
was tightly hugging my flat womanly crotch. It was also soaked, as you
would expect. I also seemed to by lying in the wet spot.

When I looked around, the bed was the same, but the room was
different? Sure, it was still all pink, but it was shaped differently and
bigger than before.

While I lay there in the wet spot trying to figure things out, Kylynn
roused and hugged me, "Good morning beautiful. Did you sleep well?"

"Um… I don't know… am I still at FGR?" I asked, still disoriented.

"No dear, you are at our home right now. Bebe and Gay said that
you were so tired and emotional yesterday that they didn't want to wake
you up from the deep sleep you were enjoying, so they carried you to the
limo and held you all the way home. When we got here they gently
carried you upstairs to our new bedroom," Kylynn told me with a good
morning kiss and hug.

"You like me like this?" I asked stunned.

"God yes! You are absolutely a dream darling," she stuffed her
face in my huge cleavage and started licking, first one side and then the

My legs started quivering uncontrollably, and then I felt a hand
snake between my legs from behind me, only to begin petting my sopping
wet pussy.

I saw Bebe reach around from Kylynn's back and grope her
breasts, so I knew that it was Gay, who was pleasuring me.

"Mmm these are nice, soft, and warm. I can see why you love big-
breasted women honey. I don't think I would want to drag them around
all of the time, but on you they look great, and feel even better," she
moaned into my boobs.

I was panting like a dog in the back to a station wagon, on the way
to the vets.

"I just have to feel your new soft love hole Vera, I hope you don't
mind?" Kylynn cooed as she stuck her hand inside my teddie. "Ooh, I
love a hairless pussy. Your lips are so warm and slippery. I can just
slide my fingers up inside you without any effort at all. Your hard little
clit is so nice to rub. I just love the way your legs quiver when I finger
fuck you," Kylynn crooned as she sent me over the first orgasmic hurdle.

"Here, you remember my boobies?" she asked as she placed my
hands on her breasts for me to enjoy.

No matter how big my hooters are I still love to play with boobs. I
know that must be perverse but what can I say? Boobies just make me

"We know how much you love boobs Vera," Gay told me as she
lifted my head enough to place one of her giant boobs underneath it as a
pillow. If that wasn't enough she plopped the other one down onto the
other side of my head. I was lying there in a warm booby sandwich,
enjoying the sensation of being, engulfed in breasts while I played with
another pair and had mine groped by my wife. Now this is booby heaven.

I lie there on that soft warm boob and let them have their way with
me. I orgasmed time after time and soaking the bed even more. The only
thing I remember was screaming out my ecstasy and then when I awoke
next, the room… shrank again? I was in bed with a 5' tall super soft
pink teddy bear, with my arms encircling its neck.

"Hi Herman. I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that I
was at home with Kylynn with two super busty lesbians who wanted
nothing more than to fuck my little sissy brains out. What do you think
of that my soft and reliable friend?" I whispered to my Pink Teddy Bear,

That pink fink never did answer. He just listened, let me hold
him, and love him.

"The boss is awake Bebe," Gay called behind her as she walked
into the room.

Bebe and Gay sauntered in on acrylic pink high heel slippers with
pink feathers attached right over the tops of their feet, and when they
walked they made the sexiest tapping sound as they approached.

They two of them were wearing pink satin robes over their pink
silk teddies, which were lager version of the one in which I found myself.

"Shouldn't I be at work by now?" I asked still quite confused about
how they, 'work for me' and how I am supposed to do a job I haven't even
heard of, let alone could possibly be qualified for, now that I had been
altered so drastically.

"You are at work silly. We brought you here two hours ago and
you have been doing a tremendous job so far," Gay giggled, obviously
knowing something that I didn't.

"Would you like a warm soapy fragrant bubble bath? We have it
all ready for you," Bebe informed me, as she crawled sexily towards me
on that huge bed.

"Take me," I meekly agreed softly in my little girl voice.

Bebe came up to me and hugged me so that my face was, buried
between her huge breasts, and my legs were astraddle her waist.

I moaned loudly, "I love boobies." It came out muffled but I knew
Bebe understood, since she giggled, which set her breasts jiggling against
my little face.

I enjoyed it immensely.

She stood up when she reached the edge of the bed and carried
me to the bathroom. My feet never touched the floor. I was carefully
turned and placed on the water closet to take care of my morning sissy,
which I performed without incident.

Before I could reach for the 'bathroom tissue', Bebe wiped my cleft
bottom for me, then they hefted me into the air and plopped me into a
huge bathtub.

The two women, who giggled and diddled, tweaked and kissed me
all over my overly sensitive little body, lovingly washed me all over. I
spent most of the time moaning and screaming out my pleasures.

It was the most stimulating bath I have ever had. I even found
myself stretched between them, one working my mouth and boobs, the
other licking my volcanic pussy.

The girls were stimulating each other all the while too. I couldn't
really reach anything on either of them to return the favor for what they
were doing to me.

When they determined that I was clean enough and fucked
enough, they carried me out of the tub and dried me off, still clinging to
Bebe's huge boob enhanced chest.

"Bebe? You said I was already at work earlier. Did you mean that
I was at the company business site, or that I am actually on the job right
now?" I asked innocently.

"Oh, no sweetheart. You are actually working, right this minute,"
Gay told me and then laughed.

"How is taking a bath working?" I asked still not quite catching on.

Gay and Bebe both pointed at the various cameras all over the

"There are cameras in the bedroom too aren't there?" I half stated,
half asked.

"This entire suite is wired for sound and video. There are
monitors all over the facility and video tape recorders running twenty-
four seven. They just came online this morning. All of the ladies you
met yesterday are probably watching you right now, enjoying the sight of
your hot little body overriding your natural dislike at having been forcibly
transgendered," Gay admitted as if it wouldn't matter to me any longer.

Inconceivably I wasn't angry, and didn't feel like fighting what was
being done to me, so I had to ask, "Why am I so… so… submissive?"

"I don't know… do you feel submissive? Or is it maybe, this is
something that you wanted in the back of your mind for a long, long
time?" Bebe asked, answering a question with a question.

"Okay, so what is next on the 'Vera agenda'?" I asked, afraid that
the answer might be that I was as she accused.

"Well now that you are clean, we are going to slip you into a pink
silk robe and take you over to your beauty salon, right next door, and we
are going to make you beautiful. We have some incredibly sexy outfits
selected for you to wear, and we want you to enjoy the experience while
we prepare you to go forth among the workers at FGR," Gay informed me,
slipping the aforementioned robe over my silky soft shoulders.

We walked into the Salon, and I was immediately plopped down
into the shampoo sink where I had my hair washed again and was then
taken to a styling chair for my first feminine haircut.

Bebe barely took anything off. She just shaped the front and sides
of my overly long Platinum Blonde head of hair, "A little layering and
blow-drying will do the trick. I am so glad that I had this opportunity to
make you look like the seriously beautiful and glamorous woman that
you now find yourself."

"You think I'm pretty?" I chirped incredulous that anyone who
knew about me, other than my wife, would still think I was a beautiful

"Honey, the pictures of you that were posted on the Internet
yesterday were getting hits in the hundreds of thousands. There are
horny men all over the world who would give their left nut just to fuck
you once," she giggled. "The comments that were left about you were
incredible. I think you are a hit."

"Nooo! They posted my pictures on the Internet too? They were
naked pictures with my boobs and pussy showing?" I asked hardly
believing that they would subject me to such degradation.

"Why not? You always enjoyed looking at gorgeous naked women
on the Internet, why wouldn't you want to let men see what an incredible
body you have? Think of all those men masturbating while they stare at
your picture… Kind of turns a girl on huh?" encouraged Gay who was
working on my manicure.

When Bebe was done with my hair she spun me around in the
chair towards the mirror, brought her face down next to mine and
hugged me on my right side while Gay did the same on my left side,
saying, "There that will hold you until your real stylist gets here

I watched as my eyes grew to saucer size, finally realizing why
Bebe and Gay looked so familiar, "I look like you two."

"No sweetie, we were made to look like you. We are about ten
inches taller than you though, since it is our jobs to take care of you,"
Bebe educated me, with a huge grin on her lips.

"Our boobs aren't quite as large in proportion as yours are either.
We aren't supposed to take the spotlight away from you. We are just
here to add to your glamour like window dressings," giggled gay.

"Oh, gay now see what we have done. Her pussy is positively
creating a lake underneath her. We need to get her something to drink,
and a little breakfast I think," Bebe resolved, so she helped me out of the
chair, the robe clinging wetly to my legs, and headed off to the pretty,
pink breakfast nook in my office.

I was placed in a frilly pink high chair which was stationed in the
middle of the table and the two handmaidens undulated themselves into
the kitchen unit to make preparations.

Left alone for the first time today I unconsciously started to caress
my own gigantic breasts, which were sitting quite solidly on the table in
front of me. I felt my nipples clinch up like two large points of light out
in front of me, so I reached as far as I could and was able to tweak both
of my nipples at once. It felt like an electric shock was administered to
my cunt. I spasmed and all of my appendages tried to spread as wide as
they could, "Ughnn!"

When my body relaxed a little I was just reaching out to do it
again when the girls showed up with breakfast, "Oh you precious little
thing. You must have done something entirely delicious, because the
approval meter on the wall just spiked."

"What approval meter?" I panted, still quite stimulated from the
sensation that had jolted through me.

They both pointed together to a series of LEDs on the wall, which
were almost all lit up, but were slowly dimming towards the left, a bar
graph indicator of how hot I was making my viewers.

Bebe set two plates of bacon, eggs, and hash browns down at the
two ends of the table, along with Juice and coffee, while Gay placed a
bottle of Pussyade?, in front of me with a big plate of gooey donuts and
éclairs. She installed the nipple on the Pussyade? and asked, "Well
darling what look tasty this morning? How about this big chocolate

I was almost drooling when I nodded my pretty head, which
caused a minor tittie quake. Bebe's eyes were immediately drawn to
them, but my eyes were glued to the éclair.

Bebe carefully picked it up and when I reached for it, she slapped
my hand away, "Ouch! Hey, that hurt." I sniffed and my lower lip
started to quiver.

The bar graph plummeted.

Then Bebe said, "You don't have to do anything but chew sweetie.
It is our job to feed you. You don't want to force me report you to the
handmaidens union do you?" She kissed me on the lips and had me
panting like a gerbil in heat.

The bar graph started rising again.

"Okay baby bird, open wide for the éclair plane so it can fly into
the hangar," she brought the éclair over to my face and I bit into it as
best as I could, unfortunately I had whipped cream all over my nose and
mouth after that.

Once I had finished chewing, Bebe licked my face clean for me and
then had me open my little mouth wide to bite the big pastry.

I was so small now that the éclair looked like a three-inch pipe
coming at me. I couldn't bite much at a time so I was making a huge
mess of myself. This time I knocked a huge dollop of whipped cream
down into my enormous cleavage.

Gay abandoned her breakfast and helped by working her tongue
as deep into my cleavage as, she could.

My little legs splayed again and my arms twitched, "Ughnth!" I
moaned spraying éclair all over myself.

"Yah, they are really sensitive, aren't they? I love having my new
big girls licked too, like I never did before," Gay admitted cupping her
own huge breast as if she was offering them too me.

Her boobies were making me drool even more than the éclair was.

"Don't worry baby girl, after breakfast you can nurse for a while
on the girls if you want to," she offered, while cleaning me up with her

Bebe joined her having set the éclair aside, so I spent the next few
minutes moaning and squealing.

"There, all clean. Gay, why don't we start back to eating our
breakfasts and I'll leave Vera here with her bottle while she calms down?"
suggested Bebe, while she poked the bottle of Pussyade? between my
ruby lips for me to greedily suck on.

"Good idea!"

By the time they were finished eating, I had calmed and nearly
finished my Pussyade?, "Now we can concentrate on Vera. Gay, I think
she might need another Pussyade?, so I'll fetch it while you feed our
sweet Vera, okay?"

"Great!" Gay pulled the bottle of Pussyade? from my face with a
wet popping sound, "Time for more num-nums Vera."

"Why are you treating my like a little girl? I may be housed in this
diminutive shell, but I am older than you are," I chirped, not sounding
nearly as annoyed, as I wanted to.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey, I don't mean to be demeaning. I'm just
trying to be nice to you. I really love how sweet and pretty you are. I
guess it brings out my maternal instincts. I can't help it. Do you really
mind it so much? I don't think I can help it… I…"

She started to cloud up and my little heart was breaking. I
couldn't hurt her, it was no longer in my nature, "Gay, I'm sorry. Really,
it's all right. Don't cry. You can treat me however you like," I offered,
trying to keep her from bawling.

She set the éclair down and hugged me tightly, "Thank you Vera.
Just know that I love you and that I'm not trying to demean you in any

"I love you too Gay," I told her, but what was I saying?

She released me and brought the éclair over for me to gnaw on
and to have smeared all over my pretty face.

I looked over at the approval meter, saw it climb every time I was
covered in whipping cream, and had to have it licked off. I had a wicked
thought, 'Why not try and see if I could peg that silly meter out?'

The next time the éclair approached my little mouth I opened wide
and smeared as much whip cream all over my face as I could while
taking a bite.

"Ooh you little vixen you!" Bebe exclaimed as she returned with
another bottle of Pussyade?.

The two ladies double-teamed my face with their tongues, licking
up one side and down the other, and then the stinkers started tonguing
my ears. My legs started shaking uncontrollably and my little tongue
started licking at the air in front of me, so one of them, I didn't see who,
placed the éclair in front of my tongue so I could lick the whipped cream
from it.

"You pegged the approval meter cutie, just like you were trying to
do," whispered Bebe in my ear.

I finally licked all of the whipped cream off the éclair and had no
further interest in it, "Aww… the whipped cream is all gone," I told them
in my sweetest and highest tones.

"I'll have to remember how much you like whipped cream. I know
you taste delicious with whipped cream. Gay, we need to order a couple
of cases of it to keep on hand. Now I'm glad that we bought those rubber
sheets for special occasions," Bebe told Gay enthusiastically.

"What do you want to eat next sweetie?" Gay asked me.

"Um… nothing right now… cause I really have to pee."

They carried me to the water closet and disrobed me, set my wide
bottom down and I let go with as sissy hissing sound into the potty,
sighing in blessed relief.

I was going to try to wipe myself but the girls wouldn't let me,
"That is our job honey. But if you want something special in the way of
wiping, I can do that too." Gay started wiggling her toilet paper covered
finger inside of my pussy lips, in the pretext of doing a thorough job,
accomplishing what she intended, getting me so hot that my pussy was
drooling heavily again, which meant that she just had to keep wiping.

"I'll never get off this pot at this rate," I panted clutching on to her
so I wouldn't fall of the seat.

"Oh, alright… we can play more later," she kissed my face, holding
it in her hands.

Bebe placed a doubled up towel on the vanity chair and Gay
carried me over to it, setting me down carefully, "We need to give you a
little sponge bath to get all of the saliva off you, then it's time to dress

They wiped me down with washcloths and then started dressing
me. First scarlet crotchless silk panties then rubber rumba panties, a
scarlet custom made bra, which was fitted and adjusted with
professional precision, and then they pulled a pair of black silk stocking
up my legs and attached them to a scarlet garter belt.

I saw myself in the mirror at this point and nearly fainted. I was a
wet dream… a sex goddess of near legendary dimensions. My legs went
weak at the sight of me and I had to plop my plump butt onto the Vanity

"Me too sweetie. I love to look at my new self, almost as much as I
love looking at you. I may never want to go back to being the old me. I
never wanted boobs this big, but they are growing on me," she giggled,
"Time for your petticoat."

She slipped a pink petticoat over my head, "This feels so weird…
It hangs on my hips but fluffs way out around me."

"That's right, you have never had the pleasure of wearing
petticoats, well this should be fun for you then," Gay told me while she
smoothed it out around me.

They placed a pink silk camisole over my top and followed that
with a frilly pink princess dress, "What are you doing to me?"

"Oh, come on… We thought that since you were born male, and
were denied all of the fun that little girls had, that we could take one day
a week and let, you dress the part. Please, let us do this for you, it will
mean so much to us," Bebe begged sweetly.

I was so compliant that I told her, "Oh, all right, if it makes you

Both of the girls were jumping up and down saying, "Yay."

I blushed and they hugged and kissed me, "Vera you are so sweet
to indulge us."

"Now for the piá¨ce de résistance, your ruby slippers my dear," Gay
announced and then slipped my feet into semi-clear ruby-red high heels.

They held my hand and walked me to the main room.

I glanced at the approval meter and it was completely lit up.

"Time for your walk princess," Bebe told me, she took my hand
and then we headed out the door and down the hallway.

The walls weren't pink was the first thing that sifted trough my
mind, but the scary part of that thought was that I was beginning to
wish they were. What in the hell is happening to me?

I was listening to the swish-swish sound that the dress I was
wearing was making along with the click clack sound of my heels and it
had an almost hypnotic effect on me. My thighs were damp already, but
that is the way it has been for me for the last day or so, I was beginning
to expect having fluids running down my thighs… the worst part is I felt
disgusted that I was feeling so pretty.

"Wow! Is that Vera?" some lady exclaimed as we approached her
in the hallway.

I was blushing like a prom date who when she was first seen and
complimented by her own father, prior to the big date.

"Yes! This is Vera on her first little girl day. How does she look?
Isn't she just divine?" Bebe babbled.

Gay was just as enthusiastic and said, "Vera will be dressed in her
little girl collection once a week, so you will get to see her like this often."

"I just love seeing such a pretty little girl. Especially one with
such big breasts," she ranted while she leaned over and hugged me, and
then kissed my cheek.

"You see many little girls with big breast walking around?" I
asked, still unaware of the extent of my new position.

"Hell no! That is why you are so special love," she whispered to
me and squeezed on of my giant breasts.

I moaned and quivered but she seemed to ignore that and asked
my two handmaidens, "How soon until second protocol?"

"We feel it should be within the week ma'am," Gay replied causing
me no little consternation.

After the woman left and we were again perambulating down the
hallway I asked, "What exactly is second protocol?"

"Oh, just a code word for when you have fully taken over your job
duties, that's all," Bebe informed me, however she distracted me by
fondling my undulating butt.

The first stop as usual was to see Kylynn, "Vera! Hi darling, will
you give me a big boob to boob hug, love?"

I couldn't refuse. No matter what she had done to me, I still loved
her and desired her sexually, REALLY desired her sexually. Therefore I
wiggled my way to her and rubbed my huge boobs against hers as she
asked me to.

"Oh my god, I'm so glad I brought a spare pair of undies now.
Honey you are so hot I'm creaming my panties."

"Kylynn, I'm so hot I could cream everybody's panties," I answered
feeling that it was easily the truth.

"Whew! I believe that. Vera I have been working on something to
help you be much more desirable. Please turn around and present you
butt so I may inject you with a new slight refinement in your genetic

I couldn't believe myself. I actually turned around and dropped
my rumba panties so she could stick a syringe into my ass. What the
fuck is wrong with me?

"This is one of the toughest genetic modifications I have ever done
Vera. I wanted you to know that so you might understand how much I
still love you sweetheart," Kylynn told me rubbing the site of the injection
and kissing me on my cheek.

"Oh, Kylynn… fuck me baby… I need it so badly," I moaned,
unaware of what I was saying.

"I will my love, but it will have to be when I get home tonight. I
still have much work to do and you will be so much nicer to fuck by
then," she whispered into my dainty ear. "Bebe, Gay, please continue
escorting Vera on today's rounds. Oh, and call me when you notice that
Vera's odor has changed will you?"

"Yes, Ms. Kylynn," they replied in harmony, with slight curtseys.

"Odor?" I asked suddenly curious.

"Yes, love, I just injected you with a compound that should change
your scent to something more floral rather than marine in nature," she

Her statement baffled me so it was easy to lead me out of her
office and on to the reception area, where I was quickly enveloped in a
herd of secretaries who wanted to see Kylynn's former husband gush out
an incredible orgasm from her newly formed pussy.

I was more than happy to comply with their desires, however I
noticed that for some reason, I smelled… what… how to put it… much

"Vera, this is incredible. Kylynn has made your pussy juice smell
like wild roses," Gay had her nose less than one inch from my slit with
my skirts pulled up in front.

"Oh god, is there any way she can make me more of a fuck doll?" I

"If you can think of any, please don't hesitate to tell me, will you
Vera?" Bebe begged.

"If I tell you, you will see to it that I become, whatever I tell you,
won't you Bebe?"

"Don't you like being a sexually irresistible girl Vera?" Bebe asked
while drawing little circles on my tummy with her manicured fingernail.

I was dripping on the floor at this point, no longer soaking into my
plastic panties. They were leaking from the elastic leg holes since they
were overfull and bulging with my wetness. I kept sniffing all around

I looked around briefly and noticed that there were women closing
in on me from all sides. They must have come from all over the facility.
The word of what was happening to my scent had spread like wildfire.
The way they looked at me made me feel like a sausage hanging in the
butcher's window.

I wanted to run, but I wanted to stay and make them feel good too.
I was still foggy headed which concerned me since I was sure that I had
received no injections of morphine in the last couple of days. I just stood
there and waited to see what would happen to me next like a good
submissive girl.

"What should we do with this beautiful flower wandering in our
garden girls?" one of the women who surrounded me asked.

"You know ladies…" Gay started, "I bet if everyone asked Vera
nicely she would show us all, her big girls…"

There was a murmur of approval, "Please Vera, will you show us
your huge beautiful boobs?" "Vera, can we see those giant girls… pretty
please?" "Yes Vera, we think you are so lovely, we just have to see those
incredible tits." "Breasts like those were, meant to be shared by whole
crowds, Vera." "I'm soooo horny… Please show us your hooters?" "I
couldn't even see any stretch marks on the monitor Vera, I need to know
if they are as perfect as they look?"

The whole crowd begged me as if I was some kind of TV star of
something. It was making me so hot I… I… just wanted them to be
happy. All they wanted was a close up look at my boobs. What could it

I reached into my huge brassiere and strained to lift one of the
girls free. I finally succeeded when I felt Bebe's hand undo my bra clasp
behind my back, which lessened the grip that it had on my breast. I
strained really hard and popped the right boob out of the top of my
dress, "Is this what you wanted to see?"

"Can I touch it Vera? Please I really want to feel what boobs that
big feel like. Can I pretty please touch it?" a pretty girl almost as short
as I am begged close to my ear.

"You can touch it if you want. It's just a breast, like anyone else's
breast, only bigger…" I bashfully told her, blushing up a storm.

Her hand trembled as she reached out to touch it. She aimed
right for my huge puffy nipple. She was biting her lower lip and you
could have heard a pin drop at that point. All of the women seemed to be
holding their breath.

When she made contact, it felt like someone had attached an
electric probe to my clit and zapped me between the legs. My thighs tried
to spread and my plastic panties felt like they were about to explode.

"Careful Gigi, those boobs are loaded…" Bebe warned my nipple
groper, "You are one of her mothers so you know how touchy she can

"Mothers?" I squeaked, while shivering and jiggling.

"Yes Vera, Gigi Haydock is a Genetic Code Annalist. She was
instrumental in selecting the genetic source material for your new
makeup. She was the one who isolated the strand that controls breast
growth and sensitivity. In a way, she is the one who gave these to you,
so her curiosity is more than just erotic. She wants to see how good a
job she did."

"Well, she could have made them a tad less sensitive…" I
complained, however just then she placed her hand around my huge
puffy nipple and gently squeezed.

"Oh my! These are so soft it's like squeezing air. I have never felt
anything this soft before in my whole life," she squealed in delight.

I was glad that she was so happy. I was even gladder that Gay
was behind me to hold me up. Bright flashes of light shot through my
vision and my knees kept trying to lift up, and the way she caressed my
boobs my thighs were trying to spread apart all by themselves.

Gay whispered in my ear, "You want to have sex with her don't
you Vera?"

I didn't want to be unfaithful to my wife. It was one thing to be
taken, it was entirely a different thing to ask for it, and so I refrained
from answering.

"What if Kylynn wanted you to let her have her way with you?
Would you like that honey?" Bebe murmured into my other ear, "We
would help. It would be all three of us pretty girls having a wonderful
time. Gigi would do exactly what she is doing to your nipples now, Gay
and I would pleasure you in so many more ways while she does it."

"If Kylynn tells me she wants me to, I'll do it for her," I told them
shakily. For me the whole world had shrunk down to my nipples, my
soaking pussy, and what my handmaidens were saying, I was no longer
aware of the thirty or more women staring at what they were doing to me.

"Oh, you are so special honey. Ladies, listen up! Vera says she
won't willingly seduce anyone unless Kylynn gives her permission to.
She doesn't want to be unfaithful to her wife. Kylynn, I know you have
us on your monitor, will you page your permission to sweet Vera, so she
will willingly have hot and wild sex with Bebe, Gigi, and I? She is about
to go insane with desire if you don't tell her to let loose the floodgates,"
Gay loudly asked the walls around us.

Click! "Vera? This is Kylynn. I am in my laboratory and watching
you on my monitors. Baby you are making me wet with the way you get
so damn sexually stimulated. The only way I will be able to feel any kind
of fulfillment while we are here on the job is to watch, you screw those
sexy women's, brains out. I want you to have sex with every one of the
ladies here at work, while I watch, baby. I want you to keep up the
morale of everyone working here. If they know they will get a break in
the day when they might be able to have the wildest hottest sex, they
have ever had in their lives. I will be so proud of you dear if you can do
such a difficult job for me. Please, will you fuck Gigi, Bebe, and Gay for
me?" Kylynn voice asked from seemingly everywhere. "I can hear you if
you answer, so please tell me if you will?"

"If that is what you want me to do honey, then I will try my
hardest to fuck them as good as I can… it would have been easier to a
better job when I had a cock though…" I answered in my singsong little
girl voice.

"Good girl Vera. I know you won't let me down, and you might be
surprised how fulfilling sex with the new you, can be for pretty lesbian
women. I'll be watching so make me cream my panties dearest."

Gay whispered in my ear again, "See that Vera? Kylynn wants you
to Fuck Gigi. Now will you ask Gigi to fuck us?"

"Gigi? Will you please fuck me? I promise to try really hard to
make you orgasm, and you can do whatever you want to do, to me?" I
offered, even though my eyes were, rolled up into the back of my skull.

"Really? You… you… you want to have sex with me? C… C… Can
I? Oh, I have wanted to do this for weeks Vera. Oh yes Dearie, I'll fuck
you. I'll fuck you silly," Gigi agreed with great enthusiasm.

"Awww," the crowd of women moaned when they realized that I
was to be, taken away from them and they wouldn't be getting the
chance to grope me yet today.

"Have no fear ladies, Vera will be back later. Don't worry either,
Vera is always horny," Gay announced as she lifted my limp and
moaning body up.

Gay turned me around and hoisted me high enough that my
boobs hung over her shoulder, "This is the only way to carry Vera. If you
hold her so her head would hang over your shoulder, her boobs hold her
too far away, and this way I can bite her butt if she gets too frisky."

I was whisked back to my 'office' and plopped onto the bed in the
back, but rather than get to it, Gigi had Bebe turn me over and pull up
my skirts and then she shot something into my ass, "There this should
be fun to watch while we pleasure her!"

"What did you shoot into me Gigi?"

"Just something to make your boobs a little bigger," she giggled,
"We had better get that dress off of you."

Gigi started to undo the zipper down the back of my dress, so I
started to take off my shoes, when Gay told me, "You stop right there
missy, Bebe and I do the undressing and dressing of you, unless our
guest wishes to do it."

I lay there while the ladies did everything for me. Gigi insisted
that she remove my brassiere.

By the time they were to that point I imagined that I felt my bra
becoming tighter… but that had to be my imagination, right?

"Oh good, they are growing just nicely now," Gigi moaned with her
face jammed in my cleavage. "Vera darling, these are so nice, you don't
mind if I suckle on you a while do you?"

"Uh, uh," I moaned.

"What a lovely bouquet you give off Vera, so pretty smelling. I love
how wet and submissive you are. I bet you would just lie there and let
me stuff this big dildo into your wanton pussy. This big strap-on latex
cock right here between my steaming thighs. I'm going to fuck you like
you have never been fucked before girl." Gigi slipped that dildo into my
soaking wet pussy. I couldn't believe that big thing slipped into me with
almost no resistance and then she began banging me while my
handmaidens were sucking on my boobs.

Between the fucking and the growing, I was going crazy. When I
tried to pleasure them back Gigi told me, "You just lie there and enjoy
your fucking like a good little girl."

Impaled around that thing I was moaning, squealing, and
squirming. The intense pleasure I was receiving from the overly sensitive
clit, breasts, and nipples was unbelievable. I came like gangbusters but
she kept on banging me right through five more ever intensive orgasms
in a row. I had floral scented pussy juice all over me even my hair was
soaked with my own cum.

"Gay, you better get her some more Pussyade?, I think she is
running out of super lubri-cunt," she giggled at her pun and my
submissive enjoyment of the fucking I was enthusiastically receiving.

"Does little Vera like being fucked by a big cock? Do you want to
be fucked more baby? I just love to see you enjoying being filled by this
huge tool girl."

My brain was so overloaded with endorphins I couldn't think of
anything but the fireworks that kept going off in it.

Gay appeared above my face, "Here you are little girl, your new
and improved Pussyade?, now with floral scent enhancement

"Tag Gigi, my turn baby. Gay wants to pleasure you for a while
and I want to fuck the boss for a while. God this is a great job! Where
else can you get a job, where you can fuck the boss, and in fact, you are
expected to fuck her and to fuck her often?" Bebe ardently stated.

"Ooh! Gay wants to bang me? Great!" Gigi dove into the sopping
wet sheets and offered herself up to Gay.

"Look here Vera. Bebe has a treat for you. This dick is even
bigger than Gigi's dildo. I'm going to fit you on to this wonderful tool and
send you to heaven boss."

"Uhgnh," I remarked as I was, stretched around that big latex

"Boss! You are at one hundred percent viewer approval level. I'm
so proud of you."

The PA system came on just then with the voice of my wife, "Vera
my love, I love watching you tightly affixed to that dildo. I want you to
have sex like this as much as you can. You are doing a great job.
Worker production is up twenty percent."

I don't know why but that made me so proud that I tried even
harder to enjoy the fucking I was receiving. I knew that we were being,
broadcast throughout the facility, but I am a slave to this nymphomaniac

I heard Gigi enjoying the banging she was getting next to me, but
the fucking I was getting was making me crazy. It was one thing when
Gigi did it, but when Bebe was banging me, our boobs would rub
together, and sometimes she would lean even closer and smother my
breasts with her large and jiggly beauties. I love huge boobs so the
sensations of her pair rubbing mine were overwhelming.

I reached up and gently fondled her big girls and felt her shudder
with ecstasy, "Oh Vera, that is so good. I love it when your little hands
touch me like that, they're so soft, little, and the lovely pink polish we
painted them with looks so pretty highlighted on my tits."

Bebe made sure to stay within my short arms reach so I could rub
from my boobs to hers and back again. I was even able to rub my erect
nipples against hers to elicit a gasp of pleasure from her. Little victories
were all that I could manage… being so little myself now.

I was enjoying the overwhelming stimulation so much I was
startled when a wet tongue filled my left ear. "Hi lover! Can I join this
orgy too?" Allyce asked breathily.

"Grab a boob and join in honey. There is enough of Vera's pussy
juice for everyone. That reminds me, could you stuff a new bottle in her
mouth before you stuff one of her titties in your mouth?" Bebe asked her,
still winded from the extended banging she was giving me.

"There is no way anyone on earth can stuff one of those boobs in
her mouth. But it will be fun to try," she teased, and then jammed a
bottle into my face.

"I love how Vera looks sucking down her baa-baa," Allyce stated
with a note of ridicule in her tone.

"Allyce, that kind of attitude could get you in trouble," Gigi noted
from her side of the bed.

Allyce chuckled and replied, "Vera is so preoccupied with the
fucking her big, loose pussy is getting that she surely isn't paying
attention to what I have to say."

Now my new and very fragile girl feelings were hurt, since I did
hear what she said, both times. One little tear trickled down the side of
my face, soaking into the bed sheets to go unnoticed with the vast
amounts of my vaginal lubricant already present there, or so I thought it

The intercom clicked on suddenly, "I didn't see what went on just
now, however Vera's rating meter just hit the lowest point since the
system became operational. As soon as Vera orgasms a few more times,
she is to be, given a nap and I want to see all participants in my office!
Coppish? Additionally, I do not want anyone to miss a stroke on my
lovely Vera. If she does not orgasm, you might just find your lives
permanently changed!"

I haven't ever heard Kylynn so angry, not even once. I was afraid
for my sexual partner's wellbeing however, I did notice out of the corner
of my eye that the rating meter started to climb again.

Allyce was as pale as a ghost. She sucked tit for all she was worth
though. My nipple was on fire. It was like a, hard little cock, which
loved to be wet and sucked. She tickled the end of it with her tongue
eliciting a high-pitched moan from my ruby painted lips.

I am to this day still not certain that the last two orgasms I had
were real or if I faked them so Allyce wouldn't be in too much trouble.

However, when I was through with them, they dropped me into a
soapy tub, washed, rinsed, diapered, and deposited me into my
California King sized pink canopy bed. My two handmaidens lying next
to me, and dressed in the same nighties I was wearing, sang a low and
soothing lullaby until I lost consciousness.


When I finally roused, Bebe and Gay were in bed with me, and
both holding me protectively. They seemed to have survived unscathed
their conference with Kylynn, now all I had too be concerned with was

I started to stretch and discovered that my boobs were a couple of
sizes bigger than before, which was a relief since I figured the they might
have been planning enormous size growth for them.

What I had not been prepared for however was the spread of my
hips. I must be at least 38" around at the hips now, which wouldn't be
bad if I were quite a bit taller. Since I am as small as you have
previously heard, I found my new proportions to be vastly overstated.

I don't think my left and right thighs will ever have a chance to
become acquainted. My flat crotch is easily four inches thigh to thigh.
When I asked why they were so far apart, Gay just told me that it was
due to the way my brain received the new data available. I didn't believe
her for a minute, so I started to amass my own data concerning the
transformations here.

When I looked at my wide spread thighs my approval rating shot
up quickly, so it seems that is what the vast majority of viewers found
stimulating. I slipped both hands side by side between my legs and still
found that they were not tightly jammed together in the middle. I looked
like hooker Barbie in my lacey pink gossamer panties.

I started, all of a sudden realizing that someone had removed my
diaper during the night to fit this soft lingerie to my bottom.

It didn't really matter I guess but the look on my face must have
been worth it since the meter came close to pegging.

I slipped back to my investigation of what changes had come over
me overnight. I could feel the separate lips of my vulva beneath the
panty and they pulled apart slightly as my hands moved. God it feels as
if I'm split in half. My slit is really big and it feels like it goes into me all
the way up to my throat. What did they do to me? I'm more woman
now, than anyone else on the planet, a caricature of femininity. I feel so
empty too. The more I notice my pussy, the emptier it feels. The emptier
I feel, the more I want to stuff something into me to fill me back up.

I wound up trying to hold my labia together to keep from wanting
a huge dildo rammed into me.

That damn meter went way, way up when I held myself like that.
It was damn hard to force myself to let go and ask my handmaidens to
bathe me.

Bebe whisked me into the air and while she carried me to the
warm soapy bubbles I asked her, "Bebe my lovely, how come the bed is
always freshly made and the place is totally spotless when ever I come
around, or whenever we return to my office?"

She laughed and told me, "Surely Vera, you would guess that
there is a whole crew of maids that follow you around to clean up after

"A crew of maids? How many girls in a crew?"

"I know of six girls who are tasked with that duty at present,
however there are more coming. I think that Kylynn is hiring a total of
ten ladies for that position."

"Ten women, just to clean up after me?"

"Well to clean up after you, Gay, and me. We don't have time in
our busy days to clean. When we are not busy with you, we are
designing clothing for you and sending the designs out to be, sewn. We
specify your makeup, nail polish, and everything. We still know how to
do our chosen professions even if we are horny as minks," Bebe lovingly
admitted, "We know what will look hot on our own bodies, so we know
what will look hot on yours. That is why we are kind of triplets, so we
can dress alike. Yesterday was the only time that we will ever dress you
in something that we are not wearing ourselves. Kylynn insisted that
from today on, we all dress exactly alike. Next week on little girl day, we
will all be little girls together, and then you will be able to experience
what it really was like to be a little girl. Kylynn insisted that we all play
together so you won't have to feel that we left you out, or that we are
making fun of you. That never was and will never be the case. You are
to be made to feel like a princess," she giggled and kissed me
passionately on my incredibly sensitive pink and pouty little lips.

"Now you made me feel my hot pussy, Bebe. It feels so empty
now, as if half of my insides are hollowed out. Why do the women want
me yearning to be filled?"

"That is how women are sweetie, they're used to yearning to be
filled. This is just a way for us to teach you by exaggeration how you
should feel, now that you are one of us. We will change you back to a
more normal size after a while. This was Allyce's idea, and that is how
she explained it. You will be meeting up with her tomorrow morning and
you can ask her yourself. Now don't you even think of asking me
another thing about Allyce, since I am sworn to silence until you meet
her then."

"She has to be all right… I am so worried that she will be hurt.
Will you please tell me that she will be okay? I couldn't bear to think
that she is being tortured or something because of me," I begged

"Calm down Vera," Gay interjected from somewhere behind me,
"Allyce is just fine and she will be completely unharmed when next you
see her, I promise. Now, we really can't talk about this anymore,

"Hold your breath Vera, it's bath time," Bebe announced as she
walked us both into the big tub of warm bubbly water.

She held me vertically and dunked us both down into the water,
my face firmly planted in between her big soft girls.

Have I mentioned the fact that I love big boobs? Oh, yah, I think I
have once or twice… You haven't lived until warm soapy water and huge
boobs have encased your face.

The two beauties double-teamed me, cleaning every cranny and
crevice, and making sure to allow copious quantities of warm soapy
water to fill my vagina. Those two minxes squished around my tummy
making silly comments and rude noises. "This isn't very lady like girls," I

"Maybe not, but it sure is the kind of silly fun we have had before
with other little girls exploring their bodies. He, he, he, this is your time
hon.. We are in a way, just learning about our new bodies too you know.
We weren't born looking like this… God if I looked like this in high
school, I would have ruled that place. All of the girls would have wanted
to be my friend and all of the guys would have wanted to fuck my brains
out," she had a grin ear-to-ear when she thought of this, however she
went on, "Oh my God! I could make Jenny Sue Baker just die if she saw
me now. She would fall over dead, or beg me to let her become like me.
It would be such a lot of fun to see her so green with envy. That bitch
stole my boyfriend in high school and when she was finished with him,
she dropped him flat. Poor guy was never the same after that. I think he
is an auto mechanic now."

"At least he isn't a little slut with a cunt the size of the Grand
Canyon," I groused.

"We really are sorry for that Vera. Will you please forgive us? In a
few days, Kylynn says she will be able to get you back to the size you
were before. There is a treat coming for you later, we promise you will
feel better about what was done to you," Gay told me.

"Okay, but I will probably worry anyway," I confessed.

"We are going to do our best to keep your mind off of that," Bebe
looked at Gay, who looked back inquisitively.

"Beach party?" Bebe asked.

"I love it," Gay answered with a mischievous grin.

"What is Beach party?" I asked, however Bebe had already left the

"She wouldn't tell you anyway. Don't you like surprises Vera?"

"I used to, but lately they have lost their appeal," I admitted

"Oh come on honey, we only want to make you pretty and feel
good. We won't ever hurt you. Do you think you can trust us?" Gay
asked holding my face in her hands and staring intently into my eyes.

"I guess. I mean you didn't even work here yet when I was
changed," I reasoned.

"That my girl," she kissed me on the lips softly.

Bebe came back with three different colored strips of cloth in her
hands and handed one to Gay, then she started stripping down until she
was naked. Gay stripped as well.

I love watching girls undress, almost as much as I like looking at
naked women, which can be one hell of a problem if you are one.

Both ladies slipped the tiny bits of cloth on, only then did I
recognize they were bikinis. Like, I should have known.

Both ladies slipped my suit on me and then put a pair of high heel
flip-flops on my feet. They had their picnic basket and towels all ready
so the last thing was to pick up Herman and me.

"You are going to love this girl. Do you remember that thing on
Star Trek, 'The Holodeck'? Well we sort of have one. Kylynn had a room
made up with flat panel screens, overhead, and on all four sides. It isn't
as good as the one on TV, but it isn't bad," Bebe assured me, while she
was rubbing my big butt and carrying me.

We opened a pink door off my bedroom and there inside was a
beach. White sand under our feet blue skies and sun from above and
surf from opposite where the doorway was. When we went inside Gay
closed the door and when we looked back where the door was, there was
the scene of a parking lot, just like at the real beach. Sure, you could
see the seams at the corners and sides and the door handle gave away
where the door was, but all in all, it was pretty good.

Bebe carried me over to where three lounge chairs were set up and
plopped me into one. Then she climbed into another one to my left while
Gay was in the one on my right.

I heard Gay open the basket and take out a couple of things and
the next thing I knew I was wearing a pair of sunglasses and having
tanning butter smeared all over my hot little body.

"Hey! Don't hog all the fun Gay. Give me a couple of hands full of
that so I can oil Vera up too," Bebe complained, with her lower lip out

Gay happily shared duties and soon I was almost orgasming in my

Upon finishing, Gay dove back into the basket and snagged a
Pussyade? for me, and one for each of them? "Hey! I thought that
Pussyade? was only for me, what gives?"

"Pussyade?, it's not just for Vera anymore," Bebe said and they
both giggled. "Vera, Pussyade? is good for any girl who is orgasming a
lot and loosing fluid. Lately we have been going through a lot of it. Not
just you, Gay and I, but the whole company too, everyone has been
screwing the heck out of everyone else the first break they get if they
have been watching Vera.com," they chuckled and sipped their

"So what now?" I asked them, confused as to what we were doing

"Now? Now we just get a tan and maybe later we can toss a beach
ball around or something," Gay was lying back with her shades one and
enjoying the beach.

"You are not tossing my titties around this beach!" I replied as
dead seriously as I could muster.

Gay and Bebe started giggling and Bebe jumped up with, "A joke!
Vera told her first joke! I think she just might be alright after all."

"What is having us laying around the beach tanning going to do to
our Internet fans?"

"Well, believe it or not Vera, there are cameras all over in here, the
camera crew will be panning around and zooming on certain portions of
out anatomies. When it gets too boring they will chime us and then we
all do a slow strip for them and lay back down and they can do it all
again. Of course they can hear everything we say too, so if we keep
chatting we keep entertaining," informed Gay while we tanned.

After hours of tanning and beach ball play we left our 'virtual
beach' and headed back to the bedroom.

"We have got to get in that tub!" Gay exclaimed.

"Oh yes, I can't wait!" Bebe agreed.

"Why all the urgency to get a bath?" I asked slightly befuddled.

In a loud chorus they both replied, "SAND!"

It was then that I realized that I too could really use a bath. My
god, how do girls do it? My pussy intensely reminded me I had one at
that moment.

They stripped quickly and without a word spirited, us all into the
awaiting tub full of fragrant bath water.

Bebe was spreading my lips and squishing water inside me
washing all of that irritating sand out of my pussy, "Whew… I didn't even
realize how irritating that was until you mentioned it."

"Feels better now doesn't it?" Gay asked while she washed herself

"I never felt anything like it before, but nothing like sand could get
inside me down there before," I remarked.

"Welcome to our world sweetie," they giggled and hugged me.

My reaction confused them though. I yawned.

"Oh, oh, I think we overdid it at the beach Gay," Bebe stated the

"Bath time is over," Gay stated and leapt out of the tub to snatch a
big fluffy towel, which she presented and Bebe lifted me into it.

The ladies toweled off with me sitting groggily on the vanity stool,
yawning again.

As soon as they were dry enough, they lifted and carried me into
the bedroom, and gently placed me on the bed. That is the last thing I

A New Day

I awoke to the same scene, as the day before, well sort of… take
out the part of being at home with Kylynn and substitute her into the
waking at work and you have it.

"Morning beautiful," Kylynn whispered, "You never made it home
last night, so I stayed the night with you instead."

"Kylynn. You in my office bed with me today?"

"Yup, you crashed so hard yesterday we couldn't see moving you,"
she admitted. "Now I have to get back to my lab and you have work to
do." She kissed me on the lips and hopped out of bed.

"Crew? You can start the cameras in five minutes," Kylynn
remarked to the pink walls as she exited my office.

I looked at Bebe and said, "They don't record when Kylynn is

"Nope, your relationship with your wife is private. We never
record when Kylynn is here," Gay informed me.

I had a growing foreboding of what was to come, however I tried to
keep my spirits up, "So, what are you two dressing me as today? A Sixth
Avenue whore?"

"Vera! How could you think such a thing! We only dress you up
like a whore on Thursdays, today it only Tuesday," Bebe quipped.

"Great… so what is Tuesdays?"

"Audience's preference day of course. The ladies wanted to see
how you would look dolled up to attend the Oscars," Bebe was grinning
from ear to ear. "You are going to be so damn hot."

"Will I be going out?" I knew better but it was fun to tease them.

"I'll speak to the proper authorities and see if we can wrangle you
a pass. You will have to bring your handmaidens," they looked at each
other and giggled. "The fun thing, Vera Dahling, is your request has
already been sent and the wheels of your machine are already in

'They are just pulling my slim little leg,' I thought, 'I will just play
along until they have to tell me we can't go. That should call their bluff
and I won't be getting as much leg pulling in the future. It's better to get
it out of the way now.'

The ladies dried, powdered, and moisturized me. They began to
slip the laciest black satin undergarments I have ever seen, onto me. I
have never seen anything sexier, even with what the Victoria's Secret
Catalog had in it.

"Pretty hot looking aren't they Vera?" Bebe asked having noticed
my wide-eyed stare at them. "That is the best compliment I could have
gotten hon.. One of my specialties is panty and bra sets. I expect that is
one of the reasons why I was offered the job. With boobs like we have,
it's a foregone conclusion that off-the-rack is out of the question!"

"Is there some way you can keep me from dribbling all over my
hose? At least while I am in formal dresses?" I pleaded.

"We anticipated your needs Princess," Gay announced and came
towards me with what looked like a big glass cock?

"What the heck is that?"

"It's a totally new invention, just for you. This has a vacuum in it
and a barrier, which only allows liquids to pass through the membrane.
Once I jam this inside of you your runny pussy will fill it up and keep
your panties dry… at least until it is time for you to drool all over your
sexy self that is," Gay informed me, "Bebe please hold Vera horizontal so
I can insert her Vaginal Vacutainer."

"Eep," I squawked. "Oh! Ooh!" I groaned as she stuffed it into me.

"There sweetheart, all set. Now we can start a collection of Vera's
juices. I wonder if there is a market for that?" babbled Bebe.

"Time to slip this silk slip over her," Gay announced holding up a
black lacey slip, which was perfectly proportioned for me.

"You do it, Gay," Bebe asked, "I want to see what she looks like in
it, after all I did design it."

"Don't worry Gay, there are two more of these in white, hanging in
our closet. I'll do it though, because I know how much you want to see
Vera shudder when this silk slip whispers to her skin."

I steeled myself, determined not to shudder, but alas, I couldn't
help it. You just have to feel what it's like when that cool slick and soft
fabric slides down your soft and hairless skin, I'm here to tell you it is
amazing. "Oh my God! Why don't women wear these all of the time? It
feels like I'm being caressed all over my body."

"Well honey once you wear it several more times you will start to
get used to it. I confess though since Kylynn changed me my skin is way
more sensitive to that kind of sensual input," admitted Bebe, which
made Gay giggle in agreement.

"Hey, can you girls tell me why I am not screaming and freaking
out, and why I do whatever you ask me to?" we were getting along so well
I thought that maybe they would let me in on the secret.

"You know that you have to ask Kylynn that question. You
wouldn't want us to get fired would you?" Gay answered with a
mischievous smile.

"Oh no, not ever. Do you think she would? She couldn't fire the
only friends I have could she?" I started to cloud up thinking about Gay
and Bebe leaving me.

"No, don't do that. Your ratings might plummet and then who
knows what could happen?" Gay asked with her eyes wide and

I gulped and took control of my runaway emotions and told them,
"I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

"Thank you sweetie," the said in unison and then, (You guessed
it.) I was hugged and smothered in boobies. Did I mention that I love

"Hmmm… what do you think Bebe? I keep getting the feeling that
there is something more…" Gay pondered, "I have it! We need to go to
the Salon."

"Yes! What fun is Oscar night without a stunning Coif?"

"Not the hairdressers again?" I asked now slightly frightened.

"What is wrong with being pampered at the hairdresser's?" Bebe
asked with an audible sniff.

"Umm… I keep orgasming in the chair when they do my hair…"

"I hope to hell you leave a really good tip then," Gay chuckled.

"I don't have any money, Gay… I am not even paid. How can I
leave a tip?"

"AHHH! That is soooo uncivilized. You haven't been tipping? We
have to make it up to them Bebe. Do you have those cards that we had
printed up for us?"

"The one's that say, 'Good for one free…?'" she replied trying to say
it without me catching on.

"No! You don't have a card that commits me to…" I stopped before
they actually answer that question, to which I don't think I want to know
the answer.

"You bet your sweet vulva we do girl," Bebe replied in nearly the
heartbeat, which it took to formulate the question.

"Can… Can… Can I insist that they be clean shaven?" I asked
fairly certain that I would not need to ask. The women here are all
practicing lesbians. Wouldn't any pussy licker want a smooth vagina for
tongues? At least you wouldn't have to worry about hawking up a fur

(Don't ask me, I just don't like hair in my throat. So, sue me?)

"Don't worry honey, Kylynn has taken care of everything. All of
your preferences, likes and dislikes were required reading. Remember it
is our job to see to it that you love your new life as a woman. Both Gay
and I really want to see a male enjoy life completely as a female. Ooh,
the thought of it is making me hot even now," she squirmed a little to
emphasize her statement.

"Did they really make you almost as horny as they made me?" I
asked to verify my situation.

"Oh yes hon., I have never been this horny a slut before, let alone
actually liking being a horny slut," she giggled and then took me by the
hand, hoisted me up, and carried me, still dressed in my lingerie, to the
salon with Gay in tow.

Bebe gently plopped my ridiculously wide butt into the styling
chair and slipped an apron around me to protect my delicious
underwear. I tried to stealthily caress the silk slip, which covered me. It
just feels so scrumptious to rub myself with the slick, smooth cloth. The
intense sensuousness of it made me quiver and shudder uncontrollably
all over.

"Look Bebe! Vera can't help but feel feminine in her sexy lingerie,"
Gay chortled, "She's trying to hide it, but she loves feeling so pretty."

"Are you stroking that yummy body of yours underneath there
Vera?" Bebe asked while she peeked underneath the apron.

I had just stopped stroking my loins when I shuddered, I hadn't
taken my hands away from myself so she caught me sitting there with
my hands still frozen in a caressing gesture against myself.

"Quick Gay! You have to see this," Gay ducked quick enough to
see before I slowly, shakily placed my little dainty hands into my lap,
with as much dignity as I could muster.

"Haven't you ever seen a girl smooth her slip before?" I tried to
bluff my way out of it but they both fell all over each other laughing.

When they had calmed down, a voice from the doorway
announced, "When you to can compose yourselves, we need to get to
work making Vera so beautiful, she won't be able to take her eyes off of
herself." The producer of this statement was a stunning raven-haired
woman, who was only about a foot taller than I was. She is busty,
without being in the same class that the girls and I are, and dressed in a
lovely pink smock.

My eyes must have gone wide with surprise, and then I must have
given more away than I ever intended with my expression.

"Oh my, I think that Vera likes you Janine. She is all but drooling
over here. Why don't you come on in and give her a howdy do, kiss?"
Gay invited, with a 'come on in' arm motion.

"Vera, this is Janine Jamie Tiller, your new hairdresser. Janine,
this is Vera, your new victim," Bebe started giggling when Janine came
over to me, and without hesitation, slipped her tongue down my throat
as if we had been lovers for many years.

"Mmmm she tastes lovely. And to think, they are paying me to do
this too," she backed away a couple steps and cocked her head this way
and then that. "I think I can do this and actually make you look even
sexier. Would you like that Vera?"

"Why not? You are going to do it if I want you to or not," I

"Do you really want to go out wearing a beautiful gown, while
sporting that unruly mop?" she asked critically.

"I… Uh… I guess not…" I stuttered backing down from any show
of rebellion.

"I promise that there won't be a movie star or model there tonight
that will be lovelier than you are," she stated as she continued her
inspection. "I think I have the right hairdo in mind so why don't you
ladies busy yourselves on her nails? Both ends and your work will have
to pass my inspection, so do your very best," she acted like some kind of
Marine Drill Sergeant.

My two handmaidens snapped to it immediately dragging a cart
over to provide the requisite tools and supplies. They took my hands out
from under the Apron and removed my high heels to provide access to
my toes.

"Damn Janine! Vera is wearing pantyhose. I cannot paint her
toenails through them," Bebe complained as she kneeled at the foot of
my chair.

"Well we don't want to disturb Vera right now, so just cut them off
of her and get on with it Bebe," Janine commanded as she was readying
herself to wash my hair.

"Ah… yah, I guess I am kind of still not used to the, 'expense
doesn't matter,' thing yet," Bebe admitted as she carefully cut the pure
silk stockings from my quivering legs.

Janine tipped me back and gently placed my neck into the
shampoo sink. She ran the water until it was the right temperature and
then I received the most sensuous shampoo of my life. She massaged my
scalp and lathered up my two and a half feet of platinum blonde hair. It
was washed, rinsed, conditioned and all of the time she worked my head
and scalp in such a way that I wasn't sure whether to fall asleep or
orgasm. My hips started to undulate with the same rhythm as the scalp
massage I was getting.

"Vera sure is responsive to the her controls. She is like driving a
lesbian Ferrari nymphomaniac. Just a twist of the wrist," she paused as
she did as she said, "and Vera is in ecstasy."

"Ughngh!" I moaned as she stimulated me.

"I am just washing your hair Vera, if I were trying to make you
orgasm there are plenty of ways far quicker than this," she told me as
she was rinsing my hair clean.

"When you are done making her squirm, maybe Gay and I can
start working on Vera's nails," Bebe grumpily complained at my feet.

"Don't get your panties in a twist Bebe, I'm standing Vera back
upright so I can start cutting her hair," Janine informed her as I was
gently toweled dry and sat back up. "Now to get to work, Kylynn says
that if I do my best job ever, I will get to be Vera's Hairdresser on a
permanent basis."

"As it should be Janine. Vera needs you to make her beautiful
and happy. That is the only thing important to us," Gay informed her.

Janine began carefully snipping my hair at different lengths and
angles, I have no idea what exactly she was shooting for, but whatever it
was I have no doubt that Janine in the outside world was one hell of an
exclusive stylist before being indoctrinated into our clan.

"I do wish your hair was just a touch thicker my dear," Janine
moaned, "I suppose I can make due with this however."

"You want thicker hair on Vera, Janine?" Bebe asked.

"Oh my yes, I could do ever so much more with it if it were."

"Janine, have the girls bring Vera by when you finish
please? You did say twice as thick didn't you?" it was Kylynn's voice over
the loudspeaker system again.

"Kylynn? Is that you?" Janine asked slightly taken aback.

"Yes Janine, by tomorrow Vera will have thicker and more
luxurious platinum blonde hair. Will that suit you better?"

"My god! I'm getting wet just thinking about running my fingers
through it already Kylynn. You bet your bippy it suits me," Janine told
her, but you could easily see that she nearly fell to the floor in a swoon
considering the opportunity.

"I take it that means you accept the position?"

"You bet! This is going to be so much fun."

"Bebe, Gay? You will be receiving like injections. We
wouldn't want her to have hair that was so different than yours, Janine
wouldn't be able to give you the same look as Vera."

Both of the women stopped what they were doing and hugged
each other squealing.

"Bebe, can you imagine our hair. It will be totally gorgeous."

"I know Gay! I will really want to strut my hot body around. I
wish I could do it in front of the people who always looked down at the
plump and plain girl I used to be."

"Oh yes, I was so thin and frumpy. Even with all the fashion
sense in the world, there just wasn't much I could do to counter, the
genes I was born with. This is just awesome. A week or so in the
hospital, a few shots and I can make any girl I grew up with look like a

"Enough of that you two, get back to work. You wouldn't want me
to loose the opportunity of a lifetime would you?" Janine yanked the two
new bimbos back from their fantasies.

"I just hope we have a chance to strut our stuff out in the real
world and possibly have the opportunity to be seen by some of the
unkind people we grew up with," Bebe interjected as she went back to
work on my toenails.

"Okay, all done on this end," announced Janine, holding up her
hands like a rodeo cowboy who had just hogtied a calf.

My handmaidens stepped back a bit and took a critical gander at
my new coif.

"Do me next," Gay jumped in first with her request.

"How in the hell did you get those wispy ringlets down both sides
of her face without setting her hair with curlers?"

"Trade secret my dears. You both will be getting a set just like
them before you leave this Salon girls," threatened Janine.

"I'm done at this end," announced Bebe, whilst fanning my toesies
so they would dry quickly.

"Vera's claws are finished now too," Gay added.

"Alrighty then, we can leave Vera here for a short nap while
everything dries, and you two come with me," Janine bustled both of my
handmaidens away, and like suggested, I drifted off to sleep.

The new Improved Allyce

When they roused me from my slumber, both of my handmaidens
were incredibly gorgeous. My eyes opened upon the vision of two angels
with incredibly gorgeous breasts dangling them over me seductively.

I tried to reach those soft melons of my desire but both girls
giggled knowing that my little arms wouldn't be able to reach them.
However they could reach me and both of those vixens tweaked the
nipple, which was closest to her, "Ooooh…" was all the response I could

"Is little Vera ready for her gown now?" Gay asked sweetly.

I yawned big and then answered, "Sure, I know you need someone
to forge the way for you. Girls, I'm your nympho." I giggled and grinned.

"My hero," Gay giggled as she hugged the stuffing out of me.

"Oh Vera?" asked Bebe, "Herman wants to know what you have
been up to." Bebe zoomed Herman to me so I might hug my Secret
friend, which of course I did.

[The meter jumped upwards of course]

"Oh, Vera I have some news for you," Gay announced with a
twisted smirk.

"What news?" I bit, but why I am so easily manipulated, I still
cannot fathom.

"We can barely fill the orders for 'Hermans'. Allyce posted the shot
of you and Herman on the Internet and we have been getting open-ended
requests for 'Herman' bears by the thousands. Some are requesting
bears with your signature on them and those people are offering up to an
additional one hundred dollars for the autographed bears. We have even
gotten requests for your picture holding the 'Herman' that is sent. They
all stipulate that they do not want 'Vera's Herman', they just want one
you have hugged," Gay hugged Herman and me while giggling wildly.
"Oh, and there are a few who are offering stupid amounts of money to get
a picture of you naked holding their 'Herman'."

"Me? They want to see me?" I was dumbfounded. "Nobody can
have Herman, he's mine." I was adamant about not giving up my secret

"Would you like to let other girls and boys have a secret 'Herman'
friend too? I will be a bit of work, but there are at least 100 workers here
at FGR who want one and are willing to do almost anything to get one
that smells like Vera," Bebe pleaded earnestly.

"With or without pictures?" I inquired, "Do I have to be naked for

"Let us slip this evening gown over your delicious little body and I
bet that you look so hot that they will all want a picture of their 'Herman'
with you dressed in it," Gay suggested, offering me her hand so I could
get to my feet.

"Stick 'em up Vera!" Bebe pretended to shoot me with her finger.

I complied by sticking my arms straight up and they dropped a
shimmery golden form-hugging ball gown over my head and arms. The
girls positioned everything so that it went on properly. I was startled
when Gay zipped up the back of the dress and it became tight to my
waist and bust.

"Gay you have surpassed all of your previous creations with this
gown. I love the lines and my lord the expanse of cleavage that Vera can
boast is nearly unbelievable," Bebe was blushing. I wasn't sure whether
she was embarrassed that she had not created it, or she was so overly
sexually stimulated she wanted to screw my brains out that instant.

"Wait, pull it back up off of her, she needs a new pair of
pantyhose," Bebe announced as she shook her head, disgusted that she
hadn't thought of it sooner.

As soon as the dress was above my head, I was pantsed and
stripped of the pair of pantyhose, which had the toes cut out, and re-
fitted with a new pair.

"Coming down," announced Gay as she dropped the gown back
down over me.

Bebe zipped me back into the tight form fitting dress and began to
adjust things so that my new cocoon is properly situated.

"I love the gathers between her breasts, it draws the gown into her
cleavage and accentuates the immense size of her beauties. However did
you get that dress to conform to her tiny waist without seams all over the
dress, and the way you made it fit right up under the girls and cling to
them… shear genius," Bebe went on and on about how beautiful my
gown was.

I on the other hand discovered that I could barely walk or breathe
in this getup. The sleeves terminated tightly around my forearms. My
arms looked like toothpicks to me, but my handmaidens were virtually
gushing over the gracefulness of them and how, so many other women
would be, turned on by them.

"Skinny little arms and tiny hands turn girls on?" I wasn't buying

"Actually, no they do not turn 'girls' on. They do however drive
lesbians wild. Boobs don't turn girls on either, they can make lesbians
wet though. Wouldn't you say Bebe?" Gay asked her as she hefted her
own huge pair.

"You knock that off you busty sexpot. We have a job to do, no
matter how much we might want to screw each other's brains out, while
we fantasize about Vera…" Bebe trailed off, having begun playing with
her nipples with one hand and the other hand was slipping into her

"Do I have to turn the hose on you two sluts?" Janine interjected
from outside of my view.

"Spoilsport," accused Bebe having given up on slipping her hand
into her undergarments for a little self-gratification.

"You just did too damn good a job on Vera, Janine," Gay stated
emphatically, "She is so hot, I think the room may just catch fire."

"Stop pulling my leg ladies. If we have something we are supposed
to be doing, I think you two should get dressed…" I suggested, trying to
get them back on track.

"You think they are trying to deceive you about how drop dead
gorgeous you are now? I have news for you Vera," I felt the chair I was
sitting in twirl around and firstly discovered the mirrors that had been
behind me all of this time, secondly I saw a tiny, incredibly gorgeous,
platinum blonde with her mouth open and a shocked look on her face
staring back at me.

"I think you look plenty hot," Janine giggled.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I could barely stare, if I had met
a woman who looked like that while I still had a cock, I would be sporting
an Iron-Wood and have been speechless.

Janine spun me back around and I started to breathe again,
"Come on Vera, you can recline while Gay and Bebe get dressed. She
picked me up, carried me back to the lobby of my 'Office', and placed me
in a big fuzzy pink recliner.

My handmaidens trailed along with us and Gay handed me
Herman to hug while I waited for them.

I sneaked a peek at my 'Vera Meter' and noted that it was climbing
slightly as I hugged Herman.

Janine snuck back in with another 'Herman' and said, "Would you
hold my Herman just for a minute while I snap a picture of the both of
you? I want to get your Herman in the shot too, so he can just be sitting
next to you. Is that okay?"

"Okay Janine. You did a beautiful job on my hair, it's the least I
can do to repay you," I reasoned, reaching for the 'Herman' she proffered.

Janine backed away from me with her camera so I hammed it up
with her 'Herman', giving him a bear hug and getting lipstick on his fuzzy
pink mouth.

The 'Vera Meter' nearly pegged and then Gay and Bebe trotted in
looking stunning themselves.

"You've done it now Janine. We got word that the phones are lit
up like Broadway, with all of the people calling in trying to get their own
Hermans," Bebe stated as she strode into the room.

"We just got an offer of five thousand for a 'Herman' like Janine
just received," Gay called from the other room.

"No way! I'm not giving up my 'Herman'! They can get their own,"
Janine snatched up her Herman and scurried from the room with him as
if she was afraid someone would take her bear.

"We just sold one of the bras Vera wore yesterday for five
hundred," shouted Gay excitedly, "that is even more than ten times what
it cost us to have it made. Vera, you just may turn into a money maker
for the company at this rate."

I was blushing for all I was worth and stunned at the same time,
"People are buying my clothes? I won't have anything to wear, what if I
like them? I'll never be able to have my favorite clothes around to slip
into when I want…" I was fretting and must have had a really concerned
look on my face because I noticed the Vera meter was plunging towards
the low end.

"Vera alert, Vera alert!" the voice seemed to emanate from all
around the room.

My head jerked up and I was looking all around when Bebe and
Gay came speeding towards me, boobs bouncing every which way. Then
the door to the suite banged open and in ran Theresa and Amber.

"What happened?" Theresa demanded, trying to catch her breath.

I butted in before anyone else could answer, "Good thing you are
here doctor, Bebe and Gay both have black eyes and may need steaks."

"What?" Dr. Theresa shook her head trying to figure that out,
"Bebe and Gay are not tied to the Vera Meter. How would them getting
black eyes make the meter plummet?"

I giggled and told her, "When the alarm went off they both ran in
here full speed. I think they blacked both eyes with their own boobs
hitting them in the face…"

When I giggled the meter shot way back up towards the normal

"Now, that we are out of the danger zone, do you two want to tell
me what you did wrong and how we will avoid this in the future?"
demanded Theresa with her little fists on her prominent hips.

Bebe and Gay had guilt written all over their faces.

"I… We… they… ah…" Gay stammered incoherently looking
everywhere for an escape.

Bebe came to her rescue, "We were watching what Vera's used
stuff was being sold for on the Internet. We thought that she would be
proud that her used stuff was getting such high prices. I barely heard
her fret about not having any favorite clothes she could wear if we sold
all of hers off."

Theresa looked at me with a silly grin on her face, "Vera, you can
wear any outfit you like again and again. The silly thing is, it will always
be brand new. We do not just make one outfit at a time for you. We
make a dozen or better. If you tell us there is one you like then we will
make sure there are even more on hand. You will never have to wear
anything more than once dear girl."

"So what people are buying is just something that has been close
to me? That is nuts. Just because you made me look like a big bust
stripper, people want to buy my clothes? Next they will want to buy my
pussy juice…" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Uh… one ounce is currently going for fifty bucks…" Gay
sheepishly interjected.

I was getting bored with this. If they want my old clothes or bodily
excretions I say let them have it, "I guess I understand. I remember
wanting to buy a bra from a big bust model. I can't think of why I should
not let horny guys cuddle with my bras."

"Oh no, you misunderstand Vera. We are selling your stuff on an
all-lesbian site. Women want, your under things to cuddle with,"
Theresa accentuated that statement with a musical laugh.

"Do they know that I was…?" I timidly asked.

"No Vera, they all think that you are a natural born lesbian," Gay
insisted, vigorously nodding her raven-black coifed head.

"Well if this crisis is over now, I have patients waiting. Make sure
you two girls remember that you must tell Vera everything she wants to
know. She will be very emotional now that she is one of us and not used
to dealing with them," Theresa informed my handmaidens and then said,
"Give me a hug now sweetie, before I go back to work."

She wrapped her long arms around me and gave me a really good
hug, "God I am beginning to really like those boobs of yours girl." Then
she walked out the front door to the office.

"Now we had all better get out and make our rounds. We have a
new surprise for you Vera. We had an electric car made up for you, so
you don't have to walk so far," Bebe came over to me and picked me up,
while Gay snagged Herman.

We went out front in the hallway and there parked to the side was
a pink electric car that looked like a miniature parade float. There was a
circular seated area in front surrounded by flowers, and two seats to the
rear for Gay and Bebe to sit in. One would drive and the other sat
sidesaddle as if she were one of the runners up.

The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that I was exposed
up front and the seatbelt was a rigid metal clamp around my hipbones,
padded of course. There is no way I can fall off the cart, however there is
also no way for me to escape since the release is out of my reach.

Before saddling up on the back, Gay handed Herman to me for
moral support.

When Bebe started the cart up, music began playing, "Oh god,
it's… it's… It's a small world after all!"

We sped down the corridor an almost a normal walking pace.

"I am going to try out the jiggle feature, so hang on Vera," Bebe
warned as she manipulated a lever in the control panel.

We went from a smooth hallway to an unplowed gravel road and
never left the carpet. I was bouncing all over… Wait, the cart isn't
bouncing, just me. They had made it so they could bounce my boobs all
over the place just by cruising down the hallway. I tried to get the girls
under control by holding them but that only made me hornier. Every
time my butt bounced on that seat, I got a jolt of sexual pleasure from
that container shoved up inside me, which made my nipples scrunch and
my pussy drool. If I didn't hold the girls it was much the same effect,
when they bounced like that it was such a feminine feeling that it made
me hornier.

Forty feet down the corridor I was ready to fuck the next passerby,
no matter if she were in the mood or not. I started to think about how
much of my bodily fluids must have accumulated in that goofy vaginal
insert they used on me.

While I had been daydreaming we had nearly passed one woman
in the corridor, but alas, my handmaidens would not let even one chance
to have me diddled and groped pass by.

She could see right away that I was horny since I was rocking my
hips against the seat trying to stimulate my pussy, "I never get this
lucky! Vera my name is, Darcy Elaine Harahan, and I am going to

She was good to her word. Darcy dropped right beside the cart,
"Bebe, Gay? Darcy fainted… She was talking just fine and then, POW
she fainted."

I heard footfalls coming down the hallway, and once again,
Theresa showed up, "Darcy? Baby, what happened?" Theresa cuddled
Darcy's head in her lap and stroked her lovingly.

"Theresa? I… I… I met her… in person and everything. You did
an incredible job on her lover… I… I… I wanted to fuck her the minute I
saw her, but I don't want to be unfaithful to you."

"Theresa, sex and love are two different things. We can express
our love while having sex, but sometimes we just need a good fucking. I
know you love me Darcy. In a different way, I love Vera too. She is
almost like having a daughter to me, but she also has a job to do here at
FGR. Her task is fulfilling everyone's sexual fantasies and to relieve
sexual tension. Therefore, you see if you succumb to your needs to fuck
her brains out, you are doing both the company and me a service. Don't
worry, Kylynn wants Vera to experience sex with everyone in the
company as much as we want to have sex with her, didn't you get the
memo?" Theresa gently kissed Darcy on the forehead.

"I can fuck her? Will you come with me and fuck her too? I will
feel better if we screw her together," Darcy admitted with a hug and a

"Central? Can you hear me?"

"Yes Theresa, we are on Vera 24/7," the disembodied voice replied.

"Cancel all of my afternoon appointments and have Vera's office
made ready for a small orgy please," Theresa kissed Darcy back and
asked, "Will that fulfill your every fantasy my love?"

"Can you help me up? I want to ride back sitting with Vera. If
that is alright?" she sounded unsure of herself, but her lust was getting
the better of her.

Theresa looked at me as though I was a piece of meat, "Yes, you
sit on one side and I will sit on the other. But you have to have at least
one of your hands in Vera's crotch playing with her wanton slit."

Right then there was a beeping noise coming from the identical
watches of my handmaidens.

"Oh my, we seemed to have miscalculated… Vera's cum collector
is nearly full, so if you ladies will hop on board we will turn the float
around and get her juices drained off for the internet sales, then you girls
can screw her blind… that is of course if we can help…" Bebe informed
the doctor and her S.O.

"Deal," Theresa helped Darcy to her feet and positioned her next to
me. She even placed Darcy's hand up the slit in the side of my golden

I moaned loudly of course, which made Darcy giggle.

It still bothers me that I do not seem to be taking exception to
being treated this way or having had this done to me. Anyone would be
freaked-out or at the very least, uncooperative. Why am I neither?

Once we had made our way back to the Office, they released me
and they let Darcy carry me into the bedroom and slowly strip off my
gown, slip, pantyhose, bra, and panties.

"Theresa, can you show me what all of these parts are called?"
Darcy giggled trying to encourage Theresa to join us.

"Well these are of course her immense mammary glands right here
behind these sensitive nipples, and way down here over a foot away, is
her incredibly horny vulva, with these milky white and very soft labia
lips, and this drooling vagina, right here. However right now she seems
to have a blockage to the flow of her natural juices," she reached down
between my legs and grabbed the protruding parts of the Vacutainer,
"Ah, I see the trouble. There is a large custom made Vacutainer in here
storing up Vera's golden fluids. I'll just give it a yank…" she may have
said that but in reality she pulled, pushed, and rotated that darn thing,
essentially fucking me with it.

"Wait, it seems to be stuck…" Theresa remarked with a 'shit
eating' grin on her face. "Here Darcy see if you can get it out," she asked
just before she broke into a dirty snicker.

"Oh, you are much stronger than I am Theresa. I will give it a try
for a while though," Darcy offered as I felt my immense vulva being

"It might be a lubrication problem Darcy. I'll try to get her wet by
sucking on these huge and incredibly sensitive nipples."

I just lay there and accepted the situation. I reveled in the intense
pleasures they were giving me, "Ooh so good."

Bebe and Gay came in and joined the orgy. They however were
not satisfied in screwing me with a Vacutainer. The ladies had come in
with a whole tray of dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons. Gay was also
carrying Herman who she lovingly placed on a recliner so he could watch
the show, "Mind if we join in?"

"Sure come on in, I think I am getting the best of this Vacutainer
but I bet Vera is going to beg us to fill her back up with one of those,"
prophesied Darcy, "When this comes out there will be a hole in her the
size of a softball."

Then a familiar voice asked, "Can I join in please?"

"Sure Allyce, hop on the bed and Gay will start stripping you,"
Bebe offered as she drew out two incredibly large dildos. One was larger
than the other one. It must be at least five inches across at the big end.
I knew they had given me a huge pussy, but my goodness.

"Don't you fret Vera, the big one isn't for you," Theresa told me.
She must have seen my eyes go wide when I saw that monster.

"Allyce is all ready. Turn Vera, so she can see Allyce while we
pleasure the both of them," Gay remarked with a giggle.

I got my first glimpse of Allyce right then as they turned me to see
her. Allyce was sporting boobs even bigger than mine, and her pussy
was nothing short of amazing. Her inner lips hung out of her outer ones
a good three inches and the split between them was a good six inches or
more long.

"Oh, please Gay fuck me… fuck me good. I need to be filled. Use
a really big dildo, cause I am huge now…" she babbled on until Gay
started teasing her pussy with that giant latex cock.

"Oh yes baby. Oooh shove it in me," cooed Allyce while her giant
bags of mammary glands shook all over.

Along about that time I felt the Vacutainer pulled loose from my
molten vagina, "Ooh, I feel so… Ah, I really need… Um…" I ran out of
anything politically correct to say, "Hell with it. Fuck me, please. I need
to have something in me. I want something filling me."

"Only happy to oblige princess," answered Bebe as she began to
lubricate the latex dildo she intended to use on me with the heavy
flowing juices drooling from within me. "Now that is it nicely lubricated,
we can slip it in you and fulfill those yearnings. However before we do,
we want you to tell us that you love being a woman and you are happy
that we made you one of us."

I could feel that thing playing with my lips, but it wasn't fulfilling
my needs. I need it within me. I need it sooo badly. I don't want to say
it, but I have to have something in my yearning hole. I resisted as long
as I could. I seemed like hours to me but I know it was only a matter of
seconds, "I love being a woman. I am so happy Kylynn did this to me.
Now pretty please, fuck me! I love being a girl… I love being a girl…"


"Vernon? Wake up dear. You had better get yourself ready to
submit your resume at FGR today," Kylynn told me as she stood right
next to our bed already dressed and ready for work. "Okay, I'm out the
door now, so you get your butt up and put that resume in."

"Huh? Wha…?" I mumbled sleepily shaking my head to clear that
weird, weird dream from it. "Oh, sure honey… I'm getting up now and
will be right behind you."

The Rest of the Story

As soon as Kylynn left the room and shut the door, she flipped
open her cell phone, "Amber? Yes, it's Dr. Solomon. Do you have
everything ready? Good… good. Vernon was reacting just as we had
hoped, to the subliminal conditioning. Yes, yes, he was saying, "I love
being a girl," in his sleep when I woke him. No, he doesn't suspect a
thing. I was able to hide all of the equipment so he didn't see it. Okay,
is everything else ready? Do you have the hospital room ready? Don't
forget the restraints. I don't want him hurting himself while he learns to
love being one of us. Yes, I have been giving him the mutagenic
compounds for a few weeks now so the actual transformation should be
fairly quick. Yes, I did use the genetic characteristics of the most
submissive woman we could find. Yes, her libido will be so high you will
need a Space Shuttle to see the top. Yes, I did use the ones from that
nymphomaniac we sampled last year. Yah, the one who was in prison
and still screwed anything that would hold still, animate or inanimate.
Right, I'll be there in twenty minutes to put the finishing touches on it.
Warn Theresa that I am on my way please. Bye, bye hon.," she flipped
the phone closed and left the house, sliding into the rear of the waiting

"Good morning Mrs. Solomon, is everything ready for Vernon's big
day?" Allyce asked from the seat across from Kylynn's.

"Everything is in readiness dear. Are you sure you won't mind
being turned into a big busted slut for a couple of weeks?" Kylynn asked.

"If it feels as good as I think it might, I may ask to stay that way a
while longer…" Allyce surmised with a giggle as the limousine drove off
with its occupants.

Vernon at FGR

After doing my morning toiletries I went down to FGR to submit
my résumé as I told Kylynn I would. The girl behind the desk took it and
asked me to sit down and wait, which had never happened during my
recent job search. I had been sitting there for only a few minutes when a
rather tall brunette came towards me… I began feeling the strangest
sensation of Déjá  vu…

The Beginning


A Perfect Life (Version 1.0)

By Wholeman

Special thanks to Allyce whose name I borrowed for my character.
Although she is a nurse, my character Allyce bears no resemblance to
the person whose namesake I borrowed.

Everything else is Copyright (c) 2004, by: Stone On the Moor LTD.
Freely archived, copied, transmitted, and redistributed, printed,
fantasized about or masturbated to or used to perpetuate marital bliss.
(Just don't tell her you read this stuff)

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