Evan's New Life -2- Evie falls into herself

Evan's New Life Part Two - Evie falls into herself
by Baby-Becky

Jasmine looked felt the warmth spread across her groin area but she just sat and watched the cartoon. “Jasmine?” Jasmine turned round and say nanny there with a bottle in her hand “Would you like a bottle?” Jasmine nodded and took the offered bottle. Taking the teat into her mouth Jasmine sucked on the warm liquid and felt it running down her throat into her stomach. She felt content drinking the bottle but she didn’t know why, it was almost hypnotic and a comfort factor.
The nurse smiled to herself “Good girl Jasmine drink up your milk it will help you grow” Jasmine smiled through the bottle at her nanny. Jasmine continued sucking on the teat feeling the warm liquid course into her, and felt good and happier as she drank. Jasmine frowned as the bottle emptied then she held the empty bottle up to her nanny and shook it. “No more Jasmine, not yet anyway dear” Jasmine pouted and went back to watching her cartoon. She pointed happily to the big yellow bird and laughed. The nanny walked off carrying the empty bottle and took it into the kitchen where she cleaned it carefully.

Evie sat with her aunt still trying to comprehend what had been said. She was also wondering when she was going to wake up and find that none of this had happened it was all a very bad and cruel joke. “So Evie why don’t the two of us talk, us two girls” Evie looked down at her aunt in the soft chair and smiled weakly. “I guess you’re wondering why? And is it a passing thing and will I stop soon and go back to Evan?”
Alicia looked at her niece “Well not quite in those words and context, but yes I guess so. Evie look at me, I’m not cross with you I want you to know that, I still and will always love you, it doesn’t matter to me you want to be my niece. So why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me how Evie came to be”

In the room closed off to Jasmine doctor James Kelly sat making a few fine adjustments to the sight and sound stimuli. “That should enhance it somewhat,” he muttered. He looked at the flow of data that was being fed back to him and grinned.
“Well Tyrone you wanted a baby girl and you’ll certainly be getting one” He laughed softly “In fact you wanted her to be about three well for leaning on me heavily with this I think we’ll have her eighteen months old”
With that he started adjusting a few parts of the program and watched as the data changed in front of his eyes. “Perfect” he muttered.
Jasmine didn’t notice the change as the soft sounds changed in frequency and tone slightly she just though the slightly fuzzy and soft voice was adults talking behind her.
She clapped happily as her favourite character came on screen and made her laugh.
Jasmine crawled over to a box with a pink rabbit on the front. She pulled herself up by holding on to the edge of the box and looked inside. She giggled as she saw what she wanted. Reaching in Jasmine pulled out a golden-coated bear and hugged it tightly. Waddling slightly over across the room slightly unsteady on her feet Jasmine took in what was around the room. The room was certainly for that of a child but she was still recalling flashes of memory from some other part of her brain.
The doctor walked in Jasmine didn’t smile she didn’t like him. She didn’t know why but she didn’t like him at all. “Hello Jasmine how are you?” Jasmine looked up and giggled “Me is okies fank ooo” “Good girl Jasmine. Now what can you remember today?” Jasmine looked puzzled “Why did he keep asking the same question”
A look crossed Jasmine’s face as an image flashed in front of her eyes of a terrible noise and her sitting behind the wheel of a car. She knew it was a car as her daddy took in one to feed the ducks. James saw the change in expression on her face and wondered what she has remembered. “I saw a car and a noise I think I was driving. But that’s not possible I am too small”, Jasmine giggled.
“Yes that’s right Jasmine you are too small”

Evie took a deep breath smiled at her auntie “Well auntie I first felt different shortly before mum and dad where killed. It was small things at first. I’d be out with my friends and see girls or women out with their babies, and they looked so sweet, the baby that is. I didn’t think anything of it at first. But when they died I felt as if I needed something to hold onto, so I started to do some looking online for how I felt”
A lot of it wasn’t very pleasant and made me feel wrong”
“What do you mean it made you feel wrong dear?” replied Alicia “Well it was a bit sexual some of it and I don’t feel that was Evie isn’t like that”
Evie’s aunt nodded and smiled “Okay sweetie go on continue”
“Anyway I did a bit more reading and started to understand some of it. I mean you’ve read how I feel in words. Some of that was done after I read pieces online it made it easier to say after reading certain areas. But some of it is deeper auntie I never really felt right as Evan I always felt as if I was on the outside of the word looking in. But Evie is different she’s happy she feels at home in the world and wants to make friends. Evan never did either of those”
Alicia felt the words of pain from he niece cut deep. How could she have missed these signs? She knew how. Dexter she was too wrapped in him to pay attention to Evan, no wonder the boy had resented him. But maybe now all sides had a chance to become a cohesive unit. She certainly hoped so. She laughed softly I wonder if Evie would like to be a flower girl?

Jasmine hugged the bear tightly as the man talked to her asking her if she could remember certain other incidents. They tugged at Jasmine’s memory something about them seemed real almost as if she could remember them. But she couldn’t have done them could she? “Right Jasmine could you tell me how old you are?” Jasmine looked at her hands then she looked at the doctor. Jasmine nodded “Me is fwee” and held up a hand with all the fingers spread out. The doctor laughed and smiled and then shook his head “No Jasmine you are not you are eighteen months old” then muttered quietly under his breath “At the minute”
Jasmine nodded as the doctor spoke to her. Jasmine pointed to the screen “toons?”
“Yes Jasmine, cartoons, clever girl”
The nurse walked and over to Jasmine come along sweetie time for a nap. Then she slipped her hand into Jasmine’s and led her back towards the cot. She lifted Jasmine up and into the cot pulled up the side and handed Jasmine her favourite pink dummy.
Jasmine lay back and sucked contently on the dummy. The nanny watched a few minutes till Jasmine dropped off to sleep then she put the baby monitor on and crept out of the room. She walked through to the main room with Kelly in it. “I think she’s coming along nicely she sees herself as younger now, but certain bits keep poking through, we need to try and eradicate those parts of her we can’t go much further in unless we can move those memories away” Kelly grunted “Yes I know but she’s unpredictable and has too much of her father in her, and he’s always dropping in with things I thought he’d forgotten”
“Well you better hope she starts to forget things and she regresses right back or we could all be in a lot of trouble”

Evie kept speaking. “But it was like I was finding myself totally auntie. The feelings I was having reading made me realize that I was reading about me”
“But why didn’t you ever come and tell me any of this? And how you felt.” But she knew why as soon as the words tumbled out of her mouth and she wanted them back. Dexter was the reason why. Evie smiled a touch “I couldn’t auntie you were too much with uncle Dexter and I thought if I told you that you wouldn’t understand me and would freak out and throw me out of the house”
Her auntie sat shocked “But sweetie you’re my nep” Alicia just caught herself in time “Niece I would never throw you out of the house for something you feel. I love you so does uncle Dexter” a warm smile spread across her face as looked at her niece lying there. Evie looked confused for a minute “But this is going to hard for you both to accept right?” Alicia shook her head “No sweetie not as difficult as you think it will be, your uncle and I had a long discussion in the cafeteria about this. The most important thing is that you are happy and getting better” Evie looked at her aunt and giggled “Well it’s something that’s inside me and I know I’m not making it up I know I am this way” Evie tried in vain to blink the tears away from her eyes, but they fell down her cheeks. “I’m sorry auntie” Alicia moved to her niece’s side “Honey there is nothing to be sorry about. I understand and we’ll all try to make sure it works and that you come out of this a happy little girl”

Jasmine’s mind started talking to her soon after she closed her eyes. She wasn’t sure why it did, but ultimately it was speaking to her and trying hard to get her to wake up.
But Jasmine didn’t and couldn’t have known the milk was laced with a cocktail of sedatives and other drugs. Through the fog in her mind Jasmine tried to reach for the images in front of her. They showed her a young adult of about twenty-three, she attractive, dark brown hair and superior confidence in the way she held herself.
She was very well dressed, sexy without being a slut. Her voice seemed to be telling the younger version of Jasmine to wake up. Now. The tendrils of the vision started to waver and break. Jasmine’s mind tried to hold onto the images but the drugs where gripping tighter. Then the vision broke and Jasmine the older slipped away and there seemed to be a scream as she vanished into the ether. But young Jasmine slept on she sucked gently and rhythmically on her dummy.
In the other room the doctor and nurse cast worried looks at each other as the read out showing Jasmine’s breathing and brain patterns altered back and forth, in too much of way for a natural sleep. “What is causing that?” She said. “Well I am only guessing here” the doctor replied “But I’d bet a big stake she’s remembering her old self at some level which something we could do well without”
The nurse nodded “I guess then you need to either up the potency of the drugs or try and push her deeper with the images and scents of her childhood”
“Watch who you are trying to tell what to do. I know what I am doing it’s just going to take a touch of refinement” A soft laugh escaped the nurses lips “You better get it right or we’re both in serious trouble she snapped.
James Kelly looked at the spikes and troughs of Jasmine’s brain pattern and her breathing his shoulder’s slumped. This wasn’t what he went to medical school for. But he was trapped he had to do this or the man who’s daughter was in the other room could make him disappear, literally.

Dexter open the door to the hospital room and walked in with a doll under his arm and the laptop in the case in his hand. “How’s my favourite girl?” He said with a breezy grin. He said with a breezy grin. Alicia laughed “I’m fine honey just been telling Evie there is nothing to worry about” Dexter laughed, “I meant Evie. Now who ordered a doll?”

Evie clapped “I did uncle” Dexter smiled “Then I guess this is for you?” He said as he handed over the doll. Excitedly Evie took the box and just sat there looking at the doll for a few minutes. Dexter went cold, “Have I got you the wrong doll?” he whispered. Hoping that he had not goofed and gotten his niece the wrong doll, “Please don’t let her first doll bought for her be a mistake”

His niece looked up “No uncle she’s pretty”
Dexter breathed a sigh of relief “I was just looking at her after all she’s my first doll” Dexter grinned “I doubt she’ll be your last doll Evie” In the bed Evie shook her head and giggled “I want lots of dolls”
The two adults cast looks at each other a silent look that spoke volumes, they knew that what they were seeing wasn’t some kind of phase or fad of teenage child, and this was real and deep and meaningful. Evie needed help, their help and if they could they’d be trying to talk to Clive to get him to help in some small way.
Aicia looked at Dexter “Sample cards for Evie’s room?”
Dexter looked bashful “Sorry I forgot I was more interested in getting her the doll and bringing the laptop back. I’ll get them next time I’m in town I promise”
Their thoughts got broken as a doctor walked into the room. He smiled at the patient and the two adults “Well Evan is scheduled to go into surgery tomorrow to have his legs fixed. It’s a fairly minor procedure despite it seemingly complex with what they have to do”
Alicia glanced at Dexter who shrugged back “Alicia took a deep breath “Doctor there is something”
Evie spoke “No auntie it’s okay”
Visibly Alicia took the words and stopped. “Yes?” said the doctor.
“No it’s nothing important”, said Alicia.
“Well his surgery is set for seven tomorrow morning. So he’ll not be able to eat or drink till then. Sorry Evan it’s so you have nothing in your stomach for the surgery”
Evie just looked over at the doctor “I understand”

A nurse came in to collect the water jug and cup. “They’ll be here when you come back tomorrow” She walked back out with the jug and cup. The doctor spoke “Any questions?” Dexter got in first “How long before he can walk?” The doctor replied “Well with physiotherapy and the fact he’s young and healthy possibly three months”

James Kelly stared ahead blankly his world was looking like crumbling around him. All due to one mistake years ago, but then he’d been offered a get out chance and he took it. But that chance he learnt had hooks, dirty great big hooks that kept pulling him back into paying. Mentally he shook himself and went back to adjusting the scope of the program for Jasmine.
In the room just of the cusp of her hearing Jasmine could hear soft voices, whispering to her, calling her. She rolled in her cot. The voices kept on telling her she was a good little girl, she was pretty, she loved her dresses, she loved her nappies, she loved her soft toys. Jasmine turned again in her cot she reached out with a hand to grasp what wasn’t there. From the room Kelly watched impassively, “Now it’s working”, he told the screen. Jasmine rolled once again onto her back and the fog started to lift from her. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked round the room, “Where am I?” she wondered then it hit her she was in a small child’s room. Her room?” Jasmine slowly pulled herself into a kneeling position and looked round taking in all that was in the room. “This isn’t my room, or is it?” she wondered Jasmine hardly noticed as she wet and filled her nappy. The voices remained there telling her she was a good little girl and how she loved her nappy. Jasmine looked down and saw it sagging, and she giggled.

Dexter pulled the laptop out the bag and turned it on found the socket and plugged it in. “Right Evie let’s go shopping shall we?”
Evie looked at her aunt and uncle “Can I get what I want?” her aunt just smiled and nodded. Evie clapped and smiled at the pair of them. Dexter sat next to Evie,
“I guess you’d like a cot?”
Evie nodded then asked, “Can I have a highchair please?”

Dexter laughed “Sure you can we’re not exactly paying for it are we?” A soft giggle from Evie made Dexter smile. Dexter went to google and typed in adult highchair and cot. He got several hits and clicked on the links. Evie looked at the sites and found ones she liked, they picked ones that would do for Evie was older so they wouldn’t have to order again in a few years. Dexter paid on his credit card and filled out the delivery details. “Well they should be at the house just for when you come home Evie” he said noticing the delivery time.
Evie typed in adult baby dresses and was swamped with the hits. The pair of them spent a few minutes clicking on links and opening several windows so they could check prices against each and how they looked.
Dexter spoke first “Well sweetie what colours would you like?” Evie rattled off colours excitedly “Pink, lemon, peach, lavender, cream, white, light green”

Dexter laughed, “Right I guess we better see what we can get you. I think we better make sure you can get matching nappy covers or rhumba pants with the dress”
Evie nodded “Yes please uncle” Dexter looked at the screen, the words uncle still seemed alien to him and yet they filled him with warmth.
The pair of them spent the next forty-five minutes picking out dresses with matching covers or rhumba pants in an assortment of colours. Alicia looked across at the two sitting close together and saw that the two were bonding like never before and it made her heart sing with joy. Evie typed in adult nappies to the search engine and got a lot of hits again, so they followed their course as with the dresses checking prices via having several windows open. They narrowed it down to a couple of types and decided to order several from each of them to see which best suited Evie.
Dexter looked at his watch “Evie best if you get some sleep it’s been a long day and your aunt and I need to go home shower and get some rest. We’ll be here when you wake up after your operation”
Evie nodded to the pair. They both kissed Evie on the cheek “Rest well sweetie” her aunt whispered to her as Evie closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The nurse walked in having heard the giggle through the baby monitor and saw Jasmine kneeling up holding the sides of her cot. She smiled at her charge “How is my sweet little princess?”
Jasmine smiled at her nanny and started to bounce gently happy to her. Nanny approached the cot and lifted down the side of the cot and wrinkled her nose “Seems someone is a bit stinky”
Jasmine just smiled. She picked Jasmine out of the cot and held her hand as she walked Jasmine out of the room. The pair walked to the changing table and nanny lifted her onto it and laid her down and swiftly pulled off her pants and dropped them into the bucket. Nanny then carefully untaped Jasmine’s nappy and slid it out and folded it and dropped it into the bucket then started to wipe Jasmine clean, dropping the dirty wipes into the bucket.
Jasmine laid there looking up at the ceiling, as the voices once again tugged at her memory. Something about money, power but as soon as she tried to grasp them and explore the memory is broke away from her and vanished into nothing.
The nurse finished cleaning Jasmine up and slid a clean nappy under her and tapped her up. Then lifted her off and onto the floor. Silently she led the girl over to the wardrobe and picked out a dress in peach and white and matching rhumbas. She lifted the dress off the hanger and pulled it gently over Jasmine’s head. Then she laid the girl down on the floor and shook the rhumbas open and pulled them over her legs and then up and over the girl’s bulky nappy. The nanny turned to the girl and spoke “Now sweetie would you like something to eat?” The girl nodded, the nanny slipped her hand into that of the child and gently took her into a small room. Inside it was brightly lit, the nanny smiled to herself and picked up Jasmine and put her into a highchair and strapped her in.

Dexter and Alicia sat having breakfast both had a tight expression on their faces, worry about Evie and her operation. They knew it was a simple operation but they still had concerns about it. There was a knock on the front door; they exchanged a startled look at each other wondering who could it be at this time of the day. Dexter got up and walked to the door.
Clive smiled as Mister Grant answered “Hello Mister Grant” he said.
“Good morning Clive to what do we owe the pleasure?”
Clive said, “There is something I need to explain to you both” Dexter looked at Clive “This sounds serious Clive, come in”
Clive walked in and followed Dexter. “Hello Miss Jackson”, said Clive as he came into the room.
“Hello dear” replied Alicia. “Please sit down”, said Dexter motioning for Clive to sit down. Clive took a deep breath “I need to ask for your help with Evan” “Oh?”, said Alicia “Why?” Clive looked round at the two adults both had a sort of knowing smile on their faces.
Clive’s words tumbled out in a rush “Evan likes to think of himself as a little girl, he likes fairy stories and nursery rhymes”
Evan’s aunt just smiled “We know Clive”
Clive sat dumb struck, they knew? How? “But” he tried to say.
“Don’t worry” Mister Grant was saying, “We know all of it, we’ve seen the stories and images of how Evan sorry Evie sees herself. We are going to support her all the way. I’m, sorry we’re guessing from the way you are talking you are fully okay with Evie?”
Clive nodded dumbly his head reeling that they both supported it, the last person he thought who would have helped was Mister Grant Evan had never liked him, nor had the other really liked Evan. “But we do need you to not say anything to anyone at school or your parents I don’t think they’d understand. Just wait till Evie gets home and we can start to tell people about it all. But if you want you can help us in some way” Clive happy at being able to help having seen his original help dashed. “How can I help?”
“Well” explained Mister Grant “We need someone at times to be here to take in deliveries and of course we need help in decorating Evie’s room from that of a boy to one fit for a little girl”
A huge grin split Clive’s face, “I’d love to help count me in on everything. Evie needs me now more than ever”

Evie woke up early and wondered if yesterday was a dream. She looked round and started to think it was as her aunt and Mister Grant, she stopped no, uncle weren’t here. Then she remembered they’d had to go home and freshen up. She was still smiling to herself when then nurse came. “How did you sleep Evan?”
Evie looked over “Well thank you” The nurse came in with a small cup with a couple of pills in it
“These are your pre-meds dear” Evie smiled and nodded. The nurse gave then to Evie and she swallowed them down.
“Good boy, they’ll be along shortly to take you down” Evie felt her eyelids feeling heavy and she could barely stay awake she thought she could hear voices and see shapes. Then she fell asleep.
“Evie dear how do you feel?” said a bright voice. Evie tried to focus on the voice and direction but couldn’t reach out and grab awake and drifted back to sleep.
Slowly Evie came too and looked round the room, her aunt and uncle where there and something sat on the bottom of the bed looking at her. Evie squealed happily, it was a big teddy bear with a pink ribbon round its neck.

Jasmine sat in the highchair watching as the nurse scooped up some more of the mush of whatever it was from the bowl. She opened her mouth automatically for it, but not really knowing why she was doing so. There it seemed to be a natural reaction for her, but something on the edge of her reasoning was telling her this wasn’t her.
There was another Jasmine someone who was older, confident, able to do things herself, adult. Not the one sitting in the highchair in nappy and short peach and white dress. Jasmine swallowed the mush down and grimaced whatever she was being fed wasn’t exactly what she was used too by a long stretch.
The thoughts again drifted to her unbidden, uncalled for, yet still they drifted to her.
They showed her walking into a room in a tight black dress, heels and the room just stopped because of who she was and what she represented. But as soon as they came they drifted away again. Lost but the girl knew they’d come again soon.

Evie smiled happily at the bear “Has she got a name?” she asked no one in particular it just bounced between the two adults.
Alicia looked at her niece “No she hasn’t why don’t you name her now? Then we can ask one of the nurses for a name tag for your bear”
Evie sat thoughtfully, pulling on her bottom lip with her teeth she frowned at the bear as if trying to guess the bears name from the bear itself.
“I know”, said Evie “The bear is called Jessica”
Dexter smiled “That’s a beautiful name for a bear Evie”; he said, "I am sure Jessica likes it as well”
A giggle escaped from Evie. The two adults exchanged a look Alicia raised an eyebrow at Dexter. He stared back impassively. Alicia sighed she’d much rather have done this at a later date. But also she knew that Evie would be wondering and worrying about her best friend knowing her secret.
Evie sat hugging her bear and talking quietly to it. He aunt steeled herself for what she was about to relate to her niece. Niece that sounded so much better and she knew that maybe now Evie would be able to stabilize her life.
“Evie we need to talk”

Clive sat in his room he’d closed the curtains and was sitting in the dark. Staring into space his mind was still spinning. Evie so that was Evan’s name for himself, sorry he corrected himself for herself.
Her aunt and uncle supported her and where going to help her all the way.
But he mused to what lengths? He stood up and started to pace up and down trying to think “What does Evie really need to make her happy” he said to the walls in his room. They didn’t answer. Clive continued his gentle pacing back and forth. All the time he was trying to see his friend, as she wanted to be seen. He also wanted to connect the one thing that would bring her happiness. But it remained elusive just seemingly out of touch of his thoughts.

Jasmine was alone sitting watching the television again. The characters were making her laugh. She liked squidward he reminded her of her daddy. He was so grumpy at times. She heard a noise behind her and turned to see what it was. A man in a white coat was coming towards her. Jasmine drew herself inwards and felt afraid, he looked scary and there was something about him, she was sure he had hurt her.
But full recollection eluded Jasmine once again. She shook herself and wondered why she was having problems remembering simple events or people.
Then man moved closer and pulled a chair near to her and sat down.
“Hello Jasmine do you know who I am?”
Jasmine looked up at the man. Nothing. She shook her head. He smiled “Good” he thought to himself.
“Well I am the doctor who is helping you. You see you’ve not been very well so we are helping you to recover by treating you in this special room, it will help you feel better, do you understand Jasmine?”
Jasmine frowned then she nodded. “What a funny man” She thought. She turned to watch Spongebob and Patrick get in trouble and she giggled.
Then nanny was there with her bottle. Jasmine took it and sucked on the teat feeling the milk fill her mouth. She kept her eyes glued to the television. She never noticed the subtle images that had been overlaid the cartoon. But they seared deep into her brain and lodged. Images of baby items, clothing, happy smiling images. Again she didn’t notice as she wet her nappy. She just sat and watched the cartoons. Drinking her milk.

Evie looked from her aunt to her uncle a worried look crossed her face, and she hugged Jessica tighter. She was scared now it was going to end.
“Evie, listen there is nothing to worry about,” said her aunt as she saw the look on her niece’s face.
“It’s Clive”
Evie started to cry uncontrollably. She buried her head in the teddy’s tummy. Only by gentle coaxing could her aunt get Evie to stop crying and look at her.
“There is nothing wrong with Clive, he’s not hurt. I promise he’s at home now most likely playing on games console”
Evie screwed up her face “So why do you need to talk about Clive?”
“Well you see”, said Dexter “Clive knows about Evie. He found your iPod and did a bit of searching online and figured it all out”
Evie went pale. “But he must hate me, he’ll tell everyone at school I’m gay or something else horrid”
“Calm down Evie” came from her aunt “He’ll be doing nothing of the sort. He wants to help you, so while you are here he’s going to be helping uncle Dexter”
Evie smiled happily she looked over at her uncle “Uncle are you going to change my old room?”
Dexter grinned back at the once lost boy who was now starting to grow as the little girl she really was. “Yes Evie I’ll strip the wallpaper take up the carpet and do it in princess wallpaper and pink”
Alicia’s niece smiled and pulled her bear tighter to her “Can I pick the pink colour?”
An embarrassed Dexter coughed. “Sure Evie I just need to remember to pick up the colour cards from the DIY shop”
The conversation got broken as a doctor came into the room. She smiled at Evan, then turned her attention to his aunt “Well it went well his legs are now pinned and plated, with any luck he should be walk in three months, maybe less if he tries harder. He’s young and healthy so I see no reason why not”

Tyrone Dangerfield was used to having things his way, when he wanted them, and most importantly how he wanted them. But he could never get his daughter to toe the line and behave in a manner that suited him. Sure he rode over people to get what he wanted, but there are even with that certain ways of doing it in a way that doesn’t look totally hostile. But Jasmine had used her father’s influence too much to get out of jams. He’d paid off too many officials to get out of fixes and fines. He smiled to himself as he puffed on his cigar in the back of his Rolls Royce. “Not this time” Jasmine he muttered to himself. “Not this time. Now you’ll see what it is to disobey me and what the consequences are it carries.”
He leaned forward and pressed the intercom to the driver “Yes Mister Dangerfield?”
Tyrone preferred being called Sir, but Victor had been his driver for over ten years so he cut him so slack.
“The hospital Victor” Victor sat nestled deeply in the leather well-stuffed seats concentrating on the road ahead. “Yes Mister Dangerfield”

Jasmine sat transfixed by the cartoon on the screen, little realizing it wasn’t the cartoon holding her attention but the images that where laid over the top. The voices softly whispered to her to let go, to free herself, join your mind, become one. She giggled as Patrick made another silly remark to Spongebob. A noise made her turn her head to see what it was. A frown crept onto her forehead; there was nothing there. She pushed herself upright and waddled around the room, her legs now being pushed apart by the bulky nappy. She was sure she had heard a noise. Maybe it someone playing hide and seek she thought. Waddling slowly round the room Jasmine started to carefully look around, giggling she wandered over to the wardrobe. Nodding to herself she thought they’re hiding in here with my dresses. She pulled on the handle and peered into the darkness but the only sight greeting was Jasmine was the rail of dresses and the shoes on the base of the wardrobe. Turning around Jasmine looked, she stood for a few seconds wondering where else someone could hide, so she could go and seek.
Wandering slowly round the room Jasmine noticed there was little else was in the room there was the changing table and wardrobe, a couple of chairs.
Once again a giggle escaped her lips. Where were they hiding? Jasmine waddled over to door and tried the handle it was locked she thought she could hear a voice coming from behind it. She smiled that must have been what she had heard. But no, the voice had sounded nearer and clearer. Wandering back she noticed the cartoon had changed to Dora The Explorer. Jasmine wandered back and sat down in her usual spot for watching cartoons as Dora came into view, but hidden behind the images of Dora where more images of being helpless, small, younger and wanting her nanny.

The three of them sat in silence for several minutes all of them contemplating the life that was heading their way as soon as Evie could leave the hospital. Alicia looked over at her niece she could tell she was itching to ask something; she paused for a beat then spoke, “Yes Evie? What is it you want to ask?” Evie flushed at having been spotted
“I was wondering auntie” then quickly she added in “and uncle, if it will embarrass you to take me outside”
Her aunt and uncle both spoke over each “No Evie of course it will not”
Sitting still her head looking from adult to adult before deciding which one to ask eventually settling on uncle Dexter “Uncle Dexter can I have a pushchair so I can be taken out in it?” Dexter looked at the child in the hospital bed, lying there broken, but also now so full of life and joy. “Evie dear you can have what you need, this is important to you, so whatever it takes just ask us”
The words sunk in deeply to Evie she could have a pushchair. A smile crept across her lips. “But people will know it’s me” she said softly. Alicia saw the look of worry on the face of her niece and knew that she had to allay her fears.
“Listen sweetie, by the time you are ready to go out your hair will have grown and with a girl’s cut and a nice little dress I am sure no one will recognise you”
Evie sat thoughtfully taking in the view of her aunt, then it suddenly came to her everyone would still know after all where had Evan gone? She had to find a way to make him disappear. But could she manage it? Evan had no more real family except a distant aunt who he had rarely seen except for the odd visit every year or so. A smile hit her face, now she just had to figure it out properly and try and get her uncle and auntie on board with it.

Pacing up and down still wracking his brain on the one dead cert thing his friend needed. Then the one item he needed dropped into his head. It wasn’t a thing it wasn’t an item. The one thing Evie needed was me he realized. Yes, Evie needed me to be there for her to assure her it would all be all right. I would support her and check for the monsters under her cot. Well I’m guessing she want a cot he mused. To be there and play games with her, to grant her childhood wishes, and take her to the swings, to feed the ducks. All the things she needed now. This is even more important to me he said to himself than to Evie. While Evan was my best friend and we were tight, he laughed as he recalled some of their exploits. Evie is starting herself afresh and needs someone to guide and gently help her adjust to this. Clive flopped onto his bed with a soft flump. He stared at the ceiling lost in thought he ran through his mind the fun he wanted to have with Evie and how he never wanted to see her unhappy. He mentally cursed himself for not spotting how unhappy Evan had really been. But that was now water under the bridge. He now had to make up for that and keep the fears and bad people away from Evie.

Victor drew the Rolls to a stop in his bosses parking slot got out and opened the door for him. “Thank you Victor, you can take the Rolls back I’ll be making my own way home” Victor looked mildly surprised at that “Very good Mister Dangerfield”
Tyrone walked through the doors and along to the banks of lifts. He pressed the lift call button and waited as the lift descended. The doors opened he stepped into the lift and pressed three. The lift rose up and stopped on three. Tyrone stepped out and turned towards the T.A.R.S door. He knocked. Doctor James Kelly was sifting through the data that was coming back about latest person who was due to come onto the system when a knock broke his train of thought. He rose from his chair and opened the door “hello Tyrone” he said barely keeping the tone civil.
Tyrone stepped through the door without an invite and sat down. Kelly turned locked the door and moved back to his chair and sat down. Turned the screen off and then turned to face Tyrone “What do you want?”
Tyone smiled to him self, so the guy was getting agitated now was he? This was turning out better than he had hoped. Maybe he could deal with this little snot as well.

Jasmine whimpered softly she was wet and hungry. She wanted her nanny to make her feel better. Her eyes looked round for her, but there was no one there. She started to softly cry the hidden baby monitors picked up Jasmine’s cries. The nurse knew the procedure wait a few minutes and then move in and pick up the child. The time gap made the child become more attached as is needed the reassurance from the nanny that the world was being to rights by comforting them. So wait it was. Jasmine’s cries intensified then the door opened, Jasmine turned her head to see what the noise was and saw nanny coming through the door she smiled. It was nanny she’d feed me and change me. Nanny moved swiftly over to her charge and picked her up and hugged her gently and whispered softly to her that nanny was here and she’d chase away all her fears. Jasmine giggled into nanny’s ear. “Does baby want a bottle?” nanny asked.
“Pwease nani”, replied Jasmine.

In the front room Tyrone and James picked the words up from the pair, and they looked at each other. James spoke first “Well her speech is regressing nicely it seems, it just now depends on how far you want it to drop”
Tyrone sat silent for a minute his mind quietly mulling over his options. Should he drop it so Jasmine can never communicate? Or simply have her able to have some form of baby speech? He looked over at the man opposite him, made his choice.
“Leave it at this level baby speech like this is far more humiliating for her, especially if she is able to remember any of her old self”
James looked at Tyrone “She may from time to time get flashbacks of her old self but as tie moves on and her brain adapts to her new way of thinking and acting they’ll get further and further apart to the point she will remember nothing of Jasmine. All she’ll know is she has always been this way”
A tight smile touched the lips of Tyrone Dangerfield. “Superb” he said.

Alicia Jackson sat on the bed next to her niece and gently stroked her head. The poor girl looked so alone, and frightened about the future. But in reality the future was looking a lot better for her than it had a few days ago, when she had been Evan the slightly obnoxious nephew who had always resented Dexter and had just about been civil to her. Now the girl was sweetness and light to the pair of them, it was almost as if she had been completely replaced by another person. But Alicia knew what it was, it was Evie coming out of hiding after years, and she dared not dwell on that, and was now free and she could at last be the little girl she was at heart.
Her heart was joyful now she could tell Evie seemed so happy now, the sight of the doll and bear proved that. Evan had never liked soft toys “It wasn’t his thing” he had snapped at her once when she offered to buy him one.
But what had really brought her to life was the thought of wear dresses and nappies.
She wouldn’t mind changing her nappies for her, she just wanted the child torment over, and now it was looking like it was. She knew there were a still a lot of issues ahead of the three of them. Evie still needed to lay some ghosts to rest, and her and Dexter still needed to work around the fact Evan was now Evie and they didn’t want to accidentally say the wrong name. No that was the one thing they had to avoid at all costs.

Jasmine took the offered bottle, then nanny picked her up and placed her on the changing table pulled her pants down and off and placed them beside Jasmine on the mat, she untapped Jasmine’s wet nappy and slid it from underneath her folded it up and dropped it into the bucket. The then pulled a couple of wipes from a container and started to wipe Jasmine from the urine on her skin. Then she slid a clean nappy underneath Jasmine and then shook some talc over her then tapped the nappy up, checked the pants for droplets of moisture seeing none she pulled them back over Jasmine’s legs then up and over her nappy.
Jasmine meanwhile drank heavily from the bottle feeling the warmth of the milk settle into her. She looked up at her nanny smiling down at her and felt safe she knew nanny would keep her safe from harm. Nanny would protect her from the monsters and the dark, she’d change her when she was wet and give her the bottles she needed.
She giggled through the teat of the bottle.

Dexter smiled over at the woman he loved more than life itself. Yes he’d do anything for this woman. But now he had another reason to stay with her. Evie it was strange he and Evan had never ever seen eye to eye, but the changes in Evie since she’d brought herself was astounding. Her whole persona had been replaced. She more softly spoken, she was polite she talked to adults in a way only a small one does.
Small things pleased like the doll and bear, she wanted her room done in a special way for a princess. He looked at Evie in the bed her aunt gently stroking her hair and smiling at her with only the love an auntie can show. He braced himself for the action he was about to carry out. He dare not think of the consequences should the question go badly. “Alicia?” Alicia looked over at Dexter as he spoke to her.
“Yes Dexter what is it?” Dexter took the deepest breath of life, he was now at the point of no return, get this wrong and well he’d be running three lives.
“Alicia Jackson I love you very much and have never been this happy will you give me the honour of marrying me?” Alicia stopped what she was doing and looked over at Dexter. Alicia blinked back the tears and with emotion in her voice she croaked, “Yes”
Dexter looked at Evie “How would you like to be your aunt’s flower girl?”
A squeal was all Dexter could remember. The tiny frame of Evie hugged him tight.
“Guess that’s a yes?” Evie nodded back her head bouncing up and down.

Alicia smiled at Dexter “It will make me very happy to be your wife, though” she cast a sidelong look at Evie “Not sure who will be the happiest girl on the day me or Evie”
Dexter laughed, “I reckon it will be little Evie,” he said with a huge grin splitting his face. Dexter fished a small box out of pocket and opened it up to show Alicia the ring.
It was a single diamond with a platinum band. “It’s beautiful”, said Alicia blinking back the tears. Dexter removed the ring from the box and gently slid it onto Alicia’s finger. She held the ring up and smiled, then showed the ring to Evie who let a little squeak of approval out.

Tyrone leaned across the desk into the personal space of the doctor. James pulled back he wasn’t used to people doing this, how dare he invade his personal zone of comfort. Before he could complain Tyrone spoke, and with conviction. “This is how it’s going to go down” The doctor flashed a look at Tyrone unsure of what was going to be said. “Before my daughter leaves here you’ll destroy all records of her being in the department” The words shook Kelly, he looked in disbelief at Tyrone Dangerfield.
“I can’t do that, someone will know. There has to be accountancy for patients and nurses time and such”
“Make it up” Dangerfield growled, “I don’t care how or who just make something up”
James Kelly sat stunned, he could of course call his bluff but then the options of doing that and being caught would mean he’d float down the river or have both kneecaps busted. The options left him no choice but to acquiesce to Tyrone’s demands.
But in the back of his mind Kelly had a plan, and it might just work. He just simply nodded to Tyrone “Sure I’ll destroy her records and slip in some fake ones to cover the times. But this makes us even after this I owe you nothing got it?”
Tyrone stared back his gaze bored into James Kelly as if he was insignificant which as far as Tyrone Dangerfield was concerned he was. “No Kelly I own you and I will always own you, unless of course word should somehow leak about the under-age girl and the party”
“You bastard Tyrone you swore you’d never do that, it wasn’t my fault” Tyrone’s face was unreadable as he just looked back at the man who’s very livelihood he held in his hands. “Then I think we’re agreed on the course of action then aren’t we?”
Kelly looked back and nodded back numbly.

Nanny sat Jasmine up and pulled her dress back down. The dress though barely covered her nappy, but that was the way of baby dresses they’re designed to show some nappy off, to speak to others to say, look I’m a baby and I wear nappies, can’t you see it? Nanny looked at her charge suckling on her bottle a clean thick nappy between her legs. She’s coming along nicely the nanny thought, her speech has dropped she now loves cartoons and her bottle. “Yes another week and she should be done”

Evie looked at the two people who would now change her and help feed her, wondering why she had never spoken up before. But she knew why Dexter. Never really liked him till now of course she added mentally to herself. Gazing down at her leg battered, bruised and broken, if that car had missed me, letting out a small sigh, she thought none of this would be happening. None of it, Evie would still be locked up inside me trying desperately to escape so I could be she and be happy.
It’s not as if I can stop being Evie she’s me and I am Evie no matter which way you turn it. The little in me is free now to wear dresses and nappies and be for the first time in my to be truly happy. Evie fought back the tears, but nothing was going to stop them and down her cheeks they fell. Her aunt at her side pulled a tissue from her handbag and dabbed away the tears. “Evie dear the wedding won’t take place till you’re able to walk down the aisle as well. That’s a promise”
Evie looked at her aunt then her uncle she noticed the door was open “Uncle can you please close the door” Dexter stood walked over and shut the door. Satisfied that they wouldn’t be disturbed now, Evie took a deep breath. “I know you said you can afford for me to be Evie since the man paid us off” Alicia looked quizzically at Evie wondering where he got the idea they had been paid off.
“But the question I want too know is are you comfortable with me living as a girl?”
The adults looked at the small child in the bed then her auntie spoke “Evie dear of course we are, yes it may take a little time to adjust and to fully understand how Evie thinks and acts, but that will be the fun part getting to know her. We both want you happy, that is the most important thing sweet your happiness”
Evie nodded and then gave her doll and bear a kiss. She looked at the pair of them “See I tols ooo it wulds be okies”
Dexter got in a beat before Alicia “Evie dear” then he stopped. No I can’t she’s finding herself I can’t step in and destroy it if she wants to talk that way let her. Dexter said to himself.
An almost imperceptible shake of the head cast the warning to Alicia to leave it alone.

Jasmine was back sitting watching the screen. This time Rugrats was on, Jasmine liked Rugrats she liked Tommy best. She watched as the babies went on another adventure. The voices on the edge of her hearing where still there but now they seemed to her almost as if they had always been there for her offering advice and calming her thoughts. Jasmine smiled she liked the voices they seemed helpful to her they understood her. She giggled as Tommy explained what they had to do Chuckie seemed his usual scared self and was worried about it all.
Sitting watching the cartoon Jasmine felt at peace nothing was out of place. Except a thought kept slipping into her head. It was telling her she was an adult and that all of this was wrong, she wasn’t a baby she didn’t wear nappies. She most certainly could talk correctly. But as soon as she tried to reach for the disconcerting voice it slipped from her fingers and fell away, to silence. Jasmine frowned, what was this voice? Why did it keep telling her this wasn’t real? She knew it was, she giggled and looked round the playroom. Pushed herself up and waddled over to the toy-box that had been brought in yesterday she thought but she couldn’t really remember.

Clive sat down plugged himself in with his iPod flicked through the menus till he found his Norah Jones and pressed play. That will do something soft and melodic to help me concentrate so I can do this and make it appealing to Miss Jackson and Mister Grant he thought. Pulled his chair up close to his desk and turned on Microsoft Word.
He sat staring at a blank page, Norah sang softly in his ears he soft voice soothing, and pleasant to the ears. A smile touched his lips. He started tapping away at the keys the premise of the idea now starting to flow from his fingertips.
After several minutes he sat back and looked at what he had written and wondered would it pay off? Yes it has too he said to himself the page glowed white and words seemed to jump back at him. Let Evie regress as deep as she wants, should she want to regress, if she wants to play little girl and be schooled do that, and play the role of parents totally but also take time to find Evie’s focal point in this, the one thing that drives her. The words screamed at him this didn’t look right. He shook his head no leave it his head told him. His father had always told him your first thoughts are more often than not correct. Pursing his lips and nipping down on his bottom lip with his teeth, he added in that is was likely Evie wanted to be pre-schooled so an option and possibly the best would be to make playtime and have schooling as fun because Evie would see school as that. She would need a room or area set aside for it something away from distractions, well as much as she could be after all little girls lose their train of thought easily. Satisfied he had got it he saved the file turned on his printer and printed off the pages of thoughts.

Aunt Alicia was smiling at her but she couldn’t hear what she was saying as bear was telling her he was hungry and wanted to play. “Evie dear are you listening to me?
The little girl looked over at her auntie and shook her head. Her aunt sighed “I wanted to know sweetie if wanted anything to eat?” Evie looked at bear and her doll then at her aunt and nodded. “What would you like?” Evie smiled then she listened to the various requests coming in from bear and doll. She shook her head at the bear’s request. “Nos Jeswica nots hafing her honei” Smiling at her aunt she asked simply “Can Twaci and mes haf sum ice cweam?” Alicia tried hard to stifle the giggle but failed. “Your dolly is called Traci? And the bear is called Jessica?”
Her niece smiled back at her and nodded that auntie had got it right. “Well your uncle and I are going to get something to eat we’ll bring you and your friends back some ice cream and maybe something else, if they’re good”
Alicia and Dexter walked out of the room. Evie sat alone looking at Traci and Jessica and giggled. “Sees me tols ooo dey wulds gets us der ice cweam”
She clapped to herself and smiled the happy smile of a child who has found a fairy at the bottom of their garden.

Tyrone watched, as the man he owned looked defeated and beaten. He grinned at the man “Now, I think we maybe even after this Kelly” The man sitting opposite him eye’s sparked with hope. Tyrone looked back “I said maybe don’t think I haven’t forgotten how you destroyed that girl’s life” Glumly Kelly nodded. He stared at the screen wondering if somehow he could change it and give back some of Jasmine’s adult thoughts and memories just enough to mess with Tyrone’s plans.
“Look Tyrone” he snapped “I’ve been paying on your beck and call for too long, how about you cut me some slack this time?”
Tyrone Dangerfield bored his gaze into Kelly’s “Why don’t you just take a running jump Kelly and while you’re at it remember who cleaned that mess up”
Kelly jumped up fired up by anger and the continual beating down on him by Tyrone and looked down at Tyrone Dangerfield, who was sitting coolly watching Kelly.
“I’ve had enough, do you hear me enough, I will not be pushed around anymore, go screw yourself. I think I’ll take my chances in court” A laugh echoed round the room, Kelly flushed that Tyrone wasn’t taking him seriously. “Do you really think that’s all I have on you? Good grief man you must be dumber than a brick wall. How about the misappropriation of hospital funds? Oh you think I didn’t know about that” as he saw Kelly visibly wince at that barb. “So sit down and shut up”
Kelly slumped into his seat the fight slid from him. He couldn’t do this anymore he’d just get this over and then move somewhere else away from Sir Tyrone Dangerfield and his blackmail. “You win Tyrone, I’ve had enough we’ll finish this and call it square?” Tyrone looked back the reply had formed in his head long ago but he had other ideas, no let’s string him along he mused. “Sure Kelly I think you’ve paid your dues for long enough now” Kelly breathed a sigh of relief he was free now, at long last. “Well Jasmine should be fully regressed in less than week, though I think she could be ready in a day or two with any luck the way she’s dropping”

Tyrone stood “I think this meeting is over. Make sure you do as I say and nothing will ever come out” Kelly nodded and stuck his out for Tyrone to shake. They shook and Tyrone left the office.

Alicia and Dexter sat in the cafeteria wondering who would be the first to break the silence. Alicia took the bull “Dexter, I’m a bit worried about Evie” Dexter looked back. “Sweetie she’s fine” Alicia cast her gaze back mulling over in her head the words “But she started speaking like a little girl”
“That’s the problem?” said Dexter “Isn’t this who Evie is? She’s just finding herself let her be she has a long way to go and her speech is one of the biggest things she needs to find for herself, we’ll soon pick up what she means and then it will be as if she’s always talked that way”
Alicia nodded “I guess so it just sort of surprised me I guess she spoke that way”
Dexter replied “Sweetie she’s probably been rehearsing her speech patterns for years and now she can act as Evie she’s speaking as her, remember this is her journey dear she has to find herself”
Alicia smiled “You’re right of course. This isn’t about me it’s about helping Evie I know we’re going to find some of it hard, but we mustn’t let her see or know if we find it hard. That will only make her struggle at a time she has to move forward at her own pace, putting an obstacle in the way and a big one if it’s something we find hard to accept will cause her more issues and that’s not fair on her. Dexter grinned back
“I know dear we’ll all do this as a family. When we have to decide what to do about Evie and school we’ll try and rope in Clive I think he might be able to help in some way” Alicia replied “Are you sure you trust a thirteen year old boy to help?”
“Honey remember Clive knows it all, he spoke to me about Evie I think we can trust him to help us with Evie, he’s not going to rat us out whatever we decide”
Alicia sat still a thoughtful look crossed her face. Dexter sat opposite her and took a swallow of coffee. “What?” Alicia smiled back as her face split into a huge grin
“I think I maybe have an idea to help Evie, but I need to talk to Clive first”
“Well okay keep your secret” he replied “But just make sure you know what you’re doing, we can’t afford any mistakes for the sake of Evie”
“Trust me darling if this comes off Evan will disappear forever and we’ll have Evie and no one will be any the wiser”

Jasmine pulled a doll out of the toy-box and wandered over to the chair where the man in the white had sat and climbed in. Sitting down she looked round the room holding her doll out so she could have a look as well.
The soft calling told her that the doll was her best friend and she could be told anything she wanted. She would listen and keep her secrets safe. Jasmine smiled she had secrets big secrets that she needed to tell her dolly. She looked at dolly quickly looked to make sure no bigs had walked in “I haf a big secwet dollwie”

James Kelly sat staring into space, wondering if there was any way he could escape this mess, than Jasmine’s words echoed round his skull “I have a big secret” He smiled, maybe there is a way out after all he thought. Just maybe he could match Tyrone depending on the secret. “Come on Jasmine spill the beans, please this could be heaven”

Jasmine looked at her dolly and whispered, “My daddy had a man killed because he wouldn’t sell a warehouse. Daddy wanted the land to build houses on”

In the control room James Kelly sat his mouth open in shock. This was way better than he hoped for. This was his ticket out, and more, maybe even a nice little pay off as well.

Jasmine continued “I over heard daddy on the phone to a man to get rid of the body”
She quickly checked once again to make sure there was no one in apart from her and dolly. “I know where the body is”

James Kelly spat his coffee over the keyboard. “What!” He thought, “She knows where the body is?” He grinned to himself let’s see Dangerfield try and blackmail me now.

Evie sat alone with her bear and doll a smile that had never left her face was sitting there. She pulled them both close and hugged them tightly. She looked at her two friends quizzically “Nos Twaci mes will be betters soon is onwy der one weg dats der car hits” She watched as Traci nodded back to her understanding what she had said. She giggled as Jeswica made a joke about hopping along on one leg. She loved both her friends they understood her and knew that she was starting her life from this point, and everything before had been something she wanted to forget. That was Evan, he no longer existed well except one piece and she knew that was possible to get rid of it, she’d looked into all of this deeply. But she never thought it would happen and that an accident would set the ball rolling for her to be Evie. Evie she smiled that sounded some much nicer than Evan, much nicer.

Alicia and Dexter sat looking at each both very happy with the proposal of marriage. Alicia smiled at Dexter “I never thought you’d ask after all there seemed to be something holding you back from doing it” Dexter looked back wondering how to tiptoe through this minefield he knew the reason he’d never asked before Evan. But suddenly on a dime things had changed Evie. She was everything Evan wasn’t polite, sweet and caring. “I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a reason but even you must know why I never asked before. But things have changed I know now I’m accepted into the family”
Alicia nodded she understood why, he didn’t and couldn’t drive a wedge between her and Evan. But now Evie had changed his perception of things and life that little girl had melted Dexter’s heart and made him realize that the one thing he wanted was a family, and now he had it. Family the word struck her and Alicia thought yes that’s what I have sure I had Evan but it wasn’t really there he was a bit distant to me, but that was almost certainly due to Dexter. But now when we all go home she’ll be at peace she’ll have a room like she wants and all the toys we can give her. But the most important thing she’ll receive is love and nurturing to be who she really is.
You know there is a lot of work between us to be done” Dexter said, “We have things to learn about how Evie thinks and behaves”
Alicia smiled tightly “I know darling but we’ll cope the most important thing is get the room done for when she’s out”
Dexter nodded “I’ll make a start when I go home I’ll ask Clive if he wants to help. I think if I offer to pay him he’d help”
Alicia looked back “Sweetie he’d do it for nothing he and Evan sorry Evie are close friends”
Dexter stood up “Right I better go back to the house and start work stripping the room. I’ll go and get paint cards and wallpaper samples in the morning and bring them for Evie to look at” Dexter kissed Alicia softly on the lips and walked out of the cafeteria. Alicia walked back along the corridor down to Evie’s room. As she got to the room she could hear a soft girly voice she carefully peered in and saw Evie sitting up talking to her doll and bear as though they were real. A lump came to her throat.
She pulled herself together and stepped through into the room “Evie sweetie I’m back how are you? Uncle Dexter has gone home to start work on your room he’ll be back in the morning”

James Kelly sat staring at the screen unable to believe the words that had come from Jasmine. He had of course saved them to a hard drive and flash drive. He sat for a few minutes contemplating his next move. Should he do face-to-face or over the phone?
He looked at the phone sitting there next to the screen. Drumming his fingers on the edge of the desk and made his choice.

Tyrone Dangerfield was in his office when the phone went. He picked it up.
“Kelly what the hell do you want?” A laugh echoed in his ear. “Shut up Tyrone and listen to me. I have some interesting information about a certain warehouse and it’s late owner”
A cold chill ran through Tyrone he couldn’t know could he? “I have no idea what you’re talking about Kelly”
“Really Dangerfield? So if I just happened to dig under a certain tree I won’t find a body?”
Tyrone’s face turned pale, “How on earth did Kelly find out?”
Kelly continued, “So old man let’s deal shall we? You forget the incident and stop blackmailing me and in return I forget I ever heard about the body”
Tyrone gripped the phone tight his knuckles going white “I didn’t get where I am by being pushed around by little scrotes like you Kelly”
“Calm down old man you’ll give yourself a heart attack”
Tyrone stared at the phone not quite believing what he was hearing “Forget it Kelly you have no proof of a body”
“I thought you might say that so I suggest you check your email and click on the link I sent you. I think you’ll find it interesting”
Tyrone opened up his mail account and clicked the link a video popped onto the screen of two men one of who was Kelly standing by a tree with a couple of spades.
“Want me to dig?”
In his office Tyrone shook his head. “No Kelly we have a deal I guess”
Kelly waved to the camera “Glad you see it my way, and I want twenty grand as well”
Tyrone spluttered into the phone the little toe rag was now asking for money as well?
“Deal Kelly”, he said as he slammed the phone down.

Tyrone sat for several minutes looking at the telephone wondering if it was all a horrible dream. But he knew it was all too real and that he had little choice but to go along with Kelly and his demands. Twenty grand was nothing really it was the principal of having someone put one over him that rankled him most.
He picked up the phone and called his bank informing them he would be making sizeable cash withdrawal later on. “Damn you Kelly,

Jasmine sat down talking to her dolly, telling her all innermost secrets, and some of her father’s darkest secrets. With childlike hop she jumped off the chair and waddled over to her toy-box she looked through the assortment of dolls, bears, stuffed animals and sets of bricks in plastic boxes. She found what she was looking for, she pulled out the panda she had spotted earlier and dragged him across the room. With an effort she managed to push him, and sit up on the chair, “Ooos sits der an tells me if anywuns comes in pandi okies?”
Panda just looked back at Jasmine and grinned. Jasmine clapped her hands with joy, and went down to watch her cartoons with her doll. Never noticing as she wet and filled her nappy.

Dexter spent the evening emptying Evan’s room in an effort to turn it into Evie’s room. He removed the desk, bed and posters and carefully moved them to the room they used to store things they really no longer wanted.
Then he started making a determined effort to strip off the wallpaper. He cleared the wallpaper and looked at his watch and decided to call it a night. Setting his alarm for seven the following morning he soon fell asleep. The buzz of the alarm went off he turned over and hit the snooze. That too soon went off. Dexter crawled out of bed and went to shower. Feeling refreshed he made breakfast and ate it in silence. The drove to the local B&Q DIY store to collect some paint cards and see about some wallpaper samples.

Tyrone Dangerfield thundered into James Kelly’s office “You scumbag Kelly”
Kelly coolly stared back “Got the money?” Tyrone’s face grew dark as a thunderhead he reached into his jacket and threw a block on the desk.
“Do I need to count it?” said Kelly.
“It’s all there Kelly I had it checked twice but feel free to spend time counting it by all means” Kelly looked at the wad of cash sitting on his desk, picked it up weighed it in his hands and then slipped it into his jacket. “Thanks Tyrone glad we could sort this little problem out we had”
Tyrone smiled back “Just don’t push it anymore” Kelly caught the hint in the voice and swallowed nervously; casting a glance at Tyrone he simply nodded.
“Well you’ll be pleased to know your daughter is fully regressed to the mind and actions of an eighteen-month baby, her speech patterns are and she doesn’t even notice when she uses her nappy”
Tyrone smiled “What are the chances she’ll regain her adult capabilities?”
Kelly shook his head “Zero she can barely speak her mind had been altered totally there is a possibility however remote that she’ll get occasional recall but she won’t be able to make sense of it or understand what it means”
Tyrone stood up and walked towards the inner door “So I can take her home?”
“Sure why not there is little else I can do except push her deeper and while that may stop the occasional flashback it really won’t do much else, so I guess you can take her”
Tyrone stepped into the room. Suddenly a whirl of arms and legs wrapped themselves round him as his daughter squealed in happiness.
Tyrone looked at his daughter physically she was the same, but mentally she was something different she no longer had the mindset of an arrogant spoilt brat, she was now back to when she had been an innocent.
“Hello pumpkin, how are you?”
Jasmine looked at her father she giggled, “Me is okies fank ooos daddy”
“Good girl daddy is pleased. Now do you want to go home?” Jasmine nodded, then waddled over and picked up her dolly. “Me is weady daddy” she replied.
Tyrone slipped his hand into that of his daughter and walked her out of the room.

Dexter arrived at the hospital and walked up to Evie’s room Alicia was there already talking to Evie. “Morning girls” he said with a grin. They both looked at Dexter and burst into laughter. Dexter sat down “Well if that’s how you are guess I won’t show you the pinks or wallpaper samples”
Evie pouted “Nos fair me was onwy hafing funs unkie Dexwer” He reached into his jacket and pulled out a small plastic bag. He opened it and started showing Evie the pink colours she could have. Evie looked at the colours, so many to pick from she thought and they’re all nice. She stabbed her finger at a pink “Dis ones is der wun”
Dexter nodded “Sure Evie I’ll go and get the colour later on” He pulled a pen from his jacket pocket and marked the pink Evie wanted pastel Pink.
He then started showing her the styles of wallpaper she could have with cuttings he had managed to get the store to give him.
Evie pursed her lips looking at the differing designs before settling on one with fairies on. Dexter dropped the ones she didn’t want in the wastebasket and put the design and the colour card back in his jacket pocket.
“How’s my little girl feeling today?” said Dexter
Evie looked as if she was concentrating hard on her reply “Me is okies fank ooos me sweep wells”
Dexter smiled back “I’m glad Evie that you’re starting to feel better” He looked at the two opposite him “Are you going to be alright if I leave and make a start doing Evie’s room?”
Alicia replied, “We’ll be fine dear we have a lot of discuss and we don’t need any men around while we do it, do we Evie dear?” Evie shook her head.
Dexter laughed “Fine “Me Man, will go do room ugg” Evie and Alicia burst out laughing. Dexter walked out of the room, leaving Alicia and Evie laughing.

Alicia turned to her niece “Sweetie we have things we need to talk about and while your uncle loves you and will part of this, I’d rather he wasn’t here till we have talked, just us two no Dexter” Evie looked back her soft brown eyes resting on her aunt. “I know auntie”
“Now” Alicia quickly glanced to make sure the door was shut; “Sweetie you know this going to be a lot of hard work for all of us not just you?”
“Yes auntie I do but I think I can handle it”
“It’s not going be a smooth ride there will be some idiots who will undoubtedly call you horrible names because they don’t understand”
Evie sat in her bed feeling concerned at that piece of news, but simply nodded back.
“But Dexter, your uncle and I will do our best to educate the idiots and explain to them why you felt his way, that is isn’t something you can simply stop it’s part of you deep down inside and often it’s trauma related that brings it out”
“Clive will be there for me auntie at least” smiled Evie.
Alicia smiled back at her niece “Indeed he will Evie dear he’s been helping your uncle. But there is something we do need to try and sort out” Evie looked over wondering what it could be. “Evie’s education, now you have to go to school. But no one says what sort of school it is. Also I have a germ of an idea to get rid of Evan permanently so Evie can arrive”
Evie looked at her aunt wondering what on earth she had as a way of getting rid of, she could barely form the word in her mind, Evan.
“But for that I’ll need to talk to Clive a little bit to see what he thinks”
Looking puzzled Evie replied, “How can Clive help?”
“Leave that to me dear I promise you we’ll get this all sorted out so Evie stays and Evan leaves, for good.
The smile was all the reply Alicia needed to know the plan acceptable.
Alicia sat for a second in her thoughts before ploughing on “Now Evie I am guessing that Evie wishes to change her birthday to the day Evie came out?”
Evie just nodded. “I thought you might say that sweetie, so how about your room and some new toys for Evie are your birthday presents?”
The excited claps told Alicia she had got that right “Good girl”, Alicia continued “We’ll try and make it all as easy as possible for you”
Evie’s mind was in a whirl everything she had ever dreamed of was coming true her little girl, the real her was allowed out and she wouldn’t be going way. She thought back wondering if this would ever had happened if the car had missed her, would she ever had had the courage to tell her aunt about Evie? No she thought no not while he was there. Except now he was uncle Dexter and Evie liked uncle Dexter.

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