Where Good Girls Belong

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Synopsis -- Jay and Sandy had a largely normal marriage until one day Sandy unloaded on Jay… Jay’s future happiness was in serious doubt.

Where Good Girls Belong
By Janet Baker

“You son of a bitch!”

“Huh!? What in the hell’s wrong? What are you yelling about?”, I gasped as I looked open mouthed at my outraged wife Sandy.

“You treasonous cheating bastard. Don’t lie to me damn you! I have proof!”, she yelled anew with pure venom in her voice.

“My God woman! What are you talking about?

“You! You shit! How could you?”

“How could I what? Will you chill out and tell me what’s going on?”

“You know damn well what you did! You screwed my sister!!!!”

Open mouthed, I gasped, replied, “Whaaaatever gave you that idea?”

“I have proof! I almost beat it out of my sister but she finally confessed and I have all the proof I need for a divorce.”

“I’m sorry honey but she seduced me -- really! I admit I was too weak to resist but she came on to me, told me she desperately needed relief and would I please -- please help her.”

“What a pile of crap!” she snarled, lips curled, face distorted with hate.

“Honey! Please!”

“Please what shithead?”

“Please take it easy, calm down, let’s talk it through -- let’s get your sister over here so we can discuss it calmly.”

“I have nothing to say to that bitch! My sister -- ha!”, she said with hatred in her voice. “Not only did you screw her, you worm, but she told me things about you that even I never knew!”

A cold chill descended upon me as I reflected on the things I confessed to Sharon in the throes of coital passion. I told Sharon that I feared opening up to my wife since she seemed to have little sense of sympathy or compassion. I hinted to her that I liked buying my Sandy pretty things and especially high heeled shoes because I liked them myself and liked to see her wear them. She then extracted from me the confession that I would like to wear things like that myself and that from time to time I had even mused about being a woman. Nothing ever came from these musings since my primary orientation was masculine and I liked sex. When Sharon seduced me I was more than willing to give in and we had a great fuck.

Up to now I’d thought that Sandy and I had a fairly normal sex life and marriage, but there was an undercurrent of doubt. I couldn’t put my finger on it because of my, and our, inexperience but I’d wondered if there were more to sex than we had experienced to date.

So bedding with Sharon opened my eyes to a world of new sexual pleasures. Sharon was hot and passionate and displayed great experience, at least to me, and taught me things of which Sandy and I had never dreamt.

“Ahhh what did she tell you about me honey?” I asked with trepidation, fearing the reply.

“She told me that you liked to wear women’s clothes”, she stated disgustedly, almost spitting.

“Not true -- not exactly true Sandy. I told her that from time to time I thought about wearing women’s things but never did it -- never!”, I stated with as much finality as I could muster.

“I don’t believe you!”, she replied with a little less conviction.

“Sandy, I can prove it! Search the house! You won’t find a damn thing female that does not belong to you. I never bought a thing for myself -- only for you.”

“Now I understand why you’ve been buying me sexy underwear and those high heels that I can hardly wear. You get perverted vicarious pleasure from seeing me wear those things that normal women don’t wear”, she trumpeted victoriously.

“C’mon Sandy, there’s nothing perverted about you wearing pretty, even sexy clothing and high heels. You need to work on your value system. Maybe that‘s why I succumbed to Sharon‘s blandishments so easily. She seems to have her head screwed on straight.”

“Oh! So the problem is mine? Mine? I’m not normal? What the hell is normal? Is screwing my sister normal?”

“I admit I should not have bedded your sister -- it was wrong -- but….”

She interrupted me saying, “No buts about it, it was wrong wrong wrong!
Tonight you sleep in the guest room!”

I slept in the guest room that night and for many more.

Sandy rummaged through the house trying vainly to find any female clothes that might belong to me. During the week I suffered the silent treatment while Sandy fumed and fussed continually. Searching for some rational companionship I went out to some bars, forlornly hoping to make some sense out of our marriage, wondering what to do to repair the damage. I had a few drinks, and fended off some gay guys and some ‘ladies’ who were in the pleasure business.

After two weeks in the guest room….

“Jay! We have to talk. Do you want to stay married to me?”

“Of course!”

“What are you willing to do to stay married?”, she spoke to me quietly, arms akimbo, dead pan face.

“What do you want me to do Sandy?”, I asked, nervously anticipating the worst.

“Very simple. You will do whatever you are told to do. No question. No delay. No equivocating. No crap!”

I felt doom approaching at warp speed. What in the hell did she have in mind? “I… a… but…”

“No buts Jay, it’s yes or we visit my attorney.”

“Yes, OK, but exactly what have you in mind?”, I ventured to ask, fearing the answer but hoping… hoping. “There are limits aren’t there?”

She stood, silently contemplating her victim, waiting.


“Well? Yes or no Jay?”

I caved, figuring that I could revoke and escape if necessary but I had to answer her. “Yes Sandy.”

“Yes what Jay?”

“Yes Sandy I will do as asked. I love you honey. I don’t want a divorce.”
I shuddered silently, wondering what I had let myself in for.

The tracking device….

“Jay, I want to know where you are at all times. I don’t trust you. I don’t trust my sister. From now on you will wear a GPS tracking device. I will be able to monitor your movements. The fellows at the security store have been very helpful and have equipped me with all the hardware necessary to keep track of your movements -- night and day -- forever.”

I said nothing, amazed at what she proposed. I felt like a felon ready to be imprisoned for life. Perhaps I should opt for a divorce. “Sandy, darling, please! That would be so humiliating. Not necessary. I promise. I’ll never do anything like that again. Please.”

“No Jay. You may be humiliated but no one will know. I’m not that cruel. The device will be attached to a flexible steel belt you’ll wear under your clothing. You won’t like it but you will wear it. You will do as I ask or there will be a divorce and that’s that.”

I shrugged, shamed, defeated yet seething with… I wasn’t sure with what.
What I was thinking was I’m not sure whether I hate her or myself for accepting this imprisonment. At this point I have no choice. I must continue. I’ll wait and see if the situation improves. Perhaps she’ll forgive and ease up -- maybe.

“There will be more, Jay. Sharon told me about your secret desires and I’ll help you fulfill them -- at least some of them. Your life will be very interesting from now on Jay darling”, she said, spitting the ‘darling’.

Ease up? Fat chance.

“Jay, since the belt has not yet been delivered, I want you to wear pantyhose under your trousers when you go to work tomorrow and I want you to call me every hour on the hour so I can keep track of you. You will come home directly after work. Since you confided the desire to wear women’s clothes to Sharon, I‘m sure you‘ll enjoy it. Oh yes Jay there will be many more things like that to wear and I‘m sure that you‘ll enjoy them equally.”

“Uhhh, what did you have in mind Sandy? And Sandy, I don‘t have any pantyhose.”

“You do now Jay,” she spat as she tossed me a bag containing several packets of pantyhose. “And Jay me darlin’ for the rest you’ll find out soon enough”, she laughed a bitter laugh that curled my hair as it curled her lips.

The next morning…….

“Get up Jay! Make me breakfast! Fast!”

I rolled out of the guest room bed as she entered. In my minds eye I could picture a Wardens cap on her head.

“On my way Sandy.”

I did the morning bathroom things, dressed partly, and made breakfast for the two of us. We sat down and ate, silently, as we had ever since that day -- that disastrous day.

“Let me see the pantyhose Jay”, she demanded nastily. “Tomorrow your GPS belt should arrive. You’ll continue to wear pantyhose under your trousers and in addition when I buy them today, panties, and up above you’ll wear a camisole. Well… maybe I‘ll get you a half slip. You’ll need it eventually.”

“Sandy, no, please. Isn’t the belt going to be enough? Why the clothes?” I asked as I rolled up my pants leg for her to check what I was wearing.

“Jay darling, you know you like women’s wear. Just be thankful I don’t make you wear a bra. And why? It‘s obvious Jay, I don‘t think you’d want a woman to see you in those clothes.”

“I don’t see the point Sandy. After all I certainly don’t want anyone to see the steel belt much less anything else.”

“Just do it! No crap! Anyway Jay, wearing these things is one of your secret desires -- you‘ll like it!”

The Belt arrived………

I thought of hiding it after it arrived by Fedex but realized the folly of trying. She would know. She was tracing the shipment’s progress on her computer and had told me it would arrive that day. So…. I put it on the hall table and waited for her to arrive that evening. I had to take the day off to await its arrival -- like holding the axe for the headsman. Whoopee!!

Two weeks later………

I wore the GPS belt daily. No one noticed it and I got used to wearing it, but Sandy continued to snap and snarl at me, and worst of all… no sex. I was reduced to masturbation. Happily the belt did not preclude that modest personal satisfaction or indeed the satisfaction derived from a rectal vibrator. Day after day I would arrive home after work, masturbate, watch TV, read the paper, review the mail, and wait for Sandy to come in after her day was done. The days grew longer as her work days lengthened. She came home later and later, giving me ample time for personal entertainment.

To my regret she came home early one evening, made supper, and demanded sex. I had masturbated and couldn’t comply. She was outraged and demanded to know who I was screwing.

“You fucking dog! Who did you fuck? Did she see your belt? C’mon, fess up. The truth damn you!”, she screamed at me.

“No one! No one! No one! Look! I’m sorry but with us not having sex I started to masturbate. I did it a couple of hours ago and I haven’t revived enough for you yet.

“You useless bastard! I need to get fucked and you can’t do it! Why do I
put up with you? I think that I’d better do something about that little problem.”

“What do you mean Sandy?”, I asked rather nervously, afraid of emasculation or castration.

“Well! Maybe I’ll cuff your hands behind you when I’m out of the house.
That’l stop your jacking off, you shithead!”

“Aw c’mon Sandy, how’ll I go to work? If we have sex I won’t have to play with myself.”

“Yeah, damn you anyway! Goddam you anyway!”

Oh was she pissed….

Some days later a smiling Sandy came home laden with boxes and bags.

“Jay darling, I have presents for you”, she chirped smilingly.

“That’s nice dear, does it mean we’ll have sex tonight?”

“Yes but not only that Jay, I’ve bought some things that will satisfy some of your other urges. Look! Lingerie, dresses, shoes, wigs and your own makeup supply.”

“Welll, thank you I guess. You know I never bought any women’s things for myself so this will be a new experience. I’m not sure how I’ll like it but since you’ve gone to so much trouble for me, dressing is the least I can do. I’ll need help of course,” I replied with as much equanimity as I could muster although a shiver of fear coursed down my spine. As angry as she had been, I was suspicious of any smile.

“I’m hoping Jay that wearing these pretty things will reduce your need to masturbate. I want your full attention. Now… let’s dress you.”

It was fun. It was new. It didn’t bother me. Maybe because Sandy was pleasant and enthusiastic I enjoyed her dressing me. She had actually bought breast forms to fill out the bras that she displayed one by one. I now had bras by Bali, Playtex, and Victoria’s Secret. I loved the feel of the satiny panties as I pulled them over my hips and felt my burgeoning cock respond to the smooth feeling. She showed me the proper way to don my stockings. Over my bra I donned a camisole. Then a blouse, then a skirt, belted. A wig and heels finished the dressing, then Sandy showed me how to make up. I liked most caressing my cock through the satiny panties.

“And now Jay, I have a real surprise for you. I don’t want you to masturbate and deprive me of sex so from now on you’ll wear this man’s chastity belt.”

“Oh no, Sandy, not that!”

“Oh yes darling! If you do that for me there will be lots of delightful sex games we’ll play. Just try it on.. I’ll help you.”

“No Sandy, I don’t want to.”

“OK, then don’t, but from now on, no sex.”

We ceased arguing and I went to bed after having a brandy at her suggestion.
I fell asleep rather quickly, the brandy knocking me out. While I slept she entered the guest bedroom and cuffed my hands together, chaining the cuffs to my neck. I awoke in the morning discovering to my chagrin that she had put one over on me.

She walked into the room chirping cheerfully and announced, “Well! Since you won’t do it the easy way you’ll do it the hard way.”

“Let me loose, Sandy, dammit, how can I go to work this way? I can’t even shave or anything.”

“Be patient Jay. As soon as I have put this chastity belt on you, you’ll be released and all will be well.”

She stood me up, told me to spread my legs so she could fit the damn thing on me. I complained to no avail. What could I do with my wrists cuffed up to my neck? She put the belt around my waist like the GPS belt, locked it, and then carefully slid my penis down into the steel tube, fastening the tube to the belt. She then took light chains and chained the tube to my thighs. “Now darling, you’ll sit to pee. If you want the belt removed you will be a good boy and do as I ask. I’ll uncuff you now so you can make us breakfast and get ready for work. Get used to it Jay, remember you‘re doing what you‘re told as we agreed.”

“I never agreed to wear some damn chastity belt and a GPS locator.”

“Oh darling”, she sighed, “please behave, there’s nothing you can do about it so just go with the flow and all will be well. I’m not hurting you. I’m not leaving you… yet. I just want you under control… I just want to control you and I think this is the way. You’re not going to screw anyone while wearing the belt and on Friday night after I’m finished working I’ll remove it and we’ll have a great weekend -- a really sexy weekend. By the way Jay, next weekend I’ll take the belt part to the security boys and have them put the GPS gadget on your chastity belt so you’ll only have to wear one belt. Won’t that be so nice darling?”

“Good idea. While you’re doing that I’ll leave home.”

“Honey thanks for reminding me. Before I leave I’ll chain you to the floor.”

“What makes you think you can?”

“Very simple sweetie, if you don’t submit, I’ll just leave the belts on you…. permanently. And so you understand exactly where you stand, I will always have something locked on you for control. But don’t fret… we’ll have lots of fun… on my terms. Remember darling you screwed my sister. That’s what started this whole business. Darling, we are going to have soooo much fun. I have ordered some exotic bondage toys. I‘m going to have sooo much fun with you. When we‘re at home I think I‘ll put a steel bondage collar on you. Then you won‘t be tempted to run away. I don‘t ever want you to run away. Run?? You‘ll wear very high heels and leg irons. You won‘t run Darling. You‘ll always be right where I want you. Won‘t you darling?”

I shuddered with fear and anticipation and oddly, my penis tried to become erect but was constrained in the stainless tube. She pressed herself against me, kissed me, rubbed her groin against mine. I pleaded with her to stop since my tumescence was becoming painful. She smiled and withdrew herself from me, laughing at my discomfort. She teased me by holding her breasts and stroking her vagina.

Dressing became de rigueur -- the norm….

“Jay, from now on when you are at home, you will wear women’s things. That will help assure that you won’t be screwing around on me.”

“Are you kidding? I’m wearing a chastity belt! How can I do anything?”

“I don’t even want women looking at you as a male prospect. You are a handsome stud, you know. Maybe that’s why my sneaky sister wanted to screw you. Oh yeah, and by the way, all weekend you‘ll wear a French maid costume complete with high heel ankle strap pumps, petticoats, cap, and cute little apron. I think you‘ll be so cute and you can clean, make meals for me and I will be so pleased with my cute little maid… and we‘ll have lots of sex.”

I shrugged and said, “Yes dear.” I didn’t know what else to do. She had this belt locked on me and I was always a sucker for sex and she really was quite desirable. This crap was silly and dumb and demeaning but… the sex was great. It always was. Damn her sister anyway!

Each night when I came home I dressed in one of the many pretty outfits she had purchased for me. Funny! I began to look forward to dressing. I loved the clothes -- the look. I became almost proud of my appearance. I admired myself in the mirror while caressing my breasts, false as they were. The heels transformed my walk from a masculine stomp to a more feminine strut, also yielding to a gentle hip sway.

“Darling! I love that look”, she announced one Wednesday evening when she arrived home earlier than usual. “Jay, I know that you’re ready for a haircut but I’d rather you let it grow. If it gets too long, you can gather it into a pony tail. I do want you to have longer hair so we can style it into something more… sensitive and gentle. In the meantime I want you to wear your wigs when you dress. If someone would come to the door you’d look simply normal.”

“Normal!? To our friends?”, I asked, perplexed.

“Welll darling, if our friends should visit unexpectedly, we’ll just say… something or other… or maybe you could run upstairs and change. I wouldn’t worry about it, dear. After all, you’re doing it for me and I want you to do it. You did agree to do as you’re told. Hm?”

“Sandy you are home early, does that give us time for sex tonight?” I smiled hopefully.

“No Jay, I’m having my period and you know you don’t like the messiness of it all.”

“Sandy darling, you know where good girls belong, don’t you?”

“No. Where?”

“On their knees Sandy”, I replied laughingly.

“In your dreams boyo, men pay a great deal for that privilege… I’m told.”

“You’re told? You’ve been discussing things like that with your girl friends?”

“We girls do chat a bit, you know”, she replied evasively.

“Did any of the girls put a price on that service?”

“Uh, not really, but one of the girls described how much she liked sitting on her husband’s formidably erect penis.”

“Well Sandy, when your period is over let’s sit you on mine. Poor fellow has been waiting and woefully underused. This chastity thing can be really uncomfortable. I want you to take it off so I can have some relief this evening.”

“I told you… no oral! You can masturbate if you wish but do it front of me.”

“Agreed. I’ll undress while you get the key.”

I thought I might put something over on her but no, she put a locked collar and leg irons on me first, then sat back and watched me masturbate. It was most humiliating but I desperately needed relief. When I finished, she put the chastity back on me, locking it securely. I wondered where she put the key but search as I might, I couldn’t find it, or any of the other keys for that matter.

“Jay, I enjoyed watching you please yourself. When my period is over, you’re going to do something special for me. I’m going to drip honey onto my special parts and let you lick it off me. Ever since I read Chaucer I’ve been thinking about a tongue in my tail. The honey should be a delight and if you are really good I may let you fuck me. Now. Get dressed again.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Don’t be pettish Jay, and just for that I want you to dress in your maid’s outfit for the rest of the week -- after work of course. After my period I’ll be late for a few days making up for this lost time, so you can make dinner and clean. I’m also thinking of having you assist me in my job. I may want you to do some bookkeeping and product distribution. My beauty sales are doing quite well but I may need some help in deliveries -- we’ll see.”

“Sandy, I have a job and you keep me here at home evenings so I don’t see how I can help you.”

“When the time comes, we’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll just hire someone. We’ll see.”

It just occurred to me that there was a disconnect between selling beauty products and her period.

“Sandy, why does your period interfere with products sales?”

“Uhhh, well, I just don’t feel as well as I might and sales requires that I am on my toes constantly. That’s a very pretty dress you’re wearing but I think you should start wearing higher heels,” she said, neatly avoiding further discussion of her job.

“I don’t mind Sandy, I’ve learned to walk nicely in these three inch heels. Something a bit higher should be fun,” I added trying to curry a little favor. I was beginning to like my dressing and it clearly soothed my wife to see me en femme.

“H’mmm, yes Jay, I want you to go online and buy ankle strap pumps with five inch heels for your maid’s costume. Once you’re accustomed to five inch, we’ll move you up to six inch heels and possibly even ballet boots. I’m going to love seeing you in those. You’ll be soooo sexy, soooo screwable. I’m getting hot just thinking about it.


One Fine Day at the Mall….

“Oh! There you are darling! I nearly missed you! You look fantastic! Sharon, dear sweet sister, I’ve missed you, it’s been too long and I’ve never had the chance to thank you enough for getting Jay in trouble. Thank you! Thank you!”

“It was my pleasure Sandy but it was a very interesting scene. I should have been given an Emmy for the act I put on to get that poor soul into bed. Once in bed though, he was a really good fuck. You don’t want to destroy him Sandy, he’s a keeper. In fact if you want to part with him, I’ll take him. He was so sweet and tried so hard to resist me. I had to plead with him to pleasure me -- he was so loyal to you.”

“Oh Sharon, that’s so sweet. I’ll be especially nice to him this weekend when I take off his chastity belt and screw him to insensibility.”

“Chastity belt? He wears a chastity belt? How? Why?”

“Well! It’s very simple. I didn’t want him screwing anyone else and I didn’t want him masturbating because on the weekends I wanted him at full strength for my pleasure.”

“I don’t understand Sandy, what about during the week?”

“Sharon. I’ll let you in on a secret. During the week, I get sex elsewhere -- a lot -- an awful lot and I want to know where Jay is located so he can’t track me even if he should want to.”

“Oh Sandy… you have a lover?”

“Nooo, not exactly. I have many lovers.”

“Oh my God! How do you keep it a secret?”

“Very simple. I sell beauty products, hold beauty parties and of course I have to have private sales sessions when necessary. Most of my clients are men but a few are women. Yes, I’m somewhat bisexual.”

“Oh tell me!”

“Well sometime maybe, but my contacts are quite private and personal. None of them want anyone to know about their personal expenditures.”

“Expenditures? Who cares about some beauty products?”

“Welll confidentially Sharon, this goes no further, the beauty products are a cover. The real money comes from my ‘personal’ services.”

“Holy crap, Sandy, you mean -- you mean you take money for sssex?”

“Yes, lots of money which I carefully hide in banks somewhere.”

“Then realistically, you’re a whore! A prostitute!”

“Yes, but there are nicer ways to explain it. My problem, simply put, is that I need sex -- lots and lots of sex. One man -- Jay for example, cannot satisfy me. I need more men and I found that selling sex is easier than trying to find available temporary partners. Over time I have developed a stable of clients who are available on a schedule. This satisfies my needs, satisfies their needs and gives me some money to cover expenses. “

“Very interesting Sandy, but how do you get away with all the dressing and all the things you need and not have Jay find out? And why Sandy do you need so much sex?”

“Simple, I dress in my normal business suit, very plain, nothing outlandish. If Jay is still at home when I leave I check his security belt, kiss him passionately and leave for the day. All my equipment is in the trunk of the car. Before I go to a client location, I fill my ‘sample’ case with the things I’ll need for that client, an order blank for cosmetics and off I go. Since I spend hours with a client, I can change -- many changes -- at the clients location which may be his or her home, office or hotel.”

“You’re not bothered by being a prostitute -- taking money for sex?”

“At times I think about it but it all works well. My clients are thrilled -- most of my business is repeat. If I simply took lovers there would be -- sooner or later -- a disaster when one lover wanted me to part from my husband and marry or cohabit with him -- or her. Ha ha! Anyhow, I have no choice. I want sex -- lots of sex and this is the best way to get it. And Sharon… it is so much fucking fun!!! Sharon, don‘t repeat this to anyone but the real reason I do this is because I have been diagnosed as a nymphomaniac.”

“Oh my God Sandy, I’ve heard of that. You really are a nymphomaniac? Sandy, what do you do when you’re having a period?”

“I simply tell the client and ask if alternative openings would suffice. I am noted for giving world class head. I also have an educated anus and I’m a great actress.”

“Then you’re a success at this… profession. What’s the secret of your success besides being a nympho… huh?”

“Well, first I love sex. I love men. But more specifically, I’m pretty, tall, shapely and sophisticated. I can be arm candy at the theatre. I’m educated and can hold my own with the arts, politics and sports. One of my clients is a race driver. Even though he has his pick of groupies, I’m his preferred companion because -- simply put -- I’m elegant and I‘m a great screw. Some time I’ll tell you about the ‘sales’ conventions I attend with clients. Some of those conventions happen to be in Jamaica, some in Hawaii, and a couple have been in Paris. I really get around.”

“What about Jay?”

“He knows that I’m a successful businesswoman and travel a lot. I keep him under control as I’ve described and when I return I put on a big act and fuck him senseless. If he suspects anything, he doesn’t show it.”

“I’ve got to get back to work sis. Lets get together again and you can tell me more! This is so fascinating! I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have many men.”

“OK, Sharon, how about next Tuesday?”

That next Tuesday…….

“Oh Sharon sweetie, I’ve been having so much fun! Let me tell you about one client -- a fellow who loves bondage -- at least loves me in chains. He bought a selection of chains and cuffs and leg irons and gags and blindfolds and explained carefully what he wanted me to do. He said that I should arrive at his place, walk in, make myself at home and prepare myself for his visit. I was so excited! I had had many meetings with this client and I trusted him, so his demands, his scenario, did not frighten me.

I arrived on time, entered, found all the accoutrements. What a selection of bondage toys! My panties got wet before I could even take them off. I put on a fresh pair and also my half bra. He liked to see my nipples peeping over the lace edge. I put my hair up in a glamorous upsweep, pinned them in place with a jeweled tiara and then I donned the very high D’Orsay ankle strap pumps. Now I was ready to secure myself for him. I had to do it in a careful sequence or I might forget something and not be able to make a correction.”

“Oh my God, Sandy I’m getting hot just listening to you. What next?” she asked, panting slightly.

“I gagged myself with a standard ball gag. I didn’t need to lock it -- my wrists would be secured away from my head and face. Before I finished I walked over to a mirror to admire myself. I was an erotic bitch -- I almost came in my panties. I adjusted my bra so my breasts were nicely rounded and the nipples showed -- just enough.”

“Oh my God Sandy….”

“You said that Sharon.”

“I know! I know! Tell me more!”, she gasped.

“I made sure that all my needs were conveniently placed on the coffee table in front of the sofa where I was going to remain and present myself for Gary, my client for the morning. I sat on the sofa and locked the leg irons onto my ankles. The industry standard irons were perfect and one could not escape from them. I placed a light chain around my neck to hold the keys to my various cuffs, chains and irons. I put the leg iron key on the neck chain, letting the key fall between my breasts. I wrapped a chain around my waist, locking it behind my back. That key also went to my neck chain and joined its brother nestling between my breasts. Nearing the end I locked a pair of police handcuffs to the chain in front of my waist. That key joined the others. I had to be careful now not to do something wrong. I rang Gary’s cell to confirm that he was on his way. I mumbled through my gag but he answered and assured me that he would be there in just a few minutes. I rang off, gathered my thoughts and put the handcuff key with the others. My wrists were still free. I put on the blindfold, fastened the strap behind my head and felt for the cuffs. I put one wrist in first, tightened the cuff and then the second cuff. Now I was secured and waiting for Gary. I was so excited that I wriggled around on the sofa, laid down on it and rubbed my crotch on one of the pillows. Gary arrived, pulled me upright, turned me around, cupped my right breast with his left hand and propelled me to a stuffed chair, bent me over the back, pulled my panties down and without a word slammed his cock into my soaking cunt. The scene was so erotic he came almost immediately with a grunt and then a sigh of coital relief. What an experience!”

“Was that all, Sandy?”

“Oh God no, I was his for the morning. That was just the beginning. We relaxed for a few minutes. He pinched my nipples -- I squeezed his cock. He took my gag off. We broke for some juice and then resumed.”

He said, “You’re great Sandy but do you know where good girls belong?”

“No, where?”, I asked innocently, although I knew the answer. Jay had tried that routine without success.

“On their knees darling girl!”

“I slithered around, still cuffed, still blindfolded and knelt on the rug facing Gary. His cock was soft and wet. I took it in my mouth, licked it, sucked it until it stiffened… ready for more.”

“I’m ready Gary, it’s hard Gary. Fuck me again Gary, please. Please fuck me hard.” I cried aloud.

“Oh Sandy! Oh my!”, gasped Sharon

“Well Sharon, he did fuck me and fucked me again and again. He paid me a thousand and it was so much fun I almost didn’t want to charge him -- but I’m in business. I had to.”

“Was that it for the day.”

“Oh no, after he was fucked out he had me strip naked -- keeping my six inch D’Orsay pumps on -- and he cuffed me with a prisoner transport system consisting of handcuffs used front or rear with a chain dropping to the leg irons. I spent the next couple of hours with my wrists cuffed in front of me and I walked around, ass wiggling and from time to time knelt to suck. We would cuddle and he would caress my breasts, kiss me and push a dildo into my cunt, watching me grind and groan with ecstasy.”

“Oh Sandy, I’m getting hot.”

“Yes, I could tell from the way you were breathing and wiggling. Panties getting wet, Sis?”


“I’ll give you a pair of mine. I have some very pretty panties. The men love them.”

“Sandy… ah… what sort of things do you do with women?”

“Oh… different things… would you like a demo, sweet sister?”

“Sandy, we shouldn’t!”

“No, we shouldn’t but if you want to know I can describe or demonstrate. I assure you the real thing will be lots more fun.”

“What would we do?”

“Basically there are many areas of interest. Woman to woman, fingers, lips only. There are dominant, submissive, bound, sex toys, girlfriend dates -- a great variety of pleasures. If you’re interested, we could go dancing some night, tease the fellows and go home to bed. We could please each other by cuddling, kissing, and lots of fingering.”

“That sounds like fun and it would be totally innocent. Let’s do that sometime!”

“OK, how about Friday? My period starts then and I’ve canceled my engagements for a few days. We’ll dine and dance, rub pussies, tease men and then go home and I’ll finger you to a climax. If you like it, we’ll do more another time. If you like it a lot, maybe I’ll bring you into my business. I have had requests for a two women show.”

“Oh my God Sandy, what would you do? What would we do? I’m … not so sure I want to… sell myself.”

“I couldn’t begin to explain the enormous variety of things that entertain clients. Later perhaps. Sell yourself? That‘s up to you. First however, if we play together for a client, you won‘t be paid. You‘ll just be my friend having fun as two girls together have fun. The client will hardly participate and then only with me. You‘d be an observer.”

“Welll, if I were to… do something with you, would I be attractive enough to be appealing?”

“Certainly Sharon. You are very pretty and you have an attribute that I don’t have. My breasts are smaller than yours but perky, and yours are big enough to be bound. Breast bondage is desired by many clients and there are some erotic ways we could bind you.”

“Sandy, it sounds… very interesting… what would a client -- some guy -- want to see us do together?”

“Depends on the client. I have one client who has asked me to bring a girl so he could watch the two of us screw each other using a double dildo. Do you know what that is Sharon?”

“No, tell me”, she panted.

“It’s two dildos projecting from a common base. You insert one dildo into your pussy, strap it on tightly around your waist and thighs, and then screw your partner with the other dildo. It gives both girls maximum pleasure since the screwer is getting screwed at the same time. Not only that, it’s perfect for screwing your guy in the ass. I guarantee you, they love it!”

“Oh my God, Sandy, it sounds awesome.”

“It is, shall we try it?”

“I’d love to, but when?”

“I’ll come to your place tonight after eight. I will have finished my last client by then and I’ll shower with you before we start and I’ll give you a real education. If you do well enough, I may take you with me to a client. If I do though, we’ll spend time together showing you the tricks and routines. We use vibrators. We dress erotically and from time to time we’ll spank one another -- depending on the client.”


That night Sharon becomes an official lesbian….

“C’mon in Sandy, how was your last client?”, she asked with bated breath.

“Not too demanding. I paraded for him in my six inch heels, slowly stripping down to my panties, then dropped to my knees and sucked him to an erection. Then when hard, he flipped me onto my back, dropped his drawers, fell to his knees, brought my ankles over his shoulders, and slammed his cock into me. I smiled at him as he thrust, held my breasts for him, and in a very short time he orgasm’d with a mighty grunt. I could feel the river of ejaculate squirting deep into my vagina. He dropped down onto my chest and we lay there breathing deeply. I threw my arms around him holding him tightly.”

“’Oh my freaking God, Sam, you are one awesome stud. Please Sam do me again!’, I told him as I gently wiggled my hips under him.”

“Oh my God Sandy! Oh my God!”, Sharon repeated.

“OK Sharon, enough stories, we shower now and I’ll educate you. Exactly what we’ll do is what clients expect of us, excepting of course we don’t have a guy here — to participate. Are you ready?”

Sharon, timidly -- which was surprising, since she’d seduced Jay, joined with Sandy in lesbian love. She approached Sandy and asked, “What do we do Sis?”

“Come with me Sharon, I’ll show you how women make love and then we’ll show the boys…”


Over time I was beginning to wonder if I wanted to be a woman or whether I had just adapted to women’s wear to satisfy Sandy. I decide to visit a therapist. I had many questions, not only about gender but also questions about the recent evolution of our life together.


A Clandestine Visit….

I explained to the therapist, Dr. John Givens, that I wore women’s clothes at my wife’s request but discovered that I really enjoyed it and wondered if I was really transgendered or simply a cross dresser.

I recounted the history of our marriage and the denouement when she caught me with her sister. I showed him the chastity belt I wore and explained the conditions of our marriage.

He suggested that on the basis of this brief meeting that I was not transgendered but simply a cross dresser moving further into dressing, having found the experience most pleasurable.

He also noted that the problem with my wife had no relation to my dressing but
that her activities were most peculiar -- I knew that -- and that I might do well
to investigate her movements.


The Security Store….

It took the transfer of considerable cash, but when I left I had a locating device to place in her car and instructions on how to break her computer passwords.

Accordingly I secreted the locater in the trunk of her Lexus and set about trying to access her computer. Fortunately she was off on one of her weekend ‘sales meetings’ and I had plenty of time to break into her PC.

I was astonished, bewildered and outraged at what I found. She was meticulous in recording her activities down to the preferences of her ‘clients,‘ the monies paid -- and hidden -- and her bringing her supposedly treasonous sister Sharon into the business.

I spent the entire weekend roaming through her records of her activities and tried to plan a resolution. It was obvious that she was a whore -- she provided sex for money. But why? I thought we’d had a good sex life, at least until Sharon compromised me. It also became evident that I was set up. There was no other explanation since she continued to meet Sharon and indeed she’d brought her into the business. According to several entries Sandy and Sharon provided lesbian exhibitions for certain clients.

Again. Why? What had brought my loving wife to this point? I copied almost the entire hard drive onto my own laptop, and expecting Sandy to return within hours I dressed in one of my prettiest dresses. I selected my hot pink flared skirt dress and under it wore a bullet bra and corset. Lace top stockings and my highest patent heels completed the ensemble. A dash of Chanel, a diamond necklace, my prettiest wig, makeup, and I was ready for her return. Usually when she returned from events like these she wanted sex, and I wanted to look my best for her. I did not want her to suspect that I had uncovered her past activities.


The Lure………

“Darling! I’m so glad you’re home! I really missed you. How was the sales meeting?” I asked with my biggest and best smile.

“Wonderful Jay, just wonderful! And Jay, you look smashing! Cute enough to take to dinner and then home for love. Would you like to go out for dinner? As two girl friends?”

“Yes I would because I have an important question to ask. I want to know if I look convincing enough to pass as a woman.”

“You do! You look great! Is that the important question?”

“No. I’ll ask later, over dinner.”

“You’ve aroused my curiosity. I’ll shower, change and we’ll go out.”

Dinner passed quietly -- I was turning over events in my mind, and she was wondering what I was going to say -- or ask.

Over brandy, I held her hands and quietly told her that my continued dressing was having an effect on me and I was considering becoming a woman. She gasped, I squeezed her hands and explained that over the months since she’d had me dressing I’d become increasingly feminized -- at least in my mind. I lied a little when I described the therapist visit, telling Sandy that my therapist suggested that I might be transgendered and that I could, if I wished, go all the way to womanhood.

“You do like to see me dressed, don’t you Sandy? I could become a woman for you if you wish and then you would not have to keep me in a chastity belt,“ I smiled with all sincerity.

“Woman? God no! I want you as you are! I want sex with you -- with a man -- my man -- you!” she replied forcefully.

“OK, then why only once a week, on Fridays, or now and then during a weekend?”

“Honey, my job restricts the time we have for each other.”

“But why the dressing Sandy?”

“That’s to help keep you away from other women. That and the chastity belt.”

“And the GPS locater, Sandy? I don’t think you trust me darling. Back to my question, Sandy. Do you want me to be a woman?”

“No, absolutely not. C’mon, Jay, let’s go home to bed. We really should not discuss this in public” she whispered intensely.

“OK Sandy, but I warn you, I love to dress and I think I’ll keep on dressing and I want to pass as a woman, so I’m going to start learning more about womanly conduct and attributes so I can pass. I liked tonight as a woman and I’m sure I’ll want to continue. I want you to help me -- after all, you started me out with this dressing. I found that I really like high heels and all the feminine things. The clothes look and feel so nice.”

“I can live with that Jay, so long as you retain your erectile ability. I want sex with you! No ifs and or buts!”

“Sandy, I am totally confused by the conflicting input from you. You want sex, but we don’t have sex often. You want me to look like a woman but you don’t want me to be a woman. I… am… confused. I wish you’d educate me as to your real desires.”

“Someday, maybe, but in the meantime lets make love when we get home.”

“OK,” I said and we drifted into silence, each to his own thoughts as we drove home.



Armed with knowledge as to their affairs and knowing where Sandy would be, I collared Sharon at the mall.

“Sharon, how nice to see you, let’s have lunch,” I put out my most ingratiating smile.

“Can’t, I’m waiting for someone.”

“I’ll wait with you, then leave when your party arrives. I have something of great importance to discuss with you.”


“Yes! I know all about you and Sandy. I got into her computer and I know everything about your activities.”

“I refuse to comment!”

“Sharon, you will comment because if you don’t I’ll flag the IRS. You are taking money from your activities and I’m sure you’re not intending to declare the income. I want to learn more. I know what you’re doing but I want to know why. Why did you and Sandy set me up? You know you seduced me!”

“Alright Jay, it’s a long story, let’s get some lunch and then I’ll fill you in. I didn’t even know for some time the full extent of her activities.”

We ordered lunch…..

“OK Sharon, from the beginning.”

“She told me she had a lover and wanted you out of the way and pleaded with me to help her. I did. It worked! You never knew what hit you. You were completely taken in. I am a great actress -- I think. Then for some time she played you for a submissive, beaten, compromised, erring spouse. I played my part by staying away from your home.”

“I don’t know what all she did to you but I gathered that she used some restraint and also had you dress to keep you at home.”

“That’s true, she did, go on.”

“For some months we didn’t communicate -- she was very busy with her sales. At least that’s what she told me.”

“Yeah Sharon, she did seem to be quite busy.”

“Then we met a few months ago for lunch and she briefed me on her activities. That’s when I learned that she was a hooker. Now the truth of the whole affair. I asked her why. She said simply -- ‘I love sex. No, I really love sex. Lots of sex. I am a nymphomaniac. I have been to doctors and I have been diagnosed as such. So you understand why Jay cannot hope to satisfy me -- satisfy my compelling desire to be fucked, fucked, and fucked some more.’”

I was astounded. I didn’t know what to say. “Continue, Sharon. Tell me why she decided to be a hooker rather than just one night stands, and how did you get involved?”

“Simple. I asked her the same question. She told me that is was out of consideration for you.”


“Yes! She did not want a lover to intrude into her marriage -- she loves you. She felt that a business relationship would be safer for all. The clients would not want their spouses to know and would thus be silent. She developed the sales routine as cover for both herself and her clients and she asked me to get you out of the way. Evidently it worked for some time.”

“Yeah, until I belatedly got smart, went to my therapist and started digging. Where do we go from here Sharon?”

“I have no idea. The problem is yours. Sandy and I want to continue, I’m sure. The money is good and we really enjoy our activities. I love teasing the men, I love the clothes, I love the fucking both with the men and with Sandy. I want to continue. What about you?”

“I’m wavering between murder and suicide. I’ve cooled down somewhat after having perused her activities in her computer. But I am absolutely flabbergasted. I have never been so shocked and dismayed in my life.”

“Jay, don’t be too hard on Sandy -- she really does have an illness, and sex is the only palliative. When you two do fuck, you know how great she is.”

“I’ll talk to her Sharon. I do love her. I’m finding difficulty in coming to grips with this so-called illness but I will speak with her and try to find a resolution.“ Our future should be quite interesting. What to do! What to do? This will require much thought, Sharon. Do you have any ideas?”

“Well, Jay, first, forgive her, she loves you -- she really does. Second, I like the game, I want to continue. Perhaps you’d join us. You’re a stud in your own right and we have some female ‘clients’ who I’m sure would delight in having you serve -- service -- them.”

“H’m Sharon, would I service them as a man or as my pretty alter-ego?”

“Possibly both Jay. We could rent you out as a maid for cover and then you could pass the day entertaining the client — a wife of course. I can see you now, daintily tripping up the walk, then entering an upscale house, passionately kissing the lady of the house, then stripping and dressing in sandals and gym trunks for her delectation and a frantic fucking, the first of an all day affair. If she is a complete submissive, you’d kiss her at the door, turn her around and cuff her hands behind her, then without a word, drop her to her knees and tell her to do that which all good girls do. After ejaculating in her mouth you’d gag and blindfold her, then rest a while, perhaps having breakfast while she remains on her knees. Since she is a confirmed sub, she will be frustrated with nothing happening to her while you make yourself at home. She’ll squirm trying to excite herself. You might take pity on her, lay her down, spread her legs, and slide a dildo into her throbbing cunt. You’ll tie her legs together, keeping the dildo in place while she becomes even more excited, squirming and moaning. ’You like that, don’t you Melissa’ you’ll say between kisses. She’ll moan in response and you’ll suckle her nipples one by one. Now you excite her further by telling her you‘ll bring a fantastic little toy known as a fucking machine the next visit. You’ll explain that this machine will keep her at the height of passion for hours. It never fails or flags, it goes on and on…. And on.”

“I like that idea Sharon. I’ll lose the chastity belt and gain lots of sex… and even get paid for it! The best of all worlds!! But seriously, prostitution is illegal and sooner or later one of us might get arrested.”

“There is always that possibility, but Sandy has been quite successful in keeping a very low profile by being extremely cautious. She has taught me well and I’m sure that you would be equally safe from discovery. I’d like to see you dressed as a saucy French maid on your knees serving one of our male clients. He wouldn’t even know what your panties conceal. Think of the fun you’d have, all dressed in a cute costume with those impossible heels. How erotic!”

“Hold on Sharon! I have never had any inclination to give head to anyone much less a paying client.”

“I understand your reluctance Jay, but Sandy and I both do oral and do it damn well. You would look like a woman, perform like a woman and you know how much you like dressing in those pretty things. I have come to love the feeling of a cock sliding into my mouth and then down my throat and the men are soooo happy.”

“What makes you think I’d participate in this… this affair. Oh… it sounds wonderful but I’d rather have my wife and my life back again. If she loves sex so much, she and I will have a lot of fun together. Maybe I‘ll put a chastity belt on her. That‘l keep her out of trouble!”

“Jay, you can’t! That would be so cruel. You’re forgetting the reason Sandy’s doing this. She needs sex! You can’t possibly satisfy her and if you try to force her, she’ll leave you and strike out on her own. Remember, she’s doing it this way because she loves you. Think about joining us, Jay, and you‘ll have lots of sex, not only with Sandy but with me and also some clients. If you don‘t want to charge them, that‘s your affair -- pun intended.”


A Months Trial……

“Well Jay, so my sister spilled her guts and you know all about my activities. You understand the reason now for everything I’ve done. Don’t attempt to change me or my lifestyle. I need sex. I am a nymphomaniac. You have two choices Jay! You can accept me as I am or leave me. I want you to accept me -- I love you!”

“You don’t leave me much choice Sandy, you know I love you. If I didn’t I would have left before you put the chastity belt on me. If I do stay however, conditions must change.”

“Of course they’ll change Jay. You know what I do so there’s no concealing it from you. I would like you to come in with me and be part of the game. I believe that you will have a great deal of fun… and money.”

“I’m intrigued, tempted, but it’s wrong and illegal and we could eventually end up in jail with our careers ruined.”

“Jay darling, I’ve been doing this for almost a year with no trouble at all -- not even a hint of trouble. Please Jay, give it a try, maybe just a month or so. You could start as my maid and just be present during a session.”

“Sounds weird, Sandy! What john -- ‘client’ -- would want a third party just standing around?”

“Some yes -- some no. I would select the client and it would all be agreed before you even appear. Think Jay! How pretty you’d look in your cutest maid costume wearing your impossible heels. I must improve your makeup. I want you to have an open eyed innocent look. I’ll buy a short black wig for you, just perfect for the look.”

“I don’t know Sandy, I don’t see what I would do. What would the client expect?
Yeah Sandy, come clean! What would you have me do?”

“OK.” “I have a few clients who would like to see me restrained -- bound -- for their pleasure but they would rather have me ‘done up’ and presented to them. So…. your role would be to restrain me -- you know, cuffs and chains, perhaps ropes -- and present me to the client. The client might also want you to wear a strapon and fuck me while I’m unable to resist -- sort of a rape sequence.”

“That sounds so hot Sandy… that could be a lot of fun but I don’t know how I’d react seeing my wife fucked by strangers in effect cuckolding me, your husband.”

“I understand your feelings. You must think of them simply as clients for whom you are providing a service. Don‘t forget Jay, I‘m doing this for medical reasons.”


“What do you mean -- HA --? The doctors, three of them, all diagnosed me as a nymphomaniac! Can’t you be a little sympathetic? Think of what I have to go through to gain relief. I had to develop a client list. I have to do something illegal. I had to deceive you and Sharon, my closest and dearest family! And not to mention ancillary costs such as clothing. You have no idea how frequently I lose panties to my clients and when I’m off on a weekend I might have a few thousand dollars worth of gowns and evening dresses. My under things are all the best and my shoes -- my shoes! Nothing but the best!”

“You do dress well. I would appreciate your wearing things like that when we go out.”

“Jay!” Fish or get off the pot! Are you with me or do we part?”

“Sandy… darling, I’m with you dammit. I love you dammit. I’ll try! It’s wrong but I love you and I’ll damn well try! Tell me what to do.”

“OK Jay, give me a few days to set things up for you but in the meantime go to my salon, have your hair cut in a cute bob, permanent makeup, have your nails done modestly as befits a maid, and update your wardrobe, under things and shoes. Traveling with me will require evening gowns, cocktail dresses and all the accessories.”

“OK, but what do you mean by ‘set things up’? Oh, how much may I spend on all this stuff?”



“I’m going to send you to a finishing school where you may enhance your womanly skills in walking, sitting, dining, personal grooming and seduction.
At work, just tell them you are in transition toward womanhood.”

“You’re suggesting that I would seduce a client?”

“Well… not really, but the training could be useful.”

“Hmph. A months‘ trial Sandy? You‘re spending a lot for a trial period.”

“Not really. Since you like dressing, the clothes will be welcome. You’ve indicated an interest in transition so all the other skills and purchases will be necessary.”


The Finishing School……

I had a ball. Dresses, shoes, panties, bras and more. Wigs. Two whole weeks at the feminizing school for trannies. Seventh heaven! Maybe I will transition! I even got to shed my special belts. When I arrived back home I was greeted with kisses galore from both Sandy and Sharon and we fucked and fucked some more.

“You look and act sensationally Jay. They did wonders for you. You’ll pass as a woman anytime, anyplace. I have arranged a meeting Thursday with a special client. We’ll do a sandwich. I’ll be on the bottom, he on top of me and you my sweet will fuck him in the anus with your strapon. We want him to think that you are a female and thus must use an artificial phallus. You may never be called upon to give head but just in case I want you to practice with a dildo at least to learn to overcome the gag reflex.”

“I don’t like that Sandy, it seems to me that you are prepping me to suck cock and I don’t want to.”

“We’ll see Jay, it’s just contingency planning. Come along with me, we’ll try it.
This dildo Jay is typical of the penises that one encounters. My first time was a revelation to me. The man was so overcome with pleasure and gratitude! Sucking cock gives you so much power and influence over the man, unequaled by other sex techniques. Now, wet your lips, take it into your mouth, slide it back and forth, get used to the feeling, slide it back and forth more quickly now. Now hold it still and move your head back and forth. Good! Now we’ll practice with a strapon. That will be more realistic. I’ll strap it around my waist just as you would, and you practice sucking.”

“Sandy, they introduced me to that at the school. I’m already good at it even though I don’t want to do the real thing.” I was sure that she expects me to suck cock as part of whatever we do for a client.

Thursday morning arrived and Sandy prepared me for meeting her ’client’ and for helping her prostitute herself. I was less than thrilled but intrigued. I wondered how -- why -- I had ever agreed to participate, but the draw of sex was overwhelming and I followed my sexy little piper. “Jay, when dressed you are called Jayne. You address me as Mistress and this client as Master. Other clients are addressed as I dictate.”

Other clients?? I fear that I am in this with both feet -- with both high heels.

“Jayne -- get used to your femme name -- we want to be secure here. You’ll wear tight vinyl briefs to hide and protect your privates. Over the briefs you’ll wear a female chastity belt -- yes, I have one. Over the chastity you’ll wear normal panties, pantyhose, and of course a bra with forms and then your French maid’s costume, and most importantly your very high patent heels with locks. I do not want the client fishing around your privates, finding something I don’t want him to find. I want him to experience your strapon. We’ll get dressed now and go to our first client.”

Sandy checked out her accessory needs for the forthcoming appointment and we left for the client’s home. We entered, John, the client, kissed my wife, turned her around, cuffed her hands behind her, held her arms, kicked her feet out from under her, cuffed her ankles together and said, “You’re where all good girls belong Sandy,
you know what I want. Do it!” He dropped his trousers, wheeled forth his formidable tool, and presented it to Sandy’s wide open mouth. Sandy clearly loved her profession, judging from the gasps, gurgles and slurps. She bestowed more kisses on that cock than she ever bestowed on me.

“Stop Sandy, I’m holding off for a while. I want you in bed under me.”
He uncuffed her, carried her to his bedroom, dumped her on the bed and recuffed her hands to the headboard. He spread her legs and readied himself for entry.

“Johnny darling, my maid has a strapon and will fuck you while you’re on top of me. Fun, Huh?”

“Jayne, put on your dildo honey and get ready.”

I had entered the world of the bizarre and unthinkingly donned the strapon, lubed it, and crawled on top of Sandy’s client and fucked him in the ass. Finishing the fuck replete with much sound effects from the two fuckees, our client uncuffed Sandy, stood there for a moment in thought, Then….

“Girls. On your knees facing each other.”

We complied…. Oh oh!

“Put your arms around each other.”

We complied. He cuffed our wrists. We were now partially immobilized. Sandy smiled at me to reassure and comfort me. I was becoming nervous. He cuffed our ankles. He put steel collars on us and linked the collars together. I was becoming scared shitless. Sandy just smiled.

“Now girls, I’m chaining your handcuffs to the other girl’s leg irons. You’ll find that a charming touch. You’ll be on your knees and when one girl pulls the other girls gets pulled. I’m going to enjoy watching you wiggle back and forth.”

It was definitely uncomfortable and we ended up falling to our sides. He pulled us upright, strapped us together with a very wide strong leather belt. He spread our knees apart to keep us stable.

“H’mmm, Jayne, I’m going to put a special harness on you. I think you’ll like it.
Open your mouth, take the penis dildo, hold it with your teeth while I fasten the straps. The other end of the dildo is the dildo that Sandy will suck.”

I held the damn thing in my mouth. It was OK, not too big. Tasted OK. He carefully adjusted and tightened the straps preventing me from expelling the dildo.

“You’re going to suck it Sandy. I know you like to suck cock. While I’m getting a drink you entertain yourself sucking on Jayne’s cock. When I return you’ll suck me off. Maybe I’ll find out how well Jayne does me, it’ll be her turn next.”

What an interesting way for me to become familiar with my wife. I was becoming so damn hot but that chastity belt kept my cock constrained and painful. With the dildo in my mouth I couldn’t talk. John returned, pinched Sandy’s nipples even though our bodies were mashed together.
She squealed, popped the dildo out of her mouth and said, “Master, please, fuck my mouth. I’m ready for you.”
I just turned my head away so the dildo wouldn’t be in the way. He let Sandy suck for a while and then stopped while he unstrapped my harness and removed the dildo from my mouth. I licked my lips, asked for a drink, closed my eyes and waited. Curiosity drove me to reopen my eyes and watch the scene unfolding inches from my face. My wife was sucking his cock with evident delight. I could see the smile even with the distorted face. I kissed her cheek. “I love you,” I whispered. She pulled back from his cock, and with her mouth pushed his cock toward me, smiled, shook her head affirmatively obviously desiring me to take her place and suck.

‘New’ is hardly the way to describe the experience. I was at once repelled and attracted. I closed my eyes, dreamt -- fantasized -- that I was a woman pleasing her man. I kissed it, ran my tongue around it and sucked as though it was something I wanted all my life. I was rewarded with cries of pleasure from John and even Sandy complimented me on my success. “Oh Jayne darling, you are great! For a first time that was an incredible demonstration of really professional cock sucking.” I don’t think I was pleased but I did the job and did it well.

“Girls, that was a wonderful session. Next time, Sandy, bring Sharon also. I want you two to fuck each other for me while I play with Jayne. I want Jayne on her knees again repeating that awesome sucking she gave me and I want to do some breast bondage with Sharon. Her boobs just ask to be tied. You know, Sandy, you might pierce her nipples and hang little bells from them.”

Sharon’s Turn………

“Sharon, we have an arrangement next Tuesday with you me and Jayne. Not with John, though he wants you too. With Roland, the fellow with the interesting basement.”

“Who the hell is Jayne?”

“Jayne is Jay’s work name. She’s going to help out. I had a chat with the client. We’ve laid out a fun scene and we need you especially for breast ‘work’.”

“Do I know the client?”

“Yes, it’s Roland, remember? The one with the all the toys in the basement.”

“Oh my oh my oh my do I remember! What fun that was! What‘s the drill hon?”

“Come to my place early, we’ll breakfast and then dress you. I’m going to put ballet boots and leather cuffs and collar on you. We’ll lead you into the house as though you were an unwilling participant.”

“Oh Wow! Can’t wait!”

The Arranged Morning….

“Jayne, I want you dressed as before with your privates all secured. I don’t expect you to do anything except helping me restrain Sharon.”

“Sharon. Thigh highs, black panties, black Bali bra. We’ll cover it all with a coat.
Jayne and I will lace on your boots and help you walk. Jayne will hold your leash and present you to Roland.”

“Oh God Sandy, I’m so fucking hot! Let’s go!”

“Hello Roland! Your three musketeers are here! Are you ready and able?”

“Indeed ladies, come right in! The game room is all prepared even to refreshments. You must be Sandy‘s new assistant, her maid.”

“Yes sir, I’m Jayne and I love to provide maid service.”

“Settle down Jayne, your turn will come later, but first let’s help Sharon down to the game room. We put ballet boots on her just for you Roland. Rollie, before we put her on the cross, we’ll show you how she walks.”

We helped Sharon down the stairs to the game room and stood her near a support pole to aid her before she tried to walk. Interestingly, the less ably she could walk, the more that Roland liked it. We took her coat off and Roland quickly held her by her breasts. She then tottered around the room led by myself holding the leash.

“Jayne, bring her to the cross, we’ll fasten her to the cross with her wrist and ankle cuffs. They are padded so if she strains against them she would be hurt… too much.”

“My God, Sandy, look how that cross is constructed with that big bulge at the center. It’s going to force her cunt outward… a lot.”

“I had it built that way,” Roland said, “so I can enjoy it thrust out at me. It will make fucking her so pleasurable.”

“C’mon Sharon, hold your arms up while we link your cuffs to the cross.”
“Jayne, you do your side and then her ankles. Roland. What about a waist strap? Tight? Very tight or loose? What’s your pleasure?”

“I think loose. Now I’m going to tie her breasts. I want to see them bulge out and turn color. It makes the nipples soooo sensitive. I’ll just flick them with my tongue and listen to her squeal. Jayne, I want you to kneel beside the cross and be ready to suck me to an erection when I want to fuck Sharon.”

“Ahhh Rollie, I think you’ll be better pleased with Sandy, she gives world class head.” I looked frantically at Sandy hoping she’d rescue me, but no.

“No Jayne, I want you. Sandy told me that you loved oral and wanted to do me.”

If looks could kill, Sandy would be dead and buried. I smiled at Roland, licked my lips and said, “I’m waiting Roland, at your service.”

Subsequently Roland fucked his restrained lady. Hours later a thoroughly fatigued Roland saw us to the door. Sharon still wore her ballet boots, this time walking to the car unaided. I was envious and started speculating about buying my own boots.


Sandy’s Doctor……..

“Sandy, “ I told her one day. “For many reasons I am not at all content with -your lifestyle, your ‘profession’. I understand that you have a definable medical problem but I want to learn more about it. You realize that you are treading on thin ice. You could be infected, beaten, or worse by some ‘client’. You could also end up in prison.
Make an appointment with your doctor or doctors so we can discuss the problem.”

“Jay, Doctor Sykes is my psychoanalyst and also my M.D. I’ll make an appointment but I don’t think it will prove anything to you. Anyway… I love what I’m doing. I love sex. I love to be bound. I really loved having you bound with me at John’s place. It was soooo fucking erotic, I just melted and I told John that I wanted more the next time.”

“Honey, you have more than just one problem but let’s talk to the Doc and see…”

“Doctor Sykes, this is my husband, Jay. He found out about my problem and my activities and wants to discuss them with you.”

“Doctor, Sandy tells me that she has been diagnosed as a nymphomaniac and requires a great deal of sex to retain her mental stability. What are the parameters of this affliction for her? Does she require men for the sake of men or is it something internal that she needs -- something psychological or just physiological? Do you attribute this ailment to something that may have occurred in her childhood? If she continues this regimen how often does she require service -- sexual service, that is?”

“Well. She needs orgasms. Many. She needs attention. Much. She needs control.
You, one man, cannot hope to satisfy her needs. Her needs include something to fill her vagina with, preferably a man providing it. She also needs the emotional fulfillment of someone appreciating her for what she is and what she does. Hug her, kiss her, tell her you love her even though she seeks release elsewhere.”

I mulled this over some minutes, reflecting on his assessment of her needs and the things I could do to satisfy her, if at all possible. I mentally laid out a plan of action, thanked the doctor and took my wife home.

Three weeks have passed………

We returned to Doctor Sykes’ office. I was dressed as my normal male self. Sandy wore a business suit with mid-heel sling back black leather pumps. Her top was a turtle neck concealing a steel collar.

“Doctor, Sandy and I have achieved a harmonious relationship. I have resolved her pressing sexual needs and her need to be dominated. She wears a remote controlled vibrator in her vagina. Keeping the vibrator in place is a pair of tight vinyl panties and keeping that in place is a woman’s chastity belt. During the day if she feels the need for sex she turns on the vibrator. When the need has passed, that is, she has had an orgasm, she turns it off. She is allowed to remove the chastity belt for bathroom needs. She wants to wear chastity since it helps give her the control she needs. The collar also reminds her of her master -- submissive relationship. I provide the loving reinforcement of her worth and self esteem. I no longer have to cross dress to play a role in her formerly bizarre life. I did keep all the women’s clothing though -- just in case.”

“Sandy, are you happy? Content? Do you really like wearing a chastity belt?” the doctor asked.

“Oh God yes! Hour after hour all I need do is press the button and I’m transported to orgasmic bliss. My work suffers a little but I recover. But Jay hasn’t told you about what he does at home for me. In the evening we’ll sit across from each other at the kitchen table having a glass of wine. I sit on a darling little machine generally known as a fucking machine. Jay constructed a stand for it. It is mounted on top of the stand. I straddle it, lowering myself onto a phallus. I ask Jay to cuff my ankles to the base of the stand. I ask him to turn on the machine. The phallus rotates, thrusts in and out, and vibrates, providing me with unequalled ecstasy. I plead with Jay to fondle my breasts and kiss me. I’ll never need another man again. I’ll never stray again. Jay is all I need and he has promised me that he will not transition but will always be there for me.”


Sandy had resumed her office job and I continued writing romance stories. All seemed to be well and then the phone rang.


“Yes, hello, my name is Roland.   Do I have the correct number for Sandy?”

“Yes but Sandy, as I believe you are aware, is out of business.   She has left beauty products sales and has undertaken a new profession.”

“Yes, Sandy told me but I was hoping that perhaps she had changed her mind.   I do miss her.   Could you refer me to her friend Sharon or her maid Jayne possibly?”

“I will pass your message along. Give me a number please.   If you don ‘t get a call in a few days, call me again.”

“Thank you so much.   Please tell the ladies that I would offer significant compensation for their services.   And my home really needs maid service.”

“Will do, Roland, bye.”


“What do you think Sharon, interested?   I still have all my clothes and ‘accessories’.”

“I could use the money.   There are questions of timing And security. Would you participate?”

“Yeah, I’ve been mulling ever since he called and I’m willing. I’m looking forward to the whole dressing bit.   The appointment would have to be between 9 and 3.   Sandy can’t know about it.   Give him a call on a land line and nail everything down including money.   I’ll handle the security bit.   Call me back.”

“Jay, oh Jayne, it’s all set up for Wednesday. OK? He wants me dressed as before and you also.   The panties and bra are easy but I’ll have to get up early to lace up my ballet boots.   I’m sure glad I kept them. I’ll need help walking.   Don’t be late.
Rollie says he has a few new ideas but insists I won’t be hurt. Hmmm.”

“Let’s hope that his games are not too strenuous.   I don’t want you hurt.   Oh yeah, by the way Sharon, when we get back to your place I want to… “

“Welll we’ll see.   Jay, is this right?   We are deceiving Sandy.”

“No it’s not right, but Sandy started me on this road -- both dressing and servicing clients, whoring that is, and before we quit I had developed a real liking for   dressing . So I’m willing to help you with Roland.   I’ll like fooling him.   I feel so cute in my maid costume and I’m going to like helping him with your bondage.
I’ll attend to the usual security arrangements, recordings, a letter to our attorney, etc.”

“Come in ladies, so glad to see you.   Jayne, that is the cutest costume… love your heels.   Sharon, can’t wait to see what’s under that coat.   Let me help you in.   You seem to be having a little problem with your ballet boots.”

“Thanks Rollie, I love ‘em but walking is a little tricky.   The game room Rollie?”

I removed her coat and held her arms for Roland to admire her.   He picked her up and carried her to the game room. I followed them to the room center where Roland stood her and had me support her.   He put suspension cuffs on her wrists, attaching them to a hoist.   He pulled her up until she dangled with her feet off the floor.   He stripped off her panties and bra. Cuffing her ankles, he tied her legs apart, removed his clothes and took his first fuck of the day.

“Rollie” she cried, “My arms hurt. Please let me down! I’m dripping Rollie!   Jayne, get a towel and wipe my legs, please!”

“OK Sharon, down you go, I didn’t intend to hurt you, I thought your legs would relieve the stress on your arms.   C’mon Jayne we’re going to tie her to a cross and I’m going to have some breast fun.   I have two large strong rubber bands and I hope they’re the right size.   If they are, her breasts will bulge temptingly around
the bands and I’ll suck, tickle and flick them with my finger until she squeals. I wish she had her nipples pierced, I want to hang bells from them.”

“What do you think Sharon? Want your tits pierced?   Want to parade in your ballets with your bells ringing?” I asked her, chuckling.

“My fee will double.”

“Jayne! On your knees.   Suck!   Suck me until Sharon’s boobs are all bulged out.”

For the first time I willingly knelt to give a client head.   I loved it -- every inch of it.   All I had to do now was conceal our activities from Sandy.   She might be jealous.   I might even transition -- join in the fucking!

But on second thought, if she did find out, how could she possibly object?


 © 2009 Janet Baker

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